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October 2004 Archives

Freeper 'hate-mail' bag - updated! Oct. 11, 2004

Congress Close to Establishing Rules for Driver's Licenses --Critics say the plan would create a national identification card. The Senate version of the intelligence bill includes an amendment, passed by unanimous consent on Oct. 1, that would let the secretary of homeland security decide what documents a state would have to require before issuing a driver's license, and would also specify the data that the license would have to include for it to meet federal standards. The secretary could require the license to include fingerprints or eye prints. The provision would allow the Homeland Security Department to require use of the license, or an equivalent card issued by motor vehicle bureaus to nondrivers for identification purposes, for access to planes, trains and other modes of transportation.

Bush Regime Plans to Delay Major Assaults in Iraq --The Bush dictatorship will delay major assaults on rebel-held cities in Iraq until after U.S. elections in November, say regime officials, mindful that large-scale military offensives could affect the U.S. presidential race. Dictatorship and Pentagon officials say they will not try to retake cities such as Fallujah and Ramadi -- where insurgents' grip is strongest and U.S. military casualties could be the greatest -- until after Americans vote in what is likely to be a close election.

Iraq's Green Zone Turns Redder by the Day --It was supposed to be the safest patch of land in Iraq, but instead is slowly succumbing to the creeping dangers stalking the rest of the country. Over the past year, and especially in recent weeks, life in the Green Zone has grown steadily more precarious.

Large Explosion Kills Eight in Baghdad --A large explosion hit outside a police academy in downtown Baghdad on Sunday, killing eight people, officials said. At about the same time, a car bomb blew up near a small market close to the Culture Ministry, police Lt. Ahmed Hussain said.

Attacks kill 11 as Rumsfeld makes surprise visit to Iraq --US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, on a surprise visit to Iraq, predicted violence would increase ahead of January's elections as rebel attacks killed 11 people including a US soldier.

Seventeen killed in car bomb attack outside oil ministry: Iraqi spokesman --At least 17 people were killed in a suicide car bomb just north of Iraq's oil ministry in Baghdad, a ministry spokesman told AFP.

For Marines, a Frustrating Fight --Some in Iraq Question How and Why War Is Being Waged --Two months into a seven-month combat tour in Iraq, Lance Cpl. Carlos Perez, 20, said he sees little connection between the events of Sept. 11 and the war he is fighting. ..."Sometimes I see no reason why we're here," Perez said.

Bigley was murdered 'in retaliation for American air strikes' --A man who claimed to represent the Tawhid and Jihad terrorist group led by [deceased] Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, said that engineer Kenneth Bigley had been killed in retaliation for American air strikes in the area and the British Government's failure to respond to its demands. "It is not true that Kenneth Bigley escaped," the man said. "We executed him because the Americans arrested Sheikh Saleh al-Janabi."

Beheadings now routine for Iraqi pathologist --The beheading of hostage Ken Bigley horrified the world. It sickened Iraq's top pathologist too, but he is getting used to seeing severed heads... More than 300 shooting victims are delivered to his morgue every month, compared to about 16 under Hussein's regime. [Hmm... 300 under the Bush dictatorship, vs. 16 under the Hussein regime...]


FBI to get help on Election Day plots --Agency can deploy other investigators --Attorney General John Ashcroft quietly has issued a sweeping directive that authorizes the FBI to use hundreds of law enforcement agents from other federal agencies to help investigate any terrorist plots that target the Nov. 2 elections. [Will they investigate Karl Rove's?]

Whew, At Least He Wasn't Fooling Around --by Daniel Ruth "The entire nation was brought to a literal standstill for almost two years while a special prosecutor and the U.S. Congress investigated and eventually impeached a sitting president essentially for engaging in the same behavior many, many other occupants of the White House have been guilty of. ...Yet George W. Bush and his fellow West Wing finger bowls misled, mismanaged and obfuscated their way into a war they weren't prepared to win at a cost of untold lives and treasure - and at least half the population (if the polls are to be believed) doesn't care."

Israel greater nuclear threat than Iran: Israeli whistleblower Vanunu --Israel is a greater nuclear threat than Iran, Mordechai Vanunu, who was freed in April after 18 years in an Israeli prison for revealing the country's nuclear program, told Swedish Radio on Thursday.

Panel to Probe Fraud Claims in Afghan 'Vote' --An independent commission will probe claims by all 15 challengers to interim leader Hamid Karzai that Afghanistan's first direct presidential 'election' was marred by incompetence and fraud, a top official said Sunday. [One puppet dictator (Karzai) installed by another (Bush).]

Voting farce threatens free Afghanistan -- With the exception of the US-backed favourite, the interim President, Hamid Karzai, all remaining 15 candidates cried foul, saying in a joint statement that they were not voting and would boycott the result. The elections became a farce [just like the 2000 'election' in the U.S.] when many voters discovered they could easily wash away identifying ink daubed on their index finger, intended to stop them voting again.

Rumsfeld/Rove freelancer off the hook: Bin Laden 'no longer top target' --Occupation commanders in Afghanistan have begun playing down the importance of Osama Bin Laden — in sharp contrast to the statements made earlier this year that he would be caught by the end of 2004. "From the Afghan point of view we don’t want to focus too much on Bin Laden," said Major-General John Cooper, deputy commander of the American-led occupation forces.

Homeland Security: If Terror Strikes the Polls An Al CIA-duh attack is expected. So what happens if balloting is disrupted? The electoral chain of command --It's practically an article of faith among counterterrorism officials that Al CIA-duh will try to hit the U.S. homeland in the run-up to the presidential election... But if an attack does come, who would decide what to do about the election? ...In the age of global terror and instant communications, some experts argue that the federal government should have the option to postpone. ...Some have argued that Congress could establish a commission that would have the authority to reschedule federal elections in the event of a national emergency. [Newsweak asks, "So what happens if balloting is disrupted?" CLG's solution: The Ballot, "The Bullet, and the Grand Refusal" and "The Revolution Will Be Webcast!" --by Michael Rectenwald]

AIDS 'made to kill blacks' --Kenya's new Nobel Peace Prize winner believes the virus causing AIDS was a deliberately created biological agent unleashed on Africans... "In fact it (the HIV virus) is created by a scientist for biological warfare," Nobel Peace Prize winner and Kenyan deputy environment and natural resources minister, Wangari Maathai, said.

Nobel peace laureate claims HIV deliberately created --Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, today reiterated her claim that the AIDS virus was a deliberately created biological agent . The United States on Friday congratulated Ms Maathai on winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but tempered its praise over her claims about AIDS. "She said (HIV/AIDS) was invented as a bio-weapon in some laboratory in the West," a senior State Department official said. [The creation of AIDS -a weapon of mass destruction - was an act of international terrorism.]

Faulty 'No-Fly' System Detailed --The federal government's "no-fly" list had 16 names on it on Sept. 11, 2001. Today, it has more than 20,000. The list, which identifies suspected terrorists seeking to board commercial airplanes, expanded rapidly even though the government knew that travelers were being mistakenly flagged, according to federal records. The records detail how government officials expressed little interest in tracking or resolving cases in which passenger names were confused with the growing number of names on the list.

Beaumont students watch 'Fahrenheit 9/11' in class --Michael Ryals, principal of Pathways Learning Center, said that he previewed part of the film before he allowed the teacher to show 'Fahrenheit 9/11' in class Friday... A Southeast Texas [Reichwing] businessman is upset that his son's English class watched Michael Moore's scathing documentary on Dictator Bush and his handling of events after the terrorist attacks. [Support Michael L. Ryals- Pathways Learning Center, 1800 Tulane Street Beaumont, TX 77703 (409) 832-5757]

Was Bush hearing voices during first debate? The much maligned debating skills of George Bush are facing fresh ridicule after claims that he was wired to receive instant help during his first television debate with John Kerry. Rumours spread around the internet that a bulge protruding from the back of Dictator Bush's jacket, captured on camera during the debate in Miami, was a radio transmitter. It was said to be feeding him answers from an aide.

Decision 2004: Kerry for president (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) "Based on his record, President [sic] George W. Bush has not earned re-election. He has mishandled the war on terrorism, shut his eyes to disagreeable facts, left the next generation in hock and presided over a sharp loss in jobs, health insurance and prosperity for millions of Americans. Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., understands that Mr. Bush took a wrong turn by transforming the war on terrorism into an invasion of Iraq... By virtue of his knowledge of world affairs, his life story of national service and his moderate values, John Kerry is that leader."

Bill Clinton campaigns for Kerry while recovering from heart surgery --Former president Bill Clinton is recovering well from heart surgery and advising the Democratic presidential campaign even as he recuperates, his wife said.

Kerry brings message to Broward stronghold (FL) Sen. John Kerry returned late Saturday to the most Democratic county in the state, one that both presidential campaigns consider crucial. Basking in the crowd's adulation, Kerry cast Bush as a stubborn leader who rushed the nation to war in Iraq, ladled out tax breaks for corporate America and turned his back on middle-class Americans by failing to create jobs.

Kerry Stumps for Black Voters at Churches --With just three Sundays left before Election Day, Sen. John Kerry is asking for all the help he can get from black voters and the Almighty.

La. Senator Stalls Corporate Welfare Tax Bill --The Senate saw its effort to pass a sweeping corporate welfare tax bill grind to a halt in the face of delaying tactics by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La, upset that the measure did not include pay support for members of the Reserves and National Guard. By a 66-14 vote, lawmakers did agree to limit debate on the tax bill, which provides $136 billion in new tax breaks for businesses and $10.1 billion separately to buy out tobacco farmers' government quotas. Some senators were also upset that the final version of the corporate bill dropped a provision that had been in the Senate version of the bill that would have given the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate tobacco, a change they saw as critical in the campaign to stop children from getting hooked on cigarettes. The bill does provide a $10.1 billion buyout for tobacco farmers. "This bill is of the elite corporate interests, by the elite corporate interests, for the elite corporate interests," said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. "It's a lobbyist's dream and a middle-class nightmare."

FDA failed to re-inspect flu vaccine factory -- U.S. health regulators say they found quality-control problems at a flu vaccine factory in Liverpool, England, in June 2003 but did not begin a full inspection of the plant again until Sunday, five days after British authorities yanked the company's license because of tainted vaccine. [The FDA: useless is as useless does.]

Gas Hits 4-Month High of $1.99/gallon --U.S. average retail gasoline prices are again approaching $2 a gallon, reaching a four-month high amid record high crude oil prices and corporate greed ['the effects of Hurricane Ivan,'] a leading industry analyst said on Sunday. [LOL, and oil was cheap *prior* to hurricane season??? NOT!!!]

Surprise CO2 rise may speed up global warming --The rate at which global warming gases are accumulating in the atmosphere has taken a sharp leap upwards, leading to fears that the devastating effects of climate change may hit the world even sooner than has been predicted.


How US fuelled myth of Zarqawi the mastermind --Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the terrorist leader believed to be responsible for the abduction of Kenneth Bigley, is 'more myth than man', according to American military intelligence agents in Iraq. Several sources said the importance of Zarqawi, blamed for many of the most spectacular acts of violence in Iraq, has been exaggerated by flawed intelligence and the Bush regime's desire to find "a villain" for the post-invasion mayhem. US military intelligence agents in Iraq have revealed a series of botched and often tawdry dealings with unreliable sources who, in the words of one source, "told us what we wanted to hear". "We were basically paying up to $10,000 a time to opportunists, criminals and chancers who passed off fiction and supposition about Zarqawi as cast-iron fact, making him out as the linchpin of just about every attack in Iraq," the agent said. "Back home this stuff was gratefully received and formed the basis of policy decisions. We needed a villain, someone identifiable for the public to latch on to, and we got one." [Not to mention the fact that Zarqawi is *dead* See: "Rebels: Top Iraq Terrorist Dead," CBS News, March 4, 2004.]

Military Suspends Firm Accused of Overbilling in Iraq --One of the highest-profile security companies in Iraq has been suspended from doing business with the U.S. government after being accused of overbilling millions of dollars through a series of sham companies. ...The company, which provided all security at the Baghdad airport, is also the target of a lawsuit unsealed Friday that accuses employees of systematically bilking U.S. taxpayers and threatening one worker and his 14-year-old son at gunpoint. The firm, which has a former Republican candidate for Congress as one of its principals, is the latest in a string of companies linked to Republicans that have been accused of wrongdoing in Iraq.

Congress Approves $422 Billion Arms Bill --The U.S. Congress on Saturday gave final approval to a $422 billion bill for 'defense' programs. The bill backed a Bush regime plan to ease cleanup standards to allow some radioactive sludge from Cold-War era bomb-making to stay in tanks at sites in South Carolina and Idaho.

Abuse by Iraqis 'astonished' guardsman --Staff Sgt. Kevin Maries of Salem says he was ready to fire when he saw guards beating captives, images he's still unable to shake --by Mike Francis "In his first public comments since he nearly sparked an international incident June 29, Oregon Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Kevin Maries of Salem said ugly images from the Abu Ghraib detention center were fresh in his mind when he called for U.S. soldiers to sweep into an Iraqi Interior Ministry compound to stop the abuse of prisoners..."

Report on Iraq Arms Deals Angers France and Others --The Bush regime's handling this week of a report on Saddam Hussein's attempts to purchase weapons and buy influence has angered French officials and set back a year of American efforts to repair the rupture caused by the Iraq war, French and other European officials said Friday.

Report Cites U.S. Profits in Sale of Iraqi Oil Under Hussein --Major American oil companies and a Texas oil investor were among those who received lucrative vouchers that enabled them to buy Iraqi oil under the United Nations oil-for-food program, according to a report prepared by the chief arms inspector for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Karzai's Opponents Claim Fraud in 'Election' --Afghans packed polling stations on Saturday for a presidential 'election' that was blemished when all 15 candidates opposing U.S.-backed interim Puppet ['President'] Hamid Karzai withdrew, charging the government and the U.N. with fraud and incompetence.

Australian premier wins fourth term --John Howard's Don't Mention the War strategy paid dividends this week as he sailed decisively to a historic fourth term as Prime Minister in a victory guaranteeing that Australian troops will stay in Iraq indefinitely.

Elections ensure Australia will keep troops in Iraq --Australian Prime Minister (Reichwing whackjob) John Howard has claimed victory in national elections. The vote will ensure the country keeps its troops in Iraq.

Speaking of Reichwingers: Hatch is pushing Arnold bill --Officially, a hearing this week before the Senate Judiciary Committee was titled "Maximizing Voter Choice: Opening the Presidency to Naturalized Americans." A constitutional amendment, proposed by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is called the Equal Opportunity to Govern Amendment. Unofficially, it is the Arnold bill, as in Arnold Schwarzenegger, the reigning [GOP-installed] governor of California.

House OK's GOP anti[pro]terrorism bill --Negotiations with Senate next --House Republican leaders yesterday easily pushed through sweeping new law enforcement powers as part of a Sept. 11 anti[pro]terrorism package, but the House now must negotiate a truce with the Senate on those measures to get Dictator Bush's signature before the elections.

House Approves 9/11 Bill on Intelligence Reorganization --The House adopted a Republican-sponsored bill Friday that would restructure the nation's intelligence community in response to the recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission. ...The House bill also contains a variety of law enforcement and immigration provisions not requested by the commission and opposed by Democratic lawmakers and civil liberties groups.

Security reform bill: a 'wish list' for Ashcroft --New York City Democrats in the House voted against a bill Friday that offers a new way to deliver more homeland security money to the city, saying other measures in the GOP-backed legislation would do greater harm. Jerrold Nadler, whose district includes ground zero, criticized the bill as a wish list for Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Senate Rejects Plan Endorsed by 9/11 Panel --The House voted Thursday night to reject a sweeping bill that would have enacted most of the recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission and was similar to a bipartisan Senate bill that has the endorsement of the White House, the commission's leaders and many of the families of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. The vote, 203 to 213, appeared to clear the way for passage on Friday of a related bill being offered by House Republican leaders that includes many contentious law-enforcement provisions that were not recommended by the Sept. 11 commission and have been strongly criticized by Democrats and civil liberties groups.

Base Opens to 'Secure' Northeast U.S. Border --PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. --The federal government opened a base Friday where airplanes, helicopters and high-speed boats will set out to intercept 'terrorists,' drug smugglers and illegal immigrants trying to cross the nation's vast northeastern border.

News website Indymedia says FBI seized server --A website billed as a grassroots news source for the anti-globalization movement and other issues said one of its Web servers was shut down after the FBI served a subpoena. The Independent Media Center said the FBI issued an order to hosting company Rackspace "to remove physically one of our servers."

Democrats: Republican 'Hammer' should step down --Outraged Democrats called for the resignation of senior Republican lawmaker Tom DeLay for a "disturbing pattern of corruption" following his censure by a House ethics panel. The US House of Representatives' Ethics Committee on Wednesday unanimously admonished DeLay for improper activities and abuse of power.

Pelosi Seeks Special Counsel for an Inquiry on DeLay --The House's top Democrat yesterday called for a special counsel to look into Majority 'Leader' Tom DeLay's unethical behavior for which he was twice admonished.

DeLay Goes on Offensive After Admonishment --House Majority 'Leader' Tom DeLay went on the offensive after being chastised twice in the past week by the House ethics committee, accusing his accusers of libel and the bipartisan panel that judged him of mistreating him.

Hoyer: GOP Congress Failed Americans --House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer criticized the Republican-controlled Congress on Saturday for "surrendering to its own intransigence and admitting that it cannot complete the work the people sent us here to do."

Fla. faces flurry of suits as Election Day nears 'Vote'-machine change unlikely before Nov. 2 --A lawsuit demanding touch-screen 'voting' machines be made to produce paper records will not be heard until Oct. 18, a judge ruled Friday, raising doubts that any major change to the system used by about half of Florida's voters will occur before the election. The decision comes amid a flurry of lawsuits leading up to the Nov. 2 election in Florida, the scene of the 2000 coup d'etat.

"I hear there's rumors on the Internets (sic) that we're going to have a draft." --the Idiot Usurper, during the Second Presidential Debate

Full Transcript: Second Presidential Debate Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. October 8, 2004

Bush 'utterly incoherent:' The Town Hall Debate (The New York Times) "Mr. Bush was deeply unpersuasive when asked why he had not permitted the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. He claimed that the reason was 'I want to make sure it cures you and doesn't kill you.' [?!?] Mr. Kerry cleanly retorted that four years ago in a campaign debate, Mr. Bush had said importing medicine from Canada sounded sensible. And the president [sic] was utterly incoherent when asked about whom he might name to the Supreme Court in a second term. His comment about how he didn't want to offend any judges because he wanted 'them all voting for me' was a joke - but an unfortunate one, given the fact that the president [sic] owes his job to a Supreme Court vote.... If Mr. Bush was hoping to recover all the ground he lost last week, he failed in his mission."

Empty Volcano --by James Wolcott "For much of last night's debate George Bush looked like a blister about to pop. ...It is astonishing and sobering that this dull roar with a one-track mind that runs on tank treads is fighting for re[s]election instead of facing impeachment; his lies and failures have fed thousands of graves, and filled thousands more hospital beds with bodies and psyches that will never be whole again. And still our mainstream pundits can not, will not see him for what he is... But just as the MSNBC panel, which ought to be shipped to Guantanamo for the duration of the election season, blundered so badly after the Cheney-Edwards debate, the pundits didn't seem to recognize what was happening in front of their eyes last night."

Was Bush Wired? Ridiculous, Campaign Says --Campaign aides to Dictator Bush on Saturday laughed off rampant Internet speculation about whether the president [sic] was wired to get help from advisers during his first debate with Sen. John Kerry. "It's not true. It's ridiculous," Bush campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel said. A still photo from television footage of Bush as he debated Kerry on Sept. 30 in Coral Gables, Fla., appears to show a small, boxy shape between the president[sic]'s shoulder blades. "Some people have been spending too many hours looking at left-wing conspiracy Web sites," Stanzel said. [**** me, Scott. We both know Bush can't utter a single, coherent sentence without direction as the synapses in his 'brain' have been destroyed by years of cocaine and alcohol abuse.]

The Mystery of the Bulge in the Jacket --What was that bulge in the back of Dictator Bush's suit jacket at the presidential debate in Miami last week? According to rumors racing across the Internet this week, the rectangular bulge visible between Mr. Bush's shoulder blades was a radio receiver, getting answers from an offstage counselor into a hidden presidential earpiece. The prime suspect was Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's powerful political adviser.

Bush's bulge stirs media rumours --A bulge in the back of Dictator George W Bush's suit jacket during the first TV debate with John Kerry has triggered rumours that he was wired to get help. Internet websites alleged the apparent bulge, during last week's debate in Miami, was a radio receiver feeding him answers from an offstage aide.

Voters' choice is clear: John Kerry for president (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) "John Kerry should be the next president of the United States. This endorsement is based not only on President [sic] Bush's failings -- which are manifest -- but also on the conclusion that Kerry can succeed where Bush has failed... George W. Bush has failed America on the economy, civil liberties, the environment, nuclear proliferation and, most unforgivable, on national security by leading us into a demonstrably unnecessary war in Iraq that has distracted our attention from and diminished our capability to fight a comprehensive global war on terror. Kerry is intellectually and ideologically equipped to succeed where Bush has failed. The obvious prospects for that success lie in his military, congressional and international experience, his superior intellectual curiosity and willingness to consider dissenting opinions, his commitment to protecting the civil liberties of all Americans and his potential to surround himself with a broad coalition of competent Cabinet members, staff and advisers."

Al Gore hits the campaign trail for Kerry --President Al Gore urged hundreds of Democrats Saturday to help throw the Bush regime out of office because of its handling of the war on terrorism and the nation's economy. Gore was particularly critical of Dictator Bush's shifting of American troops to Iraq before they gained control in Afghanistan, where 'elections' were held Saturday.

Conservative TV Group to Air Anti-Kerry Film --Sinclair, with reach into many of the nation's homes, will preempt prime-time shows. Experts call the move highly unusual. The conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group, whose television outlets reach nearly a quarter of the nation's homes with TV, is ordering its stations to preempt regular programming just days before the Nov. 2 election to air a film that attacks Sen. John F. Kerry's activism against the Vietnam War, network and station executives familiar with the plan said Friday.

Edwards Under Fire --GOP groups poised to unleash assault Dems VP candidate, a former trial lawyer --A new wave of Republican attack ads is coming this week, but this time their target is the No. 2 man on the Democratic ticket, John Edwards. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the November Fund, a new 527 group dedicated to attacking Edwards, a former plaintiffs' lawyer, and "lawsuit abuse," will this week launch an ad campaign that portrays him as a cause of the crisis in the medical system.

Politics gets teacher in trouble --A South Brunswick middle school 'teacher' was reassigned yesterday after district officials concluded that she was using her classroom to show support for Dictator Bush in next month's election. Shiba Pillai-Diaz, a first-year language-arts 'teacher' at Crossroads Middle School, has been reassigned to another school in the district. The district posted a statement on its Web site on Oct. 3 asserting that Diaz told students: "You should be ashamed to be a Democrat" and engaged in other partisan activity.

Controversial teacher receives new job --South Brunswick Superintendent of Schools Gary McCartney has said the issue wasn't the Bush photo, because many district classrooms have them, but that Pillai-Diaz engaged in a "zealous misuse of seventh- and eighth-grade instruction time" and parents were contacting the school concerned with politics in the teacher's classroom. [Faux News: We Distort; You Decide. Faux News had GOP nutball Shiba Pillai-Diaz on their 'newscast,' discussing how she was reassigned to another (local) school for having a picture of Dictator Bush hanging in her classroom. But, Faux and Pillai-Diaz did not emphasize the *actual* reason for her transfer: Pillai-Diaz allegedly told students that they should be ashamed of himself for being Democrats. Obviously, the 'teacher' was transferred for being an out-and-out Nazi, not for having a picture of a 'president' hanging on her classroom bulletin board. Anyway, where was Faux's *outrage' over the woman who was fired from her job for having a Kerry bumper sticker on her car?]

Britain: U.S. Told of Vaccine Shortage --Flu Shot Records Contradict FDA --British health officials said Friday that their American counterparts were informed in mid-September that problems at a drug manufacturing plant in northwest England could disrupt influenza vaccine supplies to the United States. [This is all an effort to get the U.S. taxpayers to further subsidize one of Bush's installers - the pharmaceutical terrorists. No one is interested in their deadly, useless vaccines and the deadly, useless viruses that they resurrect (polio, smallpox) or create in a lab.]

Monsanto Victory Plants Seed of Privatisation --Canadian farmers' traditional right to save seeds is being threatened by proposals to collect royalties on virtually all such seeds following agribusiness giant Monsanto's victory over grower Percy Schmeiser... "It's a fundamental shift in agriculture to the privatisation of seeds," says Terry Pugh, executive secretary of Canada's National Farmer's Union (NFU). "There are no benefits (in this) for farmers."


VOTE for the winner of tonight's debate!! (Keep checking back; polls & snapshots will be updated!) (Click on 'e-Poll: Rate the candidates') Which candidate was better on the issues? 7.9% Bush (396 responses); 92.1% Kerry (4614 responses) - (five poll questions; 02:00 EDT snapshot) (Click on 'Who Won the Debate?')
Dictator George W. Bush 14156; 22% Sen. John Kerry 49501 77% - 64070 Votes (01:00 EDT snapshot)
CBS News - Dictator Bush: 11.45%; Senator Kerry: 88.09%; Neither man. It was a draw: 0.46% (23:45 EDT snapshot)

MSNBC - Dictator Bush 21%; Senator Kerry 79% - 115399 responses (22:49 EDT snapshot)

CensoringNewsNetwork (They will likely yank it soon, so hurry and vote) - Dictator Bush 16% 4949 votes; Senator Kerry 83% 26448 votes; Evenly matched 1%; 450 votes - 31847 votes, total (22:39:10 EDT snapshot)

Faux News (Click on 'On the Record') (Hurry and vote before they pull the poll, as they surely won't like the results) a. Dictator Bush (30%) 4,328 b. Senator Kerry (70%) 10,301 c. I did not watch (0%) 52 d. None of the above (0%) 31 - 14,712 total votes (23:28 EDT snapshot) (Click on 'Survey - Who Won the Debate?') - Dictator George W. Bush 4434 21%; Sen. John Kerry 16726 79%; They tied 110 1% - 21270 Votes (23:08 EDT snapshot)

Orlando Sentinel ('Who won the debate?')

Ms. Magazine ('Who won over women voters?') - Kerry, 68%; Bush 32% (23:25 EDT snapshot)


Iraqis may sue US over invasion --A US report stating Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction since 1991 should pave the way for Iraqis to sue US-led forces for invading the country, an Iraqi politician has said... Around 15,000 Iraqis have been killed since the 2003 invasion.

U.S. W-ar crimes mount: U.S. strikes Iraqi wedding; kills 11 --A U.S. air strike on Falluja in western Iraq killed 11 people and wounded 17 at a wedding party, with women and children among the casualties, a hospital doctor said on Friday.

U.S. W-ar crimes mount: Take them out, dude: pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians' --The Pentagon said yesterday it was investigating cockpit video footage that shows American pilots attacking and killing a group of apparently unarmed Iraqi civilians. The 30-second clip shows the pilot targeting the group of people in a street in the city of Fallujah and asking his mission controllers whether he should "take them out". He is told to do so and, shortly afterwards, the footage shows a huge explosion where the people were. A second voice can be heard on the clip saying: "Oh, dude." At no point during the exchange between the pilot and controllers does anyone ask whether the Iraqis are armed or posing a threat. Critics say it proves war crimes are being committed.

Pentagon Sets Steps to Retake Iraq Rebel Sites --Pentagon planners and military commanders have identified 20 to 30 towns and cities in Iraq that must be brought under control before nationwide 'elections' can be held in January, and have devised detailed ways of deciding which ones should be early priorities, according to senior regime and military officials.

Hussein ditched WMD years before war --The long search for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction has found Saddam Hussein had no stockpiles of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons for at least a decade. Instead, he consciously decided not to obtain any such weapons before the war in an effort to get United Nations sanctions lifted against his regime.

My Son, a United States Marine --by Della T. Austin, Harrisburg, NC -- "I am a PROUD mother of a U.S. Marine. My eyes have been opened and I am now enraged and disgusted with 'OUR GOVERNMENT!' My son is now in Iraq. Before he left Camp LeJuene, my side of the family and his wife had to get money together because my son had to spend over $300 to buy things he was 'REQUIRED' to have in his gear. If he were missing one thing, he would not have been allowed to come home on his Block Leave to see his family before being deployed to Iraq! ...What in the hell is $137 BILLION paying for? [Halliburton.] ...This is just one reason why I will vote for Senator Kerry!"

Militants in Iraq Kill UK Hostage, Video Shows -- Militants in Iraq beheaded British hostage Kenneth Bigley, three weeks after kidnapping him to press a demand for the release of women held by U.S.-led forces, a video seen by Reuters showed on Friday.

Israel Says al-CIA-duh Behind Resort Attacks --Rescuers Friday dug through the debris of a luxury hotel for victims of a series of bombs at resorts in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula that are popular with Israelis. At least 27 people were killed, with more than 100 wounded, and officials feared the death toll would rise. Israel's intelligence chief told Cabinet ministers Friday that the bombings at Egyptian resorts were most likely carried out by al-CIA-duh.

U.S. Base Attacked, Truck Bomb Found Before Afghan 'Vote' --Taliban insurgents fired rockets in parts of Afghanistan and a huge truck bomb was intercepted on the eve of the first presidential 'election' in Afghanistan. One rocket exploded in the air above the main U.S. military compound in Kabul before dawn, damaging vehicles in a car park.

'Reporter' Held in Contempt in CIA Probe -- A federal judge held a 'reporter' in contempt Thursday for refusing to divulge confidential sources to prosecutors investigating the leak of an undercover CIA officer's identity. U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan ordered New York Times 'reporter' [GOP media whore] Judith Miller jailed until she agrees to testify about her sources before a grand jury, but said she could remain free while pursuing an appeal. Miller could be jailed up to 18 months [Good!!].

'Reporter' for Times Is Facing Jail Time (NYT version) A federal judge held a 'reporter' for The New York Times in contempt of court on Thursday for refusing to name her sources to prosecutors investigating the disclosure of the identity of a covert C.I.A. agent.

FBI seizes Indymedia servers --The FBI has issued an order to hosting provider Rackspace in the US, ordering it to turn over two of the servers hosting the Independent Media Centre's websites in the UK, a statement from the group says. Rackspace has offices in the US and the UK. Independent Media Center, which is better known as Indymedia, was set up in 1999 to provide grassroots coverage of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) protests in Seattle. Rackspace complied with the FBI order, without first notifying Indymedia, and turned over Indymedia's server in the UK.

Oppose Repressive Measures Promoted as "Reform" ( "Attorney General Ashcroft and his allies in Congress are using the 9/11 Commission report as cover for new government powers that would infringe on the rights of Americans and foreign guests. The new vehicle for their ill-advised efforts -- a new bill in the House of Representatives -- would likely create what amounts to a national identification card, drastically curtail basic fairness in the nation’s immigration system and expand on the PATRIOT Act. This new legislation (H.R. 10) could create a de facto national identification card by imposing standards on the states."

A Very Bad Deal (The New York Times) "In the days of fear following the 9/11 attacks, Congress gave the government new powers to track down terrorists. Most Americans approved, expecting that, at worst, they were trading minor infringements of civil liberties for well-planned and well-executed operations that would make us safer. Instead we got a mounting pile of bungled operations, ranging from merely inept to scandalously abusive, and military prisons filled with Afghans, Iraqis and other Muslims who had committed no real offenses."

Booklet That Upset Mrs. Cheney Is History --The Education Department this summer destroyed more than 300,000 copies of a booklet designed for parents to help their children learn history after the office of Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney's wife complained that it mentioned the National Standards for History, which she has long opposed.

Repugnant Nazi Convention Protesters Sue NY on Arrests --Protesters and onlookers arrested during the Repugnant Nazi Convention sued New York City on Thursday and said police had violated their free speech and other constitutional rights.

Moore to come (; paid subscription req'd.) 'Fahrenheit' pay event irks DVD distrib --Michael Moore's dream of getting "Fahrenheit 9/11" onto television the night before the presidential election is close to fruition. Documaker is producing a three-hour pay-per-view event that will run Nov. 1, the night before Election Day...

Kerry takes slim lead over Bush --Sen. John Kerry holds a slim lead over Dictator Bush, according to an Associated Press poll that shows the Democrat gaining ground while Bush lost support on personal qualities, the war in Iraq and national security.

Bush Unplugged --by Rory O'Connor "Is President [sic] Bush being fed lines through an earpiece in his meetings with the press and other public appearances? ... So I decided to investigate, and went directly to the top -- to Mark McKinnon, Media Director for the George W. Bush re-[s]election campaign. ...McKinnon continues: 'Unfortunately, the truth is not nearly as interesting. The answer is, 'The President [sic] has never been assisted by any audio signal.'"

Bush Cheated (In the 1st Debate!) --by Ron Harold "President Bush is using a wireless communications system, including an earpiece and a wireless receiver which can actually be seen on Bush's back during the last debate. Someone off-camera is actually telling President Bush what to say." ***Note/caveat*** This matter is under investigation, and until more 'proof' emerges, we are not pulling the story, but merely presenting what we have, thus far. Also, a comment from CLG reader, Martha: "Before Bush was nominated as candidate for the 2000 election, he and other Repug hopefuls were debating and it was noticed that Bush had an earpiece. He said it was a hearing aid, and attributed his hearing loss to years of cranking up rock."

Is He a Dope? [Yes!] (Los Angeles Times) "Then there is [Reichwing Iran-Contra terrorist] Ronald Reagan. We know now that he had incipient Alzheimer's for at least part of his presidency [Yes, and Leslie Stahl was about to report that fact on the CBS Evening News, but instead chose to whore for her GOP bosses.]. Many of his supporters at the time and even more of his retrospective admirers acknowledge that he was a few jelly beans short of a jar... ...[M]aybe George W. Bush will reassure us by his performance Friday night that he is thinking as hard as he should about the issues the president will face in the next four years. Especially the issues resulting from his own failure to think hard during the last four.

Ignorance Isn't Strength --by Paul Krugman "I first used the word 'Orwellian' to describe the Bush team in October 2000. Even then it was obvious that George W. Bush surrounds himself with people who insist that up is down, and ignorance is strength. But the full costs of his denial of reality are only now becoming clear. President [sic] Bush and Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney have an unparalleled ability to insulate themselves from inconvenient facts..."

Bush and Cheney's Campaign Lies --by Carla Binion "[George] Bush and [Dick] Cheney's false statements and insinuations, such as the implied link between Iraq and al-Qaeda, are demonstrably untrue. The Bush and Cheney deceptions about Iraq aren't just any political lies. These lies are getting young Americans and others killed and maimed every day, causing their families unspeakable grief."

Tiny Arcata says impeach Bush (CA) In a decision sure to resonate for at least a couple of miles, the Arcata city council has passed a resolution calling for Dictator Bush to be impeached. The tiny coastal hamlet took a vote of council members late Wednesday and passed the resolution three-to-none.

FEMA's help rises to 90% (FL --of course) The Federal Emergency Management Agency will cover 90 percent of the cost of cleanup and damage repair for local government agencies across the state. Dictator Bush signed an executive order Thursday increasing FEMA's assistance, thereby saving Charlotte County about $13 million. The agency typically covers 75 percent of costs not covered by insurance. Bush's executive order is critical for Florida, a key state in next month's presidential [s]election.

Democrats Challenge Fla. Voting Policy --The state Democratic Party filed a federal lawsuit accusing Florida's secretary of state [GOP whore] of violating federal law when she told elections supervisors to reject incomplete voter-registration forms. The lawsuit was filed Thursday, the same day the NAACP sued a county elections supervisor in federal court, alleging the county disenfranchises blacks by having only one early voting site in an area where fewer minorities live.

Muslim get-out-vote unit pushes deadline (FL--of course) Theresa LePore vowed to close the Palm Beach County elections office at 5 p.m. Monday, the final day to register to vote in the Nov. 2 election, but a young man who arrived about 15 minutes after the deadline [5PM was not the deadline! It was ***6PM,*** according to LeGOPWhore herself --keep reading!!] managed to drop off 550 applications on behalf of a group of Muslims determined to oust Dictator Bush. LePore said he showed up, carrying a box of applications, about 15 minutes after she locked the door to her office at 5 p.m. She said she told him her office was closed but he could mail the forms as long as they were postmarked by midnight that night. [But, the biased author of this article, Dara Kam, fails to emphasize the key sentence: "LePore, who said she also let a few individuals turn in single registration forms until 6 p.m.,..."

Fla. Officials Asked to Probe Voter Fraud --Elections officials asked prosecutors Thursday to investigate possible voter fraud involving 25 registration forms with apparently bogus addresses, including some that match a public park, a parking lot and a utilities building. ...Thousands of forms are missing information, meaning thousands of people could find out Nov. 2 that they are unable to vote in the contest between Bush and Democrat John Kerry.

Nader Ballot Petitions Present a Phone Book Full of Problems (Philadelphia) In the rush to collect enough signatures to put Ralph Nader on the ballot in the swing state Pennsylvania, one father and son signed the petitions 60 times between them. Other names were paired with addresses that do not exist - unless, as a judge noted, they are in the middle of the Delaware River. In four courtrooms in this city alone on Thursday, a team of judges tried to sort it all out, puzzling over hundreds of names to determine whether Mr. Nader should appear on thousands of ballots waiting to be printed and sent out.

585,000 jobs lost since Bush took [literally, *took*] office --U.S. businesses added 96,000 jobs to payrolls in September, the government reported on Friday, a weaker-than-expected total that was expected to sharpen a presidential debate later in the day over the economy's direction. After including the projected change, it appears that about 585,000 jobs have been lost since Dictator Bush took office [literally, *took* office] in January 2001.

Working for a Pittance --by Bob Herbert "Reality keeps rearing its ugly head. The Bush administration's case for the war in Iraq has completely fallen apart, as evidenced by the report this week from the president[sic]'s handpicked inspector that Iraq had destroyed its illicit weapons stockpiles in the early 1990's. ...The White House, as deep in denial about the economy as it is about Iraq, insists that things are fine - despite the embarrassing fact that President [sic] Bush is on track to become the first president since Herbert Hoover to preside over a net loss of jobs during his four years in office."

Brent oil prices spike to new high; analysts eye 60 dollars --The price of Brent crude oil reached a new record high, due to corporate greed ['as analysts warned a looming strike in Nigeria'] could drive US crude oil futures up to 60 dollars a barrel. [LOL, and oil was cheap *prior* to 'the looming strike in Nigeria?'??? NOT!!!]

Oil price may top US$53 a barrel --Crude oil may rise from a record US$53 a barrel due to corporate greed ['over concerns that imports will not make up for a drop in Gulf of Mexico output caused by Hurricane Ivan']. [LOL, and oil was cheap *prior* to hurricane season??? NOT!!!]

Exxon's greenhouse gas levels rise as profits soar --The world's biggest oil company, ExxonMobil, has been increasing its greenhouse gas emissions after supporting Dictator George Bush's refusal to sign the Kyoto treaty. The Texan oil firm, which is facing a consumer boycott in Europe over its stance on climate change, is now producing more than twice the carbon dioxide pollution of a country such as Norway.

ChevronTexaco Confirms Interest in Gulf of Venezuela Tender --ChevronTexaco has confirmed its interest in bidding for hydrocarbon exploration licenses in Venezuela's Gulf of Venezuela tender at an unscheduled date this year, the head of state oil company PDVSA, Ali Rodriguez, told reporters. "ChevronTexaco said that it is ready to invest in new blocks in the Deltana platform," he said. "There are [other] companies interested in investing that I cannot mention." [When will Dictator Bush attempt (anther) coup d'etat in Venezuela?]

FDA Accused of Silencing Vioxx Warnings --The Food and Drug Administration silenced one of its drug experts who raised safety concerns weeks before Merck & Co. yanked the blockbuster drug Vioxx due to increased risks for heart attack and strokes, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee said Thursday.

U.S. envoy warms to Canadian rule in Arctic waters --The U.S. ambassador to Canada suggested today that the United States might be safer from terrorists if it left the Northwest Passage in the Arctic under Canadian control. Paul Cellucci made the comments after completing his first official visit to Iqaluit. ...Canada's sovereignty over the Arctic has become a growing focal point for the federal government, especially since the current U.S. regime claims that the Northwest Passage should be recognized as international waters. Many U.S. businesses have lobbied for an unregulated trade route through the Canadian Arctic archipelago.

Rocket Attack in Central Baghdad, Hotels Targeted --At least two rockets were fired toward the Sheraton and Palestine hotels in central Baghdad on Thursday and a fire broke out in the area, witnesses said.

Explosions and Gunfire Erupts Outside Baghdad Hotels --Explosions and gunfire erupted Thursday night outside hotels housing foreigners and journalists in downtown Baghdad, but there were no immediate reports of casualties. Security guards at the Palestine hotel said two rockets hit the outside of the nearby Sheraton hotel.

U.S. Report Undercuts Bush W-ar Rationale --Undercutting the Bush's regime's rationale for invading Iraq, the final report of the chief U.S. arms inspector concludes that Saddam Hussein did not vigorously pursue a program to develop weapons of mass destruction after international inspectors left Baghdad in 1998, according to lawmakers and others briefed on the report.

Report Discounts Iraqi Arms Threat --U.S. Inspector Says Hussein Lacked Means --The government's most definitive account of Iraq's arms programs, to be released today, will show that Saddam Hussein posed a diminishing threat at the time the United States invaded and did not possess, or have concrete plans to develop, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, U.S. officials said yesterday.

Car Bomb Kills 16 Iraqis Near Baghdad -A suicide car bomber plowed into an Iraqi military checkpoint northwest of Baghdad on Wednesday, killing 16 Iraqis and wounding about 30, as U.S. and Iraqi forces sealed off roads south of the capital in a campaign to curb the insurgency before January's elections.

U.S. Convoy in Mosul Ambushed by Insurgents --A multinational force convoy traveling through a Mosul neighborhood was ambushed today by insurgents who destroyed one vehicle with a car bomb and then peppered the convoy with rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire, officials reported.

Israeli commandos and pilots conducting special operations in Iraq: sources --Israeli commandos played an active role in the occupying forces’ attacks on Najaf, Sadr City, Tall’Afar, Mosul, Samarra, Falluja, and some areas in Tikrit, Ramadi, and Baqubah.

Two girls, two shots to the head --Palestinian 15-year-olds among growing number of children hit by Israeli snipers during 'Days of Penitence' --The two 15-year-old pupils at Jabaliya's school were both shot in the head by Israeli soldiers inside their homes just a few blocks and several hours apart.

Dear Mike, Iraq sucks --Civilian contractors are fleecing taxpayers [Helllooo!!! Dick Cheney, are you *LISTENING*???]; US troops don't have proper equipment; and supposedly liberated Iraqis hate them. After the release of Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore received a flood of letters and emails from disillusioned and angry American soldiers serving in Iraq. [excerpt] "A Blackwater contractor makes $15,000 [£8,400] a month for doing the same job as my pals and me. I make about $4,000 [£2,240] a month over here. What's up with that? ...Man, there is a huge fucking scam going on here! There are civilian contractors crawling all over this country. Blackwater, Kellogg Brown & Root, Halliburton, on and on. These contractors are doing everything you can think of from security to catering lunch! We are spending money out the ass for this shit, and very few of the projects are going to the Iraqi people. Someone's back is getting scratched here, and it ain't the Iraqis'!"

US military bows to the rule of law --It has taken a shameful three years for the legal charade of Guantanamo Bay to be exposed. (The Age) "The Bush Administration is still proceeding with a military commission, which exposed itself as a judicial travesty at the first hearings in August...The essential reason for the long delay in bringing the detainees to justice, indeed for trying to put them beyond the law, is clear: there was insufficient evidence to back the claims made by the US Government, and dutifully accepted by the Australian Government, for the past three years. Their failure to uphold the rule of law in that time will stand as a black mark in the history of both nations.

New U.S. Weapon of Mass Destruction? Killer flu recreated in the lab --Scientists have shown that tiny changes to modern flu viruses could render them as deadly as the 1918 strain which killed millions. A US team added two genes from a sample of the 1918 virus to a modern strain known to have no effect on mice. Animals exposed to this composite were dying within days of symptoms similar to those found in human victims of the 1918 pandemic. Will Bush play the bioterror card? (January 22, 2004) --by Lori R. Price

U.S. Alerts Schools About Terror Threat --The Education Department has advised school leaders nationwide to watch for people spying on their buildings or buses to help detect any possibility of terrorism like the deadly school siege in Russia.

An October Surprise for Bush and the FBI? --FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds talks about her case --and hints at a forthcoming scandal --by Steve Perry "Sibel Edmonds's claims of incompetence, malfeasance, and possible espionage in the FBI's translation unit have received only sporadic attention since she first aired them widely in a 60 Minutes report in October 2002--not least because of the veil of silence that the Bush Justice Department has tried to draw over the case. In July of this year, a Bush-appointed judge dismissed Edmonds's lawsuit against the FBI on the grounds that the case would necessarily expose state secrets... But l'affaire Edmonds is heating up again. Last month Edmonds filed a new lawsuit seeking to compel release of the documents in her case under the Freedom of Information law..."

Prosecutors Won't Pursue Cases of 227 in Disputed Protest --The Manhattan district attorney's office said yesterday that it would not prosecute cases against 227 protesters who were arrested in one of the most disputed demonstrations of the Repugnant Nazi Carnival, saying it would be difficult to prove that the protesters had deliberately defied orders.

DeLay Draws Third Rebuke --Ethics Panel Cites Two Situations --The House ethics committee last night admonished Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Nazi-Tex.) for asking federal aviation officials to track an airplane involved in a Texas political spat and for conduct that appeared to link political donations to legislative action. The two-pronged rebuke marked the second time in six days -- and the third time overall -- that the ethics panel has admonished the House's second-ranking Republican. [Oops! Faux forgot to cover this story.]

Ethics Panel Rebukes DeLay Twice in a Week -- The House ethics committee unanimously concluded Wednesday that Majority Leader Tom DeLay appeared to link political donations to a legislative favor and improperly persuaded U.S. aviation authorities to intervene in a Texas political dispute.

Outside Observers to Monitor U.S. Elections --The United States, accustomed to giving advice on democracy, is in the unfamiliar position of getting some from international election observers schooled in Tajikistan, Ethiopia and other emerging democracies.

FDLE probes voter forms --About 1,500 forms for new voters ages 18-24 and registered as Republicans raised red flags for the Leon County elections supervisor. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating 1,500 voter registration forms received by the Leon County elections office that apparently were altered to register local students as Republicans. County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho said it was suspicious enough that the registration forms were all photocopies, but the new voters were also between the ages of 18 and 24, a group that often registers with no party affiliation.

ACLU says state stance on form is incorrect --With hundreds, perhaps thousands of votes at stake, the American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday challenged Florida Secretary of State [GOP whore] Glenda Hood's legal position urging local supervisors to discard voter registration forms where voters had failed to check a box indicating they were U.S. citizens. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., called Hood's effort a "clear manifestation of disenfranchising people."

State GOP says Michael Moore illegally offered underwear in exchange for voting --The Michigan Republican Party is asking four county prosecutors to file charges against filmmaker Michael Moore, charging that he illegally offered underwear, noodles and snacks to college students in exchange for their promise to vote. The GOP said it asked prosecutors in Wayne, Ingham, Antrim and Isabella counties to charge Moore with violating Michigan's election law. [The GOP Nazis are *determined* to suppress the vote, to facilitate another Diebold coup d'etat.]

Republicans, Out of Ideas, Ask Prosecutors to Arrest Michael Moore ( "You may have heard by now that the Michigan Republican Party has called for my arrest. That's right. They literally want me brought up on charges -- and hope that I'm locked up. No, I'm not kidding. The Republican Party, yesterday, filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutors in each of the counties where I spoke last week in Michigan. My crime? Clean underwear for anyone who will vote in the upcoming election."

Despite Cheney statement, meeting not first for Cheney, Edwards --Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney said Tuesday night that the debate with Democratic Sen. John Edwards marked the first time they had met. In fact, the two had met at least three times previously.

CNN yanks online poll favoring Edwards, deletes results, and replaces it today ---by John Byrne "Time Warner’s Cable News Network abruptly yanked a poll from the front page of their website Tuesday which was favoring Democratic vice-presidential candidate John Edwards by more than a three-to-one margin. They then replaced it in the 12 p.m EDT hour today, completely eliminating all previous results.'"

The day that Dick Cheney was silenced --The power behind the throne was out-manoeuvred by Edwards --by Sidney Blumenthal "[Dick] Cheney made no effort to hide his sense of unaccountability. Facts that did not serve him were treated like unruly underlings. His self-assurance in lying even when politically unnecessary revealed why he is the power in the vacuum. He could only exist with a chief executive self-absorbed in his resentments and narrow in experience and intellectual scope, who does not hold his vice-president accountable; a national security adviser incompetent in her eagerness to please; and a secretary of state who accepts his internal defeats, always playing the good soldier."

Due to Cheney's 'Energy Task Force' policies of economic terrorism: Government Warns of Sharply Higher Heating Costs --American consumers will feel the effects of record-high crude oil prices with winter home heating oil bills jumping about 28 percent and natural gas costs rising by 15 percent, the U.S. government said on Wednesday.

Bay Area (SF) 1 in 4 families can't afford basics United Way study finds widespread poverty --One in four Bay Area families can't afford the basics of housing, food, health and child care without government aid, according to a report released Tuesday by the United Way of the Bay Area.

States May Ban Abortion if Roe Overturned --Thirty states are poised to make abortion illegal within a year if the Supreme Court reversed its 1973 ruling establishing a woman's legal right to an abortion, an advocacy group said Tuesday.

Popular Gay Web Site Shut Down After Virtual Attack by Right Wing Groups --The, a popular Web site that chronicles the use of gay and lesbian images in advertising, was shut down on Wednesday after it was believed to have been the victim of a cyber attack by the American Family [Nazi] Association, one of the nation’s largest anti-gay lobbying groups, over the use of a pro-gay ad produced by Procter and Gamble.

Stern's broadcast, salary go sky-high --Radio show will broadcast via satellite in January 2006 --Shock jock Howard Stern, a lightning rod for furors over broadcast standards (who bashes the Bush regime), won't have to take network heat much longer. Stern's new employer will be Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. of New York. He signed a five-year, $100 million deal with Sirius starting Jan. 1, 2006.


Who won the debate?? VOTE!!! Hurry, as these websites are removing their polls as they want to censor the truth. They are removing all vestiges of the vote, in a scrub reminiscent of the 2000 coup and probably a forecast of things to come...

MSNBC --MSNBC --22:52EST snapshot: Who won the debate? *112627 responses --Dick Cheney 23% - John Edwards 77%
CNN (Scroll down, right bottom.)
CNN --22:43:36EST snapshot: Dick Cheney 14%, 7708 votes - John Edwards 85%, 44745 votes - Evenly matched 4%, 2071 votes
CBS -- 23:13EST snapshot: Dick Cheney: 23.83% - John Edwards: 74.49% - Neither man. It was a draw: 1.67%
Orlando Sentinel --23:30EST snapshot: Dick Cheney 22.8%, 8774 responses - John Edwards 77.0%, 29615 responses - Not sure 0.2%, 85 responses --23:40EST snapshot: Dick Cheney 2%, 574 votes - John Edwards 98%, 29929 votes

Because the Republicans cannot win on substance with Dick Halliburton: GOP Campaign Urges Post-Debate Spin --The GOP campaign is urging supporters to help spin post-debate polls in Cheney's favor. In letters sent Tuesday, Republicans asked supporters to defeat the "Kerry campaign spin machine" while Democrats aimed for another "online coup d'etat," which they did following last week's presidential debate. [We would rather have an *online* coup d'etat than (another) *actual* coup d'etat, such as the one in 2000 that installed Bush as pResident (dictator).]

Transcript: Vice Presidential Debate Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio --October 5, 2004 --"SENATOR JOHN EDWARDS: Here's why we didn't think Halliburton should have a no-bid contract. While he [Dick Cheney] was CEO of Halliburton, they paid millions of dollars in fines for providing false information on their company, just like Enron and Ken Lay. They did business with Libya and Iran, two sworn enemies of the United States. [Just like Prescott Bush, when doing business with the Nazis!] They're now under investigation for having bribed foreign officials during that period of time. Not only that, they've gotten a $7.5 billion no-bid contract in Iraq, and instead of part of their money being withheld, which is the way it's normally done, because they're under investigation, they've continued to get their money....'' --Senator John Edwards, during the Vice Presidential debate

HalliburtonWatch today published the "A Handy Guide to Halliburton for the VP Debate." "It contains a quick summary of the most important (and often ignored) issues regarding Halliburton that may arise during tonight's debate between Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney and Sen. John Edwards."

Iraq Spurs Sharpest Exchange in Debate --[Liar] Cheney Asserts Hussein-Al Qaeda Ties; Edwards Accuses Cheney of Misleading America --Iraq dominated the first half of a feisty vice presidential debate from its opening moments, as Vice President [sic] Cheney asserted that deposed dictator Saddam Hussein had "an established relationship with al Qaeda" that justified the U.S.-led invasion -- a claim that caused Democrat John Edwards to charge that Cheney is "still not being straight with the American people."

Cheney, Edwards Trade Sharp Attacks on Iraq --Vice pResident Dick Cheney and Democratic Sen. John Edwards battled fiercely over the war in Iraq on Tuesday in a debate that featured repeated personal attacks on the other side's records and judgment.

Meeting Was Not First for Cheney, Edwards --Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney said Tuesday that the debate against Democratic Sen. John Edwards marked the first time the two had met. In fact, the two had met twice previously.

Kerry gains and Edwards takes baton --A Gallup poll taken after the debate has Dictator Bush and Senator Kerry in a dead heat. Just a week ago, the same poll put Mr Bush so far ahead - by eight points - that Democrat supporters accused the polling company of bias, citing the owner's ties with evangelical Christians. The dynamic of the presidential campaign has clearly changed. While Mr Bush's strategists are now saying the closing gap is "no surprise", the truth is they are thrown by Senator Kerry's comeback.

"When I walk into that debate tonight, I am there for YOU. There is no other way to say it." --Senator John Edwards, Oct. 5, at a rally (MSNBC live). Well, we all *know* that Dick Cheney is there for *Halliburton,* the Christian Coalition, pharmaceutical terrorists, and W-ar mongers. *Gravitas,* my ass! You can't spin it, Faux. Dick Cheney is a disgusting, cowardly, pathetic lump of lard and Senator Edwards is a brilliant, experienced, caring, special man who LIVES 'family values' and has the *gravitas* to become president, should he need to assume that role.

White House Silent on Bremer Troop Request --The White House refused to say Tuesday whether the top U.S. civilian official in Iraq after Saddam Hussein's ouster had asked Dictator Bush for more troops to deal with the rapid descent of postwar Iraq into chaos. In remarks published Tuesday, the official, L. Paul Bremer, said he arrived in Iraq on May 6, 2003 to find "horrid'' looting and a very unstable situation.

Rumsfeld flip-flop on links between Hussein, bin Laden --US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said he knew of no clear link between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, although he later retracted the statement and said he was misunderstood. Asked to describe the connection between the former Iraqi leader and the Al-Qaida at an appearance yesterday at the Council on Foreign Relations, Mr Rumsfeld first refused to answer, then said: "To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two."

Speech by Donald Rumsfeld --Speech by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, October 4, 2004 "QUESTIONER: ...Mr. Secretary, what exactly was the connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda? RUMSFELD: I tell you, I'm not going to answer the question. I have seen the answer to that question migrate in the intelligence community over the period of a year in the most amazing way. Second, there are differences in the intelligence community as to what the relationship was. To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two."

Two US officials embarrass Bush on Iraq --Statements by two top US policymakers contradicting regime dogma on Iraq provided new fuel to relentless Democratic criticism of Dictator George W. Bush that have jolted his re-selection bid.

U.S., Iraqi forces push new offensive --More than 3,000 U.S. and Iraqi troops launched a major operation Tuesday in a strategic province south of the capital, the second major offensive in the past week. ... U.S. warplanes continued pounding enemy strongholds in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood, a near-nightly scene since late August.

Mother collapses, dies days after son killed in Iraq (AZ) Friends say Karen Unruh-Wahrer collapsed and died at her Tucson home, days after learning that Army Specialist Robert Unruh had been shot and killed near Baghdad on September 25th. He'd been in Iraq less than a month when his unit was attacked. His 45-year-old mother collapsed Saturday -- just hours after seeing her son's body.

House Republicans seek to quash military draft rumor --House Republicans sought Tuesday to quash an undying Internet rumor that the government will reinstate a military draft after the election, hoping with a vote to kill legislation that would do it, and the rumor as well.

US 'never' had enough troops in Iraq: former governor --The former US governor of Iraq said the United States "never" had enough ground troops there to establish firm control, contradicting assertions by Dictator George W. Bush and top Pentagon officials that the US military had what it needed to win the war.

Former CIA official looks to leak the truth --Retired CIA intelligence analyst Ray McGovern has said a prostitution of the intelligence system has taken place. Some of its leaders have sold out and backed down under the pressure of the Bush regime. "We've created the longest recruiting lines Al Qaeda ever had," he said. McGovern said the Bush regime has been untruthful about the condition in Iraq. He said he thinks the CIA is being asked to withhold the truth from the American public.

Dogs pick at corpses as US strike subdues Iraqi city --Waving white flags, Iraqis have fled Samarra on river boats as US forces claimed victory over insurgents in an offensive aimed at taking control of rebel-held cities. ... The US strategy of "precision strikes" also came in for criticism from Iraqi President Ghazi Yawar, who described the air assaults as collective punishment. Aid organisations said they were concerned about a lack of water and electricity and the fate of hundreds of families forced to flee. One man, who said he escaped the city yesterday, reported that civilians had been killed. He said he had seen dogs picking at corpses in the street. "I swear I saw dogs eating the body of a woman," he said. Residents said bodies were left in the streets, untended due to the fear of snipers.

Four U.S. Soldiers Charged With Murder -- Four soldiers accused of smothering an Iraqi general during an interrogation last fall have been charged with murder, bringing the total number of U.S. troops charged with murder in Iraq to at least 10.

Air Force Looks at New Microwave Weapon --The Air Force expects planes will be able to fire non-lethal microwave rays at enemy ground troops with the help of a new superconducting generator system developed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base after about 25 years of research.

Oil Above $51 a Barrel on Corporate Greed ['Supply Outage'] --Oil prices leaped above $51 a barrel on Tuesday as a prolonged U.S. production outage following 'Hurricane Ivan' [LOL!] attracted fresh speculative buying. [Oh. And, the price of oil was 'low' *before* Hurricane Ivan??? NOT.]

House votes to break up S.F. based-9th Circuit court --The Republican-led House voted Tuesday to break up the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, an action opponents said was motivated by Reichwingers' ire over some of the court's rulings. Nine western states are currently covered by the 9th Circuit, but the legislation would leave just California and Hawaii in a revamped lineup.

Protesters Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando --2 People Receive Minor Injuries During Protest --A group of protesters stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, according to Local 6 News. Local 6 News reported that several people from the group of 100 Orlando protesters face possible assault charges after the group forced their way inside the Republican headquarters office.

Yes, but where was Phil? Shots fired into Knox Bush/Cheney headquarters (TN) Oct. 5, 2004 --An 'unknown suspect' [by Reichwinger Phil Parlock, perpetual Democratic dirty trickster and phony 'sign-ripping' victim? On September 2, 2004, a shot was fired into Cabell County Republican Headquarters (Huntington, WV) where supporters gathered to watch coverage of the Repugnant Nazi Convention. According to a WCHS-TV news report... Phil Parlock just 'happened' to be there, too... another coincidence.] fired several shots into the Bearden office of the Bush/Cheney re-selection campaign Tuesday morning. The headquarters are located at 4618 Kingston Pike, next to Noveau Classics and in the same shopping plaza as Long's Drugstore.

Growing up in America is bad for health of immigrant children --The health of immigrant children gets worse the longer they live in the United States and become more like Americans, a study has found.


Updated! Freeper hate mail, October 5, 2004

Your tax dollars at work: Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons --Program was touted publicly, then came official gag order --The U.S. Air Force is quietly spending millions of dollars investigating ways to use a radical power source -- antimatter, the eerie "mirror" of ordinary matter -- in future weapons.

Halliburton Set for Spotlight in VP Debates --A name likely to come up in Tuesday's vice presidential debate is Halliburton, the Texas company once run by [still 'run' by] Dick Cheney that Democrats say is an example of cronyism because of its lucrative Iraq deals.

Rumsfeld casts doubts on Saddam terror link --American Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has admitted he has not seen any 'strong, hard evidence' linking ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden's al-Qa'ida.

Soldiers Charged in Iraqi General's Death --Four soldiers were charged with murder Monday in the asphyxiation death of an Iraqi general during questioning in Iraq last fall.

One US soldier killed, two wounded in Iraq roadside blast --One US soldier was killed and two others injured when a roadside bomb targeted their convoy as it was driving near Baghdad overnight, the military said in a statement on Tuesday.

Iraq car bombs kill 26 and injure 100 --A wave of car bombings across Iraq, including one in the supposedly secure Green Zone in Baghdad, killed 26 people and injured more than 100 yesterday. As the car bombers struck, US warplanes pounded rebel-held towns in an offensive aimed at establishing control in Iraq in time for elections in January.

21 Killed in Baghdad Car Bomb Blasts --Insurgents exploded two car bombs at the gates of the main U.S.-Iraqi headquarters in Baghdad and near major hotels Monday, killing at least 21 people and wounding 96. In Fallujah, U.S. warplanes struck what the military called terror hideouts, killing 11, according to doctors who said women and children were among the dead.

Insurgents widen campaign of intimidation against Iraqis --An insurgents' campaign of intimidation has widened to include secretaries, laborers, doctors, drivers, scientists, janitors, seemingly anyone whose paycheck is cut by occupation forces, Western companies or the interim government.

Bremer Criticizes Troop Levels --Ex-Administrator Says U.S. Effort Was Hampered Early On --The former U.S. official who governed Iraq after the invasion said yesterday that the United States made two major mistakes: not deploying enough troops in Iraq and then not containing the violence and looting immediately after the ouster of Saddam Hussein.

Dealing with the Merchant of Death --For the war effort in Iraq, the Bush administration has hired at least one company tied to the network of Victor Bout, one of the world's most notorious arms traffickers. --by Michael Scherer "Known on both sides of the Atlantic as the 'merchant of death,' [Victor] Bout has been implicated in running guns and missiles to combatants across the world, from the Taliban and Northern Alliance in Afghanistan to the UNITA rebels of Angola and the teen-age army of Liberia’s former tyrant, Charles Taylor. He has been blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury from doing any business in the United States, faces an arrest warrant for money laundering in Belgium, and was aggressively pursued by the Clinton administration. ...But now the Bush administration has hired at least one company tied to Bout's network for the war effort in Iraq."

Professor Sues U.S. for Coffin Photos --A journalism professor sued the government Monday to force the Defense Department to release pictures of flag-draped coffins of soldiers arriving in the United States from wars overseas.

Poland sets pullout from Iraq in 2005 --Minister’s revelation surprises Warsaw --In a surprise announcement, Poland said Monday that it would withdraw its troops from Iraq by the end of 2005, leaving the U.S.-led multinational forces the task of finding replacements to fill a crucial security role in south-central Iraq.

Road to the White House: Heinz Kerry assails Bush policies (PA) Teresa Heinz Kerry blasted Dictator Bush's conduct of the war on terror and touted her husband's plans for health care and education in a speech last night to Westmoreland County Democrats. By sending American troops to Iraq instead of to Afghanistan, Bush permitted Osama bin Laden to escape, Heinz Kerry said. [permitted??? Try *arranged* it!] "Osama bin Laden is Osama been lost," she said. "The Taliban is back running Afghanistan," Heinz Kerry said. Iraq under Saddam Hussein was not a hotbed on terrorism, but it is now, she said.

Questions Remain on U.S. Missile 'Defense' --The military is in the final stages of readying its national ballistic missile 'defense' system, with officials predicting it will be activated before year's end. But several questions remain, including how well the experimental missile interceptors work.

How do you *lose* an H-bomb??? (f*cking morons) Interagency Team Checking for H-Bomb Lost in 1958 --A team of experts is looking into whether a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel may have located a hydrogen bomb missing off the coast of Georgia since 1958. The 20-man team came from the Air Force, Navy, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, national laboratories and Department of Energy.

U.S. Charges British Citizen With Helping Convicted Terrorist --A U.S. grand jury indictment unsealed in a Boston court today accuses a British citizen of assisting convicted terrorist Richard Reid in a scheme to blow up airplanes and passengers.

Appeal begins for terror suspects held in 'UK's Guantanamo' --'We say in a democracy it is unacceptable to lock up potentially innocent people without trial or without any indication when, if ever, they are going to be released' --Nine foreign terror suspects who have been held in British prisons without charge for nearly three years began an appeal for their release yesterday in a direct challenge to the Government's emergency anti-[pro]terrorism legislation. Lawyers for the detainees told a panel of nine law lords that the emergency measures, rushed through Parliament in the aftermath of the 11 September attacks in America, were an affront to democracy and the internationally accepted notion of justice.

UK's Top Court to Rule on 'Britain's Guantanamo' --Nine foreign terror suspects held indefinitely without charge in what critics have dubbed "Britain's Guantanamo" began a legal challenge against their detention at the UK's highest court on Monday.

City Challenged on Fingerprinting Protesters --Since coming under fire for their handling of protesters arrested during the Repugnant Nazi Carnival, Bloomberg administration officials have said that sluggish fingerprint processing in Albany was a major cause of the long delays in releasing detainees, although state officials have denied any tardiness. Now it looks as if much of the fingerprinting may not have been legal in the first place.

NYCLU accuses police of illegally fingerprinting GOP convention protesters -- The police department may have illegally fingerprinted hundreds of protesters arrested on minor charges during the Repugnant Nazi Carnival, civil rights lawyers said Monday.

Goss Pick Withdraws From CIA Consideration --Michael V. Kostiw withdrew from consideration yesterday as CIA executive director, the third-ranking position at the agency, after it was publicly disclosed that he had resigned from the agency under pressure more than 20 years ago.

U.S. Treasury near debt ceiling limit --The U.S. Treasury Department will hit its legally authorized ceiling for borrowing early this month and will urge Congress to raise it, a Treasury spokesman said on Monday.

"$210 bn. jobs will be outsourced to India in 2005" --Top 100 global financial companies will offshore jobs worth over $200 bn. to India and other countries in 2005, says a new research by Deloitte and Touche.

U.S. Retail Gasoline Rises as Diesel Sets Record --The average U.S. retail price for regular-grade gasoline rose 2.1 cents the past week to $1.938 a gallon, the highest in almost four months, the government said. Retail diesel jumped 4.1 cents to a record $2.053.

MSNBC: Stock market poised for an 'October surprise?' From the 'Lester Holt Live' newsletter (no link) "So, all of a sudden the stock market starts rallying even though George Bush is slipping in the polls... Maybe the market figures the Republicans will retain effective control of Congress... Or maybe they're all simply hoping for President [sic] Bush to pull out an 'October Surprise' that will electrify the electorate and swing the polls once again." [No, Lester, it is *because* George Bush is slipping in the polls that the market is rallying!!]

Hordes of voters register in a dozen states --Deadlines offer glimpse of what nation may see on Election Day --Election offices were flooded with new voters in a dozen states Monday as registration deadlines offered a glimpse of what the nation might see a month from now... In Ohio, [Republican] Secretary of State Ken Blackwell first ordered local election officials to reject registration cards that weren’t on heavy-stock paper, then backed off after a burst of criticism. In Florida, critics are questioning a [Republican] state order that new citizens who failed to check a box testifying to their citizenship should be rejected.

Kerry Accuses GOP of Suppressing Voting --Republicans have been trying to suppress voting in states where the presidential race is too close to call, Democratic nominee John Kerry said Sunday at one of the city's largest predominantly black churches.

Nader to Hit Swing States; Kerry Improves -- With polls showing a narrowing gap between Dictator Bush and Sen. John Kerry, 'independent' candidate Ralph Nader said Sunday that he planned to continue campaigning in key battleground states in the final month of the presidential election.

Democrats Mock Bush --Muddled George Bush has fallen behind John Kerry in the race for the White House after botching their first Presidential debate, a poll revealed. And Democrats are rubbing it in by depicting him on posters as bumbling Looney Tunes cartoon hunter Elmer Fudd who tries - and always fails - to shoot Bugs Bunny.

The 'Hard Work' Issue Isn't Taking a Holiday --The insinuation by the Democratic nominee is subtle but unmistakable: George W. Bush, the president [sic] of the United States, is lazy. Outside Youngstown, Ohio, on Sunday, John F. Kerry mocked Bush for attesting in Thursday's presidential debate -- 22 times -- that his administration is engaged in "hard work." "I welcome hard work," Kerry said. "I like hard work. I think hard work is a good thing."

Kerry attacks Bush's 'extreme right-wing ideology' in banning stem cell research --John Kerry opened a crucial week in his bid for the White House yesterday with a broadside against George Bush on one of the most emotive issues of the campaign, saying the President [sic] had jettisoned science for "extreme right-wing ideology" by curbing federal funding on stem cell research.

Shooting the Messenger Doesn't Discredit the Message --The Real Lt. Col. Burkett - in His Own Words to BBC Television-- by Greg Palast "[William] Safire in the [New York] Times, in charging that [Lieutenant Colonel Bill] Burkett faked the document, demanded the military open a criminal investigation. Darn right they should. They haven't. Why not? Maybe they don’t want to check into this 'fake' document because maybe it's not fake. An investigation should begin with questions for the President [sic]. After all, he can clear up the matter lickety-split."

In the Senate, Raising a (Quiet) Republican Voice Against the Administration --One day after the Supreme Court sealed the 2000 election for George W. Bush, his running mate, Dick Cheney, went to the Capitol for a private lunch with five moderate Republican senators. The agenda he laid out that day in December 2000 stunned Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, sending Mr. Chafee on a painful journey of political conscience that, he said in an interview last week, has culminated with his decision not to vote for Mr. Bush in November. "I literally was close to falling off my chair," Mr. Chafee said, recounting the vice president[sic]'s proposals for steep tax cuts, missile defense programs and abandoning the Kyoto environmental accords.

Court Won't Hear Ala. Ten Commandments Case --The Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday from ousted Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who lost his job after defying a federal order to dismantle a Ten Commandments monument.

Illinois, Wisconsin launch program to buy refill prescriptions abroad --Illinois and Wisconsin on Monday launched the country's first state-sponsored program to help residents buy cheaper prescription drugs from both Canada and Europe - despite federal laws banning the practice.

Reaction furious to EPA report --An Environmental Protection Agency report charging that the agency undermined its own lawsuits against air polluters by changing key regulations was praised Friday by environmentalists and condemned by industry groups and the EPA itself.


Iraqis Blame U.S. for Massacre of Children --Families of the 35 children who died in a string of bombings in Baghdad blamed American troops for the tragedy, accusing them of attracting insurgents to a ceremony where the attacks occurred. By Friday, tents had sprung up in the el-Amel neighborhood in Baghdad to accommodate mourners who gathered to share their grief from the Thursday attack. In the carnage, several explosions ripped into a crowd gathered to celebrate the inauguration of a new, much needed sewage plant. Residents said that before the start of the celebration, U.S. soldiers called upon the children through loudspeakers to join the crowd, promising them sweets. There were an unusually large number around because the long school holidays were nearing an end. "I blame the Americans for this tragedy. They wanted to make human shields out of our children. They should have kept the children away from danger," said Abdel-Hadi al-Badri, a cleric a the al-Mubashroun al-Ashra mosque, breaking down in tears during Friday prayers. Al-Badri's son lost his right leg in the explosion after he ignored his father's warnings to stay away from the U.S. troops. "The Americans are the first terrorists and the people who carried out the attack are the second terrorists," he added. [Is it conceivable that the U.S. military 'brought out' a mass of children (by offering candy) so that if insurgents struck... children would be killed?]

Civilians bear brunt as Samarra 'pacified' --Iraqi government and US forces declared yesterday that they had "pacified" the rebel stronghold of Samarra, and stated that other "no-go" enclaves such as Fallujah would be recaptured before national elections due in January. The Americans insisted that the estimated 125 people killed in the storming of the city were all insurgents [Yeah, right!]. Doctors and local people reported women, children and the elderly among the dead, and that bodies were still being brought into hospitals.

Iraq rebel city 'under US grip' --US and Iraqi forces say they have tightened their grip on Samarra after an operation that began on Friday that reportedly left over 125 rebels dead. Water and electricity supplies in Samarra are reported to have been cut off, and the main hospital says it is short of bandages and oxygen.

Iraqis Flee Fighting in Samarra by River Boats --Waving white flags, Iraqis fled the city of Samarra on river boats on Sunday as U.S. forces claimed victory over insurgents in the first step of an offensive aimed at taking control of rebel-held cities.

Powerful blasts rip through Baghdad --Witnesses say car raced toward U.S. checkpoint, exploded --A car bomb exploded Monday at an entrance to the Green Zone, a heavily fortified area on the west bank of the Tigris River that is home to the U.S. Embassy and Iraqi government buildings, according to a military spokesman.

At least 8 dead in car bomb blast in Baghdad --Doctors at a central Baghdad hospital said on Monday at least eight people were killed and 30 wounded in a car bomb blast near one of the entrances to the heavily fortified Green Zone.

Iraq police find 2 bodies, possibly Westerners --U.S. forces [as the Gestapo did] go door-to-door in Samarra hunt --Iraqi police found the bodies of a man and a woman who are believed to be Westerners south of Baghdad, an Iraqi hospital official said Sunday.

The Iraq insurgency - September 2004 --Data from a private security company operating in Iraq shows the number, type and location of all attacks by insurgents during September 2004 - the total comes to 2,368.

US Army stretched despite attracting recruits --Rumours are rife in Washington that George Bush, if re-selected, would reintroduce compulsory military service. The rumour has taken hold because the US military is "stretched", but not because of recruitment problems. Congress has limited the size of the army to 480,000 active-duty troops, not enough to do the work that needs to be done in the world...

Rice Says She Knew Iraq Tube Claims Questioned --Top U.S. officials were aware some pre-war evidence cited to make the case against Iraq's Saddam Hussein was questionable but U.S. intelligence officials nonetheless deemed the threat of his developing nuclear weapons credible, top White House aides said on Sunday.

Japan to Ask U.S. to Remove Some Okinawa Bases -Paper --Japan plans to ask the United States to move some U.S. marine bases from its southernmost prefecture of Okinawa to a location outside Japan, the daily Yomiuri Shimbun said on Monday.

White House backs torture-abroad law --Bypasses U.S. interrogation restraints --The White House has endorsed a proposed bill that would make it legal for U.S. intelligence officials to deport individuals to countries known to use torture to extract information. The "9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act" marks the first time the U.S. government has officially scripted its policy known as "extraordinary rendition," whereby American authorities can circumvent their own restraints on interrogations by sending suspects to countries known to employ harsh tactics.

UT Rolls Out Supercomputer For Homeland Security --On Friday, the University of Texas' Advanced Computing Center unveiled its contribution to homeland security: a supercomputer. The computer system is able to create real-time simulations of security threats.

Two firms win smallpox contracts --Two vaccine companies won government contracts totalling more than $US200 million ($A275 million) to produce a possibly safer smallpox inoculation. Acambis Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Denmark's Bavarian Nordic A/S are researching a smallpox vaccine that would be made with a modified version of the virus in today's shots. The two companies already had US funding to begin the work. [Will Bush bin Laden unleash the disease so that elections are canceled or terrify the U.S. population into voting for Bush?]

3,000 gather for Dump Bush rally at Caras Park (MT) Sunday's Dump Bush rally was a full-throttle, raucous liberal party as only Missoula could pull off. Well-known writers, loquacious professors, local actors, artists, musicians and activists led a crowd of 3,000-some people in a revival-like frenzy of liberalism in Caras Park along the banks of the Clark Fork River.

Faux News apologises for Kerry fabrication --Faux News, the influential rightwing US television network, said yesterday it had "reprimanded" its chief political correspondent after its website carried fabricated quotes attributed to John Kerry, in which he called himself a "metrosexual" who enjoys getting manicures.

Texas Editor Defends Endorsing Kerry --The editor of the Crawford, Texas, weekly that bills itself as Dictator Bush's hometown newspaper says he has no regrets about endorsing Bush's Democratic opponent John Kerry, even after a dozen business pulled their advertising from the publication. "I'd do it again," Leon Smith, publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast, told the Waco Tribune-Herald in Sunday's editions.

Quick action!! Send feedback to Iconoclast publisher, W. Leon Smith: Also, call to offer feedback or subscribe to The Lone Star Iconoclast: (254) 675-3336.

E-mails fire away at USU professor --His research calls CBS memos on Bush 'authentic' --If cyber talk was a rope, Utah State University associate English professor David E. Hailey believes he'd be hanging from it by now. According to Hailey, his only crime thus far appears to be his interest in researching the authenticity of documents critical of Dictator George Bush's military record.

Kerry takes shock lead in first poll after TV debate --'The American dream is on the ballot a month from today' says newly revitalised Democrat challenger --The race for the White House appeared to have been upended last night after a first national poll taken in the wake of Thursday night's first televised presidential debate showed the Democrat challenger, John Kerry, retaking a narrow lead over George Bush.

NEWSWEEK Poll: First presidential debate --Sixty-One Percent of Viewers Say Kerry Won Debate; Kerry/Edwards now leads Bush/Cheney 49-46 percent in two-way matchup --Majorities say Kerry seemed more confident, had better command of issues, Bush too repetitive

Experts: It's Alfred E. Neuman vs. Sen. Kerry --by Lauren Beckham Falcone "Comedian Tony V, who, at 10:15 p.m. was 'still as confused as when they started,' admitted he liked the president[sic]'s down-to-earth demeanor. George Bush sounds like someone you want to talk to,' he said. 'I read somewhere people choose a president they'd like to have a beer with. Me, I'd rather choose a president and go out with people I like. I feel bad. He reminds me of Fredo in 'The Godfather.' I can hear him saying: 'I'm smart. I know things. I'm not stupid.' ...'I can't get it out of my head,' he said. 'George W. looked like Alfred E. Neuman. And Kerry looks like he was born with a suit on.'"

Edwards targets jobless as debate with Cheney looms --Delivering the Democrats' national radio address on Saturday, John Edwards was quick to focus on Ohio... "I just spent two days in Ohio," he said. "More than 237,000 jobs have been lost. The unemployment rate in Ohio has gone up 60 per cent since George Bush took office [literally, *took* office]. Health- care costs are skyrocketing. Family incomes are going down. More families are losing their homes than ever before."

Florida's Duval County: Touch-screen machines for blind voters won't be ready for election --County elections officials say they will not have touch-screen 'voting' machines in place for blind voters by the November election, despite a federal judge's order.


Democrats Fear 'October Surprise' --In the presidential campaign's closing weeks, Democrats are bracing for an "October Surprise," an event so dramatic it could influence the election's outcome. The capture of Osama bin Laden, for instance. Now that October has arrived and the election is just a month away, speculation is rife among Democrats that Dictator Bush and political mastermind Karl Rove have some tricks up their sleeves. [Let us cut to the chase, shall we? It is perfectly reasonable to assume that Bush bin Laden may pull another 9/11-style attack on California, Illinois, or New York - kill lots of liberals *and* terrorize the population into 'not changing horses in the middle of the stream.' As we all know, after the stolen elections in 2000 and 2002 and the 2003 'mini-coup' in California (the installation of the GOP's Arnold Schwarzenegger) - not to mention, Shock & Awe for Halliburton Hell - there is *nothing* that these terrorists won't do in order to perpetuate the burgeoning corpora-fascist police state. Cui bono? The entire Bu$h regime - including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Rudy Giuliani - has made a fortune off of 9/11. They will not step down; they will not give up. We are on to you, Rove. And, we_ are_ ready. --Lori Price *See: CLG's strategy in case of stolen elections: Part 1, The Ballot, The Bullet, and the Grand Refusal (July 13, 2004) and Part 2, The Revolution Will Be Webcast! (July 21, 2004) --both by Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Chair.]

Bush Aides Gave One-Sided View of Iraqi Data -- NYT --Bush regime officials, in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, gave a one-sided view of the case for believing Saddam Hussein had a nuclear arms program that ignored the doubts of their own experts, the New York Times said on Saturday.

How the White House Embraced Disputed Iraqi Arms Intelligence --In 2002, at a crucial juncture on the path to war, senior members of the Bush regime gave a series of speeches and interviews in which they asserted that Saddam Hussein was rebuilding his nuclear weapons program... Senior regime officials repeatedly failed to fully disclose the contrary views of America's leading nuclear scientists, an examination by The New York Times has found... One result was a largely one-sided presentation to the public that did not convey the depth of evidence and argument against the Bush regime's most tangible proof of a revived nuclear weapons program in Iraq.

How Cheney's firm routed $132m to Nigeria via Tottenham lawyer --A lawyer, based in offices in a run-down part of north London, worked with three British executives from the US construction group Halliburton to pay at least $132m (£73m) in "unjustified" fees to contacts in Nigeria. These payments, many of which occurred when Halliburton was being run by Dick Cheney, now the American Vice-President [sic], helped a consortium including the US group to win a $12bn contract to build a gas terminal at Bonny Island in Nigeria.

Onslaught on Samarra escalates in 'dress rehearsal' for major US assault on rebels --US-led forces continued their offensive on the rebel stronghold of Samarra yesterday, with the death toll rising to 125. Elsewhere, 12 people were killed in clashes in Sadr City, and seven died in US "precision strikes" in Fallujah.

Guantanamo has 'failed to prevent terror attacks' --Prisoner interrogations at Guantánamo Bay, the controversial US military detention centre where guards have been accused of brutality and torture, have not prevented a single terrorist attack, according to a senior Pentagon intelligence officer who worked at the heart of the US war on [of] terror.

Howard not honest: Latham --Prime Minister [Bush crony] John Howard is simply not an honest man, Opposition Leader Mark Latham said today. Mr Latham said any suggestions Mr Howard was honest in his dealings with the Australian people on a range of issues were unsustainable. He said from weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to promises on taxation, Mr Howard had been untruthful to Australian voters. "I think the jury is in on Mr Howard and he is not an honest man," he told reporters.

Australians hold anti-war rallies --Thousands of demonstrators have marched in cities across Australia in protest at the country's role in Iraq - less than a week before a general election. The target of the demonstrators' anger is the conservative government of John Howard.

Influx of Wounded Strains VA --Claims Backlog Besets Returning U.S. Troops --Thousands of U.S. troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with physical injuries and mental health problems are encountering a benefits system that is already overburdened, and officials and veterans' groups are concerned that the challenge could grow as the nation remains at war.

New bill may boost wounded GIs' pay --When Marine Lance Cpl. James Crosby left Iraq, he was unconscious, strapped to a gurney, his legs paralyzed and his guts lacerated by shrapnel. That's when the military cut his pay in half. ... Next week, U.S. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Malden, MA) will file a bill to establish the Crosby-Puller Act to allow wounded soldiers and Marines to keep their hazardous duty pay until they can return to duty or are medically retired.

At large, material to make 15,000 nuclear bombs --Enough weapons-grade plutonium to make more than 15,000 nuclear bombs will be vulnerable to hijack by terrorists and rogue states as the result of a disarmament initiative. An unprecedented shipment of 300lb of the material from the United States was last night heading towards the French port of Cherbourg on two British ships.

No. 3 CIA Pick Was Caught Shoplifting-US Paper -- The man chosen for the third-ranking job in the CIA resigned under pressure from the U.S. spy agency more than 20 years ago after being caught shoplifting, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

Goss Choice Quit CIA In 1982 Under Fire --Michael V. Kostiw, chosen by CIA Director Porter J. Goss to be the agency's new executive director, resigned under pressure from the CIA more than 20 years ago, according to past and current agency officials. While Kostiw, a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, longtime lobbyist for ChevronTexaco Corp. and more recently staff director of the terrorism subcommittee of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has been through the CIA security vetting procedure, final clearance to take the job has not been completed pending review of the allegations. The job is the third-ranking post at the CIA. In late 1981, after he had been a case officer for 10 years, Kostiw was caught shoplifting in Langley, sources said.

Morons at the TSA: See SPOT run --Spotting the Airline Terror Threat --A new airport security system soon to be tested will rely on human judgment --Aviation sources tell TIME that the TSA plans to address the problem by launching its own passenger profiling system. The system known as SPOT [LOL!] (Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques) relies more on the human dimension in detecting threats, and is to be tested at two northeastern airports starting later this month.

28 People Arrested Outside White House --Twenty-eight people were arrested near the White House Saturday during a protest of the Iraq war.

Police Chief, Aide Could Be Liable in Suit (scroll to item) D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey and Assistant Chief Peter J. Newsham could be held personally liable for the mass arrest of 400 antiwar and anti-globalization protesters at a downtown park in September 2002, a federal judge has ruled.

Bush lashes out after debate loss --John Kerry is seeking to capitalise on his widely perceived victory in the debate, while George W Bush is seeking to bounce back from a poor performance. Kerry's campaign appearances now include a parody of Bush as an Elmer Fudd-type character who cannot speak clearly on the issue of the Iraq war [or anything else, for that matter].

Fabricated Kerry Posting Leads to Apology from Faux News --Plenty of news media analysts thought Senator John Kerry looked good at Thursday night's presidential debate, but Faux News went a step further, posting a made-up news article on its Web site citing phony quotes by Mr. Kerry. ...The article, posted on Friday on, was written by Carl Cameron, the chief political correspondent for Faux News, and included several bogus quotes from Mr. Kerry, supposedly assessing his performance in the debate.

Faux News pulls item with fake Kerry quotes --Faux News apologized today for posting phony quotes from Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on its Web site. Carl Cameron, a Faux 'reporter' who 'covers' the Kerry campaign, wrote an item that looked like a news story with made-up Kerry quotes, said Paul Schur, a Faux spokesman.

Kerry accuses Bush of lying about debate --John Kerry on Saturday looked to frame the next presidential debate in a speech criticizing Dictator Bush's economic record, but also tried to get in a final word about their last face-off by declaring himself the winner and Bush a liar. "George Bush lost the debate," an announcer says in a television ad Kerry's campaign unveiled Saturday. "Now he's lying about it."

WBTV general manager wants Rather suspended --"I strongly believe that Mr. Rather should have been suspended pending the conclusions and recommendations of the independent review panel," Mary MacMillan, WBTV's vice president and general manager --The general manager of Charlotte's WBTV, one of the South's largest and oldest CBS affiliates, has called on the network to suspend Dan Rather. In an e-mail to network executives, Channel 3's Mary MacMillan said she believed the anchor of the "CBS Evening News" should be taken off the air until an investigation is resolved into the documents used in a report about Dictator Bush's military service. [Resolve *this.* Call Brownshirt MacMillan... share your thoughts... WBTV Newsroom (704) 374-3691 - WBTV Switchboard: (704) 373-3500]

Bush's local [loco] Brownshirts are busy bees: Crawford wants newspaper to eat its words Just a few miles from the Bush ranch, the spot is a popular place for locals to gather in the morning for coffee, breakfast and a glance at the day's news. But the rack that once held the Lone Star Iconoclast — Crawford's weekly newspaper — now is empty, thanks to a blistering indictment in Tuesday's paper of Bush's presidential [sic] record and a call to elect Democrat John Kerry in November. For a town drenched in Bush, the editorial is practically political heresy. "Not only is he the president [sic] of the United States, he's my neighbor, he's my customer," Coffee Station owner Nick Spanos said. "We're not carrying that paper after today." Iconoclast publisher W. Leon Smith, who co-wrote the editorial with two other writers, is unapologetic. ..."We're just trying to point out the direction the country's going in, and it's not good," he said.

Kerry Will Restore American Dignity --2004 Iconoclast Presidential Endorsement (The Lone Start Iconoclast) "The re-election [sic] of George W. Bush would be a mandate to continue on our present course of chaos... John Kerry has 30 years of experience looking out for the American people and can navigate our country back to prosperity and re-instill in America the dignity she so craves and deserves... Kerry has a positive vision for America, plus the proven intelligence, good sense, and guts to make it happen. That’s why The Iconoclast urges Texans not to rate the candidate by his hometown or even his political party, but instead by where he intends to take the country. The Iconoclast wholeheartedly endorses John Kerry."

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Kerry Pulls Ahead of Bush in Newsweek Poll --Democrat challenger John Kerry has pulled ahead of Dictator Bush in a poll published by Newsweek magazine showing Thursday's television debate erased the lead Bush had enjoyed for the last month.

Bush's lead in NEWSWEEK poll has evaporated --With a solid majority of voters concluding that John Kerry outperformed George W. Bush in the first presidential debate on Thursday, Bush’s lead in the race for the White House has vanished, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll.

Why Nader could be the nail in Democrats' coffin He holds just a few per cent of the votes, but that could be enough to tip the scales the Republican way - just as it did in 2000 --Behind Nader's campaign lies a complex web of Republican support - often unsolicited but usually welcome - that seems to play into the hands of the Bush White House. Many Republicans see Nader as another weapon with which to beat Kerry. Nader denies that it is a concerted Republican effort, but it seems widespread. Nader's legal fight to get on the ballot in Florida was crucially backed by Governor Jeb Bush, George Bush's brother... The Nader campaign has also used the Florida-based firm JSM, whose parent company previously helped the election campaigns of Ronald Reagan and the elder George Bush. ...Republicans have also played a role in financing Nader. Several large donors to Bush's war coffers have dug in their pockets for Nader.

The Top Ten Reasons to Stay the Hell Away From Florida (Satire) by Carol Schiffler "Oh sure it has been a bad few years what with butterfly ballots, corrupt politicians, hurricanes, highways disappearing into sink holes and all that stuff, but after all, the state has nowhere to go but up, right? And it isn't always like that. Or is it? Please join us for a resident's tour of the state - a tour which we affectionately call - The Top Ten Reasons to Stay the Hell Away from Florida. If you still want to move here after that - well you can't say you weren't warned."

Report: Feds Ordered Salmon Study Rewrite --Federal biologists evaluating the effects of shifting millions of gallons of water to Southern California from rivers in the north were ordered by their superiors to revise a conclusion that the plan would hurt endangered salmon, a newspaper reported Saturday.


Diebold Rep Now Runs Elections --An influential employee of voting machine maker Diebold Election Systems left the company recently to take a job as elections manager for a California county.

GOP Whore Glenda Hood prepares for Coup 2004: Thousands in Florida may be turned away at polls due to faulty registration --Thousands of Floridians who think they're registered to vote could be turned away at the polls Nov. 2 because their voter registration forms weren't completely filled out, officials said Friday. A group that's been seeking copies of the incomplete applications in an effort to help people complete them said Secretary of State Glenda Hood's office has begun blocking them. [Block *this.* And, the solution... Arming the Left: Is the time now? --by Charles Southwell]

Trucker Details Vote Machine Delivery Woes (New Orleans) A driver who delivered voting machines for the city's primary election described a litany of logistical problems Friday, including dropping off machines in empty, unlocked buildings and handing them over to unauthorized people who refused to sign for them. Driver Paul Washington spoke before members of a joint legislative government affairs committee investigating the Sept. 18 election, when voting machines showed up late to 53 city polling places, possibly disenfranchising thousands of voters and spawning several lawsuits.

Illinois county clerk destroys ballots early --The clerk in Alexander County said she destroyed all of the ballots from the 2002 election shortly before she received a Freedom of Information Act request to allow examination of several hundred questionable votes. Gloria Patton said she could not honor the Freedom of Information Act filed Sept. 7 by Scripps Howard News Service to produce 3,451 punch-card ballots cast in the Nov. 5, 2002, gubernatorial election. The wire service is investigating ballots cast in Alexander County that did not register votes for the offices of governor, U.S. senator and Illinois attorney general. "We removed everything," Patton said Thursday.

Protecting Voting Rights: ACLU Complaint Challenging Constitutionality of Illinois Voter System

Democrats Voice Concerns About the Overseas Vote --Overseas civilians' low participation rate is raising fears among Democrats who believe that these estimated 3.9 million eligible voters are more likely than members of the military to support John Kerry over Dictator Bush.

CLG prediction: The 'terror alert' will be raised a day or so before the Vice Presidential debate. Bush and Cheney must perpetrate a culture of fear to frighten senseless the morons who can only emote but cannot think.

No. 2 Al Qaeda Leader Urges Attacks Against U.S. and Allies --An audiotape attributed to al Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman Zawahiri, emerged yesterday, calling for preemptive attacks [!?!?!?! Holy coincidence, Batman!! Al Qaeda uses the *exact same language* as Dictator Bush!!] against the United States and its allies, and urging followers to continue fighting "if we die or are arrested." [Al Qaeda made the tape just after they realized that they - Oops! I mean Bush, had lost the debate. See item, below: Dictator Bush's top political adviser, Karl 'Goebbels' Rove, said Wednesday that the Bush-Cheney campaign is planning some October 'surprises' for challengers John Kerry and John Edwards... The Democratic candidates better not get 'Carnahaned' or 'Wellstoned.']

Al-Qaeda tape urges attacks on US allies --An audio tape purportedly released by Osama bin Laden's deputy urges young Muslims to get organised and go after the United States and its allies, according to comments aired by al-Jazeera TV.

I can see this one marching down Broadway, a mile away... Terror War Spreads to Web "From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror" [LOL!] The Internet, which was created in the 1960s as a communications network that could survive a Soviet nuclear attack, has emerged as a prime tool of Islamic radicals. They use its anonymity to coordinate operations secretly and to get their message to the public sphere with little fear of detection... The government's aggressive pursuit of Web hosting services, as well as the people who post the material on them, has led civil liberties groups to protest that security initiatives are impinging on free speech. Radical groups have also used the Internet to research potential targets, communicate with each other [Oh, no! Not that!], plan attacks and raise money. [Gee, all Halliburton needs to do to 'raise money' is to ask Dick Cheney to start another W-ar.]

French MP says bid to free Iraq hostages failed under US fire --A French MP said here Friday that his unofficial bid to secure the release of two French journalists held in Iraq had failed after US troops opened fire on the convoy attempting to bring them out, killing six of their escorts.

French MP: US bombed journalists' convoy -- A French MP has accused the US of scuttling his unofficial bid to secure the release of two French journalists held in Iraq. Didier Julia, an MP for French President Jacques Chirac's ruling party, said his efforts to release reporters Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot failed after US troops opened fire on the convoy attempting to bring them out of Iraq en route to Syria.

U.S., Iraqi offensive in Samarra could be first in series of major operations before January 'elections' --U.S. and Iraqi forces battled their way into the heart of this Sunni stronghold Friday and moved house to house in search of 'militants' in what appeared to be the first major offensive to regain control of areas lost to insurgents before the January 'elections.'

U.S. Forces Storm Iraqi Town, Say 109 Rebels Killed --U.S.-led forces stormed Samarra Friday and said more than 100 'insurgents' [Yeah, right!] were killed in air strikes and street-to-street combat during a major new American offensive to wrest control of the Iraqi town.

Powell regrets saying Iraq had weapons stockpiles --Secretary of State Colin Powell said Friday he regrets the Bush regime claimed that Iraq had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in its argument for war, but he believes the world is better off without Saddam Hussein.

Pulling Back the Curtain: What a Top Reporter in Baghdad Really Thinks About the War --Wall Street Journal correspondent Farnaz Fassihi confirms that she penned a scathing letter that calls the war in Iraq an outright "disaster." She also reveals that reporters in Baghdad are working under "virtual house arrest." --by Greg Mitchell "And what of America's 'hope for a quick exit'? Fassihi noted that 'cops are being murdered by the dozens every day, over 700 to date, and the insurgents are infiltrating their ranks. The problem is so serious that the U.S. military has allocated $6 million dollars to buy out 30,000 cops they just trained to get rid of them quietly.... Who did this war exactly benefit? Was it worth it? Are we safer because Saddam is holed up and Al Qaeda is running around in Iraq? I heard an educated Iraqi say today that if Saddam Hussein were allowed to run for elections he would get the majority of the vote...'"

Guantánamo Briton 'tortured in US custody' --A British citizen being held at Guantánamo Bay was subjected to "vindictive torture" and death threats while in US custody, he claims in a letter published today. The handwritten letter, dated July 12 2004, described the alleged abuse Moazzam Begg received at the US military base in Bagram, Afghanistan, prior to his transfer to Guantánamo and his first contact with a lawyer. He also claims he witnessed the alleged killings of two fellow detainees in US custody. [Click here to read letter (.pdf)]

Letter 'shows Guantanamo torture' --The first uncensored letter from a Briton held at Guantanamo Bay shows he has been tortured, his lawyers claim. Moazzam Begg, 36, has been detained at the US military base without trial for two-and-a-half years. His letter said he had been tortured, threatened with death and kept in solitary confinement since early 2003.

Pentagon Takes Key Step in Missile 'Defense' System --A U.S. Navy destroyer with long-range missile-tracking equipment has begun patrols in the Sea of Japan, officials said on Friday, in a key step toward forming a missile-'defense' system intended to 'guard against' [provoke] an attack by nations like North Korea.

DHS Blamed for Failure To Combine Watch Lists --The government's effort to consolidate federal agencies' 12 terrorist watch lists into one has all but failed, partly because the Department of Homeland Security has abandoned its responsibility to take the lead on the project, according to a report released yesterday by the department's internal watchdog.

U.S. Cybersecurity Chief Abruptly Resigns --The government's cybersecurity chief has abruptly resigned from the Homeland Security Department amid a concerted campaign by the technology industry and some lawmakers to persuade the Bush regime to give him more authority and money for protection programs.

Democrats call for more inquiries against DeLay --Some question how much longer the House leader can hold his post --A public admonishment of Majority Leader Tom DeLay by the House ethics committee spurred Democrats to call for further investigations and liberal interest groups to question how much longer he can hold onto power.

DeLay Cases Could Imperil His Climb Within the House --Representative Tom DeLay, the majority leader rebuked by House ethics officials for pressuring a fellow member to switch his vote on a health care bill, still faces potentially more serious accusations, subjecting him to a new scrutiny that even some Republicans say could complicate his political future.

Karl Rove: 'We've Got a Couple of Surprises' for Kerry --Dictator Bush's top political adviser, Karl ['Goebbels'] Rove, said Wednesday that the Bush-Cheney campaign is planning some October "surprises" for challengers John Kerry and John Edwards. "We've got a couple of surprises that we intend to spring," Rove told ABC radio host Sean Hannity while explaining that he intends to wage an aggressive campaign no matter what the polls show.

Where was Karl? Laptops Stolen From Bush Campaign Office--Three laptop computers containing campaign plans were stolen overnight from the Bush-Cheney state headquarters office, Republican officials said Friday. Between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m., after the last campaign worker had gone home from the office in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, someone threw a rock through the office window of Jon Seaton, executive director for Dictator Bush's state campaign, said Chris Vance, state GOP chairman.

Bush's state headquarters for re-[s]election burglarized [by Karl Rove, himself?] --The Washington state headquarters for George W. Bush's re-[s]election campaign was broken into last night, and police are investigating the theft of three computers from the Bellevue office.

The operative --White House water-carrier Robert Novak, infamous for exposing Valerie Plame, has been flacking for the Swift Boat Veterans book -- not bothering to disclose his close personal ties with the publisher. --by Mary Jacoby "Conservative commentator Robert Novak, who has energetically promoted the bestselling book 'Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry,' published an unusual addendum to his syndicated column on Sept. 6. It read: 'In response to queries: My son, Alex Novak, is director of marketing for Regnery Publishing Inc., publisher of 'Unfit for Command.' He is 36 and has been employed at Regnery for six years... He has had no connection with my reporting about 'Unfit for Command,' a bestselling book dealing with Kerry's war record whose news value is obvious. I plan to continue to pursue this story as developments warrant.'"

Kerry Gets Post-Debate Bounce in Election Futures --Online futures traders raised their bets on Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry on Friday after the first debate with Dictator Bush, although the overall odds still favored the incumbent [sic].

Judges pronounce Kerry the winner --Judges on a seven-person panel arranged by United Press International declared Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., the winner of Thursday night's presidential debate at the University of Miami.

Democrats Celebrate Kerry Win in Debate --Gleeful Democrats, some almost giddy with relief after weeks of carping within the party over their presidential campaign, on Friday trumpeted Sen. John Kerry's debate performance as vindication of his ability to take on the job of commander in chief.

First blood to Kerry in TV debate --by Julian Borger "John Kerry regained the initiative in the US presidential race last night with a forceful performance in his first debate with George Bush, occasionally leaving the president [sic] scowling and at a loss for words. Instant-response polls by three major television networks all showed that a large majority of their viewers thought the challenger had won the 90-minute verbal contest at the University of Miami - the first of three debates in the last month of the campaign."

Nader, at debate, wanted to 'leap out onstage in a cape' --Left on the sidelines of the presidential debate, long-shot candidate and alleged race-spoiler [GOP tool] Ralph Nader was nonetheless at the University of Miami -- criticizing the two headliners and plotting an unscripted cameo on the prime time stage. ''If I could only go through the ducts and leap out onstage in a cape -- that's my dream,'' said Nader, who enjoyed a dinner at the school's faculty club as he pondered ways to liven up the debate.

Arkansas High Court Restores Nader to State Ballot --The Arkansas Supreme Court said on Friday that presidential candidate Ralph Nader's name should be placed on the state's ballot, overturning a circuit court judge's decision.

Bush Withholds Money for U.N. Family Planning Fund --Dictator Bush withheld $25 million in funding from the United Nations Population Fund on Friday in a move likely to appeal to opponents of abortion as he seeks reselection.

Madison Woman's Obituary: Please Elect John Kerry --Anonymous caller: 'Hopefully on the day that Bush gets elected, she'll burn in hell!' --Jane Buffet passed away Saturday from myeloma, a cancer in her bones. Roger Buffet didn't know their 40th wedding anniversary last month would be their last... While, traditionally, yard signs are ways to support a candidate, in Jane Buffet's obit, her final statement reads, "To honor her memory, please do everything you can to elect John Kerry."

Mount St Helens erupts --Mount St Helens, the volcano that blew its top with cataclysmic force in 1980, erupted for the first time in 18 years, belching a huge column of white steam and ash after days of rumblings.

Letters to CLG from Freeper maggots, regarding Fear of Flying A Duval County Woman Says Nerves Ended W's National Guard Service in Texas --by Susan Cooper Eastman *Note: this page will be updated, keep checking back to read more Freeper insanity!!


Who won the debate? (transcript) Vote at the following polls:
MSNBC: 11:30PM EST snapshot: 268606 responses -- Kerry, 70% - Bush, 30%
CBS: 12:50AM EST snapshot: Kerry, 91.52% - Bush, 7.76% - 'draw,' 0.72%

12:36AM EST snapshot: 131357 votes -- Kerry, 79% - Bush, 18% - 'evenly matched,' 4%
Los Angeles Times:
12:45AM EST snapshot: 6597 responses -- Kerry, 86.6% - Bush, 10.0%
1:35AM EST snapshot: 2249 votes -- Kerry, 92% - Bush, 7% - 'Both were excellent' 0% - 'Neither did well' 1%
Star Tribune: 2:45AM EST snapshot: 13042 responses -- Kerry, 70% - Bush, 30%

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"I see on the TV screens how hard it is." --George W. Bush, assessing the situation in Iraq during the debate with Senator Kerry [LOL!!! Senator Kerry, having slaughtered Bush in the debate, makes us all wonder... how will the Idiot Usurper avoid the *other* debates? Let's hope Bush bin Laden does not attack us again, as a Weapon of Mass Distraction.] Transcript

"I'm trying to put a leash on them." --George W. Bush, talking about his daughters, during the debate with John Kerry. [BUSH, maybe you could ask Private England for one. --M. Rectenwald] Transcript

Kerry bounces back in TV debate --John Kerry kept his presidential hopes alive last night with a points victory in the first head-to-head debate with President [sic] Bush. The Democratic challenger upset the form book with a crisp and firm critique of the war in Iraq while Mr Bush was repetitive and at several moments appeared hesitant. Mr Bush was also seen by millions of television viewers scowling and looking occasionally ill at ease while Mr Kerry was talking.

Kerry stays focused, projects strength --For 90 minutes last night, Senator John F. Kerry tried to make political gains by reviving a strategy that helped him in the 2004 Democratic debates and primaries: castigating the president [sic] on Bush's signature issue, national security, while pledging to be a stronger commander in chief, the essence of Kerry's "bring it on" mantra challenging Bush.

Kerry scores big --Challenger pummels president[sic]'s record to carry first debate (The Arizona Republic) --"The 2004 presidential election just got interesting. In the same week President [sic] Bush's lead in the polls began to solidify and it appeared he might be able to ride out this race, he ran into a far better prepared opponent in John Kerry on Thursday night. This newspaper has been supportive of Bush and much of his prosecution of the Iraq war, but it was clear to us the president [sic] was beaten decisively by his challenger in this 90-minute contest."

Pentagon wants 'uplifting accounts' about Iraq Bush regime wants upbeat reports, will 'curtail' bad news about Iraq. The Bush regime, The Washington Post reports Thursday, worried that negative stories about Iraq are dominating the news headlines during an election period, has decided to send out Iraq Americans to bring what the Defense Department calls "the good news" about the situation in Iraq to US military bases. The Washington Post reports that the dictatorship is moving to "curtail distribution" of reports that show the situation in Iraq growing worse.

U.S. Effort Aims to Improve Opinions About Iraq Conflict --The Bush regime, battling negative perceptions of the Iraq war, is sending Iraqi Americans to deliver what the Pentagon calls "good news" about Iraq to U.S. military bases, and has curtailed distribution of reports showing increasing violence in that country. The lies ['unusual public-relations effort'] by the Pentagon and the U.S. Agency for International Development comes as details have emerged showing the U.S. government and a representative of Dictator Bush's re[s]election campaign had been heavily involved in drafting the speech given to Congress last week by interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi.

Lawmaker expresses "dismay" that White House allegedly wrote Allawi speech --In a letter to the White House, a leading US Senate Democrat expressed "profound dismay" that the White House allegedly wrote a large portion of Neocon puppet dictator ['Iraqi Prime Minister'] Iyad Allawi's speech to Congress last week.

Dozens of Children Killed in Iraq Attack --Bomb Explodes at Baghdad Ceremony; U.S. Troops Launch Offensive on Samarra --The wails echoed off the tile surfaces of the emergency room at Yarmouk Hospital. Amid the blood and stretchers, Majeed Aboud turned his tear-stained face to the body of his 5-year-old son, Mohammad, one of at least 34 children killed when a car bomb exploded as they gathered around U.S. soldiers handing out candy and cakes in a southern Baghdad neighborhood.

U.S. Forces Storm Rebel Iraq Town, at Least 80 Dead --U.S. and Iraqi forces pushed into Samarra on Friday to wrest control of the northern town back from insurgents, and the American military said 80 'militants' were killed in hours of fierce street fighting and air strikes.

Witnesses claim U-S troops fired on a car killing seven Iraqis --A U-S military offensive in Fallujah is being blamed for over a dozen Iraqi civilian deaths -- including six children. Witnesses say U-S soldiers fired on a car with eight people inside.

U.S. Launches Assault on Rebel-Held Iraqi Town --U.S. forces have launched a major offensive on the rebel stronghold of Samarra after a series of horrific car bombings in Baghdad on Thursday that killed 41 people, mostly children.

Multiple blasts kill dozens of children in Iraq Baghdad bombs claim 35 young lives; 208 Iraqis hurt across country --Bombs exploded near a U.S. convoy in western Baghdad on Thursday, killing 35 children and seven adults, a hospital official said. Hours earlier, a suicide car bomb killed a U.S. soldier and two Iraqis on the capital’s outskirts.

September Among Deadliest Months for U.S. in Iraq --September was one of the deadliest months for U.S. troops in the 18-month-old war in Iraq, and the death toll for the first time has risen four straight months.

Arab network says 10 new hostages seized --The Arab news network Al-Jazeera showed footage yesterday of 10 new hostages seized by militants in Iraq.

Bush-Cheney flip-flops cost America in blood --by Joel Connelly "The Bush-Cheney campaign has gleefully labeled John Kerry a flip-flopper. But what of Bush-Cheney flip-flops? They're getting a lot less ink, but America is paying a price in blood... In case the 'mainstream' media are interested, or Fox News wants to balance its reporting to furnish a few moments of fairness, here are a few Bush flip-flops that might be put before the voters..." [A must read]

West Bank Assailants Beat U.S. Activists --Two American volunteers in a group helping Palestinians were beaten with baseball bats and chains by five men, including one who spoke English with an Israeli accent, one of the victims said Thursday.

Its Recruitment Goals Pressing, the Army Will Ease Some Standards --To help meet its recruiting objectives at a time when its forces are strained by operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army's recruiting command has lowered some goals for recruits.

US draft dodger statue sparks row --A row has broken out in a small Canadian town over controversial plans for a memorial to US draft dodgers who avoided taking part in the Vietnam War. A group of activists from Nelson, British Columbia, had planned to erect a monument to "honour the courageous legacy of Vietnam war resisters". US veterans groups have criticised the proposal and asked US Dictator George Bush to intervene to stop the project. [Will Bush use 'Shock & Awe' on Canada, in order to stop the project?]

U.S.: Secret Search Ruling Appeal Likely --The inJustice Department will likely appeal a court ruling that declared unconstitutional a Patriot Act provision allowing secret and unchallengeable searches of Internet and telephone records, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Thursday.

Heightened checks at entry ports begin --Thursday, foreign visitors arrived at U.S. airports where officials for the first time began photographing and electronically fingerprinting travelers from 27 nations, including longtime allies such as Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Australia.

Bomb scare grounds BA airliner --A British Airways plane en route from Berlin to London made an emergency landing at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport today after a bomb threat was received, the Dutch authorities said.

DeLay admonished by House ethics panel --Members say he acted improperly in Medicare vote --House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was publicly admonished Thursday by the House ethics committee for improper behavior during a vote late last year on Medicare reform legislation. It was the committee's second admonishment of DeLay, a Republican from Sugar Land.

Senators Slam Republican Party for Bible Pamphlet --Democratic U.S. senators from the electoral battleground states of West Virginia and Arkansas slammed the Republican National Committee on Thursday for a pamphlet that suggested liberals would ban the Bible.

U.S. House Rejects Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage -- The U.S. House of Representatives, voting less than five weeks before the presidential election, rejected a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage backed by Dictator George W. Bush.

Inspector General Says E.P.A. Rule Aids Polluters --In a rebuke of the Bush dictatorship, the inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday that legal actions against major polluters had stalled because of the agency's decision to revise rules governing emissions at older coal-fired power plants.

Russian Cabinet Approves Kyoto Protocol --Russia's Cabinet approved the Kyoto Protocol on Thursday in a crucial step toward putting the long-delayed climate change treaty into effect, although without participation by the United States.

Scientists Hit Campaign Trail for Kerry --Mixing science and politics, Nobel laureates and former presidential advisers are heading to campaign battleground states with a message that George W. Bush is no friend of scientists and should be replaced by John Kerry.

Canadian drug bills vetoed by governor --Measures would have helped consumers, let state agencies shop north of border --[GOP-installed] Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, rejecting Democratic proposals targeting the high cost of prescription drugs, vetoed measures to help California consumers and state agencies shop for cheaper prescription drugs in Canada.

Wis. High Court to Put Nader on Ballot --The state Supreme Court decided Thursday to put independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader back on the Wisconsin ballot.

Nader plays crucial role in re[s]election plan --by Carl Hiassen "Glenda Hood is sleeping easier these days, now that Ralph Nader is back on the ballot in Florida. Still, it was a close call for the ex-Orlando mayor and Republican stalwart who was hand-picked by Gov. Jeb Bush to succeed Katherine Harris as secretary of state, overseer of elections. Harris' glazedly obedient, Stepford-wife performance during the 2000 vote debacle has been a tough act to follow, but Hood shows promise... Initially Hood told local elections supervisors to prepare outgoing absentee ballots without Nader's name. Later she reversed herself and announced that she would challenge the judge's ruling. One can only imagine the frosty phone call that impelled Hood to change her position. ('Yes, Mr. Rove. Right away, Mr. Rove. Sorry for the mixup, Mr. Rove.')"

Debate Panel Nixes Kerry Campaign Request [Of course!! But, they certainly acquiesced to every single demand made by Dictator Bush, didn't they?] --Democratic candidate John Kerry's campaign demanded Thursday that the lights signaling when a speaker's time has expired during debates with Dictator Bush be removed from the lecterns because they are distracting, but the commission hosting the debates refused. "We'll bring a screwdriver," said a Kerry aide familiar with what several people called an angry exchange. [Update: No matter; Kerry destroyed Bush in the debate.]


Halliburton's fortunes doubled with W-ar --Halliburton Co., the company Vice pResident Dick Cheney headed for five years, vaulted into the top 100 defense contractors when the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, according to a new analysis by a public interest group. Halliburton "was not even on the list" until 2003 when it won $4.3 billion in defense contracts, including a no-bid contract for oil services in Iraq, according to the Center for Public Integrity in Washington.

U.S.: Iraq Violence Widening --U.S. officials concede they are not defeating or even containing an insurgency that goes deeper than the daily attacks and kidnappings seen on television, reports CBS News.

Two British soldiers killed in Iraq ambush --Two British soldiers have been killed after an ambush on a convoy near the southern Iraqi city of Basra, the Ministry of Defence said.

Growing Pessimism on Iraq (Nah, 'ya think?) Doubts Increase Within U.S. Security Agencies --A growing number of career professionals within national security agencies believe that the situation in Iraq is much worse, and the path to success much more tenuous, than is being expressed in public by top Bush regime officials, according to former and current government officials and assessments over the past year by intelligence officials at the CIA and the departments of State and Defense.

Howard accuses PM of lying about Iraqi weapons --[Tory leader] Michael Howard has accused Tony Blair of lying over Iraq's weapons in a new attempt to put distance between the Tories and the Government over the war.

British Hostage in Iraq Pleads for Help --A weeping British hostage was shown pleading for help between the bars of a makeshift cage in a video that surfaced Wednesday, a sobering reminder of the grim reality for at least 18 foreign captives still held by Iraqi militants.

The Bigley communique --September 29, 2004 --The transcript of the communique posted on the website Al regarding British hostage Kenneth Bigley

Italy 'paid $1m to free hostages' --A senior Italian politician says he believes a ransom of $1m or more was paid for the release of two female Italian aid workers kidnapped in Iraq. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said no money had been paid but MP Gustavo Selva described the denial as purely "official". ...The women said they were treated "with respect" [unlike the manner in which the U.S. terrorists treated the prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison].

Kidnap-for-cash is the one growth industry in Iraq's no-go areas --Iraq is becoming the kidnap capital of the world, though this gets international attention only when foreigners are taken hostage.

Top Air Force Lawyer Steps Aside --The top lawyer in the Air Force has temporarily given up his job after coming under investigation for allegedly having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female subordinate and perhaps with other women, Pentagon officials said yesterday. Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Fiscus, the Air Force's judge advocate general, asked last week to be relieved of his duties while the investigation is pending, according to a memorandum sent Monday to all Air Force lawyers... In December 2002, Defense Secretary [W-ar criminal] Donald H. Rumsfeld approved the use of harsh interrogation techniques against suspected al Qaeda and Taliban fighters held prisoner at the Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. ...After an intense bureaucratic struggle, the lawyers, including Fiscus, persuaded Rumsfeld to rescind his approval of those interrogation procedures. "The timing of it is certainly suspect, given [Fiscus's] office's opposing OSD [the Office of the Secretary of Defense] on detainee issues," said David Sheldon, a defense lawyer specializing in military cases.

Plan Would Let U.S. Deport Suspects to Nations That Might Torture Them --The Bush regime is supporting a provision in the House leadership's intelligence reform bill that would allow U.S. authorities to deport certain foreigners to countries where they are likely to be tortured or abused, an action prohibited by the international laws against torture the United States signed 20 years ago.

Anti-Terror Bill Advances Despite Concerns --A Republican-led congressional committee on Wednesday rejected concerns about civil liberties and passed a bill to expand the U.S. government's power to track terror suspects and deport people seen as a risk.

Court Rules Part of Patriot Act Unconstitutional --Part of the Patriot Act, a central plank of the Bush Dictatorship's war on [of] terror, was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Victor Marreo ruled in favor of the American Civil Liberties Union, which challenged the power the FBI has to demand confidential financial records from companies as part of terrorism investigations.

Judge Strikes Down Section of Patriot Act Allowing Secret Subpoenas of Internet Data --A federal judge struck down an important surveillance provision of the antiterrorism legislation known as the USA Patriot Act yesterday, ruling that it broadly violated the Constitution by giving the federal authorities unchecked powers to obtain private information. ...Judge Victor Marrero of Federal District Court in Manhattan called the subpoena "an ominous writ" that the F.B.I. issued "in tones sounding virtually as a biblical commandment."

Judge Blocks U.S. From Secret Searches --Declaring that personal security is as important as national security, a judge Wednesday blocked the government from conducting secret, unchallengeable searches of Internet and telephone records as part of its fight against 'terrorism.'

Agency Tests Security Blimp in Washington --A large white object was spotted in the skies above the nation's capital in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday. Pentagon police said the Defense Department is testing a security blimp - fully equipped with surveillance cameras.

Something Bad Has Begun --The former Cat Stevens says he hasn't changed but the U.S. has. --by Yusuf Islam "Had I changed that much? No. Actually, it's the indiscriminate procedure of profiling that's changed. I am a victim of an unjust and arbitrary system, hastily imposed, that serves only to belittle America's image as a defender of the civil liberties that so many dearly struggled and died for over the centuries. Need I say that any form of terrorism or violence is the antithesis of everything I love and stand for?"

Insider Blows Whistle on Irregularities at E-Voting Machine Company --Hart Intercivic and ES&S Up to No Good --by David Allen "I have come into possession of a pair of letters written by a former Hart-Intercivic technician to the Secretaries of State for Ohio and Texas. These letters detail a 'long history of concealing problems' and a willingness to ignore potentially serious problems 'largely for the sake of corporate profit'. ...The tech worked for H-I for over two years and left voluntarily because of what he believed to be 'criminal fraud, extreme negligence, and a distinct and troubling pattern of failure to uphold the public trust both in violations of the spirit of its contracts [and] also in concealing problems in an industry which so crucially represents the public interest.'"

Blackwell ends paper chase --Some could be unable to vote because of flap over registration forms --Under fire from voting-rights advocates [and CLG's phone/email campaign], Ohio [GOP] Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell retreated yesterday from a directive that critics said would slow voter-registration efforts and even block some people from casting a ballot Nov. 2. At issue is a reminder Blackwell issued this month to county boards of election that voter-registration forms must be printed on "white, uncoated paper of not less than 80-pound text weight," a heavy, cardlike stock. Critics charged that the confusion and inconsistency threatened to prevent tens of thousands of would-be voters from participating in the general election and could trigger lawsuits challenging the results.

Hurdles Remain for American Voters Who Live Overseas --Four years after overseas voting became a battleground in the coup d'etat ['presidential election'] in Florida, millions of civilians and soldiers living abroad still face a bewildering and unwieldy system of absentee balloting that could prevent their votes from being counted.

All in favour, raise your hands --by Paul Harris "What an incredible scene we are all going to witness in a little over a month: history in the making. Not the re-[s]election of the most dangerous U.S. president [sic] ever to 'grace' the White House, not the ignominious defeat of a thoroughly unappetizing Democrat contender, not the continued drop into the sinkhole of the ever more certain defeat in Iraq. The once model for worldwide democracy is about to have its national elections come under the scrutiny of outside observers. Even observers from the Third World, who would long have been considered the least likely to hold free-choice elections themselves. Oh how the mighty have fallen."

RNC Creates Web Sites to Criticize Kerry --Republicans have one message for followers of many faiths: Sen. John Kerry is wrong. Wrong for Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals say a number of Web sites that the Repugnant Nazi Committee has created.

New Knight Ridder/MSNBC Poll Results Reveal that Bush Leads in Five Key Swing States --A series of new surveys, conducted for MSNBC and Knight Ridder by Mason-Dixon, has found that Dictator Bush is leading in five of the key swing states he carried in 2000 - Missouri, Arizona, New Hampshire, Ohio and West Virginia.

With Bush Advancing, Missouri May Be a Battleground All but Conquered --Is Missouri a swing state that has already swung? So it seems to many people here on the eve of the first presidential debate.

Bush Document Details Military Departure --The White House said seven months ago that it had released all the records on Dictator Bush's stateside military service during the Vietnam War, yet new records are still dribbling out as Election Day approaches.

Bush's Reserve Resignation Cited 'Inadequate Time' --Dictator Bush, accused by Democrats of shirking his duty in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, wrote that he had "inadequate time" to meet future Reserve commitments in his Nov. 1974 letter of resignation released on Wednesday.

Winning US presidency may prove a poisoned chalice --by Gwynne Dyer "As the opinion polls move steadily in favour of President [sic] George W. Bush and the likelihood of a John Kerry presidency recedes, Democrats in the United States can take solace in two facts. If their man is not in the White House for the next four years, then they will not end up carrying the blame for the almost inevitable US defeat in Iraq - and they will not have to preside over the biggest financial crisis to hit the US since the Great Depression."

Why I will vote for John Kerry for President --by John Eisenhower "As son of a Republican President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, it is automatically expected by many that I am a Republican. For 50 years, through the election of 2000, I was. With the current administration’s decision to invade Iraq unilaterally, however, I changed my voter registration to independent, and barring some utterly unforeseen development, I intend to vote for the Democratic Presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry. The fact is that today’s 'Republican' Party is one with which I am totally unfamiliar."

Excellent news!! MSNBC fires Luntz --by Kos, citing Roll Call: "The watchdog organization Media Matters for America was none too pleased that MSNBC had scheduled GOP pollster Frank Luntz to conduct on-air focus groups following tonight's presidential debate. In a letter to MSNBC President Richard Kaplan, Media Matters President David Brock (who used to call himself a conservative), said he hoped the network would disclose Luntz's "partisan Republican ties and history of questionable scientific methodology." ...Brock also noted Luntz's published remarks counseling swing-state Republicans on what to say about Iraq and homeland security. [My biggest complaint was that MSNBC would REFUSE to identify Luntz as a Republican pollster, just 'pollster.' Luntz will probably just go to Faux, where pro-GOP bias is a prerequisite for employment.]

GOP Drops Work on Balanced Budget --Last week, the House Judiciary Committee began considering a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, just as Congress moved to pass its fourth tax cut in as many years. A week later, the committee has not finished its work on the legislation, and the GOP House leadership has decided to drop the issue indefinitely, fearing that any spotlight on the burgeoning deficit would backfire politically.

A Social Security swindle --by Barney Frank "Sometimes mixed metaphors say it best. Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan's call for significant reductions in Social Security can best be described as a case of the fox in the chicken coop crying wolf. He is greatly exaggerating the dimensions of a problem that he helped create."

Bush Policies Hurt Kids, Pediatricians Say --Three dozen eminent pediatricians and social workers attacked the Bush dictatorship on Wednesday for policies they said leave too many children without health insurance.

Federal Scientists Search for Lost H-Bomb --The U.S. government is sending a team of 20 scientists to check out a report of unusual radiation readings that could be coming from a hydrogen bomb that was lost off the Georgia coast in 1958.

Protesters prepare for chase as plutonium ships near UK --Anti-nuclear protesters are preparing for a game of cat and mouse with French and British authorities as two ships loaded with weapons-grade plutonium approach the Channel in the next few days.

Toxic algae off Washington coast stretches 30 miles across --A mammoth bloom of toxic algae is swirling 15 miles off the northwest coast of Washington, the largest and most lethal growth yet found by local scientists studying the Juan de Fuca eddy.

CLG Web Exclusive: Fear of Flying A Duval County Woman Says Nerves Ended W's National Guard Service in Texas --by Susan Cooper Eastman "Janet Linke has been thinking about George W. Bush a lot lately. Thirty-two years ago, her late husband Jan Peter Linke served briefly in the Texas Air National Guard's 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. ...Linke claims she knows a part of the story that nobody has mentioned. According to Linke, a Jacksonville resident and artist, Bush's flying career was permanently disabled by a crippling fear of flying. ...Shortly after her husband joined the Texas unit, Linke says, the couple discussed Bush's service with Killian at a social event. Contrary to some news reports that suggest Killian admired Bush, Linke says the officer didn't have much use for the young Lieutenant. He mentioned that Bush appeared to have a drinking problem, she recalls, but he was most offended by another incapacity: his fear of flying. According to Linke, Killian said Bush was grounded in his fourth year of flying after he became incapable of flying or properly landing a plane. 'He was mucking up bad, Killian told us,' Linke says. 'He just became afraid to fly.'"


Politics and sleaze envelop Orlando --As the presidential campaign approaches its showdown, the Republicans in the state run by George Bush's brother are up to their tricks again. ...The firefighters are also subject to a criminal investigation, the chief allegation - for which no evidence has been produced - being that they colluded with City Hall to set up an illegal slush fund for political campaigning. What makes the troubles facing the two men [Ezzie Thomas and Steve Clelland] particularly sinister is that they are declared Kerry supporters, with the power to bring in hundreds if not thousands of votes for the Democratic Party. The investigations are being conducted by the state police, known as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), which reports directly to Governor Jeb Bush, brother of Dictator George Bush.

Fla. County Must Install Voting for Blind --A federal judge on Tuesday ordered Duval County to install special voting machines for blind and disabled voters in time for the November election. The county claims that installing the machines could cost millions and that it doesn't have enough time to comply. It immediately began crafting an appeal.

Still Seeking a Fair Florida Vote --by Jimmy Carter "The disturbing fact is that a repetition of the problems of 2000 now seems likely, even as many other nations are conducting elections that are internationally certified to be transparent, honest and fair... It was obvious that in 2000 these basic [voting] standards were not met in Florida, and there are disturbing signs that once again, as we prepare for a presidential election, some of the state's leading officials hold strong political biases that prevent necessary reforms."

Blackwell rulings rile voting advocates --Boards of elections told to strictly follow two provisions --Voters-rights advocates are criticizing two recent decisions by Ohio [Republican] Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell that they say will unfairly limit some people's ability to vote Nov. 2. "There is just no reason to use 80-pound paper," Steve Harsman, deputy director of the Montgomery County Board of Elections, said. In Montgomery County there is a backlog of around 4,000 registrations, Harsman said.

Ohio rejects 1000s of voter registration applications due to paper weight. --by 'Thistime' "When voter registration applications were maintained for years and used to verify signatures for petitions a requirement that the cards be on 80 lb. stock paper was adopted in Ohio, that law remains on the books. Since the applications are now scanned for preservation, there is no current need to continue that requirement... In the final days before the registration deadline Ken Blackwell, [Republican] Ohio Secretary of State, has ordered the local election boards to send out new applications to applicants who have submitted registrations on the wrong paper... The local boards have been bombarded with applications and will be unable to comply with Blackwell's order before the deadline to register to vote for this November's election."
Call Coupmeister Ken:
[From Kenny's website] "If you have any questions on this directive, please call my Elections Division at 614-466-2585."
[Oh, we will, Kenny... We will.]
J. Kenneth Blackwell
For more information, contact Carlo LoParo at 614-752-8110.

Email Coupmeister Ken:

Voters rejected because of paper weight --Disenfranchised by old technology --by Nick Farrell "A ginger group claims that the state of Ohio has rejected thousands of voter registrations because they are on the wrong paper. Citizens for Legitimate Government, here, said that an old law requires all voter registration forms to be on cards that are 80lb stock paper. This is a hangover from the days when such forms had to be kept for a long time... The Citizens for Legitimate Government claims that the local boards have been snowed under with requests and can't process the voter application forms in time. The result is that they will not be able to vote. The group is calling on people who cannot vote on time to drop Ken a line to explain the problem. He has a web-page here."

Doubts grow over Iraqi elections --With only about 100 days to go before tentatively scheduled elections to decide Iraq's future, Iraqis, U.S. officials and Arab leaders are raising doubts that legitimate elections can go forward as scheduled in January due to continuing violence, lagging preparation and widespread cynicism.

Reports in Iraq Show Attacks in Most Areas --Over the past 30 days, more than 2,300 attacks by insurgents have been directed against civilians and military targets in Iraq, in a pattern that sprawls over nearly every major population center outside the Kurdish north, according to comprehensive data compiled by a private security company with access to military intelligence reports and its own network of Iraqi informants.

U.S. Prewar Intelligence Saw Possible Iraq Insurgency --A U.S. intelligence report before the Iraq war warned that an American invasion could lead to rogue elements fighting the new Iraqi government and U.S. forces, sources familiar with the report said on Tuesday.

Defiant Blair is jeered --Hecklers disrupted Tony Blair's keynote speech to the Labour party conference this afternoon. Within minutes of the speech beginning Old Etonian Hector Christie, 43, began shouting at the stage about the Iraq war: "You have got blood on your hands."

Suicide threat by father of dead soldier --A father threatened to hang himself on Brighton seafront yesterday in protest over his son's death in Iraq. As Tony Blair delivered his conference speech, Reginald Keys climbed a 30ft pylon holding a banner reading: "Lives hang in the balance. Blair lied while 65 died. Troops out."

Blame Me (...up to a point) --As two more British soldiers die in Iraq, Blair tries to quell war furore controversy --Tony Blair admitted yesterday that his stance on Iraq had led to a collapse in his trust ratings and appealed to Labour to set aside differences on the war and work for a historic third term. The Prime Minister finally apologised for the flawed intelligence about Saddam Hussein's weapons programme, but refused to say sorry for taking the country to war on a false prospectus.

Next, War on Syria? --Deep in the Pentagon, admirals and generals are updating plans for possible U.S. military action in Syria and Iran. The Defense Department unit responsible for military planning for the two troublesome countries is "busier than ever," a regime official says.

No Sign of Nuke Work at Suspect Iran Site-Diplomats --The analysis of soil samples taken by U.N. inspectors at Lavizan, a site in Tehran that U.S. officials suspect may be linked to an atomic weapons program, shows no sign of nuclear activity, Western diplomats said.

Minister: N. Korea Has Nuclear Deterrent --North Korea says it has turned the plutonium from 8,000 spent nuclear fuel rods into nuclear weapons to serve as a deterrent against increasing U.S. nuclear threats and to prevent a nuclear war in northeast Asia.

North Korea may have eight new nuclear bombs --North Korea has already turned its stockpile of spent nuclear fuel into new nuclear weapons, a senior official has claimed at the United Nations as the country baulks at further disarmament talks. If the claim is correct it means North Korea may have added up to eight new bombs to its nuclear arsenal since George Bush's regime forced a diplomatic showdown over suspected covert nuclear activity just under two years ago.

Tribunals are 'US insult to Britain' --Guantánamo prisoner's father seeks formal protest --The father of a Birmingham man detained in Guantánamo Bay said yesterday that America had insulted the UK by putting his son and three other Britons before its special tribunals, which have been dismissed by critics as "kangaroo courts".

N.Y. Times Sues Ashcroft in Leak Probe --The New York Times sued Attorney General John Ashcroft on Tuesday, seeking to block the Justice Department from obtaining records of telephone calls between two veteran 'journalists' and their confidential sources. The lawsuit said the Justice Department has advised the Times that it plans to obtain records of all telephone calls by Philip Shenon and GOP whore Judith Miller for 20 days in the months immediately following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Reporters Put Under Scrutiny in C.I.A. Leak --Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus walked into a conference room at a Washington law firm two weeks ago and read a statement. "As someone who covers national security and intelligence, I depend on confidential sources more than most reporters," he told Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor appointed to investigate the disclosure to journalists of the identity of a covert C.I.A. agent, Valerie Plame...

FBI swamped by terror tapes --Struggling bureau has more than 120,000 hours of wire-tapped conversations awaiting analysis --More than 120,000 hours of wiretapped conversations between terrorist suspects and sympathisers since the September 11 attacks have not been translated because of the FBI's lack of linguists, according to an official report.

New U.S. Travel Checks Flawed, Invasive - Watchdog --By subjecting most visitors to scans of their faces and fingers, the United States will this week expand a mass surveillance system that threatens freedom and race relations, a privacy watchdog says. From Thursday, most visitors entering the United States will have to put each index finger in turn on a glass plate that electronically scans it, and to have a digital photo taken.

Election Worries Delay U.S. Refinery Report-Source --A government advisory panel will delay a report on ways to boost U.S. oil refining capacity because the Bush dictatorship wants to avoid a fight over environmental regulations before the national elections, according to a source knowledgeable about the report.

Crude Oil Prices Top $50 Per Barrel --Crude oil topped the psychological milestone of $50 per barrel Tuesday for the first time, and a Saudi Arabian oil official said the world's largest petroleum exporter would raise its production capacity by 15 percent in a bid to calm prices [and aid Dictator Bush].

One month prior to the presidential elections... Bush Set to Open Oil Reserve Spigot --The Bush regime is set to allow oil refineries to 'borrow' from the government's emergency petroleum stockpile to lower oil prices by November 2 ['make up for supplies disrupted by Hurricane Ivan,'] a congressional source briefed on the pending decision told Reuters last week.

NIH Proposes Drug Collaboration Moratorium --The National Institutes of Health wants to ban all its scientists from doing any consulting work with drug companies for a year, a surprise move as the agency struggles to prevent conflicts of interest.

Europe to Bush: Go away Even British prefer Kerry for president --"Why Bush must be beaten," screamed the headline of Le Nouvel Observateur, a left-leaning French newsweekly. Smaller type above the U.S. dictator's half profile provided the answer: "His re-[s]election will be a catastrophe for the world and for America."

Bush's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry --The newspaper in Dictator Bush's adopted hometown of Crawford threw its support on Tuesday behind Bush's Democratic rival, Sen. John Kerry.

How to Debate George Bush --by Al Gore "...[M]ore important than his record as a debater is Mr. Bush's record as a president [sic]. And therein lies the true opportunity for John Kerry - because notwithstanding the president[sic]'s political skills, his performance in office amounts to a catastrophic failure. And the debates represent a time to hold him to account."

Edwards Slams Bush Campaign's Ad Lies --John Edwards accused Dictator Bush's re-selection campaign of lying in television ads about John Kerry's Vietnam War service and his plan to reform health care. "They will absolutely lie about anything," the Democratic vice presidential candidate said Monday at a rally in Victory Park attended by hundreds of well-wishers.

John Edwards refuses to cross picket line --Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards canceled his appearance at a Providence campaign fund-raiser yesterday, refusing to cross a firefighters' picket line staged because of the union's ongoing dispute with this city's Democratic mayor.

Veterans for Kerry Barred From Bush Rally --About 30 Oregon veterans who support Democrat John Kerry for president were rebuffed Tuesday when they showed up at a Republican rally in hopes of delivering a letter to first lady Laura Bush criticizing the war in Iraq.

STOP shopping at Lands' End and Sears (Lands' End owner) Lands' End Employees Say Tricked Into Seeing Giuliani --Some Lands' End employees said Tuesday they were hoodwinked into attending a speech by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani at the company's Dodgeville plant. Viewers said the company told them Giuliani's speech would be motivational in nature. Instead it was a political speech supporting Dictator George W. Bush for re[s]election. Prior to the speech, CEO Mindy Meads e-mailed workers, saying, "Excitement is building this morning. In a few short hours we will hear from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Please note, Lands' End does not endorse any political candidate." Email Mindy: and Sears CEO:

Guiliani Wins Lands' Ends Votes For Bush --Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani stumped for Dictator Bush in Dodgeville at Lands' End Monday. ...It was a partisan crowd, mostly consisting of line workers, reported News 3's Joel DeSpain. Yet, Republican handlers tried to ban both reporters from the Wisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from doing one-on-one interviews with the Guiliani, DeSpain reported.

Bush Adviser Rove Has Ties to Swift Boat Donor Perry --In 1994, when George W. Bush first ran for governor of Texas, Karl Rove was one of his chief strategists. Rove's friend, Houston homebuilder Bob Perry, contributed $26,100, campaign records show. Perry, 71, has been the largest single donor to Republicans in Texas since 1998, contributing $5.4 million, records show.

Supreme Court Refuses to Put Nader on Oregon Ballot --The U.S. Supreme Court refused on Tuesday to include Ralph Nader as a candidate on Oregon's November ballot, dealing a blow to the one-time consumer advocate's 'independent' bid for the presidency.

Blackwell says Nader off Ohio ballot --Ralph Nader's campaign said it plans to fight the Ohio secretary of state's decision to remove the 'independent' candidate from the Ohio presidential ballot.

Charges to Be Dropped Against Naked Protesters --Charges will likely be dropped for eight demonstrators who stripped naked and blocked traffic in front of Madison Square Garden a few days before last month’s Repugnant Nazi Convention.

Activists Sue Over Calif. Forest Plan --Environmental groups sued the U.S. Forest Service on Tuesday, claiming a six-year-old federal law aimed at preventing wildfires has degenerated into a backdoor effort to eventually increase logging across 340,000 acres of Sierra Nevada national forests.

Xtreme weather meets Xtreme media bubble --by Tom Engelhardt "It's often been said that, in tossing the Kyoto Agreement out the Ozone hole, relaxing fuel-emission standards, burying or altering governmental global-warming research and the like, the Bush administration, with an Ivan-the-Terrible-style environmental record, has stuck its head in the proverbial sand (probably Tar sands at that)."

Bird flu case raises fears of pandemic --The first case of probable human-to-human transmission of avian influenza has sparked a nationwide health alert in Thailand. It raises the possibility of a human pandemic if the H5N1 avian flu virus mutates or blends with the human flu virus to create a much more virulent strain.


CIA's Iraq plan shot down --The Bush regime has been forced to scale back a plan proposing a covert CIA operation to aid candidates, favoured by Washington, in the Iraq elections after lawmakers raised questions about the idea when it was sent to Capitol Hill. The plan, written several months ago, wanted to help such candidates "whose opponents might be receiving covert backing from other countries, like Iran" but not necessarily to go so far as to *rig* the elections, US media reports said. [Right, they only save the coup d'etat for the *U.S.* elections.]

Bush regime takes heat for CIA plan to influence Iraq's elections -- U.S. officials tell TIME that the Bush team ran into trouble with another plan involving Iraq's upcoming 'elections' — a secret "finding" written several months ago proposing a covert CIA operation to aid candidates favored by Washington. A source says the idea was to help such candidates — whose opponents might be receiving covert backing from other countries, like Iran [Yeah, right!] — but not necessarily to go so far [?!?] as to rig the elections. But lawmakers from both parties raised questions about the idea when it was sent to Capitol Hill. ...House minority leader Nancy Pelosi "came unglued" when she learned about what a source described as a plan for "the CIA to put an operation in place to affect the outcome of the elections."

Unions firm on deadline for Iraq troop withdrawal --Tony Blair was facing a damaging defeat last night over demands for the early withdrawal of British troops from Iraq after failing to buy off the votes of the four big unions at Labour's annual conference.

Labour to vote on pull-out from Iraq --The attempts by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to focus his party's annual conference on domestic issues received a setback yesterday when delegates backed moves to force a vote on a troop pull-out from Iraq.

US pounds Iraqi cities --US bombers have launched new attacks on the Iraqi city of Falluja and the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City. The air raids targeting Falluja, held by fighters opposed to the US presence in Iraq, centred on its northern neighbourhood but no details were immediately available.

70 attacks a day on troops, contractors --Less than four months before the planned national 'election,' attacks against US troops, Iraqi security forces and private contractors number in the dozens each day and have spread to parts of the country that used to be relatively peaceful.

US may cut troops' tours of combat --The US Army is so worried about a possible sharp fall in recruiting and a failure to keep its troops that it is considering cutting the length of its 12-month combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to senior officials.

Iraq murder charge soldier in court --The first member of the British armed forces to face a murder charge over post-war operations in Iraq was remanded on bail until October 25 when he made brief first appearance at the Old Bailey yesterday. Trooper Kevin Williams is accused of killing Iraqi civilian Hassan Abbad Said, a lawyer and father-of-nine, near Basra on August 3 last year.

Oil Strikes New Record on Supply Fears --U.S. crude oil futures hit a new record on Monday at $50.01 a barrel as worries about the stability of supplies from Iraq, Nigeria and Russia compounded concerns over low fuel stocks ahead of peak winter demand.

Screening of Foreign Visitors to Expand --Beginning Thursday, foreign visitors from 27 more countries will be fingerprinted and photographed when they enter the United States, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Senate Bill Proposes Anti-[pro]Terror Database --Civil Liberties Groups Express Concern --Counterterrorism authorities would be granted unprecedented access to law enforcement and commercial databases containing billions of records about private citizens under a bipartisan bill to restructure the intelligence system that the Senate began debating yesterday.

Ridge Reports Investments in Homeland Security Contractors --Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge had investments last year in a number of companies with contracts with his department and others who want to profit from homeland security, a new list of his assets shows. [Yes, but no one made more money off of 9-11 than Rudy Giuliani... he has made a killing on Bush's killing.]

F.B.I. Said to Lag on Translations of Terror Tapes --Three years after the Sept. 11 attacks, more than 120,000 hours of potentially valuable terrorism-related recordings have not yet been translated by linguists at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and computer problems may have led the bureau to systematically erase some al Bush-duh recordings [Oops!], according to a declassified summary of a Justice Department investigation that was released on Monday.

Groups accuse United States of imposing international book ban --A group of organizations representing publishers and authors sued the federal government Monday, saying it is blocking the works of authors in countries such as Cuba, Iran and Sudan from reaching the United States.

University of Arizona Professor Reported to FBI for "Hating" America ( program promo) "After a series of ads in the University of Arizona newspaper railed against left-wing professors, a student allegedly reported Professor David Gibbs to the FBI for being 'an anti-American communist who hates America.'" [See: New Political Science, Volume 26, Number 3, September 2004 Pretexts and US Foreign Policy: The War on Terrorism in Historical Perspective -by David N. Gibbs, University of Arizona]

Houston CBS affiliate boots Rather show --Dan Rather's daily CBS radio broadcast is off the air where he grew up. Houston CBS radio affiliate KPRC hasn't been running it for the last couple weeks in reaction to his "60 Minutes" report questioning Dictator Bush's National Guard service.

Poll: CBS' memo story an 'honest mistake' --Most Americans think CBS News anchor Dan Rather made an "honest mistake" in his controversial story on Dictator Bush's military service and should not be fired for it, according to a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll of 1,006 adults released Monday.

Ad Invokes Terror Threat to Assail Kerry --Democrat Quick to Respond With Commercial Decrying Pro-Bush Group's Tactics --A Reichwing group backed by two fundraisers for Dictator Bush has launched an ad attacking Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) that shows pictures of [Bush-Rove freelancer] Osama bin Laden, hijacker Mohamed Atta, Russian hostage-takers, the Madrid bombers and the World Trade Center.

Senator Byrd urges vote for Kerry --To shouts of "hallelujah" and "Amen!" from his audience, U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd on Monday denounced a Republican campaign brochure suggesting that electing John Kerry would lead to an attempt to ban the Bible. Byrd said the brochure sent by the Republican National Committee to the homes of many evangelical Christians in West Virginia and Arkansas is "trash (and) it’s a lie." "You’re being fed a bunch of trash," he told an interfaith group convened in Beckley to talk about how Kerry would keep traditional family values a focus of his administration. "The people who put this out (are) taking West Virginians to be gullible, ignorant fools."

Trial ordered in Fla. e-ballot lawsuit --Just five weeks before Election Day, a federal appeals court Monday revived a lawsuit demanding that all Florida voters who use touchscreen machines receive a paper receipt, in case a recount becomes necessary. ...It was not immediately clear if the case could be decided before the Nov. 2 presidential election.

Ohio Secretary of State breaks federal law: 1971 Federal Voting Rights Act (posted by kos) Sec. 1971. - Voting rights... (2) No person acting under color of law shall - ...(B) deny the right of any individual to vote in any election because of an error or omission on any record or paper relating to any application, registration, or other act requisite to voting, if such error or omission is not material in determining whether such individual is qualified under State law to vote in such election.

Carter fears Florida vote trouble --Voting arrangements in Florida do not meet "basic international requirements" and could undermine the US election, former US President Jimmy Carter says. He said a repeat of the coup d'etat ['irregularities of the much-disputed 2000 election'] - which gave George W Bush the narrowest of wins - "seems likely". Mr Carter, a veteran observer of polls worldwide, also accused Florida's top election official of "bias".

Carter Predicts Florida Poll Will Again Be Flawed -- Former President Jimmy Carter, who has monitored elections throughout the developing world, predicted on Monday the U.S. presidential vote in Florida would be as flawed as the 2000 poll there [coup d'etat].

[Proof of Coup 2000!] When five voted for millions --by Robyn E. Blumner "One of the darkest hours in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court was Dec. 12, 2000, at 10 p.m., when the five-member conservative majority handed the presidency to George W. Bush over his rival Al Gore... Reporter David Margolick headed a writing team that spoke with a number of former Supreme Court clerks who were there when the Bush case came before the court... Margolick reports that Justice Antonin Scalia was so anxious to shut the recount down that he pressured his colleagues to do so even before the Gore legal team had a chance to respond. That didn't happen, but consideration of the matter was moved up to the next morning. On the 9th, a stay was issued. According to Margolick, the court's more conservative members, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Justices Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy, quickly started 'sending around memos to their colleagues, each of them offering a different rationale for ruling in Bush's favor.' They were 'auditioning arguments,' Margolick wrote. During the first go-round, Margolick reports, an O'Connor clerk told fellow clerks that 'O'Connor was determined to overturn the Florida decision and was merely looking for grounds.' This was a court unhinged from the law, operating in a purely political guise, bereft of legitimacy."

Scientists Begin a Campaign to Oppose Bush's Policies --Scientists will crisscross the well-worn landscape of battleground states over the next month, giving lectures that will argue that the Bush dictatorship has ignored and misused science. At least 25 scientists will give talks in 10 contested states: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Inquiry on Medicare Finds Improper Limits on Choices --Federal investigators said Monday that the Bush dictatorship had improperly allowed some private health plans to limit Medicare patients' choice of health care providers, including doctors, nursing homes and home care agencies. The investigators, from the Government Accountability Office, also said that the private plans had increased out-of-pocket costs for the elderly and had not saved money for the government, contrary to predictions by Medicare officials.

Health costs rising faster than incomes, study says --Health insurance premiums paid by U.S. workers have risen nearly three times faster than average earnings in the past four years, eroding the income of average Americans, a study based on federal data shows.

Poll Shows Bush With Solid Lead --Dictator Bush heads into the first presidential debate with a solid lead over John F. Kerry, boosted by the perception that he is a stronger leader with a clearer vision, despite deep concerns about Iraq and the pace of the economic recovery, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News Poll and interviews with voters in battleground states.

Ex-Enron lieutenant testifies barge sale just a ploy --An aide to Enron's former chief financial officer testified today that his boss, Andrew Fastow, giggled when asking him about an off-the-books partnership that helped Enron fudge financial statements by temporarily buying a stake in some Nigerian barges.

Hurricane Season Has Some Reconsidering Living In Florida --The latest hurricane to slam into Florida has some residents reconsidering whether or not they want to continue living in the state, according to a Local 6 News report. A Local 6 News exclusive survey found 31 percent of people asked said this year's storm season has caused them to think about leaving.


Citizens For Legitimate Government Launches B.Y.O.B., Bring Your Own "paper" Ballot, Campaign for "Election" 2004 (press release from CLG Founder and Chair, Michael D. Rectenwald, announced the CLG's inauguration of the B.Y.O.B., Bring Your Own "paper" Ballot, campaign. The group calls for voters in the 2004 presidential contest to print, fill-out, and notarize their own copy of the CLG paper ballot receipt, as a safeguard against the known flaws and vulnerabilities of touch-screen voting and the recent history of discarding votes and overthrowing election said on Thursday.

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