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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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October 2003 Archives, Page Two

Special CLG egroup --An open invitation, but all new members/posts will be vetted due to the nature of the group. CLG_Revolution_Tactics "This board was established for those who agree with the premises stated above, and plan to move into the realm of tactics, rather than argumentation."

Bechtel, Halliburton Get G.O.P. Support for a Potential Tax Break The Bechtel Corporation, which hired a former commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to lobby on its behalf, has won support from House Republicans for what could be a generous new tax break. The new provision, sought by Bechtel, would also benefit the Halliburton Company, whose previous chief executive was Vice pResident Dick Cheney and which now has a Pentagon contract to 'repair' the Iraqi oil infrastructure [that the US recently destroyed. Holy convenience, Batman!]

US outrage over Wolfowitz jibe An influential Lebanese politician and leader of its Druze community triggered US outrage today when he expressed regret US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was unhurt in a Baghdad rocket attack. "We hope the firing will be more precise and efficient (next time), so we get rid of this microbe and people like him in Washington who are spreading disorder in Arab lands, Iraq and Palestine," Walid Jumblatt said in a statement.

U.S. Forces Detain Al-Jazeera Staffers Occupation forces in Iraq have detained two Al-Jazeera staffers on allegations they had prior knowledge of a car bombing in Baghdad, the editor of the Arab satellite television station said Tuesday.

Saudi fighters join resistance in Iraq A leading Saudi dissident says thousands of fighters from the kingdom are embroiled in attacks against American occupation soldiers in Iraq. Dr Muhammad al-Massari, a political activist living in exile in London has told that resistance attacks in Iraq will continue to escalate in Baghdad.

Car Bomb Kills at Least Four in Fallujah; Eight New Blasts Heard in City After Sundown A car bomb exploded Tuesday near a police station on a major street in the tense city of Fallujah, killing at least four people, police said. Later Tuesday, eight massive explosions were heard after sundown in Fallujah, coming from the southern area of the city.

Deputy Mayor of Baghdad Assassinated Unknown gunmen assassinated a deputy mayor of Baghdad in an apparent hit-run shooting Sunday night, the U.S. occupation authority reported Tuesday.

Falluja bomb attack kills five Four civilians and a suspected suicide bomber were today reported killed in Iraq as aid agencies and non-governmental organisations considered their future in the country.

Bomb Kills Occupation Soldier, 2 Civilians in Iraq A roadside bomb blast in the southern Iraqi city of Basra killed a soldier from the U.S.-led occupying forces and two civilians Tuesday, the British military said.

Rocket-Propelled Grenades Kill U.S. Soldier in Iraq A rocket-propelled grenade attack Monday killed a U.S. soldier and wounded six others in Baghdad, the U.S. military in Iraq said Tuesday.

Wave of Bombings Kills Dozens in Baghdad Striking in rapid succession, suicide car bombers bent on death for collaborators devastated the Red Cross headquarters and three police stations Monday, killing three dozen people and wounding more than 200 in the bloodiest day in Baghdad since the start of the U.S. occupation.

US shaken by barrage of attacks from Iraqi resistance --by Barry Grey "...[A] campaign within the US political and military establishment, and within the Bush administration, has already begun for a drastic intensification of counterinsurgency operations... It means a full-scale reversion to the mass terror tactics that were employed in Vietnam and became synonymous with American imperialist barbarism: the Phoenix Program’s campaign of assassinations, the herding of civilians into Strategic Hamlets (a euphemism for concentration camps), and similar methods. Such is the inevitable trajectory of US policy in Iraq and, if not prevented by an independent movement of the American and international working class, other countries yet to be 'liberated.'"

Jessica snubs her 'rescuer' An Iraqi lawyer who helped US forces in the 'rescue' of Jessica Lynch ended a tour of the soldier's home town today, but he didn't get to meet the young woman because she was too busy recovering from her injuries and preparing for her book's release.

Iraq vets join ranks of have-nots under Bush administration --by Jesse Jackson "Dick Cheney's former company Halliburton is earning hundreds of millions charging U.S. taxpayers 85 percent more than Iraqi companies to import oil into Iraq. This tidy profit is on top of what Halliburton will earn for the multimillion dollar, no-bid contract it was awarded to rebuild Iraq's oil fields. Even as taxpayer money is sluicing to Halliburton, the U.S. military refused to spend the money needed to supply soldiers on the front lines in Iraq with the modern body armor."

Two CIA Contractors Killed in Afghanistan Two contractors working for the CIA were killed in an ambush in Afghanistan, the agency said Tuesday. The pair was working for the CIA's Directorate of Operations, which conducts clandestine intelligence-gathering and covert operations.

U.S., Afghan Forces Kill at Least 18 Resistance Fighters U.S.-led forces and their Afghan allies killed at least 18 suspected Taliban and al Qaeda fighters in the southeast of the country in a six-hour battle involving helicopters and warplanes, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

Resisting a blockade --by John Cherian "Cuba's struggle against the economic blockade continues even as the United States remains internationally isolated on the issue. As it has been doing for the last 12 years, Cuba is once again submitting a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly this year demanding the lifting of the United States' economic blockade of the island."

Brazilian officials: We'd rather negotiate with EU than U.S. The Brazilian government, which is at odds with Washington over the planned Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA, said Monday that it would be easier and more profitable for the Mercosur trade bloc to negotiate with the EU.

Poll: Latin America Has Dismal View of Bush Latin Americans have a dismal opinion of Dictator Bush after he ignored world opinion to wage war in Iraq, and against a backdrop of mistrust over U.S. aims in pushing for regional free trade, a poll published on Tuesday showed.

Secret Service releases alleged stalker Secret Service agents assigned to shadow the dictator’s daughter at Yale briefly detained a man with a gun, sources said Monday.

Clark Rips Bush for 9-11 Intel Failures Democrat Wesley Clark on Tuesday blamed Dictator Bush for the intelligence failures that contributed to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Agency planned exercise on Sept. 11 built around a plane crashing into a building In what the government describes as a bizarre coincidence [???!!! "A *coincidence* is just a premature fact."], one U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise last Sept. 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings. But the cause wasn't terrorism -- it was to be a simulated accident.

Unions rip WTC health registry Leaders of several major city unions are blasting the Bloomberg administration's World Trade Center health registry as a waste of money that won't help their sick members.

E-voting flap sparks legal threats Despite lawsuit threats from [vote fraud masters and coup 2004 architects, Diebold] one of the nation’s largest electronic 'voting machine' suppliers, some activists are refusing to remove from Web sites internal company documents that they claim raise serious security questions.

EPA warning on asbestos is under attack The federal government's 17-year effort to warn backyard and professional mechanics of the dangers of cancer-causing asbestos in brakes is under attack.

Changes in Clean Air Act prompt suits Pennsylvania, 11 other states, several cities and a coalition of environmental organizations beat a path to federal court yesterday to stop the Bush dictatorship from implementing changes to the Clean Air Act that they say will weaken pollution controls and endanger public health.

DoD Lends Hand in California Wildfire Fight More military units are helping combat the wildfires raging in California, Pentagon officials said today.

Holy convenience, Batman! Washington Feels the Heat From California With wildfires burning across Southern California, pressure is growing for lawmakers to act on Dictator Bush's stalled plan to limit environmental and judicial reviews of tree-thinning projects in national forests.

Congress OKs $3B to 'Combat Wildfires' Congressional negotiators agreed Monday to spend almost $3 billion in the coming year for the logging industry ['to combat and prevent wildfires']. The House bill would have prohibited any privatization studies, but Dictator Bush threatened to veto the bill if that language was included.

Ex-Energy Min: Texaco Knew It Was Polluting In Ecuador Texaco knew it was damaging the environment when it launched operations in the Amazon jungle three decades ago, a former energy minister testified in a civil trial against California-based ChevronTexaco (CVX).

AIDS, sex scientists on federal list fear their research is in jeopardy A government document naming 157 scientists who study AIDS and human sexuality is alarming university researchers, who call it a Republican "hit list'' that may be used to target prevention programs that some members of Congress find offensive.

Quick action! Reichwing, racist, homophobic, hypocritical whackjob Rush Limbaugh wants us to tell his sponsors what we think of Rush as his Nazi demagoguery. Please oblige... "Show your Support [NOT!] to Rush's Sponsors"

Italy: 10-million-strong general strike protests pension cuts On Friday, October 24, an estimated 10 million workers and office employees took part in a general strike with the central aim of protesting the pension policy of the government of Silvio Berlusconi.

US wants mini-nukes for smaller aggressors Influential advisers at the Pentagon are backing the development of a new generation of 'low-yield' [?!?] nuclear weapons - so-called "mini-nukes" - in a controversial report to be published this autumn.

Two More Explosions in Central Baghdad At least two explosions detonated Sunday evening in an area of Baghdad that includes the headquarters of Iraq's U.S.-led occupation, the U.S. military said.

Rockets Drive Wolfowitz From Baghdad Hotel The U.S. occupation authority retreated from its headquarters Sunday after Iraqi insurgents, using a "science project" of a rocket launcher, attacked the heavily guarded hotel with a missile barrage that killed an American colonel, wounded 18 other people and sent the visiting deputy defense secretary scurrying for safety.

Senior U.S. Officer Is Killed in Rocket Barrage at Baghdad Hotel A senior American military officer was killed and more than a dozen other individuals were wounded early this morning when a barrage of air-to-ground missiles slammed into a hotel inside one of the most secure compounds in Baghdad, where most of the personnel who are part of the American-led occupation here live and eat.

Wolfowitz Unhurt In Rocket Attack Baghdad Hotel Hit; Helicopter Is Downed In Separate Incident --At least six explosive projectiles struck the al-Rashid hotel in central Baghdad where Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz was staying early Sunday morning. The AP quoted David Rasmussen, an American employee of the firm who was wounded in the attack, and an Iraqi security guard, Laith Yousef -- both of whom were traveling in the convoy -- as saying their vehicles were attacked by American forces.

Rockets Hit Wolfowitz Iraq Hotel; U.S. Soldier Dies Resistance fighters fired rockets on Sunday into a Baghdad hotel where U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was staying, killing a U.S. soldier and wounding 17 people in an attack on the heart of American power in Iraq. But Iraqis angry at U.S. occupation expressed regret at what they saw as a failed assassination attempt. "I wish Wolfowitz had been killed. I wish all Americans here would be killed," said Ali Hussein, a grocer in central Baghdad. "The Americans are not human beings, they are monsters. They lied to the Iraqi people."

Baghdad Attack Counters Wolfowitz's Upbeat Message Official Says Act Will Not 'Deter' U.S. Mission --The al-Rashid hotel quaked when a volley of rockets battered its walls early Sunday morning, fatally wounding a U.S. army officer who was staying just a floor below the visiting Deputy Defense Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz.

Wolfowitz Vows Al-Rasheed Attack Won't Deter Occupation The attack by resistance fighters on the Al Rasheed Hotel here this morning probably was timed to coincide with the reopening of the 14th of July Bridge in downtown Baghdad, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told reporters today.

Resistance Fighters Attack U.S. Black Hawk Copter Resistance fighters fired small arms and rocket-propelled grenades at a U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter after it came down Saturday in a field near Tikrit, wounding one soldier and causing the craft to explode in flames and spew a column of black smoke, the U.S. military said.

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq As of Sunday, Oct. 26, 345 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Department of Defense.

Embattled US troops kill civilians Five Iraqis have been killed and several civilians seriously injured by US troops on a day of resistance attacks that left about 20 occupation soldiers wounded.

Grim tally underlines 'slog' in Iraq Statistics on raids, deaths back up Rumsfeld memo The "long, hard slog" in Iraq that Donald H. Rumsfeld foresees from his third-floor office on the Potomac comes into even clearer focus along the Tigris and Euphrates in the tally of attacks, in the toll of American dead, in the cold eyes of many Iraqis.

Republicans Fret Over Rumsfeld's Drag on His Party Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in a leaked memorandum, forecast that America faced a "hard slog" in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the same can be said about Rumsfeld's own political fortunes.

Iraq Resistance Lasting Longer Than Expected, Powell Concedes Hours after what he called a "brazen" attack on a Baghdad hotel, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell conceded today that the Bush dictatorship had not expected armed resistance in Iraq to continue as long as it has at so high a level.

US Troops Continue to Destroy Iraqi Flora, Crops --by Firas Al-Atraqchi "Day after day, disturbing news continues to emerge from Iraq, detailing the systematic and callous destruction of Iraq’s flora and agricultural areas. Citing security issues, US troops have cut down precious date trees –often the life-sustaining source of many Iraqi villages, burned and razed crops, agricultural yields and fields, drained swamps, and burned grassy knolls where it is alleged that Iraqi 'terrorists' are hiding."

Thousands in US anti-war protests Some 25,000 protesters have rallied in US cities against the US-led occupation of Iraq, demanding troops be brought home and labeling Dictator George W Bush a "liar".

Military families rally to bring troops home They were near the front of the anti-war march in Washington on Saturday - dozens of parents, siblings and spouses of soldiers occupying Iraq.

Holy coincidence, Batman! Second soldier in Jessica Lynch's 'rescue team' dies mysteriously: Far From Killing Fields, Death in U.S. Haven Lance Cpl. Sok Khak Ung of the Marines was shot to death along with a friend in the driveway of his father's home last weekend. There are no suspects, although witnesses said a figure in a dark hooded sweatshirt rose up from behind a five-foot fence separating the Ung property from the apartment next door and fired a half-dozen shots from a handgun before running away. Corporal Ung took part in the diversionary attack to cover the rescue of Pfc. Jessica D. Lynch on the night of April 1.

Jury Awards $70M Against Halliburton A jury has awarded $70 million to a Houston man who claimed that Halliburton and another oil company cheated him out of the chance to develop an oil field in Kazakhstan in the late 1990s.

Arrests at Nato command HQ About 500 protestors were arrested on Saturday while trying to break into Nato's military command centre for Europe to protest against nuclear weapons, organisers and police said.

Syria threatens retaliation if Israel strikes again: report Syria has threatened to attack Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights if Israel launches another attack on its territory, Syria's Foreign Minister has warned.

Australian shot during Israeli protest A 24-year-old Perth man has been shot while staging a demonstration against Israel's occupation of the West Bank.

Wackenhut denies its employees are CIA agents plotting to overthrow Venezuela's Chavez A Florida company accused of working with dissidents to overthrow the Venezuelan government rejected on Saturday videotape evidence allegedly linking them to subversive activities.

White House Accused of Stalling 9-11 Panel Members of both parties are accusing the White House of stonewalling the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by blocking its demands for documents despite threats of a subpoena.

Bush team sees opportunity in California Dictator Bush's political advisers have begun working to turn California Gov.-s-elect Arnold SchwarzeNazi's GOP California coup into support for Bush in the 2004 s-election. [And, with a little help from the vote fraud coupmeisters at Diebold, Bush is poised for coup 2004!]

Philadelphia's Street Has Slim Lead in Mayoral Race Philadelphia's embattled Mayor John Street maintains a slim lead over his Republican challenger in a mayoral campaign that has been polarized along racial lines by revelations of another attempted GOP coup ['a federal probe of City Hall'], a new survey said on Sunday.

City to Bush: Pay up for cops The city of Portland will ask Dictator Bush to pay the overtime bill that police ran up during his campaign visit to the Rose City last summer. It's not the first time and probably won't be the last. Mayor Vera Katz says she will send a bill to Bush-Cheney '04, President [sic] Bush's re-[s]election committee, for $116,756.

Seniors dubious of drug benefit Proposed premiums and deductibles would make the program more expensive and therefore less attractive. As Congress moves to enact a long-promised Medicare prescription drug bill, many seniors are questioning whether they want to pay a $35-a-month premium for a benefit they see as inadequate.

Too Low a Bar --by Paul Krugman "...[T]he payroll employment figure right now is down 2.6 million compared with what it was when George W. Bush took [literally, *took*] office... It is, of course, Bill Clinton's fault. (Just for the record, the average rate of job creation during the whole of the Clinton administration was about 225,000 jobs a month. Mr. Clinton presided over the creation of 11 million jobs during each of his two terms.) Or maybe Osama bin Laden did it. But surely there must be a statute of limitations on these excuses."

Memorials keep Paul Wellstone's memory alive A year after the plane crash that killed Paul Wellstone and seven others, some of his Minnesota supporters are keeping his memory alive with bumper stickers, yard signs and more personalized memorials.

Cuban Doctors in Venezuela Operate Free Neighborhood Clinics "You can find the Cuban doctors at the clinic until noon, but then they continue visiting people in the neighborhood, house-to-house. It doesn’t matter what time it is, they are always there when you need them," said María Elena León. Cuban doctors now provide basic health care to millions of Venezuelans in areas where the toilers had little or no access to medical services.

In quiet courtroom, the stakes are high The lawsuit charges that a subsidiary of Texaco, which merged with Chevron to form ChevronTexaco in 2001, used substandard technology in its Ecuador operations. It maintains the company dumped toxic "production water" and other oily wastes into unlined pits, contaminating large areas of jungle and harming fish, wildlife, small farmers and jungle tribes.

Naming of agent 'was aimed at discrediting CIA' The Bush dictatorship's exposure of a clandestine Central Intelligence Agency operative was part of a campaign aimed at discrediting US intelligence agencies for not supporting White House claims that Saddam Hussein was reconstituting Iraq's nuclear weapons programme, former agency officials said yesterday.

Ex-CIA officers seek Senate leak probe Two former CIA officers are asking the Senate Intelligence Committee to open its own investigation into who leaked the identity of an undercover officer.

Democrats Seek a Wider Inquiry Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee heightened their criticism yesterday of a Senate inquiry into prewar intelligence on Iraq, saying it is ignoring how the White House used the information to build support for going to war.

C.I.A. Disputes Accusations That Its Prewar Conclusions on Iraq Arms Were Flawed The Central Intelligence Agency responded angrily on Friday to new Congressional criticism of its handling of prewar intelligence about Iraq's suspected illicit weapons program.

Most U.S. allies resist call for help in Iraq Taxpayers could be asked to fill gap after donors' conference falls short of goals. --Weeks of negotiations that will shape the costly funding of Halliburton ['rebuilding of Iraq'] are winding down with U.S. troops and taxpayers unlikely to get much military or monetary help from allies.

Halliburton chief launches 'Defending Our Company' campaign The head of Vice pResident Dick Cheney's former employer, Halliburton, is asking employees to contact newspapers and lawmakers to counter Democratic criticism of the company's no-bid contract in Iraq.

Spoils of war: United States puts Iraq up for sale as American firms hog the gravy train --by Ed Blanche "You can’t see it, but there’s a big 'For Sale' sign over Iraq. The Americans conquered it in a war the Bush administration claimed was aimed at neutralizing weapons of mass destruction that no one has yet been able to find, and is now scrambling to reconstruct it. What is potentially one of the richest countries in the Arab world has become impoverished by three wars since 1980, over 12 years of punitive United Nations sanctions kept in place largely by US pressure and is now being run by what many see as little more than carpetbaggers."

Roadside bomb wounds three U.S. soldiers in Baghdad A roadside bomb exploded as a U.S. patrol was passing in Baghdad at dawn on Saturday, wounding three soldiers, a U.S. officer said.

Three Civilians Killed in Iraq Attack-US Military Three civilians were killed and two were wounded when their vehicles hit a roadside bomb and came under fire on an Iraqi highway on Saturday, the U.S. military said.

Occupation-backed police chief killed outside mosque in major southern Iraqi city The occupation-backed police chief of this major southern Iraqi city was shot to death as he left a mosque after prayers, officials said Saturday.

US Blackhawk Helicopter Crashes Near Tikrit Witnesses say a U.S. Army Blackhawk has crashed north of Baghdad and burst into flames. They say at least one person was wounded in the incident near the northern town of Tikrit. The Associated Press quotes a U.S. official saying the helicopter was hit by a projectile, probably a rocket propelled grenade.

Rumsfeld Draws Republicans' Ire Last Friday, the Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and his top Democratic colleague sent a private letter to Defense Secretary [and Reichwing whackjob] Donald H. Rumsfeld that questioned the propriety of comments made by a top Pentagon general [and Reichwing whackjob], William G. Boykin.

Army denies special treatment for Jessica Lynch Jesse Jackson: Lynch treated better due to media spotlight --The Army denied having a double standard for determining disability benefits Friday after the family of a former prisoner of war in Iraq complained that another rescued soldier was given special treatment.

Senators: Conditions 'unacceptable' for sick reservists at Fort Stewart More than 600 sick and injured Army reservists enduring long waits for medical treatment while living in Spartan barracks should be sent to less crowded military facilities closer to their homes, two U.S. senators said in a report Friday.

Is The Draft Coming? (from "Become a Selective Service System Local Board Member --The Selective Service System wants to hear from men and women in the community who might be willing to serve as members of a local draft board [?!?]. Prospective Board Members must be citizens of the United States , at least 18 years old, and registered with the Selective Service (if male)."

Protesters gather on both coasts to condemn war To chants of ''Impeach Bush,'' thousands of anti-war protesters rallied in the nation's capital Saturday and delivered a scathing critique of Dictator Bush and his Iraq policy.

Thousands in Washington to Protest Iraq Policy Thousands rallied in Washington on Saturday to protest U.S. policy in Iraq, the first major demonstration since Dictator Bush declared an end to major combat in the war on Iraq.

Unprecedented security cocoon for Bush's Australian visit United States Dictator George W Bush’s fleeting visit to Australia this week took place behind unprecedented levels of security.

Protests greet Bush in Australia The 21-hour visit by George Bush to Australia was greeted with protests around the country.

UN suspends Afghan operations The United Nations has suspended operations in four southern Afghan provinces due to increasing violence and concerns that aid workers could be seen by local militants as targets, a top UN official has announced.

'Anti-Drug' Flights Not Warned in Columbia State Department officials who sent spray planes on a fatal mission to fumigate coca crops in Colombia were unaware of intelligence showing a heavy resistance fighting presence in the targeted area, an internal U.S. government investigation found.

Feds Want All-Seeing Eye in Sky Representatives from the military, spy agencies and the defense industry met in New Orleans to find ways to put a new generation of spy satellites in orbit to aid in war, homeland security and spy craft.

Dictatorship Faces Subpoenas From 9/11 Panel The chairman of the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks said that the White House was continuing to withhold several highly classified intelligence documents from the panel and that he was prepared to subpoena the documents if they were not turned over within weeks.

SchwarzeNazi rewarding his paymasters/installers: Schwarzenegger preparing energy deregulation sequel No stranger to sequels, California Gov.-s-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger hopes to sell the state on the virtues of electricity deregulation for a second time, despite the expensive legacy of the first attempt.

Dean Soars into Huge Lead in New Hampshire Now Leads Kerry 40-17 Among Likely Voters; Clark and Edwards in Distant 3rd --New Zogby Poll --Former Vermont Governor Dr. Howard Dean has opened a large lead over his closest challenger in New Hampshire according to the newest poll by Zogby International.

American and Australian shot by Israeli army Two international peace activists have been shot by Israeli soldiers at a Palestinian refugee camp near Nablus.

Israel May Extend Barrier Deeper in West Bank Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Friday that Israel's military was working on a proposal to extend a contentious West Bank barrier with a section that could go into the Jordan Valley near the border with Jordan.

Bush Plans New Tax Cut for Election Year The Bush dictatorship, unfazed by aggressive Democratic opposition, is working on its fourth consecutive tax cut plan [for the rich and the corpra-terrorists], which will be unveiled during next year’s presidential election campaign, according to sources close to the White House.

Attacks on Troops on Rise, Commander Says Attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq have increased sharply over the past two weeks, reaching a high of 35 a day, the commanding American general here said on Wednesday.

U.S. commander reports increase in daily attacks on forces in Iraq "The number of wounded and the number of engagements in last three weeks have been a little bit higher than we've seen before," the U.S. commander, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez said. "We've had an average number of engagements from 20 to 25 (daily). We've seen a spike up to 35 in last three weeks."

Pentagon set to deploy 30,000 GIs Reservists would join Guard brigades replacing troops currently in Iraq --After failing to attract large numbers of foreign peacekeepers to Iraq, the Pentagon is drawing up plans to rotate in as many as 30,000 more reservists early next year, despite growing worries in Congress about strains on the force, defense officials said Tuesday.

US troops still fighting for control of border town Almost six months after the official end of hostilities in Iraq, US forces are still fighting for control of Husayba, a gritty industrial town of 40,000 that is a main crossing point into Syria.

U.S. Force Pulling Back in the North Iraqis Assuming Security Duties, Commander Says --The senior U.S. military commander in northern Iraq said Wednesday that he was beginning to reduce his soldiers' presence in this northern city and turn their security duties over to Iraqi police officers and troops as local government takes root and life slowly returns to normal.

U.S. Troops Using Excessive Force? A Human Rights Watch report claims that has created "an atmosphere of impunity in which many soldiers feel they can pull the trigger without coming under review". The 82nd Airborne in Fallujah was singled out.

Baghdad tunnel blast slightly wounds two U.S. soldiers Iraq's ambush bombers struck Wednesday in the center of Baghdad and in the tense Sunni Muslim area west of the capital, rocking U.S. Army convoys with roadside bombs. Witnesses said four Americans were carried away on stretchers in an attack on a three-vehicle convoy on the western end of the flashpoint city of Fallujah, but there was no comment from U.S. officials. [WHY are the U.S media whores reporting TWO soldiers were wounded in the headline, when FOUR were 'carried away on stretchers? Oh, I get it. More fuzzy math.]

Joint Chiefs Chairman Worried by Morale Poll Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Richard B. Myers expressed concern Thursday over a survey suggesting major morale problems among U.S. troops in Iraq, saying he was worried that he and other top officers were sometimes allowed to talk only to "all the happy folks" when they visited service members.

White House bans news coverage of coffins returning from Iraq --by Bill Vann "The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the Bush administration has ordered the Pentagon to prevent any news coverage of the bodies of US troops being sent home from Iraq. The blackout on casualties is part of the attempt by the White House to recast the nightmare in Iraq as a 'good news' story."

41 Labor MPs to challenge Bush Forty-one Labor MPs, including 11 members of Simon Crean's front bench, have signed a protest letter to present to US Dictator George Bush today, criticising his conduct of the Iraq war.

MPs' open letter: Mr Bush, here is why we opposed the Iraq war --Forty-one ALP federal parliamentarians have written an open letter to George Bush.

U.S. senator calls for army general to step aside amid investigation of his religious comments The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee called for the temporary reassignment of a top Defense Department official who made church speeches casting the war on terrorism in religious terms.

Official: Rumsfeld 'Livid' Over Memo Leak Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was "livid" [<g>] Wednesday when he discovered a memo written to top aides made it onto the front page of the nation's largest circulated newspaper, a senior defense official told Faux News.

Rumsfeld Ponders War Progress in Memo -Report The United States has no yardstick for measuring progress in its war on terrorism and is in for a long stay in Iraq and Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld wrote in a memo last week to senior staff officials, USA Today reported on Wednesday.

Rumsfeld Questions Terror War Progress In sharp contrast with the Bush dictatorship's upbeat progress reports, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is questioning whether the United States has failed to take "truly bold moves" in Iraq and Afghanistan and asking the Pentagon to rethink its strategy.

Rumsfeld's war-on-'terror' memo (The full text of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's memo on the war on 'terror') 'Bring 'em On!" Gallery (photos)

Marches in 140 U.S. cities against occupation of Iraq On October 25, tens of thousands of people are to take part in what is expected to be the largest anti-war demonstration in the United States since Dictator George W. Bush declared the end of fighting in Iraq last May.

Protesters to Bush: How dare you? Buses carrying hundreds of protesters were expected to leave Sydney for Canberra this morning, to coincide with the visit by the United States Dictator, George Bush.

Bush starts Australia visit marked by protests Anti-U.S. protesters were descending on the Australian capital on Thursday ready for a whirlwind visit by Dictator George W. Bush to thank his close ally for helping in the U.S.-led war on 'terror' and Iraq war.

In Bali, Bush Hears Criticism on Iraq, Israel In a rare face-to-face meeting with critics, Dictator Bush got an earful today from Muslim leaders in Indonesia who denounced his policies of occupying Iraq and siding with Israel against Palestinians.

Antiwar group targets Bush visit to UK Antiwar activists are claiming a first round victory over attempts to stop Dictator Bush's first state visit to the UK.

Ruling Party Lawmakers Say Video is Evidence CIA is Plotting to Overthrow Venezuela's Chavez Lawmakers allied with President Hugo Chavez showed a videotape Wednesday which they claimed was evidence that the CIA was working with Venezuelan dissidents to overthrow the government.

Colombia arrests 25 politicians Police and soldiers rounded up at least 25 politicians with suspected ties to leftist resistance fighters in pre-dawn raids Tuesday across one of the country's most violent provinces.

U.S. Erecting a Solid Prison at Guantánamo for Long Term The detention facility here for prisoners captured mostly in the Afghanistan war is increasingly taking on a permanent air as the authorities are building a hard-walled traditional prison alongside the corrugated metal units that have housed detainees for nearly two years.

Georgia Won't Join Anti - Terror Database Amid cost and privacy concerns, state officials backed away from an anti-terrorism database that officials initially considered joining -- a decision that makes Georgia the sixth state to abandon the Matrix project. [Florida is in though, that is for sure.]

FBI: Agents Sorry Bug Found During Race Acknowledging for the first time that the FBI hid listening devices in the mayor's office, the bureau's top agent in Philadelphia expressed regret Wednesday that the discovery has created turmoil weeks before a mayoral election.

Request to Erase Classified Files Nixed The inJustice Department sought extraordinary permission to let the FBI conduct a search-and-destroy mission on any computers harboring classified information about a 1980s case that temporarily became public in a lawsuit.

Senate Democrats Block GOP Class Action Bill Senate Democrats on Wednesday blocked Republican efforts to limit the amount of damages paid in class action lawsuits across the country, mustering enough votes against the bill to likely kill it for the year.

Md. Democrats Want Outside Voting Machine Audit Democratic legislative leaders called yesterday for independent auditors to study problems with Maryland's voting machines, saying they do not trust Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. to resolve the matter on his own.

Uproar as soap fails to clean up Reagan's image Liberal left accused of hijacking Hollywood as TV prepares to run warts-and-all biog of former US leader --by Julian Borger "In one scene, Nancy Reagan urges her husband to do more to help Aids sufferers, but he blocks the discussion, declaring: 'They that live in sin shall die in sin.' His supporters claim he would never had said such a thing... But in the official biography, entitled Dutch, by Edmund Morris, the former US president is quoted as saying of the condition Aids: 'Maybe the Lord brought down this plague', because 'illicit sex is against the Ten Commandments'." [It is time for a realistic portrayal of Reichwing whackjob Ronnie [Iran-Contra] Ray-gun.]

Lawyer in Fla. Woman Case Rips Gov. Bush Legal scholars predicted Wednesday that Gov. Jeb Bush's intervention in a bitter right-to-die case involving a brain-damaged woman would be ruled unconstitutional, and her husband's lawyer angrily complained the woman was "abducted from her deathbed."

Lieberman Backs Jeb Bush in Fla. Case Democrat Joe Lieberman sided Wednesday with Republican Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida for ordering a feeding tube reinserted into a brain-damaged woman, saying government must "honor life."

Clark Calls for Repeal of Bush's Tax Cuts Democrat Wesley Clark said Wednesday he would repeal Dictator Bush's tax cuts for wealthier Americans if he wins next November.

Painters to Be First Union to Back Dean Howard Dean is getting his first union endorsement next week from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.

Coca Cola's Killers --by Lucas Rivera "So far, the paramilitary army has assassinated nine Coca-Cola employees over the past twelve years. Forty people have been displaced, six workers have been kidnapped and over 65 workers have received death threats."

U.N. Assembly Calls for Halt Of Israel Wall The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution Tuesday demanding that Israel halt construction of a barrier intended to cut it off from the West Bank and dismantle the portion already built.

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins The Bush dictatorship has ended public dissemination of images of U.S. soldiers arriving at air bases in flag-draped caskets by banning news coverage and photography of dead soldiers' homecomings on all military bases. In March, on the eve of the Iraq war, a directive arrived from the Pentagon at U.S. military bases.

U.S. to Ready More Guard, Reserve Troops for Iraq More U.S. National Guard and Reserve troops will be notified within weeks to serve in Iraq, the Pentagon said on Tuesday, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would not predict whether 133,000 troops now there might be reduced next year.

Soldiers Miss Flights Back to Iraq Few of More Than 30 Absent Troops Offer Explanation --More than 30 soldiers who came home from Iraq for two weeks of leave have failed to show up for their flights back to the combat zone, military officials said yesterday. ['Explanation?!?' Hello, McFly?]

Some Troops Don't Return to Iraq From R&R More than a dozen American troops haven't return to duty after getting a vacation from Iraq, the Pentagon said Tuesday, dismissing suggestions there is any significant AWOL problem.

Blood Donations Halted From Personnel Deployed To Iraq (DoD) "A parasitic disease being spread by sand flies in Iraq has prompted officials who oversee the military's blood supply to implement a one-year donor deferral for military personnel serving in that country. The reason for the deferral is a form of the disease Leishmaniasis, which causes sores or lesions on the skin, and which in its most serious form can cause death." [Not to mention, all the depleted Uranium in Baghdad...]

US failure to count civilian deaths 'incredible' The refusal by the US army to count the number of Iraqi civilians killed by US soldiers in Baghdad has been strongly condemned by Human Rights Watch. Joe Stork, the acting executive director of the group's Middle East and North Africa division, said: "It is a tragedy that US soldiers have killed so many civilians in Baghdad. But it is really incredible that the US military does not even count these deaths."

Angry Iraqis Protest U.S. Soldiers' Throwing Of Qur'an Scores of angry Iraqi employees broke out in rage October 21, after a U.S. soldier hurled a copy of the holy Qur'an to the ground. "We will demonstrate every morning until the soldiers leave the entrance to the [oil] ministry," said Mohammad Assem, adding that U.S. soldiers fired shots in the air to disperse the irked crowd. "Even Saddam did not behave in this manner," said Jassem in reference to ousted president Saddam Hussein. "Their attitude is unacceptable," he said.

Bush Threatens to Veto Halliburton ['Iraq'] Bill Over Loans Dictator Bush on Tuesday threatened to veto a bill providing $87 billion he has requested for Halliburton ['troops and reconstruction in Iraq'] if Congress insists on part of the package being in the form of a loan.

General's comments to be probed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday that the Pentagon would launch an internal investigation into comments about Islam made by a senior military intelligence official. Lt. Gen. William Boykin made comments that cast the U.S. war on terrorism in starkly religious terms, saying in one speech that Muslims worshiped an 'idol' and not a 'real God.'

New Cheney Adviser Sets Syria In His Sights A neo-conservative strategist who has long called for the United States and Israel to work together to ''roll back'' the Ba'ath-led government in Syria has been quietly appointed as a Middle East adviser to Vice pResident Dick Cheney. David Wurmser, who had been working for Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton, joined Cheney's staff under its powerful national security director, I. Lewis ''Scooter'' Libby, in mid-September, according to Cheney's office.

Under Pressure, Iran Agrees to Constraints on Nuclear Program Iran agreed Tuesday, after months of resistance, to accept stricter international inspections of its nuclear sites and to suspend production of enriched uranium, which can be used to develop nuclear weapons.

U.N. Report: U.S. War on 'Terror' Radicalizes Arabs The U.S.-led war on 'terror' has radicalized more Arabs angry both with the West and their autocratic rulers who are bent on curbing their political rights, a U.N.-commissioned study released Monday showed.

Kabul holds talks with Taliban 'moderates' The Afghan government is in talks with prominent "moderates" from the former Taliban regime in an attempt to turn the tide of anti-government and anti-US sentiment in southern Afghanistan, a senior Afghan official said. [Well, Bush family's Carlyle Group has had a longtime 'productive' business/political relationship with Osama bin Laden, so why not?]

Pentagon refuses to reopen probe into alleged Vietnam War atrocities The US Defense Department refused to reopen an investigation into suspected atrocities committed in Vietnam by a special US Army reconnaissance unit, despite new allegations of war crimes, including ghastly killings and torture of Vietnamese civilians.

Israel Speeds Building of West Bank Barrier, UN Says A top U.N. official said on Tuesday that Israel had accelerated construction of a barrier across Palestinian land in recent weeks and urged it to halt the project and tear down the 90-mile section already built.

Liberty groups attack plan for EU health ID card The European Union took its first step yesterday towards the creation of an EU-wide health identity card able to store a range of biometric and personal data on a microchip by 2008. Civil liberties groups said it was the start of a scheme for a harmonised data chip that would quickly evolve into an EU "identity card" containing intrusive information off all kinds that could be read by a computer.

Australian Aircraft Licensed to Kill for Bush Visit Armed fighter jets with a license to kill have begun patrols in the skies over Australia's capital as the city on Tuesday began an unprecedented security operation for a visit by Dictator Bush.

Republican Senator Says Congress Gave Bush Too Much Leeway in Foreign Policy Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel is strongly criticizing Congress, saying it gave Dictator Bush too much latitude in conducting foreign policy following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Howard Dean Attacks Bush On Iraq Howard Dean has jumped to the head of the Democratic pack, criticizing Dictator Bush over his Iraq campaign and tax-cut policies and using the Internet to raise more money than any of the other Democratic presidential candidates.

GOP Sees Gephardt as Toughest Rival for Bush Many Say Midwest Is Key to S-election --With the strongest union backing and deepest roots in the politically important industrial Midwest, Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (Mo.) is emerging as the Democratic presidential candidate many prominent Republicans fear the most in the 2004 s-elections.

Congress to oppose type of abortion Senate to join House in vote to bar ‘partial birth’ procedure --After years of emotional debate, Congress on Tuesday stood ready to send Dictator Bush legislation to ban what critics call partial birth abortion, the most significant restriction since the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion three decades ago. Abortion rights groups promised to challenge the law in court as soon as Dictator Bush signed it.

Senate Approves Ban on Abortion Procedure The Senate voted 64-to-34 to prohibit a procedure, described by abortion foes as "partial birth abortion," will send the bill to Dictator Bush, who is eager to sign it. The House passed the bill, 281 to 142, on Oct. 3.

Fla. Gov. Orders Feeding Tube Reinserted Invoking a law rushed through the Legislature only an hour earlier, Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday ordered a feeding tube reinserted into a brain-damaged woman at the center of one of the nation's longest and most bitter right-to-die battles.

California: Schwarzenegger transition team reveals right-wing agenda --by Don Knowland "Last Thursday, Schwarzenegger met with Bush in Riverside, Calif. The movie actor called Bush 'the greatest ally this golden state has in Washington.' In other words, Schwarzenegger is fully in tune with the Bush administration policies of criminal war overseas and tax cuts for the wealthy."

Neo-Nazi to Run for Mayor in Idaho Town The founder of the Aryan Nations lost his compound outside of town to bankruptcy several years ago, but moved into a Hayden house bought by a supporter. Now Butler is running for mayor of this town of 9,000, linking Hayden in the public mind once more with his anti-Semitic, white separatist views.

Alaska governor urges opening of ANWR Gov. Frank Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska and former chairman of the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee, said the pending [mostly GOP-authored] energy bill must include new drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Oil firm escapes heavy penalties in Beverly Hills cancer case An oil company accused of contributing to a cancer cluster among former students of Beverly Hills High School, the training ground for some of Hollywood's most glamorous names, has escaped with a small fine and a promise to monitor toxic emissions from its drilling facility on the campus more carefully.

Eli Lilly to limit drug sales to Canada Eli Lilly has joined the list of U.S. drug makers limiting sales to Canadian pharmacies to try to prevent their drugs from being re-imported and sold to Americans. Meanwhile, a new poll suggests that most Americans say it should be legal for them to buy prescription drugs outside of the U.S. to take advantage of lower prices. [Why are the corpra-terrorists, such as Eli Lilly, allow to price-gouge consumers in the U.S.? That is how the issue needs to be defined.]

Clinton holding EPA's feet to the fire Senator Hillary Clinton has led the charge in the Senate for several weeks to block the confirmation of Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt as Dictator Bush's new Environmental Protection Agency administrator. Clinton wants more answers - and more action - from the White House on cleaning up any hazardous chemicals that remain inside buildings in lower Manhattan in the wake of the World Trade Center collapse.

Canada's 2002-03 Surplus Close to C$7 Billion-Source Canada's budget surplus for the fiscal year ended March 31 was almost C$7 billion ($5.3 billion), more than double previous government forecasts, a federal official said on Tuesday.

U.S. Posts Record $374.22 Billion Budget Gap in 2003 The U.S. government posted its largest budget gap in history in the just-ended 2003 fiscal year, amassing $374.22 billion in red ink, the Treasury Department said on Monday.

Ex-Iraq Bank Head Says Cost Will Force U.S. Pullout A former head of Iraq's Central Bank predicted Monday that the spiraling cost of holding down Iraq will compel the United States to look for an early way to pull out of the country.

Group Faults U.S. Tactics Against Civilians in Iraq U.S. forces have killed at least 94 civilians in Baghdad since May 1 "in questionable circumstances" but faced investigation in only five incidents, encouraging soldiers to believe they can fire with impunity, a human rights group said in a report released Tuesday.

Postwar Civilian Deaths in Baghdad Probed A human rights organization says it has confirmed 20 civilian deaths under questionable circumstances in Baghdad since May 1, when Dictator Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq, and has received credible reports of dozens more.

A Day In Iraq: 43 Attacks On U.S. Resistance fighters ambushed a U.S. Army foot patrol just outside Fallujah at midday Monday, killing one American and wounding five others in the second day of attacks in this anti-U.S. hotbed west of Baghdad, the American command reported. It was one of 43 attacks on Americans all over Iraq on Monday.

Occupation Forces Take Action in Iraq City Iraq's hit-and-run resistance struck U.S. forces in this tense city west of Baghdad for a second day Monday, killing one American paratrooper and wounding six others, the U.S. command reported. Early Tuesday, the U.S. military said occupation troops and Iraqi security forces were "taking action against criminal elements" [?!?] in Karbala.

One U.S. solider killed, 5 wounded in ambush Resistance fighters ambushed a U.S. Army foot patrol outside Fallujah at midday Monday, killing one American and wounding five others in the second day of attacks in this anti-U.S. hotbed, the American command reported. Two civilians also were killed.

U.S. Soldier, Two Civilians Killed in Iraqi Town A U.S. soldier and two civilians were killed after an American patrol was attacked in the flashpoint Iraqi town of Falluja Monday, the U.S. military and witnesses said.

U.S. Soldier Killed in Fallujah Ambush Resistance fighters ambushed a U.S. Army foot patrol just outside Fallujah at midday Monday, killing one American and wounding five others in the second day of attacks in this anti-U.S. hotbed west of Baghdad, the American command reported.

AFP photographer, Reuters cameraman detained in Iraqi city of Fallujah An AFP photographer and a Reuters cameraman were detained in Fallujah for several hours by Iraqi police who said they were acting on orders from the US military. AFP Middle East photo chief Patrick Baz and his colleague, Hamza al-Badri, went to the police station after being told the local commander would hold a news conference about the attack. Once they arrived, they were informed of their detention.

Rice Avoids Questions on Top U.S. General Dictator Bush's national security adviser insisted Sunday that the U.S. fight against terrorism is not a war between Christianity and Islam, despite a top general's comments that seemed to say it is. But Condoleezza Rice twice avoided a question about whether Bush will condemn statements by Army Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, the deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence.

Whose god is 'real' and 'bigger'? --by Ehsan Ahrari "It is also interesting to note what Boykin thinks of his commander-in-chief, President [sic] George W Bush. Last June, [William "Jerry"] Boykin [deputy under-secretary of defense for intelligence] observed, Bush 'is in the White House because God has put him there'. One wonders what grudge God held against Bush's opponent, Al Gore, in the last presidential [s]election... One can ignore Boykin's lack of knowledge about Islam as a private person. But there is no excuse for using his public position and visibility to spread hatred and disinformation about a great religion, such as describing Islam as an 'idolatrous' religion, which goes against its very grain as a monotheistic faith."

And He's Head of Intelligence? --by Fareed Zakaria "[Army Lt. Gen. William G.] Boykin routinely told audiences that God elevated George W. Bush to the presidency. 'Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him,' he would say. 'I tell you this morning that he’s in the White House because God put him there.'... No one is urging that Secretary Rumsfeld muzzle Boykin, merely that he allow him to enter the private sector, where he may express his views even more freely. He could even sit in for Rush Limbaugh." [Actually, it was Diebold and the Whore Court who 'put Bush there'.]

Democrats Air Ad Critical of Bush on CIA Leak Democrats begin running a television ad Monday criticizing the Bush regime for leaking the identity of an undercover CIA officer whose husband criticized the dictator's Iraq policy. The Democratic National Committee chose the Scranton-Wilkes Barre market in Pennsylvania to debut the 30-second spot.

No end to US troubles --by Jim Lobe "Despite a two-week public-relations offensive designed to persuade the world and the US public that it knows what it is doing in Iraq, the Bush administration appears increasingly at sea."

Laser Weapons In U.S. Sights U.S. scientists are on the verge of creating a laser weapon that could give American forces an awesome advantage on the battlefield, but would also raise tough questions for Pentagon war planners, a newspaper reports.

Warfare at the speed of light (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, CA) After sinking 40 years and billions of dollars into beam weapons, defense scientists are on the cusp of what could be a military revolution -- warfare at the speed of light. "We've made a quantum leap here," said Randy Buff, solid-state laser program manager for the U.S. Army's Space and Missile Defense Command. "We're anxious to get out there and do something."

Bitter blend: Blair blames Continental coffee Poodle Tony Blair believes that he may have triggered his heart scare by drinking too much strong continental coffee at the European Union summit in Brussels last week.

Dictator's family had links to bank with ties to Hitler supporter The grandfather of the US Dictator, George Bush, was a director of a bank seized by the federal government because of its ties to a German industrialist who helped bankroll Adolf Hitler's rise to power. [*See: Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed --by John Buchanan "After 60 years of inattention and even denial by the U.S. media, newly-uncovered government documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President [sic] George W. Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when Congress took aggressive action against Bush and his 'enemy national' partners."]

The Nazis in Dubya's closet When Adolf Hitler needed money, who did he call? --by John Sugg "It would turn out that [Miguel] Recarey had ties to the Contra terrorists in Nicaragua and to the Mafia family of Tampa's godfather, Santos Trafficante. [Jeb] Bush brushed aside the mob allegations and declared that Recarey was 'a good supporter of the Republican Party.' And Bush helped arranged for the HMO to treat wounded Contras -- part of the larger clandestine, and very illegal, Reagan Administration scheme to help the terrorist outfit (a group that, as it would later turn out, was padding its coffers by smuggling drugs into American cities). Bush was soon on the Miami HMO's payroll as a 'real estate consultant.' He never found a real estate deal for Recarey, but he did open doors in Washington to get a massive infusion -- a billion bucks or so -- of Medicare funding. Recarey stole $230 million of the taxpayer's cash and fled the country in 1987." [a must read]

Washington manipulators revealed as helping to de-stabilize Venezuela, to sabotage and to oust President Hugo Chavez Frias from power? --by Oscar Heck "Have you ever wondered exactly how the USA (Washington) is involved in helping to de-stabilize Venezuela, especially recently, during the attempts by the opposition (CTV, Fedecamaras, Gente de Petroleo, COPEI, etc.) to sabotage the country and to oust Chavez from power? I have some proof. Although probably only the tip of the iceberg, this proof is representative of the extent to which the USA (most specifically, Washington) has been involved in backing the Venezuelan opposition’s acts of sedition, treason, sabotage and dis-information."

Anti-Foreigners Far-Right Party Tops Swiss Poll Raising fears among the ranks of foreigners, the right-wing Swiss People's Party shook Switzerland's legendary stability October 20, after it surged into first place in general elections and promptly fielded its most controversial politician for an extra place in the government.

Brave Brazilians denounce death squads Families who have seen their relatives gunned down in cold blood by right-wing death squads in Brazil are appealing to a leading United Nations envoy to push for action to prevent further massacres.

Man cleared of 9/11 charges The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has reportedly concluded that the only person charged in the US in connection with the September 11 attacks was not involved in the strikes. Time magazine has quoted unidentified sources as saying that the FBI has long believed that the Moroccan-born Frenchman Zacarias Moussaoui "played no part in the 9/11 scheme and was only a minor player in Al Qaeda."

FBI: Moussaoui not involved The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has concluded that Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person charged in America in connection with the September 11 attacks, was not involved in the strikes, Time magazine reported on Sunday.

How the Moussaoui Case Crumbled A trial once described as a slam dunk is caught in a post—9/11 legal wrangle --Sources tell Time, the FBI has long believed that Moussaoui played no part in the 9/11 scheme and was only a minor player in al-Qaeda...

Former German cabinet minister: US plotted Sept 11 A former cabinet minister is drawing huge crowds and stoking the fires of anti-Americanism in Germany with a book arguing that the US government mounted the Sept 11 attacks as part of a plot to win global domination. Andreas von Bülow has gone even further than Michael Meacher, Britain's former environment minister, who claims the US knowingly failed to prevent the attacks. [Since the Telegraph yanked the story, here is the link on Germans Support Claims That US Plotted 911 "If what I say is right, the whole US government should end up behind bars." The story originally ran in the Telegraph, Oct. 17, 2003.]

E-voting machine maker's copyright claims rejected The Electronic Frontier Foundation has said it would defend an ISP and the publisher of a news website against claims of indirect copyright infringement made by Diebold, a manufacturer of electronic voting machines [and an architect of Coup 2004].

Treasury Chief Sees a Jobs Boom, but Most Don't Expressing a confidence that goes well beyond the projections of many economists, Treasury Secretary John W. Snow has predicted that the American economy will add two million new jobs [???!!!] before next year's elections. Most economists, from those at the Federal Reserve to those on Wall Street, agree that economic growth has already accelerated sharply, but many are skeptical that the job picture will improve much by the time Mr. Bush faces re-s-election next November.

Congressional Standoff Delays Energy Bill Vote A stubborn standoff between House and Senate Republicans over $16 billion in tax incentives has delayed a vote until at least next week on legislation to overhaul U.S. energy policy, lawmakers said on Monday. The vast majority of the bill has been completed by Republicans. Democrats have been locked out of the bill-writing process.

GOP Pushes Vote to Curb Class-Action Suits Senators Struggle To Beat Filibuster --Senate Republicans pushed yesterday for a showdown later this week on long-pending legislation to curb huge settlements from class-action lawsuits but were still struggling for enough votes to overcome a Democratic filibuster.

Dean Gets Standing Ovation from Arab-Americans Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean received a standing ovation from an Arab-American audience on Saturday when he attacked leading conservatives and figures from the religious right.

Former Yale chaplain passionate as ever The Rev. William Sloane Coffin spends many afternoons admiring Vermont’s flaming fall foliage from his back porch, but he still ventures out to seek "potential converts" for his cause of peace and justice... He said his favorite Democratic candidate for the presidential nomination is another Vermonter, the state’s former governor, Howard Dean. "But any Democrat, except Joe Lieberman, would be a vast improvement over George Bush," Coffin added.

Shell signs $5bn Gulf deal Anglo-Dutch energy giant Shell has signed a $5bn (£3bn) deal to build an energy plant in the Gulf state of Qatar to convert natural gas into liquid fuel.

Prepaid Profit Plan for Wireless Companies (The Center for Public Integrity) Top firms have banked $629 million for service not yet offered --Since January 2002, the nation's wireless phone companies have been slipping some mysterious new fees in the bills of their 101 million customers. The companies were preemptively collecting fees for a service that would not be available for another 23 months.

Matrix to give information access to law enforcement (FL) This week one thousand law enforcement officers around the state will have access to a controversial super-database, even as other states pull out. Matrix allows officers to see driver's license information, criminal history and other information about a person in seconds.

FHP troopers training for possible riots at Miami trade summit The Florida Highway Patrol department is joining more than a dozen South Florida law enforcement agencies in the mission, and the Miami Police Department is coordinating the effort. The security effort will involve about 6,000 law enforcement officers.

Diana Letter Sensation: 'They Will Try to Kill Me' Princess Diana claimed there was a plot to kill her in a car crash in a handwritten letter only 10 months before she died. She gave it to her butler Paul Burrell with orders that he should keep it as "insurance" for the future.

US army chiefs plan 'strategic exit' from Iraq United States commanders in Iraq have drawn up detailed proposals for a rapid reduction of troop numbers over the next 18 months in the first indication of formal planning for an exit strategy.

U.S. Set to Cede Part of Control Over Aid to Iraq Under pressure from potential donors, the Bush regime will allow a new agency to determine how to spend billions of dollars in reconstruction assistance for Iraq, Bush dictatorship and international aid officials say. The new agency, to be independent of the American occupation, will be run by the World Bank and the United Nations.

Time to get even tougher says Bush United States Dictator George W. Bush used the broadcast of a new audio tape purportedly made by Osama bin Laden to bolster his case yesterday that "the war on terror goes on" and nations must bind together against the threat. "This is still a dangerous world," he said [that international terrorist George W. Bush created, setting the stage for another Republican coup d'etat in 2004].

Bush's News War Earlier this month, someone threw a homemade grenade at the Americans, wounding 13 servicemen... Yet at a press conference the next day, there was no mention of the attack. It was as if the ambush, and the casualties, had never happened. In Baghdad, official control over the news is getting tighter. Journalists used to walk freely into the city’s hospitals and the morgue to keep count of the day’s dead and wounded. Now the hospitals have been declared off-limits and morgue officials turn away reporters who aren’t accompanied by an Occupation escort.

Iraq is new battlefront against US, says tape A taped message purporting to be from the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden declares for the first time that Iraq is the new battlefront in the jihad against the US.

U.S. Troops Take More Losses Deadly ambush teams struck U.S. Army targets from west to north in the arc of resistance around Baghdad, and the interim Iraqi leader called Sunday for an immediate mobilization of the old Iraqi army to help the harried Americans.

G.I.'s Escape Roadside Bombing, but 2 Are Killed in Northern Iraq Crowds of young men danced in victory atop the smoking wreckage of an American Army truck demolished here on Sunday, as attacks against United States forces elsewhere in Iraq over the last day killed two American soldiers and wounded several more. "This is a victory souvenir," said Hikmat Hammad, 24, holding up a blackened ax taken from the wreck.

Two troops die in Iraqi ambush on US convoy Two American soldiers were killed and one wounded in an ambush near the oil city of Kirkuk as armed resistance to the US occupation gathered strength in northern Iraq.

Two U.S. troops killed near Kirkuk Two U.S. soldiers were killed and one was wounded in an ambush north of Baghdad, the military reported Sunday, and insurgents attacked a convoy in this turbulent city west of the capital, setting off huge explosions in several vehicles.

This is Jabir: policeman by day, terrorist by night As US post-war casualties in Iraq hit treble figures, Damien McElroy meets a uniformed officer who plans the very attacks on American soldiers that he is paid to prevent. Said Jabir: "The Americans have given us nothing - no jobs and no hopes. They are thieves. They break into our houses without warning and stand on our heads. This is why the people are getting more hurt and more angry. This is why we want revenge."

Troops Refuse To Go Back (requires Real Player) As thousands in the Army get a two week break from daily fire in Iraq, more and more soldiers refuse to go back, as fellow troops can understand why, CBS News' Bob Orr reports.

U.S. general says troops may stay in Iraq until 2006 U.S. troops may have to stay in Iraq until 2006 to fully secure the country they invaded in March, a top U.S. general said Friday.

Reservists Accused of Mistreating Iraqis Eight Marine reservists accused in the mistreatment of prisoners of war in Iraq were being held at Camp Pendleton on charges ranging from negligent homicide to dereliction of duty, military officials said.

US Marine reservists charged with ill-treating Iraqi POWs The US military has charged eight US Marine reservists, including two officers, with brutal treatment of Iraqi prisoners of war.

Elite unit savaged civilians in Vietnam Known as Tiger Force, it was an elite fighting unit in Vietnam - small, mobile, trained to kill... Women and children were intentionally blown up in underground bunkers. Elderly farmers were shot as they toiled in the fields. Prisoners were tortured and executed - their ears and scalps severed for souvenirs...

Report: U.S. Army Unit Targeted Vietnam Civilians A U.S. Army unit known as Tiger Force committed numerous war crimes during the Vietnam War, including killing scores of unarmed civilians, but an investigation was closed with no charges being brought, The Blade newspaper reported on Sunday. The Blade said it found the Army had investigated the unit for 4 1/2 years, and found 18 soldiers had committed war crimes. But the Army filed no charges, and allowed soldiers who were under suspicion of committing war crimes to resign.

Pentagon Officials Say General Won't Quit Over Islam Remarks A senior Pentagon intelligence official facing criticism for his comments that Muslims worship an "idol" does not plan to quit his post and believes his remarks have been taken out of context, U.S. defense officials said on Friday.

Doubts Raised on U.S. Plan for Leasing Tanker Planes Two reports issued this week reinforced the case for buying new tanker planes for the Air Force, rather than leasing them as the Pentagon has proposed, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John W. Warner, said yesterday.

Officials Correct Bush on Indonesia Dictator Bush misspoke when he said last week that the United States was ready to "go forward with" a new package of military training programs with Indonesia, according to a White House official questioned about the Idiot Usurper's remarks.

Britain cancels royal procession for Bush amid protest fears: report Plans for US Dictator George W. Bush to make a triumphant procession during his state visit to Britain next month have been abandoned by the British government for fear of anti-war protests, the British Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported on Sunday.

Cook drops demand for war inquiry Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary, has withdrawn his demand for a judicial inquiry into the Iraq war because he says the Hutton Inquiry has proven that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction.

Labour poised to expel Galloway George Galloway, the outspoken Glasgow MP, is expected to be expelled from the Labour Party this week after being accused of inciting Arabs to fight British troops. Mr Galloway’s strong anti-war views have caused problems for the Labour leadership for some time and he was suspended from the party six months ago after comparing George Bush and Tony Blair to "wolves" after the invasion of Iraq.

Blair taken to hospital after heart scare Tony Blair was admitted to hospital yesterday suffering from heart problems.

Tony Blair hospitalized PM Suffered 'Irregular Heartbeat' Prime Minister Tony Blair was admitted to hospital for chest pains, Downing Street has confirmed. But he returned home after being treated, said Downing Street.

Saudi princes seek immunity against 9/11 lawsuits Lawyers representing two Saudi princes argued Friday that their clients have immunity from lawsuits relating to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, because they are diplomatic officials.

Poll triumph for Swiss right wing Early results from Switzerland's parliamentary elections show that the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) has the biggest share of the vote. The party, once the smallest of the four governing parties in the coalition, is now the largest.

Boca out to [violate civil liberties to] keep protesters in check Boca Raton officials plan to put the clamp on expected protesters at next month's gathering of Republican governors here. To disarm potential 'troublemakers' [?!?], the city council will consider making it illegal to carry ordinary items at public gatherings that 'could be turned into instruments of vandalism or destruction'. But civil liberties advocates say something more sinister is taking place here.

US voting system vulnerable to fraud Part 1 of a 4-part investigation by Andrew Gumbel of the Independent "What, then, is one to make of the fact that the owners of the three major computer voting machines are all prominent Republican Party donors? Or of a recent political fund-raising letter written to Ohio Republicans by Walden O'Dell, Diebold's chief executive, in which he said he was 'committed to helping Ohio to deliver its electoral votes to the president [sic] next year' - even as his company was bidding for the contract on the state's new voting machinery?"

Diebold Voting machines (animation from [a must view]

Public Defender Fee Opposed New Minn. law requires people to pay up to $200 for legal counsel. Anyone who has ever watched a cop catch a bad guy on television likely has this constitutional right committed to memory: If you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. But a new Minnesota law that requires poor people to pay as much as $200 for this 'privilege' is under attack by public defenders and some judges, who contend that it undermines the 40-year-old legal tenet established by the U.S. Supreme Court in Gideon v. Wainwright.

Poll: Public Supports Health Care for All By almost a 2-1 margin in an ABC News-Washington Post poll, 62 percent to 32 percent, Americans said they preferred a universal system that would provide coverage to everyone under a government program, as opposed to the current employer-based system.

Poll Finds Backing For Drug Reimports Bush Rated Low on Health Issues --As their drug bills soar, a solid majority of Americans say they want Congress to legalize the importation of lower-priced medicines from Canada and Europe, and would be willing to pay higher taxes to provide prescription drug benefits to senior citizens, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

[Pharma-terrorist] Eli Lilly Limits Canada Pharmacy Sales Eli Lilly and Co. has begun to limit its drug sales to Canadian pharmacies, joining other drug companies that are trying to prevent their medications from being sold to U.S. consumers from Canada.

US interest rates 'to rise soon' American interest rates are set to rise over the next few months, one of Dictator Bush’s most senior officials told The Times this weekend.

Grocery workers fear joining the working poor Assembly-line work, residential construction labor, work behind the counter of a bank, among many other relatively low-skill jobs, used to provide a comfortable living for millions of Americans. Now, for the most part, they don't.

State Workers Facing Layoffs Davis signed off on $1.1 billion in payroll cuts, but he has made few. Thousands could lose jobs by Christmas if SchwarzeNazi acts.

95 Degrees in Nebraska in the Middle Of October? That's what the National Weather Service is predicting for Lexington on Sunday. Record highs in the mid-80s to 90 prevailed over much of Nebraska on Saturday. [Note: the Idiot Usurper does *not* believe in global warming.]

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Record High temperatures were set at many locations across central Iowa... A preliminary List of record highs set today.

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Record High in Omaha this afternoon...

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Record High temperature set at Bismarck... Record High temperature set at Jamestown... Record High temperature set at Minot...

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Record High temperature broken for October 18...

Bush grandfather director of bank with Hitler ties: U.S. government documents Dictator George W. Bush's grandfather was a director of a bank seized by the U.S. government because of its ties to a German industrialist who helped bankroll Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's rise to power, government documents show.

Bush bank tied to Nazi funding Dictator Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was one of seven directors of Union Banking Corp., a New York investment bank owned by a bank controlled by the Thyssen family, according to recently declassified National Archives documents reviewed by the Associated Press.

Countdown Iran --by Christopher Dickey "Good news from the United Nations today: the Security Council unanimously approved a new resolution for the reconstruction of Iraq. Unfortunately, even the Security Council’s words are cheap, and reconstruction is not. Worse still, there’s a new war on the horizon. A countdown has started for war between the United States and Iran. It’s quiet but persistent right now, like the ticking of a Swatch. Soon enough though, alarms will start ringing."

Experts Downplay Bioagent The botulinum B found in Iraq was probably bought legally and the bacterium has never been used to produce a weapon, scientists say. A suspicious sample of biological material recently found by U.S. weapons hunters in Iraq probably was purchased legally from a U.S. organization in the 1980s and is a substance that has never been successfully used to produce a weapon, experts said.

Spain to probe US war crime In an unprecedented war crimes case, a High Court judge in Spain will investigate the death of a Spanish cameraman killed in a US tank attack during the war in Iraq. Judicial sources said on Friday relatives of Telecinco cameraman Jose Couso asked the court in May to investigate his death and put three US soldiers on trial. [Bush and Blair need to be put on trial, too.]

Judge says case against US troops who shot cameraman can proceed A Spanish judge said on Friday an investigation into the fatal shooting of a Spanish television cameraman in Iraq by US troops could proceed, judicial sources said.

Marines Face Charges of Mistreating Iraqis Eight Marine reservists face charges ranging from negligent homicide to making false statements in connection with the mistreatment of prisoners of war in Iraq, military officials said Saturday.

Eight Marines Charged in Iraq Death Eight Marine reservists stationed at Camp Pendleton have been charged in connection with the June death of an Iraqi man who was held at a detention facility in Iraq, authorities said.

Annan Won't Send U.N. Staff Back to Iraq Despite a new resolution giving the United Nations a bigger role in Iraq, the organization won't beef up the skeleton staff still in the country after two bombings because of security concerns, a U.N. spokesman said Friday.

U.S. Crackdown on Shi'ites Fuels Iraqi Anger U.S. troops sealed off roads around the house of an Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim cleric on Saturday and another sheikh warned the crackdown on radicals would only backfire.

U.S. commander killed in Iraq firefight 12-hour battle in holy city claims six lives --Four U.S. military police, including a commanding officer, and two Iraqi policemen, were killed in two separate incidents Friday. The latest deaths bring the number of U.S. troops killed in hostile fire since Dictator Bush declared an end to major combat to 101.

Ten killed in firefight as tension grows in Iraq Three American soldiers and at least seven Iraqis were killed in a gun battle outside the office of a Shia cleric in the holy Iraqi city of Kerbala, officials said yesterday.

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Clashes U.S. combat deaths since the end of major fighting passed the 100 mark Friday after a joint U.S.-Iraqi patrol confronted gunmen outside the headquarters of a Shiite Muslim cleric, triggering clashes in which three Americans and 10 Iraqis were killed, including two Iraqi policemen.

Iraq Keeps U.S. Hospital in Germany Busy Major combat in Iraq has been declared over for nearly six months, but there's been no letup for the staff at the U.S. military's largest overseas hospital. "I can't tell the difference between combat and post-combat,'' said medical director Lt. Col. Richard Jordan, looking over rows of trailers providing temporary housing for the extra 600 doctors and nurses called in to handle casualties from the war.

Brain injuries take toll on US soldiers According to military officials, roughly 20 percent of the wounds suffered by the troops in Iraq have been severe brain injuries. And Major General Kevin C. Kiley, commanding general of the North Atlantic Regional Medical Command, said that figure does not even take into account milder neural injuries.

Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor Hundreds of sick and wounded U.S. soldiers including many who served in the Iraq war are languishing in hot cement barracks here while they wait -- sometimes for months -- to see doctors.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Worried by Morale Poll Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Richard B. Myers expressed concern Thursday over a survey suggesting major morale problems among U.S. troops in Iraq, saying he was worried that he and other top officers were sometimes allowed to talk only to "all the happy folks" when they visited service members.

NYU Challenges Military Recruitment ( "New York University today signed onto a federal lawsuit challenging the Solomon Amendment, which requires that law schools make exceptions to their non-discrimination policies and allow military recruitment of graduates, despite the military's refusal to hire openly gay people, under penalty of losing the entire Univ.'s federal funding."

The Privatization of War and Peace --by Richard Reeves "'PMC' is about to become a household acronym. The letters stand for 'private military company.' One PMC called DynCorp...was the employer of the three security guards killed by a bomb as they guarded American diplomats in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. When you call to ask questions about DynCorp, you are referred to the State Department, which does not discuss the trade secrets of private companies. In other words, private companies doing the public's business are not accountable to the public."

Ambassador accused after criticising US The strange case of Britain's outspoken envoy in Uzbekistan, who was threatened with sack and faulted for shortcomings after upsetting Downing St --Britain's ambassador in Tashkent, who mysteriously returned to this country last month on temporary sick leave, was the victim of threats from Downing Street related to his outspoken views on US foreign policy in the run-up to the Iraq invasion... Mr Murray became personally involved in exposing torture, commissioning a forensic report on the bodies of two political prisoners, Muzafar Avazov and Husnidin Alimov, which concluded they had probably been boiled to death. Last year Washington gave the government of Uzbekistan $500m (£298m) in aid, $79m of which was specifically for the same "law enforcement and security services" they accused of routine torture. [Speech by Ambassador Craig Murray - Freedom House, 17.10.02]

Bin Laden Said to Warn of Attacks in U.S. In two new messages broadcast by Al-Jazeera on Saturday, a voice purported to be Osama bin Laden threatened countries helping the American occupation of Iraq and warned of new suicide attacks "inside and outside'' the United States.

Bin Laden Vows More Suicide Attacks Osama bin Laden has vowed to carry out more September 11-style suicide attacks against US interests. In an audio tape sent to Arabic satellite television station al Jazeera, the al Qaeda chief also advised US forces to leave Iraq.

Democrats: Republican Policies Hurt U.S. Homefront Democrats charged on Saturday the policies of Dictator Bush and his fellow Republicans in the U.S. Congress were hurting cities, suburbs and rural America.

Voting Scandal? --by Eric Alterman "There’s the possibility of an enormous scandal brewing with the GOP using voter technology stealing votes. I can’t tell if they’re doing it yet or just getting ready to do it-or to be able to do it if they need to. And don’t tell me they’re above that kind of thing. If these guys cared about honest elections, I’d be whining about President Gore in this space. Anyway, read the extremely disturbing story above. Then read this one. Why, for goodness sakes is the mass media avoiding this potentially enormous story?" [Because, as CLG Founder Michael Rectenwald has stated, "Illegitimate elections have now become the rule, not the exception. With corporate interests embedded in the election machinery itself, and those corporations served by rightwing interests, the chances of fair and true elections are dwindling and perhaps already gone." Click here to read Mike Rectenwald's full statement.]

Thousands Protest Bush's Philippines Trip Thousands of university students and other activists marched Saturday to protest Dictator Bush's visit to this city. Up to 4,000 protesters burned U.S. flags and an effigy of a pirate-dressed Bush as his motorcade sped by on the opposite side of the highway en route to the House of Representatives, where he addressed a joint session of Congress.

Protesters Ready for Bush Visit to Manila More than a thousand university students and leftist activists marched Saturday against Dictator Bush's eight-hour visit to the Philippines. Waving anti-U.S. placards and streamers saying, "Ban Bush'' and "Bush No. 1 terrorist,'' protesters left the sprawling University of the Philippines campus in suburban Quezon City for the House of Representatives building.

Thai mouse to risk life for Bush A humble mouse is to put its life on a plate for US dictator George Bush this weekend - acting as his official food taster to thwart any attempt at a bio-chemical assasination. The rodent is one of 10 selected by the authorities in Thailand, where Mr Bush is starting a four-day visit today, and will be served samples of food which the dictator will eat.

Bush's "spirit" cursed with black magic, tossed into Thai river US Dictator George W. Bush has been trapped in a clay pot and tossed into a river in northern Thailand -- or at least his spirit has after being cursed by hundreds of farmers protesting US agriculture policy.

Is Bush Planning to Dump Cheney? In an e-mail, Jeb Bush accuses potential gubernatorial candidates of pursuing campaigns -- what he calls a 'distraction' from his brother's re-s-election efforts. ''...I believe very strongly that as Florida becomes an increasing target for the Democrats and their national financial resources, it will take each and every one of us to make sure that my brother has all the financial resources he will need to win,'' he continued, referring to his brother's infamous coup d'etat and recount battle. "Which means our focus will have to be on one thing and one thing only -- reelecting [sic] the Bush-Cheney ticket in whatever form that takes.'' The governor -- who is heading his brother's reelection campaign in Florida -- did not say who was applying the pressure to commit so early for the 2006 race, nor did he explain what other ''form'' the Bush-Cheney ticket might take next year.

Letter from Jeb Bush to state Republican fundraisers From: Jeb Bush [] Sent: Friday, October 17, 2003 2:39 PM To: Jeb Bush Subject: Message from Governor Jeb Bush "...None of us would like to see a repeat of what happened to George in 2000 [? Jeb laments the GOP coup d'etat?!?] and I believe very strongly that as Florida becomes an increasing target for the democrats and their national financial resources, it will take each and every one of us to make sure that my brother has all the financial resources he will need to win. Which means our focus will have to be on one thing and one thing only - reelecting [*mega* sic] the Bush-Cheney ticket in whatever form that takes." [?!? Maybe Dick Cheney will be exposed for leaking the CIA agent's identity to media whore Robert Novak, and George Bush will have to make Cat-torturer Bill Frist or Arnold SchwarzeNazi his VP candidate?]

Bush Family Values Photo Album ( "For more than a half century, members of the Bush family have been setting policy and making decisions for all Americans. Let's look at the family that has had such an impact on the lives of human beings worldwide."

L.A. Tries to Terminate Schwarzenegger Mural Los Angeles officials want to terminate a giant mural of California Gov.-s-elect Arnold SchwarzeNazi that sprang up on the side of a building a week after the action star 'won' the state's Oct. 7 GOP California coup d'etat ['recall election'].

Critical US energy bill crafted in secrecy (Oct. 2, 2003) The massive energy bill taking final shape behind closed doors on Capitol Hill this week began in controversy and is heading into more of it. Secrecy on energy issues began years ago when Vice pResident Cheney's energy task force met behind closed doors - a controversial process still being debated in the courts. Now the two Republican chairmen in charge of the energy packages from the House and Senate are behind closed doors again - this time to rewrite the bill themselves without input from Democrats and other critics.

Postal workers sue Bayer over Cipro A group of U.S. Postal Service workers yesterday filed a lawsuit claiming they suffered harmful side effects from Cipro, an antibiotic they were given during the anthrax scare two years ago.

Freedom? Whose Freedom? --by Michael Rectenwald "Those who most cry 'freedom' in the marketplace, are those who have freedom and commit the vast majority to unfreedom of all kinds. 'Freedom' of Iraqis has meant their occupation by US forces as they pave the way for US-style global 'free markets.'"

Bush Re-asserts Pre-emptive Strategy in Speech Dictator Bush embarked today on his longest trip to Asia by re-asserting America's 'right' to take pre-emptive action against its enemies, and with a warning that the world cannot allow Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, to be "defined'' by Islamic extremists. Mr. Bush's comments, in a speech here just a few hours before he departed for Japan and in comments to Asian and Australian reporters that were released by the White House, marked an assertive declaration of what he called "a new American strategy'' as he headed to several countries where anti-American sentiment runs high. He told the reporters that part of his aim during the trip is "to make sure that the people who are suspicious of our country understand our motives are pure.'' [Yes, his aims are "pure" all right. They are pure domination, exploitation and terrorism.]

God put Bush in charge, says the general hunting bin Laden The general leading the hunt for Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein has publicly declared that the Christian God is "bigger" than Allah, who is a false "idol", and believes the war on terrorism is a fight with Satan, it emerged yesterday. [I think it was actually Satan that put him in charge, but... at the *very* least it was the U.S. High (on drugs) Court.]

Thinkers Launch Anti-Empire Drive --by Jim Lobe "Representatives of a new coalition of prominent foreign-policy scholars and analysts whose political views range from right to centre-left announced here Thursday they hope to spearhead opposition to the imperial policies pursued by the administration of U.S. President [sic] George W. Bush. Leaders of the 'Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy' charged that the administration is moving ''in a dangerous direction toward empire'', an idea that they said has never been embraced by the U.S. public.

U.S. Military Assessment Team Going to Bolivia The U.S. military is sending a 'small' team of security specialists to the American Embassy in Bolivia to 'assess the situation' [?!?] amid civil violence in the South American nation, the military's Southern Command said on Friday.

Embattled Bolivian President to Resign Embattled President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada will resign after weeks of deadly street riots triggered by a government plan to export natural gas, a close presidential ally said Friday.

Bolivia's Poor Proclaim Abiding Distrust of Globalization The many Indian protesters who choked the streets and highways of this Andean nation again on Thursday may be poor and speak broken or accented Spanish, but they have a powerful message. It is this: no to the export of gas and other natural resources; no to free trade with the United States; no to globalization in any form other than solidarity among the downtrodden peoples of the developing world.

US occupiers compared to Mongol looters An influential British Muslim thinktank has compared the looting and vandalism of historical Baghdad during the American invasion to that of the Mongol occupation in 1258.

Occupation Authority Takes Initial Steps to Sell Iraq's State Companies The U.S.-led occupation authority is taking initial steps toward selling off the first of Iraq's scores of state-owned companies to investors.

Study of Iraq Bill Reveals Overcharging The Bush regime's Iraq 'reconstruction' plan appears to overcharge taxpayers some $200 million for the purchase and importation of petroleum products, according to a congressional report obtained Thursday.

Congress OKs $87B Halliburton [Iraq, Afghanistan] Bill In quick succession, the House and Senate voted Friday to spend some $87 billion that Dictator Bush said was needed to finish a mission of 'securing peace and eliminating terrorist threats' in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senate Approves $87 Billion Bill for Halliburton [Iraq] The U.S. Senate on Friday passed a roughly $87 billion 'emergency' spending bill for Halliburton ['operations in Iraq'], after voting to shave Dictator Bush's $20 billion plan to rebuild the country and convert $10 billion of that to loans.

Defying Bush, Senate Votes to Make Iraq Pay Back Loan The Senate defied the Bush regime on Thursday by insisting that Iraq repay up to $10 billion in money for Halliburton ['reconstruction aid'], even as a divided House took a different path and prepared to grant Dictator Bush's $87 billion request for Halliburton ['Iraq and Afghanistan'] without conditions.

Kennedy to assail Bush over Iraq war Ratcheting up his criticism of the war in Iraq, Senator Edward M. Kennedy accuses the Bush dictatorship of telling "lie after lie after lie" to defend its policy in a fiery speech prepared for delivery today [Thursday] on the Senate floor.

Syrian Leader Condemns Iraqi War President Bashar Assad assailed the U.S. invasion of Iraq and ridiculed its 'accomplishments' Thursday, even as his country offered surprise support for American-proposed resolution on Iraq in the U.N. Security Council.

Novak Intelligence Leak: All Roads Lead To Cheney --by William Francis "Regarding the Wilson intelligence scandal: We need to realize that EVERYTHING Bush, Novak, and McClellan are SAYING is absolutely true. But everything they're TELLING US is a lie. We have to remember to listen carefully to the exact words... [T]he D.O.J. has decided that The People's right to know about ongoing investigations into national security emergencies extends to the CIA, the State Department, the Pentagon, and the White House; but when it comes to Dick Cheney's offices, it's a completely different ball game."

4 American Soldiers Are Killed in 2 New Attacks in Iraq Three American soldiers were killed in the Shiite holy city of Karbala late Thursday night and another soldier was killed in Baghdad this morning, military officials said today. Two Iraqi security officers were also killed and five were wounded in the Karbala attack outside the headquarters of a Shiite cleric.

Iraq Firefight: 12 Killed Three American soldiers and nine Iraqis have reportedly been killed in the town of Karbala.

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed, Seven Wounded in Iraq Battle Three American soldiers were killed and seven were wounded in a midnight clash at a Shiite Muslim cleric's headquarters in this shrine city, the U.S. military said Friday. Witnesses said at least eight Iraqis also died in the fighting.

Pentagon to Call on More Support Troops The Pentagon is drawing up plans to mobilize more National Guard and Reserve forces for duty in Iraq, in the expectation that too few international troops will be available by early next year, officials said Thursday.

Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor Hundreds of sick and wounded U.S. soldiers including many who served in the Iraq war are languishing in hot cement barracks here while they wait -- sometimes for months -- to see doctors.

Military families protest big jump in price of soldiers' calls from Iraq Some American soldiers in Iraq have made heavy use of phones there to keep in touch with families back home. Now some military families say those calls have virtually stopped because of a hefty increase in phone charges.

At Iraqi Depot, Missiles Galore and No Guards A 15-foot-long missile, along with a dozen ready-to-fire 107-millimeter antitank rounds, just a few feet away, is part of a problem that the American military has only begun to grapple with: as much as one million tons of ammunition is scattered around Iraq, much of it unguarded — like the armaments here — simply because the United States does not have the personnel to keep watch.

U.S. Terrorism in Iraq
US soldier frisks Afghan child in Zermit village (

The picture which shames US army A secretly taken picture of an American soldier frisking an Afghan child has shocked human rights campaigners across the world.

States of war Appeasing the armed forces has become a political necessity for the American president [sic] --by George Monbiot "But there is a lot more at stake than merely casting the cloak of patriotism over his corporate welfare programmes. Appeasing the armed forces has become, for President [sic] Bush, a political necessity. He cannot win the next election without them. ...[I]n America, the armed forces, whether they want it or not, are being dragged into the heart of political life. A mature democracy is in danger of turning itself into a military state."

The Global Redlining of America - Bush Plunges U.S. Into Rapid Decline - The shrinking superpower (The Black Commentator) "The Bush Pirate’s quest for a global market subordinate to American fiat has failed. This shift in the global relationship of forces should have been expected when Bush declared war against world order. It is the logical result of, and answer to, the president[sic]’s 2002 ultimatum, 'either you are with us, or against us.' ...Once set in motion, the effects will be irreversible, no matter which party wins the White House in 2004."

Senators join forces to roll back parts of Patriot Act A bipartisan group of lawmakers and advocacy groups have formed a "Coalition of Conscience" to roll back sections of the Patriot Act they say encroach on civil liberties.

D.C. choppers go to 24/7 coverage The civilian Blackhawk helicopters deployed in January to help defend the skies over the nation’s capital are on round-the-clock coverage in the wake of an story that described how the choppers were only providing partial coverage.

Santa Cruz mayor's bakery visited by FDA Santa Cruz Mayor Emily Reilly is warning her constituents in this liberal beach town not to jump to conspiracy theories about several unusual events involving her bakery in the days since the city council decided to challenge Dictator Bush. It was Reilly who, after a Santa Cruz City Council vote on Sept. 9, sent a letter to Washington asking the U.S. House Judiciary Committee to consider impeaching Dictator Bush...

Sept. 11 Panel Votes to Subpoena FAA The independent commission studying the Sept. 11 attacks has voted to subpoena the Federal Aviation Administration, ordering the agency to hand over documents for the investigation.

Another Microbiologist Died, Ex-Fort Detrick ( "Another Microbiologist dies under mysterious circumstances. West Nile Researcher Perich worked once at Fort Detrick. In 1998, already one year before the Outbreak, seven scientists endorsed a West Nile Vaccine, supported by Jerome Hauer and ex-CIA director John Deutch."

LSU W. Nile researcher, 46, dies in pickup crash on I-12 (LA) Michael Perich, an LSU professor who helped fight the spread of the West Nile virus died Saturday morning in a one-vehicle car accident. Perich, who was wearing his seat belt, drowned. The cause of the crash is under investigation, Walker Police Chief Elton Burns said.

U.S. to Search Aircraft After Box Cutters Found All commercial aircraft will be searched by U.S. security personnel within the next 24 hours after the discovery of box cutters, bleach and other items aboard two Southwest Airlines Inc. planes, federal law enforcement officials said on Friday.

U.S. Searches Planes After Box Cutters Found All commercial aircraft will be thoroughly searched within the next day after box cutters, bleach and other suspicious items were discovered aboard two Southwest Airlines Inc. planes, U.S. law enforcement and aviation officials said on Friday.

Map lines aren't all that move under GOP plan Democrats lose some prized addresses --To the victor go the spoils [Well, to the thief goes the jewels], and in Texas congressional redistricting that means transferring NASA and most of the medical center from Democratic hands to Republican.

Oliphant seeks state inquiry Broward Supervisor of Elections Miriam Oliphant has asked Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist to investigate the county's 2002 purchase of touch-screen 'voting' equipment. Oliphant lists nine concerns she wants Crist to investigate, beginning with the selection and purchase of the county's $17.2 million voting system.

ISP Rejects Diebold Copyright Claims Against News Website EFF Defends Right to Publish Links to Electronic Voting Memos (Electronic Frontier Foundation Media Release) "...EFF announced today it will defend an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a news website publisher against claims of indirect copyright infringement from the electronic voting machines' manufacturer. On October 10, 2003, electronic voting company Diebold, Inc., sent a cease-and-desist letter to the nonprofit Online Policy Group (OPG) ISP demanding that OPG remove a page of links published on an Independent Media Center (IndyMedia) website located on a computer server hosted by OPG."

GOP Leaders Push to Finish Energy Bill House and Senate Republicans were unable to reach an agreement Thursday on a handful of conflicts that have blocked agreement on energy legislation, despite the direct intervention of top GOP leaders. Republicans have the votes to fashion the bill largely to their liking, despite Democratic objections. The legislation includes at least $16 billion in tax benefits, mostly to promote greater production and use of coal, natural gas, domestic petroleum resources and nuclear power.

Tax Cuts for Gas Drilling Possible Congress is poised to reinstitute a multimillion-dollar tax break for companies that drill for natural gas in coal beds, even though that business has been booming for a decade without the special help.

Dean: Big deficit suits GOP's plans Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean accused Republicans on Thursday of running up the federal budget deficit so they can undermine the fiscal underpinnings of Medicare and Social Security.

The Sweet Spot --by Paul Krugman "'What we have here is a form of looting.' So says George Akerlof, a Nobel laureate in economics, of the Bush administration's budget policies — and he's right. With startling speed, we've blown right through the usual concerns about budget deficits — about their effects on interest rates and economic growth — and into a range where the very solvency of the federal government is at stake. Almost every expert not on the administration's payroll now sees budget deficits equal to about a quarter of government spending for the next decade, and getting worse after that."

'Bundling' contributions pays for Bush campaign Just about every person in South Dakota who has donated $1,000 or more to Dictator Bush's re-s-election campaign is in Tom Everist's pocket PC. As a result, Everist, a wealthy businessman from Sioux Falls, is well on his way to becoming one of Bush's elite Rangers — people who have raised at least $200,000 for the campaign by collecting checks of no more than $2,000 each from their friends, family and business associates.

Bush Says Much in Common with SchwarzeNazi Dictator Bush and California Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger sized each other up on Thursday in a get-together session that Schwarzenegger hopes will lead to federal help for a state Bush would like to win [and, will likely steal, with Diebold's touch-screen 'voting' machines] in 2004.

Barbour Says He Won't Ask to Have Photo Removed From Pro-Racism Web Site Republican [Nazi] gubernatorial nominee Haley Barbour said he will not ask the Council of Conservative Citizens to remove his picture from a group Web site that promotes white supremacist and anti-Semitic causes.

Ben Affleck engages in attack on Bush "The Bush administration has continued to push a dangerous right-wing agenda which has included increasing encroachments on civil liberties, particularly with the questionable and aggressive use of the Patriot Act," actor Ben Affleck fumed on Tuesday night when he accepted a Spirit of Liberty award from the People for the American Way.

Warmest September on Record, Experts Say Last month was the warmest September on record, federal climate experts said Friday.

Two GM crops face ban for damaging wildlife Two GM varieties, oil-seed rape and sugar beet, face a Europe-wide ban after long-awaited field-scale trials showed that the crops damaged wildlife, and would have a serious long-term effect on bee, butterfly and bird populations.

Painkillers May Have Caused Limbaugh's Deafness Research findings suggest that Rush Limbaugh's apparent addiction to Vicodin could be the culprit behind his mysterious attack of deafness two years ago.

The Pentagon Unleashes a Holy Warrior A Christian extremist in a high Defense post can only set back the U.S. approach to the Muslim world. --by William M. Arkin "...[Army Lt. General William G. "Jerry"] Boykin is also an intolerant extremist who has spoken openly about how his belief in Christianity has trumped Muslims and other non-Christians in battle. He has described himself as a warrior in the kingdom of God and invited others to join with him in fighting for the United States through repentance, prayer and the exercise of faith in God. He has praised the leadership of President [sic] Bush, whom he extolled as 'a man who prays in the Oval Office.' 'George Bush was not elected by a majority of the voters in the United States,' Boykin told an Oregon congregation. 'He was appointed by God.'" [NOT! *Why* is this Reichwing whackjob the deputy 'undersecretary of Defense for intelligence'? Quoting Arkin, "In this newly created position, Boykin is not just another Pentagon apparatchik or bureaucratic warrior. He has been charged with reinvigorating Rumsfeld's 'High Value Target Plan' to track down Bin Laden, Hussein, Mullah Omar and other leaders in the terrorism world.]

General Casts War in Religious Terms The top soldier assigned to track down Bin Laden and Hussein is an evangelical Christian who speaks publicly of 'the army of God.' The Pentagon has assigned the task of tracking down and eliminating Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and other high-profile targets to an Army general who sees the war on terrorism as a clash between Judeo-Christian values and Satan.

Space set to become war zone, warns US general Space may become a war zone in the not-too-distant future, a senior US military officer said today, hours after China became only the third country after the US and the former Soviet Union to put a man in space.

Powell dismisses accusations US Secretary of State Colin Powell dismissed as "nonsense" criticism from a former aide who accused him of misleading the American people by exaggerating the threat posed by Iraq.

Security Council Adopts U.S. Plan for Iraq in 15-0 Vote The Security Council voted unanimously today to adopt a resolution on the future of Iraq. The 15-to-0 vote was a victory for the United States, but its impact was to some extent symbolic.

A Toothless Resolution Even if the Security Council approves the U.S. proposal, it won't change a thing in Iraq. --by Fred Kaplan "The resolution essentially changes nothing. Its drafters have paid lip service to accelerating the process of Iraqi self-governance and strengthening the United Nations' role in this process. But a close reading of the resolution indicates that all power remains in American hands, that no real authority is transferred to the United Nations, and that a new Iraqi government remains a long way off... In short, the resolution fails to accomplish the main diplomatic tasks at hand—to share the burdens of building postwar Iraq and to quell the violent resistance so the rebuilding can proceed securely."

Senate Heads for Showdown on Iraq Aid The U.S. Senate headed toward a showdown on Thursday over a bipartisan challenge to Dictator Bush's plan to fund Halliburton ['rebuild Iraq'] as Congress debated an $87 billion spending bill for Halliburton ['Iraq and Afghanistan'].

Sen. Kennedy Says Will Oppose $87 Billion for Iraq Joining a growing chorus of Democrats who say Dictator Bush's Iraq policies are failing, leading Senate liberal Edward Kennedy said on Thursday he will oppose an $87 billion spending bill for Iraq.

US troops move against fundamentalist cleric's supporters US troops moved against supporters of fundamentalist cleric Moqtada Sadr in his Baghdad stronghold, as the occupation forces issued veiled warnings it may take action against his Shiite militia.

Explosion damages pipeline in northern Iraq An explosion damaged an oil pipeline in north-west Iraq yesterday, causing a fire and further hampering Iraq's oil export capabilities, an Oil Ministry official said.

Iraqi Oil Reaches US Shores The US Energy Information Administration announced that for the first time since the war in Iraq that started in March, Iraqi crude has reached US market. The most active US oil companies in Iraq have been Chevron Texaco and Conoco Phillips.

Halliburton Allegedly Overcharges in Iraq Two Democratic lawmakers say Vice pResident Dick Cheney's former company, Halliburton, is gouging U.S. taxpayers while importing gasoline into Iraq.

Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds A broad survey of U.S. troops in Iraq by a Pentagon-funded newspaper found that half of those questioned described their unit's morale as low and their training as insufficient, and said they do not plan to reenlist.

UK Protesters Aim to Humiliate Bush Like Saddam Hussein Anti-war protesters plan to topple and dance on a mock statue of Dictator Bush in the center of London as part of demonstrations to "blight" his visit to Britain next month.

Bush hails 'sheriff' Australia US Dictator George W Bush has hailed Australia as its "sheriff" in South East Asia. The phrase is likely to raise hackles in the region, where Malaysia's leader Mahathir Mohamad recently accused Australia of acting like a "deputy general" and a Western "transplant".

House Votes to Impose Sanctions on Syria The House approved new and tougher sanctions on Syria, arguing that the Middle East country continues to harbor 'terrorists' intent on killing Americans in Iraq and 'perpetuating violence' in Israel.

Report: N. Korea to Display Nuclear Arms North Korea said Thursday it would "physically display its nuclear deterrent force," South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported.

Gore says U.S. seaports, nuclear plants at risk U.S. President Al Gore warned yesterday that security is too lax at American seaports and nuclear plants because extra attention has been placed on protecting airports from terrorist attacks. In a speech at a technology conference in Taipei, Gore also complained that security officials were neglecting intelligence information already at hand as they relentlessly pushed to collect more data.

Gore: Intrusive technology may make us less secure The relentless drive for more intrusive technology to help improve security may result in a society that is less secure, warned Al Gore, president of the U.S., speaking Tuesday at the Carnahan Conference on Security Technology in Taipei.

FCC raids pirate station in Castro neighborhood Low-power broadcast on FM dial for years --Federal marshals and representatives of the Federal Communications Commission raided a residence on a quiet block in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood Wednesday, confiscating equipment used to operate an unlicensed, low-power FM radio station.

Commission on 9/11 Attacks Issues Subpoena to the F.A.A. The federal commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks announced on Wednesday that it had issued its first subpoena, to the Federal Aviation Administration, after discovering that the agency had withheld a variety of tapes and documents that were "highly material to our inquiry."

Bush Meets With Calif. Gov.-S-elect Schwarzenegger, Talks Economy, War on 'Terror' Dictator Bush is hoping that an alliance with the movie actor turned GOP politician will help him build re-s-election support in the state, with its huge prize of 55 of the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. [Bush is counting on more Diebold vote-fraud with the touch-screen 'voting' machines --that is the only way the Idiot Usurper will 'win' California.]

Bush, SchwarzeNazi Stage Lovefest Looking to each other for political support, Dictator Bush embraced Arnold SchwarzeNazi as "a fine and strong leader" Thursday and the governor-s-elect returned the compliment by saying California has no greater ally in Washington.

Affleck takes swipe at US politics Hollywood actor Ben Affleck has attacked US Dictator George Bush's "dangerous right-wing" policies, which he said were eroding civil liberties.

Man Accuses Minneapolis Police of Assault A man accused Minneapolis police of sodomizing him with the handle of a plunger during a drug raid, and two officers were suspended while the FBI investigated. The assault allegedly happened as officers executed a search warrant at a home.

Emails show Enron may have influenced FERC probe on California power crisis, refunds --by Jason Leopold "About two dozen of the more than one million Enron emails dealing with California's energy crisis, recently released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), appear to make a strong case that the one-time high-flying energy company had some role in influencing the FERC decision three years ago—a major blow to California consumers and two of the state's investor-owned utilities that were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy... Governor-[s]elect Schwarzenegger secretly met with Ken Lay at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills in May 2001 to listen to Lay pitch solutions for the state's energy crisis."

Greenpeace vessel denied Miami berth The Port of Miami-Dade refuses to allow a Greenpeace vessel to land later this month, a decision the group says violates its rights. The environmental activist group Greenpeace is accusing the Port of Miami-Dade of violating its free speech rights by refusing to grant dock space to one of its ships later this month.

Crops giant retreats from Europe ahead of GM report Monsanto, the huge American corpra-terrorist [biotechnology company] which has pioneered GM crops, is withdrawing from many of its European operations and laying off up to two thirds of its British workers. The announcement came on the eve of the publication of the Government's GM crop trials today.

Two GM crops are 'worse for wildlife' Growing genetically-modified beet and spring rape is worse for wildlife than the conventional varieties, scientists said today.

Clark's Campaign Releases Glowing Accounts of His Military Career The campaign of Gen. Wesley K. Clark, who has based his Democratic presidential bid on his career in the United States Army, this week released 200 pages of internal military evaluations from his commanding officers, who repeatedly used only superlatives to describe his skills, energy and leadership abilities.

GOP Governor's Stepson Is Charged (CT) Gov. John G. Rowland's 18-year-old stepson and a friend were arrested on drug charges Monday night after police broke up a party at a rent-by-the-hour Berlin Turnpike motel.

Leftist Power, the 60s, and Theory --by Michael Rectenwald "There is an attendant assumption on the part of some liberals, that taking power and using power is just not part and parcel of our program, that there is something intrinsically wrong with power itself, and that the point is not that we should have it, but that no one should. This is a misunderstanding that, in the US, has its roots in 60s peacenik activism, in some form of Gandhi-like resistance applied dogmatically and without consideration of the particular historical and political circumstances at play."

Clinton says he warned Bush of bin Laden threat Former President Bill Clinton warned Dictator George W. Bush before he left office in 2001 that Osama bin Laden was the biggest security threat the United States faced, Clinton said on Wednesday.

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans The person responsible for analyzing the Iraqi weapons threat for Colin Powell says the Secretary of State misinformed [that's a three-syllable word for lied, that the media will not bring itself to utter, in terms of the Bush dictatorship] Americans during his speech at the U.N. last winter.

At Least 30 in U.S. Are Suspected of Selling Iraq Arms Before War American officials in Baghdad have identified at least 30 businesses and individuals in the United States that investigators said they suspect sold tens of millions of dollars in military technology to Iraq before the war.

Price of Gasoline for Iraq Questioned Two senior House Democrats charged yesterday that the Bush regime was paying Halliburton Inc. "extraordinarily high prices" to import gasoline into Iraq. In a letter to the Office of Management and Budget, Reps. Henry A. Waxman (Calif.) and John D. Dingell (Mich.) said the Halliburton subsidiary KBR, which has a contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to distribute the fuel, had charged more than $300 million to import 190 million gallons of gasoline into Iraq as of Sept. 18.

Lawmaker Says Halliburton Overbills in Iraq A U.S. Democratic lawmaker on Wednesday accused Halliburton, the Texas oil services company once run by Vice pResident Dick Cheney, of overcharging the U.S. government for gasoline the firm imports into Iraq. [Really? Could this *possibly* be tied to Halliburton's no-bid status for the contracts... You think?]

Statement of Rep. Henry A. Waxman Contracting Abuses in Iraq --October 15, 2003 (.pdf) "There is growing evidence that favored contractors like Halliburton and Bechtel are getting sweetheart deals that are costing the taxpayer a bundle but delivering scant results... The taxpayer is getting gouged by Halliburton."

Blacks in US Congress united against 87 billion for Iraq Some three dozen African-Americans in the US Congress are opposed to the White House request for 87 billion dollars to stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan, saying that the funds are needed in disadvantaged communities across the United States.

Spoils of war US plans to sell off Iraqi businesses are simply the modern equivalent of pillage, says Brian Whitaker "Nowadays, at least in more civilised countries, we do not let armies rampage for booty. We leave the pillaging to men in suits, and we don't call it pillaging any more. We call it economic development. Today, the men in suits are gathering at Olympia, in London, for a two-day conference and exhibition entitled Doing Business in Iraq. Protesters will be gathering outside."

Bush orders regime officials to 'stop the leaks' Concerned about the appearance of disarray and feuding within his dictatorship as well as growing resistance to his policies in Iraq, Dictator Bush - living up to his recent declaration that he's in charge - told his top officials to "stop the leaks" to the media, or else.

Senior Federal Prosecutors and F.B.I. Officials Fault Ashcroft Over Leak Inquiry Several senior criminal prosecutors at the Justice Department and top F.B.I. officials have privately criticized Attorney General John Ashcroft for failing to recuse himself or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leak of a C.I.A. operative's identity.

White House spurns Democrats on CIA leak probe The Bush dictatorship on Wednesday spurned the advice of Democratic senators who had urged steps to ensure White House aides cooperate with a federal criminal probe of a news leak identifying a CIA operative.

Iraq War Swells Al Qaeda's Ranks, Report Says War in Iraq has swollen the ranks of al Qaeda and galvanized the Islamic militant group's will, the International Institute for Strategic Studies said on Wednesday in its annual report.

Pentagon officials say they are preparing to confront radical Iraqi cleric U.S.-led authorities in Iraq are preparing to confront and perhaps arrest a militant Shiite Muslim cleric whose militia has battled both American troops and moderate Shiites in recent days, Pentagon officials said Wednesday.

Fiery Shi'ite cleric latest threat to Americans in Iraq U.S. troops facing resistance fighters' attacks every day had hoped not to face a serious threat from Iraq's Shi'ite majority, long oppressed by Saddam Hussein. But young cleric Moqtada al-Sadr may be forcing a rethink. While he has not yet called for armed resistance to the U.S.-led occupation, he has gained popularity with defiant gestures.

U.S. Diplomatic Convoy in Gaza Is Attacked, Killing at Least 3 A large explosion ripped apart a vehicle in an American diplomatic convoy in the Gaza Strip today, killing three American security staff members and wounding one in the most serious attack on Americans since the Palestinian uprising started more than three years ago.

Gaza Strip Blast Kills Three Americans A remote-controlled bomb tore apart an armored vehicle in a U.S. diplomatic convoy Wednesday, killing three American security guards and wounding a fourth in the first deadly attack on a U.S. target in the Palestinian territories.

In emergency room, war still taking toll Citizens blaming U.S. for growing unrest --The man with the sweatpants stained deep red had just finished a day baking bread. The little boy with the bandaged head two beds over had been playing soccer. A man to the boy's left, moaning loudly and clutching his thigh, had been sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe just a few minutes earlier. And the woman screaming frantically and pacing the room had been at home wondering why her husband was so late. [<-- The results of Bush's 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'.]

Kerry: Bush pushing pro-life agenda in Iraq Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry said yesterday that the White House has forbidden pro-choice American doctors from working in Iraq. "Do you know that the Bush administration screened doctors to go to Iraq, and anyone who was pro-choice was not allowed to be part of the team to go to Iraq?" Kerry said during a "meet the candidate" event in Concord. "They even let their politics and ideology get in the way of the most fundamental kinds of delivery of services."

US blocks bid to censure Israel for barrier In day of heated words, Security Council veto thwarts a resolution --The United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution last night that would have condemned Israel for building a barrier that cuts into the West Bank.

U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution denouncing Israeli security barrier The United States late Tuesday vetoed an Arab-backed United Nations resolution denouncing Israel's building of a security barrier on Palestinian territory in the West Bank.

Top terrorist hunter's divisive views A highly decorated general who is one of the leaders of a secretive new Pentagon unit formed to coordinate 'intelligence' on terrorists and help hunt down Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and other high-profile targets has a history of outspoken and divisive views on religion — Islam in particular. The former commander of Army Special Forces, Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin also routinely tells audiences that God, not the voters, chose Dictator Bush: "Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him. Why is he there? And I tell you this morning that he’s in the White House because God put him there for a time such as this." [Boykin just might be the biggest Reichwing whackjob in the entire Bush junta...]

Airlines, Police Are Alerted Memo Cites 'Multiple Reports' of Terrorist Threats --The Department of Homeland Security has warned airlines, local police and emergency personnel across the country to be on heightened alert after U.S. intelligence recently received "multiple reports [that] indicate terrorists may be poised to conduct simultaneous attacks in the near term against US interests" here or overseas, according to an agency memo.

Homeland Suckurity warns of 'pillow bombs' The Department of Homeland Suckurity on Tuesday confirmed terrorists have discussed using stuffed animals, pillows and clothing to smuggle explosives aboard commercial airliners. [Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!]

Smallpox vaccination plan 'ceased' Less than a year after Dictator Bush announced a smallpox vaccination plan to 'protect' Americans in the event of a terrorist attack, a fraction of the expected number of health workers have been immunized and the much ballyhooed program is dead in the water.

Bush Looks to Align With Schwarzenegger Dictator Bush, hoping to share in Arnold SchwarzeNazi's political 'success' [actually, an installation in a GOP coup d'etat, just like Bush himself] and build support in vote-rich California, said Wednesday "there's been some interesting changes" since he lost the state to Democrat Al Gore three years ago.

Privacy Group Sues for Patriot Act Papers A civil liberties group sued the Justice Department on Tuesday seeking internal documents about lobbying by federal prosecutors to discourage Congress from approving major changes to the Patriot Act.

Monsanto to quit Europe Monsanto, the world's largest GM seed company, is pulling out of the European cereal business in a surprise move that raised hopes of victory among anti-GM campaigners. [Great! Now, Frankenfood terrorist Monsanto needs to quit the US, as well.]

Medicare Premiums to Jump 13.5 Percent Medicare premiums will rise next year by 13.5 percent to $66.60 a month for about 40 million Americans in the program, the third-largest increase in its history, the government said Wednesday.

Labor unrest in Southern Calif. widens Labor unrest caused even more anguish across Southern California on Wednesday as contract bus drivers walked off the job in solidarity with striking transit workers and two courthouses were temporarily shut down as the result of a separate dispute.

Feingold's opponents raise $1 million More than $1 million has poured into the campaigns of the three Republicans vying for the right to take on Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold, emboldening challengers to suggest that the senator is out of touch with voters and vulnerable. [Diebold will be all over this one like a duck on a June bug.]

Dems Pick Up Ground on Bush in Pa. Poll Democrats are gaining ground on Dictator Bush in Pennsylvania, a swing state that Bush has visited almost two dozen times since he became dictator.

Clark Tops Calif. Democratic Voters' Poll In a state where a political novice was just elected governor, another candidate with no political experience — Wesley Clark — joined presidential rivals Howard Dean and Joe Lieberman atop a poll of Democratic voters in California.

Dean Raises $15M, Sets Democratic Record Record-breaking fund-raiser Howard Dean on Wednesday hinted at the potential to raise millions more for his Democratic presidential bid: Only 1 percent of his donors have given the maximum so far.

Dean Smashes Democratic Fund-Raising Records Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean on Wednesday smashed the party's fund-raising record for a single three-month period, hauling in $14.8 million and more than tripling the best financial performance by any of his 2004 rivals.

Kucinich gets the shaft in Dem debate --by John Nichols "...[L]ast week, during CNN's televised debate featuring the nine Democratic presidential candidates... Moderator [and boring, Reichwing media whore] Judy Woodruff put the candidates into a ridiculous situation where they essentially had to beg to be called on to answer questions. Then she refused to call on the one candidate who has most consistently and effectively challenged the president[sic]'s war-making: Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-chair Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio."

Supreme Court Rejects Bush Dictatorship Medical Marijuana Appeal The Supreme Court cleared the way Tuesday for state laws allowing ill patients to smoke marijuana if a doctor recommends it. Justices turned down the Bush regime's request to consider whether the federal government can punish doctors for recommending or perhaps just talking about the benefits of the drug to sick patients. An appeals court said the government cannot.

Schwarzenegger Asked To Explain Ken Lay Meeting Schwarzenegger, Bush To Meet In California --California governor-s-elect Arnold SchwarzeNazi must explain the substance of his private May 2001 meeting with Enron chief Ken Lay, the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights wrote in a letter to Schwarzenegger Tuesday.

Bush to Meet Schwarzenegger in California Dictator Bush will meet California Gov.-s-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday. Bush had little contact with California's outgoing Democratic governor, Gray Davis. He lost the state badly in the 2000 election to Al Gore but harbors hope of winning [stealing] the state and its 55 electoral votes in 2004.

The Audio-Animatronic Candidate --by Frank Rich "As for the young Arnold's ruminations about Hitler, sure there was fire to go with the smoke... But whatever his sloppy words about the Führer back in the 1970's, his statements about governance in general were more revealing and more to the point of his campaign. Mr. Schwarzenegger's credo was laid out quite specifically in his autobiography, 'Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder': 'A certain amount of people are meant to be in control. Ninety-five percent of the people have to be told what to do, have to be given orders.'"

Blair chaired meeting that led to unmasking of Kelly, inquiry told The key policy decisions which led to the unmasking of David Kelly, the Iraqi weapons expert, were taken at a Downing Street meeting chaired by Poodle Tony Blair, the top civil servant at the Ministry of Defence disclosed yesterday.

Blair led decision to identify weapons adviser: official Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair chaired the meeting where officials decided to confirm the identity of the source of a BBC report that the government had "sexed up" a dossier on Iraq's weapons, a senior civil servant said Monday.

U.S. probing arms shipped to Iraq Federal agents find evidence of illegal components --Federal agents have turned up evidence that U.S. companies may have illegally sold sensitive equipment that wound up helping Iraq’s military, said U.S. officials, who told NBC News that criminal charges were likely.

Governing Council Member: Iraq Will Stand With Syria A member of Iraq's U.S.-appointed Governing Council said Monday that any attack against Syria was considered an attack against Iraq. American troops should "leave as soon as possible because there are no people who believe in occupation and accepts occupiers," said Al-Hakim, whose elder brother and Shiite leader, Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, was killed in an August bombing in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf.

White House's Rice: Rumsfeld Is in Charge in Iraq U.S. national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said on Tuesday that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld remained in charge of Iraq's rebuilding despite a White House reorganization seen as diluting his power.

New Bush-created terrorism movement: New group warns 'occupiers' --A man claiming to speak for an Iraqi resistance group warned foreign troops against joining the US-led occupation forces in Iraq, saying they will be treated as occupiers and provoke attacks on their home countries.

3 More American Soldiers Are Reported Dead in Iraq The deaths of three more American soldiers were reported today by United States military officials, a day after three Americans were reported killed in the volatile area north of Baghdad and a roadside bomb in a tiny village narrowly missed a provincial governor on his way to work.

Iraq Blast Kills One Outside Turk Embassy Suicide car bombers struck in Baghdad for the third time in a week Tuesday, this time outside the Turkish Embassy in yet another blow against those who would help the U.S. occupation. Witnesses said the driver and a bystander were killed, and hospitals said at least 13 were wounded.

Suicide bomb at Turkey's Iraq embassy A car bomb has blown up near the Turkish embassy in Baghdad in an apparent suicide attack just days after Turkey agreed to send troops to bolster U.S.-led forces occupying Iraq.

Soldiers Glowing Accounts of Success in Iraq Were Written by Commander From Massachusetts to California, and many places in between, family members and local newspapers received letters from soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Infantry Regiment detailing their successes in northern Iraq. In an e-mail, the commander of the battalion, Lt. Col. Dominic Caraccilo, said the "letter-writing initiative" was all his idea.

Bush Presses Congress to Back Halliburton ['Iraq'] Grants The U.S. Senate on Tuesday rejected the first bid to make Iraq finance its own 'reconstruction' as Dictator Bush lobbied lawmakers to pass his bill, which grants Iraq $20.3 billion to overhaul its infrastructure.

Udall calls Bush into account for Iraq costs --by U.S. Rep. Mark Udall, D-Boulder "One can only be shocked and awed by President [sic] Bush's request for $87 billion in emergency funding for Iraq, especially given our weak economy. With 2.7 million jobs lost since 2001, we are on track to see a net loss of jobs over four years for the first time since the Great Depression. New estimates project $5 trillion in federal deficits over the next decade. And the president [sic] wants more tax cuts primarily benefiting the wealthy, despite escalating needs for national defense, homeland security, health care and education. To put it bluntly, we are in one hell of a mess."

Bush's War Plan Is Scarier Than He's Saying The Widening Crusade --by Sydney H. Schanberg "If some wishful Americans are still hoping President [sic] Bush will acknowledge that his imperial foreign policy has stumbled in Iraq and needs fixing or reining in, they should put aside those reveries. He's going all the way—and taking us with him... People close to the president [sic] say that his conversion to evangelical Methodism, after a life of aimless carousing, markedly informs his policies, both foreign and domestic.

Rice Urges International Pressure on Cuba Branding Fidel Castro a tyrant, White House national security adviser Condoleezza Rice called Monday for renewed international pressure against the Cuban leader.

Ex-Arizonan seeks $20 million from U.S. for terror arrest Lotfi Raissi, the Algerian pilot from Arizona who was vilified as a trainer for the Sept. 11 hijackers, has filed a $20 million claim against the American government, saying he is an international scapegoat. The suit is about dignity and justice, not money, he said. "They come and they take innocent people and put them in jail just to prove they're fighting terrorism," Raissi said during a phone conversation from London, where he lives. "It was scandalous. I lost my career. They destroyed my family."

Bush dictatorship targets Greenpeace ( "In a move unprecedented in its history, the US government has indicted an entire organization - Greenpeace, Inc. (the Greenpeace entity in the US) - for the peaceful protest activities of its supporters... Making this the first time in history that the US government has prosecuted an entire organization for free speech related activities, and they are trying to do it without a jury trial."

Bush Raises $49.5 Million, Breaks Own Fund-Raising Record Dictator Bush smashed his own campaign fund-raising record in the last three months, bringing in $49.5 million for his re-election bid and eclipsing the financial efforts of his Democratic rivals. [Stealing the 2004 s-election is going to be expensive for Bush, with all those Diebold touch-screen 'voting' machines to configure.]

City to vote on Bush impeachment California town considers resolution urging action against president [sic] With the potential of becoming the second California city to vote in support of ousting George W. Bush from office, the Arcata City Council will vote tomorrow on a resolution urging the immediate impeachment of both the president [sic] and vice president [sic].

All the President's votes? A quiet revolution is taking place in US politics. By the time it's over, the integrity of elections will be in the unchallenged, unscrutinised control of a few large - and pro-Republican - corporations. Andrew Gumbel wonders if democracy in America can survive. "Something very odd happened in the mid-term elections in Georgia last November... What, then, is one to make of the fact that the owners of the three major computer voting machines are all prominent Republican Party donors? Or of a recent political fund-raising letter written to Ohio Republicans by Walden O'Dell, Diebold's chief executive, in which he said he was 'committed to helping Ohio to deliver its electoral votes to the president [sic] next year' - even as his company was bidding for the contract on the state's new voting machinery?"

Democrats file legal challenge to redistricting Democrats filed a motion in federal court seeking to prohibit the state from implementing the new Republican-backed congressional redistricting map, attorney Gerry Hebert said today. The motion, filed in federal court in Tyler on Sunday night, alleges that the map is illegal, Hebert said.

Texas Governor Signs Redistricting Map Into Law Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Monday signed into law a congressional redistricting map designed to boost Republican power in Washington.

Supreme Court to Decide Pledge of Allegiance Case The U.S. Supreme Court said on Tuesday it would decide whether the recitation in public schools of the Pledge of Allegiance with the phrase "under God" was an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion.

Southern California Hit by Transport, Grocery Strikes Southern California was gripped by crippling strikes on Tuesday by transit workers and grocery clerks -- both over health care.

Fact-Free News --by Harold Meyerson "Ever worry that millions of your fellow Americans are walking around knowing things that you don't? That your prospects for advancement may depend on your mastery of such arcana as who won the Iraqi war or where exactly Europe is? Then don't watch Fox News. The more you watch, the more you'll get things wrong."

Fox News faithful fire salvos in viewer war ..."CNN has no one to blame but itself," wrote Frederique N. Sol [CLGer!] of New Rochelle, N.Y. -- one of the very few letter writers who criticized CNN from a different point of view. "I was a devoted CNN fan until they started chasing Faux News. . . . They have taken Ted Turner's baby and poisoned it."

Did Diebold Patch Election? A former worker in Diebold's Georgia warehouse says the company installed patches on its machines before the state's 2002 gubernatorial election that were never certified by independent testing authorities or cleared with Georgia election officials. If the charges are true, Diebold could be in violation of federal and state election-certification rules.

New agency for Iraq contracts The United States will create a new agency, under the aegis of the Pentagon, to oversee the distribution of contracts to rebuild Iraq, a US defence official told a conference today. The agency will be charged with coordinating sub-contracting work in Iraq, notably by US groups Bechtel and Halliburton, the main contractors in Iraq's reconstruction

Bush Goes Around Media to Make Iraq Case Dictator Bush, annoyed by what he considers the "filter" [?!? Oh, it's a filter, all right --that's why we have SchwarzeNazi installed as governor of California] of news reporting, will seek to go around the press on Monday through television outlets that do not routinely cover the White House.

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in 24-Hour Period Iraqi resistance fighters ambushed a U.S. military convoy northeast of Baghdad Monday killing one American soldier and wounding two others, the U.S. military said.

Iraqi resistance targets CIA, killing six in suicide bomb Suicide bombers driving two cars attacked a central Baghdad hotel yesterday where senior US officials and CIA agents are thought to have been staying. At least six people were killed and 32 wounded.

Suicide Bomber Kills 7 in Baghdad Blast Was Near Hotel Housing Iraqi Officials --A suicide bomber detonated explosives packed in a car outside a Baghdad hotel housing Iraqi government officials and U.S. contractors on Sunday, unleashing a wave of debris that tore through the hotel's crowded driveway and a busy commercial street.

U.S., Governing Council officials frequented hotel targeted by car bomber A suicide attacker set off a car bomb Sunday outside a hotel frequented by U.S. officials and members of the nation's Governing Council, killing six Iraqis and injuring at least 35 other people.

U.S. Soldier Dies in Iraq Land Mine Attack A U.S. soldier was killed and one wounded when their Bradley fighting vehicle struck a land mine near the town of Bayji in northern Iraq on Sunday night, a U.S. military spokesman said.

Creating WMD facts on the ground? --by Michael Moran "With all the faulty data thrown at the world to make the case for war in Iraq, some people, from deeply skeptical critics to right-wingers who support the war’s aims, are asking the obvious next question: Why didn’t the United States plant the WMD evidence? Don’t think it wasn’t discussed."

Iraqi bomb boy's anger at pilot Iraqi war orphan Ali Abbas says he hopes the U.S. pilot who bombed his family will be made to suffer as he has. Ali lost both arms and suffered 60 percent burns in a U.S. bombing raid on Baghdad that killed his parents and 13 other family members. He has now been fitted with artificial arms in a London hospital.

Newspapers sent same letter signed by different soldiers Letters from hometown soldiers describing their 'successes' rebuilding Iraq have been appearing in newspapers across the country as U.S. public opinion on the mission sours. But many of them are the same form letter. A Gannett News Service search found identical letters in 11 newspapers.

Army probes soldier suicides Alarmed by the number of suicides among soldiers in Iraq, the Army has asked a team of doctors to determine whether the stress of combat and long deployments is contributing to the deaths.

Military Vaccine Woes Mount Dennis Drew was prepared to fight in Iraq, but never got the chance. After his military vaccinations, his immune system completely unraveled. "Severe pneumonia and myocarditis, I think almost killed me," said Drew, a U.S. Army chemical weapons specialist. Now living in constant pain, daily life is almost unbearable. His illnesses are nearly identical to those suffered by Rachel Lacy before she died last spring. The coroner said her military shots were likely to blame.

Bush Tried to Take Funds from Military School Kids to Pay Halliburton [for 'Iraq-Afghan Policies'] ( "President [sic] Bush attempted to slash money from the program that pays to educate the children of military men and women even while saying, 'Our men and women in uniform give America their best and we owe them our support.' At the same time the President [sic] lauded the "great courage" of the soldiers he sent to Iraq, he requested major cuts in the Impact Aid program that provides funds for the schooling of the 900,000 children of military families."

Israeli subs armed with nuclear missiles Israel has modified American-supplied cruise missiles to carry nuclear warheads on submarines, giving the Middle East's only nuclear power the ability to launch atomic weapons from land, air and beneath the sea, according to senior Bush Dictatorship and Israeli officials.

Guerrillas kill eight Afghan police in raid Eight Afghan policemen were reportedly killed yesterday when up to 100 Taliban fighters stormed a government district office in Zabol, one of the most violent and unstable provinces.

US-led forces clash with militants in Afghanistan U.S.-led forces returned fire and called in air strikes after coming under rocket-grenade and small-arms fire in eastern Afghanistan at the weekend, the U.S. military said on Monday.

Bolivian leader vows to stay on The Bolivian president has defied mounting calls to quit after violent protests at plans to export natural gas left more than 20 people dead. Peasant farmers began their self-proclaimed "war for gas" almost a month ago as protesters expressed fears that proceeds from the gas would simply enrich foreign companies investing in the project.

Bolivian Leader Cancels Gas Export Plan President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada said Monday he is shelving plans to export natural gas to the United States and Mexico that sparked massive, violent protests.

Experts fear dirty bomb attack in UK is inevitable [Why? Is Poodle Blair planning such an attack, to garner public support in the 'aftermath'?] International experts in radiation disasters have taken the unusual step of assuming that a terrorist attack with a "dirty" nuclear bomb will take place on a high-profile civilian target, such as the London Underground.

9-11 Probe Continues to Bypass Executive Branch Testimony --by Tom Flocco "[The] Commission has not compelled three individuals having most power to affect immediate action on 9-11 to explain their failure to defend America. All three remained in offices and an elementary classroom while four planes crashed. This, despite having 25 minutes advance notice from Secret Service, Pentagon, and air traffic controllers prior to first crash--But also a full summer of frantic but now classified briefings about 'Planes Used As Weapons To Crash Into Buildings,' thus permitting White House to shield its prior-knowledge."

After Bitter Fight, Texas Senate Redraws Congressional Districts After more than five months of bitter party squabbles and two quorum-busting flights into exile by Democratic lawmakers, the Republican-controlled Texas Senate gave final approval Sunday night, without debate, to new Congressional districts that put the Republicans in a far stronger position to dominate the Texas delegation in the 2004 elections and beyond.

What the recall means --by Mike Byron "The recall election should not have occurred. It took place only because of the intervention of wealthy Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, who, as columnist George Will put it 'who could think of no other way he might become governor (than) financing the gathering of signatures.'... Voters want problem-solvers who can compromise to deliver results. Because of the influence of money, citizens are deeply cynical about nearly all politicians, not just Gray Davis."

Kucinich Launches 2004 White House Bid Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a liberal four-term congressman from Ohio and a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq, officially launched a bid for the White House on Monday.

Rep. Kucinich Announces White House Bid Democrat Dennis Kucinich, the liberal four-term congressman who has been steadfast in his opposition to the Iraq war, formally launched his bid for the White House Monday.

Presidential Candidate In Madison Tonight Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich is formally launching his bid for the White House and is stopping in Madison tonight. Also this week, Kucinich plans to vote against Dictator George W. Bush's $87 billion spending request for Halliburton ['military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq'].

Lieberman Proposes Raising Taxes on Rich In a break from the Democratic field, presidential candidate Joe Lieberman is promising to ensure that upper-income Americans pay more in taxes than they did before Dictator Bush's record-breaking tax cuts.

Education law may hurt Bush Funding problems could turn it into liability in '04 campaign --Dictator Bush’s No Child Left Behind education program — acclaimed as a policy and political 'breakthrough' by the Republicans in January 2002 — is threatening to backfire on Bush and his party in the 2004 s-elections.

Watchdog: Bush Donors Score Policy Wins Companies run by Dictator Bush's fund-raising "pioneers" have scored several policy victories in the past few years, including $93 million to protect an oil pipeline in Colombia, a government watchdog group said in a report released Monday.

Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed --by John Buchanan "After 60 years of inattention and even denial by the U.S. media, newly-uncovered government documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President [sic] George W. Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when Congress took aggressive action against Bush and his 'enemy national' partners."

Ahead of Bush visit, U.S. surveillance planes scour jungles to protect American 'counterterrorism trainers' The U.S. military has deployed surveillance planes to scour jungles in the Philippines for al-Qaida-linked [?!? Is there *anyone* against the Bush regime who is *not* 'al-Qaida linked?'] resistance fighters posing a threat to American 'counterterrorism trainers', officials told The Associated Press on Monday.

"I am informed by a knowledgeable but for now anonymous source that George W. Bush, current occupant of the White House will be in Oceanside [CA] on Oct. 25th." --Michael (Mike) Byron, Democratic Candidate 49th Congressional District [Let the protests begin! See the CLG Actions page for updates:]

Offshore drilling vow may be tested Campaigning in Huntington Beach a day before the Oct. 7 recall election, Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed his opposition to offshore oil drilling. Democrats in the state's congressional delegation are hoping that the views of their Republican governor-s-elect will prove influential Wednesday when the House votes on a key offshore resources amendment.

Group with cockfighting ties gets tax break from federal government Bob Hilsercop owns 30 gamecocks, roosters bred for their aggression in the cockfighting pits. For Hilsercop, it's just a hobby. He no longer participates in cockfighting, which is banned in all but two states. But like other members of the Ohio-based United Gamefowl Breeders Association, he has sold many birds to buyers in places such as Guam, where cockfighting is legal. Now the association, with about 15,000 members in 28 states, is in a battle to retain its tax-exempt status as a federally sanctioned agricultural organization.

Top Calif. Grocers Hobbled by Strike The union representing some 70,000 Southern California grocery workers called a strike against Safeway Inc.'s Vons and two rival supermarket chains responded on Sunday by locking out union workers.

Davis Signs Calif. Domestic Partner Law California has became the first state to require businesses with large state contracts to offer domestic partners the same benefits that spouses enjoy, although the law will not take effect until 2007.

New Yorkers warned of mystery disease The New York City Health Department has issued an alert after five residents in Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of the city, were hospitalized with what the department called a mystery illness.

[***With elections soon to be a moot point in the United States, please join us: CLG_Revolution_Tactics.***]

US soldiers bulldoze farmers' crops Americans accused of brutal 'punishment' tactics against villagers, while British are condemned as too soft --US soldiers driving bulldozers, with jazz blaring from loudspeakers, have uprooted ancient groves of date palms as well as orange and lemon trees in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about resistance fighters attacking US troops.

Violence in Iraq Spreads to North Attacks in Kirkuk Attributed to Newcomers --A sharp rise in attacks on U.S. forces around this normally tranquil city is part of a concerted effort to expand violent resistance deep into northern Iraq, U.S. commanders and Iraqi officials say.

Islamic states want U.S. out of Iraq Iraq divisions, anger at Israeli strike in Syria, mark summit --The world’s Islamic states opened their biggest meeting in three years Saturday with a call for the eviction of U.S. troops from Iraq and the rapid restoration of its sovereignty.

Iraqi Shiite Anger Raises New Fears for U.S. Soldiers Shiite Muslim anger against Americans spilled into Friday Prayers in Sadr City, the poor Baghdad district where two Iraqis and two American soldiers were killed Thursday night. The violence and subsequent public outrage raised fears of new dangers to United States troops from the followers of Moktada al-Sadr, a young anti-American Shiite cleric. Up to now, the main threat to American forces has come from loyalists to Saddam Hussein.

Suicide car bomb blasts kill 7 in Baghdad At least seven people were killed and dozens injured today by two car bombs outside a central Baghdad hotel used by some members of the US-backed Governing Council, US and Iraqi officials said.

Roadside bomb wounds three U.S. soldiers in Iraq A roadside bomb exploded outside a sprawling U.S. base in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit on Sunday, wounding three soldiers, one seriously, an Army spokesman said.

Rice Fails to Repair Rifts, Officials Say A senior State Department official -- voicing an opinion that few in the government disputed -- said: "If you want a one-word description of the NSC since January 21, 2001: dysfunctional."

Has Rumsfeld been demoted? From the dictator downwards, the Bush regime has been on the counterattack this week over criticism of its Iraq policy. But Donald Rumsfeld, in many ways the chief spokesman on Iraq up to now has been noticeably absent.

Why in-fighting is losing Iraq and could cost Rumsfeld his job As Condoleezza Rice wins the war of the White House, the suddenly unfashionable defence secretary looks and sounds like a loser [<g>], reports Marion McKeone." It is now virtually certain that, should Bush win the 2004 [s-]election, Donald Rumsfeld will not serve as secretary of defence. In fact there is a growing belief in Washington that Rumsfeld, whose political fortunes have plummeted in the aftermath of the war in Iraq, could even step aside before 2004... [Rumsfeld's] outburst to several European newspapers was extraordinary. When one reporter pressed him for details about the chain of events leading to Rice’s assumption of control, he responded furiously. 'I said I don’t know. Isn’t that clear? You don’t understand English? I was not there for the backgrounding.'"

UN estimate for rebuilding Iraq half that of Bush's—where's the money going? --by Patrick Martin "Basic reconstruction in Iraq next year would cost less than half the amount requested by the Bush administration from the US Congress, according to a joint report prepared by the United Nations and World Bank... Combined with the initial $79 billion cost of the invasion and conquest of Iraq, the latest administration request brings the total current spending on the Iraq war to $166 billion, the vast majority of it ending in the coffers of giant US companies."

Divvying up the Iraq Pie --by Stephen Pizzo "Recent estimates now put the final figure [for 'Iraq'] somewhere between $200 billion to as much as half a trillion dollars over the next ten years. America's Iraq-sticker-shock may turn to anger when taxpayers discover the small group of men and companies reaping the benefits of President [sic] Bush's newly found appreciation for nation building. While Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, has attracted most of press attention for its Iraq-related contracts, Halliburton is hardly the whole story."

Everywhere and nowhere, Saddam retains his grip on Baghdad's imagination Suzanne Goldenberg finds six months after the dictator's statue fell, the US authority has not extinguished his legacy. "A more substantial assault on Saddam's legacy is under way in the Republican Palace, where the occupation authority is making preparations to dismantle the food distribution system which gave free rations of flour, rice, cooking oil and other staples to every Iraqi. Described by the UN as the world's most efficient food network, the system still keeps Iraqis from going hungry. But the US civilian administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer, views it as a dangerous socialist anachronism. The coalition provisional authority (CPA) [sic: dictatorship] is planning to abolish it in January, despite warnings from its own technical experts that this could lead to hunger and riots."

From triumph has sprung murderous fiasco. Ignoring Iraqis comes with a terrible price --by Patrick Cockburn "Six months after US tanks roared triumphantly into the centre of Baghdad and the statue of Saddam Hussein was famously toppled, the US has turned military victory into political defeat in Iraq... The US and Britain also need international legitimacy which could only come from the UN. Bringing in troops from El Salvador and Ukraine as part of what has been described as 'the coalition of the bribed' will not be enough."

Lower Expectations, Set a Date, and Leave --by Retired Army Col. Andrew J. Bacevich "...[C]ontrary to President [sic] Bush's claims, Iraq is not the 'central front' in the war on terrorism. Recognizing that the real gains to be derived from Operation Iraqi Freedom [sic] are quite modest will permit the United States to do two things: refocus the national security apparatus on the pursuit of terrorists who, unlike Saddam Hussein, actually pose a proximate threat to the United States, and assuage international concerns that 9/11 somehow converted the world's only superpower from a benign hegemon into a dangerous rogue nation."

Senators Denounce Bush's War Performance Dictator Bush has lost control of Iraq policy because of infighting among Bush regime officials, the leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Sunday. The dictatorship also came under criticism from Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry for being unwilling to create a real international coalition and alienating governments everywhere. "This is haphazard, shotgun, shoot-from-the-hip diplomacy," the Massachusetts senator said.

Democrat Hopefuls Rip Bush at NAACP Forum Three Democratic presidential candidates saved some of their sharpest rhetoric for the U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Patriot Act. "He's not much of an attorney and I know for sure he's not a general," said Wesley Clark, interrupted by applause.

During Peninsula visit, primate expert blasts Bush The biggest threat to chimpanzees, the African apes that are the closest relative of the human species, may be hunters seeking bush meat, renowned primatologist Jane Goodall told a Silicon Valley audience Saturday. But in the past three years, she said, another threat to endangered animals around the world has emerged -- the Bush administration.

Bush and Blair continue to lose votes A growing number of voters would replace the US Dictator, George Bush, in next year's s-elections [if Diebold did not stop them], according to a poll that says he is in a statistical dead heat with the Democratic hopeful Wesley Clark. In Britain, the Conservatives have overtaken the Labour Party as the Prime Minister, Poodle Tony Blair, suffers a post-Iraq war slump, a poll published yesterday found.

U.S. soldier wounded in firefight with rebels near Kabul U.S. troops fought a gunbattle with three suspected rebels on the outskirts of the Afghan capital, the U.S. military said Sunday. One American solder was slightly wounded and an insurgent was captured, a foreign news agency reported.

Kurds ready to declare war on Turkey KADEK, the assembly for freedom and democracy in Kurdistan (former Kurdish workers party), has already deployed half its forces on Turkish territory in preparation for war. As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, this was announced by Ielmaz Shiar, the official spokesman for KADEK in the Caucasus.

Israel ready to launch preemptive strike on nuclear sites in Iran Israel's spy agency Mossad has drawn up preemptive attack plans on six sites in Iran it suspects are being used to prepare nuclear weapons, Der Spiegel magazine says in its Monday edition, citing Israeli security officials. A special Mossad unit received orders two months ago to prepare plans for attacks on half-a-dozen targets, the magazine said.

Report: IDF planning to attack nuclear sites in Iran Israel is prepared to launch an attack on Iran's nuclear sites in order to prevent them from being operational, the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel reported Saturday.

Israel plant Angriff auf iranische Atomanlagen Die israelische Regierung unter Ministerpräsident Ariel Scharon ist offenbar bereit, mit gezielten Militärschlägen Teherans Nuklearprogramm auszuschalten. Eine Spezialeinheit des Geheimdienstes Mossad erhielt vor zwei Monaten den Auftrag, entsprechende Angriffspläne auszuarbeiten. [Translation: Israel plans to attack Iranian atomic plants --The Israeli government under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is ready to proceed with military strikes on Teheran's nuclear sites to stop their program. A special-purpose force of secret service Mossad received the order two months ago to prepare appropriate plans of attack.]

Israel deploys nuclear arms in submarines Israeli and American officials have admitted collaborating to deploy US-supplied Harpoon cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads in Israel's fleet of Dolphin-class submarines, giving the Middle East's only nuclear power the ability to strike at any of its Arab neighbours. The unprecedented disclosure came as Israel announced that states 'harbouring terrorists' [?!?] are legitimate targets, responding to Syria's declaration of its right to self-defence should Israel bomb its territory again.

Israel Can Launch Nuclear Weapons from Subs -Report U.S. and Israeli officials say Israel has modified U.S.-made Harpoon cruise missiles so it can launch nuclear warheads from submarines, the Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday.

Israel Adds Fuel to Nuclear Dispute Israel has modified American-supplied cruise missiles to carry nuclear warheads on submarines, giving the Middle East's only nuclear power the ability to launch atomic weapons from land, air and beneath the sea, according to senior Bush dictatorship and Israeli officials.

Legislative Battle Predicted for Patriot II The Department of Justice needs expanded powers to 'fight terrorism' more effectively, say Bush dictatorship officials, but many in Congress are already rethinking the Patriot Act and are hesitant to widen government powers.

Tommy Ridge in your food supply! Nearly All U.S. Food Soon to Be Monitored Virtually every food product in the United States will soon have to be registered along with its supplier as part of the 'fight against terrorism' [?!?]. Figuring that the best way to protect the nation's food supply is to keep better tabs on it [and stop organic food from reaching the people], the government is requiring some 400,000 facilities in the United States to register themselves and their products with the Food and Drug Administration. [Mega barf alert!]

Holy Upton Sinclair, Batman! University sold research pigs as food Offspring of animals used in genetic experiment --The government has determined the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign failed to comply with safety laws when it allowed offspring of animals used in a genetic experiment to be sold as food. [Mega barf alert II!]

Flaw in crop trials destroys government case for GM Vital tests, which the Government planned to use to justify the planting of genetically modified maize in Britain, have been invalidated, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. [Monsanto's Frankenfood: Mega barf alert III!]

Tommy Ridge in the Internet! Web Sites Listed as 'Terror' Groups The United States has added Web sites to its list of "foreign terrorist organizations" for the first time, under the category of aliases for conventional groups, a State Department official said on Friday.

Typical Greenpeace Protest Leads to an Unusual Prosecution Three miles off the Florida coast in April of 2002, two Greenpeace activists clambered from an inflatable rubber speedboat onto a cargo ship... It was a routine act of civil disobedience until, 15 months after the incident, federal prosecutors in Miami indicted Greenpeace itself for authorizing the boarding. The group is charged with violating an obscure 1872 law intended for proprietors of boarding houses who preyed on sailors returning to port.

This is Camp X-Ray Volunteer prisoners are wanted for a replica of Camp X-Ray - the US concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay. The idea is to make Mancunians aware of the conditions in which detainees are being held at the US military base on Cuba. 'This Is Camp X-Ray' is an art installation conceived by artist Jai Redman, in collaboration with the political art group UHC collective.

State Dept. Decries Robertson Nuke Quote The U.S. State Department has condemned an on-air suggestion by religious broadcaster [and Reichwing whackjob] Pat Robertson that the agency ought to be blown up with a nuclear device.

'I Am Addicted to Prescription Pain Medication' True Confessions: Limbaugh built an army of admirers with his hard-right rants. But off-air, he was a lonely man who may have broken the law to feed his addiction. --Liberal writer/comedian Al Franken (author of "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot") hit the airwaves to relish Limbaugh’s greatest hits of hypocrisy and his sneers at celebrity dopers like baseball player Darryl Strawberry and rocker Kurt Cobain, and virtually every newspaper dredged up this 1995 quote from Rush: "Too many whites are getting away with drug use. The answer is to ... find the ones who are getting away with it, convict them, and send them up the river."

Northern Calif. Mourns Schwarzenegger 'Win' in GOP Calif. Coup Liberals are mourning Arnold Schwarzenegger taking office [literally, *taking* office] along the state's northern coast, particularly San Francisco, where 80 percent voted against the GOP California coup ['recall'].

The Day of the Locust --by Mike Davis "The larger meaning of Schwarzenegger's triumph of the will, of course, depends on how you interpret the grievances that provided the recall's extraordinary emotional fuel... Pleasure in the humiliation of others – Schwarzenegger's lifelong compulsion – is the textbook definition of sadism. It is also the daily ration of right-wing hate radio. As governor he becomes the summation of all smaller sadisms, like those of [KOGO 600's Reichwing radio host] Roger Hedgecock that in turn manipulate the 'reptile within' of millions of outwardly affluent but inwardly tormented commuter-consumers. In their majesty, the predominantly white voters of California's inland empires and gated suburbs have anointed a clinically Hitlerite personality as their personal savior." [a must read]

Energy Bill Thin on Conservation, Critics Say For conservationists, the behemoth energy bill crawling through Congress is most notable for its lack of stricter automobile mileage standards or any other major attempts to curb the nation's thirst for oil. While the Republican-written bill is generous in giving industry help to produce more energy, it gives U.S. consumers few reasons to conserve, critics say.

Industry Spends $8M to Thwart Drug Bill The pharmaceutical industry's trade group spent $8.5 million in lobbying this year as it worked against a bill to allow importation of government-approved drugs.

Grocery Clerks in California Go on Strike More than 70,000 grocery clerks at three supermarket chains in Southern California went on strike late Saturday after negotiations between union representatives and grocery store officials broke off.

Online launch for new political party ( The internet chalked up another first last night when Britain's newest political party, the People's Alliance, launched itself online. The Alliance promises to introduce a written constitution, a single universal benefit for all (or guaranteed minimum income), and have all legislation approved by electronic referendums.

Total Recall (of our rights), And What Is To Be Done! --by Michael Rectenwald "The country is under siege. With the recent accession of California into rightwing territory by means of the purchase of the governorship, we are now nearly at the completion of Project 'Total Recall'--a total recall of the rights of citizens to government of, by and for the people."

Islamic nations tell U.S. to leave Iraq Muslim nations have demanded "eviction of all foreign forces from Iraq" at the start of a summit in Malaysia with only [U.S. bribed] Turkey defending plans to deploy its troops alongside the U.S.-led alliance.

Islamic Nations Tell U.S. to Quit Iraq, Support Syria Muslim nations demanded "eviction of all foreign forces from Iraq" as they began a summit in Malaysia on Saturday, with only [U.S. bribed] Turkey defending plans to deploy its troops alongside the U.S.-led alliance.

OIC Urges 'Eviction' Of Occupation Troops From Iraq The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) opened their conference Saturday, October 11, opened with a call for "the eviction of foreign forces from Iraq".

Iraq Plunged Into Turmoil Iraq's Shi'ite leader claims he has formed a new government which will begin operating immediately. Moqtada Sadr's announcement came at the end of a week of protests directed at the US-led occupation forces. In other developments, a fire broke out on a pipeline in the Kirkuk oil fields in northeastern Iraq. Resistance fighters have been 'blamed'.

Shiite Leader Forms Shadow Cabinet, Anti-U.S. Fervor Ups Hundreds of Iraqis took to the streets of this Shiite holy city October 11, in support for a shadow cabinet formed a day earlier by anti-U.S. firebrand Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr.

Iraqi Shia leader calls for rival govt Iraq's prominent Shiite leader Moqtada Al Sadr claimed he will form a new government in the country today. According to the announcement made during Friday's prayers, the government will be a republic without terrorism and without occupation.

Four arrested in raid by American troops In three pre-dawn raids near Saddam Hussein's hometown, US troops on Saturday detained four suspects - two of whom are believed to be linked to the ousted leader's special security operations force, according to the US military.

10,000 Iraqis protest Baghdad killings As many as ten thousand Shiite Muslims gathered in Baghdad's Sadr city district on Friday after two US soldiers and at least two Iraqis were killed in what the US military says was an ambush. Shiite Muslims claimed the deaths occurred in a gunbattle triggered after American soldiers approached the Baghdad headquarters of a radical Shiite cleric opposed to the American occupation.

10,000 protest at killing of Shias About 10,000 Shia Muslim demonstrators surged on to the streets of Baghdad yesterday. They were protesting against the Americans after a night that left two US soldiers and two Iraqis dead.

Was It All Worth It? Blair hears war questioned at Iraq service --No amount of talking about ideals makes this easier, you know the cost in a unique way - Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said yesterday Poodle Tony Blair went to a sombre service yesterday for Britain's fallen heroes in Iraq - to hear the war criticised by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Another churchman insisted on remembering the Iraqi dead alongside our own. And a heckler shouted: "You bastard!" at Mr Blair as he left St Paul's Cathedral.

Two Iraqi oil pipelines ablaze Two oil pipelines have burst into flames in northern Iraq after being hit by blasts on a day when two oil employees were also killed. [Is Halliburton having the pipelines blown up so that they can justify the money they 'need' to rebuild them, and make a tidy profit in the process? Just a thought.]

Bush says Iraq returning to normal [Hello, McFly?!?] Dictator moves to ward off criticism of postwar policy --Seeking to bolster public support for his foreign policy, Dictator Bush on Saturday offered a portrait of Iraq as a country where life is returning to normal after war, insisting that "Iraq is making progress" despite a steady drumbeat of bad news.

Many soldiers, same letter Newspapers around U.S. get identical missives from Iraq Letters from hometown soldiers describing their 'successes rebuilding Iraq' have been appearing in newspapers across the country as U.S. public opinion on the mission sours. And all the letters are the same. A Gannett News Service search found identical letters from different soldiers with the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment, also known as "The Rock," in 11 newspapers. [Will the national media cover this Reichwing campaign of Bush lies?]

Feds Condemn Robertson for Nuke Comment The U.S. State Department has condemned an on-air suggestion by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson that the agency ought to be blown up with a nuclear device.

World crude-oil prices surge Energy watchdog sees 'tight crude supplies' [corpra-terrorist hoarding] this winter --World oil prices surged Friday, gaining nearly a dollar per barrel and touching nine-week highs amid dealer worries over thin petroleum stockpiles ahead of winter.

G.O.P. Leadership Interceding in Energy Talks The top Republicans in the House and Senate will intercede in talks about a new energy policy to keep consideration of the legislation from slipping into next year, Congressional aides said on Friday. Issues include electricity regulation, gasoline additives and tax breaks for a natural gas pipeline from Alaska.

Ghoulish thought! Cheney visiting to attend GOP fund-raiser Vice pResident Dick Cheney will be in Southwest Florida on Oct. 31 to take part in a fund-raiser for local Republicans. Cheney will meet with at least 1,000 contributors and supporters at the 'Thank You Southwest Florida' dinner at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa on Coconut Point Road in Bonita Springs. [Let the protests begin! Keep track of protest details with the CLG Actions page.]

Deception Dollars presented to congress ( On October 6, 2003, activists in Seattle presented Congressman Jim McDermott with 87 one billion Deception Dollar notes along with a four by three foot poster. On October 8, Mr. McDermott presented the special edition Deception Dollars and the poster to Congress.

Redistricting stalled again by House Democrats' walkout Texas Republicans' hopes of adopting a new congressional map have been pushed back by yet another Democratic walkout.

GOP Report Feeds Furor Over Texas Redistricting The Texas Legislature neared final passage of a Republican-sponsored congressional redistricting plan last night amid bitter partisan battling that was further inflamed by an internal GOP analysis of the plan's likely impact on the state's congressional delegation. According to both Democrats and Republicans, the plan, if it survives a legal challenge by the Democrats, could give the GOP a gain of seven or more congressional seats, virtually assuring the party's continued control of the House at least through this decade.

Schwarzenegger picks Jeb Bush's budget chief as California auditor Gov.-S-Elect Arnold SchwarzeNazi's choice to head the audit of California's $99 billion budget is known as a fiscal conservative not afraid to cut spending, say those who have worked with her. Donna Arduin, the budget director for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush since 1999, will lead the team of auditors combing through California's budget for 'waste' and 'duplication'.

Schwarzenegger Appoints [Jeb Bush's] Budget Auditor Donna Arduin, who is on loan from Gov. Jeb Bush's misministration in Florida where she is budget director, has pledged to complete her work by January when Arnold Schwarzenegger is required to submit a spending plan for California.

Gov. Davis Does 'Top Ten' on Letterman Gov. Gray Davis got a made a cameo appearance Friday on David Letterman's "Late Show," reciting the "Top Ten." 10. "When you realize you don't know what you're doing, give me a call."

Half of US voters want Bush out; put Bush and Clark in dead heat: poll A rising number of US voters would replace US Dictator George W. Bush in the 2004 s-elections, a new poll said, while Bush is in a statistical dead heat with Democratic hopeful Wesley Clark. [Will Diebold engage in more vote-fraud, to ensure another Bush coup d'etat?]

Source Confirms Limbaugh Investigation Conservative commentator [Reichwing whackjob] Rush Limbaugh stunned listeners of his nationwide radio show by announcing on the air that he's hooked on painkillers and is checking himself into rehab. Law enforcement sources who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed to The Associated Press that Limbaugh was being investigated by the Palm Beach County, Fla., state attorney's office.

Yucca Mt. nuclear waste parked at school bus stop Consumers Energy started shipping a 565,000-pound package filled with concrete and a nuclear reactor vessel on Tuesday from the closed Big Rock Point nuclear power plant in Charlevoix, Mich., to a low-level radioactive waste storage facility in Barnhill, S.C... The truck carrying the vessel broke an axle en route between Charlevoix and Gaylord, Mich., and it pulled over to the side of a road, where it was fixed. The company then parked the truck Tuesday night near a gas station -- that also serves as a bus stop for 13 elementary and high school students -- until the waste could be transferred to a train that stops in Gaylord. Company officials expected the transfer to take two to four days.

Study heightens fears over GM superweeds Cross-pollination between GM plants and their wild relatives is inevitable and could create hybrid superweeds resistant to the most powerful weedkillers, according to the first national study of how genes pass from crops to weeds.

Thousands unite to send anti-GE message to Government Some 9000 protesters marched through the centre of Auckland today to show the Government the groundswell of opinion against genetic engineering.

Student Sued Over Paper on Defeating CD Copy Protection Three days after a Princeton graduate student posted a paper on his Web site detailing how to defeat the copy-protection software on a new music CD by pressing a single computer key, the maker of the software said on Thursday it would sue him.

Moody's Cuts Motorola to Notch Above Junk Motorola Inc.'s unsecured debt ratings were cut on Friday to one notch above "junk" status by Moody's Investors Service, citing the world's No. 2 mobile phone maker's struggle to boost profit amid intense competition.

Bush regime change vision #1: Bush seeking ideas for regime change in Cuba Dictator Bush has directed his secretary of state and his Cuban-born housing secretary Friday to recommend ways to achieve a 'transition to democracy' in Cuba after 44 years under Fidel Castro. [should read: 'transition to corpra-terrorist hegemony']

Bush Talk of Cuba Sanctions Alarms Canada Canada expressed concern on Friday at Dictator Bush's announcement of more measures against Communist Cuba, and hoped that many Canadian firms doing business with the island would not be affected.

Bush regime change vision #2: US hawk warns Iran threat must be eliminated An American official warned yesterday that the potential threat posed by Iran's nuclear programme had to be "eliminated" and predicted Tehran would try to "throw sand" in the eyes of the world to avoid a confrontation at the UN.

Bush regime change vision #3: South American Area Is Cited as Haven of Terrorist Training The Bush dictatorship's point man on terrorist financing said on Thursday that the training and financing of terrorists remained a problem in the region of South America where the borders of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina intersect. [The 'terrorist funding point man' should hurry up and get on the case of the *problem* of Carlyle group's funding Bush family business partner, Osama bin Laden. ...our regime change vision: undoing the Bush coup d'etats]

Iraqis protest at US terrorism Up to 10,000 Iraqi Shias have taken to the streets of a Baghdad suburb to denounce the US for terrorism.

US told to avoid main Shia area in Baghdad A powerful Shia Muslim movement warned US troops on Friday not to enter Baghdad's largest Shia neighbourhood after a gun battle there on Thursday night killed two US soldiers and two Iraqis.

Broad Majority Continues to Oppose Spending Additional $87 Billion on Halliburton [in 'Iraq'] Three weeks of White House lobbying for its Halliburton ['Iraq'] package has failed to sway public opinion: A broad majority of Americans continue to oppose spending an additional $87 billion on the W-ar and 'rebuilding' effort there.

House panel OKs $86.9 billion for Halliburton ['Iraq'] efforts Top Republicans, led by Dictator Bush himself, yesterday turned back efforts to make Iraqis pay to rebuild their country, as the House Appropriations Committee approved an additional $86.9 billion for Halliburton ['Iraq'].

Spending On Iraq Sets Off Gold Rush Lawmakers Fear U.S. Is Losing Control of Funds --As the House takes up Dictator Bush's $87 billion spending request for Halliburton ['Iraq and Afghanistan'], the debate over the bill is increasingly focused not just on the amount of money but also on who will get it.

When War Fails, Launch a PR Campaign The Bush dictatorship is undertaking a campaign to regenerate [sic] public support for its policies in Iraq, dispatching officials across the country to promote White House strategy and build momentum for its $87 billion proposal for Halliburton [to 'rebuild' the war-torn nation].

Invisible arsenal / The case against spending more to search Iraq (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) "...The second question is why the United States should spend another $600 million to search for evidence when nothing significant was found in five months of investigation by a team of more than a thousand people that has already cost $300 million. The quest looks more and more political -- an effort to justify the questionable actions of an administration that took the United States into a war with Iraq that continues to cost lives and money."

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Nighttime battle follows car bombing in same Baghdad area --Thousands of Shiite Muslims on Friday mourned an Iraqi killed in an overnight clash with U.S. forces, many denouncing the American occupation during the funeral procession. Differing accounts of what happened in the nighttime clash, which also killed two U.S. soldiers in a teeming Baghdad slum, ratcheted up tensions between U.S. forces and Iraq’s religious majority.

Shiites take to the streets of Baghdad's Sadr City More than 10,000 people shouted no to America in the squalid district of Sadr City before the funeral procession of two Shiites killed in a firefight a day earlier with occupation soldiers.

Spanish intelligence officer assassinated in Baghdad A senior Spanish intelligence officer was assassinated outside his home in Baghdad on Thursday, in a day of violence that also saw at least nine people killed by a suicide bomb blast at a police station in the city.

Executive privilege seen as leak-case option Shielding material is not ruled out; Democrats protest --Despite Dictator Bush's repeated pledges of full cooperation, regime officials yesterday refused to rule out invoking executive privilege to shield some documents from Justice Department investigators looking into whether someone in the White House illegally leaked the name of a CIA operative.

Slow Justice, sympathy for Rush --by Harley Sorensen " The good news: Six journalists were offered the name of a covert CIA operative, but only one was sleazy enough to use it. That speaks well of the profession, but not so well of columnist Bob Novak, who outed the operative. Novak has been around long enough to know better."

Terror suspect tortured: dad claims Australian terrorist suspects David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib had likely been tortured while detained at Guantanamo Bay, a lawyer and Hicks' father said today.

Former officials decry Guantanamo Bay Terrorism: The group says the policy of detaining suspects without access to lawyers could jeopardize America's reputation and Americans elsewhere. More than two dozen former U.S. military officers, federal judges, diplomats and ex-POWs on Thursday attacked the indefinite detentions of terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a miscarriage of justice and urged the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene.

Web Sites Listed as 'Terror' Groups [Yikes!] The United States has added Web sites to its list of "foreign terrorist organizations" for the first time, under the category of aliases for conventional groups, a State Department official said on Friday.

383,000 Missing Votes in California 383,000 Missing Votes in GOP Calif. Coup ['recall'], Most From Punch Cards --More than 380,000 ballots cast in the GOP California coup ['recall election'] did not have a valid vote on whether to recall Gov. Gray Davis, and most of them were made on punch card systems, according to two independent studies.

Scientific analysis turns up 384,000 of missing votes in GOP Calif. coup ['recall'] Two independent studies of California's GOP coup ['recall election'] found missing votes in counties throughout the state, casting doubt on antiquated punch card systems. Nearly 9 percent of people who cast ballots on punch card voting machines in Los Angeles County did not vote on whether to recall Gov. Gray Davis, said researchers at Harvard University and University of California, Berkeley.

Schwarzenegger's First Role As Governor-Elect of California: The Deregulator --by Jason Leopold "Forget about the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking on a new role as Governor-elect of California: The Deregulator. One of Schwarzenegger’s first political moves as the state’s chief executive will be an effort to push the state’s electricity market closer toward deregulation, a move halted by Gov. Gray Davis two years ago in the wake of California’s energy crisis. Schwarzenegger, while on the campaign trail, blamed Davis for his handling of the energy crisis."

Texas GOP 'crafts' new Hill districts Texas Republicans, with strong help from U.S. House Majority Leader [and Reichwing whackjob] Tom DeLay, finally approved yesterday a congressional-redistricting measure they expect to cost Democrats six U.S. House seats.

Democrats Defend Philadelphia Mayor Amid Probe Leading Democrats rallied behind Philadelphia Mayor John Street on Friday, hoping to bolster his reelection campaign amid reports that U.S. authorities were intensifying a City Hall corruption probe.

US gross external debt more than $6 trillion-Trsy U.S. debt owed to foreign governments, central banks, private banks and other investors topped $6 trillion in the quarter ended June 30, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

Interior Reverses Opinion on Mining Waste The Interior Department has overturned a Clinton administration opinion that reduced the amount of land for waste from mining operations, rolling back another environmental decision made under Dictator Bush's predecessor.

Holy Upton Sinclair, Batman! New Safety Rules Fail to Stop Tainted Meat Government inspectors monitoring the automated processing line at the Shapiro Packing meat plant here [Augusta, GA] over the past three years repeatedly discovered sides of beef mottled with cattle manure, a host for bacteria that can be deadly to consumers. [Oops! MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable forgot to report this story.]

Supermarket Workers' Set to Strike Against Three Big Grocers About 70,000 supermarket workers on Friday authorized strike action against Kroger Co., Albertsons Inc. and Safeway Inc. to protest planned health-care cuts, union representatives said.

Unions could strike at 3 big grocers About 70,000 U.S. supermarket workers, protesting planned health care cuts, could authorize strike action as early as Friday against Kroger Co., Albertsons Inc. and Safeway Inc., a union representative said.

Gephardt, Kucinich Lead Fight Against Assault Weapons ( "Congressmen Richard Gephardt (D-MO) and Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) have co-sponsored H.R. 2038, a bill that will renew and strengthen the federal assault weapons ban."

Dean Leads Among Possible Internet Voters Howard Dean is clearly on to something with the Internet. A poll of Michigan Democrats found Dean, who has attracted thousands of supporters and millions of dollars through the Internet, led his presidential rivals by 11 percentage points among voters who would prefer to vote on the Internet [?!?] in the Feb. 7 caucuses.

Rush Limbaugh admits painkiller addiction Conservative commentator [Reichwing whackjob] Rush Limbaugh announced during his radio show Friday that he is addicted to painkillers and is checking into a rehab center to "break the hold this highly addictive medication has on me."

Transcript of Rush Limbaugh's comments on his painkiller addiction Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience Friday that he is addicted to painkillers and will enter rehab.

Berlusconi pushes for more power Premier Silvio Berlusconi's government pushed ahead Friday with plans to reform Italy's constitution -- a series of changes that would include increasing the powers of the premier and changing the makeup of parliament.

Iranian wins Nobel Peace Prize Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi won the Nobel Peace Prize last night for her work in defending human rights and promoting democracy.


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