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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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October 2004 Archives, Page Two

Vice pResident Cheney to Attend RNC Victory '04 Rally in Hawaii -- On Sunday, October 31, Vice pResident Cheney will attend a RNC Victory [barf] '04 Rally in Honolulu, HI. --Sunday, October 31 11:10 PM HST at the Hawaii Convention Center 1801 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu, HI

Moore brings political frenzy to rally --Amid whoops and cheers, controversial film director Michael Moore shouldered his way through a chanting crowd in downtown Fort Lauderdale Thursday night, to deliver this message: "Vote now; vote so your vote will count.'' Gathered across from the Supervisor of Elections office, the mostly Democratic crowd chanted, "Six more days! Six more days!''

36 Papers Abandon Bush for Kerry --The Orlando Sentinel has backed every Republican seeking the White House since Richard M. Nixon in 1968. Not this time. "This president [sic] has utterly failed to fulfill our expectations," the Florida paper said in supporting John F. Kerry, prompting some angry calls and a few dozen cancellations.

Bush supporter charged with battery of girlfriend over Kerry vote (FL) --An 18-year-old supporter of pResident Bush became so angry that his girlfriend was considering voting for John Kerry and was breaking up with him that he imprisoned her in his home, deputies said. Steven Soper of Lake Worth was charged with aggravated battery, false imprisonment and resisting arrest without violence. "I kill you," he said, according to the arrest report. "You want (to) live to see the election?"

Park Service Sticks With Biblical Explanation For Grand Canyon (PEER Press Release) "Promised Legal Review on Creationist Book Is Shelved --The Bush Administration has decided that it will stand by its approval for a book claiming the Grand Canyon was created by Noah’s flood rather than by geologic forces, according to internal documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)."

Reichwing corporate terrorists deciding our fate: U.S. Creates Ethics Panel on Priority for Flu Shots --For the first time in its history, the Centers for Disease 'Control' and 'Prevention' has created a permanent panel of ethicists on vaccine distribution, to help navigate [?!?] the life-and-death questions of who should get flu vaccines in the current crisis and how the agency should cope with any future epidemics [that the government creates].

Whackjob Bill O'Lie-y, Producer Settle Harassment Suit --Faux Host Agrees to Drop Extortion Claim --Bill 'Shut up!!' O'Lie-y settled a sexual harassment lawsuit by his former producer, Andrea Mackris, last night.

Banks Implement Check 21 Starting Thursday --New federal regulations designed to speed up the processing of checks [actually, make more $$$ for banks and burn consumers] went into effect on Thursday, and consumer advocates advised Americans to be more vigilant about monitoring their accounts.

Gas Prices Hit New Record Across Triangle, State Right now, the average price for regular unleaded in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area is the same as the state average: $1.97. And in both cases, that's a record.

Red Sox Win First World Series Since 1918 --The Boston Red Sox — yes, the Boston Red Sox! — are World Series champions at long, long last. No more curse and no doubt about it. Ridiculed and reviled through decades of defeat, the Red Sox didn't just beat the St. Louis Cardinals, owners of the best record in baseball, they swept them for their first crown since 1918. [We have waited a long time for this day!!! CONGRATULATIONS, BOSTON RED SOX!!!]


Early voting in Floriduh: 6 votes per hour --Though Election Day does not formally arrive until Tuesday, nine days of early voting have produced their own problems, offering a glimpse into what could lie ahead in a contest that yet again appears narrowly divided. Lines have moved so slowly on new touch-screen voting machines that only six votes per hour are being cast in parts of South Florida, a troubling ratio for next week's expected crush of voters.

Chile Group Plans Bush Welcome with War Crime Suit --Chileans opposed to the Iraq war have accused Dictator Bush of war crimes in a criminal complaint lodged on Tuesday, less than a month before he is scheduled to visit the country. The suit asks local courts to invoke international human rights treaties ratified by both countries and arrest Bush and members of his cabinet for questioning during their visit to Santiago for a summit of Asia Pacific leaders Nov. 19-21.

Negligent US forces to blame for massacre of recruits, says Allawi --Iyad Allawi, Iraq's interim Prime Minister, said yesterday that the gross negligence of American forces had led to the massacre of 49 Iraqi army recruits by insurgents on Sunday.

Bombshell for Bush: 350 tons of explosives go missing in Iraq --In a massive pre-election embarrassment for the Bush dictatorship, nearly 350 tons of lethal explosives - which could be used to trigger nuclear weapons - have vanished from a military facility in Iraq supposed to have been guarded by US troops.

'Secure' arms dump that may have armed enemy --Al-Qaqaa was named in Tony Blair's famous Iraq weapons dossier as a factory whose products could kill many innocent people. That has proved to be right. The deaths, however, have not come from Saddam's non-existent weapons of mass destruction, but the hundreds of tons of high explosives which have disappeared since Iraq's "liberation" by the US and Britain.

U.S. Mulls More Troops in Iraq for Election --The Pentagon is considering increasing the U.S. force in Iraq for the January elections by delaying the departure of some troops and speeding the arrival of others, U.S. officials said on Tuesday.

Flurry of Violence Kills At Least 14 Across Iraq --Hundreds Rally for Aid Worker's Release --A rash of bombings and skirmishes killed at least 13 Iraqis and an Estonian soldier Monday, according to reports from around the country.

Australian troops under attack --Three Australian soldiers were injured when a suicide car bomber in Baghdad attacked a convoy of armoured vehicles yesterday, the first such attack on Australian troops in Iraq.

Zarqawi group 'targeted Aussie troops' --Australian forces would stay the distance in Iraq despite injuries suffered by three of its troops, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said today.

US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal --Secret plans for the war in Iraq were passed to British Army chiefs by US defence planners five months before the invasion was launched, a court martial heard yesterday. The revelation strengthened suspicions that Tony Blair gave his agreement to George Bush to go to war while the diplomatic efforts to force Saddam Hussein to comply with UN resolutions were continuing.

Major In Blast At 'PM Lies' --Four Tory big guns lined up yesterday to accuse Tony Blair of lying before going to war with Iraq. Former Prime Minister John Major said on BBC's Breakfast with Frost show: "People would be very wary indeed of taking this Government's word on another occasion if a further military adventure seemed likely, given the history of what has happened." Former deputy PM Michael Heseltine said of Mr Blair on ITV1's Dimbleby show: "He has lied about the situation in the Middle East. The price being paid in Iraq in casualties and horrendous circumstances is very high."

BBC exec blasts U.S. war coverage --BBC World Service and Global News director Richard Sambrook on Tuesday took the U.S. news nets to task on their own turf for "wrapping themselves in the flag" and not asking the tough questions about the Bush regime's reasons for going to war in Iraq.

Bush Could Seek Up to $75 Billion in W-ar Funding--The Bush regime, faced with a growing insurgency and record fuel costs, plans early next year to seek $60 billion to $75 billion in emergency funding for Halliburton ['military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan'], dictatorship and congressional officials said on Tuesday.

Bush to Request Another $70 Billion In War Funding --The Bush regime intends to seek about $70 billion in emergency funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan early next year, pushing total war costs close to $225 billion since the invasion of Iraq early last year, Pentagon and congressional officials said yesterday.

Pentagon Probes Halliburton's Iraq Contracts --The Pentagon's internal watchdog is looking into claims by a top Army contracting official that a Halliburton Co. subsidiary unfairly won no-bid contracts worth billions of dollars for support services in Iraq and the Balkans. The complaint alleges that the award of contracts without competition to restore Iraq's oil industry and to supply and feed U.S. troops in the Balkans puts at risk "the integrity of the federal contracting program as it relates to a major defense contractor."

Army Won't Shorten Combat Tours in Iraq --The Army will not shorten combat tours in Iraq next year from 12 months to six or nine months, as some had hoped, because that would undermine the war effort, the Army's top general said Tuesday.

Soldier who sued not required to report for duty --The U.S. Army captain who filed an injunction to block his deployment to Iraq will not have to report for duty Monday, and the military has one week to decide whether to approve his resignation.

Blair admits – yes, I've met Kerry --After months of embarrassed silence over links with US Democrats, Downing Street finally admitted yesterday that Tony Blair had twice met John Kerry, who is challenging the Prime Minister’s war ally Dictator Bush for the Oval Office. The disclosure suggests that Mr Blair may be hedging his bets on the outcome of the US elections.

Brain in a Dish Flies Plane --A University of Florida scientist has created a living "brain" of cultured rat cells that now controls an F-22 fighter jet flight simulator. Scientists say the research could lead to tiny, brain-controlled prosthetic devices and unmanned airplanes flown by living computers.

Amnesty Condemns U.S. for War on Terror Torture --The United States has manifestly failed to uphold obligations to reject torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading behavior in the "war on terror" launched after Sept. 11, 2001, Amnesty International said on Wednesday. The human rights group condemned the U.S. regime's response to the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington as one which had resulted in its own "iconography of torture, cruelty and degradation."

911 Truth Statement --Respected Leaders and Families Launch 9/11 Truth Statement Demanding Deeper Investigation into the Events of 9/11 --An alliance of 100 prominent Americans and 40 family members of those killed on 9/11 today announced the release of the 911 Truth Statement, a call for immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur. The Statement supports an August 31st Zogby poll that found nearly 50% of New Yorkers believe the government had foreknowledge and "consciously failed to act," with 66% wanting a new 9/11 investigation.

CLG's Petition to Senate to Investigate Oddities of 9/11  --25,950 signatures to date; Ashkkkroft can't arrest *all* of us!!

New inquiry into Wellstone death urged --University of Minnesota Duluth Professor James Fetzer, a Kennedy assassination theorist, called on Congress Monday to investigate the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, who Fetzer believes was the target of a White House plot. Fetzer, a McKnight professor of philosophy, told a group of journalists and supporters at the National Press Club that the official government probe into the Wellstone plane crash on Oct. 25, 2002, whitewashed a broad Republican murder conspiracy, a charge he has made before.

Scientists warn of 'ethnic weapons' --Biological weapons that target selected ethnic groups could become part of the terrorists' arsenal unless governments and scientists act now, the British Medical Association warns. Such designer weapons would be based on the growing ability of scientists to unravel and compare human DNA.

Web Server Takedown Called Speech Threat --Devin Theriot-Orr, a member of a group of reporter-activists called Indymedia, was surprised when two FBI agents showed up at his Seattle law office, saying the visit was a "courtesy call" on behalf of Swiss authorities.

Banners Seen Hanging on overpasses in St. Petersburg on October 25, 2004

Rehnquist Treated for Thyroid Cancer, Supreme Court Says --The Supreme Court announced on Monday that William H. Rehnquist, the 80-year-old chief justice, had been hospitalized since Friday for treatment of thyroid cancer and that he had undergone a tracheotomy "in connection with" the cancer diagnosis.

Rehnquist's illness spurs talk of vacancy --William Rehnquist, chief justice of the US Supreme Court, revealed on Monday that he had thyroid cancer and underwent a tracheotomy over the weekend, increasing speculation that the winner of the presidential election on November 2 might have a Supreme Court vacancy to fill soon after taking office.

Kerry for President (The Washington Post) "We find much to admire in Mr. Kerry's life of service, knowledge of the world and positions on a range of issues -- but also some things that give us pause. On balance, though, we believe Mr. Kerry, with his promise of resoluteness tempered by wisdom and open-mindedness, has staked a stronger claim on the nation's trust to lead for the next four years."

Recuperating Clinton a hit with Kerry backers in Miami --Former President Bill Clinton, who has spent seven weeks recuperating from open-heart surgery, returned to politics with a fury on Monday, spending his newfound energy on behalf of Democrat John Kerry, who is locked in close combat with Dictator Bush.

Bush Aide Draws Fire with Pre-Election Speech --Dictator Bush's national 'security' adviser touted Bush's foreign policy to a Jewish group on Monday in a speech Democrats said was as a blatant foray into Bush's re-selection campaign.

Swiftvet TV special to air election eve --Show hosted by John O'Neill slated for Florida markets --Building on its nine-ad campaign, Swift Boat Liars for Rove ['Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth'] is featured in a half-hour television special that will air in key Florida markets just before election day.

GOP prepping for Coup 2004: Paper record of ballot not needed, judge rules (FL) A federal judge ruled Monday that the state's rules for recounting close elections on touch-screen machines are constitutional, and that no additional paper records are necessary. U.S. District Court Judge James Cohn dismissed the suit brought in March by U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton.

Broward officials blame U.S. Postal Service [LOL!] over missing ballots --Broward County officials blamed the U.S. Postal Service [?!?] Tuesday for misplacing nearly half of the absentee ballots requested in the county, as frustrated voters trying to find out what happened overwhelmed phone lines at the elections office. The Postal Service denied responsibility for the missing ballots...

Democrats file 9 suits in Florida --Democrats in Florida already are pursuing nine election-related lawsuits, accusing state election officials of conspiring to disenfranchise minority voters.

New Florida vote scandal feared --by Greg Palast A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's African-American voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals. "Two e-mails, prepared for the executive director of the Bush campaign in Florida and the campaign's national research director in Washington DC, contain a 15-page so-called 'caging list'. It lists 1,886 names and addresses of voters in predominantly black and traditionally Democrat areas of Jacksonville, Florida. An elections supervisor in Tallahassee, when shown the list, told Newsnight: 'The only possible reason why they would keep such a thing is to challenge voters on election day.'" It's Hammertime!! We need to challenge - with hammers!! We will not be intimidated... Warning to all Reichwing maggots: intimidate voters at your own risk. We are recruiting local residents in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere to counter these Reichwing, SS-style actions. Join us in stopping the 2004 coup!! Contact: ***Sign up***

Partisan tension in SBC --San Benito County, CA - destruction and theft of Republican presidential campaign signs --Sometime between Oct. 12 and Oct. 16 unknown 'suspects' vandalized a large Bush/Cheney campaign sign posted in the 700 block of McCray Street, spraying vulgarities denouncing Bush, according to a Hollister police report. [Awesome!!]

Email to CLG, Monday, October 25, 2004 11:58 PM:
...This is from Tulsa, OK so may not apply everywhere but ---
Today we filled out our absentee ballots, had them notarized, etc. I almost put 37 cent stamps on them but thought they might be a little heavy, plus the envelopes looked larger than normal so I took them to my post office. Sure enough, each one required 60 cents postage. If I had not done this, it's almost a sure bet that they would have been returned for lack of postage and probably not in time for us to get them back to the election board before 7 P.M. on Saturday.
There wasn't a word in the instructions about making sure extra postage was attached. Tulsa doesn't have a bad name as far as voter fraud, but this seems like a major oversight at the least.

Portrait of a country on the verge of a nervous breakdown --With only nine days to go and the polls showing Bush and Kerry still neck and neck, the result is once again likely to turn on the minutiae of the voting system. But this time the whole country seems poised to descend into post-election chaos. Andrew Gumbel reports on the traumatising effects of this bitter campaign and how, as the world's most powerful democracy talks of exporting freedom to Iraq, it is at risk of becoming an object of international ridicule "No need to wonder if this year's US presidential election is headed for another meltdown: the meltdown has already started. The voting machines have already begun to break down, accusations of systematic voter suppression and fraud are rampant, and lawyers fully armed and ready with an intimate knowledge of the nation's byzantine election laws have flocked to court to cry foul in half a dozen states."

Supreme Court Won't Put Nader on Ohio Ballot --The U.S. Supreme Court refused on Tuesday to put 'independent' presidential candidate Ralph Nader on the ballot in the key battleground state of Ohio, handing him his third setback in the past month.

Filmmaker Moore regales CMU crowd --Part pundit, part preacher and always the showman, "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore yesterday brought his "Slacker Uprising Tour 2004" to Carnegie Mellon University.

Democrat alleges documents on flu vaccine shortage withheld --A senior House Democrat charged Tuesday that the Bush regime was refusing to release documents about the flu vaccine shortage until after the election.

Russian House Ratifies Kyoto Protocol --Russia's upper house of parliament on Wednesday ratified the Kyoto Protocol and sent it to President Vladimir Putin for the final stamp of approval that would bring the global climate pact into force early next year.

The race to the bottom --According to the Times' ombudsman, hateful rhetoric from the left this political season is more "vile" than from the right. Maybe that's true of his in box -- but it isn't of America at large. --by Mark Follman "Every day we at 'sleazy liberal dotcom' Salon (as former Republican Rep. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma recently called us) field reader criticisms of Bush and Co. that would do the Black Panthers or the Weather Underground proud. Lefty activist outfits such as Citizens for Legitimate Government, 'a group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat,' traffic in puerile rhetoric, referring to 'Dictator Bush,' while others like International ANSWER favor shrill hyperbole ('Bush's monstrous invasion and occupation of Iraq' is a 'reign of terror')."


John Dean Predicts Civil War --The Coming Post-Election Chaos: A Storm Warning of Things to Come If the Vote Is as Close as Expected --by John W. Dean "This next presidential election, on November 2, may be followed by post-election chaos unlike any we've ever known Look at the swirling, ugly currents currently at work in this conspicuously close race. There is Republicans' history of going negative to win elections. There is Karl Rove's disposition to challenge close elections in post-election brawls. And there is Democrats' (and others) new unwillingness to roll over, as was done in 2000... It does not seem to trouble either Rove or Bush that they are moving us toward a Twenty-first Century civil war -- and that, once again, Southern conservatism is at its core. Only a miracle, it strikes me, can prevent this election from descending into post-election chaos. But given the alternatives, a miracle is what I am hoping for."

It's Hammertime!! Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State --Republican Party officials in Ohio took formal steps yesterday to place thousands of recruits inside polling places on Election Day to challenge the qualifications of voters they suspect are not eligible to cast ballots...
We need to challenge - with hammers!! We will not be intimidated... Warning to all Reichwing maggots: intimidate voters at your own risk. We are recruiting local residents in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere to counter these Reichwing, SS-style actions. Join us in stopping the 2004 coup!! Contact: ***Sign up***

Campaign event security spurs arrests, removals (OH) Protesters near Bush rallies have been arrested; those with items supporting John Kerry had to leave. One of the latest incidents came when John Sachs, 18, a Johnston High School senior and Democrat, went to see Bush in Clive last week. Sachs got a ticket to the event from school and wanted to ask Bush about whether there would be a draft, about the war in Iraq, Social Security and Medicare. But when he got there, a campaign staffer pulled him aside and made him remove his button that said, "Bush-Cheney '04: Leave No Billionaire Behind." The staffer quizzed him about whether he was a Bush supporter, asked him why he was there and what questions he would be asking Bush. "Then he came back and said, 'If you protest, it won't be me taking you out. It will be a sniper,' " Sachs said. "He said it in such a serious tone it scared the crap out of me." [Death threats from Bush's Brownshirts. It is definitely time for a revolution.]

G.O.P. positions itself to steal Ohio: Ohio Provisional Ballot Ruling Reversed --A federal appeals court on Saturday reversed a lower court's ruling that Ohio voters could cast provisional ballots on Election Day anywhere in the county in which they are registered.

Dumb show --by Charlie Brooker "On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod's law dictates he'll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?"

Is Rove trolling to nuke Three Mile Island? Military jet drops errant bomb in Pa. --Military officials are investigating why a jet fighter accidentally dropped a 25-pound practice bomb on a hiking trail a mile from its intended target in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Minnesota senator closes Washington office, citing terrorist threat --by Ron Jorgenson and Patrick Martin "Senator Mark Dayton, a Democrat from Minnesota, announced October 13 that he was closing his Washington DC office and sending his office staff to locations away from Capitol Hill or back to Minnesota until after the November 2 general election, as a precaution against the threat of a terrorist attack on the US capital... Then there is the mysterious plane crash which killed Dayton’s Minnesota Senate colleague, Paul Wellstone. The liberal Democrat was in a tight race in October 2002 elections against Bush-designated Republican challenger Norm Coleman, but was pulling ahead in the polls by coming out against military intervention in Iraq. Next Monday [October 25, 2004] a group that has privately investigated the crash will hold a press conference in Washington to voice its conviction that Wellstone's death was a political assassination." [*See below, Who Killed Senator Paul Wellstone? Authors, NYC Publisher]

Who Killed Senator Paul Wellstone? Authors, NYC Publisher --Publisher Sander Hicks announced a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C for Monday October 25, 2004 at Noon to introduce the authors and announce the publication of "American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone." On October 25th, the second anniversary of the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of Senator Wellstone, his wife and daughter, three aides and two pilots. Authors Jim Fetzer and Don Trent Jacobs will join Publisher Sander Hicks in Washington to reveal what really happened that day and call for a full Senate investigation into the death of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone.

Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq --The Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives - used to demolish buildings, produce missile warheads and detonate nuclear weapons - are missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations. The huge facility, called Al Qaqaa, was supposed to be under American military control but is now a no-man's land, still picked over by looters as recently as Sunday. United Nations weapons inspectors had monitored the explosives for many years, but White House and Pentagon officials acknowledge that the explosives vanished after the American invasion last year. [The explosives were 'lost' so that the insurgents can blow up more oil pipelines and Halliburton can get more no-bid contracts.]

Beyond the Call of Duty --A whistle-blower objected to the government's Halliburton deals—and says now she's paying for it --In February 2003, less than a month before the U.S. invaded Iraq, Bunnatine (Bunny) Greenhouse walked into a Pentagon meeting and with a quiet comment started what could be the end of her career. On the agenda was the awarding of an up to $7 billion deal to a subsidiary of Houston-based conglomerate Halliburton to 'restore' Iraq's oil facilities...

U.S. Diplomat Killed in Baghdad Mortar Attack --A U.S. diplomat was killed in a mortar attack near Baghdad airport early Sunday, U.S. officials said. A U.S. embassy spokesman said Ed Seitz, a diplomatic security officer, was killed by "indirect fire" at 5 a.m. at Camp Victory, a U.S. military headquarters on the edge of the airport.

Dozens of new Iraqi soldiers found dead --U.S. security official killed near Baghdad airport --Iraqi authorities have discovered the bodies of 44 Iraqi soldiers and four drivers after they were ambushed and killed overnight near the Iraq-Iran border, an Iraqi military commander said Sunday.

Suicide Bombers Kill 20 Iraqi Security Personnel --Suicide bombers killed 20 members of Iraq's fledgling security forces near a U.S. marine base west of Baghdad and at a checkpoint north of the capital on Saturday in a spate of insurgent attacks across the country.

Recuperating Clinton to Hit Stump for Kerry --The Kerry campaign is calling on a heavy hitter from its bench: Former President Bill Clinton plans to hit the trail for the Democratic presidential hopeful Monday in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Sinclair Airs Anti-Kerry Material --Sinclair Broadcast's program featuring material from a documentary critical of John Kerry aired Friday night, devoting as much coverage to the controversy as the film that sparked the uproar.


Army May Allow Halliburton to Keep Billions in Disputed Billings --The U.S. Army is studying a possible compromise with Halliburton Co. that might allow the company to keep several billion dollars in disputed billings for work in Iraq, defense officials said on Friday.

Iraq audit can't find billions --Gaps found in spending for reconstruction [Check Cheney's pockets.] (October 16, 2004) "About half of the roughly $5 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds disbursed by the US government in the first half of this year cannot be accounted for, according to an audit commissioned by the United Nations, which could not find records for numerous rebuilding projects and other payments."

Oil pipelines attacked --Saboteurs have bombed two oil pipelines transporting crude from north and eastern Iraq to Baghdad's Dura refinery.

Car explosion kills 16 Iraqi police --U.S. forces bomb Fallujah, detain al-Zarqawi aide --A car bomb exploded at a police station Saturday near a base in western Iraq used by U.S. Marines, killing 16 Iraqi policemen and wounding 40 other people, the U.S. military and Iraqi police said.

Hostage pleads for UK troops to leave --Margaret Hassan, the charity worker held hostage in Baghdad, was shown weeping and begging for British troops to leave Iraq on a video released on Arab television on Friday. The footage, broadcast by al-Jazeera, heightened fears that she was being held by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian terrorist whose group murdered Kenneth Bigley this month.

Part-Time Soldiers, Injured but Not Yet Home --Staff Sgt. Jeffrey A. Elliott returned to this country with a back injury after his unarmored truck hit a roadside bomb in Iraq. Yet 15 months later, he still has not made it home for good...

Tenet: CIA made errors --Although he emphasized that the Central Intelligence Agency boasts "tremendously talented men and women," former CIA Director George Tenet said it "did not live up to our expectations as professionals" regarding the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the search for nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq... Tenet called the war on Iraq "wrong" in a speech Wednesday night to 2,000 members of The Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan at Lake Michigan College's Mendel Center.

Pentagon official distorted intelligence, report says --As recently as January 2004, a top Defense Department official misrepresented to Congress the view of American intelligence agencies about the relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda, according to classified documents described in a new report by a Senate Democrat.

No Evidence of U.S. Election Terror Plot -Report --U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials say they have found no direct evidence of plans for an election-related terror attack after a five-week investigation, the Washington Post reported in its Saturday edition.

No Direct Evidence of Plot to Attack Around Elections --On Sept. 15, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III and John E. McLaughlin, then acting director of the CIA, brought a special note of concern to their daily briefing with George W. Bush... But five weeks after the effort began, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials say they have found no direct evidence of an election-related terrorist plot. Authorities also say that a key CIA source who had claimed knowledge of such plans has been discredited, casting doubt on one of the earliest pieces of evidence pointing to a possible attack.

After Terror, a Secret Rewriting of Military Law --In early November 2001, a small group of White House officials worked in great secrecy to devise a new system of justice for the new war they had declared on [of] terrorism. Determined to deal aggressively with the 'terrorists' they expected to capture, the officials bypassed the federal courts and their constitutional guarantees, giving the military the authority to detain foreign suspects indefinitely and prosecute them in tribunals not used since World War II. The plan was considered so sensitive that senior White House officials kept its final details hidden from Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, and the secretary of state, Colin L. Powell, officials said. It was so urgent, some of those involved said, that they hardly thought of consulting Congress. [Right, and we won't 'hardly think' of consulting officials when the second American Revolution begins...]

Man Who Says He Predicted Sept. 11 Attacks Arrested --A Michigan native, Delmart Vreeland, who claims to have predicted the events of Sept. 11, 2001, was arrested by authorities in Iowa on October 20, 2004.

Sinclair Sued By Filmmaker Over Use of Images --The filmmaker who produced a documentary that includes praise from Vietnam War comrades of John Kerry's valor and leadership is suing Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Kerry: Bush Allowed Bin Laden to Escape --Democratic Sen. John Kerry said Friday that Osama bin Laden would be in captivity or dead if Kerry had been president during the war against Afghanistan. Kerry accused George W. Bush of allowing bin Laden to escape by relying on Afghan warlords to try to hunt the al-Qaida chief down in the caves of Tora Bora in December 2001.

Edwards rallies crowd with anti-Bush barrage --Senator tells them he, Kerry can do better --U.S. Sen. John Edwards spoke for less than 30 minutes Friday night at Jacksonville's Metropolitan Park, but it was long enough for the Democratic vice presidential candidate to blast the Bush regime on everything from the economy, education and health care to gas prices, tax cuts and the war in Iraq -- and just about everything in between.

Students complain of false party swap --Scores of college students say they were tricked into changing their registration to the Republican Party when signing petitions. Dozens of college students who say they were tricked into registering as Republicans at University of South Florida's Tampa campus. It happened to hundreds of other students at college campuses in Tallahassee, Gainesville and Orlando. The prime suspect is a group hired by the National Republican Committee to register voters. About 4,000 students may have been improperly registered at the University of Florida, Florida A&M University and Florida State, officials say.

Rejected-voters ruling near --A Miami federal judge is expected to rule Monday on whether to dismiss a lawsuit that would allow more than 14,000 Floridians to vote in the upcoming election -- even though their registration applications were not completely filled out.

State Democrats challenge Hood's recount rule (FL) State Democrats filed a challenge Friday to Secretary of State [and GOP whore] Glenda Hood's emergency rule regarding how to conduct manual recounts on touch-screen voting machines. Hood issued the rule Oct. 15, more than a month after an administrative law judge threw out Hood's previous rule that exempted the 15 counties that use touch-screen machines from performing manual recounts in very close elections.

Jesse Ventura endorses Kerry --Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has officially endorsed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

St. Petersburg turns out to "Fire the Liar" --by Carol Schiffler --October 22, 2004 --St. Petersburg, FL "As with the Tampa protest back in August, the Bush motorcade drove right by us. Chants bounced back and forth across the street – I believe we were doing 'Bush lied, people died' as the Idiot Usurper drove past, although it could have been 'Fire the Liar!' Due to the size of the palatial homes surrounding us, the acoustics could not have been better."

Depleted Uranium Released During Canadian Plane Crash --Little-known use of DU in commercial jets exposed --by Christopher Bollyn "The recent crash of a Boeing 747 in Halifax, Canada, raises a number of questions about the use of depleted uranium (DU) in airplanes, public health concerns and the 9-11 attacks. When a Boeing 747 crashed and burned on takeoff at Halifax International Airport in Nova Scotia, Canada, on Oct. 14, an official accident investigator said the aircraft probably contained radioactive depleted uranium."

Vaccine contaminated: report --Almost 3 million doses of polio vaccine produced between 1956 and 1962 were contaminated by a monkey virus linked to a range of cancers, according to a newspaper report. The Sydney Morning Herald reports an investigation by The Age newspaper, which found that a federal government agency knowingly released the infected vaccine.

Infected vaccine put a generation 'at risk' -- federal government agency knowingly released polio vaccine contaminated with a monkey virus in the 1960s that has since been linked to cancers, including mesothelioma. An investigation by The Age found that at least four batches of vaccine - almost 3 million doses - were contaminated with the virus between 1956 and 1962. Two of those batches were released after testing positive to contamination. The other two had been released by the time tests were carried out. An unknown number of earlier batches were also almost certainly contaminated.

Monkey virus link to cancer --Australian researchers have found a link between the deadly mesothelioma lung disease and a monkey virus that contaminated polio vaccines. Professor Bruce Robinson, head of the University of Western Australia's school of medicine, examined samples of tumours from seven mesothelioma patients as well as testing other human mesothelioma cells kept in his laboratory.


Bush Signs $136B Corporate Tax Cut Bill --With no fanfare, Dictator Bush on Friday signed the most sweeping rewrite of corporate tax law in nearly two decades, showering $136 billion in new tax breaks on businesses, agribusiness ['farmers'] and other groups.

Iraq audit can't find billions --Gaps found in spending for reconstruction [Check Cheney's pockets.] (October 16, 2004) "About half of the roughly $5 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds disbursed by the US government in the first half of this year cannot be accounted for, according to an audit commissioned by the United Nations, which could not find records for numerous rebuilding projects and other payments."

Bush predicted no troop deaths: ally --George Bush has suffered an embarrassing rebellion from the ranks, with the founder of the conservative Christian Coalition saying George Bush had serenely assured him that, "Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties" in the invasion of Iraq.

Depleted Uranium: Observatory Laments Denial --According to the Italian Military Health Observatory a total of 109 Italian soldiers have died thus far due to exposure to depleted uranium. The observatory stressed the fact that 41 pct of active personnel casualties relate to disease. According to Domenico Leggiero at the Military Health Observatory, "The total of 109 casualties exceeds the total number of persons dying as a consequence of road accidents. Anyone denying the significance of such data is purely acting out of ill faith, and the truth is that our soldiers are dying out there due to a lack of adequate protection against depleted uranium".

Female soldiers eyed for combat --The Army is negotiating with civilian leaders about eliminating a women-in-combat ban so it can place mixed-sex support companies within warfighting units, starting with a division going to Iraq in January.

Two U.S. Soldiers to Stand Trial Over Iraq Jail Abuse --A U.S. military court in Baghdad on Friday ordered two more soldiers, including an alleged ringleader, to stand trial over the sexual and physical abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

Released documents provide new details on Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses --The US government released thousands of pages of documents related to prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan that include details on three deaths in custody at Abu Ghraib and the alleged molestation of a female inmate by soldiers.

Iraqi Children Warned to Avoid Soldiers --For the children of Baghdad, it's a cruel dilemma: Cooped up at home for fear of violence and kidnapping, they can't even go down the street for ice cream, and many are under strict orders to stay away from U.S. soldiers lest they get caught in the crossfire.

U.S.-Backed Iraq Government Losing Support - Survey --Support among Iraqis for the U.S.-appointed government in Baghdad has plunged since it was installed this summer, a U.S. survey released on Friday said. ['Losing' support? It never *had* support in the first place!!]

Iraq coalition vanishes from White House website --The "coalition of the willing [bribed]" in Iraq has vanished -- from the White House Internet site, at any rate. George W. Bush's list of about 50 countries that openly backed the March 2003 invasion to topple Saddam Hussein was once easily found by following a link from No more: A visit to the White House web site Friday found that the list has disappeared, and that the link that led to it -- "Who are the coalition members?" -- is gone as well [just like the 'coalition' itself].

Ashcroft Says U.S. Needs Canada's Help to Thwart 'Terror' --Attorney General John Ashcroft on Friday said the United States needs Canada's help to thwart 'terrorism' and to secure the vast border between the two countries. [Not to mention, make sure people fleeing the U.S. can't head for Canada when Dictator Bush brings back the draft.]

Secret police searches in the pipeline (Australia) NSW police will be vested with unprecedented "sneak and peak" powers to combat 'terrorism,' including warrants to search properties without telling the occupant they have done so.

Tom DeLay subpoenaed in civil lawsuit --House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been subpoenaed to testify in a Texas civil lawsuit about his role in using government resources to track down Democratic legislators who fled the state during last year's bitter redistricting dispute.

Republican Group Accused of Voter Fraud --Substitute teacher Adam Banse wanted a summer job with flexible hours, so he signed up to knock on doors in suburban Minneapolis and register people to vote. He quit after two hours. "They said if you bring back a bunch of Democratic cards, you'll be fired," Banse contends. "At that point, I said, `Whoa. Something's wrong here.'" He isn't alone. In several battleground states across the country, a consulting firm funded by the Republican National Committee has been accused of deceiving would-be voters and destroying Democratic voter registration cards. Arizona-based Sproul & Associates is under investigation in Oregon and Nevada over claims that canvassers hired by the company were instructed to register only Republicans and to get rid of registration forms completed by Democrats.

Republican TV ads in Kennedy-Wetterling race called libelous (MN) Congressional hopeful Patty Wetterling, the target of recent TV ads contesting her views, is asking Twin Cities TV stations to pull a Republican Party ad that her lawyer calls "false and libelous."

Nader asks U.S. Supreme Court to place him on Ohio ballot --'Independent' presidential candidate Ralph Nader on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to order his name placed on the Nov. 2 ballot in Ohio, saying state elections law violates constitutional free speech rights.

Nader asks Supreme Court to place him on Pennsylvania ballot --Ralph Nader asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to place him on the general election ballot in Pennsylvania, a battleground state expected to be critical in the outcome of the Nov. 2 presidential election.

Edwards: Bush, Cheney Manipulate Facts --Democratic Sen. John Edwards accused pResident Bush and Vice pResident Dick Cheney on Friday of manipulating facts and trying to frighten Americans in a desperate effort to win re-selection.

Bush TV Ad Uses Wolves to Attack Kerry --Dictator Bush's campaign suggests the country would be vulnerable to terrorists under a John Kerry presidency in a TV ad that shows prowling wolves in a forest and says "weakness attracts those who are waiting to do America harm."

Anti-Kerry Veterans Send Mail to 6 States --Vietnam veterans who oppose John Kerry's presidential campaign sent out 2.4 million pieces of mail in six battleground states over the past two weeks, restating their complaints against the Democratic candidate.

Clinton Seeks to Boost Turnout for Kerry --Bill Clinton's recovery from heart surgery may allow him to campaign for John Kerry in the election's closing days.

Gore to Stump for Kerry in Florida ----ABC News has learned that President Al Gore will campaign for Sen. John Kerry this weekend in Florida.

Bush Relatives for Kerry -- Because Blood is Thinner than Oil. Read why Bush's cousins are voting for Kerry, and why they think Bush is dangerous for the nation and dangerous for the world. This site ( is evidence that Bush's idiocy and arrogance are environmental and drug related ailments.

Bush relatives use website to show support for Kerry --6 second cousins protest policies --Six blood relatives of Dictator Bush who support John F. Kerry's bid for the presidency have launched a website to publicize their sharp disagreements with Bush's policies.

Kids pick Kerry to be the next president --Kid power! Democrat John Kerry is the winner, and the rest of the country should pay attention because the vote on Nickelodeon's Web site has correctly chosen the president of the United States in the past four elections.

Stocks Tumble As Oil Tops $55 Per Barrel --Worried investors sent stocks sharply lower as crude oil futures topped $55 per barrel and tepid earnings from Microsoft Corp. and the Coca-Cola Co. offset Google Inc.'s strong third-quarter report.

New Charges Filed Against Faux, O'Reilly --A Faux News Channel producer who filed a sex harassment lawsuit against talk show host Bill O'Reilly filed new accusations Tuesday, alleging she has lost her job because she complained to Fox about her alleged mistreatment.

Two men arrested for throwing pies at conservative 'columnist' Ann Coulter during speech --Two men ran onstage and threw custard pies at conservative columnist [Reichwing whore] Ann Coulter as she was giving a speech at the University of Arizona, hitting her in the shoulder, police said.

Red Sox fan dies in Boston after police shoot projectile into postgame crowd --A college student celebrating the Red Sox come-from-behind victory over the New York Yankees was killed after a police officer called in to control the rowdy crowd shot her in the eye with what was designed to be a non-lethal projectile.

US official says Kyoto Protocol not realistic for America --A senior US official said here on Friday that the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty on climate change, is not realistic for the United States. "We have no intention of signing or ratifying it," deputy spokesman of the State Department Adam Ereli told a regular news briefing.

Kyoto Protocol Clears Key Hurdle in Russia --Russia's lower house of parliament ratified the Kyoto Protocol on cutting greenhouse gases Friday, all but ensuring the sweeping environmental pact will go into effect after years of delays.


Foreign Observers See Problems in Election --Substantial threats to the integrity of the U.S. presidential election remain despite an improvement in election practices since 2000, an international delegation of election observers reported on Thursday.

Campaign 2004: Voter registration workers cry foul -- An ostensibly nonpartisan voter registration drive in Western Pennsylvania has triggered accusations that workers were cheated out of wages and given instructions to avoid adding anyone to the voter rolls who might support the Democratic presidential nominee. Sproul & Associates, a consulting firm based in Chandler, Ariz., hired to conduct the drive by the Republican National Committee, employed several hundred canvassers throughout the state to register new voters. Some workers yesterday said they were told to avoid registering Democrats or anyone who indicated support for Democratic nominee John F. Kerry. "We were told that if they wanted to register Democrat, there was no way we were to register them to vote," said Michele Tharp, of Meadville, who said she was sent out to canvass door-to-door and outside businesses in Meadville, Crawford County. "We were only to register Republicans."

Kerry in Pittsburgh --Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry stopped in Pittsburgh last night (October 20, 2004) as terror talk took center stage on the campaign trail. [Michael Rectenwald and I attended the Pittsburgh rally --we were only a few feet from the stage. Kerry could actually hear the comments Mike was yelling, such as "Imprison Bush!!" and "Put 'em behind bars, in a cell across from Saddam Hussein!" etc..!! Kerry responded to Mike's comments!!]

Mortar Rounds Explode in Mosul Near Allawi --Mortar rounds exploded near Prime Minister Ayad Allawi on Thursday as he visited this northern Iraq city, but there were no reported injuries in the attack.

Robertson: I warned Bush on Iraq casualties --Bush's response: 'We're not going to have any' --The founder of the U.S. Christian Coalition said Tuesday he told George W. Bush before the invasion of Iraq that he should prepare Americans for the likelihood of casualties, but the pResident told him, "We're not going to have any casualties."

Number of US Wounded in Iraq Tops 8,000 --The number of U.S. troops wounded in Iraq since military operations began in March 2003 has topped the 8,000 mark, according to figures released by the Pentagon on Tuesday.

Britain to Send 850 Troops Toward Baghdad --Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon announced today that 850 British troops currently deployed in southern Iraq would advance toward Baghdad to replace American fighting units that are expected to mount an assault on Iraqi insurgents west of the capital near Falluja.

British troops to support U.S. in Baghdad --Britain agreed Thursday to meet a U.S. request for British troops to be moved into volatile central Iraq, a proposal that has met strong opposition within the governing Labour Party.

300 Iraqi soldiers abandon unit in Samarra --At least 300 Iraqi soldiers abandoned their 750-man unit after they were deployed to Samarra earlier this month as part of a U.S.-Iraqi operation to retake the militant-controlled city.

Iraqi pipeline to Turkey set ablaze --Saboteurs blow up portion of oil pipeline linking northern oil fields to Turkey, pipeline near major refinery. --Saboteurs struck Iraq's oil industry twice on Tuesday, blowing up a portion of an oil pipeline linking northern oil fields to Turkey and a pipeline near a major refinery, the head of the Northern Oil Company (NOC) said.

Iraq oil recovery effort costing lives --Scores of Iraqi oil workers have been killed or maimed since last year's invasion after they defied death threats and remained in their posts, Oil Minister Thamir al-Ghadhban says.

Unit Commander in Iraq Relieved of Duty --The company commander of a U.S. Army Reserve unit whose soldiers refused to deliver fuel along a dangerous route in Iraq has been relieved of her duties, the U.S. military said Thursday.

US officer cleared of abusing Iraqi prisoner --Dereliction of duty and maltreatment charges against a US Marine officer charged over the abuse of an Iraqi prisoner who died have been dismissed. Major Michael Froeder, 38, a Marine reservist on active duty, was accused of failing to intervene and provide medical attention to a prisoner who was dragged by the neck last year at a detention facility known as Camp Whitehorse.

Soldier gets eight years for Abu Ghraib abuse --US Staff Sergeant Ivan Frederick has been sentenced to eight years in prison for sexually and physically abusing detainees at the Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad.

U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty to Iraqi Prisoner Abuse --A U.S. soldier pleaded guilty on Wednesday before a court martial to abusing prisoners in Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison, including forcing one to masturbate and photographing naked prisoners.

Holy, hypocrisy, Batman!! The imperialist, meddling dictatorship of the United States is telling *another* country to 'mind its own business!!' US warns Syria not to meddle in Lebanese politics --Washington says selection of new premier minister, government should be purely Lebanese process.The United States bluntly told Syria to stay out of the political crisis in Lebanon that came to a head on Wednesday with the resignation of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

US airman killed in Afghan crash --An American airman was killed when a helicopter crashed due to technical problems in western Afghanistan, US military officials said. The HH-60 helicopter came down in Herat province, close to the Iranian border, on Wednesday.

Terror-Proofing [?!?] America's Transit Lines --The nation's mass transit systems are playing catch-up in the war on terror. At the direction of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, agencies are setting up "transit watch" programs by urging passengers to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. In New York, the tagline is, "If you see something, say something."

Support shrinking for Bush's anti-terrorism policies: poll --Dictator George W. Bush's approval rating in the fight against [for] terrorism dropped below 50 percent this month for the first time since the September 11, 2001 attacks, according to a poll out.

FBI investigates holes punched in US Airways jets --FBI agents are investigating small puncture holes found on two US Airways jets. The holes are similar to damage discovered last week on an aircraft in Orlando.

Israelis, Palestinians at Odds Over U.S. Election --Opinion polls show that Israelis stand alone internationally in their rock-solid support for Bush, considering him the best ally the Jewish state has ever had in the White House.

Treasury secretary campaigns hard --Official [?!?] duties take Snow to battleground states, and almost nowhere else --U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow is making his 38th taxpayer-paid trip to a campaign battleground state Thursday when he visits Orlando, Fla.

Newspaper and Media Endorsements (

Former Republican Senator For Kerry --'Frightened to death' of Bush --by Marlow W. Cook "I shall cast my vote for John Kerry come Nov 2. I have been, and will continue to be, a Republican. But when we as a party send the wrong person to the White House, then it is our responsibility to send him home if our nation suffers as a result of his actions... I am not enamored with John Kerry, but I am frightened to death of George Bush. I fear a secret government. I abhor a government that refuses to supply the Congress with requested information. I am against a government that refuses to tell the country with whom the leaders of our country sat down and determined our energy policy, and to prove how much they want to keep that secret, they took it all the way to the Supreme Court." [A must read]

Wake up and smell the fascism --In "Fascism Anyone?," Dr. Lawrence Britt, a political scientist, identifies 14 characteristics common to fascist regimes. His comparisons of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Suharto, and Pinochet yielded this list of 14 "identifying characteristics of fascism." [For pamphlet in .pdf, click here.]

DeLay subpoenaed in Texas lawsuit --Congressman Tom DeLay has been subpoenaed in a lawsuit over the use of state police and federal agents to track runaway state lawmakers. The subpoena directs the Sugar Land Republican to appear Monday in Houston to give a deposition.

Kerry Looks to Avoid 2000 coup d'etat ['Gore Recount Errors'] --Sen. John Kerry, bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he's secured the presidency.

Illinois GOP Skips Keyes in Promotion --The Illinois Republican Party left U.S. Senate candidate [and Reichwing whackjob] Alan Keyes off a campaign mailer that touted "Your 2004 Republican Team," but both sides insist the omission was not a snub.

Vatican Says Anti-Kerry Lawyer Hoodwinked Them --A conservative U.S. lawyer's attempt to enlist the Vatican in his drive to declare Senator John Kerry a heretic over his abortion views backfired Wednesday when the Holy See said it had been hoodwinked. Marc Balestrieri, head of a conservative Catholic group called De Fide, has been pushing for the Church to rule that the Democratic presidential candidate has inflicted excommunication on himself because he supports a woman's right to an abortion.

Kerry Looks to Avoid Gore Recount Errors --Sen. John Kerry, bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he's secured the presidency.

Clinton to Campaign with Kerry in Pennsylvania --Former President Bill Clinton, who is recovering from heart bypass surgery, will campaign with Democratic Sen. John Kerry next week in the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Christopher Reeve's widow to campaign with John Kerry to promote science, research --Christopher Reeve's widow, Dana, plans to join Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry for a campaign speech about the importance of science, research and innovation.

US media group cuts anti-Kerry film as share price plummets --Reeling from protests and stock market pressure, a leading US conglomerate has dropped plans to show a documentary strongly critical of John Kerry's Vietnam War record just ahead of the November 2 presidential election.

Gore Says Bush Governs from 'Love of Power' --Dictator Bush governs from a "love of power" and right-wing ideology rather than religious beliefs, and he has yet to hold anyone in his regime accountable for mistakes, President Al Gore said on Monday.

Michael Moore Announces "Fahrenheit For Free" ( October 26 video stores across the nation to rent customers "Fahrenheit 9/11" free of charge --While on his 60 city "Slacker Uprising Tour," Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore is joining forces with video store operators in an effort to get as many Americans as possible to see the film before the election. Video stores across the country will be waiving the usual rental fee for "Fahrenheit 9/11," beginning on October 26. [Click here to download the "Fahrenheit for Free" sign for your storefront window. If you are not a video store owner, you can print the sign for your local video store and see if they are interested in getting involved.]

Wal-Mart Pulls 'Daily Show' Book --Wal-Mart canceled an order for a best-selling book by Jon Stewart and the writers of "The Daily Show" after executives learned that it contained a photo of nine naked, aged bodies, each with the superimposed head of a Supreme Court justice.

Excess Mercury Levels Increasing --Survey Shows Fifth of Women of Childbearing Age Are Affected --One-fifth of women of childbearing age have mercury levels in their hair that exceed federal health standards, according to interim results of a nationwide survey being conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Few Flu Vaccine Shortages in Europe --Ireland - like the United States - is struggling to find enough flu vaccine following the shutdown of a British factory, but other European countries mostly have no shortages, an Associated Press survey found Thursday.

Boston's blow out caps unequaled comeback --Believe it, New England -- the Boston Red Sox are in the World Series. They got there with the most unbelievable comeback of all, with four sweet swings after decades of defeat, shaming the New York Yankees, the Evil Empire to the south. [Michael Rectenwald and Lori Price cheered loudly during this one!! What a great day!!]


The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket --The agency is withholding a damning report that points at senior officials. --by Robert Scheer "It is shocking: The Bush administration is suppressing a CIA report on 9/11 until after the election, and this one names names. Although the report by the inspector general's office of the CIA was completed in June, it has not been made available to the congressional intelligence committees that mandated the study almost two years ago... According to the intelligence official, who spoke to me on condition of anonymity, release of the report, which represents an exhaustive 17-month investigation by an 11-member team within the agency, has been 'stalled.'"

Kerry left off some absentee ballots in Ohio --Some absentee ballots distributed to Hamilton County voters do not include the name of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, local election officials confirmed today. Because of [Rove trying to steal Ohio - remember coupmeister Ken Blackwell and the paper weight restrictions on the voter registration forms?] a printing error [Yeah, right!] -- limited, election officials believe, to only a few ballots in the Forest Park area -- absentee ballots recently mailed out exclude the Democratic presidential ticket of Kerry and his running mate, Sen. John Edwards. [*See also: Ohio Voter Purge --by Steven Monroe (July 16, 2004)] Solution? The Grand Refusal, by Michael Rectenwald

Bush dictatorship attempts to suppress voter turnout: U.S. Asks Judge to Drop Mich. Ballot Case --The inJustice Department asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Michigan Democrats that seeks to require the state to count provisional ballots cast by voters who go to the wrong polling precinct.

Problems reported with some Florida early ballots --With memories of the coup 2000 and its bitter fight over ballots still fresh, Floridians began casting votes Monday and within an hour, problems surfaced.

Cheney: "Terrorists [Cheney] May Bomb U.S. Cities." --Vice pResident Dick Cheney on Tuesday evoked the possibility of terrorists bombing U.S. cities with nuclear weapons and questioned whether Sen. John Kerry could combat such a threat, which the vice pResident called a concept "you've got to get your mind around.'' [The concept to 'get your mind around' is this: Cheney and Co. did business with these known enemies of state. He and his ilk SOLD all the materials that may be used against us. Cheney is the biggest terrorist threat in the nation! Get your mind around that one, DICK!]

Sinclair Fires Washington Bureau Chief --The Washington bureau chief for Sinclair Broadcast Group said he was fired Monday after he criticized the company's plans to produce a news program based on a documentary critical of John Kerry's Vietnam-era anti-war activities.


American AM (Tampa Bay, Florida) Monday, 10/18/2004 - Michael Rectenwald, Founder and Chair, Citizens for Legitimate Government - - discussed The Grand Refusal.

"If Halliburton made flu shots, there would be more flu shots here than oranges!!" --Senator Kerry in Florida, Oct. 18, 2004

General Reported Shortages In Iraq --Situation Is Improved, Top Army Officials Say--The top U.S. commander in Iraq complained to the Pentagon last winter that his supply situation was so poor that it threatened Army troops' ability to fight, according to an official document that has surfaced only now."

Crude Oil Prices Surge Past $55 Per Barrel --Crude oil prices surged past an unprecedented $55 per barrel Monday due to Bcorporate greed ['amid ongoing uncertainty over production, high demand and tight global supplies ahead of the Northern Hemisphere winter.']


Sinclair Says Won't Show Entire Anti-Kerry Film --Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., the nation's largest owner of TV stations, said on Tuesday it would only air part of a documentary critical of Sen. John Kerry's Vietnam war record, as critics demanded it cancel the broadcast altogether or face legal action.

Minn. Newspaper Suspends Two Reporters Tuesday --Two newspaper reporters who went to see the Boss perform at a political fund-raising concert got in trouble with their own boss. The St. Paul Pioneer Press suspended investigative reporters Chuck Laszewski and Rick Linsk for three days each after they attended the Oct. 5 "Vote for Change" concert by Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M. and other artists at Xcel Energy Center. The Newspaper Guild is contesting the unpaid suspensions.

Howard Schmidt to lead U.S. CERT (October 7, 2004) EBay's CSO takes a government advisory role amid the DHS shakeup --Howard Schmidt, chief security officer at eBay Inc. and a former White House cybersecurity adviser, has been named chairman of the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a public/private security monitoring organization based at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

A.C.L.U. Rejects Foundation Grants Over Terror Language --The American Civil Liberties Union has rejected $1.15 million from the Ford and Rockefeller foundations, saying their effort to ensure that none of their money inadvertently underwrites terrorism or other unacceptable activities is a threat to civil liberties.

Afghan Candidate Claims Fraud in Elections --The chief rival of interim President Hamid Karzai said he has evidence of organized fraud in Afghanistan's election and accused the U.N.-Afghan electoral commission on Monday of ignoring his complaints.

Corporate chiefs enjoy bumper year in 2003 -- American chief executives enjoyed a lucrative year in 2003, according to an annual survey by a private research group, the Conference Board.

Matt ready to put money where vote is --Hometown (Boston) hottie Matt Damon doesn't rest when it comes to politicking for his presidential pick John Kerry - even whilst in Germany! "I would pay $1 million to have Kerry in the White House,'' the actor said at the premiere of "The Bourne Supremacy'' in Berlin the other night.


"We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality." Without a Doubt --by Ron Suskind "In the summer of 2002, after I had written an article in Esquire that the White House didn't like about [George] Bush's former communications director, Karen Hughes, I had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush... The aide said that guys like me were 'in what we call the reality-based community,' which he defined as people who 'believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.' I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. 'That's not the way the world really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.'" [*See also, from March, 2003 Gulf War II: The New 'Real' --by Michael Rectenwald.]

"I'm going to be real positive, while I keep my foot on John Kerry's throat." Without a Doubt --by Ron Suskind "'I'm going to be real positive, while I keep my foot on John Kerry's throat,' George W. Bush said last month at a confidential luncheon a block away from the White House with a hundred or so of his most ardent, longtime supporters, the so-called R.N.C. Regents."

Britain Denies Using Troops to Boost Bush's Standing --The British government rejected accusations Sunday that it might reposition British troops to more dangerous areas in Iraq to boost George W. Bush's political position in the U.S. presidential election race.

Govt tried to kill Iraq dossier scribe: former BBC head --Mr Greg Dyke, former director general of the BBC, has claimed that the government "tried to kill" Mr Andrew Gilligan, the reporter who broke the story that British intelligence had "sexed up" a dossier on Iraq that sought to justify Britain’s support for US-led invasion of the country. "The government tried to kill him," claimed Mr Dyke about Mr Gilligan, who was forced out of his job at the BBC in the wake of the Hutton report that inquired into the death of scientist David Kelly, who was the main source for the broadcaster.

Mortar Hits Baghdad Stadium Just Before Prime Minister Visit --A mortar round hit a stadium in a Baghdad slum where Iraqis were handing over their weapons today, shortly before a visit to the site by Iraq's prime minister, Ayad Allawi. The weapons-for-cash exchange is intended to disarm the militiamen loyal to the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr who patrol the Sadr City neighborhood in northeast Baghdad.

Seven Reported Dead in Baghdad Bombing --A car bomb exploded late Sunday in Baghdad's Jadiriyah district, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said. Seven people were killed and about 20 were wounded, according to Al-Arabiya television.

Demand to give up Zarqawi as US pounds city --Falluja Families flee new offensive --US forces yesterday continued their ferocious assault on Falluja in a military offensive apparently designed to bring the city back under the control of Iraq's pro-US government.

Five churches bombed in Baghdad --Bombs exploded at five churches across Baghdad early Saturday, but no casualties were reported, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

GIs Who Refused Job Had Unarmored Trucks --The U.S. Army Reserve soldiers who refused orders to drive a dangerous route were members of one of a few supply units whose trucks are still unarmored, their commanding general said Sunday.

2 U.S. soldiers die in Baghdad helicopter crash --Two U.S. soldiers were killed and two wounded Saturday night as a pair of Army helicopters crashed in southwest Baghdad, the military said, bringing to at least six the number of American troops killed in Iraq since midday Friday.

New voters surge in 8 states --Registration flood could help swing a close election --Election officials in eight key battleground states report a surge of new voter registrations, leading many to predict a larger-than-expected turnout on Nov. 2 that could tip the balance in a tight presidential election.

Taliban may join Karzai's coalition (13th October, 2004) U.S. UNOCAL puppet, opium druglord ['Afghan President'] Hamid Karzai, plans to invite Taliban and other Afghan rebel groups to participate in parliamentary elections to be held in April 2005. Karzai supporters are in touch with Taliban leaders, who played an important but silent role in minimizing violence during the Oct. 9 presidential election, The News International of Pakistan reported Wednesday.

Broad Use Cited of Harsh Tactics at Base in Cuba --Many detainees at Guantánamo Bay were regularly subjected to harsh and coercive treatment, several people who worked in the prison said in recent interviews, despite longstanding assertions by military officials that such treatment had not occurred except in some isolated cases.

MI6 accused of using data gained by torture in Uzbek jails --Britain’s ambassador to Uzbekistan has accused MI6 of using information obtained by foreign governments through the use of torture, according to a leaked document published yesterday. Craig Murray said that information extracted from prisoners tortured in the central Asian republic’s jails was being passed on via the United States’ CIA to MI6, the secret intelligence service.

Until June, a Homeland Security official worked for a bank with links to nations backing terrorism --The chairman of the nation's Homeland Security Advisory Council was helping to guide America's security strategy at the same time he was a top executive with an international banking firm that was investigated and eventually fined more than $100 million for cash transfers to 'rogue' nations, including Iraq, Iran, Libya and Cuba, a Newsday investigation has found. [The United States (under the Bush dictatorship) is the rogue nation.]

Remember him? --by Ian Mather and Brian Brady "Somewhere in the mountains which straddle the 1,500-mile Pakistan-Afghan border is Osama bin Laden... That is one theory. The other is that, days before the US election, George Bush will make an announcement: 'Ladies and gentlemen, we got him!' ...The netting of Bin Laden would almost certainly hand the election to Bush."

Blasphemy law to be scrapped --Britain's ancient laws of blasphemy and blasphemous libel are likely to be repealed under proposals being considered by the home secretary, David Blunkett. But the secularists are also concerned that a section of the 2001 emergency anti-terrorism legislation comes close to creating an "all religions" blasphemy law, allowing judges to impose a sentence of up to seven years if an offence is found to be aggravated by motives of religious hatred.

London protest demands Iraq withdrawl --Tens of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of central London to protest against the Iraq war. As Prime Minister Tony Blair struggled to shake off fierce UK criticism of the invasion on Sunday, organisers said between 65,000 and 75,000 protesters had taken to the streets for the peaceful march.

Thousands of Anti-War Protesters March in London --Thousands of anti-war campaigners took to the streets of London Sunday calling for an end to the "illegal occupation" of Iraq by U.S-led occupation troops.

Anti-War March Today Expects 50,000 Turnout --The brother of murdered hostage Ken Bigley has urged people to turn out in force today for an anti-war march. The Stop The War Coalition hopes that up to 50,000 people will attend the event in London to demand the withdrawal of all troops from Iraq.

Hundreds rally in D.C. against Bush --Hundreds of workers gathered at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday to demand health care, better wages, guaranteed Social Security benefits and an end to the war in Iraq.

Police fire pepper balls at protesters (OR) Last night’s peaceful protest in Jacksonville became ugly when protesters refused to move and law enforcement used pepper balls on the crowd. Hundreds were gathered outside of the Jacksonville Inn where Bush was staying, mostly to cheer as he left for his rally in Central Point. The supporters were eventually replaced by protesters, many of them Ashlanders who had planning a peaceful "Unwelcome Bush," event.

Poll reveals world anger at Bush --Eight out of 10 countries favour Kerry for president --George Bush has squandered a wealth of sympathy around the world towards America since September 11 with public opinion in 10 leading countries - including some of its closest allies - growing more hostile to the United States while he has been in office. According to a survey, voters in eight out of the 10 countries, including Britain, want to see the Democrat challenger, John Kerry, defeat Dictator Bush in next month's US presidential election.

John Kerry for President (The New York Times) "Senator John Kerry goes toward the election with a base that is built more on opposition to George W. Bush than loyalty to his own candidacy. But over the last year we have come to know Mr. Kerry as more than just an alternative to the status quo. We like what we've seen. He has qualities that could be the basis for a great chief executive, not just a modest improvement on the incumbent. We have been impressed with Mr. Kerry's wide knowledge and clear thinking - something that became more apparent once he was reined in by that two-minute debate light. He is blessedly willing to re-evaluate decisions when conditions change. And while Mr. Kerry's service in Vietnam was first over-promoted and then over-pilloried, his entire life has been devoted to public service, from the war to a series of elected offices. He strikes us, above all, as a man with a strong moral core."

Kerry for President (The Boston Globe) "...These three examples highlight John Kerry's core strengths: an ability to see complex problems in new, often prescient, ways and a willingness to seek collaborative solutions. Far from being wavering or indecisive, Kerry's worldview has been steadfastly informed by these values for as long as we on this page have known him. In complex and dangerous times, the United States needs a leader who can bring together people and ideas. For these reasons, the Globe endorses John F. Kerry for president and John Edwards for vice president in the critical election Nov. 2."

Kerry Will Restore American Dignity -- 2004 Iconoclast Presidential Endorsement (Crawford, TX's The Lone Star Iconoclast) "The publishers of The Iconoclast endorsed Bush four years ago, based on the things he promised, not on this smoke-screened agenda. Today, we are endorsing his opponent, John Kerry, based not only on the things that Bush has delivered, but also on the vision of a return to normality that Kerry says our country needs. Four items trouble us the most about the Bush administration: his initiatives to disable the Social Security system, the deteriorating state of the American economy, a dangerous shift away from the basic freedoms established by our founding fathers, and his continuous mistakes regarding terrorism and Iraq."

Aftermath of Last Week's Editorial Endorsement --by W. Leon Smith, editor and publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast "The Iconoclast received considerable criticism this past week after its editors endorsed John Kerry for President... We have been told by several avid Bush supporters that the days when newspapers publish editorials without personal repercussions are over. As publishers, we have printed editorials for decades, and have endorsed candidates, both Republican and Democrat. When Bush was endorsed four years ago, the Gore supporters did not respond with threats, nor did Democrats when we endorsed Reagan twice. Republicans did not threaten us personally or our business when we endorsed Carter and Clinton for their first terms... Unfortunately, for the Iconoclast and its publishers there have been threats — big ones including physical harm... We consider this improper in a democracy."

A Faustian Bargain and The Day Liberty Perished --by Wilson Ray "If George W. Bush manages to fool enough of the people or steal enough votes for reelection on Nov. 2, 2004, we will remember that day, not Sept. 11, 2001, as the day liberty American-style perished from the earth. And if that happens, it is perfectly appropriate to blame the chief architect of this house of cards called the Bush administration: Karl Rove."

Election to Be Scrutinized for Irregularities --Along with computer experts to monitor the equipment, thousands of observers will be on hand to detail incidents that could affect votes. Mounting concerns about voter registration foul-ups, election machine defects and other problems that might undermine the presidential election have spurred dozens of organizations to plan extraordinary efforts to scrutinize the polls on Nov. 2.

Edwards warns Floridians of GOP 'tricks' --Sen. John Edwards, visiting the state that narrowly put pResident Bush in the White House in 2000 after a coup d'etat ['disputed recount and voting irregularities,'] issued a warning Saturday to Floridians about Republicans. "We know they're going to be up to their old tricks, right, trying to keep people from voting," Edwards told supporters gathered at a community block party. "We're going to make sure that people get to vote. We're going to make sure those votes count, and here in Florida, democracy is going to decide who the next president of the United States is going to be."

Florida Sets Touch-Screen Recounts Rule --The state set a court-ordered rule for recounting touch-screen ballots in close elections Friday, but voter-rights groups complained the changes fell far short of what is needed to ensure a fair vote.

Paper: Jeb Bush Ignored Felon List Advice --Florida Gov. Jeb Bush ignored advice to throw out a flawed felon voter list before it went out to county election offices despite warnings from state officials, according to a published report Saturday. In a May 4 e-mail obtained by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida Department of Law Enforcement computer expert Jeff Long told his boss that a Department of State computer expert had told him "that yesterday they recommended to the Gov that they 'pull the plug'" on the voter database. The e-mail said state election officials "weren't comfortable with the felon matching program they've got," but added, "The Gov rejected their suggestion to pull the plug, so they're 'going live' with it this weekend."

Bush urged to 'pull the plug' on voter purge --Several days before the state's felon voter list was sent to county elections offices across Florida, state officials expressed doubts about its reliability. The doubts were serious enough that Gov. Jeb Bush was advised to "pull the plug" on the entire project, according to an e-mail written by a state computer expert and obtained by the Herald-Tribune. Bush refused the request, the e-mail said, and told the Department of State to proceed with the purge of nearly 48,000 voters. Bush said Friday that he was never warned about any problems before the list was released. But his denial contradicts a May 4, 2004, e-mail in which Florida Department of Law Enforcement computer expert Jeff Long describes how election officials told Bush the list needed to be abandoned.

'Arming the left'/Florida National Guard --by Robert E. Reynolds "Regarding the call up of the Florida National Guard and what the implications might be: If a de facto dictatorship is imposed (one can argue it was in 2000), then it becomes a question of taking to the streets and if necessary 'nurturing the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots'."

Jeb Bush Rules Out 2008 White House Run --Gov. Jeb Bush said Sunday he will not run for president in 2008 and defended his brother from critics who say the pResident refuses to acknowledge his mistakes. [Hopefully, in 2008, Jeb Bush will be sitting in a prison cell for his role in the coup(s) in 2000 (and 2004?).]

Australian election: an omen for America? Howard won by razor thin margins, yet increased majority amid vote fraud charges --by Wayne Madsen "Labor leader Mark Latham was upbeat when he went to the polls to vote on Election Day. Latham had every reason to be elated. The nationally respected Morgan Poll predicted a Labor win. Even Murdoch's paper, The Australian, rated the election a toss-up. ...[A]s the election returns began to come in, something was wrong—very wrong. Howard's coalition was edging out Labor candidates by the slimmest of margins. ...[V]oter fraud is rampant. This environment is made-to-order for political tricksters like Karl Rove and his Christian Coalition buddy Ralph Reed, both of whom have fellow travelers and political colleagues among Australia's right-wing and Christian fundamentalist communities."

Edwards, party leaders promote early voting (NC) The eldest daughter of Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, Cate Edwards, arrived at the Pitt County Democratic Headquarters on Wednesday afternoon about five minutes earlier and was waiting to be introduced... The 22-year-old Princeton University graduate thanked Pitt County's Democratic campaign volunteers and touted the merits of the state's early voting program, which begins today. She planned to vote today and urged young people, especially, to take advantage of the early schedule.

US to use federal pension to fight debt --George Bush's regime has weathered a pre-election mauling by announcing emergency measures to skirt a $7.38-trillion debt limit. Treasury Secretary John Snow said he would use pension money to keep the government running. In a letter to US Senate majority leader Bill Frist on Thursday, Snow said he was immediately suspending payments to a federal employees' retirement scheme, the Government Securities Investment Fund (G-Fund).

Federal Reserve Study Says Bush Used the Wrong Employment Figures --A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco says the Bush regime used the wrong figures in trying to show that the economy was recovering from the recession. The Bush regime has focused on the government's survey of household employment in an attempt to make the jobless figures look better instead of the Labor Department's payroll survey, which are used by economists.

N.J. lawmaker presses Army on deadly VX (October 7, 2004) Tests of disposal process for the nerve agent have not been made public yet --A south New Jersey congressman Wednesday demanded that the Army release all results from recent laboratory trials for a chemical weapon disposal project that would ship wastes to a treatment plant at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Rep. Rob Andrews, D-N.J., said the Army Chemical Materials Agency had declined to release interim results from tests of a plan designed to neutralize a 1,269-ton stockpile of deadly VX nerve agent stored in Newport, Ind.

U.S. to Quit Inspecting Tobacco --Bill Passed by Congress Ends Inspections of Tobacco to Make Sure It's Not Laced With Chemicals --Legislation just passed by Congress abolishes the requirement that the government inspect imported tobacco to ensure it is not laced with chemicals and pesticides banned in the United States but permitted elsewhere. That means imported leaf, which U.S. tobacco companies are increasingly relying on, could make cigarettes even more harmful, said Tom Glynn, director of science and trends for the American Cancer Society.


Letters to CLG from Freepers --updated!! Tennessee state senator tells me I should be 'arrested for sending lying this smut out on the Internet!'

Bush Lawyer Anticipates Delay in Tally [Translation for the Washington Post: Bush Lawyer Acclimating Public to Second Coup d'Etat] --Dictator Bush's top campaign lawyer said yesterday that the winner of next month's presidential vote may not be known for "days or weeks" after Election Day if the contest is close. [Oh, but we will not wait 'days or weeks' to respond to the second coup d'etat, which is on its way, as sure as night follows day. This Washington Post gem, dumped on us early Saturday morning during a low news cycle (as it has been for the last four years, when the Bush dictatorship had bad environmental news to announce) is coded instructions for the public to be 'patient' while the Bush terror team's lawyers (even thought we all know how much the lords of hypocrisy - the Republicans - claim to hate 'trial lawyers'), spinmeisters, and coupmeisters acclimate the public toward *accepting* a second coup d'etat. While Faux News spins, we will be carrying out The Grand Refusal, and navigating our way toward restoring democracy in America. --Lori Price]

Just in time to quell riots after the 2004 'election': Florida National Guard troops may return to airport duty [for no apparent reason] --Florida National Guard troops who patrolled airports after the 2001 terrorist attacks may return to the terminals soon. Florida Guard officials are drafting plans to dispatch "at least a couple of hundred" troops to airports across the state, spokesman Lt. Col. Ron Tittle said Thursday. Officials said there was no specific threat to Florida and it was unclear when, or whether, the troops would be ordered to the airports. Tittle said the planning was prompted by a "warning order" received earlier this week from U.S. Northern Command in Colorado, which is responsible for the military's homeland-defense operations. Homeland security officials have heightened preparations around the country because of concerns that terrorists [such as Karl Rove] might try to disrupt the Nov. 2 election.

Oregon Police Fire on Crowd of Protesters --Police in riot gear fired paintballs filled with cayenne pepper Thursday night to disperse a crowd of protesters assembled in this historic gold mining town where Dictator Bush was spending the night after a campaign appearance. [Solution: Arming the Left: Is the time now? --by Charles Southwell "As long as we pose no REAL threat to the powers-that-be, to what is shaping up into a dictatorship, we will continue to be ignored. Right now, we are ignored because we present no organized power to fight this onslaught of anti-democratic, totalitarian government that we are up against... "]

Medford teachers thrown out of Bush rally (OR) Three Medford school teachers were threatened with arrest and thrown out of the Dictator Bush rally at the Jackson County Fairgrounds Thursday night, after they showed up wearing T-shirts with the slogan "Protect our civil liberties."

Another Election Day with no result? --Despite all the vows of "never again" after the Florida fiasco of 2000, the scary scenarios for Election Day 2004 seem only to have increased: a tie vote in the Electoral College; a terrorist strike [by Karl Rove] on Election Day; a disputed outcome in a critical state.

Worries Persist Over U.S. Electronic Voting --Computer scientists have highlighted security holes in a series of well-publicized reports over the past two years, and blank screens, misconfigured ballots and other technical glitches have marred elections across the country. Without a paper trail to verify ballots, officials cannot determine why, for example, 134 voters in Florida's Broward County showed up to the polls but left their ballots blank in a January election, critics say.

GOP AZ Chair Sues Accuser --GOP coupmeister Sproul says employee ripped up Democratic registration forms, himself!! --A Valley-based political consulting company filed a defamation lawsuit Friday against a Nevada man who accused employees of throwing away Democrats' voter registration cards. A lawyer for Nathan Sproul, company owner and former chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, claimed that Eric Russell, who worked for the firm in Clark County, Nev., may have ripped up the voter forms himself. According to the seven-page lawsuit filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, Russell was fired for falsifying his time cards and being verbally abusive toward a supervisor at Sproul & Associates Inc.

Nevada judge declines to reopen voter registration in Vegas area --A state judge refused Friday to reopen registration for Clark County residents whose voter applications might have been destroyed by a Republican-funded group.

Workers who left in ballot flap join Bush --Larry Russell, 3 others move to Ohio campaign --South Dakota campaign official who resigned after questions arose over absentee-ballot applications will work in Ohio for the Bush-Cheney campaign, an internal Republican Party memo indicates. Larry Russell, who was chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party's [lie-to]-get-out-the-vote operation, resigned this week after questions were raised about the validity of some of the 1,400 absentee-ballot applications gathered, largely on college campuses, by the program Russell led.

GOP worker who resigned [in ballot flap] takes position with Bush campaign (SD) - Larry Russell, who left the state Republican Party's get-out-the-vote operation when questions came up about absentee ballot applications, has joined the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio. According to an internal Republican Party memo obtained by the Argus Leader, three other GOP workers who resigned also will be involved in the Ohio campaign.

World wants Bush out: Kerry --Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry today proclaimed that the world wants Dictator George W. Bush out of the White House and the return of the US "they know and love". In a new swipe at Republican Bush's muscular foreign policy, Mr Kerry renewed his pledge to return the US to the internationalism that marked its foreign policy for the second half of the 20th century.

Moore's Pre-Election TV Special Nixed --The cable pay-per-view company iN DEMAND has backed away from a plan to show a three-hour election eve special with filmmaker Michael Moore that included the first television showing of his documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11." The company said Friday it would not air "The Michael Moore Pre-Election Special" due to "legitimate business and legal concerns." A spokesman would not elaborate. [Looks like Karl "Goebbels" Rove got to them...]

Kerry Campaign Seeks Equal Time Over Film --Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign, contending that Sinclair Broadcast Group wants to help Dictator Bush by airing an anti-Kerry documentary two weeks before the election, asked on Friday that each station carrying the program provide a similar amount of time to Kerry supporters.
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Secret papers warned Blair war on Iraq was 'illegal' --Secret government documents show that Tony Blair was warned by his own advisers a year before going to war that there was no growing threat from Saddam Hussein and that invading Iraq would be illegal. Confidential papers, including a secret memo from Jack Straw to the prime minister, say that Iraq had not "stepped up" its weapons programmes and that invading Iraq would be "legally very difficult". They advised that the threat from Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programme should be emphasised to help make the legal case for war even though intelligence showed "the pace of Saddam Hussein's WMD programme" had not speeded up.

Edwards' flight aborted because of indicator light -- Democrat John Edwards' takeoff was aborted Friday while the plane was on a runway because of an indicator light on the aircraft. "They ran into a little problem with something on the airplane," Burke Lakefront Airport commissioner Khalid Bahhur said. "There was an indicator light that came on." [If they 'Wellstone' or 'Carnahan' Edwards, they may have the second American Revolution dumped on their doorstep.]

Rove Testifies Before Grand Jury in CIA Leak Probe --Dictator Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove, testified Friday before a federal grand jury trying to determine who leaked the name of an undercover CIA officer.

Platoon defies orders in Iraq --Miss. soldier calls home, cites safety concerns --A 17-member Army Reserve platoon with troops from Jackson and around the Southeast deployed to Iraq is under arrest for refusing a "suicide mission" to deliver fuel, the troops' relatives said Thursday. The soldiers refused an order on Wednesday to go to Taji, Iraq - north of Baghdad - because their vehicles were considered "deadlined" or extremely unsafe, said Patricia McCook of Jackson, wife of Sgt. Larry O. McCook. [Note: original link to Clarion Ledger provided above, but periodically 'service unavailable' emerges. Here is the New York Times version.]

Military probing whether unit in Iraq refused dangerous mission --Relatives of soldiers who refused to deliver supplies in Iraq say the troops considered the mission too dangerous, in part because their vehicles were in poor shape. ['Vehicles were in poor shape?' It was a suicide mission!]

"Major screw-up": Boot-camp virus runs rampant --More than three decades ago, the Pentagon created two pills to ward off a lethal virus infecting boot-camp recruits. But defense officials abandoned the program in 1996 as too expensive. Now recruits are dying, thousands are falling ill, and the military is desperately racing to bring back a vaccine it once owned. A top Pentagon official called it "a major screw-up," hobbling U.S. efforts to rapidly deploy troops abroad.

Car bomb explodes in Baghdad, killing 10 --A car loaded with 300 pounds of explosives blew up Friday near a police station in southwest Baghdad, killing 10 Iraqi civilians and wounding four others, the U.S. military said.

US asks Britain to deploy troops in more parts of Iraq: TV --The United States wants Britain to deploy troops in more volatile parts of Iraq, as a new offensive on insurgent-held Fallujah looms, reports from Britain said.

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan --A bomb attack in southern Afghanistan killed two American soldiers and wounded three others, the U.S. military said Saturday.

Bush Considering Tougher Syria Sanctions-Officials --The Bush regime is considering tightening U.S. economic sanctions on Syria to put pressure on Damascus to pull its troops out of Lebanon and crack down on terrorism, regime officials said on Friday.

State Department Designates al-Zarqawi Group a Terrorist Organization --The State Department has designated Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's militant group a terrorist organization. The move imposes restrictions on Tawhid and Jihad, including freezing assets in U.S. banks and banning travel of members to the U.S.

Kerry: Potential great for return of draft --There is "a great potential" for a military draft in the United States should Dictator Bush win re-selection in November, Democratic challenger John Kerry said Thursday during an interview with The Des Moines Register.

Holy Reichwing dictatorship, Batman!! RNC Chair Issues 'cease and desist' letter on draft discussion (from Josh Marshall's 'Talking Points Memo') "This week RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie sent the group [Rock The Vote] a 'cease and desist' letter threatening legal action against the group and raising the possibility of seeking the revocation of the group's status as a tax-exempt 501c3 organization if the group did not cease discussing the draft issue. Claims that a draft is possible, Gillespie argued, are so ridiculous on their face that the group could only be acting from 'malicious intent and a reckless disregard for the truth.' (Those, of course, are catchphrases laying the groundwork for legal action.)"

Promotion on the way for US head of Abu Ghraib jail --As US officials in Iraq were counting the cost of the devastating suicide attack in Baghdad's green zone, Defence Department insiders in Washington said that the Pentagon is angling to promote Lieutenant-General Ricardo Sanchez, who ran prisons in Iraq at the time of the abuses in Abu Ghraib jail. Senior Pentagon officials, including the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, have told colleagues they are determined to pin a fourth star on General Sanchez.

Wanted: Former Bolivian President Is Called to Justice --by Al Giordano "A year ago, on October 17, the then-president of Bolivia, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada (a.k.a. "Goni") resigned and fled his country for Miami, after a storm of public protests against his deals to sell Bolivian gas to foreign companies and an even greater torment after Goni's troops massacred Bolivian civilians who had protested against the gas deals. Last night, at 12:30 a.m., 126 members of the Bolivian Congress (out of 140, making the vote against Goni a crushing 90 percent on the second roll call) voted that Goni and members of his cabinet can now be subjected to trial as civilians for their alleged roles in the deaths of more than 80 civilian protestors during what is known throughout Bolivia as the "Black October" of 2003. The gauntlet was thus thrown down to the Bush administration in Washington, which, according to U.S. Ambassador David Greenlee responding to Bolivian journalists last night, has allowed the former president, Goni, to remain legally in the United States for the past year..."

New Halliburton contracts awarded: U.S. Building New Prisons for 'Terrorists' --Construction of Guantanamo jails signals long-term plans for base --GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba -- The government is building for the long haul in the war on [of] terror. The Defense Department plans to construct a permanent medium-security prison facility here as part of an effort to transform the U.S. naval base from a makeshift detention camp to a state-of-the-art penitentiary for terrorist agents the government considers too dangerous to set free. The 200-bed compound, known as Camp Six, is expected to cost $24 million and will be the base's second permanent prison structure. Camp Six will be built by Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root as part of a $500 million Pentagon contract for 'emergency construction' worldwide.

Security Gaps Seen Making Ships, Ports Vulnerable --Ports and ships present vulnerable, high-profile targets for militants who can exploit gaping security loopholes to inflict massive economic damage and civilian casualties, maritime experts said on Thursday.

The making of the terror myth --Since September 11 Britain has been warned of the 'inevitability' of catastrophic terrorist attack. But has the danger been exaggerated? A major new TV documentary claims that the perceived threat is a politically driven fantasy - and al-Qaida a dark illusion. Andy Beckett reports. "Since the attacks on the United States in September 2001, there have been more than a thousand references in British national newspapers, working out at almost one every single day, to the phrase 'dirty bomb'. ...During the three years in which the 'war on terror' has been waged, high-profile challenges to its assumptions have been rare. The sheer number of incidents and warnings connected or attributed to the war has left little room, it seems, for heretical thoughts."

2004 Deficit Hits Record $214 Billion --The federal deficit surged to a record $413 billion in 2004, the Treasury Department announced Thursday, injecting the figure into a presidential campaign in which the two parties have clashed over Dictator Bush's management of the economy and the budget.

Study sees 406,000 U.S. jobs shifted overseas in 2004 --Outsourcing of U.S. jobs to China, Mexico and other low-wage economies continues at an accelerating pace, according to a new study released by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Worldwide Report Says Amphibians Are in Peril --Ecological Stresses May Be Taking Toll --Amphibians are experiencing a precipitous decline across the globe, according to the first comprehensive world survey of the creatures, which include frogs, toads and salamanders. As many as 122 species have disappeared since 1980, and 1,900 are in danger of becoming extinct [thanks to international terrorist George W. Bush refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol]. The rapid drop -- the equivalent of tens of thousands of years' worth of extinctions in just a century -- is being caused by a range of factors that include deforestation, pollution, habitat loss and climate change, researchers said.

British Flu Vaccine Is Unusable, FDA Says --Factory Inspection Finds None Is Safe --A last-ditch U.S. inspection of a British vaccine factory that officials hoped might salvage millions of desperately needed flu shots concluded yesterday that none can be used safely, dashing lingering hopes of averting an influenza inoculation crisis as the winter approaches.

D.C. Plans Flu-Shot Crackdown --Only High-Risk People to Get Doses Under Emergency Order --Flu shots will be prohibited for anyone not in a high-risk priority group under an emergency rule the District's acting health director plans to issue today for physicians, hospitals and other health care providers.


Kerry guns down Bush with zinger --The face-off in Tempe, Arizona, produced the best one-liner of the debates when Democrat challenger John Kerry defended his economic credentials. Trying to paint the Massachusetts senator as a big-spending, high-taxing liberal, George W. Bush said there was a "mainstream in American politics and you sit right on the left bank". But Senator Kerry returned fire with a genuine zinger: "Being lectured by the President on fiscal responsibility is a little bit like Tony Soprano talking to me about law and order." [Awesome!!]

World wants Kerry to beat Bush --The US Dictator, George Bush, is encountering growing international hostility to his campaign for a second term in the White House. A remarkable collaborative polling exercise, undertaken by leading newspapers in 10 countries across the globe, has highlighted strong opposition to the Bush re-selection campaign. [Yes, Bush the uniter... uniting the world in hatred of his illegitimate dictatorship.]

Anti-American mood grips UK --There is a growing strain of hostility towards the US among British voters, fuelled by a strong personal antipathy towards George Bush. The mood of hostility is so strong that the British would back Senator John Kerry against Mr Bush by a margin of more than two to one if they had a vote in next month's presidential election. More than 60 per cent of British voters say they do not like Mr Bush, a hostility which peaks at 77 per cent among the under-25s.

U.S., Iraqi forces establish checkpoints in Falluja Suicide bombers kill five in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone --As part of new security operations around Falluja, Iraqi special forces and U.S. Marines have set up vehicle checkpoints in and around the volatile city, a U.S. military statement said Friday.

U.S. Marines Launch Attacks in Fallujah --U.S. Marines launched air and ground attacks Thursday on the insurgent bastion Fallujah after city representatives suspended peace talks with the government over Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's demand to hand over terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. [Abu Musab al-Zarqawi died in early March, 2004. Hence, U.S. terrorists have an 'excuse' to keep right on bombing Falluja, as Zarqawi can never be 'handed over.' See: "Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead," March 4, 2004 (MSNBC). See: "Iraq bombing mastermind 'killed by US bombs'," March 4, 2004 (Times Online).]

Insurgents strike at heart of America's power in Baghdad --Bombers in Baghdad took the war to the very heart of US power in Iraq yesterday when two blasts inside the supposedly impregnable Green Zone killed 10 people, four of them Americans, and injured 20.

2 Bombers Kill 5 in Guarded Area in Baghdad -- Insurgents penetrated the heavily guarded governmental compound in Baghdad on Thursday, setting off a pair of bombs within minutes of each other in the Green Zone and killing 5 people, including at least 3 Americans, and wounding 20 others.

Blasts Kill Five in Baghdad's Green Zone --Insurgents penetrated Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone and set off bombs at a market and a popular cafe Thursday, killing five people, including three Americans, the U.S. military said, in a bold attack on the compound housing the U.S. and Iraqi government headquarters.

Halliburton's Interests Assisted by White House --The Bush regime has lent support to a lucrative drilling technique. Some in the EPA consider it an environmental concern. --Over the last four years, the Bush dictatorship and Vice pResident Dick Cheney's office have backed a series of measures favoring a drilling technique developed by Halliburton Co., Cheney's former employer... Since he took office [literally, *took* office] in January 2001, Cheney has received $398,548 in deferred compensation, and he will continue to receive annual payments through 2005. He also has 433,333 options to purchase Halliburton stock, according to financial disclosure records filed in May 2004.

Army pathologist apologizes in abuse case --Medical evidence could be barred from the court-martial of a Marine major accused of abusing an Iraqi prisoner because military pathologists misplaced body parts, a military judge said Thursday. Earlier Thursday, an Army pathologist apologized for misplacing body parts taken from Hatab. "I should have paid closer attention ... instead of relying on what turned out to be a miscommunication with my assistant," Col. Kathleen Ingwersen said during the hearing at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. Perhaps the central piece of evidence — a broken bone Ingwersen noted in the throat of the Iraqi prisoner — remains missing. The broken bone supports the pathologist's finding that Hatab was strangled, but Ingwersen said she has no idea where it is. She said medication she took for an allergic reaction to sand fly bites during her trip to Iraq may have affected her memory.

28 U.S. Troops Implicated in Afghan Abuse --U.S. Army investigators have recommended that the service consider charges ranging from manslaughter to conspiracy against 28 soldiers in the deaths of two prisoners in Afghanistan in 2002, the Army said on Thursday.

Chemicals Sickened '91 Gulf War Veterans, Latest Study Finds --A federal panel of medical experts studying illnesses among veterans of the 1991 war in the Persian Gulf has broken with several earlier studies and concluded that many suffer from neurological damage caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, rejecting past findings that the ailments resulted mostly from wartime stress.

CIA's ghost prisoners tracked down to Jordan jail --Claims that top Islamist 'terrorists' captured by the US are being held in an ultra-secret "ghost" prison in Jordan run by the CIA appears to answer one of the mysteries of the "war on terrorism". ...An article in the Israeli daily Haaretz this week says the base is beyond the reach of the US courts, which is likely to be one of its main attractions...

Names of the Detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba --The Pentagon has declined to identify the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, most of whom were captured in Afghanistan during and after the 2001 war there. Below is the largest list of names made public thus far, encompassing: 367 men whose identities have appeared in media reports, on Arabic Web sites and in legal documents.

Judge tells Blunkett to relax restrictions on terror suspect --The Home Secretary, David Blunkett, was ordered by a judge yesterday to lift restrictions on the rights of access and movement of a foreign terror suspect held in prison and under house arrest for nearly three years without charge.

Time Reporter Again Held in Contempt in Leak Case -- federal district judge held a Time magazine White House correspondent in contempt of court on Wednesday, threatening him with up to 18 months in jail if he refused to testify before a grand jury investigating the disclosure of an intelligence officer's identity.

FBI shuts down 20 antiwar web sites: an unprecedented act of Internet censorship (WSWS) "The US government move to shut down nearly two dozen antiwar, anti-globalization web sites on October 7 is an unprecedented exercise of police power against political dissent on the Internet. The World Socialist Web Site denounces the attack on the Indymedia sites and demands a halt to all such attempts at suppressing political criticism of the US government."

US unprepared to handle election fraud: Congress --The US government is ill-prepared to address allegations of voting fraud should they arise during next month's presidential and legislative elections, a congressional report by the Government Accountability Office (Congress's independent investigative arm) concluded.

G.O.P. Convention Cost $154 Million --The four-day Repugnant Nazi Carnival cost more than $154 million to stage, with the New York City Host Committee raising $84 million in cash and other contributions, making the 19 hours of speeches and two years of planning by far the most expensive such event in the nation's history.

FCC won't prevent airing of anti-Kerry film, Powell says --The FCC won't intervene to stop a broadcast company's plans to air a critical documentary about John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War activities on dozens of TV stations, the agency's Reichwing chairman said Thursday.

Kerry's comment draws fire from Cheney, wife Senator spoke of VP's gay daughter --Republicans expressed outrage at Kerry's mention of Mary Cheney. ''I did have a chance to assess John Kerry once more," said hypocritical whackjob Lynne Cheney, the vice pResident's wife, at a post-debate rally in Coraopolis, Pa. ''This is not a good man. And of course, I am speaking as a mom and a pretty indignant mom. This is not a good man -- what a cheap and tawdry political trick."

Cheney: 'Sisters' Gets Outed (April 5, 2004 issue, Newsweek) In 1981, long before her husband was [s]elected vice president, Lynne Cheney wrote "Sisters," a steamy bodice-ripper set in the 19th-century American West, featuring vivid tales of whorehouses, attempted rapes, a suspicious murder and several lesbian love affairs, of which Cheney writes approvingly. The paperback, published in Canada, has been out of print for nearly two decades. Update: ( "The Canadian publisher was going to issue a second printing [of 'Sisters'] this year, but when the Mrs. got wind of it she called it to a screeching halt."

Excerpts (cited on
The women who embraced in the wagon were Adam and Eve crossing a dark cathedral stage -- no, Eve and Eve, loving one another as they would not be able to once they ate of the fruit and knew themselves as they truly were. She felt curiously moved, curiously envious of them. She had never to this moment thought Eden a particularly attractive paradise, based as it was on naiveté, but she saw that the women in the cart had a passionate, loving intimacy forever closed to her. How strong it made them. What comfort it gave.

The young woman was heavily powdered, but quite attractive, a curvesome creature, rounded at bosom and cheek. When she smiled, even her teeth seemed puffed and rounded, like tiny ivory pillows.

Let us go away together, away from the anger and imperatives of men. We shall find ourselves a secluded bower where they dare not venture. There will be only the two of us, and we shall linger through long afternoons of sweet retirement. In the evenings I shall read to you while you work your cross-stitch in the firelight. And then we shall go to bed, our bed, my dearest girl.

Hypocritical Reichwing whackjob Lynne Cheney's 'book-burning': Booklet That Upset Mrs. Cheney Is History (October 8, 2004) The Education Department this summer destroyed more than 300,000 copies of a booklet designed for parents to help their children learn history after the office of Vice pResident Dick Cheney's wife complained that it mentioned the National Standards for History, which she has long opposed.

Thanks to Cheney's secret Energy Task Force: Heating oil prices reach record, up 24% in month --Heating oil prices hit a record high Wednesday, ominous news for the millions of U.S. homeowners who heat their houses with the energy source. The price of a gallon of heating oil trading in New York rose 3% to $1.4991 Wednesday, the highest on record. The price was up 24% from a month ago, driven by skyrocketing costs for crude oil, which is the main component of heating oil.

Report Finds Lavish Spending at TSA --The government agency in charge of airport security spent nearly a half-million dollars on an awards ceremony at a lavish hotel, including $81,000 for plaques and $500 for cheese displays, according to an internal report obtained by The Associated Press.

Budget Gap Swells to Record $413 Bln --The U.S. budget gap expanded to $412.55 billion in fiscal 2004, marking the Bush regime's second-straight record deficit, the Treasury Department said on Thursday. The final 2004 figure was the largest budget deficit in U.S. history.

Identity Badge Worn Under Skin Approved for Use in Health Care --The Food and Drug Administration has cleared the way for a Florida company to market implantable chips that would pave the way for a police state ['provide easy access to individual medical records.'] The approval, which the company announced yesterday, is expected to bring to public attention a simmering debate over a technology that has evoked Orwellian overtones for privacy advocates and fueled fears of widespread tracking of people with implanted radio frequency tags, even though that ability does not yet exist.

Drug companies accused of putting patients' lives at risk --Patients' lives are being put at risk by the practices used by some drug companies to promote their products, medical experts warned MPs yesterday. Many papers on new drugs published in respected journals such as the British Medical Journal and The Lancet were ghost written by drug company advisers, MPs on the Commons Health Select Committee were told.

State GOP wants county's absentee ballots (PA) The Republican State Committee filed legal action in an attempt to force Luzerne County to turn over all of its applicants for absentee ballots. Luzerne County Judge Thomas Burke denied the state GOP committee's request on Wednesday morning for a special injunction. Judge Burke, however, will hold a hearing on a permanent injunction Oct. 18 at 10 a.m. If the injunction is granted, the county will be forced to make all of the absentee ballot applications available to the Republican State Committee.

Court Strikes Nader From Pennsylvania Ballot --A Pennsylvania court struck Ralph Nader's name from the state's ballot yesterday, declaring that nearly two-thirds of the signatures on his nominating petitions were invalid or had been forged in what the court called an unparalleled case of election fraud.

The polluted planet: Alarm as global study finds one-third of amphibians face extinction --Amphibians - frogs, toads, newts and salamanders - are among the longest surviving animals on earth, yet something dramatic now threatens that longevity. And mankind is responsible. A global study revealed yesterday that almost a third of amphibians face extinction - and pollution is cited as the biggest cause. The three-year survey, involving 500 scientists from more than 60 countries, has found that a third of the 5,743 known species are threatened with being wiped out and at least 427 are so critically endangered that they could disappear tomorrow.

Sex-harass suit: Faux TV star into kinky phone sex --A Faux News Channel producer has sued Reichwing nutball Bill O'Reilly for sexual harassment, claiming her boss rang her up to share his kinky fantasies involving soaping her up with a loofah mitt in the shower and engaging in various sex acts. O'Reilly, a married father of two, denies the allegations and has filed his own lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against the woman and her lawyers, who he claims demanded $60 million in "hush money'' to not file the lawsuit.

Producer sues O'Reilly for sexual harassment; he sues for extortion --Faux News anchor Bill O'Reilly is being sued by an associate producer for his talk show, accusing him of sexual harassment.


E-'Voting' Machine Crash Deepens Concerns --A computer crash that forced a pre-election test of electronic 'voting' machines to be postponed was trumpeted by critics as proof of the balloting technology's unreliability. Critics of the ATM-like machines said it proved how fickle any computer-based voting system can be and highlighted the need for touch-screens to produce paper records.

Theresa LeGOPWhore strikes again!! Test of Fla. E-'Voting' Machines Postponed --A public test of Palm Beach County's electronic voting machines was postponed because a computer server crashed. Elections Supervisor Theresa LePore delayed Tuesday's test until Friday. Even if one of the file servers goes down on election night [?!?], LePore said the votes cast on the electronic machines won't be lost and the office would use a backup server [Oh, like we are going to *trust* LeGOPwhore's 'backup server!!']

Oregon Opens Probe of Voter Fraud Charges --Oregon officials have opened an investigation into alleged improper voter registration practices, Secretary of State Bill Bradbury said Wednesday. The investigation follows a television report in which a paid-per-registration canvasser said he had been instructed only to accept registrations from Republicans, and that he "might" destroy those from Democrats. In Roseburg, Douglas County Clerk Barbara Nielsen said she had received a complaint from voters who said canvassers working for a Chandler, Ariz.-based consulting firm, Sproul & Associates, tried to push them into registering as Republicans, saying otherwise the canvassers wouldn't get paid for their efforts. Additionally, Nielsen said she had gotten calls from voters who said canvassers from the same group had implied that their cards wouldn't be turned in if they registered as Democrats.

Nev. Move to Purge 17,000 Dem Voters Fails --Elections officials have rebuffed an attempt by a former GOP operative to purge about 17,000 Democrats from the voter rolls in the battleground state of Nevada, where the two presidential candidates are in a dead heat. Dan Burdish, former head of the state Republican Party, filed a challenge last week claiming the Democrats should be removed from the rolls because they were inactive voters.

Election Eve Nightmare Can the Maricopa County Elections Department ensure the accuracy of early voting? Hell No! (AZ) by John Dougherty "My concerns over the accuracy of Maricopa County's election numbers result from the widespread and popular use of mail-in ballots. I have discovered ample evidence that the county elections department is covering up serious shortfalls in its ability to accurately count such early mailed-in ballots... And if all this is not enough to make you want to bag the election and head to Baja for the winter, there's highly partisan Secretary of State Jan Brewer, whose office oversees the elections departments in Arizona's 15 counties. Brewer is far from a non-biased administrator overseeing the integrity of the state's elections. A former member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and a longtime associate of Osborne's, Brewer is one of only three secretaries of state to officially endorse President [sic] Bush. Brewer served as a delegate for Bush at the Republican National Convention and is an honorary co-chair of the Bush campaign. If a razor-close presidential election emerges in Arizona, there is little doubt that Brewer will become Arizona's version of Florida's infamous Katherine Harris and move to quickly declare Bush the winner."

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MSNBC --Who won the debate? (22:50 EDT snapshot) Bush 20% - Sen. Kerry 80% * 189779 responses

CBS News --Who won the debate? (23:45 EDT) John Kerry: 85.04% George Bush: 14.40% Neither man. It was a draw: 0.56%

Faux News --Who won Wednesday night's presidential debate? (11:27 EDT) a. Dictator Bush (35%) 43,237 b. Senator Kerry (65%) 80,341 c. I did not watch (0%) 661 d. None of the above (0%) 219 124,458 total votes

LA Times --Who did better in the debates? (23:00 EDT) 0.7% George Bush swept all three debates (53 responses) - 97.3% John Kerry ran away with all three (7391 responses) - 1.9% They both had their good and bad nights (144 responses) - 0.1% Neither did very well in any of the meetings (10 responses) 7598 total responses

Kerry won third debate, say snap polls --Democrat John Kerry won the third presidential debate tonight over US Dictator George W Bush, according to instant polls taken by US television networks. Fifty-two per cent of those polled by CNN said Kerry won the debate in Tempe, Arizona, while 39 per cent said Bush won.

Bush is a liar! Contrast Bush's comments during the third presidential debate to those he made during a White House press conference on March 13, 2002:
Transcript: Third Presidential Debate - Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz. October 13, 2004
KERRY: ...When the president [sic] had an opportunity to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, he took his focus off of them, outsourced the job to Afghan warlords, and Osama bin Laden escaped.

KERRY: Six months after he said Osama bin Laden must be caught dead or alive, this president was asked, "Where is Osama bin Laden?" He said, "I don't know. I don't really think about him very much. I'm not that concerned." We need a president who stays deadly focused on the real war on terror.

SCHIEFFER: Mr. President?

BUSH: Gosh, I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden. It's kind of one of those exaggerations. Of course we're worried about Osama bin Laden. We're on the hunt after Osama bin Laden. We're using every asset at our disposal to get Osama bin Laden. My opponent said this war is a matter of intelligence and law enforcement.
No, this war is a matter of using every asset at our disposal to keep the American people protected.

President [sic] Bush Holds Press Conference - Press Conference by the President - The James S. Brady Briefing Room - 4:00 P.M. EST --March 13, 2002
Q Mr. President, in your speeches now you rarely talk or mention Osama bin Laden. Why is that? Also, can you tell the American people if you have any more information, if you know if he is dead or alive? Final part -- deep in your heart, don't you truly believe that until you find out if he is dead or alive, you won't really eliminate the threat of -- THE PRESIDENT: Deep in my heart I know the man is on the run, if he's alive at all. Who knows if he's hiding in some cave or not; we haven't heard from him in a long time. And the idea of focusing on one person is -- really indicates to me people don't understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. And he's just -- he's a person who's now been marginalized. His network, his host government has been
destroyed. He's the ultimate parasite who found weakness, exploited it, and met his match. He is -- as I mentioned in my speech, I do mention the fact that this is a fellow who is willing to commit youngsters to their death and he, himself, tries to hide -- if, in fact, he's hiding at all. So I don't know where he is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him, Kelly, to be honest with you..."

Vote in Online Polls! (from:Terry McAuliffe) "National and local news organizations will be conducting online polls during and after the debate asking for readers' opinions. Look for online polls at these news websites, and make sure to vote in every one of them..."

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2004 Debate Center at

A quote attributed to Dictator Bush in next Sunday's New York Times: According to (Reichwing Rove whore Matt Drudge, so take with six grains of salt) former Wall Street Journal reporter and best-selling author Ron Suskind quotes bush as telling a private luncheon of top supporters: 'I'm going to be real positive, while I keep my foot on John Kerry's throat.' Suskind will claim that Bush made the startling comments last month in Washington. [Whackball Drudge notes that Suskind is a registered Democrat. Does Drudge cite party affiliation with ***all*** sources? What is the party affiliation of Faux News reporters?]

6 U.S. soldiers killed in roadside bombings Fallujah warned to hand over terror mastermind or face major assault --A suicide attack and roadside bombings killed six American soldiers, and Iraq’s prime minister warned residents of insurgent bastion Fallujah on Wednesday to hand over 'terror mastermind' Abu Musab al-Zarqawi or face military action. [Abu Musab al-Zarqawi died in early March, 2004. Hence, U.S. terrorists have an 'excuse' to keep right on bombing Falluja, as Zarqawi can never be 'handed over.' See: "Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead," March 4, 2004 (MSNBC). See: "Iraq bombing mastermind 'killed by US bombs'," March 4, 2004 (Times Online).]

Markey raps prisoner policy: Blasts Bush bill allowing torture treatment of terror suspects --Congressional Republicans want to allow the United States to secretly deport terror suspects to nations known to use torture in interrogations, U.S. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Malden, MA) charged yesterday. In a meeting with News editors, Markey attacked Republicans and the Bush administration for including the provision, known as "extraordinary rendition," as part of a bill to implement 'reforms' recommended by the 9/11 Commission.

Howard speaks Bush's language --The Prime Minister yesterday all but endorsed George Bush's re-[s]election as he told an international audience that his emphatic election win was a vindication of Australia's stance to "stay and finish the job" in Iraq.

Bush senior dubs Moore a 'slimeball' --Former president George HW Bush has attacked filmmaker Michael Moore for "lies about my family" in Fahrenheit 9/11. Bush sat down for an interview with WCSH-TV and didn't hold back when asked his opinion of Moore, one of the nation's best-known leftist activists. "Total ass, slimeball," Bush said. It's "outrageous, his lies about my family."

FEC May Regulate Web Political Activity --A recent federal court ruling says the Federal Election Commission (FEC) must extend some of the nation's new campaign finance and spending limits to political activity on the Internet.

FDA Approves Use Computer Chip Implants --The FDA on Wednesday approved implantation of a computer chip in the arm as part of the move toward the completion of a police state.

Court refuses to order early vote for governor --No special election should be held to select New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey's successor, a panel of federal appeals judges ruled today.

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit --Female Fox coworker details lewd behavior of cable TV star ( "Hours after Bill O'Reilly accused her of a multimillion dollar shakedown attempt, a female Fox News producer fired back at the TV star today, filing a lawsuit claiming that he subjected her to repeated instances of sexual harassment and spoke often, and explicitly, to her about phone sex... and sexual fantasies. ...Andrea Mackris's complaint, an incredible page-turner that quotes O'Reilly, 55, on all sorts of lewd matters."

CLG to John Kerry: PLEASE MENTION the nuclear materials missing from Iraq that had formerly (before the invasion) been guarded by the IAEA. PLEASE mention Cheney's secret energy task force papers that included maps of Iraq's oil fields and pipelines MONTHS before 9-11, evidence that Iraq's oil was the main target of the invasion and not the non-existent WMD. PLEASE mention that Bush refused to sign on to the International Criminal Court BECAUSE he knew he would soon make himself and American soldiers international war criminals! PLEASE ATTACK THIS F*CKING LYING, THIEVING, WHORING and MURDEROUS DICTATOR!!!!

Faux News anchor (live) "A lot of analysts say that the last debate ended in a draw, which means that Bush won."


Democratic Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed --Employees of a private voter registration company allege that hundreds, perhaps thousands of voters who may think they are registered will be rudely surprised on election day. The I-Team has obtained information about an alleged widespread pattern of potential registration fraud aimed at democrats. Thee focus of the story is a private registration company called Voters Outreach of America, AKA America Votes. The out-of-state firm has been in Las Vegas for the past few months, registering voters. It employed up to 300 part-time workers and collected hundreds of registrations per day, but former employees of the company say that Voters Outreach of America only wanted Republican registrations. Two former workers say they personally witnessed company supervisors rip up and trash registration forms signed by Democrats.

Pushing to Be Counted in Fla. --Groups Say That Blacks May Not Be Heard at Polls -- Nearly a dozen African American ministers and civil rights leaders walked into the Duval County election office here, television cameras in tow, with a list of questions... Black leaders said the scene at the supervisor's office last week was reminiscent of a blocked schoolhouse door at the height of desegregation. They charge that GOP officials are deliberately using the law to keep black people off the rolls and hinder them from voting.

Voter registration numbers head for the stratosphere --Tuesday was the final day to register in Oregon, and final numbers of new voters haven't yet been tallied by the secretary of state's office. But chances are that there could be well over 100,000 new Oregon voters in this election cycle.

Want to Attend a Bush Rally? Think Again --by Barbara Ferguson "...Bush is packing his audiences with supporters who must identify themselves as such in questionnaires... Each person is then asked to fill out a form, providing name, address, Social Security number and date of birth. That information will be given to the Secret Service "for security reasons," [Peter Cianchette, the Bush campaign’s manager in Maine] said.

Bush's 2000 coupmeister embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt --Consortium plans to cash in as Baker asks countries to end £200bn burden --Dictator Bush's special envoy [and architect of the 2000 coup], James [Satan] Baker, who has been trying to persuade the world to forgive Iraq's crushing debts, is simultaneously working for a commercial concern that is trying to recover money from Iraq, according to confidential documents. Mr Baker's Carlyle Group is in a consortium secretly proposing to try to collect $27bn (£15bn) on behalf of Kuwait, one of Iraq's biggest creditors, by using high-level political influence.

Oops! Thanks to Dictator Bush... Nuclear materials from Iraq 'missing' --Equipment which could be used in an illicit nuclear bomb programme has disappeared from previously monitored sites in Iraq, and radioactively contaminated items from there have been found abroad, the International Atomic Energy Agency has told the UN.

Straw drops 45-minute claim --The government's claim that Iraq could fire chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes was formally withdrawn by the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, yesterday. Mr Straw made the admission that MI6 had finally abandoned its dramatic claim when he told MPs that the government still supported the toppling of Saddam Hussein, even though the Iraq Survey Group had confirmed last week that he had not possessed weapons of mass destruction since 1996.

Falluja restaurant blasted in US strike --The United States launched two air strikes against Sunni rebels in Falluja, Iraq, yesterday as hundreds of Shiite fighters in Baghdad's Sadr City unloaded cars full of machine-guns, mortars and landmines in a weapons-for-cash deal.

US airstrikes leave 11 dead in Iraq --US planes hammered insurgent positions in of Fallujah and Ramadi on Tuesday, killing 11 people, as the disarming of Shia militiamen gathered pace in Baghdad despite US warnings of internal rifts.

Thinktank: Iraq war boosted al-Qaida --An Israeli thinktank has said the war in Iraq has given al-Qaida and its allies renewed momentum, disputing allegations by US Dictator George Bush that the invasion made the world safer. The Jaffee Centre for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University said instead of striking a blow against Islamist movements, the war "created momentum for many terrorist elements, but chiefly al-Qaida and its affiliates".

Norwegians Place Anti-Bush Ad in Washington Post --Norwegians including artists and politicians made a rare foray into U.S. politics Tuesday with an advertisement in a U.S. newspaper saying that Dictator Bush's war on terror was backfiring. The Norwegian group "" said it used about $50,000 in donations from 4,000 people to fund the advertisement in the Washington Post to tell Bush that 80 percent of people in NATO-member Norway opposed the U.S.-led W-ar in Iraq.

Breaking Ranks --More and more U.S. soldiers are speaking out against the war in Iraq -- and some are refusing to fight. --by David Goodman "When [Mike] Hoffman arrived in Kuwait in February 2003, his unit’s highest-ranking enlisted man laid out the mission in stark terms. 'You’re not going to make Iraq safe for democracy,' the sergeant said. 'You are going for one reason alone: oil. But you’re still going to go, because you signed a contract. And you’re going to go to bring your friends home.'

Helicopter Crash Delays Afghan Vote Count --Engine failure [?!?] brought down a U.N. helicopter sent to collect ballot boxes from northeastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, injuring no one but causing a new glitch in efforts to tally the results of the country's landmark presidential election.

High Court Declines to Decide the Media's Right of Access to Combat Troops --The Supreme Court declined Tuesday to decide whether the Pentagon is constitutionally obligated to give news media access to U.S. troops during combat.

CIA has 11 Al-Qaida suspects in Jordan facility --The Central Intelligence Agency runs a top secret interrogation facility in Jordan, where at least 11 detainees who are considered Al-Qaida's most senior cadre are being held, Haaretz has learned from international intelligence sources.

Terrorism Case Shows U.S. Flaws in Strategy --Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft proclaimed the breakup of a dangerous terrorist cell. Less than two years later, Detroit yielded the first trials and convictions of alleged terrorists in the United States after Sept. 11. But the seemingly brilliant prosecution soon imploded...

U.S. Senator Closes Capitol Office Citing Security --Democratic Sen. Mark Dayton said on Tuesday he was closing his office in the U.S. Capitol complex until after the Nov. 2 elections, citing security concerns stemming from a classified intelligence briefing.

Terror-Fearing Sen. Shuts Office --Sen. Mark Dayton said Tuesday he is closing his Washington office because of a classified intelligence report that made him fear for the safety of his staff. Dayton, D-Minn., said the office will be closed while Congress is in recess through Election Day, with his staff working out of his Minnesota office and in Senate space off Capitol Hill.

Hefley: 'I was threatened' --Ethics committee’s actions against DeLay trigger angry response from Republicans --House ethics committee Chairman Joel Hefley (R-Colo.) said last week that Republican lawmakers have threatened him in the wake of his panel’s recent admonishments of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Nazi-Texas).

35 Days Till Disaster: Is an Election Day Faux-Terror Event All But CERTain? --by Mark Erwin "On Tuesday, September 28th, a new federally-funded, FEMA-directed citizen training program began in my town called CERT. CERT stands for 'Community Emergency Response Team.' ...Nearly every town in America has its own CERT program, it would appear... On Tuesday, October 25th, CERT trainees will receive training on 'Terrorism and CERT.' Then, exactly one week later, CERT’s training program will conclude with a 'Disaster Simulation & Examination'. This final day for the CERT training program, the day when CERT will climax with a 'disaster simulation,' is none other than Election Day!"

Mega barf alert!! DARPA duplicating human organs --Three years after [Frist/Rove's] anthrax attacks [on Democrats] that killed five people and injured dozens of others, many involved in biodefense research say the country does not have a large enough supply of non-human primates for the kind of massive research effort that would be needed in the aftermath of another [Frist/Rove] bioterrorist attack. Testing vaccines to defend against bio-terror agents — such as anthrax, smallpox and even monkeypox — is too dangerous for human subjects. DARPA, long a leader in over-the-horizon scientific projects, is working to construct synthetic systems to duplicate human organs and immunology for such tests, but they are still far from producing results needed now, researchers say.

Sniff Some Mercury; You'll Feel Better --by Bill Gallagher "George W. Bush is totally unhinged and the American people better wake up to the truth that the commander in chief is out of touch with reality and getting more dangerous every day. Down is up. Up is down. Failure is victory... At Friday night's debate, he'd jump out of his chair and dance around the stage spewing ridiculous nonsense like the Mad Hatter setting up the tea party in 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.' George W. is a champion of the environment. The war in Iraq is an act of international charity and the violence helps spread democracy in the Middle East. Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, but if he'd had them, he would have provided them to al-Qaeda. The economy is humming right along, and the job market is growing everywhere. Tax cuts for the rich and huge deficits are helping the middle class. The only problem with health care in America is trial lawyers, and we better watch out, because prescription drugs from Canada may poison us. And finally, the only damn mistake George W. ever made in his presidency [sic] was appointing people who disagreed with him. You can't make this stuff up. He's mad." [A must read]

Edwards Tells Leno Theory on Bush 'Lump' --John Edwards has a theory about what was hidden underneath an unusual wrinkle that appeared on the back of Dictator Bush's suit jacket during his first debate with John Kerry. "I think it was his battery," a grinning Edwards told Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday. "I think tomorrow, before the debate, John Kerry ought to pat him down," Edwards said, referring to the final Bush-Kerry matchup, scheduled for Wednesday in Arizona.

Technical expert: Bush was wired --by David Lindorff "Since Friday, when Salon first raised questions about the rectangular bulge that was visible under Bush's suit coat during the presidential debates, many observers in the press and on the Internet have wondered aloud whether the verbally and factually challenged president [sic] might be receiving coaching via a hidden electronic device. Now a technical expert who designs and makes such devices for the U.S. military tells Salon that he believes the bulge is indeed a transceiver designed to receive electronic signals and transmit them to a hidden earpiece lodged in Bush's ear canal."

Was Bush packing Wi-Fi in TV debate? --by Thomas C Greene "In the first debate, during a reply to [John] Kerry, he [George Bush] ranted, 'Let me finish!' Oddly, neither his opponent, Senator Kerry, nor the moderator, Jim Lehrer, was attempting to cut him off, and he had plenty of time left on the clock. ...[I]n view of the pictures and his sudden debating competence, is that he was addressing not his opponent or the moderator, but a remote coach who had prompted him to move on to a fresh topic before he was ready to do so. In the second debate, Bush went off the rails, again in a way that suggests remote coaching."

Supreme Court to hear commandments case --Texas challenge is among those that may affect displays nationally --The U.S. Supreme Court will use cases from Texas and Kentucky to decide whether displaying the Ten Commandments on government property violates the constitutional ban on government endorsement of religion.

Oil tops $54 a barrel on supply concerns, then retreats --Oil prices fell sharply yesterday after briefly surpassing $54 a barrel amid nagging concerns in the market that the global supply buffer is too thin to handle a significant output disruption.

Gasoline Pump Price Highest Ever for October --The national price for gasoline increased 5.5 cents over the last week to $1.993 a gallon, the highest pump price ever in October, while diesel fuel set a record for the third straight week, the U.S. government said on Tuesday.

Job loss figures deliver a blow to Bush --George Bush yesterday became the first US president [sic] since Herbert Hoover in the Depression to preside over a loss of jobs when the last set of employment figures published before next month's election showed only a modest improvement in September.

Flu vaccine maker says FDA knew about problems, FDA denies it --U.S. officials have said they were "caught by surprise" by the announcement last week that British regulatory officials had suspended for three months the license of California-based Chiron's flu vaccine manufacturing plant in Liverpool. According to records at Britain's Department of Health, Chiron warned FDA and the British MHPRA on Sept. 13 of possible contamination of flu vaccine at the plant, Alison Langley, a senior spokesperson for the Department of Health, said. She added that, unlike the United States, Britain responded to the warning by "contacting other manufacturers" of flu vaccine.

Drug maker subpoenaed over shortage of flu vaccine --A federal grand jury is investigating Chiron Corp.'s failure to supply the nation with half the needed flu vaccine this year, the company said Tuesday in a regulatory filing. Meanwhile, Newhouse News Service reported that some flu vaccine wholesalers allegedly are offering to sell desperately needed shots for up to 10 times the normal price.

Fla. Companies Accused of Price Gouging Flu Vaccine --Several drug distribution companies in Florida are accused of price gouging the flu vaccine, according to a Local 6 News investigation. Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist said some distribution companies are charging more than $700 for a vial of flu vaccine that would normally sell for $85.


7 U.S. Groups Ask U.N. for Vote Observers --Seven American activist groups asked the United Nations on Monday to provide international observers for next month's presidential election. A petition delivered to the U.N. Economic and Social Council said that only the U.N. can "give us recourse to international bodies beyond those within our own national and state governments'' in case of a repeat of the problems seen in the 2000 election, which Dictator Bush was installed in a coup d'etat ['won after a protracted ballot fight in Florida.']

Standby ballots already disputed -- Federal and state election officials are worried that changes made after the 2000 coup d'etat ['presidential race'] to ensure that voters are not turned away from the polls could lead to more confusion and court fights this year.

Suicide car bomber attacks US convoy in Mosul --A suicide car bomber attacked a US military convoy in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul yesterday, causing several casualties, witnesses said. They said they saw body parts scattered in the street after the blast, which occurred in southern Mosul on the main highway leading into the city from the south.

Two hostages beheaded 'for aiding US' --An al-CIA-duh linked group has named a Turkish contractor and an Iraqi Kurdish man shown beheaded on a video posted on the Internet. The Army of Ansar al-Sunna says it's killed Maher Kemal after he confessed to being a contractor for US forces at Al-Bakr airbase, north of Baghdad.

Exodus of Iraqi Christians in full flood as targeted killings grow --...The murders were the latest deadly attack against Iraq's Christians, a systematic and brutal campaign by Islamic extremists which began soon after the "liberation" by the United States and Britain. So far, 110 have been killed. In August, four churches in Baghdad and one in Mosul were blown up in a co-ordinated series of car bombings, killing 12 people and injuring 61 others.

Heinz Kerry: husband will not send troops due to 'need and greed for oil' --The wife of presidential candidate John Kerry told a receptive audience in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas that Kerry would seek out all other options before going to war. "John will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil," Teresa Heinz Kerry told about 1,200 supporters at the McAllen Civic Center.

We were right (scroll to fourth item) --by Michael Rectenwald "We now know that we protesters were right. Vilified as traitors, we turned out to be the true patriots. We advocated saving lives, money and heartache, and waiting for the evidence to come in... As has been the case for most of George Bush's life, someone else must follow him and clean up his mess. John Kerry is the most competent and likely comer, and he is now our only hope for returning the nation and Iraq to sanity." [Letter published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, mirrored here.]

UN to investigate Afghan election --The United Nations is to investigate alleged irregularities in Afghanistan's presidential election.

Suicides Have AF Officials On Edge --A recent spike in Air Force suicides, 10 in September, has leaders scrambling to find the cause after launching prevention programs this year because of a gradual rise. "This rash has scared the hell out of us," Air Force Secretary James Roche said in an interview with The Gazette on Friday, conceding that officials are baffled. "We don't know. We just don't know." [Maybe their consciences are bothering them for having bombed innocent and defenseless people in the name of a lie? Did that ever occur to you, morons?]

U.S. Treatment of Detainees Defies Intl. Law - Group --The United States is violating international law [again] by holding prisoners in its war on [of] terror incommunicado and in secret hiding places, Human Rights Watch said in a report to be published on Tuesday calling for an end to such practices.

Rights group lists Al-Qaeda suspects in secret CIA custody --Human Rights Watch listed the names of 11 senior Al-Qaeda suspects it said were held by the CIA in secret locations overseas, where some had reportedly been tortured. The suspects were detained with no notification to their families, no Red Cross access and, in some cases, no acknowledgement that they are even being held, the New York-based watchdog said in a 46-page report. "'Disappearances' were a trademark abuse of Latin American military dictatorships in their 'dirty war' on alleged subversion," said Human Rights Watch special counsel Reed Brody.

Group: 11 al-Qaida suspects 'disappeared' -- At least 11 al-Qaida suspects have "disappeared" in U.S. custody, and some may have been tortured, Human Rights Watch said in a report issued Monday... In some cases, the United States will not even acknowledge the prisoners are in custody.

US seizes independent media sites --The FBI has shut down some 20 sites which were part of an alternative media network known as Indymedia. A US court order forced the firm hosting the material to hand over two servers in the UK used by the group.

U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study --Amid the torrent of jabber in Internet chat rooms — flirting by QTpie and BoogieBoy, arguments about politics and horror flicks — are terrorists plotting their next move? [Ask Karl Rove. He'll know.] The government certainly isn't discounting the possibility. It's taking the idea seriously enough to fund a yearlong study on chat room surveillance under an anti-[pro]terrorism program.

Mathematicians Offer Help in 'Terror' Fight --A small group of thinking men and women convened at Rutgers University last month to consider how order theory -- a branch of abstract mathematics that deals with hierarchical relationships -- could be applied to the war on [of] terror.

Sept. 11 widows bash Bush (PA) The Kerry campaign's grab for suburban swing votes reached into Bucks County Sunday when a retired Army lieutenant general and two Sept. 11 widows berated Dictator Bush for making the United States more vulnerable to terrorism... "After working with the administration [of George Bush] for three years, the anger boils in me," said Monica Gabrielle of West Haven, Conn. Her husband, Rich, died in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center.

Judge assails sentencing guidelines --Although the U.S. Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the issue, a federal judge in Oregon issued an opinion this week attacking federal sentencing guidelines as an unconstitutional encroachment on judicial authority and discretion. U.S. District Judge Owen Panner's ruling Wednesday included a blistering attack on Congress and, in particular, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft's efforts to strip judges of their authority and discretion.

Senate Passes Corporate Welfare Bill --Bush Plans to Sign $143 Billion in Tax Cuts For His Installers --The Senate gave final approval yesterday to the most significant corporate welfare legislation in nearly 20 years. Public health groups were infuriated that a $10 billion buyout for tobacco farmers was included without a provision to grant the Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate cigarettes. Charitable organizations protested a revenue-raising measure that would greatly reduce the value of automobiles donated to charities.

House Blocks FDA Oversight of Tobacco --GOP Leaders Engineer Move; Result Is Seen as Setback for Health Care Groups --When the Senate voted 78 to 15 in July to give the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate cigarettes, it seemed that health advocates were on the verge of a major legislative coup. But in the end, a strong-willed group of Republicans in the House outmaneuvered Senate negotiators and pushed through a tax bill that gives corporations billions of dollars in new breaks, and preserves a $10 billion buyout of tobacco farmers, but leaves FDA regulation of cigarettes on the cutting-room floor for this session of Congress.

39M Americans in Working Poor Families --One in every five U.S. jobs pays less than a poverty-level wage for a family of four, according to a study by the nonpartisan Working Poor Families Project.

Crude price near $54 U.S. --Oil prices advanced toward $54 (U.S.) a barrel yesterday due to corporate greed ['as a strike began in Nigeria, Africa's largest exporter of crude, exacerbating global supply concerns at a time of strong demand and reduced output in the hurricane-ravaged Gulf of Mexico.']

Kerry Says Gas Prices Help Bush's Friends --Sen. John Kerry said Monday that higher gas prices mean bigger profits for "this president[sic]'s friends in the oil industry," as he argued that Dictator Bush chose to help big energy companies instead of consumers.

Group of Bishops Using Influence to Oppose Kerry --For Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, the highest-ranking Roman Catholic prelate in Colorado, there is only one way for a faithful Catholic to vote in this presidential election, for Dictator Bush and against Senator John Kerry.

Anti-Kerry film sparks DNC response --Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of the largest chain of television stations in the nation, plans to air a documentary that accuses Sen. John Kerry of betraying American prisoners during the Vietnam War, the Washington Post reported Monday. The reported plan prompted the Democratic National Committee to file a complaint against Sinclair with the Federal Election Commission. Sinclair has ordered all 62 of its stations to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" without commercials in prime-time next week, just two weeks before the Nov. 2 election.

Sinclair Stations to Air Anti-Kerry Documentary --Sinclair Broadcast Group of Maryland, owner of the largest chain of television stations in the nation, plans to preempt regular programming two weeks before the Nov. 2 election to air a documentary that accuses Sen. John F. Kerry of betraying American prisoners during the Vietnam War. Sinclair has ordered its 62 stations, some of which are in the critical swing states of Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Wisconsin, to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" during prime-time hours next week. The Sinclair station group collectively reaches 24 percent of U.S. television households.

Contact Reichwing Sinclair Broadcasting!!
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
10706 Beaver Dam Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
410-568-1500 (Main Telephone)
410-568-1533 (Main Fax)

FCC Contact Information
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554
1-888-225-5322 (1-888-CALL FCC) Toll Free

(202) 418-0710 FAX

Checking the Facts, in Advance -by Paul Krugman "By singling out Mr. Bush's lies and misrepresentations, am I saying that Mr. Kerry isn't equally at fault? Yes. Mr. Kerry sometimes uses verbal shorthand that offers nitpickers things to complain about. ...The point is that Mr. Kerry can, at most, be accused of using loose language; the thrust of his statements is correct. Mr. Bush's statements, on the other hand, are fundamentally dishonest. He is insisting that black is white, and that failure is success."

An Electoral Surge for Kerry --Momentum has swung back to the Dem, and Bush no longer holds enough votes to lock in a win. This is BusinessWeek Online's second look at how the Electoral College map is shaping up in the 2004 Presidential race.

Kerry Opens Three-Point Lead on Bush -Poll --Democratic challenger John Kerry expanded his slight lead over Dictator Bush to three points in a tight race for the White House, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Monday.

Bush's campaign office in Spokane burglarized, vandalized --Offices that house Dictator Bush's re-[s]election campaign in Spokane were broken into and vandalized last night, the latest in a string of crimes at Republican offices across the country. "Freeway Free Speech Day: Driving America to Think --October 13, 2004 --On October 13th, over a thousand activists nationwide will post signs critical of the Bush Administration on area freeways, reaching millions of voters in states from Maine to California. The Freeway Blogger has posted more than 2000 such signs over the last year."

Glaxo Seeks Entry Into U.S. Flu Vaccine Mkt --GlaxoSmithKline Plc is exploring ways to sell its Fluarix flu vaccine in the United States, where supplies have run short this season after Chiron Corp lost a year's production to contamination.

Oh-but-another cancer cure for the U.S. pharmaceutical terrorists and FDA to suppress: Switching off gene switches off cancer --Cancer cells can revert to harmless cells by switching off a single gene, shows a study of liver cancer in mice. The gene, which produces a protein called MYC - pronounced "mick" - usually controls cell division. It is implicated in several human cancers, where overexpression of the protein causes rapid cell division, forming tumours.

Study: States too underfunded to prevent water pollution --More than 30 years after passage of the federal Clean Water Act, many states lack the money to provide enough regulation, according to a study released Monday.

Perchlorate scares put pressure on bottlers (MA) Bottled water companies aren't required to test for perchlorate, a chemical harmful to human health that's found in the ingredients of blasting materials... The U.S. [corporate-owned] Food and Drug Administration said it won't regulate perchlorate in bottled water until the U.S. Environmental 'Protection' Agency sets a standard for public drinking water.


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