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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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November 2003 Archives

Case for war made up, say top names An unprecedented array of United States intelligence professionals, diplomats and former Pentagon officials have gone on record to lambast the Bush Dictatorship for its distortion of the case for war against Iraq.

U.S. Military Chief Vows to 'Get Tough' in Iraq The top U.S. military commander in Iraq signaled on Tuesday his forces would take tougher action against freedom fighters, warning he would not hesitate to use any weapon at his disposal [???!!!] to defeat them.

U.S. Commander Vows to Get Tough, Bombs Kill Iraqis The top U.S. military commander in Iraq said on Tuesday he was ready to unleash any weapon in his arsenal on freedom fighters as the latest bombings killed at least four people and wounded 10 in the country's two biggest cities.

Smoke Plumes Seen After Central Baghdad Blasts Two plumes of smoke rose from the area of the U.S.-led dictatorship in Baghdad after several loud explosions rocked the city on Tuesday night, Reuters witnesses reported.

Four Iraqis killed in Basra blast Top US general warns of harsh measures unless attacks stop --An explosion in Basra destroyed today killed four Iraqis and wounded three others on a road frequently used by British troops.

US unleashes renewed bombing raids on Iraqi towns The US military launched bombing strikes against Iraqi civilians last weekend for the first time since Dictator Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1. The air campaign, involving F-16 bombers, targeted two towns, Tikrit and Fallujah, which have become centers of popular resistance to the US occupation.

U.S.-Appointed Iraqi Council Leader Killed by U.S. Guards U.S. Soldier Killed in Separate Incident South of Baghdad --Iraqis marched in anger through the streets here Monday after the killing of an American-appointed local Iraqi council leader by U.S. military guards under disputed circumstances.

Bush Warns Extremists Seek to Rule Iraq [He's right! Extremist and intentional terrorist George W. Bush and corpra-terrorist Halliburton seek to rule Iraq!] Foreign fighters who seek to install a Taliban-style government in Iraq are coordinating with Saddam Hussein loyalists to launch deadly attacks on U.S. troops, Dictator Bush asserted Tuesday as he mourned rising casualties.

Iraq Becoming Hotbed of Terrorism - Iraqi Official A leading member of Iraq's U.S.-appointed Governing Council said on Tuesday some militants have moved recently to Saudi Arabia from Iraq, which was becoming a hotbed of terrorism. [Yes, Dictator Bush's international terrorism]

Bremer Expected to Meet Soon at White House Iraq's U.S. dictator, Paul Bremer, has arrived in Washington and is expected to meet soon with top officials at the White House for what is likely to be a decision-making session, a U.S. official said on Tuesday.

Twenty-Six House Democrats Push to Fire Rumsfeld A group of more than two dozen House of Representatives Democrats on Monday said they had introduced a resolution urging Dictator Bush to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Dreamers and idiots Britain and the US did everything to avoid a peaceful solution in Iraq and Afghanistan --by George Monbiot "...[A]s many of us suspected at the time, we were lied to. Most of the lies are now familiar: there appear to have been no weapons of mass destruction and no evidence to suggest that, as President [sic] Bush claimed in March, Saddam had 'trained and financed... al-Qaida'. Bush and Blair, as their courtship of the president of Uzbekistan reveals, appear to possess no genuine concern for the human rights of foreigners. But a further, and even graver, set of lies is only now beginning to come to light."

Soldier-Mom Told She May Face Punishment A soldier who stayed home with her children during a custody battle instead of returning to Iraq was reassigned to Fort Carson, but also received a conflicting message — that she could face administrative punishment.

Jessica's Hustled Porn mag to run topless pics of G.I. A skin mag claimed yesterday it has pictures of Iraqi POW Jessica Lynch frolicking topless with male soldiers before she went off to W-ar.

Families of Iraq war dead condemn Bush visit to UK George Bush's official visit to Britain next week has been condemned as insensitive and ill-timed by some families of British troops killed in Iraq.

Yard fury over Bush visit White House security demands covering Dictator George Bush's controversial state visit to Britain have provoked a serious row with Scotland Yard. American officials want a virtual three-day shutdown of central London in a bid to foil disruption of the visit by anti-war protestors. They are demanding that police ban all marches and seal off the city centre. [The Idiot Usurper wants to turn London into a 'First Amendment Zone.']

Bush UK Visit 'Exclusion Demands' Spark Protest Dictator Bush faces the humiliating prospect of an effigy of himself being dragged to the ground [<g>] by anti-war protesters in London's Trafalgar Square next week. But if police and White House officials have their way, the dictator, who had the staunch support of Britain's prime minister during the Iraq war, will be spared the embarrassment of seeing a re-run of the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue during the Iraq war.

'Exclusion zone' for Bush visit Peace protesters planning a march to mark the US dictator's state visit next week say police are planning to seal off large parts of central London. Campaigners are planning a "Stop Bush" protest march through central London on 20 November, but say the Metropolitan Police are trying to block them.

U.N. Finds No Evidence Iran Making Nukes The U.N. nuclear watchdog agency has found "no evidence" so far that Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons but can't say yet that its programs were strictly peaceful, diplomats citing from a confidential agency report said Monday.

Iran accepts extra inspections of nuclear sites A senior Iranian official said yesterday that his country had accepted an increase in inspections of its nuclear facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency and was temporarily suspending uranium enrichment.

Radioactive Materials Missing in U.S. Despite tightened security, terrorists still have a "very significant" chance of obtaining enough radioactive ingredients to create a dirty bomb, federal investigators conclude.

Warning that suicide attack is more likely in London than New York London is at greater risk of attack from Islamist terrorists than Washington or New York, one of the world's leading security firms warned yesterday.

Errant Small Plane Causes White House Security Scare A small plane violated restricted airspace around Washington on Monday, causing a brief security alert at the White House before military jets intercepted it and steered it away, the U.S. Secret Service said.

Senate Approves Plan to Arm Cargo Pilots The Senate approved a measure late on Monday that would let cargo pilots carry guns just days after authorities warned new attacks could be launched against American targets using that type of aircraft. [Holy coincidence, Batman!]

Supreme Court to rule on Guantanamo prison appeals Lawyers representing two Britons held at Guantanamo Bay achieved a breakthrough yesterday when the US Supreme Court said it would consider whether the prisoners had the right to challenge their incarceration within the American courts.

High Court Will Hear Guantanamo Appeal The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear its first case arising from the war on terrorism, an appeal asking whether foreigners held at the U.S. Navy base in Cuba may contest their captivity in American courts.

The blood doesn't wash off Any U.S. or Canadian official who sends a person to another country to be tortured is guilty of a major criminal offence and liable for damages, says American jurist Morton Sklar "The case of Maher Arar has directed a not-very-flattering spotlight on the U.S. government practice known as 'rendition to torture.' This practice involves sending suspected terrorists apprehended in the United States to third countries where they can be interrogated using extreme tactics not permitted within U.S. borders."

Freedom and Security --by President Al Gore --Remarks As Prepared for Delivery (speech for event)
Constitution Hall, Washington, DC. "The question before us could be of no greater moment: will we continue to live as a people under the rule of law as embodied in our Constitution? Or will we fail future generations, by leaving them a Constitution far diminished from the charter of liberty we have inherited from our forebears? Our choice is clear."

Identity cards for all Britons 'by 2013' The controversial new cards will be held by everyone in Britain by 2013 and will be based on existing passports and possibly on driving licences in a £3 billion project. The cost of a passport will increase to £77 under plans for a compulsory national identity card, ministers said today.

Britain Plans to Introduce Identity Cards The British government said Tuesday it wants to introduce compulsory identity cards to protect against illegal immigration, welfare fraud and terrorism - though implementation is years away. Home Secretary David Blunkett said the government would introduce the scheme after building a national database of biometric information using fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition technology.

Police to Embed 'Journalists' at Protests Police preparing for large and potentially violent protests during trade talks here next week are borrowing a tactic from the Pentagon: They are offering to "embed" reporters in police squads.

Jeb Bush's police state underway for FTAA talks: Security boosted for FTAA talks Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are implementing police state tactics for the FTAA summit in Miami. Officials have prepared an 'elaborate plan' for land and sea, including the rental of an eight-foot 'security fence' and water cannons.

Arrested Russian Businessman Is Carlyle Group Adviser The arrest of two of Russia's top businessmen in recent months was more than a distant headline for Washington's well-connected private equity firm, Carlyle Group.

U.S. Media Whores In Action: CNN Planted a Question for Debate, Student Says --CNN, which has marketed itself as an outlet for serious news [??? Gag me with a chainsaw!], planted a question about computer preferences at last week's debate of the Democratic presidential candidates, according to the student who posed the query and on Monday wrote about it in an online forum of Brown University's Daily Herald.

Soros's Deep Pockets vs. Bush Financier Contributes $5 Million More in Effort to Oust Dictator --George Soros, one of the world's richest men, has given away nearly $5 billion to promote democracy in the former Soviet bloc, Africa and Asia. Now he has a new project: defeating Dictator Bush. [Why is it we don't get Washington Post articles listing all of the corpra-terrorists that spend billions to re-install Dictator Bush?]

Bushes, Cheney Ask Donors to Up the Ante for 2004 While Dictator Bush is "loosening up and getting ready" for a re-s-election campaign he says will come in its own time, Vice pResident Dick Cheney believes that time is now.

Rumsfeld retreats, disclaims earlier rhetoric Rumsfeld denies he ever made several pre-war statements. In the lead-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Defense Secretary [and Reichwing whackjob] Donald Rumsfeld said U.S. forces would be welcomed by the Iraqi citizenry and that Saddam Hussein had large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. Now, after both statements have been shown to be either incorrect or vastly exaggerated, Rumsfeld - with the same trademark confidence that he exuded before the war - is denying that he ever made such assertions.

U.S. Warplanes Renew Bombing of Iraq Targets U.S. warplanes bombed targets in Iraq on Sunday in air strikes that resumed last week for the first time in more than six months after the shooting down of three U.S. helicopters.

US arrests 140 people in Iraq The US military arrested more than 140 people, including 35 suspects, in last month's attack on the Rashid hotel, as the coalition turned up the heat this weekend on a lethal insurgency.

U.S. Forces Open Fire On IOL Correspondent The U.S. occupation forces fired at an reporter while on duty taking photos at the scene of a Baghdad explosion November 7.

U.S. Democratic lawmaker calls for summit on Iraq A top U.S. Senate Democrat urged Dictator George W. Bush on Sunday to call a summit on Iraq seeking international troops and assistance in exchange for a greater say in operations.

US Warns of More Attacks After Saudi Bomb Kills 17 Rescuers worked into the night to pull bodies from the site of a suicide bombing that killed at least 17 people in Riyadh on Sunday as the United States warned al Qaeda might be planning more such attacks.

31 US soldiers killed in bloody week Iraq again witnessed a heavy loss on the US-led occupation troops as up to nine US soldiers were feared killed by resistance fighters in two days and Poland suffered its first military toll in Iraq, according to statistics by Friday.

Will U.S. bring back the draft? Defence Web site seeks volunteers - Conscription abolished in '73 --A call from the U.S. Defence Department for volunteers to sit on local draft boards has sparked debate here about whether a nationwide military draft could ultimately be needed to complete Washington's Iraq mission.

U.S. Opposes Money for Troops Jailed in Iraq The Bush regime is seeking to block a group of American troops who were tortured in Iraqi prisons during the Persian Gulf war in 1991 from collecting any of the hundreds of millions of dollars in frozen Iraqi assets they won last summer in a federal court ruling against the government of Saddam Hussein.

"Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951" - Federal Documents --by John Buchanan and Stacey Michael "After the seizures in late 1942 of five U.S. enterprises he managed on behalf of Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President [sic] George W. Bush, failed to divest himself of more than a dozen "enemy national" relationships that continued until as late as 1951, newly-discovered U.S. government documents reveal."

State Dept. Worker Found Dead Outside Agency A State Department employee was found dead outside the agency headquarters in Washington, D.C., Friday around 5 p.m., Faux News has confirmed.

Soldier faces possible court martial for radio comments A National Guard based in Rockford who blasted Dictator Bush on a local radio talk show on Friday may face court martial for her public comments, the Illinois Leader learned today.

Gore accuses Bush of undermining freedoms Dictatorship using war on terror to consolidate power, he says --President Al Gore accused the Bush dictatorship Sunday of using the war on terrorism "to consolidate its power and escape any accountability for its use."

Gore Accuses Bush of 'Big Brother' Policy President Al Gore accused Dictator Bush on Sunday of failing to make the country safer after the Sept. 11 attacks and using the war against terrorism as a pretext to consolidate power.

NYC Terror Raid Busts Ice Cream Shop At dawn, armed FBI agents assigned to an anti-terrorism unit converged on an unlikely front in the war on terrorism: a tiny ice cream shop in Brooklyn.

5 law officers disciplined for fishing on duty Five police officers were supposed to be protecting a Central Texas power plant against possible terrorism, but they went fishing instead.

Some States to Drop Presidential Primaries Several states have moved to drop their presidential primaries next year, worried about costs in still-tight financial times and wondering if the political exercise would serve any purpose.

Vote count marred by computer woes (IN) Boone County officials are searching for an answer to the computer glitch that spewed out impossible numbers and interrupted an otherwise uneventful election process Tuesday.

Superfund Job, Not Quite Finished, Frustrates Town (Kokomo, IN) The worst has been removed from this industrial city's largest hazardous waste site. Barrels of chemicals have been carted away. Contaminated front yards have been stripped and covered with fresh sod. The rusty buildings where rats and homeless men took shelter have been demolished and removed... The city has been waiting for the federal government to finish the cleanup. But the money for the Superfund program, which restores the nation's worst abandoned toxic waste sites, has not kept pace.

Dictator Bush making the world safe from 'terror': [sarcasm ON] Three Explosions Rock Saudi Capital Three explosions rocked a residential compound in the Saudi capital Saturday night, killing at least two people and wounding 86, in what a government official said was a suicide car bombing.

A series of explosions rocks central Baghdad A number of explosions have been heard in central Baghdad. First reports make no mention of casualties or damage. Eyewitnesses say three explosions were heard in the direction of the west bank of the river Tigres, an area is close to the US-led coalition headquarters in the city.

Families protest Iraq war in San Antonio A number of Texas families with husbands, sons and other relatives serving in Iraq gathered in a drizzle this morning in this military-dependent city to voice their opposition to how the U.S.-led war is being handled.

S.C. Probes High School Drug Sweep State police are investigating a drug sweep in which more than a dozen local officers charged into a crowded high school hallway with their guns drawn and handcuffed students. Videotape from Stratford High School surveillance cameras Wednesday morning shows dozens of students, some of them handcuffed, sitting on a hallway floor against the walls as police officers watch them with guns drawn and police dogs sniff backpacks and bags strewn across the hall. "I'm absolutely outraged,'' said Danny Partin, whose stepson attends Stratford. "This is supposed to be a free country, not a police state.''

Frist Freezes Senate Probe of Prewar Iraq Data Angry about a leaked Democratic memo, the Republican leadership of the Senate yesterday took the unusual step of canceling all business of the committee investigating prewar intelligence on Iraq.

Indignant Arabs Say Bush Democracy Speech a Sham Dictator George Bush's calls for democracy rang hollow in the Middle East, where many said on Friday they were appalled Washington was preaching liberty for Arabs while occupying Iraq. "He wants democracy and the U.S. is occupying Iraq and its ally Israel is killing Palestinians? Arabs just don't buy it," said Gulf-based political analyst Moghazy al-Badrawy. [He is also illegally occupying the White House and he is preaching democracy for the Middle East? We don't have the slightest semblance of democracy HERE! who is HE to talk about democracy, the unelected THIEF!?! GET OUT OF IRAQ AND GET OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE, YOU HYPOCRITE, FRAUD, LIAR, THIEF, MURDERER, AND IDIOT! --Michael Rectenwald]

US Pounds Tikrit; Red Cross Exits Baghdad U.S. warplanes and armored vehicles battered suspected resistance fighter hideouts in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit on Saturday after six soldiers were killed in the shooting down of a Black Hawk helicopter. The International Committee of the Red Cross, fearful for the safety of its staff operating in Iraq, announced it was temporarily shutting its offices in Baghdad and Basra.

U.S. Pounds Tikrit; 2 GIs Die Resistance fighters killed two U.S. paratroopers and wounded another west of Baghdad on Saturday as the U.S. military unleashed a show of force in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, rocketing buildings to rubble and dropping 500-pound bombs near the site where a Black Hawk helicopter crashed.

U.S. Retaliates After Black Hawk Crash The U.S. military swept through Iraqi neighborhoods early Saturday, firing at houses suspected to be harboring hostile forces in the wake of an apparent attack on a Black Hawk helicopter that killed six U.S. soldiers. [Firing at houses: is that all part of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'? Just curious.]

U.S. Military On the Move Near Tikrit In Show of Force It's payback [???] time for U.S. forces operating in Tikrit, Iraq. That's where an Army Black Hawk helicopter was apparently shot down by resistance fighters, killing all six U.S. soldiers aboard. In retaliation, U.S. troops backed by Bradley fighting vehicles swept through neighborhoods before dawn. They blasted the houses of suspected freedom fighters with machine guns and heavy weapons fire.

U.S. Grip Loosens in the Sunni Triangle Tactical Shift In Iraq Leaves Power Vacuum --American troops patrol less frequently, townspeople openly threaten Iraqi security personnel who cooperate with U.S. forces, and the night belongs to the resistance fighters.

Foreign troop relief falls short of U.S. hopes Occupation of Iraq maintains Western face --More than two months after launching a campaign to draw at least 10,000 troops from the Muslim world and India to help stabilize Iraq, the United States has seen its plans founder on a combination of Iraqi opposition, anti-American sentiment, anger over the U.S.-led invasion and alarm over mounting violence.

Iraq proves no vote-winner in Japan Faced with public opposition to his plan to send troops to volatile Iraq, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is playing down his controversial foreign policy before Sunday’s Japanese general election.

Iraq is not America's to sell International law is unequivocal - Paul Bremer's economic reforms are illegal --by Naomi Klein "...[T]he 'troops out' debate overlooks an important fact. If every last soldier pulled out of the Gulf tomorrow and a sovereign government came to power, Iraq would still be occupied: by laws written in the interest of another country; by foreign corporations controlling its essential services; by 70% unemployment sparked by public sector layoffs. Any movement serious about Iraqi self-determination must call not only for an end to Iraq's military occupation, but to its economic colonisation as well. That means reversing the shock therapy reforms that US occupation chief Paul Bremer has fraudulently passed off as 'reconstruction', and cancelling all privatisation contracts that are flowing from these reforms.

White House Puts Limits on Queries From Democrats The Bush White House, irritated by pesky questions from congressional Democrats about how the dictatorship is using taxpayer money, has developed an efficient solution: It will not entertain any more questions from opposition lawmakers.

Rejection of 'Earmarks' Angers Democrats GOP Subcommittee Chairman Says He Won't Honor Democrats' Projects in Bill --Rep. Ralph Regula (R-Nazi-Ohio), who chairs the subcommittee that controls spending on education, health and jobs programs, recently stunned Democrats by announcing plans to reject every "earmarked" project they are seeking in the final, compromise version of the bill, which funds the departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor.

Conferees authorize $400 billion for Defense programs House and Senate conferees approved $401.3 billion in budget authority for fiscal 2004 defense programs late Thursday, with additional funding authorization for the Air Force to acquire new Boeing tanker aircraft.

6 Soldiers Die in Helicopter Crash in Iraq 2 Others Killed in Separate Attacks in Mosul --A U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed Friday morning near the Tigris River in northern Iraq after it was apparently struck by ground fire, killing all six soldiers on board, military officials and witnesses said.

Six US soldiers killed in Iraq Blackhawk crash: military Six US soldiers have been killed when a Blackhawk helicopter was "forced down" [struck by groundfire] outside an American base near the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit, US military officials said.

Media Criticize Bush Over Handling Of Casualties The Bush dictatorship, as the Washington Post first reported recently, has banned the press from covering the return of dead soldiers to American military bases...

Senator Questions Chinook Safety At least two democratic senators from our area (IA-IL) have called into question, the safety of the Chinook helicopters now in Iraq.

Turkey says it won't send troops now In a major 'setback' to U.S. efforts [great!] to attract military help in Iraq, a Turkish official said Tuesday his country won't send peacekeeping troops without a significant change in the situation there. That makes it virtually certain the United States will have to send thousands more U.S. reservists early next year.

Turkey Decides Not to Send Troops to Iraq Reversing an earlier decision, Turkey said on Friday it would not deploy troops to help the United States secure postwar Iraq after encountering strong opposition from the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council.

Pentagon Says a Covert Force Hunts Hussein The top American military commander for the Middle East has created a covert commando force to 'hunt' Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and 'key terrorists' throughout the region, according to Pentagon and military officials. [Really? If they want to find Osama bin Laden, they may want to start looking in Carlyle Group's board room, since they were business partners. And, I am sure Hussein, et al., will be 'captured' in October, 2004, for another GOP 'October Surprise', just in time for the 2004 s-election.]

Arabs Shun Bush Democracy Call Over Israel, Iraq U.S. Dictator George W. Bush's drive to promote democracy in the Middle East was faced on November 7, with harsh criticism and serious doubts from Arab writers and analysts over its credibility, citing Washington's occupation of Iraq and its support for Israeli occupation of Arab land.

Bush is a liar The President [sic] has no idea where his aggressive policies are leading America, warns Robert Scheer. "On Sunday, 18 more young Americans died in Iraq serving the vanity of an American President [sic] who woefully betrayed them and who has no idea where his policies are taking his country. This is a President [sic] who, as is now amply clear, has systematically lied to the troops and the American people about the reasons for going to war, distorting evidence to claim that the United States was threatened by Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction and linking Iraq to the September 11 terrorist attacks. Having led America and its allies by the nose into a clumsy, ill-advised Middle East power grab, President [sic] Bush is faced with a terrible quandary: what do we do now?"

IRAQ: Maternal deaths triple since 1990, says UNFPA Maternal deaths in Iraq have tripled since 1990 due to a crumbling health system, a new report by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) revealed this week.

Jessica Lynch Rape Claim Challenged By Doctors Who Saved Her Life Iraqi doctors who treated Jessica Lynch dispute claims made in her biography that she was raped. Dr. Mahdi Khafazji, who performed surgery on Lynch's fractured femur said he found no signs of sexual assault.

She was propaganda tool, angry Lynch says Pentagon was wrong to film her rescue, ex-POW tells ABC --Jessica Lynch has angrily accused the Pentagon of using her for propaganda. The 20-year-old private, portrayed as a female Rambo after she was captured by Iraqis during a blazing gun battle and then freed by American troops, told ABC there was no reason for her rescue from an Iraqi hospital to be filmed.

Jessica Lynch: Military Was Wrong to Manipulate Rescue Story Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch accused the military of using her capture and dramatic nighttime rescue to sway public support for the war in Iraq.

Lynch: Military manipulated story Former POW says rescue shouldn’t have been filmed --Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch said the U.S. military was wrong to manipulate the story of her dramatic rescue and should not have filmed it in the first place.

Medic goes AWOL to care for kids Simone Holcomb, a medic married to an Army sergeant, refused an order to return to duty in Iraq because it could have meant losing two of their seven children in a custody battle. And now the Army may punish her.

Colorado woman faces charges by military Interview with US soldier who refused to abandon children and return to Iraq --by Joanne Laurier "A 30-year-old US soldier faces charges after choosing to look after her children in Colorado rather than returning to duty in Iraq..."

Bush Disapproval Rating on Iraq Exceeds 50% in Poll For the first time since the war that toppled Saddam Hussein, a majority of Americans disapproves of how U.S. Dictator George W. Bush is handling the situation in Iraq, a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll published today shows.

Washington rejected sweeping Iraqi concessions on eve of war --by Bill Vann "On the eve of its invasion of Iraq, carried out without United Nations sanction and in violation of international law, Washington brushed aside Baghdad’s offer of sweeping concessions that would have realized nearly all of the Bush administration’s publicly stated war aims without the massive loss of life that followed... The new revelations concerning Iraqi initiatives to prevent this war pose the need for a full and independent investigation into how the war was prepared, so that those who planned and carried it out can be held accountable through impeachment and criminal prosecution..."

Protester subpoenas Ashcroft, Bush adviser A man charged with entering a restricted area during an October 2002 presidential [sic] visit has subpoenaed U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and Bush political adviser Karl Rove to testify at his trial next week.

Tanks and planes in $50bn upgrade New tanks, three naval destroyers, unmanned aircraft and United States fighters to replace F-111s have been approved in a $50 billion defence plan to give Australian forces a frontline capacity for future international and regional conflicts.

'Australia should have stayed out of Vietnam' Australia's role in the Vietnam War was helpful but was not the contribution by a major nation which America needed to justify its action, former US defence secretary Robert McNamara said yesterday... While very reluctant yesterday to talk about Iraq, he acknowledged there were parallels with Vietnam.

In Afghanistan, U.S. Replaces One Terrorist State with Another --by Sonali Kolhatkar "'If you harbor a terrorist, if you support a terrorist, if you feed a terrorist, you're just as guilty as the terrorists. And the Taliban found out what we meant,' U.S. President [sic] George W. Bush told military personnel in Fort Stewart, Ga., on Sept. 12. But now all Afghans have found out what it means, as U.S.-backed warlords keep alive the Taliban's legacy: Two years after the start of U.S. bombing to topple the Taliban, the United States is replacing the former terrorist state with yet another of its own design."

Calm opposition weighs against mobile brigade Only one person at a public meeting voices support for the Army's plans for Hawaii --About 200 people, dozens carrying protest signs, expressed their opposition last night to the Army's plans to bring a Stryker brigade to Hawaii.

Twelve keys missing at US nuclear weapons laboratory A dozen keys that enable scientists to enter off-limits buildings at a top-secret US nuclear weapons laboratory have been lost presenting a potential security breach, a government inspector revealed.

Possible anthrax at White House mail area A substance that authorities say might be anthrax was detected at the military facility that processes White House mail, the Navy and Homeland Security Department said Thursday.

Anthrax Scare Closes 11 D.C. Mail Centers Possible Anthrax Discovery Closes 11 Washington D.C.-Area Mail Facilities --The Postal Service closed 11 Washington-area post offices Thursday while authorities ran tests to determine whether anthrax was detected at the Navy site that handles mail for federal agencies.

9/11 Panel May Reject Offer of Limited Access to Briefings The White House has offered to provide a federal commission with limited access to Oval Office intelligence reports regarding the Sept. 11 terror attacks, but some members of the panel have described the offer as inadequate and are renewing the threat of a subpoena, commission officials said on Thursday.

Some in GOP Challenge Business Tax Cuts Some House Republicans are rebelling against a $128 billion package of business tax cuts aimed at helping U.S. manufacturers and endorsed by GOP leaders, griping that it offers too much to multinational corporations that are moving plants and jobs overseas.

SUV tax break a marketing bonanza Word spreads of $100,000 deduction for business use --When Congress this year decided to allow small-business owners, doctors, lawyers and real estate salespeople to deduct up to $100,000 from their taxable income for the purchase of a luxury SUV, Texas car-dealership magnate Jerry Reynolds could hardly believe his good fortune.

Judge OK's Shutdown of Canada Drugs Firm A federal judge granted the government's request Thursday to shut down a company, operating as Rx Depot and Rx of Canada, that helps customers buy cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

Missouri River Scientists Off Project The long-running dispute over management of the nation's longest river took another twist when the Bush dictatorship yanked government scientists off a project to study the waterway's ecosystem.

Beckett orders toxic fleet to return to US (UK) Margaret Beckett, the Environment Secretary, has said that two former US Navy ships contaminated with toxic chemicals will dock at Hartlepool but will be forced to return to America.

Beckett Orders Ghostships to Return to U.S. (UK) Two former US Navy ships contaminated with chemicals will dock in Hartlepool but will be forced to return to America, the Environment Secretary said today.

Three Judges Block New Abortion Ban Federal judges in three U.S. states blocked the government on Thursday from prosecuting almost all doctors for performing an abortion procedure banned under a law just signed by Dictator Bush.

Image of Men Signing Abortion Ban Assailed Images of Dictator Bush signing abortion legislation surrounded by male supporters — with no women in sight — were upsetting, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday.

Jeb Bush's burgeoning police state in Florida, the heart of the empire and site of coup 2000: Hillsborough deputies form homeland security command The Hillsborough County (FL) Sheriff's Office is trying to bring all its homeland security units under one command, much like the federal government did. They're adding new positions for bomb-sniffing dogs, domestic security intelligence, even a deputy whose sole job is to coordinate protection against weapons of mass destruction.

City secures money to run talks Miami says it has raised the $12 million needed to administer the upcoming FTAA talks, where the 'security tab' [for Jeb's police state] in the face of protests is expected to approach $9 million. [???!!!] The big fund-raising windfall came this week when the U.S. Senate approved an $87 billion spending bill for Iraq, which Dictator Bush has signed. Tacked onto the legislation was the $8.5 million for Miami's security costs.

Fascist Florida: Appeals court: FCAT exams are not public records Copies of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test are not public records and parents have no right to see them. That's according to a state appellate court ruling today.

Mega barf alert! Report: Katherine Harris Considers Senate Run Harris Would Likely Be Republican Front-Runner --Published reports say [GOP coupmeister] Rep. KKKatherine Harris is "seriously considering" running for the U.S. Senate.

Police fail to find drugs in armed raid of Stratford High School (SC) Reports of drug deals at Stratford High School led to an early-morning police raid this week in which about 15 officers cordoned off the main hallway to search for marijuana. Several drew their guns 'but did not use force' [???!!!], police said [Hello, McFly? Isn't the use of 'force' inherent in pulling a gun at a high school? The quintessential 'duh'...] Officers did not arrest anyone during the lockdown at 6:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Iraq Made Last-Ditch Effort to Avoid War Just days before U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq, officials claiming to speak for a frantic Iraqi regime made a last-ditch effort to avert the war, but U.S. officials rebuffed the overture, the intermediary and U.S. officials said Thursday.

US 'rejected Iraqi concessions' A Lebanese-American businessman has said he conveyed a last-ditch Iraqi plea to the US dictatorship to avoid war but the approach was rebuffed. The offer from Saddam Hussein's regime was turned down about a week before US-led forces invaded Iraq in March, Imad Hage told the BBC.

Iraq Said to Have Tried to Reach Last-Minute Deal to Avert War As American soldiers massed on the Iraqi border in March and diplomats argued about war, an influential adviser to the Pentagon received a secret message from a Lebanese-American businessman: Saddam Hussein wanted to make a deal. Iraqi officials, including the chief of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, had told the businessman that they wanted Washington to know that Iraq no longer had weapons of mass destruction, and they offered to allow American troops and experts to conduct a search. The businessman said in an interview that the Iraqis also offered to hand over a man accused of being involved in the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 who was being held in Baghdad. At one point, he said, the Iraqis pledged to hold elections. [Iraq will have no 'elections' under the US dictatorship. We don't have 'elections' in the United States, either. Also, Halliburton could not make any money with a peaceful solution, hence, Bush's illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.]

Report: U.S. Offered Peace Deal Before War with Iraq A middle man between Saddam Hussein's intelligence chief and Pentagon advisors said he laid out a possible peace deal in the run up to the war in Iraq but the offer was spurned by Washington.

Halliburton Contract Extension Cancelled Amid Allegations of Overcharging Taxpayers ( "The Army Corps of Engineers is 'likely' to cancel the no-bid contract extension granted a week ago to Halliburton for delivery of oil-related services amid allegations that Halliburton is overcharging the federal government to import oil into Iraq. The decision to revisit the contract extension comes in part due to the assertions from inside the Pentagon that Halliburton's price for imported gasoline was 'at least double what it should be.'" [See: "Letter from Rep. Henry Waxman and Rep. John Dingell to Lt. Gen. Robert B. Flowers", U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 11/5/03]

Embedded reporters sanitised Iraq W-ar Television reports produced by "embedded" correspondents in the Iraq conflict gave a sanitised picture of war, according to an academic study published by the BBC today. [Michael Rectenwald said this BEFORE the W-ar! See: Gulf War II: The New 'Real' --by Michael Rectenwald]

L.A. Times Bans 'Resistance Fighters' in Iraq News The Los Angeles Times has ordered its reporters to stop describing anti-American forces in Iraq as "resistance fighters," saying the term romanticizes them and evokes World War II-era heroism. [CLG will continue to refer to the freedom fighters as 'resistance fighters'.]

Two Soldiers Killed In Separate Iraq Incidents Two U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq over the past two days in separate incidents, according to U.S. Central Command releases.

85,000 GIs Told They're Heading to Iraq About 85,000 U.S. troops have been alerted they will soon be sent to Iraq to relieve forces who have been there for up to a year, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Thursday.

Survey Shows Skepticism About Iraq Most Americans Polled Don't Believe Conflict Is Key Fight in War on Terrorism --Only one in seven Americans agrees with Dictator Bush's assertion that the conflict in Iraq is the most important fight in the war on terrorism, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

One in 7 Americans agree with Bush on Iraq One American in seven agrees with Dictator George W. Bush that the Iraq conflict constitutes the most important fight in the war on terrorism, according to a Washington Post-ABC poll.

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq Two other American troops hurt in ambush south of Baghdad --Resistance fighters firing rocket- propelled grenades and guns killed one U.S. soldier and wounded two more in an ambush south of Baghdad on Wednesday, the U.S. military said on Thursday. Another American soldier was killed when a landmine exploded near the Syrian border.

Relatives of US soldiers killed in Iraq denounce Bush policy Opposition to the war and occupation in Iraq is being voiced by the families of a number of US soldiers who have been killed there. Some relatives of the 15 soldiers who died as a result of last Sunday’s missile attack on a Chinook helicopter have openly denounced the Bush regime’s war policy.

Soldier-mom goes AWOL for kids Simone Holcomb’s choice was between duty and family. She chose family, and now the military may punish her. Holcomb, an Army medic married to an Army sergeant, refused an order to return to duty in Iraq because it could have meant losing two of their seven children in a custody battle.

Clark: Iraq war used to settle score The attack against Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism, but was the work of military leaders in the Bush dictatorship with a long score to settle, retired Gen. Wesley Clark charged Wednesday.

Prominent Democrat Calls For Rumsfeld to Resign A prominent congressional Democrat said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should do the country "a service" -- by resigning. U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, a Korean War veteran, said it has become very clear that the Pentagon doesn't have a strategy for getting U.S. troops out of Iraq. ***Take the poll!*** U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel says the Pentagon doesn't have a strategy for getting U.S. troops out of Iraq and that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should do the do the country a service by resigning. Should Rumsfeld resign?

Bush funded for 'smaller' nuclear weapons Dictator Bush will get funds for research on "bunker buster" nuclear bombs and other 'lower-intensity' [???!!!] nuclear weapons. The bill also contains $580 million for early work on a nuclear waste storage site at Yucca Mountain in the Nevada desert. [While we are distracted with Iraq, the Idiot Usurper is busy building 'small' nuclear weapons.]

Gulf War POWs lose out on legislation seeking money Legislation intended to help prisoners of war held by Saddam Hussein during the first Gulf War was set aside in Congress. Seventeen former POWs won a $959 million court judgment against Iraq this past summer but have been unable to collect after the government transferred frozen Iraqi funds to federal 'rebuilding accounts'. [We can't interfere with the Halliburton no-bid coffers now, can we?]

Iran Hands Over Key Drawings to UN Nuclear Agency Iran said on Wednesday it had handed over to the U.N. nuclear watchdog crucial drawings of equipment used in its uranium enrichment program to help prove it was not seeking to make an atomic bomb.

British Police Brace for Bush Visit Dictator Bush, who has been [often illegally] shielded from protests in recent travels, arrives in Britain on a state visit in two weeks, and the police here are weighing how to control promised street demonstrations without resorting to crowd control measures that could be seen as curbing free expression.

Protester subpoenas top Bush officials for upcoming trial A man charged with entering a restricted area during a presidential [sic] visit more than a year ago has requested U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and Bush political adviser Karl Rove to appear at his trial next week. Activist Brett Bursey said the testimony will show that the Bush regime tries to "sanitize" areas of dissent around the dictator during visits.

New FBI Guidelines Further Relax Restrictions on Investigations The FBI's latitude in checking a person's background has been expanded again. Under national security guidelines issued by Attorney General John Ashcroft, the FBI can conduct a "threat assessment" of potential terrorists without having any evidence of a crime or a threat.

The Patriot Act isn't patriotic --by William Gilbert "Since the passing of the Patriot Act, numerous governments have passed resolutions against its abusive policies... The Republican-controlled Congress has given the executive branch what amounts to carte blanche in its 'Use of Force' resolution, with no apparent distinction between domestic and international targets."

Religion, Science May Turn a Page Over Textbook in Texas Conservatives want the state to reject a biology book or require editing of parts on evolution. Some say it may open the door to creationism. This morning in Austin, the Texas Board of Education will begin two days of deliberation about whether to adopt 11 new high school biology textbooks for the 2004-2005 school year — a transaction that, by some estimates, could cost the state $30 million. A coalition of religious conservatives has launched a campaign to point out what it calls inaccuracies and inadequacies in the books' presentation of evolution. Their goal: Persuade the board to reject the books or require publishers to edit passages about evolution, raising enough questions that some believe the door would be opened to teaching creationism in public schools.

Federal Judge in N.Y. Is Second to Block New Abortion Law In a ruling with potentially coast-to-coast effect, a federal judge blocked the government's new ban on certain late-term abortions Thursday in a rapidly escalating legal battle that began even before Dictator Bush signed the measure. The ruling was the second such setback for the Bush regime in 24 hours.

Dems Block GOP Nominee From Appeals Court Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked Alabama Attorney General [and Reichwing maggot] William Pryor from a U.S. Appeals Court seat for a second time as Republicans, meanwhile, moved California judge Janice Rogers Brown toward what is likely to be the same fate in the closely divided Senate.

Senate Panel Narrowly Backs Bush Nominee for U.S. Court The Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed one of Dictator Bush's federal appeals court nominees today in a narrow vote that reflected the deep partisan differences over judicial confirmations.

Suspect Diebold Code Used in State Votes An investigation by California's secretary of state has revealed that Diebold Election Systems placed uncertified software on electronic voting machines in a California county.

AG seeks Schwarzenegger's aid on review of groping allegations California Attorney General Bill Lockyer said Thursday that he advised Gov.-s-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger that allegations the incoming governor had groped women "are not going to go away" and he should cooperate with an independent investigation.

Rule Drafted That Would Dilute the Clean Water Act If implemented, streams and wetlands would be open to development. California and other parts of the arid West would bear the brunt. Bush dictatorship officials have drafted a rule that would significantly narrow the scope of the Clean Water Act, stripping many wetlands and streams of federal pollution controls and making them available to being filled for commercial development.

Lawyers at E.P.A. Say It Will Drop Pollution Cases A change in enforcement policy will lead the Environmental Protection Agency to drop investigations into 50 power plants for past violations of the Clean Air Act, lawyers at the agency who were briefed on the decision this week said.

EPA likely to halt actions against power plants The Environmental Protection Agency is likely to stop taking action against coal-burning power plants that the agency itself had accused of violating air-pollution laws, an EPA source familiar with the decision said Wednesday.

Melting ice cap, melting glaciers (disappearing rivers and lakes) On Thursday, October 23rd, 2003, NASA released composite images which show the retreat of the arctic ice cap over the last two decades, in a press release titled Recent Warming of Arctic May Affect Worldwide Climate. The images show the ice cap as it was in 1979 and the ice cap in 2003.

Cowardly CBS pulls 'Reagans,' caves in to conservative attack --by Brian Lambert "The superficial charge that the (unseen) miniseries is chock full of inaccuracies and therefore should be censored, if not killed, is the stuff of black irony. If historical accuracy is the guiding principle for TV melodrama, why didn't any of the aforementioned [Reichwing attack] engine stokers complain a peep about Showtime's recent 'DC 9/11: Time of Crisis,' a lavishly inventive drama that portrayed George W. Bush as a leader so gifted he was practically clairvoyant. While we're at it, never mind that the essence of the alleged portrait of the private Reagans has been reported (if not documented) by everyone from their own daughter, Patti, to their once trusted chief of staff, Don Regan."

Detractors of CBS' The Reagans Rewrite, Distort AIDS History (glaad) "Though one line in The Reagans script that has received considerable attention (where Reagan says of AIDS victims, 'They that live in sin shall die in sin') is clearly fictionalized, the broader reality it attempts to convey is evident in the history of the federal government's inadequate response to the AIDS crisis under the Reagan Administration... The Kaiser Family Foundation's Daily HIV/AIDS Report for June 7, 2001... notes that the San Diego Union Tribune quoted Reagan as telling the conference, 'Final judgment is up to God.'"

Action alert from "Sign the petition to Boycott CBS through November sweeps unless they stop giving in to the hysterical right, and broadcast their miniseries about the Reagans as originally conceived!"

ILWU Local 23 Endorses Kucinich For Immediate Release: November 6, 2003 "The International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 23 in Tacoma, Wa., has endorsed by popular vote the candidacy of Dennis J. Kucinich for president. Representatives of Local 23 will present Kucinich with the formal endorsement this Saturday."

A New Political Era Dawns in S.F. Old guard's out as a Democrat and a Green, both in their 30s, face a mayoral runoff. Voters here have ushered in a new generation of political leadership, setting the stage for a mayoral runoff next month between a millionaire entrepreneur who promises to crack down on the homeless and an unapologetically left-wing Green Party member [Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez, 38] who won an upset over his political mentors.

***Miami, FL is wasting millions for a police state and a baseball stadium! Why not use the money to make is to people's votes actually count???***

City secures money to run talks Miami says it has raised the $12 million needed to administer the upcoming FTAA talks, where the 'security tab' [for Jeb's police state] in the face of protests is expected to approach $9 million. [???!!!] The big fund-raising windfall came this week when the U.S. Senate approved an $87 billion spending bill for Iraq, which Dictator Bush has signed. Tacked onto the legislation was the $8.5 million for Miami's security costs.

Dade County pledges to help build stadium Miami-Dade County has promised $73 million in public funding to help build a baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins. The team will likely turn next to the state and city of Miami. Thanks to a pledge of millions in tax money by county commissioners Tuesday, the Florida Marlins are one step closer to getting a new baseball stadium built.

Better than a Touchscreen ( Coin Based Voting System Proposal for Public Domain Election System Standard "Implementation of this standard will allow for a very accurate, cross-verifiable system for vote tabulation Token based ballot systems were invented thousands of years ago. Today, a token based system, coupled with technology can provide a very accurate, cross-verifiable system for vote tabulation. This open standard is published for use in the public domain."

Sensitive IAI missile launch recorded by Channel 10 Israel Aircraft Industries was frantically engaged in damage control yesterday after an unprecedented security lapse allowed a Channel 10 television technician to capture an internal screening of a secret missile test via an ordinary satellite dish.

Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud The Diebold Memos' Smoking Gun Volusia Co. Memos Disclose Election 2000 Vote Fraud --by Alastair Thompson "'Deland, Fla., Nov. 11 - Something very strange happened on election night to Deborah Tannenbaum, a Democratic Party official in Volusia County. At 10 p.m., she called the county elections department and learned that Al Gore was leading George W. Bush 83,000 votes to 62,000. But when she checked the county's Web site for an update half an hour later, she found a startling development: Gore's count had dropped by 16,000 votes, while an obscure Socialist candidate had picked up 10,000--all because of a single precinct with only 600 voters.' -- Washington Post Sunday , November 12, 2000 ; Page A22..." [On page A-22! Only that the resident is a complete fraud as proven fifteen other ways, and it was buried on A-22!!!! This country is a rat-hole. -Michael Rectenwald]

Diebold Voting Case Tests DMCA Diebold invokes copyright law to quash discussion fueled by stolen documents. Can Diebold Systems use copyright law to pressure Netizens into removing links to online discussion archives stolen from the company in March? That question is before a federal judge. The stolen archives contain conversations from online bulletin boards in which Diebold employees discuss problems with the company's electronic 'voting' systems. The ruling will test the limits of the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), says one legal expert. ['Stolen' documents? Our entire *DEMOCRACY* was stolen in 2000 by Diebold, Bush, Baker Botts, and the entire Whore High Court. We *will not* accept another coup d'etat in 2004. --Lori Price]

Calif. Halts E-Vote Certification (Nov. 3) Uncertified software may have been installed on Diebold electronic 'voting' machines used in one California county, according to the secretary of state's office.

Worries grow over new 'voting' machines' reliability, security Doubts about the trustworthiness of electronic voting machines are growing among election officials and computer scientists, complicating efforts to safeguard elections after the 'presidential stalemate of 2000'. ['Presidential stalemate?' It was a coup d'etat!]

US senators say Halliburton to lose Iraq gasoline business The US Army may replace Halliburton as the agent for future gasoline imports into Iraq following accusations of overcharging, two senior Democratic lawmakers said. [Make it so.]

Classified U.S. Report On Iraq Sought by U.N. Inspector Urges Paper's Release --The U.N.'s top nuclear weapons inspector Monday called on the United States to provide his agency with a copy of a classified American report on Iraq's banned weapons and to allow his inspectors to return to Iraq.

Syria tells US to leave Iraq to end violence A Syrian official called in remarks published on Wednesday for the United States to withdraw from Iraq, saying the problem of terror attacks had arisen only since US-led forces occupied the country.

Germany Questions Legality of Iraq War German Defense Minister Peter Struck re-ignited the transatlantic spat over the Iraq war by questioning the legality of the U.S.-led invasion. He said American unilateralism endangered NATO’s principle of consensus.

Blair taken to ICC for unlawful Iraq war British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair is facing a formal complaint made to the international war crimes tribunal by a panel of senior international legal experts for unlawfully waging war on Iraq.

Prominent Democrat Calls For Rumsfeld to Resign A prominent congressional Democrat said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should do the country "a service" -- by resigning. U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, a Korean War veteran, said it has become very clear that the Pentagon doesn't have a strategy for getting U.S. troops out of Iraq.

Iraq bill includes millions for Miami meeting Buried in a bill that provides money for the war in Iraq is an $8.5 million federal [police state] 'boost' for Miami to host the Free Trade Area of the Americas conference later this month. Passed in the House last week and the Senate Monday, the FTAA money is a single line within the massive Iraq bill.

Escape by Voice Vote --by Harold Meyerson "If defeat is an orphan, the U.S. occupation of Iraq, for which the Senate appropriated $87 billion by a voice vote on Monday, should already go down in the loss column. By rejecting the normal option of a recorded vote, America's senators decided that they did not want to be held individually accountable for our continuing presence in Iraq. That decision speaks far louder than their decision to actually fund our forces there and the Iraqi reconstruction."

Three Wounded in Mortar Attack in Baghdad Resistance fighters struck Tuesday at the center of the U.S.-led occupation, firing mortars after sundown at the heavily guarded district that includes major American facilities. Three people were wounded, the Pentagon said.

US compound in Mosul shelled Resistance fighters using rocket-propelled grenades struck a US compound in the northern city of Mosul today, a day after Baghdad's heavily guarded central district came under fire from mortars or missiles.

Five rocket-propelled grenades fired at hotel in Mosul Resistance fighters have attacked a hotel used by American soldiers in northern Iraq.

U.S. Shifts On Creation of Security Unit in Iraq The U.S. dictator of Iraq has decided to conditionally support the creation of an Iraqi-led paramilitary force composed of former employees of the country's security services and members of political party militias, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Where The Wounded Go The U.S. effort In Iraq is costing lives, but there's another price being paid, too – in the increasingly high numbers of those being severely injured and disabled. Lives are not only being lost, others are being broken and turned into long-term battles with pain and disability. Since the combat in Iraq began, including combat casualties, serious non-combat injuries and disease, Army hospital in Landstuhl, Germany has had to treat more than 7,700 U.S. personnel.

"Shot" By Friendly Fire! Defense Department forcing anthrax vaccines without informed consent, covering up failed shot program --by Tom Flocco "Widow’s only son threatened with jail, sent to Kuwait frontlines for refusing anthrax shots / Fighter pilots and support crew sick from or refusing injection are ostracized, demoted, grounded, and forced into retirement by Air Force generals -- While allies make anthrax shots optional / Full-time National Guardsmen sick from "vaccine cocktails" denied adequate medical care by Pentagon / General lied under oath to Congress about hundreds of pilot resignations.

Aljazeera cameraman arrested again US occupation forces have arrested an Aljazeera cameraman in Iraq for the second time in less than a month.

Sugar-coating U.S. motives in Iraq --by Linda McQuaig "According to a report released last week by the Washington-based Centre for Public Integrity, more than $8 billion in contracts for rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan have been awarded — many without competitive bids — to companies that were major donors to the Bush campaign. The biggest recipient, with $2.3 billion in contacts, is a subsidiary of Halliburton, the company formerly headed by Vice-President [sic] Dick Cheney. And all this is just for reconstruction. The oil will be dealt with later."

Is Iraq Another Vietnam? --by Ivan Eland "The press is already demanding to know when U.S. troops can be reduced, while at the same time Joseph Biden, the senior Democratic Senator on the Foreign Relations Committee, is pressuring for American forces to be added. Perhaps Biden knows that committing more forces would mire the administration deeper in the quagmire, belie administration rhetoric that the situation in Iraq is improving -- the way the Tet Offensive in Vietnam belied the Johnson administration’s claim that the United States was winning the Vietnam War -- and be the beginning of the end for both public support for the war and the president[sic]’s political career."

Appeal for draft board volunteers revives memories of Vietnam era The Pentagon has begun recruiting for local draft boards, dredging up painful memories of Vietnam era conscription at a time of deepening misgiving about America's occupation of Iraq.

Thousands to reject Bush's UK visit MP Jeremy Corbyn hopes the planned visit will not go ahead A British member of parliament has tabled a motion to prevent US Dictator George Bush’s state visit to London this November. Jeremy Corbyn presented the motion on Monday evening and told he could not understand why Britain should want to receive a president [sic] who started the war in Iraq.

Reported U.S. Strike Disconcerts Karzai As the Afghan leader's government tries to build support for a draft constitution, the homes of supporters are hit in an airstrike, killing six. The deaths of six villagers in what Afghan officials said was a U.S. airstrike embarrassed President Hamid Karzai's government Monday as it tried to rally support for a draft constitution that is key to reuniting this war-ravaged country.

Ooze Becky where? --by Brian Cloughley "A malign, rotten, barbaric dictator [Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan] who permits ‘no independent judicial or legislative system, no legal opposition, and no free media’ was honoured by [Dictator] Bush and given a standing ovation by senators who couldn’t find his country on a globe ('Ooze Becky Where?') because he provided a base for the US invasion of Iraq... Messrs Chirac and Schroeder were elected in an open and legal process [unlike Dictator Bush]. Their governments do not practice torture. (Karimov’s thugs actually boiled two people alive, according to a British official report.) They have opposition political parties and their media is totally free. But they are not welcome in the White House because they dare disagree with some policies of an administration whose values are so grossly perverted that evil autocrats are praised while democratic presidents and their nations are reviled and insulted. 'You are with us or against us', says Bush, and if you do his bidding unconditionally then you and other brutal blackguards will be welcome in freedom’s halls, no matter how many people you boil alive." [a must read]

US will deny aid to countries that refuse court immunity deals The United States aims to secure agreements "with every country in the world" guaranteeing immunity for its citizens from any prosecution from the new International Criminal Court (ICC), and will cut off military aid to countries which do not comply.

How the White House deletes the truth --by Derrick Z. Jackson "[Dictator] Bush's desire for us to become ostriches over the deaths and wounding of American soldiers in Iraq -- 379 dead and 2,155 hurt at last count -- is but one more pathological act in sticking all of America into the sand. Bush severely limited access to the presidential papers of his father. Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney erected an iron curtain around his energy task force. Hundreds of Muslim immigrants were detained without due process and with no evidence they were involved in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The administration wiped out parts of an Environmental Protection Agency report that specifically tied human activities to global warming. Bush has his eraser out again. The Justice Department recently released a commissioned report on diversity among its attorneys. Half of its 186 pages were blacked out."

Clark Decries Pentagon Schools Proposal Retired Army General Wesley Clark criticized a Pentagon proposal to close some schools on military bases, calling the idea an example of the Bush dictatorship "gouging away benefits" owed to U.S. troops.

Bush is letting our veterans down --by Mike Byron "Funding for VA patients has decreased by about $635 per patient in recent years. The Bush administration and its allies in Congress are more interested in cutting taxes for the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans and for job-destroying multinational corporations than they are in honoring our commitment to the tong-term care of our defenders of freedom."

Terrorist drill covers sea Coast Guard, law enforcement swarm ship in training exercise (FL) Local law enforcement officers took a crash course in ship assault Monday in a counterterrorism training exercise at the Port of Pensacola. Special Weapons and Tactics teams and other local, state and federal agencies stormed the 300- foot freighter Delta Mariner in a trio of 'terrorist scenarios' in downtown Pensacola. [Our tax dollars at work as Bush prepares to carry out his next act of terrorism as a weapon of mass DISTRACTION for the 2004 s-election.]

Patriot Act: Law's use causing concerns Use of statute in corruption case unprecedented, attorneys contend -The investigation of strip club owner Michael Galardi and numerous politicians appears to be the first time federal authorities have used the Patriot Act in a public corruption probe.

Private Police Network Raises Concerns The Multiple Jurisdiction Network Organization is a privately owned, state-run project that links case files of law enforcement agencies around Minnesota. The network is raising some of the same privacy concerns as a wider project known as Matrix, which involves more than a dozen states and some $12 million in federal funds. Created so states can track 'would-be terrorists' [???!!!], the Matrix database is being built and housed in the offices of a private company.

US television network caves in to right wing over [Iran-Contra terrorist] Reagan mini-series --by David Walsh "This is apparently the first time a major network has ever removed a completed project from its schedule due to political pressure and the threat of an advertising boycott."

Linda Tripp to collect bonanza from Pentagon: $595,000 payoff for Clinton tapes --by Patrick Martin "The former White House aide who played a critical role in the right-wing campaign to destabilize the Clinton administration, Linda Tripp, will collect a substantial payoff from the Bush administration, her lawyers announced November 3."

Gone in the blink of an eye Berkeley researchers declare 14 million U.S. jobs are at risk of being outsourced. If every white-collar job that could be easily outsourced to Russia, China and India goes the way of the customer-service call center, 14 million positions will be eliminated in the U.S., according to "The New Wave of Outsourcing," an academic study released in late October.

Edwards Plans to Target Predatory Lenders Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards unveiled a plan Wednesday that would target irresponsible credit card companies and predatory lenders.

Where was Diebold? GOP Picks Up 2 Governorships in South With a presidential campaign only months away, Republicans picked up two governorships in the South, ousting Mississippi's Democratic incumbent and seizing Kentucky's top job for the first time in 32 years.

Levy Elected Suffolk Executive (NY) Ending a dozen years of Republican rule, Suffolk voters elected Democrat Steve Levy as county executive yesterday, after a campaign in which he had hit hard on government corruption under the GOP.

City Votes Down an Effort to End Party Primaries New York City voters overwhelmingly rejected a measure yesterday that would have instituted nonpartisan city elections, voting to forgo changes in a system of selecting municipal officials that has been in place for nearly a century. It was a stinging defeat for Dictator Bush's US Poodle, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who had invested millions of his own fortune in a campaign that bombarded voters with fliers and telephone calls in the days leading up to yesterday's vote.

Action alert from Oppose exemptions for oil and gas companies from the Clean Water Act! "Take Action To Keep Our Water Clean! To make an already bad Energy Bill even worse, on Thursday, the House of Representatives will consider exemptions for oil and gas companies from the Clean Water Act contained within this comprehensive legislation. The conferees negotiating the bill are considering language that would exempt oil and gas activities from certain Clean Water Act requirements."

Bush Signs Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Dictator Bush signed legislation Wednesday banning a certain type of abortion, but less than an hour later, a federal judge blocked implementation of the law in the cases of four Nebraska doctors who filed a lawsuit against it.

Judge Blocks Partial-Birth Abortion Ban A federal judge in Nebraska blocked implementation of a federal ban on certain late-term abortions Wednesday, less than an hour after Dictator Bush signed the ban into law.

Action alert from NARAL Pro-Choice America: George Bush's Abortion Ban: Don't Just Get Mad, Get Active! "President [sic] Bush is committed to ending legal abortion - he’s already taken the first step by criminalizing safe abortion procedures. Have you had enough? Are you ready to end his tenure in the White House? Here’s what you can do."

Gore to Give Major Speech About Freedom and Civil Liberties November 9 address in Washington, D.C. --On Sunday, Nov. 9, President Al Gore will give his third major speech on the Bush Dictatorship's response to terrorism. The event is cosponsored by MoveOn and the American Constitution Society. Al Gore on Freedom and Security - Sunday, November 9, 2:00 pm - DAR Constitution Hall - 1776 D St. NW (at 17th & D) Washington, DC

Jessica Lynch condemns Pentagon A US woman soldier who shot to fame after being taken prisoner during the Iraq war has accused the military of using her for propaganda purposes.

Ex PoW Jessica Lynch criticizes U.S. military Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch accused the military of using her capture and dramatic nighttime rescue to sway public support for the war in Iraq. In an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, Lynch said she doesn't remember being slapped or mistreated at the hospital, and she recalled one nurse sang to her.

Iraqi doctors deny Jessica Lynch was raped Iraqi doctors who treated former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch dismissed on Friday claims made in her biography that she was raped by her Iraqi captors.

For some, black POW's treatment points up double standard On Sunday, NBC will air its made-for-TV movie celebrating Pvt. Jessica Lynch, whose capture and dramatic rescue is the [fictional] feel-good story of America's war with Iraq. But some African-Americans don't feel so good about Lynch's story. Instead, they ask: What about Shoshana Johnson?

Democrats Say Republicans Shortchange Veterans With Veterans' Day approaching, Democrats on Saturday charged that Republican-passed tax cuts and spending priorities have undermined the nation's ability to provide health care and benefits to those who served in uniform.

Dems Criticize Bush on Military Housing Democrats use radio speech to rap Bush's military housing, veterans' health care cuts --With hostilities in Iraq continuing as Veterans Day approaches, government leaders must remember their promises to help those who have fought and are fighting for this country, Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas, said Saturday.

Change in disabled vets' pay angers Democrats House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Friday the Republican plan excludes a majority of disabled veterans. "Because this issue of the disabled veterans tax was too hot for the Republicans to handle, they came up with this proposal that would leave two-thirds of the veterans behind," Pelosi stated. She berated congressional Republicans for instituting tax cuts for high-income Americans, while instituting what she and other Democrats view as only a partial benefit for disabled veterans.

Clark Steps Up Criticism of Bush on Iraq Retired Gen. Wesley Clark stepped up his criticism of Dictator Bush's Iraq policies Friday, telling college students that if elected next November, "I won't get us into a mess like this again."

Citing complaints, church cancels peace luncheon A New Jersey church canceled an anti-war group's annual luncheon at its church school, after word of its main speaker prompted protests from parishioners and veterans, church officials said.

'Buy America' provision is dropped from US bill A controversial proposal that would have forced the Pentagon to buy all essential weapons parts from US manufacturers has in effect been dropped from legislation, paving the way for the passage of the defence authorisation bill. Also, the bill repeals a 1993 ban on the development of low-yield nuclear weapons, or "mini nukes", clearing a hurdle in the Pentagon's attempts to restart research into their use against unconventional weapons and underground bunkers.

Threat of terror attacks reported Al-Qaida terrorists could soon use cargo planes to attack targets in the United States, U.S. officials said on Friday, citing new intelligence indicating a threat similar to the one that preceded the Sept. 11, 2001, strikes in New York and Washington. At the same time, "credible" information that terrorists in Saudi Arabia were closer to carrying out attacks there led the U.S. Embassy to close all U.S. missions in the kingdom beginning Saturday.

Alarm Sounds in Weapons Incinerator; No One Hurt (AL) An alarm sounded in a laboratory at the Army's chemical weapons incinerator Friday indicating the presence of sarin, but officials said they weren't sure how the nerve agent got there. [Gag me with a chainsaw!]

Terrorism law used on Vegas 'vice lord' FBI criticised for using post-September 11 act in corruption inquiry --The FBI has used the sweeping powers of anti-terrorist legislation enacted in the panicky aftermath of September 11 against the owner of a Las Vegas strip club suspected of bribing local council officials.

Gerken, Szollosi shown the door as Government Center security says no to critics of Patriot Act Two Toledo councilmen and a small group of citizens holding a banner were kicked out of Government Center yesterday while holding a news conference raising questions about the USA Patriot Act. [Kicked out for 'raising questions'! Heads up!! Under the Idiot Usurper, this country has become a Fascist dictatorship!]

Gun-Wielding Cops Conduct Drug Sweep At School Drug Sweep Finds No Drugs --A drug sweep Wednesday morning at a South Carolina school has some parents and students questioning police [state] tactics.

9-11 Commission Votes to Subpoena Pentagon A federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks voted Friday to subpoena the Pentagon for documents related to the activities of U.S. air defenses on the day of the terrorist hijackings. The FAA knew that Los Angeles-bound Flight 77 left its course at 8:55 a.m., commission member Richard Ben-Veniste said, but NORAD did not get official notice of a hijacking until 9:24 a.m. [Quick action! Sign Petition to Senate to Investigate Oddities of 9/11, with over 21,950 signatures.]

9/11 Commission to Subpoena NORAD Information The national commission investigating the Sept. 11 hijacked plane attacks decided on Friday to subpoena the military's North American Aerospace Defense Command records for information it promised but did not deliver. "The commission has encountered some serious delays in obtaining needed documents from the Department of Defense," the panel said in a statement. "We are especially dismayed by problems in the production of the records of activities of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and certain Air Force commands on September 11, 2001," it said.

Activists Distribute Red Pill to Matrix Movie Goers (by CA, "A group of East Bay activists showed up at San Francisco movie theaters yesterday to distribute red pills, or New World Order matrix cards, to Matrix Revolutions’ moviegoers. The activists, known as Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and Agent Smith, hit the Loews and the Coronet theaters with exhortations for people to 'take the red pill' and 'learn about the REAL matrix that we live in.'"

Democrats Want Probe on Bush Admin Clean Air Policy A new top U.S. environmental regulator was sworn into office on Thursday amid Democratic demands for an investigation into a Bush administration decision to drop air pollution enforcement action against 50 coal-burning power plants.

US: Job cuts mount amid signs of upturn Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures released Friday show that employment in the US rose by 126,000 in October, while the official jobless rate stood at 6 percent (down from 6.1 percent in September).

County sells woman's farm over $572 tax bill County sells farm to recoup $572 in taxes (PA) An 89-year-old woman could be evicted from her home of more than 50 years for missing one tax payment of $572 on her South Hanover Twp. property.

Howard Dean to Skip Public Financing In a historic move, Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean will skip public financing and the spending limits that come with it, hoping his money-raising power can help win the nomination and unseat Dictator Bush, campaign officials said Saturday.

Woman's Anti-Bush Obituary Draws Money Gertrude M. Jones didn't want flowers or cards when she died. She wanted to get rid of Dictator Bush. The 81-year-old woman's obituary asked that memorial donations be given "to any organization that seeks the removal of President [sic] Bush from office." And people around the country are following her wishes.

***Diebold Vote Fraud Section***

Diebold Sued Over Threats Free speech advocates sued Diebold, a manufacturer of electronic 'voting' machines Tuesday, demanding it stop sending legal threats to groups that publish company documents leaked by a hacker. Voting activists who have received the cease-and-desist orders, including students from at least 20 universities, claim the documents raise serious security concerns about Diebold Inc., which has more than 50,000 touchscreen 'voting' terminals nationwide.

MIT snared in dispute over Diebold 'voting' machines Firm: Students posted stolen Diebold files --Two students have embroiled the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a nationwide controversy about the reliability of Diebold's high-tech 'voting' machines.

Diebold Warns on Electronic Voting Papers Activists won't remove Diebold papers they say raise electronic voting questions from Web sites --Despite lawsuit threats from one of the nation's largest electronic voting machine suppliers, some activists are refusing to remove from Web sites internal company documents that they claim raise serious security questions.

Targeting Diebold With Electronic Civil Disobedience ( "Why are these memos controversial? Read the excerpts and see for yourself, then read the campaign update for the latest news. How to get the files: Note that the location of the documents may change, but this page will always have the current links. In case Diebold takes down this page, bookmark or You must currently copy and paste the URL because Diebold has attacked our right to deep-link to the memos. We are looking for help setting up a deep-link mirror in a non-US country." Click here to read the Index of Diebold Mailing lists.

Lest we forget: Diebold CEO Vows to Help Bush "Win" Head of firm seeking Ohio contract committed to Bush victory --(Aug. 28, 2003) The head of a company vying to sell voting machines in Ohio told Republicans in a recent fund-raising letter that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [sic] next year." The Aug. 14 letter from Walden O'Dell, chief executive of Diebold Inc. - who has become active in the re-s-election effort of Dictator Bush - prompted Democrats this week to question the propriety of allowing Diebold to calculate votes in the 2004 presidential s-election.

Panel delays certifying Diebold 'voting' equipment Voting rights advocates and computer scientists declared a major victory Monday, after an advisory panel to California's secretary of state postponed certification of a paperless voting system. At least three California counties planned to use the newest version of Diebold's touch-screen 'voting' terminals in the March 2004 primary.

Calif. delays certification of some Diebold 'voting' machines New touchscreen 'voting' machines failed to win the approval of a state advisory panel, throwing into question multimillion dollar contracts between the company that built them and at least three counties with plans to use them as early as next year. Instead of certifying the Diebold AccuVote-TSX system as expected, the advisory panel to the secretary of state said Monday it would investigate uncertified software and hardware that may have been used in a recent s-election.

Vote 'challengers' in Kentucky raise hackles - and specter of racism GOP officials will fan out in search of voting fraud - but the tactics spur a backlash. "There seems to be a pattern of a power-grab by Republicans ... from Florida to California to Texas and now in the West End of Jefferson County," says Mark Riddle, executive director of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

GOP Leads Miss. Gov. Race, Wins Ky. Gov. Republican Washington lobbyist [and racist] Haley Barbour leads the Mississippi race for governor against incumbent Democratic Gov. Ronnie Musgrove as the GOP seeks to make further inroads in the South. Democrats in Mississippi complained Tuesday of intimidation at black voting precincts, echoing an earlier clash over race in Kentucky's final days. In both states, Democrats claimed that GOP poll observers sought to suppress the black vote, though Kentucky activists said they saw few problems on Election Day.

Street Wins Re-Election as Philadelphia Mayor Philadelphia's Democratic Mayor John Street won re-election handily on Tuesday, trouncing Republican Sam Katz after a contentious campaign dominated by an FBI investigation that many voters saw as political foul play on the part of the Bush dictatorship.

Ex-Clinton Official Leads Houston Race Former Texas Democratic Party chairman Bill White, who campaigned to become Houston's mayor, maintained a slight advantage over former city councilman Orlando Sanchez in early returns Tuesday.

***Illegal W-ar Section***

Iowa Republican Rep. Leach Questions Iraq Iowa Republican Rep. Jim Leach, once an aide to now-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, said on Tuesday White House policy-makers had made one of the most misguided assumptions ever in U.S. strategy by not planning for a decisive withdrawal from Iraq.

U.S. Faces Troop Pressure As Turkey Balks In a major setback to U.S. efforts to attract military help in Iraq, a Turkish official said Tuesday his country won't send peacekeeping troops without a significant change in the situation there. That makes it virtually certain the United States will have to send thousands more U.S. reservists early next year.

Explosions rock central Baghdad Smoke rose tonight over the highly-guarded headquarters area of the US-led occupation after resistance fighters fired mortars into the city centre for a second straight night.

Three Blasts Inside U.S. Compound in Baghdad -Guard Three explosions that rocked Baghdad on Tuesday evening took place inside the main U.S. compound in the Iraqi capital, a guard on the scene told Reuters.

Blasts rock Baghdad Huge explosions rocked central Baghdad late today and smoke could be seen rising close to the compound used as a headquarters of the US occupation. Four large explosions were heard along the Tigris River.

Baghdad blast kills US soldier The Spanish embassy is under constant guard An American soldier has been killed in Iraq by a homemade explosive device - the latest loss for US forces. The US Army said the soldier was killed and two others injured when their vehicle ran over the bomb in Baghdad.

Blasts hit Baghdad's 'Green Zone' Bomb explodes at Karbala hotel; 1 U.S. soldier killed in Tikrit --Three rockets or mortar rounds exploded Monday night in the highly secure "Green Zone" of the Iraqi capital that houses the U.S.-led dictatorship's headquarters, an occupation spokesman said.

Soldier killed in new Iraq attacks Iraqi resistance fighters killed an American soldier in a roadside bombing in Baghdad on Tuesday, one of several new attacks, and Spain said it was withdrawing much of its diplomatic staff from Iraq for security reasons, the third occupation country to do so in recent weeks.

Loathing for American occupiers looms everywhere in Falluja In Die-Hard City, G.I.'s Are Enemy --Loathing for the American occupiers looms everywhere in this hardscrabble city, where Saddam Hussein won strong support in exchange for privileges and patronage. Hatred laces the conversations. It hangs from the walls. It burns in the minds of children. As nowhere else in Iraq, Falluja bristles with a desire to confront the American soldiers, to kill them and to celebrate when they fall...

U.S. will seek $2.22 billion military aid for Israel The United States will ask Congress to give Israel $2.22 billion in military assistance in the fiscal year 2005, $60 million more than in 2004, the U.S. State Department said in a statement on Monday.

This Can't Go On --by Paul Krugman "...[W]hether or not you think troop losses are important, there's growing evidence that our Iraq strategy is unsustainable. The immediate issue is manpower. Some politicians are calling for a bigger force in Iraq — but even our current force levels can't be maintained. In September the Congressional Budget Office analyzed how many U.S. soldiers could be kept in Iraq without extending tours beyond one year."

American Muslims Told to Leave Major U.S. Cities An Al Qaeda Web site is running a warning issued to Muslims to leave Washington D.C., New York City and Los Angeles because of implied imminent terrorist attacks, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

UN Resoundingly Rejects U.S. Embargo Against Cuba For the 12th straight year, the U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to end Washington's four-decade old economic embargo against Cuba, which Havana has called tantamount to genocide.

***Torture Section***

Former Guantanamo inmate sues US A man who was imprisoned by the US military at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is suing the Pakistani and US governments for damages worth over $10m. Pakistani cleric Mohammed Sagheer's lawyers say he is suing for the mental and physical torture he endured at Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay.

Torture claim by Iranians arrested in Iraq Two Iranian filmmakers freed after four months in US custody in Iraq on Monday claimed they had been tortured while in detention.

Bin Laden's role in 9/11 plot revealed The two main planners of the September 11 terrorist attacks have revealed details of Osama bin Laden's close involvement in organising the atrocity, according to leaked transcripts of their interrogations. Asked whether torture was being used on the two men, J.Cofer Black, the US State Department co-ordinator for counterterrorism, has said: "All I can say to that is that there is a before and an after September 11." He added: "We have taken off our kid gloves."

***Disappearing Jobs Section***

Job-cut announcements jump U.S. companies set 172,000 job cuts last month, the highest in a year, outplacement firm says. U.S. job-cut announcements rose in October to their highest level in a year, according to a report Tuesday by an outplacement firm that keeps track of job cuts. [Oh, I thought the economy was 'roaring back?' For Bush's paymasters - Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil and the pharmaceutical industry - I am *sure* it's a heck of a year.]

Strategist warns Bush could fall in polls with Democratic nominee Memo: 'This race is likely to be very tight' --Once a Democratic nominee emerges, Dictator Bush could temporarily fall in the polls, the dictator's senior strategist warns in a campaign memo obtained by CNN. [No worries to the GOP: Diebold is poised to steal the 2004 s-election for George Bush with the touch-screen 'voting' machines.]

Adding Up the Finance Appointee's Record The budget writer tapped by Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger to be California finance director has a reputation as a cunning strategist with a record for pushing through the agendas of Republican governors in Michigan, New York and Florida. [We must undo the GOP California coup!]

Joseph Goebbels Wing of Republican Party Forces Miniseries Cancellation CBS pulls Reagan miniseries Movie to go to Showtime --Following a storm of protest and threatened advertiser boycott [by Matt Drudge, Joe 'Lori Klausutis' Scarborough, and assorted whackjobs and RepubliNazis], the CBS television network announced Tuesday it was pulling "The Reagans" miniseries off the air.

Health system fails seniors half the time Older Americans with health problems get the recommended medical care they need only half the time, and the problem is worse when looking only at the treatment they get for age-related illnesses, a study out Tuesday says.

Hospitals Try Extreme Measures To Collect Their Overdue Debts Patients Who Skip Hearings On Bills Are Arrested; (The Wall Street Journal) Some hospitals now rank among America's most aggressive debt-collectors, as they put increasing pressure on poor and uninsured patients to pay their bills. Adding to the problem, as The Wall Street Journal has reported, hospitals generally charge uninsured patients far more than the discounted rates negotiated by health-maintenance organizations and other private insurers and government agencies. Some also use one of the harshest and least-known collections tactics of all: seeking the arrest of no-show debtors. A review of court records and interviews with hospital trade groups, collections attorneys and consumer advocates shows that hospitals in several states, including Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan and Oklahoma, have secured the arrest and even jailing of patients who miss court hearings on their debts.

Land where calling an ambulance is first step to bankruptcy The second in a three-part series on Bush's America looks at the inflated hospital bills facing the uninsured poor --by Julian Borger "Rose Shaffer's heart attack taught her a lot of things that, as a nurse, she should have known. She learnt it pays to eat carefully and exercise regularly. And she learnt the hard way that if you cannot afford medical insurance in America, you better hope you don't get sick..."

Melting polar ice shelves linked to warmer seas An Antarctic ice shelf the size of Scotland is rapidly disintegrating due to warmer seas, according to the second study in two days to show a dramatic thinning of polar ice. Scientists believe that the Larsen ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula may disappear altogether within 70 years, and even earlier if warming trends continue.

U.S. Soldier Dies in Iraq as Bush Says 'No Retreat' Faced with a mounting military and civilian death toll and an intensifying resistance movement, Dictator Bush vowed on Monday that the United States would not run from its "vital" mission in Iraq. Hours after Bush's pledge in a speech in Alabama, a U.S. soldier was killed and one wounded by a home-made bomb near Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, the U.S. military said.

Another Soldier Dies From Fallujah Shootdown A soldier succumbed to his wounds today, raising the total of those killed in the Chinook shootdown to 16, Pentagon officials said. Twenty soldiers were wounded in the action outside the town of Amiryah.

Iraqi resistance fighters shoot down US helicopter, killing 16 soldiers Rumsfeld says more such "bad days" to come --Television footage from Fallujah showed crowds of Iraqi youth dancing in the streets in celebration over the downing of the helicopter, and press accounts quoted Iraqi workers and farmers near the crash site supporting the actions of the armed resistance. One Fallujah resident said on camera, "This was a new lesson from the resistance, a lesson to the greedy aggressors. They’ll never be safe until they get out of our country."

The US in Iraq Spinning out of control (The Guardian) "The perception, in America itself and abroad, is that the security situation in Iraq is deteriorating, rather than improving as President [sic] George Bush claims. US-led coalition forces are now being subjected to an average of over 30 attacks daily. Hardly a day passes without news of one or more US fatalities. Far from being accepted as routine, this toll appears to be convincing more and more ordinary Americans that Mr Bush and his officials are not in control of a situation that they, uniquely, created."

New Attacks Intensify Pressure on Bush Twice in the past two weeks, the Iraqi opposition has hit high-profile U.S. targets that had been largely beyond its reach, an escalation that may prove more significant strategically than tactically because of the increased political pressure it puts on the Bush dictatorship.

U.S. Military Upholds TV Cover Ban on Iraq Coffins The U.S. military said Monday it was sticking to a policy forbidding television camera crews and photographers from filming coffins of soldiers killed in Iraq at a U.S. air base in southwestern Germany.

US public demands answers Just hours after 16 soldiers were killed and more than 20 wounded in the deadliest attack on US forces since the fall of Saddam Hussein, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was asked again who he thought was responsible for the growing insurgency inside Iraq.

For first time Bush faces majority who disapprove of war strategy For the first time, a poll has found that a majority of Americans disapprove of Dictator George Bush's handling of Iraq, even before yesterday's devastating helicopter attack.

Judge behind anti-Hussein probing commission killed in Iraq: prosecutor The judge behind the creation of a judicial commission to probe former officials of Saddam Hussein's ousted regime was shot dead, as resistance fighters stepped up their campaign against pro-US public figures.

Germany Reopens Sensitive Iraq Questions with U.S. German Defense Minister Peter Struck Monday revived differences over Iraq by questioning the legality of the war and the quality of U.S. intelligence on the alleged threat from Saddam Hussein.

Congress OKs $87.5B for Halliburton ['Iraq, Afghanistan'] Congress voted its final approval Monday for $87.5 billion for Halliburton [U.S. military operations and 'aid' [???!!!] in Iraq and Afghanistan], a day after Americans in Iraq endured their worst casualties since March.

Iraqi child crushed by US tank A six-year-old Iraqi child has been crushed to death by an American tank. The tragedy occurred during clashes between US troops and Iraqi civilians in Abu Ghraib, on the outskirts of Baghdad on Friday.

Villagers celebrate the deaths of US troops Holding up an American soldier's multi-coloured shorts that he had taken from the helicopter wreckage, the dancing Iraqi could scarcely contain his jubilation. "Tonight we will have a double feast," shouted Mohammed Saleh, an unshaven, well-built man in his 40s, as he hopped from foot to foot in front of 100 joyous villagers.

Resistance is the first step towards Iraqi independence This is the classic initial stage of guerrilla warfare against a colonial occupation --by Tariq Ali "Some weeks ago, Pentagon inmates were invited to a special in-house showing of an old movie. It was the Battle of Algiers, Gillo Pontecorvo's anti-colonial classic, initially banned in France... The French won that battle, but lost the war. At least the Pentagon understands that the resistance in Iraq is following a familiar anti-colonial pattern. In the movie, they would have seen acts carried out by the Algerian maquis almost half a century ago, which could have been filmed in Fallujah or Baghdad last week. Then, as now, the occupying power described all such activities as 'terrorist'. Then, as now, prisoners were taken and tortured, houses that harboured them or their relatives were destroyed, and repression was multiplied. In the end, the French had to withdraw."

Cut Losses: Leave Iraq --by Ivan Eland "...[A] recent poll by an Iraq research center showed fewer than 15% of Iraqis see U.S. forces as liberators.. That’s an ominous sign that popular discontent over a prolonged occupation could cause anti-U.S. attacks to snowball. The only way to let the air out of the resistance is to quickly turn Iraq back to the Iraqis and withdraw U.S. forces. The violence arises primarily as a reaction to the invasion and occupation by a foreign superpower."

EU embarrassed as poll labels Israel world's biggest threat The European Union scrambled to contain the fallout from a public opinion poll that -- to Israel's fury -- labelled the Jewish state the biggest threat to world peace. The United States was just behind Israel in the global danger league [thanks to international terrorist George W. Bush], in joint second place with North Korea and Iran, according to the "Eurobarometer" poll requested by the European Commission.

Israel Outraged at 'Peace Threat' EU Poll Israel expressed outrage at a European Commission opinion poll Monday that suggested more European Union citizens see Israel as a threat to world peace than any other country including Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

Criticism Meets New Exhibit of Plane That Carried A-Bomb When officials at the Smithsonian Institution unveiled a new home for the World War II bomber the Enola Gay in August, they had hoped to avoid the kind of controversy that had previously plagued efforts to exhibit the airplane that carried the first atomic bomb. Not likely. Now a group of scholars, writers, activists and others have signed a petition criticizing the exhibit for labeling the Enola Gay as "the largest and most technologically advanced airplane for its time" without mentioning that the Boeing B-29 dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.

Terror Letter? Deadly poison found at Greenville postal facility ("The Beat", Greenville, SC - scroll to 3rd item) Officials continue to downplay the danger from a letter containing the deadly poison ricin found at a letter-sorting facility of the U.S. Postal Service off Pelham Road in Greenville County... The envelope, which contained no address or postage, was simply labeled 'Caution - Ricin - poison.' Inside was a sealed vial of the poison and a note saying ricin would be added to the water supply if new laws regulating the amount of sleep truckers get was not repealed. Due to the domestic nature of the threat, officials insisted it was not terrorism. Apparently, threatening to poison the water supply is not considered terroristic if you are not a foreign national."

Two DEP employees fired for roles in anthrax hoax (CT) The state Department of Environmental Protection on Monday fired two workers who were found to have been involved in an October 2001 anthrax scare at the agency. Joseph Faryniarz and others testified that David Sattler placed powdered coffee creamer and a misspelled label, "anthax" on Faryniarz's computer keyboard, apparently as a joke. [Yes, anthrax and coffee creamer... I can see where the DEP would have difficulty in confusing the two substances...]

Deception Dollars confiscated by German Police Munich Police asked for ID's during a protest and confiscated some deception dollars "Luegendollars" zum Verwechseln aehnlich -- Muenchner Polizei Tagesspiegel (TS) 26. Okt. 2003 Die bekannten «9-11 Deception Dollars» aus den U.S.A. sind den echten Geldscheinen aus dem US-Schatzamt täuschend ähnlich -- meint jedenfalls die Münchner Polizei. ["deception dollars" were confiscated for confounding similarly -- member of Munich police --Daily mirror, Sunday, 26 October. 2003 The well-known "9-11 Deception dollars" from the U.S.A. are deceptively similar to the genuine cash notes from the US Treasury -- the interpretation of Munich police.]

Mega Bulimia Alert! (beyond Mega Barf) Bush says God chose him to lead his nation Book reveals how Dictator's religious and political beliefs are entwined - and claims he did pray with Blair --Few US Presidents [sic] have been as openly religious as Bush. Now a new book has lifted the lid on how deep those Christian convictions run. The book also shows that in the lead-up to announcing his candidacy for the presidency, Bush told a Texan evangelist that he had had a premonition of some form of national disaster happening. [Premonition... or planning session? Yes, God has personally selected Bush to pollute the planet and kill Iraqi children.]

Long queue at drive-in soup kitchen George Bush's America, the wealthiest nation in history, faces a growing poverty crisis. --by Julian Borger "The free food is handed out at nine, but the queue starts forming hours earlier. By dawn, there is a line of cars stretching half a mile back. In Logan [OH], it is what passes for rush hour - a traffic jam driven by poverty and hunger."

File Sharing Pits Copyright Against Free Speech Diebold Election Systems, which makes voting machines, is waging legal war against grass-roots advocates, including dozens of college students, who are posting on the Internet copies of the company’s internal communications about its electronic voting machines. The students say that, by trying to spread the word about problems with the company's software ['Problems?' Diebold is poised to *steal* the 2004 s-election for George W. Bush], they are performing a valuable form of electronic civil disobedience, one that has broad implications for American society.

Court Stays Out of Ten Commandments Fight The Supreme Court steered clear of a contentious religious dispute on Monday, ending the legal fight of a judge who wanted to put a 2 1/2-ton granite Ten Commandments monument back on display in an Alabama courthouse.

SEC says NYSE traders unethical Report: Big Board members cost customers $155 million --Floor-trading firms at the New York Stock Exchange improperly dealt about 2.2 billion shares of stock over the past three years, according to a report by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Senators blast SEC Senators of both parties lashed out Monday at the Securities and Exchange Commission for what they said was its failure to detect abuses in mutual fund trading and act quickly in a widening scandal enveloping the $7 trillion industry with a traditionally clean image.

Top Court to Hear HMO Negligence Appeal The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it would decide whether managed health care companies can be sued for negligence by patients over the failure to pay for medical care recommended by a doctor.

Supreme Court to Rule on Patients' Rights The Supreme Court said Monday it will settle a fight over patients' legal rights when their HMOs refuse to pay for recommended medical treatment.

Panel Warns Against Medicare Competition Plan A contentious proposal to force traditional Medicare to compete head to head against private health plans came under some sharp criticism on Monday from an influential independent panel.

EPA to Allow Partial Sewage Treatment The Environmental Protection Agency said Monday it will formalize a policy allowing sewage treatment plants to skip a process for killing some pathogens [???!!!] after heavy rains or snow melts.

Dead Sea Drying Up, Israeli Study Warns The Dead Sea is dying, and only a major engineering effort can save it, Israel's Minister of the Environment said Monday.

Senate rejects global warming bill, 55-43 The Senate rejected a plan Thursday to curb carbon dioxide emissions from industrial smokestacks as a source of global warming. It was the chamber's first vote in more than six years on the climate change issue.

Bob Graham Won't Seek Senate Re-Election Sen. Bob Graham, who ended his bid for the Democratic nomination for president last month, announced Monday that he will not seek re-election to a fourth term in the U.S. Senate.

Gore Stumps For Street (Philadelphia) President Al Gore toured the city with Democratic incumbent John Street. The Street campaign has been trying to insert national politics into the election, saying that a Sam Katz [GOP] victory would help Dictator Bush's re-s-election chances, and used Sunday's visit by Gore to reinforce the point.

CBS Mulls Canceling Reagan Mini-Series - Report Bowing to the Nazi wing of the Republican party, CBS is considering canceling or postponing its upcoming mini-series "The Reagans" under mounting criticism of the Reichwingers that the production 'inaccurately depicts' the former international terrorist and his whack-job, self-centered wife, Daily Variety reported on Monday.

Eighteen Die in Second Worst Day for U.S. in Iraq Eighteen Americans died in resistance fighters' attacks in Iraq on Sunday, including 15 soldiers killed when a helicopter was downed in the deadliest single strike on U.S. forces since they invaded to oust Saddam Hussein.

15 soldiers killed, 21 injured as US chopper shot down in Iraq Fifteen soldiers were killed and 21 wounded when a US military helicopter was downed outside the flashpoint town of Fallujah, in the deadliest attack on occupation forces since they ousted Saddam Hussein nearly seven months ago.

At Least 15 Killed When U.S. Helicopter Shot Down Resistance fighters shot down a U.S. Chinook helicopter over western Iraq on Sunday as it carried troops headed for R&R, killing 15 soldiers and wounding 21 in the deadliest single strike against American troops since the start of war.

Two U.S. Civilian Contractors Killed by Bomb in Iraq A roadside bomb blast in the flashpoint Iraqi town of Falluja on Sunday killed two U.S. civilian contractors working for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and wounded one other, a Corp spokesman said.

U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Bomb Blast -- Army A bomb planted on a road in Baghdad killed a U.S. soldier from the 1st Armored Division on Sunday, an Army spokesman said.

2 Americans Killed by Iraq Land Mine A land mine exploded Saturday on a road in the northern city of Mosul, killing two Americans in passing vehicles and wounding three other people, Iraqi police said, as leaflets called for a "Day of Resistance'' to protest the U.S.-led occupation.

Resistance Fighters' Attacks in Iraq Intensifying "As we fight this low-intensity conflict," the American general said, "there will be ... more tragedies in the future." Hours later, in the flash of a resistance fighter's missile, tragedy struck again and the intensity of this American conflict moved up a notch.

AFP journalist detained for two hours by US forces north of Baghdad An AFP journalist and photographer was detained for two hours by US forces in Baqubah, 60 kilometers northeast of the Iraqi capital.

Blueprint for a Mess --by David Rieff "Call it liberation or occupation, a dominating American presence in Iraq was probably destined to be more difficult, and more costly in money and in blood, than administration officials claimed in the months leading up to the war... The real lesson of the postwar mess is that while occupying and reconstructing Iraq was bound to be difficult, the fact that it may be turning into a quagmire is not a result of fate, but rather (as quagmires usually are) a result of poor planning and wishful thinking."

Rebel war spirals out of control as US intelligence loses the plot The ghosts of Vietnam are returning as Baathists, zealots, criminals, tribal leaders and al Qaeda unite in a deadly alliance of hatred. Sharp disagreements are emerging between the US and the UK over the exact nature of the Iraqi resistance, amid warnings that the US is losing the intelligence war against the resistance fighters.

In the Ranks, Similarities Between Vietnam and Iraq It is a different war in a different era, fought by a different American Army. Yet the emerging profile of the soldiers, sailors, pilots and other service members dying in Iraq bears a surprising similarity to those who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

Iraq may yet become another Vietnam --by E.D. Mathew "The harsh reality is that America faces a host of unpalatable options in Iraq, in the wake of its glaring failure to fashion peace there. With the purported good intentions seemingly paving the way to hell, Iraq today looks poised to re-enact the fate of America’s biggest military misadventure in the last century: Vietnam."

Six months on, and still no signs of WMD According to records and interviews with arms investigators from the United States, Britain and Australia, it did not require a comprehensive survey to find the central assertions of the Bush dictatorship’s pre-war nuclear case to be insubstantial or untrue. Although Hussein did not relinquish his nuclear ambitions or technical records, investigators said, it is now clear he had no active programme to build a weapon.

Spinning the Tubes "How Australian intelligence was seized upon on by the CIA, spun and gilded, then presented to the world as the best evidence that Saddam Hussein was building weapons of mass destruction." (transcript from Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Four Corners)

U.S. Dictator Imposes Flat Tax System on Iraq The flat tax, long a dream of economic conservatives, is finally getting its day -- not in the United States, but in Iraq. L. Paul Bremer, the U.S. dictator in Baghdad, signed the order on Sept. 15, 2003.

Analysts were right on Iraq postwar costs Months before the U.S.-led war in Iraq, independent and congressional analysts made remarkably accurate predictions of the costs of a post-war occupation, even as the Pentagon refused to do so, or gave very low estimates. The discrepancy is gaining new attention with lawmakers complaining of the costs as they approve dictator Bush's request for $87 billion for Halliburton ['to occupy and rebuild Iraq'].

Bush Losing Support on Iraq, Poll Says Dictator Bush is losing public support for his war and economic policies, according to a new poll which for the first time shows that a majority of Americans disapprove of his handling of Iraq.

The Brown Paste on Bush's Shoes It's an Ill Wind --by Ben Tripp "Weapons of Mass Destruction? Iraqi terrorists? Diplomat's wives? Take it on home, Reverend. How about that global warming? It's just a coincidence- throw some more coal on the fire, Gracie. A job market sagging like the tits of an ancient dowager under the gravitational influence of Jupiter? Try tax cuts for the wealthy! A brilliant solution to the problem of out-of-work millionaires. What about the matter of America's wildernesses, those great sacred lands held in common trust? Fuck you, hippie. Get off my mineral rights. The same could be said of our nation's airwaves, which have been clearcut--or Clear Channeled--if I may be permitted a little pun."

40 reported killed in fighting in Afghanistan's Helmand province Some 40 people were killed when Afghan police and a former military commander and his fighters fought a fierce battle in southwestern Helmand province, the state-run Bakhtar news agency reported. [*Another* country the Bush terror team has destroyed...]

Israeli cabinet members criticise raids on Gaza (Oct. 22 2003) A series of raids on Palestinian militants that killed ten people, many of them civilians, drew unusual criticism from within the Israeli cabinet yesterday over the armed forces’ tactics.

Engineered Virus Related to Smallpox Evades Vaccine Scientists in St. Louis have created a genetically altered strain of mousepox virus -- a close relative of the smallpox virus -- that is so potent it kills mice vaccinated against the mouse disease, rekindling concerns that some avenues of biotechnology research may be generating lethal knowledge useful to bioterrorists. [Yes, and the temptation is far too great for the Bush terror team to do some more mailings to the Democrats prior to the 2004 Diebold s-election. Who sent the US military- made anthrax to the Democrats in 2001?]

Lethal Virus from 1918 Genetically Reconstructed US Army scientists create "Spanish Flu" virus in laboratory - medical benefit questionable (The Sunshine Project News Release, Austin and Hamburg, 9 October 2003) – "The 'Spanish Flu' influenza virus that killed 20-40 million people in 1918 is currently under reconstruction. Several genes of the extraordinarily lethal 1918 flu virus have been isolated and introduced into contemporary flu strains."

U.K. measles outbreaks pose risk to U.S. As the United Kingdom braces for an impending measles outbreak this winter due to low vaccination rates, U.S. health experts say this raises concerns the deadly disease could spread to the United States, particularly considering immunization rates in some states have fallen to dangerously low levels.

GOP stormtrooper tactics: Republicans Storming Judges' Chambers Congressional Republicans have launched a renewed investigation of alleged wrongdoing by a Democratic-appointed federal judge in a landmark affirmative action case -- sparking countercharges that the GOP is using political pressure tactics against the judiciary. Judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, based in Cincinnati, said staff members from the House Judiciary Committee have visited judges and court officials in recent days -- in two cases appearing unannounced at judges' chambers. The staff members demanded documents and asked to question two Democratic-appointed judges, but the judges refused.

More GOP vote fraud terrorism in the pike: ACLU files suit to block GOP poll challengers Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union filed lawsuits in state and federal courts yesterday alleging that the Jefferson County Republican Party's plan to post Election Day challengers at 59 precincts in the Louisville area is aimed at intimidating African-American voters and violates their civil and constitutional rights.

Targeting Diebold With Electronic Civil Disobedience ( "Why are these memos controversial? Read the excerpts and see for yourself, then read the campaign update for the latest news. How to get the files: Note that the location of the documents may change, but this page will always have the current links. In case Diebold takes down this page, bookmark or You must currently copy and paste the URL because Diebold has attacked our right to deep-link to the memos. We are looking for help setting up a deep-link mirror in a non-US country." Click here to read the Index of Diebold Mailing lists.

Critical Study Minus Criticism of Justice Dept. An internal report that harshly criticized the Justice Department's diversity efforts was edited so heavily when it was posted on the department's Web site two weeks ago that half of its 186 pages, including the summary, were blacked out.

Florida schoolbus racism scandal A school bus service in Florida has refused to carry Iraqi and Afghani refugee students for a second time in a week. Some 27 students aged between 10 and 14 were abandoned outside Jacksonville last Wednesday, over eight miles away from home.

Arsonist Burns Peace Activists' Home Cindy Hunter and her husband, Sam Nickels, opposed Bush's war against Iraq. "For the last seven months, we've been putting up a sign on our property," says Hunter, a professor of social work at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia... "We have ruled out the accidental causes of the fire," says Arthur Miller, a captain with the fire department. "We have determined that the sign was intentionally set on fire, and that the fire spread to the living quarters of the house."

Ridge Decries Calif. 'Finger-Pointing' Secretary of Fatherland Security [and useless whackjob] Tom Ridge defended the Bush dictatorship's decision not to declare an emergency zone in Southern California forests before fires there erupted into one of the state's worst disasters. State officials have noted that Gov. Gray Davis in April asked federal emergency officials for $430 million to rid the forests of hundreds of thousands of trees killed by bark beetles during California's lengthy drought. The request was rejected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency just as the latest wildfires were beginning to spread.

Castro Says Schwarzenegger All Muscle Cuban President Fidel Castro praised California Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger's muscles but wondered how much brain power the former Mr. Universe has. [We are all wondering the same thing...]

US lifts value of contracts for Iraq oil repairs The US will double the value of contracts to repair Iraq's oil sector to $2bn (£1.1bn) to cover the rising costs of security and sabotage there. The government will also push back the awarding of the new contracts again, to as late as December. That delay will swell payments to Kellogg, Brown and Root, the Halliburton subsidiary that has already reaped more than $1.5bn from the 'rehabilitation' [stealing] of Iraq's oil industry since it was granted an emergency "bridge" contract in March without any competition.

Iraq Business Deals May Be Invalid, Law Experts Warn The US-led dictatorship ['provisional authority'] in Iraq may be breaking international law by selling state assets, experts have warned, raising the prospect that contracts signed now by foreign investors could be scrapped by a future Iraqi government.

House Nixes Anti-Profiteering Penalties in Halliburton ['Iraq'] Spending Bill The final version of the $87 billion spending bill for Halliburton ['Iraq and Afghanistan'] is missing provisions the Senate had passed to penalize war profiteers who defraud American taxpayers. House negotiators on the package refused to accept the Senate provisions.

Intelligence War Is Trouble for Bush --by Joe Conason "The [Washington] Post report also reveals that those famous Iraqi aluminum tubes, emphasized by Colin Powell during his war speech at the U.N. Security Council, could never have been used in a uranium-enrichment centrifuge. Australian Brigadier General Stephen D. Meekin, a top defense-intelligence official who commands the largest unit in the Iraq Study Group, told Mr. Gellman that the tubes were 'innocuous' items of no use in building nuclear bombs. He speculated that since the war’s end, most of them had likely been sold as 'drain pipes.'"

Chris Matthews: Simpleton Bush not chief In a speech to university students, MSNBC host Chris Matthews characterized Dictator Bush as a shallow-thinking, unlearned man who when confronted by aides with the decision about going to war with Iraq was given something to think about for the first time in his life. "The ideologues started circling around the president [sic]," Matthews said, according to The Call. "They saw a man who never read any books, who didn't think too deeply and they gave him something to think about for the first time in his life. This thing called pre-emption, the Bush Doctrine. They put it in his head and said 'Iraq, Iraq, Iraq.'"

Explosion Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Saturday's deadliest blow came in the city of Mosul, where the U.S. military said a makeshift roadside bomb exploded and killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded two others as they drove by in two civilian vehicles. Some 100 miles north of Baghdad, near Tikrit, an explosion and fire struck an oil pipeline, a favorite target of resistance fighters since oil is key to U.S. plans to control Iraq's economy and remake its politics. [Is Halliburton having the pipelines blown up so that they can continue the no-bid contracts to 'rebuild' them? See: US lifts value of contracts for Iraq oil repairs --"The US will double the value of contracts to repair Iraq's oil sector to $2bn (£1.1bn) to cover the rising costs of security and sabotage there."]

Iraq Bomb Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers, More Attacks Feared Resistance fighters killed two U.S. soldiers on Saturday in a bomb blast in northern Iraq, and warnings of further bloodshed prompted fearful Iraqis to stay off the streets and keep their children out of school.

German anti-terrorist agents in Iraq: report An elite German anti-terrorist unit is currently in Iraq to protect a team of experts sent by Berlin to 'help rebuild' a distribution network for drinking water, Der Spiegel magazine reported its Monday edition.

Army attacks Iraq wedding Two US soldiers who marched down the aisle with Iraqi brides are to face a court martial... Also in article --More than 30 US soldiers are missing after being given a two-week break from combat in Iraq.

Rumsfeld Doesn't Know if He's Lost His Mojo Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he does not know whether or not he has lost his mojo, as a leading news magazine suggested, because he doesn't really know what mojo is.

US puts right to protest at risk Government prosecutes Greenpeace over protest Greenpeace is being taken to court by the US government because of its action against the illegal importation of mahogany. Its lawyers says it is the first time an entire organisation has been criminally prosecuted for the activities of two members.

U.S. Wants 9-11 Evidence in Moussaoui Case The government has asked an appellate court to restore its right to present the horror of Sept. 11, 2001, at the trial of al-Qaida defendant Zacarias Moussaoui.

State: Bush ignored fire plea CHARGES: Officials warned of 'tinder box' --California officials accused the Bush dictatorship Thursday of ignoring urgent pleas months ago for emergency help to remove beetle-infested trees that experts warned could fuel a catastrophic Southern California fire. In April, Gov. Gray Davis requested $430 million to remove unhealthy trees on 415, 000 acres of forest, but the request for emergency funds went unanswered until last week -- and then was denied.

Kerry Slams Bush in New Iowa TV Ad Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accuses Dictator Bush of being cozy with big business and slams him for giving tax cuts to the wealthy in a new TV commercial set to begin airing in Iowa on Friday night.

High Court Asked to Reject Cheney on Energy Report Vice pResident Dick Cheney should be forced to divulge information about his energy task force, a government watchdog group told the Supreme Court on Friday, arguing that his claim of immunity was laughable.

Violation of U.S. Constitutional Rights --by Donna (Report of Cheney protest in Estero, Florida, October 31, 2003) "At approximately 5:45 EDT, our small group was suddenly converged upon by approximately 30 officers from Lee and Collier Counties. We were ordered out of the area, and threatened with arrest if we did not immediately comply..."

Video of Cheney protest ( "Cops Get Crazy at Cheney Protest. Arrest, then 'un'Arrest ex-Naval Commander"

Cheney protesters have 'misunderstanding' with Lee police Lee County deputies herded 25 protesters away from the entrance to the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa in Estero on Friday afternoon — a move later described as a 'misunderstanding.' [???!!!]

Ashcroft set as Univ. of Florida Homecoming Speaker Attorney General John AshKKKroft, the nation’s top [?!?] law enforcement official [and perverted whackjob], will address UF students and alumni as part of the university’s Homecoming next week. The conservative [Reichwing] Ashcroft will serve as the keynote speaker at Florida Blue Key’s annual Homecoming banquet Nov. 7.

AshKKKroft Protest details: A November 7, 2003 reception for John Ashcroft will begin at 3:30 p.m. in the Reitz Union Hall, but University staff were not sure when the Attorney General will arrive. [Note: The Homecoming Banquet is from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the Grand Ballroom of the Reitz Union.] The banquet will be held at 312 J. Wayne Reitz Union, Gainesville, FL, Tel. #: 352-337-0022. For a Map of the J. Wayne Reitz Union, click here. For driving directions to the J. Wayne Reitz Union, click here. [Info: courtesy, Vilma Fox]

Protest the Idiot Usurper on November 13th! Dictator coming to Lee fund-raiser (FL) Dictator Bush is planning a Lee County fund-raising event Thursday, Nov. 13, at the home of WCI Communities CEO Al Hoffman. It will be the second time Hoffman — finance chairman of the Republican National Committee — has hosted the dictator at his home. ***Action alerts and state-by-state protests can be found on the CLG Actions page.***

Republicans on the Ropes The GOP, the bad and the ugly --by Alan Bisbort " Telltale signs of GOP desperation are everywhere... Last and least, former first lady Barbara Bush recently described the 12 Democratic candidates for president as a 'sorry group." The Democratic lineup contains two decorated war veterans, a Rhodes Scholar, a top West Point grad, a longtime legislator, a successful mayor and governor, and numerous other public servants, none of whom warrant such an undignified characterization. Especially not from the matriarch of three substance-abusing grandchildren, a felonious whoremonger son (Neil), ethically challenged son (Marvin), HMO-fund-embezzler and election thief (Jeb), coke-sniffing AWOL Air Guard pilot son (W.), vehicularly homicidal daughter-in-law (Laura) and father- and grandfather-in-law who traded with Nazi Germany." [a must read]

RNC asks to review 'The Reagans' Worried about inaccurate portrayal of the couple [international terrorist and his whackjob wife] The Joseph Goebbels wing of the Republican National Committee Friday asked CBS to allow a team of 'historians' and friends of former President Ronald [October Surprise and Iran-Contra] Ray-gun and his wife to review a miniseries [???!!!] about the couple before it airs. [WHO do these Nazis think they are, to actually believe they should control the editorial content of movie scripts???]

Woman Rams Car Into Building at Bush Rally A woman rammed a car carrying children into a building where Dictator George W. Bush was campaigning on Saturday, drawing a swarm of police in her wake before being dragged away at gunpoint.

Car Rams Miss. Arena During Bush Speech A car penetrated the security perimeter around the arena where Dictator Bush was speaking Saturday and rammed the building. Authorities swarmed the vehicle.

More U.S. Families Going Hungry About 12 million American families last year worried that they couldn't afford to buy food, and 32 percent of them actually experienced someone going hungry at one time or another, the Agriculture Department said Friday.

Hunger deepens in the Northwest US The Northwest corner of the United States—the states of Washington and Oregon—has the highest percentage of hunger and unemployment in the nation. Recent data shows this situation worsening.

NH Green Party endorses Democrat Kucinich Dennis Kucinich is tops for the New Hampshire's Green Party. "Dennis is one of us,'' party spokesman Guy Chichester declared Monday, as the party endorsed the Ohio congressman.

Bush Got $500,000 From Companies That Got Contracts, Study Finds Executives, employees and political action committees of the 70 companies that received government contracts for Halliburton ['work in either Iraq or Afghanistan'] contributed slightly more than $500,000 to Dictator Bush's 2000 'election' campaign, according to a comprehensive study of the contracts released on Tuesday.

Halliburton Announces Record Profits While Administration Continues to Rebuff Congressional Oversight ( "Dictator Bush has consistently promoted open and competitive procurement practices for U.S. government contracts. But the government announced yesterday that Halliburton's original no-bid contract for oil-related work would be renewed until at least the end of the year, despite an assertion in the spring by the Army Corps of Engineers that the contract was 'designed from the outset as a bridge to competition.'"

House Passes $87.5 Billion Aid Package for Halliburton ['Iraq and Afghanistan'] The 298-121 House vote late Thursday night came with pointed questions from Democrats about the wisdom of an Iraq policy that is costing American lives and dollars with limited help from the international community.

U.S. Soldiers Seal Village Until ID Cards Are Distributed American soldiers on Friday sealed off ['barbed wire and checkpoints' - MSNBC] the village where Saddam Hussein was born and ordered adults to register for identity cards, while insurgents mounted a series of harassing attacks on U.S. military and Iraqi government targets in the northern city of Mosul.

'Iraqis will not accept occupation' A protracted and bloody campaign against invisible foes - is it a new Vietnam? (compilation of editorials in the "The question is, with the rising number of deaths in Iraq, will the American public be still satisfied to pay the bill for a war that compelling evidence has proved totally unjustified? Intensified Iraqi resistance makes it plain that the Iraqis will not accept an American occupation." --Al-Ahram Editorial, Egypt, October 29

Iraqi farmer 'killed' by US fire Iraqi farmer 'killed' by US firead, today and his brother was detained for attempting to retrieve the body, witnesses told AFP. The farmer, Ziad Yass Abbas, was watering his crops when US troops, standing about 400 metres away, opened fire on him at around 6am (2pm AEDT), said his nephew, Yass Amer Abbas, who was with him at the time. His uncle was killed instantly, he said.

Two explosions heard near occupation compound in Baghdad: AFP Two explosions were heard near the US-led coalition's main compound in Baghdad, AFP correspondents reported.

U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack west of Baghdad A U.S. soldier from the 82nd Airborne Division was killed in a bomb attack on Friday near the Iraqi town of Khaldiya in the hostile "Sunni triangle" area west of Baghdad, a U.S. military spokeswoman said.

U.S. Troops Clash With Rioters in Baghdad American troops clashed with rioters carrying Saddam Hussein's picture in a Baghdad suburb Friday, and heavy smoke billowed from the mayor's office in a city west of the capital following a big explosion.

UN Pulls Out of Iraq The United Nations Thursday ordered its 60 remaining foreign staff members out of Iraq in the wake of Monday's suicide attack on the Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad.

White House faces noon deadline on Iraq documents With a deadline looming, the White House is reacting coolly to the Senate Intelligence Committee's demand for documents relating to pre-war intelligence on Iraq, saying they already have cooperated even though they are not bound to do so by law.

Students drill Wolfowitz on Iraq US deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz fended off hecklers at Georgetown University during a speech Thursday. "We hate your policies!" shouted one young woman, standing ten meters (yards) from Wolfowitz who went pale and clenched his jaw. "Killing innocents is not the solution but rather the problem," she said.

Anti-war activist charged for 'misusing phone' to protest to US An Auckland peace activist who sent an e-mail to the US Embassy objecting to the war on Iraq has been charged with misuse of a telephone. [The Bush dictatorship needs to be charged for pretending to be members of the human race.]

US special force soldier killed in Afghanistan A US special force soldier has died of wounds suffered in a clash in volatile southern Afghanistan, a US military statement says, the third death involving US servicemen in less than a week.

Secret 9/11 case before high court The justices consider a petition for a case with no public record. --by Warren Richey "It's the case that doesn't exist. Even though two different federal courts have conducted hearings and issued rulings, there has been no public record of any action. No documents are available. No files. No lawyer is allowed to speak about it. Period. Yet this seemingly phantom case does exist - and is now headed to the US Supreme Court in what could produce a significant test of a question as old as the Star Chamber, abolished in 17th-century England: How far should a policy of total secrecy extend into a system of justice?"

Alleged terrorists can be detained indefinitely, rule judges Five alleged "international terrorists" held in British jails without charge or trial today lost an appeal against the post-September 11 laws being used to detain them.

No right to trial for 10 terror suspects Men can be detained indefinitely, judges rule Ten men believed by the government to be international terrorists yesterday lost their appeal against detention without charge or trial.

Boca Council adopts ban on 'weapons' at protests Despite claims from the crowd that the ordinance is unconstitutional, the Boca Raton City Council voted 5-0 to adopt the measure that makes it a crime to bring wood, metal, pipes, bricks, stones, paint or other "weapons" to protest assemblages. [Oops! They failed to mention firearms.]

Three more protesters arrested at Army's Stryker meeting Three more people were arrested last night — Hawaiian sovereignty activist Kekuni Blaisdell among them — at a second raucous confrontation between opponents of the Army's planned Stryker brigade and security guards hired by the Army. "This is my crime: I'm kanaka," said Blaisdell, tracing his fingers over the words "kanaka maoli" (indigenous Hawaiian) on his T-shirt.

E-Vote Protest Gains Momentum Members of a group in Maryland called the Campaign for Verifiable Voting is calling on officials in their state to amend its contract with Diebold to require machines recently purchased by the state to offer a voter-verifiable receipt... Since the companies are privately held, they are allowed to keep their software proprietary and closed to the public.

State split evenly on Bush, poll indicates With leading Democratic presidential candidates registering barely a blip on Wisconsinites' radar screens, a new poll shows that residents are split on whether they would re-s-elect Dictator Bush or would rather see someone new in the White House. [Diebold will see to it that Bush gets Wisconsin in the 2004 s-election, just like the 'Norm Coleman' surprise after the Wellstone assassination.]

Democrats Block a Fourth Bush Reichwing Judicial Nominee Mississippi Judge Charles Pickering on Thursday became the fourth of Dictator Bush's conservative [Reichwing] appeals court nominees to be blocked this year by Senate Democrats.

The Incredible Lying BushCo This just in: More irrefutable proof that Dubya's is the slimiest administration in 100 years --by Mark Morford "OK, I'll spell it out: George W. Bush and his entire senior administration lied, and continue to lie, flagrantly, openly, knowingly, with full intent, about the need to drive this nation into a brutal and unwinnable and fiscally debilitating war, one that protects no one and inhibits no terrorism and defends nothing but BushCo's own petrochemical cronies and political stratagems." [a must read]

Enron executive pleads guilty and pays $8m Investigations into the collapse of Enron appeared to be gaining momentum yesterday when officials charged a former senior executive with allegedly helping to falsify the energy firm's earnings statements.

Double Payment --by Robert B. Reich "...[P]harmaceutical companies don’t own up to the fact that you and I are already paying twice for new drugs. Not only do we pay high and rapidly-escalating purchase prices for them. We also pay through our taxes. You see, a portion of federal tax revenues goes to support drug research... [T]hey devote only 12-and-a-half percent of their incomes to it [research and development], on average."

Mega barf alert! Frankenfood approved by nutcases at FDA: In Initial Finding, F.D.A. Calls Cloned Animals Safe as Food Milk and meat from cloned animals are safe to consume [disgusting is as disgusting does], the Food and Drug Administration has tentatively concluded, a finding that could eventually clear the way for such products to reach supermarket shelves and for cloning to be widely used to breed livestock.

Mega barf alert! US 'will rule cloned food safe' Clones that survive are the same as other animals, the FDA says Milk and meat from cloned animals will not need [???!!!] special approval or labelling for sale in the United States, the country's food regulator is likely to decide.

Mega barf alert! Toxic wastewater trucks also hauled orange juice Tankers haul millions of gallons of orange juice from Florida plants every year. Last year, some of those tankers also were used to haul toxic waste from the Piney Point phosphate plant -- a plant so polluted that the state ordered billions of gallons of wastewater removed because it was a danger to the environment.

Senate Rejects Mandatory Cap On Greenhouse Gas Emissions The Senate rejected a proposal yesterday for mandatory caps on "greenhouse gas" emissions from utilities and other industries in the first congressional test of political sentiment toward global warming since Dictator Bush took office [literally, *took* office]. The 55-43 vote in the Republican-controlled Senate was anticipated in the face of strong opposition from the White House, utilities, the auto industry and conservatives.

Antarctic ice shelf is melting rapidly, scientists warn A giant ice shelf the size of Scotland is melting rapidly in the Antarctic, scientists have warned today.

Senate Poised to Vote on Forest-Thinning Bill The U.S. Senate on Thursday prepared to vote on a forestry bill that would ease environmental rules and allow more tree-thinning to 'prevent' fires.

U.S. Rejected Davis on Aid to Clear Trees FEMA spent six months studying the governor's request, then turned it down hours before fires began, saying state was already getting funds. The Bush dictatorship took six months to evaluate Gov. Gray Davis' emergency request last spring for $430 million to clear dead trees from fire-prone areas of Southern California.

Davis Responds to Fires as if Coup ['Recall'] Never Happened Just weeks after the GOP Calif. coup d'etat [voters effectively fired him], Gov. Gray Davis has thrown himself into the fight to contain Southern California's devastating wildfires and console its victims. He has toured evacuation centers and visited burned-out neighborhoods. He has worked the phones to enlist assistance from neighboring states and the federal government, and been a near-constant presence on Southern California airwaves.

Help Pours In for Victims, Firefighters, Agencies A drive-by campaign at Staples Center that netted $200,000 is one of several efforts. 'They need this more than I do,' one man says. ***Los Angeles Times Family Fund/KTLA-5 Charities Fire Relief Campaign. (800) 284-5625,***

Donate to the Los Angeles Times Family Fund/KTLA-5 Charities Fire Relief Campaign, a joint effort by the McCormick Tribune Foundation, Los Angeles Times, and KTLA. For every dollar you give, the McCormick Tribune Foundation will donate an additional 50 cents for the first one million dollars raised. 1-800-284-5625 -- Make your check payable to: LAT/KTLA Fire Relief Campaign - File # 56984 - Los Angeles, CA 90074-6984

S. Catholic Charities of Los Angeles
Fire Disaster Aid

P.O. Box 15095

Los Angeles, CA 90015-0093

(213) 251-3498

'Ghost fleet' faces setback The Environment Agency (UK) has temporarily blocked plans to dismantle a fleet of contaminated former US naval vessels on Teesside.

Death Notices & Guest Books from The Times-Picayune, October 2, 2003 "Word has been received that Gertrude M. Jones, 81, passed away on August 25, 2003, under the loving care of the nursing aides of Heritage Manor of Mandeville, Louisiana... Memorial gifts may be made to any organization that seeks the removal of President [sic] George Bush from office."

Cheney's hawks 'hijacking policy' A former Pentagon officer turned whistleblower says a group of hawks in the Bush Dictatorship, including the Vice-pResident, Dick Cheney, is running a shadow foreign policy, contravening Washington's official line. "What these people are doing now makes Iran-Contra [a Reagan administration national security scandal] look like amateur hour. . . it's worse than Iran-Contra, worse than what happened in Vietnam," said Karen Kwiatkowski, a former air force lieutenant-colonel. "George Bush isn't in control . . . the country's been hijacked," she said, describing how "key [governmental] areas of neoconservative concern were politically staffed".

Gen.: I gave Bush Iraq invasion plan after 9/11 The former commander of Operation Iraqi Freedom [sic] said yesterday he presented a plan to invade Iraq to Dictator Bush just a few months after the 9/11 attacks.

Iraq contractors are big Bush backers Report links Iraq deals to Bush donations --Companies awarded $8 billion in contracts to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan have been major campaign donors to Dictator Bush, and their executives have had important political and military connections, according to a study released Thursday.

Halliburton Accused of Price Gouging for Fuel in Iraq Reps: U.S. Overpaying Halliburton for Gas --The U.S. government is paying Vice pResident Dick Cheney's former firm Halliburton "enormous sums" -- $2.65 a gallon -- for gasoline imported into Iraq from Kuwait, two lawmakers charged on Wednesday.

Senators Overturn Vote on Aid to Halliburton ['Iraq'] $18.4 Billion to Be in Form of Grants --Key senators reversed course yesterday and voted to make an $18.4 billion reconstruction package for Iraq entirely in the form of grants rather than loans, as House-Senate negotiators worked their way through Dictator Bush's $87 billion request for Halliburton ['military and rebuilding operations in Iraq and Afghanistan'].

Support for Bush ebbs away because of growing violence The growing violence in Iraq and America's apparent inability to deal with it are eroding public support in the United States for the occupation.

U.S. Dissident Says Bush Needs Fear for Re[s-]election U.S. linguist and political dissident Noam Chomsky said on Wednesday that Dictator Bush will have to "manufacture" another threat to American security to win re[s-]election in 2004 after U.S failure in occupying Iraq.

Iraq resistance fighters attack supply train; Int'l groups bolt Baghdad Resistance fighters blasted a freight train west of Baghdad on Thursday and exploded a bomb near a convoy in a northern city, injuring a U.S. soldier, as international organizations continued their exodus from Iraq.

At Least One Killed in Blast in Baghdad - Police A blast in a residential area in central Baghdad on Thursday evening killed at least one person, police at the scene told Reuters.

Attack on US tank brings post-war death toll to 117 Two American soldiers were killed yesterday when their Abrams battle tank was blown up by guerrillas north of Baghdad. That brings the number of US troops killed in Iraq since Dictator Bush declared conflict over to 117, exceeding the number killed in the war itself.

Carson soldier faces charge of cowardice A soldier with Fort Carson’s 10th Special Forces Group has been charged with cowardice for allegedly refusing to do his duty in Iraq. Staff Sgt. George Porgany, 32, a Special Forces interrogator, said he is wrongly charged. He said he experienced a "panic attack" after seeing the mangled body of an Iraqi man and told his superior he was heading for a "nervous breakdown."

Bush Iraq Comments Compared to Vietnam Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry said Wednesday that the Bush dictatorship's statements on Iraq remind him of Vietnam-era claims of imminent victory and he faulted the commander in chief [sic] for "sidestepping the truth."

Military families grow angry with state of Iraq war ...This war is not going the way they hoped it would. They are wives and husbands of the 129th Army Reserves Combat Transportation Company, stationed in Kansas, and they are terrified for spouses who are conducting missions in Iraq... After a string of recent suicide bombings in Iraq, they stand with a growing number of military families who are convinced that the war is going awry and who think the American public isn't getting a straight story on the conflict.

U.S. Troops Detain Dozens in Iraq Raid American soldiers carried out pre-dawn raids Thursday in Saddam Hussein's hometown and detained more than a dozen suspects, some believed to be involved in 'setting up a new terrorist cell', the U.S. military [terrorists] said.

Congress issues Iraq deadline to CIA A powerful committee of the US Senate has given the CIA 48 hours to supply files on intelligence it gathered on Iraq prior to the outbreak of war.

Senators Set Deadline for Cia in Iraq Probe The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday demanded that the CIA produce documents and schedule interviews for the panel's assessment of prewar intelligence on Iraq by noon on Friday.

To the editor: --by Michael Handy (October 29, 2003 letter to The Monitor (TX) --scroll to second letter) "I’m offended we have a person in the White House who lies as easily and as often as he changes socks. It offends me thousands of people have been slaughtered to advance a fascist agenda. And it offends me greatly to hear the truth being exchanged for lies and right-wing propaganda by those who throw away the lives of our soldiers as if they were nothing but empty fast food wrappers."

Britain: Labour expels antiwar MP Galloway --by Chris Marsden "George Galloway, MP for Glasgow Kelvin, has been expelled from the Labour Party for the sole crime of opposing the Blair government’s participation in the US-led war against Iraq."

Israel's Chief of Staff Denounces Policies Against Palestinians Israel's top-ranking soldier said that current hard-line policies against the Palestinians were working against Israel's "strategic interest" and had contributed to the downfall of the previous Palestinian prime minister, Israeli news organizations reported on Wednesday.

Huge Afghan opium harvest brings fears of new terrorism Opium cultivation is spreading like a "cancer" in Afghanistan, a United Nations survey has found. The UN said yesterday that unless the problem was tackled the country could be over-run by violence, corruption and terrorism. [...the hallmarks of the Bush dictatorship: Violence, corruption, and terrorism]

Afghans Tell of Torture During Security Sweep Villagers say a militia working for the U.S. went on a rampage while hunting Taliban. Villagers with broken limbs, deep cuts and severe bruises say Afghan militia fighters working as guides for U.S. troops went on a spree of looting, beatings and torture here during a military sweep last week.

Military terror trials 'imminent' The first terrorism trial before a US military tribunal is fast approaching, the Defence Department's chief prosecutor for the planned trials said today.

Soon, new rules for foreigners Must be fingerprinted to enter or leave USA --Millions of foreign visitors to the USA, already under strict scrutiny since the 2001 terrorist attacks, soon will have to be fingerprinted and photographed to get through the nation's airports and seaports.

Terrorist suspects kept in jail under 'draconian' ruling (UK) Human rights campaigners accused the Government yesterday of entering "a new dark age of injustice" after judges ruled that 10 suspected terrorists who have not been convicted of any crime should remain in prison indefinitely.

Doctors: Most 9-11 Workers Still Ailing Most ground zero workers still suffer from health problems two years after Sept. 11 and many do not have health insurance or job security, doctors told a congressional panel Tuesday.

Uneasy secrets / Bush needs to disclose his pre-9/11 reports (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) "Last year, Congress authorized the creation of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States to investigate the events that led to and occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. Given the Bush administration's reaction to the bipartisan commission's repeated requests for information, one can reasonably surmise that the executive branch has something to hide. Nobody knows why, but stinginess with information has been this administration's modus operandi from the beginning."

Doc's WTC note: Don't hurry back The day after the World Trade Center collapse, a top federal scientist warned in a strongly worded memo against the quick reoccupation of buildings in lower Manhattan because of possible dangers from asbestos and other toxic materials. The worried tone of Dr. Ed Kilbourne's memo was in sharp contrast to the upbeat official view the following day from then-EPA Administrator Christie Whitman.

Federal appeals court dismisses electronic voting machine lawsuit A federal appeals court has tossed out a lawsuit seeking to ban electronic voting machines that don't print paper records, ruling that no voting method can completely eliminate electoral fraud.

E-Vote Software Leaked Online Software used by an electronic voting system manufactured by Sequoia Voting Systems has been left unprotected on a publicly available server, raising concerns about the possibility of vote tampering in future elections. The software, made available at, is stored on an FTP server owned by Jaguar Computer Systems, a firm that provides election support to a California county.

'Butterfly Ballots' May Have Confused About 5,000 votes out of the 8.8 million cast in California's GOP coup d'etat ['recall election'] might have been miscast because infamous "butterfly ballots" confused voters, pollsters said.

Arnold Flexes His Political Muscle Congress Charmed by Schwarzenegger --by Hanna Rosin "Back at home, his people were 'in the middle of a disaster,' facing 'raging fires,' 'gigantic fires,' 'a very serious disaster,' [California governor s-elect Arnold SchwarzeNazi] said on Capitol Hill. Surveying the damage, he realized 'the fire is right now at a very dangerous stage.' Strangely, then, he smiled."

SchwarzeNazi Accuser Wants MSNBC Apology A woman who accused Arnold SchwarzeNazi of groping her is now threatening to sue MSNBC and possibly host Joe Scarborough.

Barbour campaign shows GOP's racist side --by Derrick Z. Jackson "[Mississippi GOPig gubernatorial candidate] HaleyBarbour has blatantly appealed to the most racist elements in Mississippi by defiantly refusing to ask the Council of Conservative Citizens to remove his photograph from its website home page. The photo shows Barbour at a CCC-sponsored barbecue with five other men, including CCC field director Bill Lord... President [sic] Bush is scheduled this Saturday to make his second trip in seven weeks to Mississippi."

Senate Republicans fail to break long-threatened Pickering filibuster Senate Republicans on Thursday failed to break a Democratic filibuster of U.S. District Judge Charles Pickering's promotion to the federal appeals court, continuing a two-year standoff.

Bush Dictatorship Attacks Clean Water Safeguards, Sets Dangerous Precedent With Proposed Oregon Rule, Groups Say The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed "Oregon Rule," which would pave the way for federal dams to evade their Clean Water Act obligations, is a trial balloon for a broad national policy that would have devastating consequences for river ecosystems across the country, conservationists warned today.

Big melt warning for Arctic The ice covering the Arctic ocean is getting thinner as summers lengthen, say British scientists. Melting seen in recent years is set to continue, they warn, with the eventual disappearance of ice during the summer months.

Senate Sets First Global Warming Vote Thursday The Senate is expected on Thursday to cast its first-ever vote on whether to limit emissions of heat-trapping gases by power plants, factories and automobiles, a move the Bush dictatorship opposes as too costly.

Presidential hopeful Dean questions nuclear dump on Vegas visit Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean called for a more extensive review of the plan to locate the nation's nuclear waste dump in Nevada, but stopped short of opposing the Yucca Mountain repository Tuesday.

Logging Companies are Responsible for the California Wildfires --by Brian Leitner "The irony is that it's not the environmentalists that are responsible, but the timber companies themselves. This article will address several myths about forest health and wildfires and expose the lie behind the industry spin that the only way to save the forests is to kill them..."

A Big Union Feather in Dean's Cap Howard Dean's Presidential ambitions are poised to get a major lift on Nov. 6 when the AFL-CIO's largest union, the 1.3 million member Service Employees International Union, is set to endorse him, BusinessWeek has learned.

Simpsons parody upset Fox News, says Groening The Simpsons: poked fun at Fox News' anti-Democratic stance --Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel threatened to sue the makers of the Simpsons over a spoof news ticker, the show's creator Matt Groening has claimed. Mr Groening said Fox News raised the unlikely prospect of suing a show broadcast by its sister channel, Fox Entertainment, because it wanted to stop the Simpsons parodying its famously anti-Democratic party agenda.

N.Y. mayor seeks boycott of Canada by drug firms New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging U.S. drug companies to stop shipping to Canada unless Ottawa changes its policies. ''What American pharmaceutical companies should do is refuse to sell drugs to Canada until they get rid of price controls,'' Mr. Bloomberg said yesterday. [Bush's puppet in New York, Michael Bloomberg, is a multimillionaire who can afford any and all prescription drugs.]

Halliburton Contract Extended in Iraq Vice pResident Dick Cheney's former company will retain a no-bid contract in Iraq longer than expected, the Bush dictatorship said Wednesday, blaming 'sabotage' of oil facilities for delays in replacement contracts. Halliburton's contract, worth $1.59 billion so far, will be extended until December or January while the government receives and evaluates revised bids for replacement work that could total $2 billion. [Cui bono: Who is doing the actual sabotage? Who has the most to gain?]

Halliburton says KBR unit revenue profit, sales soar US oil industry services giant Halliburton said Thursday its Kellogg Brown and Root unit's profits rose four-fold and sales leapt 80 percent, boosted by work in Iraq

US troops' death toll hits landmark figure The number of US troops killed by hostile forces during the occupation of Iraq exceeded those killed during the war itself when two US soldiers died in an attack north of Baghdad last night.

U.S. Postwar Death Toll in Iraq Hits New Milestone The U.S. postwar combat death toll in Iraq climbed past the number of soldiers killed during the invasion when the U.S. military said Wednesday it had lost two more dead in a roadside bomb north of Baghdad.

2 U.S. Soldiers Die in Attack More GIs have been killed during occupation than before Bush declared active combat over May 1. Resistance fighters destroyed an American tank north of Baghdad, killing two U.S. soldiers, and wounded seven Ukrainians in the first ambush against the multinational force patrolling central Iraq, officials said Wednesday. The attacks were part of a dramatic upsurge in recent days.

Two More U.S. Soldiers Killed as Violence Continues in Iraq Two American soldiers were killed when their tank hit an explosive device north of Baghdad Tuesday night, the military said today.

Katyusha rockets hit US post in Kirkuk US military post hit by five Katyusha rockets in Kirkuk, sparking retaliatory US shell fire on uninhabited area.

Up to 15,000 people killed in invasion, claims thinktank As many as 15,000 Iraqis were killed in the first days of America's invasion and occupation of Iraq, a study produced by an independent US thinktank said yesterday.

U.S. May Reassign Iraq Staff for Security As violence has spiraled in Iraq, top U.S. officials have debated pulling intelligence officers off the so-far unsuccessful hunt for weapons of mass destruction and reassigning them to counterinsurgency efforts, officials said Wednesday.

Bush Vows U.S. Will Stay in Iraq Dictator Calls Situation 'Dangerous,' Blames Attacks on Baathists, Foreigners [He should place the blame where it belongs -- on international terrorist George W. Bush] Dictator Bush acknowledged yesterday that there is dangerous resistance to the U.S. occupation of Iraq but vowed to Americans and Iraqis: "We're not leaving."

Bush disavows background banner in May speech Aides: 'Mission Accomplished' was for carrier --Dictator Bush tried to distance himself Tuesday from a banner proclaiming ''Mission Accomplished'' that hung on an aircraft carrier where he staged a fighter-jet landing May 1. He said the banner was the Navy's idea and a reference to the mission of the USS Abraham Lincoln.

GOP unity is strained by attacks Republicans have begun raising concerns about the administration’s strategy in Iraq amid daily attacks on U.S. forces there... "Honestly, it’s a little tougher than I thought it was going to be," Sen. Trent Lott (R-insane-Miss.) said. "If we have to, we just mow the whole place down, see what happens." [Question: How does terrorist Chickenhawk Trent Lott get elected?]

Stabenow fears Iraq will become another Vietnam U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow [D - Lansig, MI] said Monday that the latest bloody attacks in Iraq raise new concerns that the U.S. military presence there could become a quagmire reminiscent of the Vietnam war.

Result of Bush's international terrorism in Afghanistan: UN: Afghan Opium Production Spreading Like Cancer Opium cultivation is spreading like a cancer in Afghanistan and risks transforming the world's leading supplier into a state of narco-terrorists and drug cartels, a U.N. survey said Wednesday.

Senators Worried Afghanistan Falling Apart Two influential U.S. senators questioned the stability of the Afghan government on Wednesday and warned the U.S. envoy and ambassador-designate to Kabul that the country may fall apart on his watch.

Private Firms Assist U.S. Military In Iraq, private contractors do just about everything a soldier would do. Around the world — in conflict zones from Liberia to Kosovo to Afghanistan — the United States is putting hired help behind the front lines.

Polio vaccines 'infect Muslims with Aids' Nigerian authorities said on Wednesday polio vaccines recently administered in a nationwide campaign will undergo laboratory testing to calm fears the United States is using the immunisation campaign to sow Aids and sterility among Muslims. Vice President Abubakar Atiku ordered testing on the vaccines for agents that could spread HIV or sterility, adding that international, federal and state health authorities must work together to resolve "the various issues surrounding the analysis of the polio vaccines", Nigeria's state television reported.

US develops lethal new viruses A scientist funded by the US government has deliberately created an extremely deadly form of mousepox, a relative of the smallpox virus, through genetic engineering. The new virus kills all mice even if they have been given antiviral drugs as well as a vaccine that would normally protect them.

Court tosses ex-CIA man's conviction Court says feds lied, throws out former CIA officer's conviction --A federal judge threw out the conviction of a former CIA operative who has spent 20 years in prison for selling arms to Libya, saying the government knowingly used false evidence against him.

Rebel Galloway launches political party Rebel MP George Galloway has announced the launch of a new political movement which could change the face of British politics for ever. The British antiwar movement will turn into a political force to take on Tony Blair’s New Labour in the European elections in June 2004.

George Galloway's historic speech --by George Galloway, MP (October 29, 2003) "I met Saddam Hussein twice, the same number of times that Donald Rumsfeld met him. The difference is that Rumsfeld met him to sell his regime guns and gas and to give them the maps necessary to target them while I met him to try and avert suffering sanctions and war."

Free speech kept off U.S. streets Officials deny plot to herd dissenters into protest pens but sign-carriers testify to being hustled out of sight --On Sept. 23, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Philadelphia against the Secret Service, alleging that the agency instituted a policy in the months even before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks of instructing local police to cordon off protesters from the dictator and Vice-pResident Dick Cheney.

Behind Her Back Jamie Deneris has one question: How did the FBI obtain a roster of her students without going through official channels? Deneris, a College of Marin [Kentfield, CA] biology professor who has been under FBI investigation for discussing smallpox in her class two years ago, said her students have also been contacted and questioned by the FBI.

No pause in Patriot Act pounding --by Robyn E. Blumner "When pressed over whether Lakers star Kobe Bryant should continue playing basketball while the issue of his alleged sexual assault is under consideration by the courts, NBA Commissioner David Stern told the Los Angeles Times: 'Absolutely. We don't have a Patriot Act in the NBA.' It appears the repressive nature of the USA Patriot Act, which is 2 years old today, has penetrated the American consciousness to such an extent that it now stands as shorthand parlance for any type of unfairness... You would think this general unease would cause President [sic] Bush to pause before proposing additional entrenchments. But no, it seems to only have spurred him on."

Clark Lays Responsibility for 9/11 at Bush's Feet In a blistering review of Dictator Bush's national security policy, Gen. Wesley K. Clark said on Tuesday that the regime could not "walk away from its responsibilities for 9/11."

SEC Accuses Enron's Lay of Legal 'Charade' Former Enron Corp. Chairman Kenneth L. Lay turned over to a bankruptcy examiner evidence that he is refusing to give the Securities and Exchange Commission in its probe of Enron's collapse, the SEC told a federal judge. In a court filing in Washington, the SEC asked U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth to reject Lay's assertion of his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination and compel his delivery of the evidence.

Oops! Fannie Mae Reports $1.2B Accounting Error Fannie Mae disclosed a $1.2 billion accounting error Wednesday for the third quarter, a mistake a federal regulator said shows the need for close government scrutiny for the mortgage-market giant.

[Traitor] Zell Miller Endorses Bush Senator Zell Miller of Georgia, the nation's most prominent conservative Democrat [Traitor], said today he will endorse Dictator Bush for re-s-election in 2004 and campaign for him if Bush wishes him to.

Shays: Connecticut Republicans in trouble in 2006 Connecticut Republicans will have a tough time winning the governor's race in 2006, U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays told the Journal Inquirer of Manchester on Tuesday. In recent months, [GOPig whackjob, Governor John G.] Rowland's mis-ministration has been beset by controversy, including a federal corruption investigation into alleged bid rigging involving the governor's former deputy chief of staff. Rowland has also paid more than $15,900 in fines and reimbursements to settle investigations with the state Ethics and Elections Enforcement Commissions.

This Modern World: Something Truly Terrifying --by Tom Tomorrow (political cartoon) October 28, 2003

Northern Command Sending 14 Aircraft to Battle California Fires U.S. Northern Command is sending all eight of the Defense Department's C-130 aircraft equipped with the Modular Airborne Firefighting System, or MAFFS, and six CH-53 helicopters with fire suppression buckets to support the wildland firefighting effort in California.


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