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August 2006 Archives

In contrast to previous reports, the official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. In fact, some did not even have passports. Source: U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests --British wanted to continue surveillance on terror suspects, official says 12 Aug 2006 NBC News has learned that U.S. and British authorities had a significant disagreement over when to move in on the suspects in the alleged plot to bring down trans-Atlantic airliners bound for the United States. A senior British official knowledgeable about the case said British police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to obtain more evidence, while American officials pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner.

Bush seeks political gains from foiled plot 10 Aug 2006 US President [sic] George W. Bush seized on a foiled London airline bomb plot to hammer unnamed critics he accused of having all but forgotten the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Cheney Accused of Politicizing Terrorism 11 Aug 2006 Senate Democratic leaders on Friday accused Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney of playing politics with terrorism and contended that voters won't buy Republican arguments that the GOP is stronger on national security.

Muslim groups say British policies fuel militancy 12 Aug 2006 British Muslim groups said on Saturday Britain's policies on Iraq and Lebanon were fuelling militancy. In an open letter to Prime Minister [Poodle] Tony Blair, leading British Muslim groups and politicians said his foreign policies on issues such as Iraq and the Israel-Hizbollah war were putting civilians at increased risk of attack in Britain and elsewhere.

Foiled UK terror plot is 'a diversion from bloody attacks on Lebanon' 11 Aug 2006 Britain claimed yesterday to have foiled a terrorist plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights, and then brought Heathrow to a standstill even as there was no incident, and, strangely, no information was forthcoming about the alleged plot. "It is a complete smokescreen to deflect attention from the fact that Britain is doing absolutely nothing about Lebanon", said Peter Donnelly, a British journalist now working in Dubai.

MP quits government over Blair's policy on Middle East 10 Aug 2006 A Scottish MP last night quit the government in protest at Tony Blair's handling of the Middle East crisis, amid warnings from ministers that the Prime Minister's continuing support for American foreign policy could cost him his job.

The Burgeoning Police State

"You should all be shot for treason!" Updated! 12 Aug 2006 Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Chair, and Lori Price respond to hate mail and threats due to Lori's post on the ABC News blog to ABC News Exclusive: Three Alleged Ringleaders ID'd.

200 FBI agents probe US links to terror plot raids 12 Aug 3006 US government investigators are continuing today to pursue leads related to the alleged foiled plot to blow up flights from Britain. The FBI has so far assigned around 200 investigators to track down potential terror links in the US.

U.S. Appeals Court Upholds New York Subway Searches 11 Aug 2006 An appeals court said New York police can make random searches of passengers' bags and backpacks at subway entrances, upholding a year-old practice.

Court rules NY police can search bags at subways 11 Aug 2006 Random bag searches by New York police at subway stations are constitutional and an effective means of combating terrorism, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.

US airport security crawls 11 Aug 2006 Fears of suicide bombers slowed airport security to a crawl on Friday and sowed confusion among everyone from passengers toting electronic gadgets to airport shops selling banned liquids.

U.K. Police Win the Right to Keep Terror Suspects in Custody 12 Aug 2006 A U.K. court extended into next week the detention without charge of suspects arrested in connection with an alleged plot to blow up passenger planes, as leading U.K. Muslims said the country's foreign policy is fueling extremism.

British Court Approves Maintaining Custody of Plot Suspects 12 Aug 2006 British police have prolonged the detention of all but one of the original two dozen suspects accused of plotting to explode multiple airplanes destined for the United States, authorities said Saturday.

Arrest of 'normal' neighbours shocks residents --Suspects seized at addresses in south and Midlands 11 Aug 2006 There was similar confusion after police raids on four houses in north-east London, spread over more than six hours. The raids began on Wednesday evening in Forest Road, Walthamstow, with police ramming open doors... The relative said none of them had any idea why the arrest might have taken place and that Oliver Savant's parents were blameless. "They are just two normal people. She is a bookkeeper and her computer was taken away. They are very upset and traumatised."

Police question more than 30 terrorism plot suspects 12 Aug 2006 Reporter: Jane Hutcheon - Maxine McKew: Authorities in Britain and Pakistan continued to question more than 30 suspects after exposing what they say was a major plot to blow up as many as 12 trans-Atlantic flights.

Italy arrests 40 in security crackdown 11 Aug 2006 Police raided Internet cafes, money-transfer offices and long-distance phone call centers catering to Muslims and arrested 40 people in a crackdown linked to Britain's announcement it had thwarted an alleged terror plot, authorities said Friday. More than 4,100 people were stopped for identification checks, the ministry said.

Michigan Police Arrest 3 Men Accused of Supporting Terrorism 11 Aug 2006 Authorities arrest three men who allegedly provided support for terrorism by purchasing 80 prepaid mobile phones from a Michigan Wal-Mart store.

Ashcroft Emerges As Top Security Lobbyist --Ex-Attorney General Helps Firms Get Homeland Security Deals 12 Aug 2006 Former U.S. attorney general John D. Ashcroft, whose tenure saw the creation of a burgeoning homeland security industry, has emerged as the highest-ranking former Bush administration official to lobby for and invest in companies in that field.

Santorum says NSA leakers committed treason 12 Aug 2006 Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Terrorist-PA) said yesterday that officials who leaked information about an electronic surveillance program aimed at terrorists had committed treason and should be aggressively pursued by law enforcement.

Fire at mosque 'may have been revenge attack' 12 Aug 2006 Police have said that a fire which destroyed the roof of a mosque may have been in revenge for the alleged terrorist plot to blow up planes leaving UK airports.

UK police probe second mosque fire 13 Aug 2006 British police today refused to rule out the possibility that a fire which destroyed the roof of a mosque was a revenge arson attack following the alleged plot to blow up US-bound aircraft leaving British airports.

U.S. forces arrest 60 in Baghdad clampdown --Sweep targeted alleged bomb-making cell linked to attacks across capital 12 Aug 2006 U.S. troops rounded up 60 suspected militants overnight in a security clampdown in the capital and killed 26 'insurgents' in a rebel Sunni stronghold west of Baghdad.

Forces to target 4 'hotspots' in Baghdad 12 Aug 2006 The new push by U.S. and Iraqi forces to reverse [foment] a rising tide of violence in Baghdad will target four violent "hotspots" in the city, the American general in charge of the plan said Saturday.

12 tortured bodies found floating in Tigris, 19 others killed in Iraq violence 12 Aug 2006 Bound and blindfolded bodies of 12 men _ most of them shot in the head _ were found Saturday in the Tigris River on Saturday, the same day at least 16 people were killed in violence across Iraq, officials said. Besides, three more bodies were discovered on Saturday -- one in Baghdad and two in Kifil in Hillah province south of the capital.

Nearly 50 die including 2 Americans in Iraq’s roiling violence 13 Aug 2006 Police found a dozen bodies trapped in a grate in the Tigris River, and a roadside bomb killed two U.S. soldiers on a foot patrol south of Baghdad Saturday as nearly 50 violent deaths were reported across Iraq.

AWOL Sergeant to Turn Himself in Today Resisting Illegal Iraq War By David Swanson 11 Aug 2006 "Ricky Clousing, a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, and a veteran of the Iraq War who has been AWOL for a year announced today at the Veterans for Peace convention in Seattle that he will turn himself in later today at the gates of Fort Lewis and face whatever punishment the military chooses to impose... Clousing described U.S. vehicles smashing into Iraqi cars, bashing windows, and opening fire on livestock for fun. He described these acts as not isolated incidents, but 'the daily devastation of occupation… daily incidents where innocent Iraqis are being killed, and it's not reported in the media.' He said that he was part of a convoy from which a Humvee opened fire without warning on a civilian in a car who was no threat, and killed him."

Is an armament sickening U.S. soldiers? 12 Aug 2006 There is something massively wrong with Herbert Reed since he left a bombed-out train depot in Iraq, though no one is sure what it is. Reed believes depleted uranium has contaminated him and his life. He now walks point in a vitriolic war over the Pentagon's arsenal of it — thousands of shells and hundreds of tanks coated with the metal that is radioactive, chemically toxic, and nearly twice as dense as lead.

Mideast News - 12 August 2006

UN votes to stop Lebanon war [Ok, can someone please tell Israel?] 11 Aug 2006 The U.N Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on Friday calling for an end to the month-old war between Israel and Hizbollah, but Israel said its offensive in Lebanon would not be halted yet.

Israel widens Lebanon assault despite UN resolution --Israel says new Lebanon offensive could last weeks 12 Aug 2006 Israeli troops and tanks thrust deeper into Lebanon on Saturday as part of a broad "open-ended" offensive unleashed despite a unanimous UN Security Council call for an end to the month-old war.

Israel Widens Offensive After UN Backs Ceasefire Plan 12 Aug 2006 Israel expanded its operations in southern Lebanon today, pushing deeper as hundreds more troops were airlifted by helicopters into the country, hours after the United Nations approved a cease-fire plan.

Israel to 'halt' offensive 12 Aug 2006 A senior Israeli official said on Saturday that the country planned to halt its offensive operations in Lebanon at 07:00 on Monday (0400 GMT), but would continue to engage Hezbollah in areas where the army was operating.

Israel surges into Lebanon, despite vote [Just like Bush surging into office, despite vote --LRP] 12 Aug 2006 More Israeli tanks and soldiers surged into southern Lebanon on Saturday, reaching the Litani River and engaging in some of the heaviest ground combat of the monthlong war just hours after the U.N. Security Council adopted a cease-fire plan.

Israel raids 'target roads to Syria' 12 Aug 2006 Israeli aircraft staged raids throughout Lebanon, targeting northern roads leading to Syria and striking south Lebanon's major city Sidon, police said today.

Israel Pounds Border Crossings to Syria 11 Aug 2006 Israeli airstrikes pounded south Beirut and border crossings to Syria, killing at least 14 people across Lebanon as ground fighting picked up intensity in the south.

Israel Hits Refugee Convoy: 26 Dead 12 Aug 2006 While diplomats at the UN were voting to approve the adoption of a draft resolution, Israel struck a refugee convoy, killing seven Lebanese. Another 19 people were killed in Israeli attacks on the Harayip and Risaf villages.

7 soldiers killed in fighting; IAF helicopter shot down 13 Aug 2006 Seven Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed and 11 seriously wounded in heavy clashes Saturday with Hezbollah forces in south Lebanon, after Israel dramatically expanded its ground operation in the area.

Hizbollah says downs Israeli helicopter in Lebanon 12 Aug 2006 Hizbollah militants said on Saturday they had shot down an Israeli helicopter in southern Lebanon with a new type of missile.

Hezbollah leader accepts U.N. cease-fire plan 12 Aug 2006 Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said on Saturday the organization would abide by the U.N. cease-fire resolution but would keep fighting as long as Israeli troops remained in southern Lebanon. He called continued resistance to the Israel offensive "our natural right." [Damned right.]

Security Council passes cease-fire resolution --Olmert accepts Lebanon proposal, will ask government to approve deal 11 Aug 2006 The U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution Friday that calls for an end to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, and authorizes the deployment of 15,000 U.N. peacekeepers to help Lebanese troops take control of south Lebanon as Israel withdraws. [Odd, Israel is still pounding the sh*t out of Lebanon.]

UN slams Israel's 'senseless orgy of killing' 11 Aug 2006 The United Nations new Human Rights Council on Friday voted by a big majority to condemn Israel for its current military assault in Lebanon and for "massive violations of human rights" there.

U.N. rights body condemns Israel for war 11 Aug 2006 The U.N. Human Rights Council on Friday condemned Israel for "massive bombardment of Lebanese civilian populations" and other "systematic" human rights violations, and decided to send a commission to investigate.

Judge Rejects Dismissal of Pro-Israel Lobbyists Case 11 Aug 2006 A federal judge yesterday declined to throw out the criminal case against two pro-Israel lobbyists accused of violating the Espionage Act, denying their argument that the novel prosecution infringed on their constitutional right to free speech.

Sheehan Taken to Emergency Room 11 Aug 2006 Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was being treated Friday evening in the emergency room of Providence Health Center in Waco. An assistant said Sheehan, who flew to Central Texas after a trip with other activists to Jordan to meet with members of Iraq’s new parliament, was being treated for exhaustion.

Friday, 11 Aug 2006 CLG Gen. Mgr., Lori Price (filling in for Michael Rectenwald), appeared on "The Dave Thompson Show" - AM 1500, KSTP in Minneapolis and St. Paul and live on the Internet. The host was Aaron Clarey.


Israel Asks U.S. to Hasten Shipment of Rockets With Wide Blast 11 Aug 2006 Israel has asked the Bush administration to speed delivery of short-range antipersonnel rockets armed with cluster munitions, which it could use to strike 'Hezbollah missile sites' [civilians] in Lebanon, two American officials said Thursday. The request for M-26 artillery rockets, which are fired in barrages and carry hundreds of grenade-like bomblets that scatter and explode over a broad area, is likely to be approved shortly, along with other arms, a senior official said.

Terror 'may force freedom curbs' [No. We'll take them back.] 09 Aug 2006 The UK might have to modify its freedoms in the short term in order to prevent their "misuse and abuse" by terrorists, John Reid has said. He conceded that was never an easy request, but it was up to everyone to ask: "What price our security, at what cost can we preserve our freedoms?"

Romney activates National Guard for Logan Airport 11 Aug 2006 (MA) The heightened security at Boston's Logan International Airport also was boosted by National Guard troops activated Thursday by Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Bechtel) and deputized with the power of arrest. Among their assignments: screening passengers a second time at each departing gate.

Schwarzenegger sends Guard troops to major airports --Officers on CHP, BART increase their presence 11 Aug 2006 (CA) Three hundred National Guard troops were ordered Thursday to airports in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego as state and local officials ramped up security measures around California. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Installed) assigned troops to the three largest airports that regularly receive flights from Europe. Uniformed troops carrying guns were to arrive at airports this morning and will stay in place for at least a week, according to Adjutant Gen. William H. Wade II, the head of the state's National Guard.

Rell orders National Guard on standby --Security tightened at Bradley International Airport 10 Aug 2006 (CT) Gov. M. Jodi Rell (R-Rowland) ordered additional troopers and bomb dogs to provide security at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks. She also put the Connecticut National Guard on standby. Rell said she will deploy National Guard soldiers if the airport is needed as a backup. Additional police officers were also sent to Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport.

Police probe flights terror plot 10 Aug 2006 Homes and businesses across England are being searched and 24 people questioned after police say a plot to blow up UK flights to the US was disrupted.

Students Among Suspects Held In Connection With U.K. Terrorism Plot 11 Aug 2006 Youngest suspect in plot targeting U.S.-bound flights is 17 years old. One day after British police thwarted a terrorist plot to detonate liquid explosives aboard aircraft bound for the U.S., the arrest count has grown to 24 and the names of some suspects have been revealed, but many questions still remain. Reports identified suspects ranging in age from 17-35, including Waheed Zaman, a 22-year-old biochemistry student at London Metropolitan University; and Adbul Muneem Patel, a 17-year-old student.

24 Are Arrested in Alleged Plot Against U.S.-Bound Planes 10 Aug 2006 The 24 British nationals arrested Thursday were in the final stages of an alleged plan to detonate liquid explosives on as many as 10 U.S.-bound airliners, in what appears to have been the most ambitious plot since the Sept. 11 attacks, British authorities said Thursday.

Britons arrested in Pakistan 11 Aug 2006 Two British nationals of Pakistani origin were among seven people arrested in Pakistan before the discovery of a plot to bomb airliners, government and security officials said today.

British ID 19 in plot to blow up planes 11 Aug 2006 British officials on Friday identified 19 of the suspects accused of planning to blow up U.S.-bound aircraft in the biggest terrorist plot to be uncovered since 9/11, while investigators probed their movements, background and finances.

Three Alleged Ringleaders ID'd 10 Aug 2006 Brian Ross Reports: Three of the alleged ringleaders of the foiled airplane bomb plot have been identified by Western intelligence agencies involved in unraveling the plot. ['Three Alleged Ringleaders ID'd' --Bush, Cheney, Rove? Bush bin Laden is planning another 9/11 - to strike just before the November 'elections' - as Lamont has shown that even Diebold can't save them now. --Lori Price]

Pakistan: Afghan al-Qaida link to plot 11 Aug 2006 The Pakistani government today said there were indications of an "Afghanistan-based al-Qaida [al-CIAduh] connection" in the alleged plot to blow up passenger jets flying from UK airports.

Officials Traced Plot Network Starting in July 2005 11 Aug 2006 In the aftermath of the July 7, 2005, suicide bombings on London's transit system, British authorities received a call from a worried member of the Muslim community, reporting general suspicions about an acquaintance... By late 2005, the probe had expanded to involve several hundred investigators on three continents.

Hundreds of cancellations spell more travel chaos 11 Aug 2006 Passengers were warned of further disruption at UK airports today as the anti[pro]-terror security lockdown imposed yesterday continued.

US Muslims bristle at Bush term "Islamic fascists" 10 Aug 2006 U.S. Muslim groups criticized President [sic] George W. Bush on Thursday for calling a foiled plot to blow up airplanes part of a "war with Islamic fascists," saying the term could inflame anti-Muslim tensions. [WE are at war with GOP fascists.]

U.S. Issues Terror Warning in India 11 Aug 2006 The U.S. Embassy in India's capital warned Friday that foreign militants, possibly al-Qaida members, may be planning to carry out bombings in two major Indian cities in the coming days.

2 Arab Americans indicted for supporting terrorism 11 Aug 2006 Two young men arrested in what investigators say was a scheme to support terrorism are described in their hometown as conscientious college students who were stars of their high school football team. Supporters say Ali Houssaiky and Osama Abulhassan are the latest victims of profiling of Arab Americans since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Two laundered money for Hizbollah -Ohio prosecutor 10 Aug 2006 Two 20-year-old men arrested in Ohio were being held on Thursday on charges of money laundering on behalf of Hizbollah, authorities said.

NSA telecom lawsuits sent to California court 10 Aug 2006 Seventeen lawsuits against U.S. telephone companies for allegedly unlawfully aiding a government spy program have been consolidated into a California federal court, said a ruling made public on Thursday.

D.C. to set up crime cameras 10 Aug 2006 Washington, D.C. police today will begin installing surveillance cameras in four high-crime neighborhoods, nearly 30 days after officials declared a citywide crime emergency. [?!?]

Democrats assail GOP fundraising effort 11 Aug 2006 Democrats assailed the Republicans Friday for e-mailing a fundraising appeal mentioning the war on [of] terror hours after British authorities disclosed they had disrupted a plot to blow up aircraft headed to the United States.

Lamont fires back at Cheney 11 Aug 2006 Democratic Senate nominee Ned Lamont (CT) responded yesterday to Dick Cheney's suggestion that his primary upset heartened terrorists, saying the vice pResident was mixing up the war on terror with the invasion of Iraq. "I just think that this Bush administration confuses a comprehensive attack on the terrorists with the invasion of Iraq," Lamont said in a telephone interview yesterday. "I think the invasion of Iraq was a terrible distraction."

Tarring the majority 11 Aug 2006 (The Boston Globe) "US Senator Joseph Lieberman's defeat by the antiwar challenger Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic primary this week has provoked a dark response from prominent Republicans, who have gone so far as to say that it could encourage America's enemies... Trying to change the subject from what was clearly a referendum on Bush administration policies in Iraq, Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney said of the Lieberman upset: '...from the standpoint of our adversaries, if you will, in this conflict, and the Al Qaeda types, they clearly are betting on the proposition that ultimately they can break the will of the American people.'... Statements that demean the choice of 52 percent of the Democratic electorate -- along with Lieberman's insistence on a do-over -- only serve to discourage voters, reducing turnout in elections and further polarizing results. This may be what some Republicans are aiming for; a government paralyzed by partisanship reinforces the belief that government is the problem, not the solution."

Sense and sanctimony --Joe Lieberman's career was based on his image as a man of faith - now he's running on bad faith By Sidney Blumenthal 11 Aug 2006 "When [Joe] Lieberman ran his first primary campaign for the state senate in 1970, against an entrenched Democratic machine politician, he was an insurgent reformer, relying on an army of young idealistic volunteers... Over time, Lieberman, an orthodox Jew, became more culturally conservative... His links to neoconservatives and the religious right proliferated. He became close to Dick and Lynne Cheney and helped found a group with Lynne to criticise liberal professors. Last year, at the 50th anniversary dinner of Buckley's National Review, the leading conservative magazine, Lieberman sat at the head table."

Government Releases Detailed Information on 9/11 Crashes --Complete Air-Ground Transcripts of Hijacked 9/11 Flight Recordings Declassified - National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 196 11 Aug 2006 Edited by Barbara Elias

Mercenary Jackpot By Jeremy Scahill 10 Aug 2006 "Government records recently obtained by The Nation reveal that the Bush Administration has paid [the terrorists of] Blackwater [USA] more than $320 million since June 2004 to provide 'diplomatic security' services globally."

Iraq's handling of oil wealth faulted 11 Aug 2006 An Iraqi mechanism set up to help track Baghdad's use of its oil wealth suffers from poor management, flawed accounting systems and weak internal controls, a U.N. watchdog agency reported on Thursday.

Things that make you go 'hmm.' Kidnapped journalist was held near U.S. base 10 Aug 2006 U.S. Marines who cracked the Jill Carroll kidnapping case say the American journalist was held for a time in a home within sight of a sprawling U.S. military base in western Iraq.

British troops 'in worst fighting since Korea' 11 Aug 2006 British soldiers in Afghanistan are engaged in the most intense conflict faced by the UK since the Korean War, according to the Nato commander in the country.

Romania to send more troops to Afghanistan 11 Aug 2006 Romania would send more troops to Afghanistan to help stabilize 'security' [?!?] in the post-Taliban central Asian state, the visiting Romanian President Traian Basescu said Thursday.

CLG Cultural News: J.Rec's CD has been released! 11 Aug 2006 Grab J.Rec's new CD, "Citizens Development Group," here! ( notes) "Breaking generic boundaries, J.Rec combines the best from conscious hip-hop rap with an earlier tradition of critical lyrics dating to Bob Dylan. Musically talented and lyrically profound, Rec melds R&B-like vocals with intense, rapid hip-hop verbal virtuosity. His politically biting lyrics promise to keep it real for hip-hop fans, while crossing over into other indie listener audiences."

Mideast peace deal reached at U.N. --Israel says plan is 'good'; Security Council to vote Friday 11 Aug 2006 Israel on Friday began an expanded ground offensive in southern Lebanon after expressing dissatisfaction over an emerging cease-fire deal, government officials said. Hours later, however, France and the United States reached a deal on a final draft U.N. resolution aimed at ending the monthlong conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

Israel Orders Military to Expand Lebanon Offensive 11 Aug 2006 Israel today ordered the military to begin expanding its ground offensive in South Lebanon, the Defense Ministry said. Lebanon's government said Israel's intention is to "destroy'' the country.

Olmert orders expanded ground assault 11 Aug 2006 The Israeli army has begun expanding its ground offensive into Lebanon on the prime minister's orders, citing dissatisfaction with the direction of UN talks on a ceasefire resolution.

Israel warns Beirut residents to flee --Air assault hits lighthouse in center of capital 10 Aug 2006 Israel warned Beirut's residents Thursday that it plans to expand air strikes against the city as the military pressed its offensive deeper inside Lebanon, moving tanks into the southern town of Marjayoun and striking a lighthouse in West Beirut in the first attack against the heart of the capital since July 15.

Israeli soldiers seize Lebanese barracks 11 Aug 2006 Israeli soldiers have occupied a Lebanese army barracks in southern Lebanon holding about 350 troops.

15 Lebanese Killed: Israel Plans Wider Offensive on Lebanon 10 Aug 2006 By killing fifteen people—mostly women and children, and keeping its onslaught on Lebanon intact, Israel on Wednesday opted for a wider ground offensive—which may be unleashed any moment. The decision was taken by the Tel Aviv cabinet, which authorized its troops to push to the Litani River some 18 miles from the Israel-Lebanon border.

Israeli air strike kills 7 in north Lebanon 11 Aug 2006 Israeli air strikes killed seven people and wounded one in northern Lebanon on Friday, medical sources said. They said Israeli planes struck the area of Balenat al-Hissa, near Lebanon's northern border with Syria.

Hezbollah claims sinking of Israeli Super Dvora gunboat 11 Aug 2006 Hezbollah said its fighters sank an Israeli Super Dvora fast patrol boat off the coast of Tyre in southern Lebanon. "At 2:05 pm (1105 GMT), while an Israeli Super Dvora warship was off the coast of Mansouri, south of the city of Tyre, and was aggressing our steadfast people and our civilian regions, the men of the Islamic Resistance attacked the ship with suitable weapons," a Hezbollah statement said Friday.

30 Tanks Wiped Out in Lebanon 11 Aug 2006 IDF officials admit that the biggest surprise of the ongoing war against Hizbullah is the ease by which terrorists [sic] have destroyed IDF tanks. At least 30 tanks have been totally destroyed or seriously damaged in bomb and anti-tank rocket attacks involving state-of-the-art Russian anti-tank rockets.

Russia calls for 72-hour truce 11 Aug 2006 Russia is calling for a 72-hour humanitarian truce between Israel and Hezbollah while negotiations continue between the United States and France on a draft resolution to end the fighting.

Pro-Israel pressure strong in US 11 Aug 2006 ...The reasons for difference in views on an Israeli ceasefire are complex but many people point to the power of the Israel lobby in the United States as a key factor. The leading organisation trying to secure US support for Israel is Aipac, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Today, Aipac has more than 100,000 members across 50 states. It regularly holds meetings with members of Congress and provides analysis of the voting records of US lawmakers.


US on red alert after foiling of 'al-Qaeda plot' 10 Aug 2006 The United States reacted quickly today to news that a major terrorist plot had been foiled by British security forces, slapping the highest terrorism alert on commercial flights from the UK and tightening security precautions for all departures from US airports. Michael Chertoff, who heads the Homeland Security Department, told an early morning press conference that the alleged plot in the UK was "suggestive of an al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] plot". He added: "We were really getting quite close to the execution phase" [which has been scheduled for maximum impact --just before the November 'elections'].

Bush: Plot shows US at war with "Islamic fascists" 10 Aug 2006 Dictator George W. Bush said on Thursday a foiled plot to blow up airplanes was a "stark reminder" that the United States was "at war with Islamic fascists." [We are at war with GOP fascists.]

U.S. Raises Airline Threat Level --U.S. Raises Airline Threat Level to Highest Level for First Time in Response to British Threat 10 Aug 2006 The U.S. government issued its highest terrorism alert ever for commercial flights from Britain to the United States early Thursday after a terror plot was disrupted in London, with a specific concern for tourist-filled flights to major U.S. cities. Terrorists had targeted United, American and Continental airlines, two U.S. counterterrorism officials said.

US sends air marshals to UK 10 Aug 2006 The US is deploying extra air marshals to reinforce security on flights between the UK and the US, the head of homeland security has announced.

Romney to activate National Guard for Logan Airport 10 Aug 2006 Massachusetts Gov. (R-Maggot) Mitt Romney will activate the National Guard to help with security at Logan International Airport for the first time since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, his spokesman said. [This clampdown provides a distraction for the heat he was taking for his role in the Big Dig, a multi-year, Halliburton-style 'construction project' (criminal enterprise) by Bechtel which resulted in an act of negligent homicide.]

Airports on red alert after police 'foil terror plot' * 'Liquid chemical devices in passenger bags' suspected * US flights from UK were targeted, say Washington sources * 21 arrests: main players 'accounted for' says Reid * MI5 raises the threat level to critical - attack imminent 10 Aug 2006 A terrorist plot to blow up aircraft in mid-flight has been thwarted, Scotland Yard said. Hand luggage has been banned at UK airports and MI5 has raised the threat level to "critical".

Imminent terror attack warning 10 Aug 2006 British police said today they had thwarted a plot to blow up aircraft in mid-flight between Britain and the US, arresting a number of people in the London area. Britain's security service MI5 raised the threat level to the country to "critical" from "severe", meaning an attack is expected imminently.

'Plot to blow up planes' foiled --A terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight from the UK to the US has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said. 10 Aug 2006 Police have arrested a number of people in London after a counter-terrorist operation lasting several months. MI5 says the current UK threat level is critical - the highest possible.

Britain says it foils "mass murder" plane bomb plot 10 Aug 2006 British police on Thursday foiled a suspected plot to blow up several aircraft mid-flight between Britain and the United States in what Washington said might have been an attempted al Qaeda [al CIAduh] strike.

Hand baggage barred on U.K. flights on alleged terror plot 10 Aug 2006 Hand baggage has now been barred on all flights departing from Britain after authorities arrested at least 20 in an alleged plot to blow up several airplanes via bombs taken on board, U.K. television stations reported early Thursday. The alleged plot was to blow up as many as 12 planes flying for the United States, the reports stated.

Soda, hair gel targeted in new flight security 10 Aug 2006 Tossing out cans of soda and discarding makeup and hair gel, passengers at U.S. airports on Thursday adjusted to new security measures prompted by news of a foiled plot to bomb flights to the United States.

Passengers Face Chaos After Bomb Plot 10 Aug 2006 Passengers are facing chaos after police and intelligence services thwarted a plot to blow up a number of aircraft in mid flight. BAA has warned there will be long delays at the UK's airports as security measures are stepped up. The measures include hand searches, shoe inspections and X-ray screening of all hand-held items, BAA revealed.

Night-time raids on plot suspects 10 Aug 2006 Arrests related to the reported terror threat to UK flights took place in London, High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire and the West Midlands.

21 held in 'liquid bomb' plot to blow up planes 10 Aug 2006 A major terrorist plot to blow up multiple aircraft in mid flight from Britain to America has been thwarted and 21 people arrested, police have said.

2 Held on Terror Charges in Ohio 09 Aug 2006 Two men were charged Wednesday with money laundering in support of terrorism after authorities said they found airplane passenger lists and information on airport security checkpoints in their car.

3 Egyptian Students Taken Into Custody 10 Aug 2006 Three Egyptian students who were being sought for failing to turn up for an exchange program at Montana State University were taken into custody Wednesday, more than a week after they arrived in the United States.

Petty Officer Held in Secret for 4 Months 04 Aug 2006 A petty officer has been in the Norfolk Naval Station brig for more than four months facing espionage, desertion and other charges, but the Navy has refused to release details of the case.

Disaster is the name of the game at Busch Wednesday night ["Disaster is the name of the game at Bush every night"] 09 Aug 2006 The massive emergency response drill at Busch Stadium on Wednesday started not with a bang but with a downpour. The dozens of agencies involved had planned a number of fake [Bush] disasters - including a chlorine tanker rupturing on Highway 40 (Interstate 64), weapons of mass destruction smuggled into the ballpark in backpacks, and a possible threat to first responders.

Disaster drill set for Busch Stadium 09 Aug 2006 A full-scale emergency preparedness exercise is planned for 7 o'clock Wednesday night at Busch Stadium. Mayor Francis Slay's office says the drill, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, will involve the simulated release of hazardous material and the detonation of improvised explosive devices.

Swiss Court Approves U.S. Request for Bank Records of Alleged Terror Financiers 10 Aug 2006 Swiss authorities will provide the United States with details from bank accounts U.S. investigators suspect of being used for terrorist funding, a Justice Ministry official said Wednesday.

Counterintelligence Officials Resign 10 Aug 2006 David A. Burtt II, director of the Counterintelligence Field Activity, the Defense Department's newest intelligence agency whose contracts based on congressional earmarks are under investigation by the Pentagon and federal prosecutors, told his staff yesterday that he and his deputy director will resign at the end of the month. Joseph Hefferon "has also decided to retire, after over 31 years of federal service," according to Burtt's message.

Big church publisher buys 9-11 Bush plot 09 Aug 2006 It wasn't Osama bin Laden who orchestrated the 9-11 attacks, it was George W. Bush, according to a book to be published this month by the Presbyterian Church USA. Called "Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action," it is the third book on the conspiracy theory authored by David Ray Griffin, a professor emeritus of theology at Claremont School of Theology. According to Christianity Today, Griffin argues in his new book that the Bush administration planned the events of Sept. 11, 2001, so they could provide justification for going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Scurrying cockroaches'' Attorney incensed after viewing FTAA police video --A police training video showed high-ranking Broward deputies laughing about shooting rubber bullets at a Coral Gables attorney at the free-trade summit in Miami. 09 Aug 2006 In the video, recorded by the Broward Sheriff's Office on Nov. 21, the day after the event, a BSO top commander gushes over shooting protesters. Another officer refers to them as "scurrying cockroaches.''

"Left-wing bigots" Rep. Peter King: Lamont voters are 'left-wing bigots' 09 Aug 2006 "If Joe Lieberman is in trouble, imagine how much trouble [Rep.] Peter King is in," said Nassau Legis. David Mejias (D-North Massapequa), who was in Washington yesterday gathering support for his bid to oust the veteran King (R-Seaford) as Connecticut Democrats went to the polls. King said the Connecticut primary has no bearing on his re-election race because "fortunately, the Third District is not composed of the left-wing bigots who went after Joe Lieberman."

"We can talk to them when we line them up and kill them." Fox Military Analyst on Syria: 'We Can Talk To Them When We Line Them Up and Kill Them' 09 Aug 2006 With the Bush administration refusing to hold direct talks with Syria, Col. David Hunt, military analyst for Fox News, appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night to offer some advice to the president: "I think we can talk to them when we line them up and kill them." [Most of the world's leaders think similar thoughts when it's suggested they meet with Bush.]

Poll: 60 percent of Americans oppose Iraq war 09 Aug 2006 Sixty percent of Americans oppose the U.S. war in Iraq, the highest number since polling on the subject began with the commencement of the war in March 2003, according to poll results and trends released Wednesday.

Almost 2,000 bodies taken to Baghdad morgue in July 09 Aug 2006 Almost 2,000 bodies were brought to Baghdad's morgue last month, an official said on Wednesday. Morgue assistant manager, Doctor Abdul Razzaq al-Obaidi, told Reuters about 90 percent of the deaths were due to violence in the capital, where U.S. and Iraqi forces have stepped up their troops levels to combat [foment] sectarian bloodshed.

1,500 Violent Deaths Reported in Iraq 09 Aug 2006 About 1,500 violent deaths were reported in the Baghdad area last month, a top health official said Wednesday, providing figures that showed a steady increase in killings since the beginning of the year.

U.S. soldiers describe comrades killing blindfolded Iraqi men 03 Aug 2006 Two American soldiers Thursday described in gruesome detail how their comrades allegedly killed three blindfolded Iraqi detainees, one of whom was covered in brain matter and another who spit blood during his dying moments.

Suicide Bomber Kills 33 in Southern Iraq 10 Aug 2006 A suicide bomber detonated a belt of explosives on his body near a highly revered Shiite shrine in southern Iraq Thursday, killing at least 33 people and injuring 108, an official said.

Three US soldiers killed in western Iraq 09 Aug 2006 Three US soldiers were killed in action Wednesday in Iraq's restive western province of Anbar, the US military said.

UK's Iraq troops overstretched: MPs 10 Aug 2006 Britain's troops in Iraq are overstretched, ill-equipped and underpaid, and the strain of fighting two big wars at once threatens its military effectiveness, a parliamentary committee says.

Israel set to invade Lebanon despite lessons of 1982 war 10 Aug 2006 Israel has approved a major escalation of war by voting to send thousands of fresh troops deeper into Lebanon in an expanded offensive echoing its invasion nearly a quarter of a century ago.

40,000 troops poised to enter Lebanon 09 Aug 2006 40,000 IDF troops and reservists were massed along the northern border Wednesday evening in preparation for Israel's largest and deepest ground incursion into southern Lebanon since the beginning of Operation Change of Direction last month.

Two Lebanese towns under Israel's control 10 Aug 2006 Reporter: David Hardaker - Mark Colvin: ...[T]he Israeli Army is said to have taken control of two key towns in the last few hours. Reports say they've seized Marjayoun and Qlaiah, and Reuters quotes an eyewitness as saying two Israeli tanks were on fire, as a result of the fighting outside Marjayoun. Hezbollah itself is claiming to have destroyed seven Israeli tanks.

Israel takes Lebanese town of Marjayoun 10 Aug 2006 Israeli troops seized the town of Marjayoun and two nearby villages in south Lebanon on Thursday, witnesses said, even though Israel says it has put off plans for a broader offensive against Hezbollah fighters.

UN attacks Lebanon aid 'disgrace' 10 Aug 2006 The UN's top humanitarian official has criticised Israel and Hezbollah for hindering access to southern Lebanon, calling the situation a "disgrace".

Karl Rove offers to help Joe Lieberman 09 Aug 2006 (abcnews blog) According to a close Lieberman adviser, the President's political guru, Karl Rove, has reached out to the Lieberman camp with a message straight from the Oval Office: "The boss wants to help. Whatever we can do, we will do." [He already has! Who do you think probably had LieberBush's website hacked on Primary Day, so that Ned Lamont could be blamed?]

Washington state Republican Senate candidate backs Lieberman 10 Aug 2006 Sen. Maria Cantwell (WA) joined her Democratic colleagues in dropping support of Sen. Joe Lieberman, but her Republican challenger endorsed Lieberman's independent Senate bid over the GOP candidate in Connecticut.

Democrats back Lamont candidacy 10 Aug 2006 State and national Democratic Party leaders yesterday lined up behind Ned Lamont, the party's Senate nominee, despite three-term incumbent Senator Joseph I. Lieberman's promise to fight on as an independent candidate in November's general election.

FCC Puts U.S. Airwaves Up For Bid 09 Aug 2006 High-speed Internet access, streaming video, music downloads and other special new features may soon be in store for mobile phone owners thanks to an unprecedented airwaves auction.

No-Bid Firms Win FEMA Work --Big contractors that received controversial Katrina deals earn millions to do similar work in future. 10 Aug 2006 The four giant construction firms that received controversial no-bid contracts to house Hurricane Katrina evacuees last September will be earning up to $250 million apiece to do similar work after future [Bush] disasters, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said yesterday. Most of the contracts went to the same four firms: Bechtel Corp., CH2M Hill Cos., Fluor Corp. and Shaw Group Inc.

New Microsoft patch prompts DHS warning --Rare step engendered by Windows Server vulnerability 09 Aug 2006 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned Wednesday that a recently patched Microsoft Corp. Windows vulnerability could put the nation's critical infrastructure at risk.

Transportation Department Laptop Stolen 09 Aug 2006 A laptop computer belonging to the federal Department of Transportation inspector general's office was stolen last month, putting the sensitive personal information of nearly 133,000 Florida residents at risk, Acting Inspector General Todd J. Zinser said today.

Big Dig firm warns tests might do damage --Loads may exceed epoxy bolts rating 10 Aug 2006 The former project manager for the Big Dig's main contractor has cautioned state officials that safety tests on the epoxy bolts upholding concrete ceiling panels in the Ted Williams Tunnel may have damaged their long-term integrity... A spokesman for Governor Mitt Romney (R) did not return calls last night.

Officer behind Big Dig memo loses construction job, lawyer says 10 Aug 2006 A former safety official for a Big Dig contractor who has said he wrote a memo in 1999 warning that the ceiling in the Interstate 90 connector was unsafe was terminated yesterday from his job at another construction company, his lawyer confirmed yesterday.

Bird Flu Monitoring Expands Nationally 09 Aug 2006 The government on Wednesday expanded its monitoring of wild migratory birds for a deadly bird flu virus to cover the entire nation and U.S. territories in the Pacific.


Bush seeks war crimes exemptions 09 Aug 2006 The Bush administration is seeking to exempt politicians, CIA agents and ex-soldiers from prosecution for mistreating prisoners, the Washington Post reports. The amendments were submitted to Congress, which is debating changes to the 1996 War Crimes Act after the Supreme Court struck down the administration's prisoners policy in June.

War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat of Prosecution 09 Aug 2006 The Bush dictatorship has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments. The plan has provoked concern at the International Committee of the Red Cross, the entity responsible for safeguarding the Geneva Conventions.

CIA medic faces beating charges 09 Aug 2006 A CIA contractor beat an Afghan prisoner so badly he pleaded to be shot to end his pain, prosecutors said yesterday at the start of a trial that raises questions about the treatment of detainees by US interrogators.

CIA man said he kicked Afghan detainee: witness 08 Aug 2006 A CIA contractor accused of beating an Afghan prisoner so badly that he later died told a colleague afterward that he had kicked the detainee in the groin, a prosecution witness told a federal court on Tuesday.

Iraqi PM apologises for American tactics 09 Aug 2006 US attempts to control spiralling sectarian violence in Baghdad ran into immediate problems yesterday, as Iraq's Prime Minister sharply criticised American tactics and made a televised apology to the Iraqi people.

Israel expands offensive, appoints new war chief 10 Aug 2006 Israel will push thousands of soldiers deep into south Lebanon in a fresh offensive against Hezbollah that would extend the fighting for 30 more days.

Israel OKs expanding ground operations in Lebanon 09 Aug 2006 The Israeli security cabinet on Wednesday approved expanding the army's ground operations in south Lebanon, local media reported.

Israel vows to hit harder for another month 10 Aug 2006 Israel has approved a plan to push thousands of soldiers deep into southern Lebanon in a fresh offensive that may extend the fighting for at least a month.

Seven die in Israeli raid on Lebanon 09 Aug 2006 Seven people, including a political member of Hezbollah and his family, were killed today in an Israeli air strike that destroyed their home in the Bekaa Valley of eastern Lebanon, police said.

Israel shuts down south Lebanon 09 Aug 2006 Israel shut down south Lebanon yesterday with a threat to blast any moving vehicles, as ground fighting intensified near the Israeli border, airstrikes killed at least 19 civilians and Arab governments called for a full Israeli withdrawal as a condition of any cease-fire.

Israel to bomb all moving vehicles 09 Aug 2006 Israel has declared southern Lebanon a no-drive zone [?!?] below the Litani River and threatened to blast any moving vehicle as a guerrilla target.

Aid agencies' fear over Lebanon 08 Aug 2006 Delivering humanitarian relief to south Lebanon is becoming increasingly difficult because of continuing Israeli bombardment, aid agencies have warned. The UN refugee agency has accused Israel of bombing roads that were earmarked for aid transportation.

Israeli jets hit western Bekaa, army tightens grip on Tyre 08 Aug 2006 Israeli jets struck parts of the Bekaa Valley Tuesday, as the Israeli army tightened its blockade on the southern port city of Tyre, Lebanese police said.

Have your cake and eat it, too: Israel to UN: Leave Room for Future Attacks 08 Aug 2006 As its attacks on Lebanese civilians continue, Israel demanded that a possible United Nations backed cease-fire permit future attacks by Israel [!?!] on Hezbollah strongholds and suspected weapons depots in Lebanon.

Israel to alter 2006 budget as defence costs rise 09 Aug 2006 Israel's cabinet is expected to debate on Sunday adjustments to the 2006 state budget the Finance Minister is planning due to a steep rise in spending for the Lebanon war effort, the Finance Ministry said on Wednesday.

Angry MPs demand recall of parliament --Discontent over UK's Lebanon policy 09 Aug 2006 Up to 100 MPs, most of them Labour, are to demand an immediate recall of parliament to debate the crisis in Lebanon because of growing fears about the government's strategy.

Venezuela 'to sever Israel ties' 09 Aug 2006 The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has said his country is likely to sever ties with Israel in protest at its military offensive in Lebanon.

Halliburton's KBR in bribes inquiry 10 Aug 2006 A subsidiary of Halliburton is under investigation by Britain's Serious Fraud Office over the US oil service company's part in an alleged plot to pay more than $US170 million ($222 million) of bribes to win billions of dollars of work at a giant Nigerian gas plant. The SFO said it had carried out searches at business and residential premises as part of the probe into KBR, whose work on the project was underwritten partly by British government money.

A stinky gas story 08 Aug 2006 The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigation into an alleged Nigerian bribery scandal has taken on a number of new twists, according to information disclosed in the Financial Times in London. The investigations centre on Halliburton, a US company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and in particular, on one of its subsidiaries, Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR). The SFO probe followed criticism that London authorities were doing little on the case even though a British-based company and a British lawyer were allegedly at the centre of a plot to pay more than $170m of bribes to win $7bn of building contracts.

Radical's power in Iraq troubles US 09 Aug 2006 Muqtada al-Sadr, a radical Shiite Muslim preacher who has steadfastly fought against American forces in Iraq, has emerged as one of the most powerful leaders in the country, US officials say.

US military says Marine helicopter crashed in Iraq 09 Aug 2006 A U.S. Marine helicopter carrying a crew of six crashed in the restive province of Anbar, west of Baghdad, the U.S. military said on Wednesday, adding that four crew members survived and the other two were missing.

Bombings, Shootings Kill 33 Across Iraq 08 Aug 2006 A series of bombings and shootings killed at least 33 people Tuesday, most in the Baghdad area, as more American soldiers patrolled the streets of the capital in a make-or-break bid to quell sectarian violence. Nearly 60 people were wounded in the blasts, police said.

U.S. military arrests four over Carroll abduction 09 Aug 2006 The U.S. military said on Wednesday it had arrested four Iraqis suspected of being involved in the abduction of U.S. journalist Jill Carroll, held hostage for 82 days before her release earlier this year.

Center for war-related brain injuries faces budget cut 08 Aug 2006 Congress appears ready to slash funding for the research and treatment of brain injuries caused by bomb blasts, an injury that military scientists describe as a signature wound of the Iraq war. House and Senate versions of the 2007 Defense appropriation bill contain $7 million for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center — half of what the center received last fiscal year.

Lamont Beats Lieberman in Conn. Primary 09 Aug 2006 Sen. Joe Lieberman, crippled by his support for the Iraq war, lost the Democratic nomination for a fourth term Tuesday to a political newcomer who portrayed him as an apologist for the Bush administration. Lieberman vowed to run as an independent in November. [Joe LIEberBush has announced that he will run as an Independent. He wants to "unite the GOP" with the Democrats. F*ck him, and f*ck Bush. According to Faux, 'the intellectual elite' elected Ned Lamont. Well, that would mean that the rightwing anti-intellectual morons voted for LieberBush! Also, we are also sick, sick, sick unto death of hearing about "the wealthy in Fairfield County" who elected "the millionaire businessman from Greenwich." All of a sudden, Faux News is anti-capitalist? We never seem to hear about Cheney's million$ from Halliburton's no-bid contracts and Rumsfeld's million$ from Gilead's (Tamiflu) stock options, you know - the 'millionaire businessmen from Washington.' --MDR/LRP]

MSNBC analyst, Tuesday morning: "Connecticut's been having a left-wing orgy for a long time now. The whole Democratic party there has been seized by the left-wing since the Vietnam and the 1970's. You've got some wealthy activists up there in Fairfield County working for the left." [Orgy? Where? How have I missed it? --MDR]

Pro-war Lieberman loses Senate primary 09 Aug 2006 Joe Lieberman, the former US vice-presidential candidate and Democrat senator, was knocked out of the race to stand as his party's candidate for re-election to the Senate last night in a coup for America's anti-war left.

Lieberman loses, won't quit --Conceding defeat in primary, he vows to run as independent 09 Aug 2006 The Democratic voters of Connecticut delivered a punishing rebuke to Sen. Joseph Lieberman on Tuesday, choosing political novice Ned Lamont as their nominee for the U.S. Senate in a race that sent a warning beacon to the party over a deepening discord with the Iraq war.

Connecticut Democrats oust Lieberman 09 Aug 2006 Ned Lamont, who rose from Connecticut political oblivion on a strong antiwar campaign, ousted Sen. Joe Lieberman in Tuesday's Democratic primary election.

John DeStefano wins Conn. Democratic primary for governor 09 Aug 2006 New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, riding the support of organized labor and national minority leaders, won the Democratic primary for governor Tuesday to set up a general election showdown with Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell in November.

LIEberBush has his website hacked, blames Ned Lamont: Joe Lieberman 'Hack-Attack' Denied By Ned Lamont 08 Aug 2006 Joe LieberBush watched as his web site went off line on Election Day. He called on challenger Ned Lamont to denounce the "attack" even with no proof that Lamont had anything to do with what is being dubbed a 'hack-attack" and Lamont has done so. [Bush stole *two* elections, and this nutcase is whining about a problem with his server? F*ck him *and* his cheap webhosting. --LRP]

Early Problems At New Haven Polling Place 9:01 AM EDT 08 Aug 2006 (CT) Voters hoping to cast their ballot first thing in the morning found the voting machines closed and locked at one New Haven location. "I found no tables and the voting booths were closed," Dr. Herbert Sacks told News Channel 8. "At 6:00 a.m. they're not prepared to go. I find this utterly weird because this election has been touted as a very important bellwether of what's happening in our state and in our country."

McKinney Loses Runoff for Georgia Seat 09 Aug 2006 Cynthia McKinney, the fiery Georgia congresswoman known for her conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks and the scuffle she had earlier this year with a U.S. Capitol police officer, lost a runoff election Tuesday for her district's Democratic nomination.

McKinney alleges voting irregularities 08 Aug 2006 Shortly after the polls opened on Tuesday, allegations of voting irregularities began appearing on U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s campaign Web site. At 8:14 a.m., the first complaint appeared: "Less than an hour into voting, McKinney’s name is not on ballot, opponent's is," read an item on her blog. Other similar allegations would follow throughout the day as 4th Congressional District voters decided whether to send McKinney back to Congress, or give the Democratic nomination to runoff opponent, Hank Johnson, a lawyer and former DeKalb County commissioner.

DeLay Vows to Take Name Off Texas Ballot 09 Aug 2006 Former Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Tuesday he is taking the necessary steps to remove his name from the November ballot, giving his party a chance to field a write-in candidate in hopes of holding the House seat.

Police Converge On GOP State Senator's Home --Officials Used Search Warrant In Investigation 09 Aug 2006 (Hempfield Township, PA) Channel 11 has learned that state police converged on the home of state Sen. Robert Regola (R-Murderer?) on Wednesday morning in Hempfield Township. Police used a search warrant in their investigation of the death of 14-year-old Louis Farrell.

Mexico leftists blockade ministry, open toll gates 08 Aug 2006 Hundreds of Mexican leftists blockaded a ministry and threw open highway toll gates on Tuesday in an escalation of protests against what they say was fraud in last month's presidential election.

Toll booths seized in Mexico City 08 Aug 2006 Supporters of Mexican presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took over toll booths in the latest protest over the official count.

Mexican cops fire in air during protests 08 Aug 2006 Police fired shots into the air Monday to clear more than 100 protesters from outside the state economy ministry, the latest incident in a wave of confrontations and protests that have driven many tourists out of this historic Mexican city.

$400 Million FEMA Contracts Now Total $3.4 Billion 09 Aug 2006 Four no-bid contracts awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to house Hurricane Katrina evacuees have ballooned in value from $400 million to about $3.4 billion, prompting renewed scrutiny from Congress and federal auditors about the disaster agency's management of the aftermath of the storm. The Department of Homeland Security's inspector general is, for at least a second time, reviewing the contracts with construction and engineering firms [Boston's 'Big Dig' killer builders and Iraq's corpora-terrorists, the] Bechtel Corp., CH2M Hill Inc., Fluor Corp. and the Shaw Group Inc. to provide 150,000 trailers for hurricane victims [Yeah? Where the f*ck are they? See: Katrina homeless in search of trailers 08 Aug 2006], even as FEMA expects to competitively award at least $1 billion for similar work in future contingencies within days.

Katrina homeless in search of trailers 08 Aug 2006 (Chalmette, LA) Nearly 1,200 St. Bernard Parish families are still waiting to get into trailers that sit locked on their home sites but need utilities or other services; another 400 families waiting for trailers have none at all, FEMA said.

BP 'was warned' of corrosion 10 Aug 2006 BP's board and London-based executives were informed of widespread corrosion at the UK oil giant's Alaska field two years before the company was forced to shut it this week, citing "unexpectedly severe corrosion".


Court told US troops gang-raped Iraqi girl 07 Aug 2006 A U.S. military court in Baghdad heard graphic testimony on Monday of how three U.S. soldiers took turns raping a 14-year-old Iraqi girl before murdering her and her family.

US Soldiers 'hit golf balls before going out to kill family' --US military court told of brutal attack in Iraq --Evidence from colleague describes rape and murder 08 Aug 2006 US soldiers, accused of raping and murdering a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, drank alcohol and hit golf balls before the attack. One of them grilled chicken wings afterwards, a criminal investigator told a US military hearing yesterday.

Lawyer: Ex-CIA Worker Beat Detainee --Prosecutors Say Contractor Used Flashlight to Beat Afghani Who Later Died 07 Aug 2006 A former CIA contractor broke both agency rules and the law when he used a two-foot-long metal flashlight to beat an Afghan man who later died, a prosecutor told a jury Monday in the trial of the first U.S. civilian charged with mistreating a detainee during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Judge rules for govt in CIA testimony 07 Aug 2006 Federal prosecutors won their battle Monday to keep former CIA Director George Tenet and several other agency employees from having to testify at the trial of a one-time CIA contractor accused of beating an Afghan detainee.

Seven rushed to hospital after opening suspicious envelope 07 Aug 2006 Palestinians launched an investigation today after seven people were rushed to hospital when one of them opened a suspicious envelope addressed to Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, officials said.

Hamas official detained by Israel taken to hospital [Note: Hezbollah, Hamas "kidnaps" - Israel "detains."] 07 Aug 2006 The speaker of the Palestinian parliament, Aziz Dweik, who was detained [kidnapped] by Israel on Sunday, was taken to hospital on Monday with heart pains and breathing problems, Dweik's spokesman said. The spokesman said the health scare was the result of Dweik being beaten by his Israeli prison guards. The Israeli army, which is holding him, denied the allegations.

Israeli Army Declares Indefinite Curfew in South Lebanon 07 Aug 2006 The Israeli army said it declared an indefinite curfew that began Monday night on the movement of vehicles in Lebanon south of the Litani River. Residents were notified by leaflets dropped by Israeli aircraft and by media broadcasts. The ban went into effect at 10 p.m. (3 p.m. EDT). [Canada has declared a curfew in Washington DC and Bush isn't allowed to go outside.]

Israel threatens invasion deeper into Lebanon if diplomacy fails 08 Aug 2006 Israel yesterday threatened an all-out invasion that would penetrate 20km deep into Lebanon if diplomatic efforts to end fighting with Hezbollah do not bear fruit within days.

Israel threatens to expand Lebanon ground offensive 07 Aug 2006 Israel will broaden its ground offensive in Lebanon within days if diplomatic efforts to end the fighting fail to make progress, Defense Minister Amir Peretz said on Monday.

Israel Intensifies Airstrikes in Lebanon 07 Aug 2006 Israel intensified its strikes on Beirut and southern Lebanon on Monday, killing at least 33 people in one of the heaviest tolls in days.

Israel cuts aid artery to south Lebanon 07 Aug 2006 An Israeli air strike destroyed the last crossing over Lebanon's Litani river on Monday, cutting off the main artery for aid to the southern port of Tyre and hard-hit areas nearby, a humanitarian group said.

Tearful PM pleads for Lebanon not to be 'punch bag' 07 Aug 2006 Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora broke down in tears on Monday as he appealed to Arab foreign ministers not to allow his war-torn country to remain a conflict zone and a "punch bag" for Israel.

Lebanon demands Israeli withdrawal 07 Aug 2006 Lebanon was today urging changes to a draft UN resolution on the conflict between Israel and Hizbollah, insisting it must include an explicit demand for a full Israeli pullout from south Lebanon.

Lebanon to send 15,000 troops to south when Israel pulls out 08 Aug 2006 Lebanon's cabinet decided unanimously on Monday to deploy 15,000 troops in south Lebanon as soon as Israel withdrew its troops from the area, Information Minister Ghazi Aridi said after a cabinet session on Monday.

Lebanese infrastructure damage tops $2.5B 07 Aug 2006 Israel's bombing campaign in Lebanon has sliced the country into pieces and caused more than $2.5 billion in damage, says Lebanon's Council for Development and Reconstruction. [US taxpayers will eventually pay to rebuild that which US taxpayers paid to have destroyed. --LRP]

Israel responded to an unprovoked attack by Hizbullah, right? Wrong --The assault on Lebanon was premeditated - the soldiers' capture simply provided the excuse. It was also unnecessary. By George Monbiot 08 Aug 2006 "The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 'more than a year ago, a senior Israeli army officer began giving PowerPoint presentations, on an off-the-record basis, to US and other diplomats, journalists and thinktanks, setting out the plan for the current operation in revealing detail'. The attack, he said, would last for three weeks. It would begin with bombing and culminate in a ground invasion."

Israel recalls Caracas envoy after Chavez compared state to Hitler 07 Aug 2006 Israel has recalled its ambassador to Caracas following comments made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez comparing Israel to Hitler, the Foreign Ministry said Monday.

Anti-war protesters break into airfield and cockpit of US military transport [Awesome!] 08 Aug 2006 Police ordered a security review at Prestwick airport yesterday after anti-war protesters boarded a US military aircraft unchallenged.

Activists held after boarding US plane searching for weapons 08 Aug 2006 Twelve antiwar protesters were arrested by police yesterday after campaigners boarded a plane at Prestwick airport in Scotland to search for US weapons being transported to Israel.

500 police officers a day needed for Israel's opening matches 07 Aug 2006 Israel's second appearance at the European Cricket Championships attracted a repeat of Saturday's anti-war protest with about 100 demonstrators assembling outside Glasgow Accies' ground at New Anniesland.

Thirty killed in Iraq violence 08 Aug 2006 A suicide truck bomber has struck the provincial headquarters of an Iraqi police commando force north of Baghdad, killing at least 10 troops and wounding 18 others, police said. At least 20 others were killed elsewhere in the country including three civilians during fighting that broke out when Iraqi and US forces raided a Shiite 'militia stronghold' in Baghdad early yesterday.

Roadside Bomb Kills Three Soldiers in Iraq 07 Aug 2006 A roadside bomb killed three Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers yesterday southwest of Baghdad.

U.S. troops endure 125 degrees in Iraq 07 Aug 2006 Daytime temperatures in the Iraqi summer usually range from a low of about 105 degrees Fahrenheit to about 125. Some Marines claim to have seen the rubber on their Humvee tires start to melt.

Bomb wounds U.S. soldier in Afghanistan 06 Aug 2006 Afghan and NATO forces aided by air strikes killed 17 Taliban in southern Afghanistan, and in a neighboring province a U.S. soldier received minor injuries when a small truck exploded near a military convoy, officials and eyewitnesses said Sunday.

The quintissential 'Pot-Kettle' moment: Bush Urges Cubans to End Their 'Tyrannical Situation' 07 Aug 2006 Dictator George W. Bush urged Cubans to move away from a "tyrannical situation'' under President Fidel Castro, who fell ill last week, and create a government that better represents the island's 11.4 million citizens. [If only we could end ours.]

Media Invited to Embed with Canadian Army 04 Aug 2006 Members of the broadcast and print media are being invited to embed with the Canadian Army, and to experience a "battle rhythm" of combat-related activities and exercises. Some 2,500 soldiers from across Ontario will be involved in what's called a "practise Full-Spectrum Operation" during EXERCISE VIGILANT GUARDIAN '06, to be held in Petawawa, ON from Saturday, August 19 to Sunday, August 27.

Election Protesters Rally in Mexico City 07 Aug 2006 Thousands of supporters of leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador protested outside Mexico's top electoral court on Monday night, demanding a vote-by-vote recount of the July 2 presidential election. To press his case, Lopez Obrador has asked his supporters to maintain a weeklong blockade of the capital's financial and cultural heart that is costing the city an estimated $23 million a day in lost commerce and causing traffic jams throughout the city. Protesters have set up camps on main avenues and even tried to block the country's stock exchange. On Sunday, waiting for Lopez Obrador to speak, they chanted in favor of seizing Mexico City's international airport and some suggested taking over Congress, moves that would almost certainly trigger confrontations with federal authorities. [Good! Confront them!! Thank God Obrador didn't "offer his concession" (*puke*) like the cowardly Dumbocratic candidates do in the US right after the GOP steals another election!]

CNN QuickVote: Do you believe alternative theories for the September 11, 2001 attacks are credible? Yes 69% 6886 votes; No 31% 3064 votes - Total: 9950 votes [Poll snapshot: 00:44 EST 08 Aug 2006]

If a report falls in a forest… (thecarpetbaggerreport) 07 Aug 2006 "To update an item from late last week, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee issued a sweeping indictment Friday of the Bush White House's casual approach to law-breaking in a report called, "The Constitution in Crisis." ...[T]his is a well-documented, thoroughly-researched report from congressional Democrats about the Bush administration possibly violating over two dozen federal laws and regulations — some of them multiple times. And yet, nothing in the AP; nothing in any of the major dailies; nothing on ABC, CBS, or NBC. Not one word."

Exclusive: Bush Admin May Have Violated 26 Statutes, Dems Say By Justin Rood 31 Jul 2006 "The Bush administration may have broken over two dozen federal laws and regulations -- some of them multiple times -- according to an unreleased report from the House Judiciary Committee Democrats... The document, an update to the Democrats' December 2005 report, "A Constitution in Crisis," will be released later this week, according to knowledgeable sources. It is several hundred pages long, with over a thousand footnotes."

Scalia asked by Texas GOP to block DeLay ruling 07 Aug 2006 Texas Republicans asked Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Monday to block an appeals court ruling that says the name of indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay must appear on the November ballot.

Scalia rejects Texas GOP appeal on DeLay 07 Aug 2006 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Monday rejected a request by Texas Republicans to block an appeals court ruling that says former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's name must appear on the November ballot.

Democrats call on Congress to probe BP shutdown 07 Aug 2006 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives on Monday called on the U.S. Congress to hold hearings into BP's operations in Alaska following a second oil pipeline rupture at its Prudhoe Bay operations over the weekend that will shut the 400,000 barrel-a-day oilfield.

Oops! VA loses another computer with personal info --Subcontractor Unisys can't find desktop with up to 38,000 vets' data 07 Aug 2006 Another laptop computer with veterans' personal information is missing, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced Monday. This time, information on as many as 38,000 living and deceased veterans was on the computer, which was lost by outside contractor Unisys.

Oops! Navy Recruiting Laptops Stolen 07 Aug 2006 Two laptops used for recruiting were stolen from New Jersey Navy Recruiting Station offices in Trenton and Jersey City recently. The Navy is reviewing the data contained in the computers, including personal information on approximately 31,000 individuals (such as recruiters, prospects from school lists and applicants).

AOL Apologizes for Release of User Search Data 07 Aug 2006 AOL apologized on Monday for releasing search log data on subscribers that had been intended for use with the company's newly launched research site.

Sweltering July was second-hottest month in U.S. history 07 Aug 2006 The summer heat wave that has killed more than 200 people across the nation made July the hottest month in the USA in 70 years and the second-hottest on record, government climate researchers said Monday.


Governors Object to Bush's National Guard Plan 06 Aug 2006 The nation's governors are closing ranks in opposition to a proposal in Congress that would let the president take control of the National Guard in emergencies without consent of governors. The language in the House measure would let the president take control in case of "a serious natural or manmade [BUSHmade] disaster, accident, or [BUSHmade] catastrophe," according to the National Governors Association.

Governors Wary of Change on Troops --House Bill Would Increase President's Authority Over National Guard Units 06 Aug 2006 The nation's governors on Saturday launched a bipartisan drive to block a move to expand the president's authority to take over National Guard troops in case of natural disaster or homeland security threats.

Iraqi medic tells how he 'found family slaughtered by US troops' 07 Aug 2006 An Iraqi medic has provided graphic testimony against four American soldiers accused of raping a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and killing three of her relatives. The medic, who was not named for his own safety, told the hearing he was the first to arrive at a house in Mahmoudiya, south of Baghdad, after the 12 March attack.

Hearings begin for US soldiers 07 Aug 2006 Iraqi witnesses have begun testifying in a US military court in Baghdad that will decide whether to court-martial four American soldiers for raping and murdering a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and killing her family in March.

While the UN fiddles... the Middle East burns 07 Aug 2006 Israel suffered its worst casualties in its 26-day war on Hizbollah while United Nations negotiations for a ceasefire intensified. A direct hit by a Katyusha rocket killed 12 Israeli soldiers in the border kibbutz of Kfar Giladi yesterday while a barrage of rockets aimed at Israel's third city, Haifa, left three civilians dead and 150 wounded.

Israeli warplanes pound Beirut suburbs 07 Aug 2006 At daybreak Monday, Israeli warplanes pounded Beirut's southern suburbs with eight airstrikes, stepping up bombardment of the Hezbollah stronghold. It was not immediately clear what was targeted.

Missiles neutralizing Israeli tanks 05 Aug 2006 Hezbollah's sophisticated anti-tank missiles are perhaps the group's deadliest weapon in Lebanon fighting, with their ability to pierce Israel's most advanced tanks. Experts say this is further evidence that Israel is facing a well-equipped army in this war, not a ragtag militia.

Israel May Target Hezbollah Chief, Says Olmert 06 Aug 2006 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert did not rule out an assassination attempt on Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah by the Israeli military, in an interview with a German newspaper to be published today. Olmert told the weekly Welt am Sonntag that the normal rules of war did not apply to Nasrallah, who was not a head of state but "the chief of a terrorist organization." [He should know!]

Prominent Hamas politician is seized 07 Aug 2006 Israel has arrested [kidnapped] a senior Hamas leader at his home in Ramallah, expanding its original front against the Palestinians in Gaza.

IOF Abducts PLC Speaker 06 Aug 2006 (WAFA) Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) abducted Sunday at pre-dawn the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Aziz Dwaik in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Arabs Condemn Israel Arrest of Palestinian 07 Aug 2006 Arab and Islamic officials on Sunday condemned Israel for arresting the Palestinian parliament speaker and called for his immediate release.

Syria accuses Israel of bombing Qaa "intentionally" 6 Aug 2006 Syria late Saturday accused Israel of having "intentionally" bombed the Lebanese village of Qaa near the Syrian border where 28 people, mostly Syrians, were killed, the official Sana news agency reported. In a letter sent to the UN secretary general and the chairman of the Security Council, the Syrian foreign ministry denounced "the massacre committed by Israel yesterday in Qaa."

Syrian Village Buries Israeli Airstrike Victims 06 Aug 2006 In stunned disbelief, this small, impoverished Syrian village on Saturday buried 23 of its own killed when Israeli missiles slammed into a refrigerated warehouse just across the border in Lebanon.

Chavez accuses Israel of 'new Holocaust' 06 Aug 2006 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday renewed his criticism of Israel's military offensive in Lebanon, calling it a "new Holocaust."

India Bans Arab TV Channels Under Pressure From Israel 06 Aug 2006 The Indian government has succumbed to mounting Israeli pressure and ordered a nationwide ban on the broadcast of Arab television channels.

US evangelist leads the millions seeking a battle with Islam 08 Aug 2006 Anyone who wants to understand why Israel has such unwavering support from the United States should speak to one man. Fiery television evangelist Pastor John Hagee has emerged as the rallying voice for thousands of American Christians who believe Israel is doing God's work in a "war of good versus evil".

We Are Untouchable By Tanya Hsu 04 Aug 2006 "We are Israelis. We are untouchable. No matter what we do, the international community will not act against us... Academics who dare write the facts know that their tenured careers are over. This war will not end with a cease-fire next week. This war will not end with a security zone controlled by the UN. This war will not end if Hezbollah and Hamas disappeared tomorrow. This war will not end as long as leaders and diplomats continue to fear the trump card charge of anti-Semitism by Israel."

Fury at Blair as 100,000 take to the streets over Lebanon 05 Aug 2006 Some 100,000 protesters took to the streets of London on Saturday to demand an end to Israel's assault on Lebanon and Gaza - and to express their fury at Tony Blair's refusal to call for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

Military Officers Attempted a Coup in Iraq 07 Aug 2006 The government of Iraq is secretly holding a Baathist cabal of military officers it claims attempted a coup against Prime Minister al-Maliki [who was installed in Bush's coup].

Car bomb targets Shia shrine 07 Aug 2006 A car bomb detonated outside a Shia Muslim shrine in southern Iraq has killed 39 people and injured 25 others.

Aussie injured in Iraq bomb blast 07 Aug 2006 An Australian security contractor [mercenary] has been seriously injured in a bomb blast in Iraq.

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombing 07 Aug 2006 Three U.S. soldiers were killed late Sunday in a roadside bombing southwest of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

Families of soldiers killed in Iraq launch party to challenge ministers --More than 70 candidates to contest Labour seats --Bereaved to meet within two weeks to plan strategy 06 Aug 2006 In the next two weeks a small group of people will meet to lay down the foundations of Spectre, a political party that will target the people they hold culpable for the deaths of their sons in what they see as an illegal war.

Edwards Wants Immediate Iraq Withdrawal 05 Aug 2006 Former vice presidential candidate John Edwards, who is considering another run for the Democratic presidential nomination, said Saturday the United States should start pulling troops out of Iraq immediately.

Top Democrat Lieberman facing ouster over support for Iraq war 07 Aug 2006 The war in Iraq could claim its biggest political victim this week as a senior Democratic [sic] senator faces probable election defeat to a little-known challenger running on an anti-Iraq war platform. In the most closely-watched vote of the 2006 US midterm elections, incumbent Joseph Lieberman is poised to go down in defeat to businessman Ned Lamont in primary balloting to be held Tuesday.

British troops in Afghanistan 'on the brink of exhaustion' 06 Aug 2006 British troops fighting Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan are on the "brink of exhaustion", The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

Military Blimps Report for Duty 07 Aug 2006 Multimax Inc. is one of several defense companies pouncing on the military's renewed interest in using high-flying, unmanned, helium-filled balloons -- sometimes tied to the ground with a long rope -- as possible weapons. Blackwater USA, better known as one of the largest security contractors [mercenaries] in Iraq, expects to finish its prototype, which aims to reach an altitude of 5,000 feet to 15,000 feet, in December. [Just cut the f*cking rope to bring them crashing down. --LRP]

US blacklists firms over sales to Iran 07 Aug 2006 Washington has imposed sanctions on seven foreign companies, two of them Russian, for providing Iran with materials that could be used to make unconventional weapons or cruise or ballistic missile systems.

Mega barf alert! I'm staying for another year at least, vows Blair 06 Aug 2006 Tony Blair has fired the opening shots in a new war with Gordon Brown by indicating that he wants to stay in power for "at least another year," The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

Mexico full poll recount rejected 06 Aug 2006 Mexico's [right-wing] electoral body has rejected a request by left-wing candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for a full recount of votes from July's disputed 'election' [Bush/ChoicePoint coup d'etat]. [It's time for Obrador's supporters to start reading: Arming the Left: Is the time now? --by Charles Southwell.]

Bloomberg: Oil money goes to terrorists 05 Aug 2006 New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg charges that money spent on imported oil is used to finance terrorism. [Right! ExxonMobil finances Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove.]

Oil strikes $76 on BP field shutdown 07 Aug 2006 Oil briefly rose above $76 a barrel on Monday after producer [corpora-terrorists] BP shut down the biggest oilfield in the United States indefinitely, while anxiety about Middle East supply continued to run high.

Al Gore YouTube Spoof Not So Amateurish --Republican PR Firm Said to Be Behind 'An Inconvenient Spoof' 05 Aug 2006 A tiny little movie making fun of Al Gore, supposedly made by an amateur filmmaker, recently appeared on the popular Web site But when the Wall Street Journal tried to find the guy who posted this film — listed on YouTube as a 29-year-old — they found the movie didn't come from an amateur working out of his basement. The film actually came from a slick Republican public relations firm called DCI, which just happens to have oil giant Exxon as a client.

Poll: One-third think U.S. had role in 9/11 --Also finds anger at government is at record level 03 Aug 2006 More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so that the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll.

Feds probe post-Katrina bridge blockade 05 Aug 2006 Federal authorities will review last year's blockade of a Mississippi River bridge by armed police officers who turned back Hurricane Katrina evacuees trying to flee New Orleans.

Cats infected with bird flu in Iraq -report 07 Aug 2006 Cats that died during an outbreak of bird flu in Iraq [!?!] last February were infected with the H5N1 virus, U.S. naval medical researchers reported. [Cui bono? See: Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu 31 Oct 2005 Defense Secretary, ex-chairman of flu treatment rights holder, sees portfolio value growing.]

ATF Director Resigns Amid Spending Probe 05 Aug 2006 The director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives announced his resignation yesterday, six months after the launch of an internal investigation into questionable spending on a new headquarters and other items during his tenure.

Another GOP maggot bites the dust: Senator: Bob Ney Won't Seek Re-Election 07 Aug 2006 U.S. Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), dogged by an influence peddling probe in Washington, will not seek re-election, state Sen. Joy Padgett said early Monday.


Simulated nuclear explosion planned for Hawaii in mid-August 11 Jul 2006 (HI) The state plans to hold an exercise [before they "go live?"] in mid-August simulating the explosion of a half-kiloton nuclear device at the entrance of Honolulu Harbor, a mock blast that theoretically would result in 10,000 casualties. Several hundred state and military planners and first responders will take part Aug. 14 to 16 in "Exercise 'A Kele." The Department of Homeland Security about two years ago developed 15 national planning scenarios, including simulating an "improvised nuclear device" explosion.

If you live in Illinois, be afraid... be very afraid. You could be Bush bin Laden's next target: More Than 1,000 Take Part In Metro East Disaster Drill 04 Aug 2006 (IL) For the next five days, metro east residents may notice an increase in activity involving military and emergency agencies. What is being called Prairie Thunder began Friday morning with a simulated [Bush bin Laden] terrorist attack on a railroad tanker car. The exercise will culminate Tuesday with the capture of the "terrorists" who launched the fictional attack [before Bush bin Laden launches a non-fictional one]. The exercise is being funded by a federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security. [Capture Bush and Cheney (the real terrorists) before they launch an "actual" attack. Remember all the drills and simulations that took place on 9/11 and 7/7?]

Emergency exercise planned locally 03 Aug 2006 (IL) Governor Rod Blagojevich and Madison County officials announced that a major emergency exercise will be conducted in Edwardsville and surrounding areas to test the state's plans for large-scale evacuations and terrorism response. Edwardsville Fire Chief Brian Wilson said the county was the area picked by the National Guard and the Illinois Terrorism Task Force. "We were brought to the table last May," Wilson said. "They came to us." The Illinois National Guard planned the exercise, which is a part of the governors preparedness and antiterrorism program. Wilson said this drill has stemmed from Hurricane Katrina. [Yes, Illinois has hundreds of hurricanes every year, <g>.]

Prairie Thunder gets rolling --Mass evacuation plan to be tested 04 Aug 2006 (IL) Several Illinois National Guard units will be located in Madison County for six days during the drill. This exercise will be the second in the past three months for the state, but will be the largest ever conducted in Illinois.

NASA removes "to understand and protect the home planet" from its mission statement --Sens. Collins, Lieberman Raise Concerns about Changes to NASA Mission Statement ( 04 Aug 2006 Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Joe Lieberman (D-debatable-CT) sent a letter to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator Dr. Michael D. Griffin expressing concerns about the organization's elimination from its mission statement of the phrase "to understand and protect the home planet."

U.S. threatens suit if Maine probes Verizon ties to NSA 04 Aug 2006 The Bush dictatorship is threatening to sue if Maine regulators decide to investigate whether Verizon Communications illegally turned over customer information to the National Security Agency.

Detainees face a long time in Guantanamo 04 Aug 2006 The top law official in the US has held out the prospect of detainees being held indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay. Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales made the suggestion as deep divisions emerged in how the country should handle inmates such as Australian David Hicks.

Hicks lawyers reject trial 04 Aug 2006 Lawyers for David Hicks have rejected a proposal by the Bush Administration for a new system of military tribunals to try non-US inmates at Guantanamo Bay. The Australian's lawyers say the new system of tribunals would not guarantee a fair trial.

Masses march for Hezbollah in Baghdad 05 Aug 2006 Hundreds of thousands of Shiites chanting "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" marched through the streets of Baghdad's biggest Shiite district Friday in a massive show of support for Hezbollah in its battle against Israel. No violence was reported during the rally in Sadr City.

Thousands marching in London, demand Middle East cease-fire 05 Aug 2006 Thousands marched through London to demand a halt to the Lebanon war on Saturday as the British government tried to deflect criticism that it has failed to call for an immediate cease-fire.

France and U.S. Agree on UN Resolution on Lebanon 05 Aug 2006 The U.S. and France have agreed on a proposed United Nations Security Council resolution designed to end the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, French President Jacques Chirac's office said. The resolution calls for "a full cessation of hostilities,'' and takes into account both Hezbollah's conduct and Israel's right to defend itself if Hezbollah continues shelling, a person close to the U.S.-French negotiations said by telephone.

Thirty-five rockets fired at Israel from south Lebanon 05 Aug 2006 Thirty-five rockets fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel by early afternoon Saturday, with no immediate reports of casualties, police said.

Two Israelis killed in Hezbollah rocket attack 04 Aug 2006 Lebanon's Hezbollah renewed Kaytusha attacks on Friday afternoon on northern Israeli towns,killing two people after eight Israeli civilians and four soldiers were killed on Thursday, local media reported.

Israeli soldier killed, 8 naval commandos wounded in Lebanon 05 Aug 2006 One Israeli soldier was killed in fierce clashes with Hezbollah militants in Lebanon overnight, the Israeli army said on Saturday.

Israel threatens mass push 05 Aug 2006 Israel is threatening to seize most of south Lebanon after at least nine of its civilians and six soldiers were killed in less than 24 hours, the nation's worst death toll in more than three weeks of war.

Israeli planes pound Lebanese village, causing casualties 04 Aug 2005 Israeli military planes pounded a Lebanese village near the Lebanon-Syria border on Friday, causing heavy casualties, local media reported. The reports cited police sources as saying that Israeli aircraft struck the northeastern Lebanese village of Qaa, which is near Lebanon's border with Syria.

Israeli strike hits farm workers, officials say --At least 28 civilians reported killed as Israel expands air war over Lebanon 04 Aug 2006 An Israeli airstrike Friday hit dozens of farm workers loading vegetables near the Lebanon-Syria border, killing 28, the workers’ foreman and a Lebanese official said.

Israel bombs Lebanese highway 04 Aug 2006 Israeli aircraft bombed southern Beirut last night and today launched raids on the highway north of the city, threatening to cut Lebanon's only remaining link with the outside world. Four civilians were killed and 10 were wounded as Israeli bombers blew up bridges during the early morning rush hour.

Israel hits bridges, expands Lebanon bombing 04 Aug 2006 Israel’s pounding of Hezbollah positions across Lebanon expanded Friday with missiles targeting bridges in the Christian heartland north of Beirut for the first time, an attack that further isolates Lebanon from the outside world.

New wave of refugees overwhelms Lebanese shelters 05 Aug 2006 A flood of refugees is overwhelming shelters in safe areas of Lebanon after Israeli bombing severed the country's "umbilical cord" for humanitarian aid.

Lebanon Oil Spill Threatens Eastern Mediterranean Coasts 04 Aug 2006 An oil spill seeping from a Lebanese power station that was bombed by Israeli jets threatens to pollute countries in the eastern Mediterranean such as Cyprus and Turkey, Lebanon's environment minister said in Beirut.

Beirut: Before and after Israeli bombing By Ken Harper, The Electronic Intifada 04 Aug 2006 The destruction of all three runways of Beirut International Airport and the airport fuel tanks took place in the early days of Israel's attack on Lebanon. Before and after pictures of the destruction, as well as the destruction of the Harat Hurayk neighborhood in the southern suburbs of the city are shown in this multimedia piece.

Israel kills 3 Palestinians in Gaza -medics 04 Aug 2006 Israel killed three Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Friday as it launched a series of air strikes on militant targets that wounded four other people, witnesses and medics said.

Washington: "Dracula always searching for oil and blood" --Hugo Chavez Venezuela's Chavez compares Israel to Hitler 04 Aug 2006 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday blasted Israel for its attacks against Lebanon and Palestinians, comparing its operations to those of Hitler. In an interview with Qatar-based Al Jazeera television, Chavez also slammed U.S. backing for Israel, describing Washington as a "Dracula always searching for oil and blood".

"President Bush took away my son, my only child." New York City soldier slain in Iraq 03 Aug 2006 A New York soldier [Spec. Hai Ming Hsia, 37] who joined the Army at age 33 to help support his newborn son was killed in Iraq Tuesday when a roadside bomb cut him in half, his family said yesterday. "President Bush took away my son, my only child," Hsia's grieving mother, Nelida, 66, said last night. "Now I have none."

AP Blog: Driving trucks risky in Iraq By AP Correspondent Rebecca Santana, embedded with the New Jersey National Guard at Camp Anaconda, Iraq 04 Aug 2006 "...[E]very time that something such as Diet Coke doesn't make it to the dining facility or the mail doesn't arrive or there's no sour cream for the baked potatoes, it could mean that a driver out on the roads of Iraq is dead."

Gen. Pace: 11,000 Troops to be Sent to Afghanistan 04 Aug 2006 During a press conference on Thursday, General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced that the Pentagon will deploy at least 11,000 more US troops to Afghanistan later this year.

Clash kills two in S. Afghanistan 05 Aug 2006 One suspected Taliban insurgent and one Afghan police were killed and six others including four militants were wounded as they engaged in Afghanistan's southern Ghazni province, a senior provincial official said Saturday.

Lawmaker Sued Over Haditha Remarks --A Marine implicated in the slayings of 24 Iraqi civilians says Rep. John P. Murtha defamed him. 03 Aug 2006 Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), a Vietnam veteran who has emerged as a leading critic of the war in Iraq, defended himself Wednesday against accusations that he had defamed Marines under investigation in the slayings of 24 civilians in Haditha, saying he publicized the incident to illustrate the pressures soldiers face in Iraq. [Shouldn't he be concerned with avoiding a lethal injection for 24 premeditated murders, instead?]

Antiwar heckler elected to ruling body 04 Aug 2006 Members of the Labour Party demonstrated their disenchantment with Tony Blair yesterday by electing Walter Wolfgang, the pensioner thrown out of last year’s party conference, to its ruling body. Mr Wolfgang, 83, won a place on the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) with a campaign to withdraw British troops from Iraq, oppose a replacement for Trident and reassert the power of ordinary party members.

New poll spells woe for Joe, joy for his foe 04 Jul 2006 With just five days to go before the much-watched Connecticut Democratic primary, anti-war protest candidate Ned Lamont has surged to a dramatic 13-point lead over centrist Sen. Joe Lieberman in a new poll. And in a second big blow to LieberBush, the 300,000-strong 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers union in New York endorsed Lamont and promised to mobilize foot soldiers for him this weekend.

Heavyweight Democrat on the ropes --Senator who backed Iraq invasion is falling behind challenger 05 Aug 2006 (CT) A new poll suggests that the three-term Democratic [sic] Senator [Joe Lieberman] is trailing his anti-Iraq war challenger [Ned Lamont] by 13 per cent, a 28- point swing since June, in the most closely watched primary election of the year.

Uzbekistan seizes US mining giant's assets 04 Aug 2006 Uzbek authorities have frozen gold shipments and seized assets from US group Newmont Mining, one of the biggest gold producers in the world, over a tax dispute, the company said yesterday.

Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in México --As the U.S. media distorts the aftermath of the July 2 election, evidence suggests there may be an attempted theft in progress. By Chuck Collins and Joshua Holland 02 Aug 2006 "...[A] growing body of credible evidence from mainstream Mexican journalists, independent election observers and respected scholars indicates that an attempt was made to deliver the presidency to [conservative Felipe] Calderón. It includes a pattern of irregularities at the polls, interference by the ruling party and some very suspicious statistical patterns in the 'official' results."

Book: Sept. 11 Panel Doubted Officials 04 Aug 2006 The Sept. 11 commission was so frustrated with repeated misstatements by the Pentagon and FAA about their response to the 2001 terror attacks that it considered an investigation into possible deception, the panel's chairmen say in a new book. Republican Thomas Kean and Democrat Lee Hamilton also say in "Without Precedent" that their panel was too soft in questioning former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani — and that the 20-month investigation may have suffered for it.

Alarms in US airports set off by radioactive therapy 04 Aug 2006 A man who flew to Florida for a holiday with his family and friends had a nasty shock at Orlando airport. He triggered an alarm, was taken aside, strip-searched and checked by sniffer dogs while his companions watched in horror. After extensive questioning, when he realised the security guards suspected him of carrying a radioactive bomb, the 46-year-old man remembered his medical treatment for an overactive thyroid gland six weeks earlier.

Toxic trailers? FEMA U-Turn On Trailer Tests 03 Aug 2006 Responding to reports that formaldehyde may be sickening hurricane victims living in 'government-provided travel trailers' [detention centers] along the Gulf Coast, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has reversed course and ordered air quality tests to determine if some of the units are emitting unacceptably high levels of the toxic gas.

Homeland Security nabs Free Stater from home 01 Aug 2006 For the third time in the last four days, Keene resident Russell Kanning finds himself in Federal custody. The 36-year-old libertarian activist isn't in trouble for selling drugs, threatening officials or endangering anyone. Instead, he's the target of Federal wrath because he attempted to enter the Keene IRS office with…a piece of paper.

Task force formed in California for heat wave 04 Aug 2006 Officials in California said Friday they are setting up a take force to help the state's response to heat waves like the recent one that have probably caused over 140 deaths.

Health Worries Over Bay Pollution --Uneven Testing, Tourism Concerns Affect Reporting 03 Aug 2006 Dirty water and contaminated fish in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries pose a public health threat, health experts say. The water is so dirty that public health officials warn people who swim in it to wash with soap afterward and to avoid entering the water with an open wound.


Bush seeks expanded military tribunal role --The White House is seeking legislation that would allow people not affiliated with terrorism to be prosecuted in military commissions -- with far fewer rights than afforded civilians. 02 Aug 2006 A draft Bush regime plan for special military courts seeks to expand the reach and authority of such ''commissions'' to include trials, for the first time, of people who are not al Qaeda members or the Taliban and are not directly involved in acts of international terrorism, according to officials familiar with the proposal plan. The plan, which would replace a military trial system ruled illegal by the Supreme Court in June, also allows the secretary of defense to add crimes at will to those under the military court's jurisdiction. The two provisions would be likely to put more individuals than previously expected before military juries, officials and independent experts said.

Top Military Lawyers Oppose Plan for Special Courts 03 Aug 2006 The military's top uniformed lawyers, appearing at a Senate hearing yesterday, criticized key provisions of a proposed new U.S. plan for special military courts, affirming that they did not see eye to eye with the senior Bush administration political appointees who developed the plan and presented it to them last week. The lawyers' rare, open disagreement with civilian officials at the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the White House came during discussions of proposed new rules for the use of evidence derived from hearsay or coercion [torture] and the possible exclusion of defendants from the trials in some circumstances.

Senator Faults Bid to Classify Report on Iraq 04 Aug 2006 The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee lashed out at the White House on Thursday, criticizing attempts by the Bush administration to keep secret parts of a report on the role Iraqi exiles played in building the case for war against Iraq.

Pentagon generals warn of Iraq civil war 04 Aug 2006 Two top Pentagon commanders said Thursday that spiraling violence in Baghdad could propel Iraq into outright civil war, using a politically loaded term that the Bush administration has long avoided.

Leaked memo: Civil war in Iraq 'most likely' 03 Aug 2006 Civil war is the most likely outcome in Iraq, Britain's outgoing ambassador in Baghdad has warned, in a confidential memo to ministers obtained by the BBC.

Report outlines British concerns on Iraq 03 Aug 2006 A confidential report from Britain's outgoing ambassador to Iraq warned the country is sliding toward civil war and is likely to divide eventually along ethnic lines, according to a news report Thursday.

Judge denies ex-CIA contractor access to classified documents 03 Aug 2006 A former CIA contractor charged with beating an Afghan detainee who later died can't use several classified memos and e-mails when his trial starts next week, a federal judge ruled in an order released Thursday.

Six Marines charged with assault in Iraq 03 Aug 2006 Assault charges were filed Thursday against six Marines stemming from an incident in April in the Iraqi village of Hamdania, military officials said. The alleged assault was uncovered during an investigation that previously led to allegations that seven Marines and a Navy corpsman murdered an Iraqi civilian on April 26.

Car bomb kills 21 in Afghanistan 03 Aug 2006 A car bomb exploded in a market area in southern Afghanistan Thursday, killing at least 21 people, reports the BBC.

Four Nato soldiers killed in Afghanistan 03 Aug 2006 Four Nato soldiers were killed in bombings and ambushes on a day of widespread violence in southern Afghanistan today during which 21 Afghan civilians died in a suicide attack on a marketplace.

Four Canadians killed --All came from Edmonton-based infantry battalion --Some were days away from returning home 03 Aug 2006 One soldier described it as a well-planned ambush: stealthy Taliban forces formed a horseshoe around Canadian troops holed up in a tiny schoolhouse surrounded by landmines, then bombarded them with a volley of rocket-propelled grenades.

More troops to head to Afghanistan 04 Aug 2006 (AU) Prime Minister John Howard is set to announce plans next week for Australia to send extra troops to Afghanistan to deal with the nation's deteriorating security situation.

The neocons' next war --By secretly providing NSA intelligence to Israel and undermining the hapless Condi Rice, hardliners in the Bush administration are trying to widen the Middle East conflict to Iran and Syria, not stop it. By Sidney Blumenthal 03 Aug 2006 "The National Security Agency is providing signal intelligence to Israel to monitor whether Syria and Iran are supplying new armaments to Hezbollah as it fires hundreds of missiles into northern Israel, according to a national security official with direct knowledge of the operation. President [sic] Bush has approved the secret program."

Hezbollah not to blame for war, reports show 03 Aug 2006 Until three weeks ago the border between Israel and Lebanon was relatively quiet. Hezbollah patrolled the Lebanese side, and the Israeli army, the Israeli side. The UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) observed. There were skirmishes, many prompted by Israeli invasion of Lebanese airspace which, according to UNIFIL reports, occurred almost daily. In 2003, three years after the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, Israeli Brigadier General Meir Caliphi, completed a posting as commander of the Galilee Division saying northern Israel was witnessing one of its more peaceful periods in years. He said the only real activity from Hezbollah was when Israeli planes invaded Lebanese airspace and they fired anti-aircraft guns.

9,000 prisoners illegally held in Israeli jails --Some prisoners held for more than thirty years without charge, trial [Note: this item is further down in the article.] 03 Aug 2006 On July 12, the border quiet was interrupted by Hezbollah in a raid on an Israeli military post which resulted in the capture of two Israeli soldiers. Three others died in the attack... This however, according to Haaretz newspaper, occurred six kilometres inside Lebanese territory. The Hezbollah attack was staged to capture soldiers to use for a prisoner-exchange with Israel, a strategy adopted by both sides in the past. According to Human Rights Watch, targeting and capture of enemy soldiers is allowed under international humanitarian law... On July 12, CNN reported Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah calling for 'direct negotiations' aimed at freeing prisoners from Israeli jails in exchange for the two Israeli soldiers abducted by Hezbollah. 'We want our prisoners released,' Nasrallah said, and asserted that the abduction had focused the international community on the plight of prisoners, both Hezbollah members and Palestinians, in Israeli jails. There are reportedly 9,000 prisoners being illegally held in Israeli jails, including women and under-age children, that have never faced charges or trial. Some have been held for more than thirty years.

Israel deliberately targeting civilians, says Human Rights Watch 03 Aug 2006 Israeli forces have systematically failed to distinguish between combatants and civilians in their military campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Thursday. The pattern of attacks in more than 20 cases investigated by Human Rights Watch researchers in Lebanon indicates that the failures cannot be dismissed as mere accidents and cannot be blamed on wrongful Hezbollah practices. In some cases, these attacks constitute war crimes, the report says.

Guardian: Qana Bomb Made in the US 01 Aug 2006 It has been revealed that the bombs used in the attacks Israel launched on the southern Lebanese village of Qana were produced by the US. At least 60 civilians, most of whom were children had been killed in the attack. The British newspaper Guardian reported that the bombs used in the attacks were laser-controlled BSU 37/B bunker busters manufactured by the US. The Independent claimed that inscriptions on shrapnel found at the sight of the attack indicate that the bombs were manufactured by the US.

Wave of Rocket Attacks Kill 8 in Israel 03 Aug 2006 A massive wave of guerrilla rockets pounded northern Israel in a matter of minutes Thursday, killing eight people hours before Hezbollah's leader offered to stop the attacks if Israel ends its airstrikes. Israel hit back early Friday with airstrikes in southern Beirut.

Four hurt as Israel attacks Gaza militants 03 Aug 2006 Israel launched a series of air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Friday targeting militants, and wounding at least four people, witnesses and medics said.

Israeli jets pound Lebanon 03 Aug 2006 Israeli jets pounded Lebanon and troops battled Hizbollah militants today while world powers struggled for a plan to end a war which Beirut said has killed 900 people and wounded 3000.

Settler reservists: Olmert is insane --Right-wing reservists called up for Lebanon operations criticize PM for saying a victory in Lebanon will advance realignment plan in West Bank; 'Hizbullah is protecting Israel against itself,' one settler says. 02 Aug 2006 Oren Sternberg, a former spokesperson for Gaza settlers, told Ynet he refused to be drafted for operations in Lebanon. "If I were in Lebanon now, despite the motivation to fight for the state, I would have returned home. I wouldn't have accepted to be a tool of Olmert's – to fight and win then be evicted from home."

Israel's overkill enabled by immoral U.S. policy By Patrick J. Buchanan 02 Aug 2006 "'Everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist and is connected to Hezbollah.' roared Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon on July 27. 'Every village from which a Katyusha is fired must be destroyed,' bellowed an Israeli general in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. The paper then summarized what the justice minister and general were saying: 'In other words, a village from which rockets are fired at Israel will simply be destroyed by fire.'... If Israel is not in violation of the principle of proportionality, by which Christians are to judge the conduct of a just war, what can that term mean? There are 600 civilian dead in Lebanon, 19 in Israel, a ratio of 30-1... America shares full moral and political responsibility for the massacre at Qana.

Venezuela recalls ambassador from Israel 04 Aug 2006 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Thursday he has withdrawn his country's ambassador from Israel to show his "indignation" over the military offensive in Lebanon. "We have ordered the withdrawal of our ambassador in Israel," Chavez said in a televised speech, calling Israeli attacks in Lebanon "genocide."

How can 'terrorism' be condemned while war crimes go without rebuke? --Washington's partners in this hypocritical war on terror are given free rein to wreak their own brutal, illegal violence By David Clark 31 Jul 2006 "The crisis has also been accompanied by the selective and often inappropriate use of the term 'terrorism'. Following the Israeli government, George Bush and Tony Blair were at it again on Friday, blaming 'terrorists' for sparking the conflict. The purpose behind this is obvious enough. In the context of America's war on terror, anyone claiming to be engaged in the fight against this most contested of notions gets carte blanche to do as they please... Interestingly, some of the earliest suicide bombings commonly attributed to Hizbullah, such as the 1983 attacks on the US embassy and marine barracks in Beirut, were believed by American intelligence sources at the time to have been orchestrated by the Iraqi Dawa party... Dawa's current leadership includes none other than the new Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, feted last week in London and Washington as the great hope for the future of the Middle East."

"The hijack's not supposed to be for another hour." 9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes --How did the U.S. Air Force respond on 9/11? Could it have shot down United 93, as conspiracy theorists claim? 01 Aug 2006 Obtaining 30 hours of never-before-released tapes from the control room of NORAD's Northeast headquarters, the author reconstructs the chaotic military history of that day—and the Pentagon's apparent attempt to cover it up. By Michael Bronner "'When they told me there was a hijack, my first reaction was 'Somebody started the exercise early,' [Major Kevin Nasypany, the facility's mission-crew commander] later told me. The day's exercise was designed to run a range of scenarios, including a 'traditional' simulated hijack in which politically motivated perpetrators commandeer an aircraft, land on a Cuba-like island, and seek asylum. 'I actually said out loud, 'The hijack's not supposed to be for another hour,' Nasypany recalled."

Labour plan for ID cards does not add up, say MPs 04 Aug 2006 MPs attacked plans for identity cards as inconsistent and lacking clarity yesterday and called for a rethink of the technology to be used.

Hackers Clone E-Passports 03 Aug 2006 A German computer security consultant has shown that he can clone the electronic passports that the United States and other countries are beginning to distribute this year.

Court rules GOP can't replace DeLay on ballot 03 Aug 2006 A federal appeals court panel today in a bipartisan order ruled that former U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay cannot be replaced on the November ballot for the congressional seat he vacated in June.

Lieberman Trails Lamont by 13 Points in Connecticut, Poll Says 03 Aug 2006 Antiwar challenger Ned Lamont has surged to a 54 percent to 41 percent lead over U.S. Senator Joseph LieberBush among likely Democratic voters in next week's Connecticut primary, a Quinnipiac University poll found.

Protesters disrupt Mexican stock market 03 Aug 2006 Several hundred supporters of leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador blocked the entrance to Mexico's stock market Thursday, pledging to continue disrupting life in the capital until a court rules on their demand for a vote-by-vote recount. [The Bush/ChoicePoint coup d'etat was the actual 'disruption.']

Mexico leftist threatens more protests 03 Aug 2006 The leftist candidate protesting his narrow defeat in Mexico's presidential election threatened on Wednesday to turn the screws even tighter despite anger over demonstrations that have crippled Mexico City.

United States Behind on Its Homework --As drug-related violence in Mexico spirals out of control and the drug cartels increase their pressure on the government, fingers are being pointed north at the United States, a key player in the global drugs trade. By Adrián Reyes 02 Aug 2006 (Mexico City) "So far this year, there have been more than a thousand killings linked to disputes between drug traffickers in this country... The United States is the biggest market for drugs, and also plays a key role in the distribution of the ingredients for their manufacture."

What's the real federal deficit? 02 Aug 2006 The federal government keeps two sets of books. The set the government promotes to the public has a healthier bottom line: a $318 billion deficit in 2005. The set the government doesn't talk about is the audited financial statement produced by the government's accountants following standard accounting rules. It reports a more ominous financial picture: a $760 billion deficit for 2005. If Social Security and Medicare were included — as the board that sets accounting rules is considering — the federal deficit would have been $3.5 trillion.

Mortgage defaults up 67% in California 03 Aug 2006 The number of defaults on mortgage payments rose to a three-year high in the second quarter in California, a 67% increase from the year earlier period, according to DataQuick, a real estate data-compiling firm.

Boxed out: Target says forget it 03 Aug 2006 Chicago's big- box ordinance has produced its first casualty: Target has pulled out of a 32-acre shopping mall at 119th and Marshfield and will likely cut and run from the North Side's Wilson Yards project as well, city officials said Wednesday. Target's decision to follow through on its threat to avoid Chicago comes just one week after a bitterly divided City Council defied Daley by requiring retailing giants to pay their employees a "living wage" of at least $10 an hour and $3 in benefits by 2010.

California Fights Filth of Its Ports 03 Aug 2006 In the first effort of its kind in the nation, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are about to launch a $2 billion campaign to clean up the ships, trucks, cranes and locomotives that ply and pollute the waterfronts in country's busiest ports.

Swedish nuclear power plant alert --Emergency meeting after reactors declared unsafe 03 Aug 2006 Swedish nuclear authorities held an emergency meeting Thursday after two reactors were shut down at a plant in the southeast of the country.

Rare snowfall across South Africa 02 Aug 2006 Snow fell on South Africa's biggest city Johannesburg for the first time in 25 years as icy temperatures gripped vast swathes of the country on Wednesday, the weather office said.


Define 'Inhumane,' says Gonzalez: Gonzalez: Allow testimony obtained by coercion in military tribunals 02 Aug 2006 The Bush dictatorship on Wednesday said it would be willing to use much of the military justice code to try foreign terrorism suspects, but Democrats said its plan still fell short of meeting the U.S. Supreme Court's demands for fair trials. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the administration was still drafting its plan, but that it would propose trying enemy combatants based on military court martial procedures -- although with a number of key changes. Those include admitting hearsay evidence, limiting rights against self-incrimination before a trial, and limiting defendants' access to classified information. Gonzales also told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the administration's current thinking was to allow testimony obtained by coercion [*torture*] if it was reliable and useful.

Bush plan for terror detainees would allow prosecution to withhold evidence from the accused 02 Aug 2006 The Bush administration's new plan for trying terror suspects would let prosecutors withhold classified evidence from the accused, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Wednesday, holding to a hard line despite senators' concern.

DOJ appeals ruling allowing NSA wiretapping lawsuit to proceed 01 Aug 2006 Lawyers from the US Department of Justice on Monday appealed a federal court decision that allowed a challenge to the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program to go forward, arguing to the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit that the lawsuit could expose state secrets and jeopardize national security.

Court OK's look at Times' phone records 01 Aug 2006 Federal prosecutors investigating a leak about a terrorism funding probe can see the phone records of two New York Times reporters, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

"It was just so far from the truth. . . . It's one of those loose ends that never got tied." 9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon --Allegations Brought to Inspectors General 02 Aug 2006 Some staff members and commissioners of the Sept. 11 panel concluded that the Pentagon's initial story of how it reacted to the 2001 terrorist attacks may have been part of a deliberate effort to mislead the commission and the public rather than a reflection of the fog of events on that day [Nah, 'ya think?], according to sources involved in the debate. Suspicion of wrongdoing ran so deep that the 10-member commission, in a secret meeting at the end of its tenure in summer 2004, debated referring the matter to the Justice Department for criminal investigation, according to several commission sources. Staff members and some commissioners thought that e-mails and other evidence provided enough probable cause to believe that military and aviation officials violated the law by making false statements to Congress and to the commission, hoping to hide the bungled response to the hijackings, these sources said.

Pentagon official: Probe finds Haditha civilians were shot deliberately 02 Aug 2006 Evidence collected on the deaths of 24 Iraqis in Haditha supports accusations that U.S. Marines deliberately shot the civilians, including unarmed women and children, a Pentagon official said Wednesday.

Marine Sues Congressman for Defamation 02 Aug 2006 A Marine Corps sergeant [war criminal and terrorist - sue me, maggot] under investigation in connection with the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha is accusing Rep. John P. Murtha of defaming him in public comments about the case.

US, Iraqi Forces Search University 02 Aug 2006 Iraqi security forces searched a university in Ramadi, Iraq, today in response to 'insurgent' activity and targeted [expanded] militia "death squads" in four operations yesterday, U.S. military officials in Iraq reported. This morning, Iraqi security forces, with support from occupation forces, began searching Al Anbar University in southwestern Ramadi, which is [allegedly] being used as a center for 'insurgent' activity.

Firm pays $4M to settle Iraq fraud 02 Aug 2006 A company hired by Halliburton Co. to ship military cargo to Iraq has paid the government $4 million to settle allegations it inflated invoices by adding a "war risk surcharge," [LOL!] the Justice Department said Wednesday.

Army Guard units said not combat ready 01 Aug 2006 More than two-thirds of the Army National Guard's 34 brigades are not combat ready, mostly because of equipment shortages that will cost up to $21 billion to correct, the top National Guard general said Tuesday. [There's no equipment because Bush gave all the money to Cheney Halliburton.]

Democrats hit Rumsfeld for missing US Iraq hearing 02 Aug 2006 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Wednesday he will not testify publicly on the Iraq war to a key Senate committee due to a busy schedule, drawing sharp criticism from prominent Democrats.

Iraqi official calls for Shia region 01 Aug 2006 Iraq's Shia vice-president has vowed to bring the issue of a Shia federal state before parliament.

Ongoing violence kills 53 people in Iraq 02 Jul 2006 Bombs exploded on a soccer field Wednesday killing 11 young people, and at least 42 other people _ two of them Americans _ died elsewhere in sectarian or political violence.

Pentagon Sending 82nd to Afghanistan 02 Aug 2006 The Pentagon announced Wednesday that a combat brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C., will deploy to Afghanistan late this year as part of the next rotation of forces.

British soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq 01 Aug 206 Taliban militants killed three British soldiers patrolling in southern Afghanistan today. In Iraq, another British soldier died in a mortar attack.

Three British soldiers killed by Taliban a day after Nato takes control 02 Aug 2006 Three British soldiers have been killed during a Taliban attack on a British vehicle patrol in northern Helmand. It was the deadliest attack to date on British forces in the south, and led to further concerns about the future of Nato's mission in the country.

Armed forces chief warns of more British deaths in Afghanistan 03 Aug 2006 The chief of the armed forces warned yesterday that more British lives will be lost in the escalating war with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Israel/Lebanon: End Indiscriminate Strikes on Civilians 03 Aug 2006 Israeli forces have systematically failed to distinguish between combatants and civilians in their military campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon, Human Rights Watch said in report released today. The pattern of attacks in more than 20 cases investigated by Human Rights Watch researchers in Lebanon indicates that the failures cannot be dismissed as mere accidents and cannot be blamed on wrongful Hezbollah practices. In some cases, these attacks constitute war crimes. The 50-page report, "Fatal Strikes: Israel's Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon," analyzes almost two dozen cases of Israeli air and artillery attacks on civilian homes and vehicles.

Exclusive: IDF can stay in Lebanon 02 Aug 2006 While the IDF needs until the end of the week to deal Hizbullah (a.k.a. the "Lebanese National Resistance") a fatal blow, the military is prepared to remain in southern Lebanon for as long as it takes, even several months, until a multinational force takes control of the territory, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday.

PM: IDF stays until int'l force in place 02 Aug 2006 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Israel's three-week-old offensive in Lebanon will stop only once a robust international peacekeeping force is in place in southern Lebanon.

190 Hizbullah rockets hit Israel --Rockets reach furthest south 02 Aug 2006 Hizbullah (a.k.a. the "Lebanese National Resistance") today fired at least 190 rockets at the USA Middle Eastern Division (a.k.a. "Israel"), striking further south than ever before as it escalated its attacks ahead of an expected major ground invasion by the Israelis.

Air raids target Lebanese villages 03 Aug 2006 Israeli warplanes slammed mountain villages in south Lebanon with at least five new air strikes this evening, witnesses said. The air raids were in areas near Lweizeh, Jbaa, Sarba and Ein Bousuar, more than 20 km from the northernmost tip of Israel.

Israel sends 8,000 troops into Lebanon 02 Aug 2006 The USA Middle Eastern Division (a.k.a. "Israel") pressed the first full day of a massive new ground attack, sending 8,000 troops into southern Lebanon on Wednesday.

Israeli commandos raid Baalbek hospital, catch 5 kill 19 02 Aug 2006 Israeli commandos raided a hospital near the city of Baalbek deep in north-eastern Lebanon early Wednesday, capturing five alleged Hezbollah members and killing at least 19 civilians in the area.

IOF Seizes Hundreds Donums of Olive Trees in Nablus 02 Aug 2006 (WAFA) Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) seized Wednesday hundreds donums of citizens' arable lands in the West Bank (WB) city of Nablus.

Rome: Jewish shops defaced with swastikas [Where was Mel Gibson?] 02 Aug 2006 Jewish shops across Rome were vandalized and defaced with swastikas in an apparent neo-fascist attack linked to fighting in the Middle East, officials said Wednesday.

CNN still fixated on Apocalypse predictors, still ignoring alleged invitation to White House, Capitol Hill 01 Aug 2006 ( On July 31, Paula Zahn Now featured a segment on 'whether the crisis in the Middle East is actually a prelude to the end of the world,' marking the third time in nine days that CNN has devoted airtime to those claiming that the ongoing Mideast violence signals the coming of the Apocalypse.

Norad now obsolete as threat shifts from nuclear bombs to terrorism 01 Aug 2006 When the 25-ton steel blast doors clang shut on Cheyenne Mountain, they will close on a bygone nuclear era all but eclipsed by new and different threats, from suicide hijackers to terrorists with suitcase dirty bombs. After months of speculation about the future of the bunkered mini-city immortalised in Cold War films and pulp fiction, military officials have confirmed that the Cheyenne Mountain facility is to close.

Transformer explodes at nuclear plant 02 Aug 2006 (Zion, IL) An insulator handling incoming power appeared to have exploded Tuesday afternoon at the shuttered Exelon nuclear plant on the city's lakefront. Emergency personnel responded to the scene after reports of an explosion at 5 p.m.

N.Y. Nuclear Plant's Sirens Malfunction 02 Aug 2006 The 156 emergency sirens that are designed to alert nearby residents of an emergency at the Indian Point nuclear power plants were out of service for more than six hours Wednesday because of a computer malfunction, officials said.

White House Counts AP, ExxonMobil As Small Businesses 01 Aug 2006 Some of the nation's largest news media companies, including The Associated Press, were counted last year by the government as small businesses for contracting purposes, inflating the Bush regime's record of help to small companies. Other media companies cited as small businesses included The New York Times Co., USA Today International Corp., Bloomberg L.P. and the Public Broadcasting Service, according to data the administration gave congressional investigators. The media companies join other corporate giants like ExxonMobil and Microsoft Corp. that congressional investigators identified last week as companies listed as small businesses by the White House.

House Bill Ups Minimum Wage, Tacks on Estate Cut 01 Aug 2006 Before adjourning for a five-week summer recess, the House pushed through a bill pairing a minimum wage increase with a GOP-led effort to extend cuts on estate taxes.

Mexican government wants protest halted [LOL!] The national government urged Mexico City officials Wednesday to clear the streets of protest camps supporting leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's battle to be declared winner of last month's disputed 'presidential election' [Bush/ChoicePoint coup d'etat].

Bush Baggage Could Cost Lieberman Primary --Connecticut Democrats fume at his centrism and unbending support for the war. A poll shows the senator's rival surging. 01 Aug 2006 Sen. Joe LieberBush is also being battered by a widespread belief among critics that his long-standing commitment to working with Republicans has become counterproductive at a time when President [sic] Bush and the GOP congressional majority pursue an aggressive conservative agenda.

New Orleans nervously eyes tropical storm Chris 02 Aug 2006 New Orleans cast a wary eye toward tropical storm Chris on Wednesday and put the final touches on a reaction plan that could empty the city which last evacuated after Hurricane Katrina.

Heat wave to bake US Northeast through Thursday 02 Aug 2006 Several giant video billboards in New York's Times Square were turned off on Wednesday in a bid to save power as the U.S. East Cost sweltered through a deadly heat wave that sent the mercury above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius).

Is heat wave a result of global warming? Scientists agree on one thing for certain: This heat wave is unique 02 Jul 2006 The debate over global warming has been raging for years. Here’s what most scientists say is certain: The Earth is warming, by 1.4-degrees Fahrenheit since 1920; The ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising; 10 of the last 12 years were the warmest since 1850; The first six months of 2006 were the hottest since they started keeping records in 1890.

Heat map of U.S. 02 Aug 2006

Beauty and mystery in rare Antarctic clouds 01 Aug 2006 A rare and spectacular cloud formation has been seen at the end of the polar night at Australia's Mawson station in Antarctica.


Lebanon: We will sue Israel in Hague 01 Aug 2006 Lebanon is planning to file a lawsuit against Israel in the International Criminal Court. The Lebanese minister of justice states that Israel's attacks constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and wonders how pictures of Qana did not bring about ceasefire.

Lebanese: IDF tried to kidnap senior Hizbullah member 02 Aug 2006 Lebanese army and security officials said early Wednesday that special IDF forces attempted to kidnap a senior Hizbullah member from a hospital near Baalbek in the west Lebanon Valley. Lebanese media said the mark may have been Sheikh Muhammad Yazbek, a member of Hizbullah’s High Council and one of 12 senior organization members. [Oops! Looks like the PentaPost forgot to report this one... I guess kidnapping is only considered a 'bad thing' if it happens to Israeli soldiers. To CIA operatives in Italy and the US death squads in Iraq, kidnapping is a tactical staple in Bush's war on [of] terror. --LRP]

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers 28 Jul 2006 Israel’s Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages. In the past week, nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special "megaphone" software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.

Britain helps to block EU call for 'immediate' end to hostilities 02 Aug 2006 Britain and three other countries have blocked a European Union statement calling for an "immediate ceasefire" in the Middle East, deciding instead on a vaguer declaration calling for an "immediate end to hostilities, to be followed by a sustainable ceasefire".

US dismisses idea of immediate cease-fire in Lebanon 02 Aug 2006 The White House said Tuesday that an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah is not on the agenda right now.

Olmert vows no ceasefire 02 Aug 2006 Israel will not agree to a ceasefire in its 21-day Lebanon blitz until Hezbollah no longer threatens the Jewish state, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed today.

Israel's Peres says fighting may go on for weeks 01 Aug 2006 Israel's military campaign against Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon could go on for weeks despite international pressure for a cease-fire sooner, Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres said on Tuesday.

'Israel will target vehicles carrying weapons from Syria' 01 Aug 2006 The USA Middle Eastern Division (a.k.a. "Israel") will target every vehicle carrying weapons from Syria into Lebanon, but is not trying to provoke a war with Syria, Israel's defence minister said today.

Israeli warplanes bombard Lebanon-Syria border: sources 01 Aug 2006 Israel launched an air strike on a Lebanese border crossing with Syria on Monday, causing some casualties, Lebanese security sources said.

Lebanon: IAF strikes targets near Syrian border 31 Jul 2006 Lebanese sources reported that the IAF struck targets in the eastern part of the country, near the Syrian border, early Monday morning. The IDF rejected the reports.

Lebanon-Syria border road bombed 31 Jul 2006 An Israeli air strike hit Lebanon's road to Damascus at the border with Syria for a second consecutive night tonight, witnesses said.

Israel sends 6,000 troops into Lebanon as war rages 02 Aug 2006 Israel appeared determined yesterday to maintain its intensive bombardment of Lebanon while leaving the door ajar to an eventual ceasefire and the possible deployment of an international force in the increasingly devastated south of the country.

Israel Widens Air, Ground Offensive 01 Aug 2006 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed Monday that there "will be no cease-fire in the coming days," and his top security officials unanimously approved a widening of Israel's military operations on the ground in southern Lebanon after a four-hour meeting that ended early Tuesday morning, government officials said.

Israeli chopper crew 'surrounded' 02 Aug 2006 Israel launched a major attack deep into Lebanon early today, and Hezbollah (a.k.a. the "Lebanese National Resistance") said its militants were fighting Israeli commandos on the ground in a hospital near the north eastern town of Baalbek.

3 IDF soldiers killed in Lebanon 01 Aug 2006 Three IDF soldiers were killed Tuesday in two confrontations with Hizbullah (a.k.a. the "Lebanese National Resistance") in the village of Aita al-Shaab about one kilometer from the Israeli border.

Mega barf alert! Israeli generals angry at Olmert's restraint [sic] 01 Aug 2006 Ehud Olmert awoke yesterday to criticism from his own generals for agreeing to a 48-hour suspension of air strikes in Lebanon without their knowledge.

Hundreds of Anti-Israel Protestors in Lower Galilee City 30 Jul 2006 More than 700 angry Arab residents of the Lower Galilee city of Um-el-Faham protested Sunday afternoon with calls for revenge against Israel following the bombing of the Lebanese village of Kana.

Blair says Syria, Iran risk confrontation 01 Aug 2006 British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned Syria and Iran on Tuesday that they risked a confrontation if they continued to support [Bush-engendered] terrorism and export instability to Iraq and elsewhere.

Audit: Corruption in Iraq a 'Pandemic' 01 Aug 2006 Corruption is "a virtual pandemic in Iraq,'' threatening rebuilding efforts, international aid and citizen confidence needed for a fledgling democracy, a government report said Tuesday. One Iraqi official has estimated that corruption costs the country $4 billion annually.

Army Commander Investigated in Iraq Killing Spree --Military Tribunal Begins for Four Soldiers Involved in Incident 01 Aug 2006 Col. Michael Steele, whose heroics were portrayed in the movie "Black Hawk Down," is under investigation for allegedly encouraging his men to go on a killing spree. The investigation begins just as the Army has started to make its case against four soldiers who are charged with murdering three Iraqi civilians while under Steele's command, ABC News has learned. The soldiers' defense is that they were under orders to kill all military-age males.

General Who Ran Guantanamo Bay Retires 01 Aug 2006 Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller, a central figure in the debate over the treatment of detainees in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, retired from the Army yesterday amid ongoing congressional concern about his role in policies that allegedly led to abuse by U.S. service members.

More than 70 killed in Iraq [Remember Iraq? The USA Middle Eastern Division (a.k.a. "Israel") is Bush's Weapon of Mass Distraction for his complete and utter meltdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan.] 02 Aug 2006 More than 70 people were killed in bombings and shootings in Iraq on Tuesday.

Senator Max Baucus's Nephew Killed in Iraq Combat 01 Aug 2006 Marine Corporal Phillip E. Baucus, a 28-year-old nephew of Montana Senator Max Baucus, was killed in action in Iraq, the Defense Department said today. Phillip Baucus, of Wolf Creek, Montana, died July 29 in combat in al-Anbar province, the Defense Department said. Max Baucus (D) voted to authorize military force in Iraq.

British soldier dies in Iraq as shell breaches base 02 Aug 2006 A British soldier serving with the 1st Battalion Light Infantry in Iraq became the first serviceman to die in an attack on an occupation military base in the country yesterday.

Iraq vets suffer memory lapses back home 01 Aug 2006 Veterans of the fighting in Iraq are more likely than other U.S. soldiers to suffer mild memory and attention lapses back home, but they also tend to have better reaction time, at least in the short-term, a study found.

Koreas exchange fire along DMZ 01 Aug 2006 Border guards of the two Koreas briefly traded fire Monday but there were no South Korean casualties, Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said Tuesday.

Castro undergoes surgery, delegates to brother 01 Aug 2006 Cuba's President Fidel Castro temporarily signed over his presidential powers to his younger brother Raul after undergoing intestinal surgery.

Castro Says He's Stable After Surgery 02 Aug 2006 Fidel Castro said Tuesday that he was stable and in good spirits after surgery, according to a statement read on state [as opposed to *corporate*?] television, as the Cuban government tried to impose a sense of normalcy on the island's first day in 47 years without President Castro in charge.

Border Agents Let Fake IDs Go Through 01 Aug 2006 Undercover investigators entered the United States using fake documents repeatedly this year including some cases in which Homeland Security Department agents didn't ask for identification. At nine border crossings on the Mexico and Canadian borders, agents "never questioned the authenticity of the counterfeit documents," according to Government Accountability Office testimony to be released Wednesday.

Bring it on - in the US: Poll protests block Mexico City 01 Aug 2006 The left-wing candidate in Mexico's 'disputed election,' [Bush/ChoicePoint coup d'etat] Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and his backers have blocked the capital's main square and avenues.

Frist failed to follow disclosure rules 31 Jul 2006 Majority Leader Bill Frist hasn't been following all the Senate's rules when it comes to disclosing details about his finances. Frist and his wife are the sole trustees in charge of a family foundation bearing the senator's name, according to Internal Revenue Service forms. However, he has not been listing that position on his Senate disclosure forms, which are made public every year.

Cynthia McKinney Sues Atlanta Newspaper For Libel 31 Jul 2006 Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is suing an Atlanta newspaper for libel, after printing comments stemming from her run-in with police at the Capitol building. J.M. Raffauf, her attorney, has filed charges against the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, editor Cynthia Tucker, and its publisher John Mellott following an article the paper ran on Sunday, July 30, 2006.

Carlyle reportedly plans hedge-fund business 01 Aug 2006 The Carlyle Group is planning to start a hedge-fund business as the giant private-equity firm branches out into new investment strategies, according to a Wall Street Journal report Tuesday. Carlyle, which oversees almost $42 billion in assets, is close to hiring Ralph Reynolds, the current global head of proprietary trading at Deutsche Bank, to lead the new unit, the newspaper added.

Frankenfood/Pharma-Terror Alert! DOW Wants To Spray Fluoride On Your Food (POWA) 28 Jul 2006 DOW Chemical has been lobbying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow it to spray a new fluoride-based pesticide (sulfuryl fluoride) on hundreds of foods prepared in the US. If DOW gets its way, sulfuryl fluoride will become a major new source of fluoride, making it even more difficult for consumers to avoid fluoride in their daily lives... Please take a few seconds to sign the personalizable online letter to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson, produced by Fluoride Action Network (FAN). If you wish to submit letters on your own, you can find instructions at the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). The EPA Public Comment period ends 04 August. Please sign today!!

Benefits 'pose risk to US growth' 01 Aug 2006 Soaring benefit costs pose a key threat to the US economy, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has warned. Huge costs related to schemes [?!?] like Medicare risked limiting America's economic "flexibility" and its competitive edge, Mr Paulson said.

Medicare provision costing seniors thousands --Consumers must pay out of pocket for [GOP-designed] coverage gap 31 Jul 2006 The calls are starting to come in from shocked [*Why* are they shocked?] or angry seniors. They have just learned that their Medicare drug plans are maxing out on early coverage and that they must spend $2,850 from their own pockets before coverage will resume.

Federal Court Weighs Forest Service Plan 02 Aug 2006 The Bush administration had the right to overturn a ban on road construction in untouched parts of national forests, but may have needed to weigh possible environmental effects at the same time, a federal judge said Tuesday. U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Laporte questioned whether the Forest Service violated federal law by skipping environmental studies - the heart of two lawsuits brought by 20 environmental groups and the states of California, Oregon, New Mexico and Washington.

Senate approves more offshore drilling 01 Aug 2006 The Senate voted Tuesday to open 8.3 million acres of federal waters in the central Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling, setting up a confrontation with the House which wants even more drilling in waters now off-limits.

Texas to reap revenue from Gulf Coast drilling 01 Aug 2006 A gush of money could flow to Texas under a bill approved today by the U-S Senate to open areas of the Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling. The bill calls for [four red states] Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi to share 37 and a-half percent of the federal leasing proceeds from new Gulf drilling.

UK, Calif. to strike global warming deal 31 Jul 2006 Britain and California are preparing to sidestep the Bush dictatorship and fight global warming together by creating a joint market for greenhouse gases.


Israel Frees Ohio Professor It Detained 30 Jul 2006 Israel has released an Ohio college professor it had accused of spying, his wife said Sunday. Ghazi Falah, a geography professor at the University of Akron, had been jailed since July 8, when he was arrested after taking photos of Israeli installations along the northern border. Israeli authorities in the United States have said they suspected him of spying for hostile forces, but they had not specified the enemy. [What are 'Israeli authorities' doing in the United States?]

Ohio prof claims interrogation in Israel 31 Jul 2006 An Ohio professor who spent 22 days in an Israeli jail said Monday that he was tied to a chair and questioned for 60 hours after being detained on suspicion of spying for Iran and Hezbollah. "There were five interrogators. I had to sit on a chair, sometimes they tied my hands behind my back, sometimes they released them, depending on their mood," said Ghazi Falah, 53, an Arab with dual Israeli and Canadian citizenship. He was denied access to his lawyer for 21 days, and reporters were not permitted to disclose his detainment.

Key Democrats Send Bush Letter Urging Pullout of Iraq 31 Jul 2006 Key Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have united to call on President [sic] Bush to begin pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq by the end of the year, citing an overtaxed military, billions of dollars spent and ongoing sectarian violence.

"[They] lined them up against the palm trees and shot them all." 23 Iraqis lined up, executed near buses 31 Jul 2006 On Sunday, gunmen [US terrorists] killed at least 23 Iraqis on a highway south of Baghdad, commandeering three mini-buses and herding their occupants into nearby palm groves where they were lined up and shot, according to police and a witness... The passengers and drivers were taken into one of the groves of palm trees lining the highway, where the attackers took their identification cards "and lined them up against the palm trees and shot them all," said witness Mohammed Mohan al-Janabi, who lives about 500 yards from the expressway.

Gunmen abduct 26 in 'safe' area of Baghdad 01 Aug 2006 A convoy of gunmen dressed as Iraqi security forces [US death squads] drove into one of the safest parts of Baghdad yesterday and kidnapped 26 people from the Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and a shop.

At least 10 workers wounded in bomb blast in Baghdad 29 Jul 2006 At least ten workers were wounded when a bomb went off in central Baghdad on Saturday morning, police said.

Iraqi army captures 34 terrorist suspects 31 Jul 2006 The Iraqi army has captured 34 individuals suspected of involvement in terrorist attacks in Baquba, Tikrit and Kirkuk, an Iraqi army spokesman said Monday.

Car bomb hits Iraqi police patrol in Baghdad 31 Jul 2006 A car bomb went off near an Iraqi police patrol in northern Baghdad on Monday, wounding a policeman and a civilian, a police source said.

Four more marines killed in Iraq 30 Jul 2006 Four U.S. marines have been killed in action in restive Anbar province, the U.S. military said on Sunday. The marines, assigned to Regimental Combat Team 7, died on Saturday.

Another Bush-created disaster: Violence in Iraq Is Creating Chaos in Bank System 29 Jul 2006 The two armored vans left a branch of the Warka Bank on Thursday around noon, loaded with 1.191 billion dinars, or nearly $800,000. Almost immediately, on a busy street near the Baghdad zoo, the drivers spotted an oncoming Iraqi Army convoy, led by a shiny new Humvee... Within minutes all eight drivers and guards had been handcuffed and locked in the back of one of the vans on a suffocating 120-degree day, the cash had been stolen by the men in the convoy — whoever they were — and the Iraqi banking system marked another day of its slow slide into oblivion.

Report on Prewar Intelligence Lagging --Information Democrats Want Most Might Not Come Out Until After 'Election' 30 Jul 2006 Last year, angry Democrats briefly shut down the Senate to protest the slow pace of a congressional investigation into prewar intelligence on Iraq. Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which is overseeing the investigation, said his report was near completion and there was no need for the fuss. The Republican-led committee, which agreed in February 2004 to write the report, has yet to complete its work.

CIA targeted 'more than 10' in Italy for kidnap, agent says 31 Jul 2006 Shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, the CIA targeted for abduction and rendition nearly a dozen Muslims living in Italy whom it suspected of having ties to 'al-Qaida,' a senior Italian intelligence official has told prosecutors in Milan.

Israel rejects pressure to end Lebanon war 01 Aug 2006 Israel rejected mounting international pressure on Monday to end its war against Hizbollah and launched a new incursion into Lebanon, as world powers squabbled over the urgency of a ceasefire.

Israel's Olmert: No Cease-Fire in Lebanon 31 Jul 2006 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday that no cease-fire would be forthcoming in Israel's 20-day battle with Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon. Olmert said that Israeli forces continued fighting in the air, from the sea and on the ground in Lebanon.

Israel bombs southern Lebanon just hours after promising halt 31 Jul 2006 Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes in southern Lebanon on Monday, hours after agreeing to temporarily halt raids while investigating a bombing that killed nearly 60 Lebanese civilians, mostly women and children seeking shelter. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert agreed to a 48-hour halt in the airstrikes beginning at 2 a.m. Monday while the military concludes its inquiry into the attack on the south Lebanese village of Qana. But Israel left open the option it might hit targets to stop imminent attacks [?!?] or if the military completed its inquiry within 48 hours.

Israel agrees to suspend airstrikes in southern Lebanon for 48 hours --Qana inquiry planned; at least 60 die [due to US inaction] in Israeli strike on Lebanese village 30 Jul 2006 Israel has agreed to a 48-hour suspension of aerial bombardment in southern Lebanon, a U.S. State Department official said Sunday.

Over 40 bodies of civilians uncovered in south Lebanon rubble 01 Aug 2006 Rescue workers retrieved the remains of more than 40 civilians from the rubble of collapsed houses in three south Lebanon villages Monday, Lebanese Red Cross sources said. The Red Cross announced on Monday that 28 bodies, including those of 19 children, had been found at the site of the Qana blasts. Additional bodies are expected to be found over the coming days.

Lebanese Civilians Flee During Respite 31 Jul 2006 Thousands of civilians trapped for nearly three weeks in south Lebanon's war zone streamed north Monday by truck, car and on foot, seizing the chance to flee during a brief halt in Israeli airstrikes. Israel's prime minister said there would be no cease-fire in the fight against Hezbollah (a.k.a. the "Lebanese National Resistance").

Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians --Esteemed expert and whistleblower highlights US sale of GBU 28 weapons By Paul Joseph Watson 28 Jul 2006 "Esteemed depleted uranium expert Dr. Doug Rokke is pointing the finger at Israel for using deadly and illegal depleted uranium munitions against the Lebanese people which were sold to them by the U.S. government - and calls for an immediate halt to the practice."

IDF apologizes for botched strike 31 Jul 2006 The IDF issued an apology to the Lebanese army on Monday after killing one of its officers and two of its soldiers in an airstrike, stressing that the soldiers were not the target of the attack.

9 IDF troops wounded in ground ops 31 Jul 2006 As air strikes came to a temporary halt overnight Sunday, ground operations continued in southern Lebanon, with a total of nine IDF soldiers wounded during operations in the villages of Ataybeh and Al-Adisa, north of Metulla.

Three IDF soldiers injured when vehicle flips over 31 Jul 2006 Three IDF soldiers were lightly injured when an IDF vehicle flipped over near the Kila village in southern Lebanon, west of Metullah on Monday. The soldiers were evacuated for medical treatment in Israel.

Mr. Bush, self-defense is not exclusive to Israel (Open letter) By Mira Al Hussein 31 Jul 2006 It is your choice, Mr Bush, to support Israel, just like it is our – the entire Arab world – choice to support Lebanon. You insist that Israel has the right to defend itself. Defending oneself, I believe, is a universal right, not exclusive to Israel... A ceasefire should have been pushed for two weeks ago. Was there a need for 37 children to die before you decided it was time for a ceasefire? How many more, Mr Bush, should die before you decide to stop sending weapons to Israel? Perhaps we can afford a sacrifice that will rein in your generosity towards Israel permanently. ...Mr Bush: Your precision-guided missiles shipment has arrived in Tel Aviv. These missiles will 'precisely' fall onto Lebanese villages; kill hundreds; and displace thousands more. (Evidently, we’ve just witnessed the first 'precise' target in Qana.)... People will not turn the other cheek; they will retaliate, just like you had not turned the other cheek after 9/11, and chose to retaliate. Retaliation is a value you have successfully promoted by putting it into practice, always. I was born too late to see how the British Empire had collapsed, but right on time to see how the American Empire is falling apart. You will surely be remembered in history." [A must read]

Raise readiness, Assad tells Syrian Army 31 Jul 2006 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told the Syrian military on Monday to raise its readiness, pledging not to abandon support for Lebanese resistance against Israel.

IDF prepared for attack by Syria 30 Jul 2006 While Israel is not interested in opening a front against Syria, the IDF will respond harshly and with its full might if President Bashar Assad decides to attack Israel, a high-raking IDF officer in the Northern Command told The Jerusalem Post Sunday.

UN says Iran must suspend nuclear program by August 31 31 Jul 2006 The U.N. Security Council on Monday demanded that Iran suspend its nuclear activities by August 31 or face the threat of sanctions, but Tehran denounced the move as illegal and vowed to press on.

Hugo Chavez receives Iran's highest honor 30 Jul 2006 Iran awarded Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez its highest state medal on Sunday for supporting Tehran in its nuclear standoff with the international community, while Chavez urged the world to rise up and defeat the U.S., state-run [lol, as opposed to corporate-run?] media in both countries reported. The leftist Venezuelan leader also condemned [rightist] Israel for what he called the "terrorism" and "madness" of its attacks in Lebanon, Venezuelan state television reported. "Let's save the human race, let's finish off the U.S. empire," Chavez said. "This (task) must be assumed with strength by the majority of the peoples of the world." [Yes, and it will.]

Nato takes over Afghan duty from US 31 Jul 2006 Nato launched the biggest combat mission of its 57-year history today when it took over an operation to quell a resurgence of Taleban, [Bush's] drug lords and al-CIAduh operatives in southern Afghanistan.

U.S. House Would Ban MySpace From Schools 31 Jul 2006 The U.S. House voted Thursday to ban social networking sites such as from school and library computers. Some complained, however, that the wording of the law is so broad that it could ban many common sites.

US begins building treaty-breaching germ war defence centre 31 Jul 2006 Construction work has begun near Washington on a vast germ warfare laboratory intended to help protect the US against an attack with biological weapon, but critics say the laboratory's work will violate international law and its extreme secrecy will exacerbate a biological arms race. The centre will have to produce and stockpile the world's most lethal bacteria and viruses, which is forbidden by the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

U.S. biodefense lab raises concerns 30 Jul 2006 The Bush regime is building a massive biodefense laboratory in Maryland that will simulate [stimulate?] calamitous bioterrorism attacks, it was reported Sunday. But much of what the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center in Fort Detrick, Md., does may never be publicly known because the White House intends to operate the facility largely in secret, the Washington Post reported. In an unusual arrangement, the building itself will be classified as "highly restricted space," the newspaper said. Not even nuclear labs operate with such secrecy.

The Secretive Fight Against [For] Bioterror --The government is building a highly classified facility to research biological weapons, but its closed-door approach has raised concerns. 30 Jul 2006 On the grounds of a military base an hour's drive from the capital, the Bush regime is building a massive biodefense laboratory unlike any seen since biological weapons were banned 34 years ago.

C-SPAN American Perspectives: Symposium on Theories about 9/11 --On Tuesday, 01 Aug 2006, C-SPAN will re-air the 9-11 Roundtable discussion 06:10 PM EDT 1:45 (est.). "If the US government has nothing to hide about 9/11, why is it hiding everything?. . . It's time the whole Bush-Cheney oil cartel was indicted for treason." --Lt. Col. Bob Bowman

"We will blockade airports, we will take over embassies." Huge rally challenges Mexico poll 30 Jul 2006 Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Mexico to support the left-wing candidate in the disputed 2 July presidential elections. "Hold on, the people are rising," they chanted as they marched to Zocalo, Mexico City's main public square. "The elections were filthy," said Maria Teresa Priego. "We will take drastic measures. We will blockade airports, we will take over embassies," threatened Sara Zepeda. [*Why* isn't this going on in the U.S., after *two* coup d'etats?]

Worst Ever Security Flaw Found In Diebold TS Voting Machine ( 31 Jul 2006 "'This may be the worst security flaw we have seen in touch screen voting machines,' says Open Voting Foundation president, Alan Dechert. Upon examining the inner workings of one of the most popular paperless touch screen voting machines used in public elections in the United States, it has been determined that with the flip of a single switch inside, the machine can behave in a completely different manner compared to the tested and certified version. 'Diebold has made the testing and certification process practically irrelevant,' according to Dechert. 'If you have access to these machines and you want to rig an election, anything is possible with the Diebold TS -- and it could be done without leaving a trace. All you need is a screwdriver.'" [Reference: pictures of Diebold TS]

Fla. Republicans won't back Rep. Harris 31 Jul 2006 The state Republican Party bluntly told Rep. KKKatherine Harris that she couldn't win this fall's Senate election and that the party wouldn't support her campaign, a letter obtained Monday by The Associated Press shows.

Mass. Governor Sorry For 'Tar Baby' Comments 31 Jul 2006 Massachusetts Gov. (R-racist) Mitt Romney is apologizing for referring to the troubled Big Dig construction project as a "tar baby." Romney made the comment during a speech at a fundraiser with Iowa Republicans on Saturday. Romney told the crowd "The best thing politically would be to stay as far away from that tar baby as I can." Black leaders were outraged.

Jewish groups call for hate-crime probe on Mel Gibson 31 Jul 2006 Jewish groups have demanded [Nazi maggot] Mel Gibson be investigated for hate crimes after the Hollywood star allegedly made anti-Semitic comments to US police officers when he was stopped on suspicion of drink-driving and speeding. Gibson's reported criticism of Jews, contained in a leaked police report detailing his arrest early on Friday morning, included the phrase: "F*****g Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 5: The Revenge of 'sugar tits' By M&C News 31 Jul 2006 "Harvey Levin’s TMZ has now unearthed even more delicious savory bits, learning that Mel Gibson has twice been stopped for reckless driving in Malibu, but given a pass by officers. Facts: Gibson was arrested on Friday for suspicion of driving under the influence on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, driving 87 miles an hour. Deputy Mee, who arrested Gibson was ordered by Sheriff Lee Baca and others to sanitize his arrest report to make it appear that Gibson's arrest was 'without incident.' Gibson was, in fact, abusive, violent and vulgar, and even attempted to resist arrest and escape."

Heatwave shuts down nuclear power plants 30 Jul 2006 The European heatwave has forced nuclear power plants to reduce or halt production. The weather, blamed for deaths and disruption across much of the continent, has caused dramatic rises in the temperature of rivers used to cool the reactors, raising fears of mass deaths for fish and other wildlife.

Heat Wave Moves Toward Northeast; Temperatures May Set Records 31 Jul 2006 The hottest temperatures of the year are heading into the U.S. Northeast and mid-Atlantic states by tomorrow, threatening to break records in New York City and leaving the Midwest sweltering today.


Border Rag By Michael D. Rectenwald 29 Jul 2006 Special poem for CLG

Bush Submits New Terror Detainee Bill 28 Jul 2006 U.S. citizens suspected of terror ties might be detained indefinitely and barred from access to civilian courts under legislation proposed by the Bush administration, say legal experts reviewing an early version of the bill. According to the draft, the military would be allowed to detain all "enemy combatants" until hostilities cease. The bill defines enemy combatants as anyone "engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners who has committed an act that violates the law of war and this statute." Legal experts said Friday that such language is dangerously broad and could authorize the military to detain indefinitely U.S. citizens who had only tenuous ties to terror networks like 'al Qaeda.'

New maximum-security jail to open at Guantanamo Bay --Far from winding down, the controversial US detention centre is expanding 30 Jul 2006 The controversy over the US-run detention centre at Guantanamo Bay is to erupt anew with confirmation by the Pentagon that a new, permanent prison will open in the Cuban enclave in the next few weeks. Camp 6, a $30m state-of-the-art maximum-security jail built by a Halliburton subsidiary [KBR], will be able to hold 200 prisoners.

Child prisoners in Iraq left without support 30 Jul 2006 He isn't a criminal, but just the sight of a police officer terrifies 14-year-old Omar. The boy was released last month from an Iraqi prison, after being detained there for more than seven months [a false arrest]... Iraqi children are sometimes kept in the same place as adults, human rights groups say. According to international human rights law [ignored by the Bush dictatorship on a daily basis], children who have been detained should be kept in a special place apart from adults, and should receive special treatment and for the minimum time possible. But in Iraq, some claim that children are detained more than two years in prisons with adults. [OMG, it's *another* violation of international law by the Bush regime! *When* are the war crimes trials going to begin for Bush, Cheney Halliburton, Rumsfeld and Rove?]

"I came over here because I wanted to kill people." 30 Jul 2006 "I came over here because I wanted to kill people." Over a mess-tent dinner of turkey cutlets, the bony-faced 21-year-old private from West Texas looked right at me as he talked about killing Iraqis with casual indifference. "I shot a guy who wouldn't stop when we were out at a traffic checkpoint and it was like nothing," he went on... "Over here, killing people is like squashing an ant. I mean, you kill somebody and it's like 'All right, let's go get some pizza.'"

Car bomb rocks Iraq oil city under "terrorist" assault 30 Jul 2006 'Insurgents' detonated a car bomb on Sunday in a protected enclave housing the US and British consulates in Iraq’s oil city of Kirkuk in the latest in a string of deadly blasts, security sources said.

Car Bomb Kills 2, Hurts 7 in Kirkuk, Iraq 30 Jul 2006 A car packed with explosives exploded near the U.S. consulate in Kirkuk, killing two Iraqis and wounding seven others, Iraqi police said Sunday.

Iraqi Official Warns Against Coup Attempt [Diebold is in Iraq?] --Shiite Cites Rumors, Promises a Fight 29 Jul 2006 A Shiite Muslim political leader said Friday that rumors were circulating of an impending coup attempt against the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and warned that "we will not allow it." Hadi al-Amiri, a member of parliament from Iraq's most powerful political party, said in a speech in the holy city of Najaf that "some tongues" were talking about toppling Maliki's Shiite-led government and replacing it with a "national salvation government, which we call a military coup government." A new government would mean "canceling the constitution, canceling the results of the elections and going back to square one . . . and we will not accept that," he said. [A 'military coup government,' 'canceling the constitution' - just as Bush did in the US.]

Audit Finds U.S. Hid Actual Cost of Iraq Projects 30 Jul 2006 The State Department agency in charge of $1.4 billion in reconstruction money in Iraq used an accounting shell game to hide ballooning cost overruns on its [Bechtel] projects there and knowingly withheld information on schedule delays from Congress, a federal audit released late Friday has found.

Revealed: Ireland refused to allow bomb flights to land [Awesome!] Protests grow as more planes land at Prestwick en route to Israel 30 Jul 2006 Two US aircraft carrying bombs to Israel landed at Prestwick last night amid growing protests fuelled by the revelation that Ireland had ruled out allowing Shannon Airport to handle similar flights. Dermot Ahern, the Irish foreign affairs minister, said he would block any attempt by the US to transport arms to Israel through his country. Scottish opposition MPs yesterday described the use of Prestwick Airport to re-arm the Israeli offensive in Lebanon as 'completely unacceptable'.

Cabinet in open revolt over Blair's Israel policy --Straw joins criticism of Lebanese toll 30 Jul 2006 Tony Blair was facing a full-scale cabinet rebellion last night over the Middle East crisis after his former Foreign Secretary warned that Israel's actions risked destabilising all of Lebanon. Jack Straw, now Leader of the Commons, said in a statement released after meeting Muslim residents of his Blackburn constituency that while he grieved for the innocent Israelis killed, he also mourned the '10 times as many innocent Lebanese men, women and children killed by Israeli fire'.

CPJ: TV crews complain of targeting by Israeli warplanes 27 Jul 2006 A leading journalist freedom group on Thursday demanded an "immediate investigation" into reports that Israel is targeting Arab television crews operating in southern Lebanon, the latest in mounting criticism that Israel is making little distinction between civilian and combatant in its campaign in Lebanon.

Palestinians storm U.N. compound in Gaza City --At least 2 injured; assault part of protest against Israeli military incursion 30 Jul 2006 Palestinian protesters stormed the U.N. compound in Gaza City on Sunday during a protest against Israel’s bombing of a building in southern Lebanon that killed around 60 people, witnesses and U.N. staff said.

Hamas chief in call to boost resistance over Qana 30 Jul 2006 Hamas Leader Khaled Meshaal called on Sunday for more resistance against Israel in response to an Israel bomb attack on a Lebanese village that killed dozens of civilians.

Israel raid kills more than 60 30 Jul 2006 An Israeli air strike killed more than 60 Lebanese civilians, including at least 37 children, on Sunday, fuelling world pressure for a cease-fire. The raid on the southern village of Qana was the bloodiest single attack during Israel's 19-day-old war on Hizbollah (a.k.a. the "Lebanese National Resistance").

Israel regrets Qana killings but vows to press war 30 Jul 2006 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed "deep sorrow" over the bombing of a Lebanese village on Sunday that killed at least 54 civilians, including 37 children, but vowed the war against Hizbollah (a.k.a. the "Lebanese National Resistance") would go on.

Lebanon asks Rice not to visit Lebanon after Israeli airstrike 30 Jul 2006 The Lebanese government asked Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday to put off a visit to Lebanon after an Israeli airstrike that killed more than 50 people.

Israel hits Lebanese road at border with Syria 29 Jul 2006 An Israeli air strike on Saturday hit Lebanon's main road to Damascus just 1 km from the border with Syria, cutting the highway in both directions, witnesses and security sources said.

Two UN peacekeepers wounded by air strike in Lebanon 29 Jul 2006 Two Indian soldiers with the U.N. peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon were wounded and their observation post damaged by an Israeli air strike on Saturday, a U.N. spokesman said.

My journey on the highway of fear with families who lost everything --The Observer's Foreign Affairs Editor records his remarkable week with Lebanese refugees fleeing the Israeli onslaught. By Peter Beaumont 30 Jul 2006 "You can hear the bombs detonate and see the damage in Beirut, but something changes in people's faces as you drive out and down along the coast road. South of Sidon you reach the war. By Tyre, the faces are desperate as they race their cars north, seeking some element of safety."

Mega barf alert! Antiwar Candidate Backs Israeli Strikes 28 Jul 2006 The anti-Iraq War challenger in Connecticut's upcoming Democratic primary has issued strong statements backing Israel's military operations in Lebanon, but his campaign boosters are being painted as anti-Israel by supporters of Senator Joseph Lieberman [Well, consider the source: it's LIEberBush].

Millions of children to be fingerprinted 30 Jul 2006 British children, possibly as young as six, will be subjected to compulsory fingerprinting under European Union rules being drawn up in secret. The prints will be stored on a database which could be shared with countries around the world.

Cell Phone Picture Called Obstruction of Justice --Man Arrested For Shooting Photo of Police Activity (NBC 10 Investigation) 26 Jul 2006 A Philadelphia family said they are outraged over the arrest of one of their family members. The family of Neftaly Cruz said police had no right to come onto their property and arrest their 21-year-old son simply because he was using his cell phone's camera. Cruz, 21, told the NBC 10 Investigators that police arrested him last Wednesday for taking a picture of police activity with his cell phone.

Judge rules against NFL's Bucs; league defends pat-downs 28 Jul 2006 Security "pat-downs" of fans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers games are unconstitutional and unreasonable, a federal judge ruled Friday, throwing into question the practice at NFL games nationwide.

Seattle security raised after Jewish center shooting 29 Jul 2006 Police stepped up security at Seattle synagogues and mosques on Saturday, a day after a Muslim man [CIA troll?] who said he was angry at Israel shot dead one woman and wounded five others at a Jewish center.

Mexico leftist's backers aim for massive protest --Supporters hope for historic turnout to demand full election recount 30 Jul 2006 Tens of thousands of supporters of Mexico’s leftist candidate gathered in the capital Sunday for what they hoped would become the nation’s largest-ever street protest, demanding a vote-by-vote recount of an election they claim was marred by fraud. "They are going to have to recount the votes, because if they don't, there is going to get dangerous," said Francisco Soto Garcia, 66, a retired federal employee who set out for the march Saturday with a band of leftist supporters from the city of Taxco, in southern Guerrero state. [Right, and it should 'get dangerous' in the US, if Bush/ChoicePoint/Diebold steal the 2006 and/or 2008 'elections.']

A Senate Race in Connecticut (The New York Times) 30 Jul 2006 "If Mr. Lieberman had once stood up and taken the lead in saying that there were some places a president had no right to take his country even during a time of war, neither he nor this page would be where we are today. But by suggesting that there is no principled space for that kind of opposition, he has forfeited his role as a conscience of his party, and has forfeited our support... We endorse Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary for Senate in Connecticut."

Blair to defy Bush over stem cells --PM will publicly back California's research into disease treatment despite White House's strong opposition 30 Jul 2006 Tony Blair is to use his trip to America to back stem cell research despite sharp opposition from President [sic] George Bush. The Prime Minister will give his support to scientific research into the treatment of incurable diseases, which has been blocked by Bush [a stem cell, himself].

ACLU targets Orlando ban on feeding of homeless 28 Jul 2006 (FL) The American Civil Liberties Union said on Friday it may challenge on religious grounds a new ordinance in Orlando banning the feeding of homeless people in downtown parks.

Feed the Hungry, Go to Jail? Vegas Mayor Bans Volunteer Food Programs in Public Parks 28 Jul 2006 Homeless advocates in Las Vegas have been told to stop giving food to the hungry in public parks or risk going to jail. The Las Vegas City Council unanimously passed an ordinance last week that makes it illegal to feed the homeless in any city park.

More than 60 percent of U.S. in drought 29 Jul 2006 More than 60 percent of the United States now has abnormally dry or drought conditions, stretching from Georgia to Arizona and across the north through the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana and Wisconsin, said Mark Svoboda, a climatologist for the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

130 Deaths Blamed on California Heat Wave --Temperatures Ease Slightly but Still Top 100 Degrees in Many Parts of the State 29 Jul 2006 The death toll from California's 12-day heat wave topped 130 on Friday as coroners documented more cases of mostly elderly victims found dead during the record-breaking temperatures.


You're all targets, Israel tells Lebanese in South [Right, especially UN observers and the press. --LRP] 28 Jul 2006 Everyone remaining in southern Lebanon will be regarded as a terrorist, Israel's justice minister said yesterday as the military prepared to employ "huge firepower" from the air in its campaign to crush Hizbollah (a.k.a. the "Lebanese National Resistance").

Fuel oil and fumes spill from power plant bombed by Israelis 28 Jul 2006 Israel's bombing of a power plant on Beirut's southern outskirts has spawned an environmental disaster, sending thousands of tons of heavy fuel oil into the Mediterranean and spreading dangerous fumes into the air, government officials say. [No worries. I'm sure Bush will be there with billion$ for Halliburton to rebuild that which the USA Middle Eastern Division (a.k.a. "Israel") destroyed.]

Press, Civilian Convoy Hit 28 Jul 2006 Two mortar rounds hit a convoy of vehicles carrying civilians escaping the violence in southern Lebanon. The BBC's Jim Muir, who was with the convoy, said two people in a German TV vehicle were wounded when the rounds exploded next to their car. Our correspondent says the cars were clearly marked as a press and civilian convoy, and that individual journalists had been in contact with the Israelis who knew about the journey. A BBC security adviser travelling in a car behind the German car said he believed the mortar rounds had been fired from the Israeli side.

"We're going to bomb your home, one hour to leave..." 29 Jul 2006 “Is that Omar Al Mamluk? This is the Israeli army. You have only a few minutes to leave your house." The army’s new tactic of telephoning people before dropping bombs on their homes is sowing panic in the Gaza Strip. All that is left of Mamluk’s house in Gaza City is a pile of rubble.

U.N. pulls observers from Israeli-Lebanese border --50 depart after one post destroyed by Israeli airstrike, killing 4 28 Jul 2006 The United Nations has decided to remove 50 unarmed observers from their posts along the Israeli-Lebanese border, moving them in with the peacekeeping force in the area, a spokesman said Friday. The decision came after one of the posts of the observer force, known as UNTSO, was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike earlier this week, killing four.

UN official fears Israel will raze Tyre 29 Jul 2006 A top UN peacekeeping official on Friday said he feared the war in southern Lebanon would continue until the end of August and voiced fears Israel would flatten Lebanon's southern villages and destroy the port of Tyre "neighborhood by neighborhood" if Hizbullah rockets keep slamming into the Jewish state.

Israel Hits 130 Hezbollah Targets in Southern Lebanon 28 Jul 2006 The USA Middle Eastern Division (a.k.a. "Israel") struck as many as 130 'Hezbollah' [civilian] targets in southern Lebanon, using planes and artillery, a day after ruling out an increased land offensive.

Lebanon damage report --Summary of the main Lebanese infrastructure damaged by Israeli bombing in the two weeks since the conflict began on 12 July, according to the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs.

Anatomy of a lethal weapon: Made in the UK, bringing devastation to Lebanon - the British parts in Israel's deadly attack helicopters --Key parts for Israeli aircraft made in UK --Rights groups say Apaches used for assassinations 29 Jul 2006 British arms companies are supplying key parts for Israel's Apache combat helicopters, F-15 and F-16 fighter jets deployed in southern Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank despite government guidelines banning the sale of weapons likely to be used "aggressively against another country" or fuel regional tensions. The disclosure follows anger among MPs this week after it emerged that the government allowed US planes carrying bombs and missiles to Israel to refuel at Prestwick airport.

US plans $4.6 billion in Mideast arms sales 28 Jul 2006 The Bush regime spelled out plans on Friday to sell $4.6 billion of arms to moderate [?!?] Arab states, including battle tanks worth as much as $2.9 billion to protect critical Saudi infrastructure. The announcement came two weeks after the administration said it would sell the USA Middle Eastern Division (a.k.a. "Israel") its latest supply of JP-8 aviation fuel valued at up to $210 million to help Israeli warplanes "keep peace and security in the region."

Israel rejects UN call for humanitarian truce 29 Jul 2006 Israel on Saturday rejected a United Nations call for a 72-hour truce in the Lebanon conflict to enable humanitarian aid to get to trapped civilians.

Israeli attacks stall aid efforts in Lebanon 29 Jul 2006 Israel's refusal to halt attacks in south Lebanon is hampering aid attempts and preventing stranded civilians from leaving the war zone. The UN's emergency relief coordinator, Jan Egeland, requested a three-day ceasefire in Lebanon to allow aid through but Israel refused to agree to a truce.

Hezbollah politicians back peace package 29 Jul 2006 Hezbollah politicians, while expressing reservations, have joined their critics in the government in agreeing to a peace package that includes strengthening an international force in south Lebanon and disarming the militants, the government said.

Israel strikes on Gaza continue 29 Jul 2006 Israel is keeping up its offensive on Palestinian targets in the Gaza Strip, with air strikes on a suspected arms factory on Saturday. A tunnel [allegedly] used by Palestinian militants was also bombed, the Israeli army said.

Israeli paratroops respect enemy 30 Jul 2006 (Matana) A 21-year-old Israeli soldier, arrived back from Lebanon on Saturday at this Israeli frontier village after a week of bitter fighting. Along with hundreds of other paratroopers, those seven days had taught him not to underestimate the Shiite militia Hezbollah, whom they now refer to respectfully as "fighters". One of his comrades echoed his sentiment: "They know what they are doing - and it is tough (for us)."

Hezbollah fires new rockets 29 Jul 2006 Hezbollah fired scores of rockets into Israel yesterday, including at least one that the Lebanese guerrilla group said was a new long-range missile, wounding at least 13 people, police and the army said.

Anger in the Arab World By Rashid I. Khalidi 27 Jul 2006 "There will be no 'destruction' of Hezbollah, and no 'uprooting' of its infrastructure or that of Hamas, whatever the results of Israel's siege of Gaza and its merciless attacks against Lebanon. The rhetoric about 'terrorism' has mesmerized those who parrot it, blinding them to the fact that Hezbollah and Hamas are deeply rooted popular movements that have developed as a response to occupation--of the West Bank and Gaza for nearly forty years, and of southern Lebanon from 1978 to 2000. Whatever one might say about the two movements' callousness in targeting civilians (a subject on which Israel's defenders are hardly in a position to preach), both have won impressive victories in elections and have provided social services and protection to their people."

Mel Gibson's Anti-Semitic Tirade, Alleged Cover Up 28 Jul 2006 TMZ has learned that [Nazi] Mel Gibson went on a rampage when he was arrested Friday on suspicion of drunk driving, hurling religious epithets. TMZ has also learned that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department had the initial report doctored to keep the real story under wraps. TMZ has four pages of the original report prepared by the arresting officer in the case... According to the report, Gibson became agitated after he was stopped on Pacific Coast Highway and told he was to be detained for drunk driving Friday morning in Malibu... The report says Gibson then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements: "F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Gibson then asked the deputy, "Are you a Jew?"

'Deathbed' plea by Guantanamo detainee 26 Jul 2006 A Bahraini detainee at Guantanamo Bay says he feels like he is "on death's bed" and has appealed to the government to send a medical delegation there to give him a thorough physical and mental examination.

U.N. rips U.S. over human rights 29 Jul 2006 A U.N. rights panel yesterday demanded the immediate closure of any secret U.S. detention facilities and criticized Washington on a range of other issues -- calling for a moratorium on capital punishment, representation in Congress for the District of Columbia and for improved treatment of poor and black citizens victimized by Hurricane Katrina.

Salvadoran Soldier Killed in Iraq Attack on Halliburton Convoy 28 Jul 2006 A Salvadoran soldier was killed in Iraq in an attack on the Halliburton Co. [KBR unit] convoy he was escorting, El Salvador's armed forces said. [Yes, and should the KBR unit setting up the detention centres on US soil be hit?]

Four US Marines killed in Iraq's Anbar province 29 Jul 2006 Four U.S. Marines have been killed in action in Iraq's western Anbar province, the U.S. military said on Saturday.

U.S. may send 5,000 more troops to Baghdad 28 Jul 2006 Military commanders in Iraq are developing a plan to move as many as 5,000 U.S. troops with armored vehicles and tanks into Baghdad in an effort to quell [foment] escalating violence, defense officials said Thursday.

Iraqi Shiite leader rejects role for US reinforcements 28 Jul 2006 One of Iraq's most influential Shiite leaders [Abdel Aziz Hakim] has rejected the use of US forces to 'stabilize' Iraq's security situation, as the Pentagon announced an increase in troops numbers.

White House wary of war crimes charges 28 Jul 2006 White House officials are drafting legislation to protect U.S. personnel from certain war crimes prosecutions, The Washington Post reported. The War Crimes Act of 1996 has Bush regime officials concerned that officials and troops involved in handling terrorism detainee matters could be accused of war crimes and prosecuted in U.S. courts, the newspaper said. [Yes, be afraid... be very afraid.]

Bush cuts short holiday as anti-war neighbours move in 29 Jul 2006 The principle of neighbourliness is about to be stretched to its limits in Crawford, Texas, where the well-known peace activist Cindy Sheehan has bought a plot of land not far from the town's most famous resident, George Bush.

Stupid CIA Tricks 27 Jul 2006 There was a major embarrassment at the CIA when it was discovered that Italian detectives had been able to identify and track some CIA agents because the agents had used a frequent flyer card to travel around Europe.

Speaking of stupid CIA tricks? Woman shot dead, five others wounded at Jewish Federation building in Seattle --Naveed Afzal Haq charged with murder, attempted murder 29 Jul 2006 One woman was shot dead and five others were wounded Friday when a gunman - who witnesses said claimed to be "angry at Israel" - opened fire inside the building of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, authorities said.

'Secret' 9/11 lies? 2002 Bush order let EPA bury info on air hazards 28 Jul 2006 With New Yorkers already fuming about reports that the feds downplayed the danger of Ground Zero dust, the White House gave EPA chief Christie Whitman the power to bury embarrassing documents by classifying them "secret." "I hereby designate the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to classify information originally as 'Secret,'" states the executive order, which was signed by Dictator Bush on May 6, 2002. Although the stated reason for Bush's directive is to keep "national security information" from falling into enemy hands, advocates for thousands of ailing Ground Zero heroes are convinced there's a more sinister motive. [Right, just like the actual attacks themselves, planned and carried out by Bush bin Laden.]

MSNBC Poll: Do you believe President [sic] Bush's actions justify impeachment? * 276227 responses; Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial. 87%; No, like any president, he has made a few missteps, but nothing approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors." 4.3%; No, the man has done absolutely nothing wrong. Impeachment would just be a political lynching. 7.1%; I don't know. 1.8% [Poll snapshot: 11:37 EDT 29 Jul 2006]

House Leadership Invokes "Martial Law," Forcing Members to Vote On Key Bills Without Full Knowledge of What They're Voting On --Move Represents Erosion of the Democratic Process 28 Jul 2006 Statement by Robert Greenstein, Executive Director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities "The House Republican Leadership has announced its intention to have the House vote, before adjourning on Friday or Saturday, on several major pieces of legislation that are not yet available to House members in final form because behind-closed-door negotiations on the proposals are still going on. The Leadership apparently intends to use a process known as 'martial law' to allow these bills to be brought to the floor very shortly after negotiations are completed, with the result that Members of the House are likely to have virtually no time to examine and consider the details of the legislation before they will be required to vote on it."

House approves cut in inheritance taxes on multimillion-dollar estates 29 Jul 2006 Republicans muscled the first minimum wage increase in a decade through the House early Saturday after pairing it with a cut in inheritance taxes on multimillion-dollar estates. Combining the two issues provoked protests from Democrats and was sure to cause problems in the Senate, where the minimum wage initiative was likely to die at the hands of Democrats opposed to the costly estate tax cuts.

Wal-Mart Decides to Pull Out of Germany 28 Jul 2006 Wal-Mart Stores, admitting defeat in Germany’s giant, cutthroat retail market, said today that it would sell its 85 stores here to a German retailer, the Metro Group, and incur a loss of $1 billion. [Great!]

Killer heat wave overwhelms coroners' offices --Death toll at 132 in California, weather killing hundreds of livestock 28 Jul 2006 At least 132 deaths are likely linked to a nearly two-week heat wave in California, according to county coroner's offices.

100 evacuated as heavy rain flood --Ohio towns Town declares state of emergency; boats dispatched, people wait on roofs 28 Jul 2006 Flood water surged into homes and businesses, forcing people to rooftops to await rescue Friday morning after 9 inches of rain filled the rivers and streets of northeast Ohio.


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