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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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November 2003 Archives, Page Two

US to move troops from South Korea to Iraq, Afghanistan: report The United States plans to relocate troops from South Korea to duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a wide reorganization of its 37,000 strong garrison in the country, a report quoting military officials said.

US targets opposition clerics in Mosul The US military is acting to stem the rising tide of radical Islamism in Iraq's third largest city and rooting out preachers held to be using their sermons to incite attacks on Americans.

Al Arabiya ordered to shut down in Baghdad U.S. military spokesman: GIs' bodies not slashed or cut [???] The U.S. dictatorship in Iraq ['Iraqi Governing Council'] ordered the Arab language television network al Arabiya to shut down its operation in Baghdad on Monday, sending the Iraq Interior Ministry to the network's headquarters to "seize their uplink and transmission equipment until further notice."

US continues to humiliate Iraqis Pictures of US soldiers searching young girls on their way to class have provoked renewed international outrage. Exclusive photos show US-led occupation forces frisking schoolgirls – a move condemned by the girls’ parents and international human rights organisations alike. [More GOP 'family values'... Why isn't hypocritical whackjob, Joe 'Lori Klausutis' Scarborough, doing a show on *this* sickening display of perversion?]

US maggots frisking school children in Iraq

US maggots humiliate Iraqis

The moral myth Superpowers act out of self-interest, not morality, and the US in Iraq is no different --by George Monbiot "As soon as one argument for the invasion and occupation of Iraq collapses, they switch to another. Over the past month, almost all the warriors - Bush, Blair and the belligerents in both the conservative and the liberal press - have fallen back on the last line of defence, the argument we know as 'the moral case for war'."

Iraqis Want UN Resolution to End U.S. Occupation Iraq's interim authority on Monday submitted a timetable for self-rule and asked the U.N. Security Council for a new resolution that would end the U.S.-led occupation in June.

Sabotage Blamed in Iraq Pipeline Attack An oil pipeline near the northern city of Kirkuk was on fire Monday, and local officials said the blaze may have been caused by sabotage. [D'Oh! Is Halliburton blowing them up so they can rebuild them under their 'no-bid' contracts?]

Soldiers to sue over new Gulf War syndrome Dozens of soldiers who served in Iraq are to sue the Government, claiming they are suffering from a new form of Gulf War syndrome. Multiple vaccinations given in the run-up to the conflict are being blamed for chronic pains, stomach problems, rashes, swelling, fever, depression and anxiety.

U.S. Army uses video game to recruit soldiers Three million people worldwide have joined America's Army -- online. The popular Internet video game of the same name, which can be legally downloaded for free, has young adults around the world scrambling to join and train like a real U.S. Army soldier and act out combat scenarios in online teams. The game is also an increasingly important recruitment and branding tool for the U.S. Army.

Pro-Chavez Petition Drive Claims Strides Despite voter apathy and scant lines at many collection stations Monday, Venezuela's vice president claimed the government gathered nearly 8 million signatures demanding recalls of opposition legislators who are trying to oust President Hugo Chavez.

US releases 20 held at Cuban base and brings in 20 more The US has returned 20 people held at Guantanamo bay in Cuba to their countries of origin - only to bring in 20 new prisoners from an undisclosed location. This means the US naval base still holds some 660 people suspected of 'terrorism'.

Democrats Insist Republicans Pull Bush Ad Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle is demanding that Republicans stop showing their first television ad of the 2004 presidential race, which he called "repulsive and outrageous." [Just like Bush himself!]

Technological Dub Erases a Bush Flub for a Republican Ad It may be called the Case of the Disappearing Pause... The Democrats asked whether the Republican National Committee had gone to the White House with sound equipment to have Mr. Bush recite the line anew for what was the first Republican commercial of the campaign season here. That might have meant that the party was not being truthful when it said it had not coordinated with Mr. Bush when it made the advertisement, a possible violation of law.

Congress Expands FBI Spying Power Congress approved a bill on Friday that expands the reach of the Patriot Act, reduces oversight of the FBI and intelligence agencies and, according to critics, shifts the balance of power away from the legislature and the courts.

Senate approves intelligence bill expanding FBI authority to demand business records The Senate gave final approval Friday to a measure that will make it easier for FBI agents investigating 'terrorism' to demand financial records from casinos, car dealerships and other businesses. Most details of the bill are secret including the total costs of the programs, estimated to be about $40 billion. [Secret details of bills??? What's in there??? We need to wake up and *stop*this*madness*, *now*!]

USWA Calls for Congressional Investigation into Police-State Assaults in Miami Union condemns use of federal Iraq reconstruction funds to subsidize "homeland repression" at FTAA meetings ( Press Release) "The United Steelworkers of America (USWA) is calling for a Congressional investigation into 'a massive police state,' created in part with federal funds, to intimidate union members and others critical of the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and limit their rights during FTAA meetings in Miami last week."

Quick Action! Call the Florida Tourism Marketing Association what our opinion is on vacationing in [Jeb's private little police state] Florida. Their number is 954-522-1770 (Thanks, Susan M. for this action idea!)

Reichwing Student Group Lists Professors it Considers 'Too Politicized' Texas Reichwing Organization Claims Fair Notice; Opponents Fear Academic Censorship University of Texas Professor Robert Jensen tops the Young Conservatives of Texas' "watch list." [Watch *this*.] The list, published on the group's Web site,, and distributed on campus, criticizes 10 professors -- nine of them liberals, in YCT's view -- for using their classrooms to 'promote personal agendas' and "indoctrinate" students. [YCT Chairman David Rushing 713-408-3606, Young Conservatives [Nazis] of Texas, P.O. Box 7075, Austin, Texas 78713]

Town passes ordinance requiring firearms Residents of the tiny south-central Kansas community of Geuda Springs have passed an ordinance requiring most households to have guns and ammunition.

Bullet fired during KKK ceremony hits participant A bullet fired in the air during a Ku Klux Klan initiation ceremony came down and struck a participant in the head, critically injuring him, authorities said.

Alarms Sounded On Cost of GOP Bills Lawmakers Increase Spending to Win Votes --As Congress rushes to conclude its 2003 session, Republican leaders are trying to garner votes for controversial legislation by loading the bills with billions of dollars in added costs that analysts said would expand the budget deficit for years to come. "The U.S. budget is out of control," the Wall Street investment firm Goldman Sachs & Co. warned Friday in its weekly newsletter to clients.

Bush Signs Record $401 Billion 'Defense' Bill Dictator Bush signed a record $401.3 billion 'defense' bill on Monday that includes a 4.15 percent raise for troops as the Iraq occupation puts increasing strain on soldiers and their families.

Drug Makers Move Closer to Big Victory As Congress edged closer to passing a Medicare drug benefit that prohibits the government from using its buying clout to win discounts, one thing was clear: the drug industry appeared on the cusp of an enormous victory, gained in part by millions in political donations and an expensive lobbying campaign.

Medicare Bill Would Enrich Companies $125 Billion More for Employers, Health Firms --The Medicare legislation that passed the House near dawn on Saturday and is moving toward a final vote in the Senate would steer at least $125 billion over the next decade in extra assistance to the health care industry and U.S. businesses.

Medicare Debate Turns to Pricing of Drug Benefits With Congress poised for final action on a major Medicare bill this week, some of the fiercest debate is focused on a section of the bill that prohibits the government from negotiating lower drug prices for the 40 million people on Medicare.

Medicare Drug Bill Nears Final Approval The Senate cleared the way Monday for final congressional passage of landmark legislation to add a prescription drug benefit and a free-enterprise flavor to Medicare, repelling twin attacks by die-hard Democratic opponents. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., said the legislation "starts the unraveling of the Medicare system," and he accused the Republicans of planning a follow-up attack on Social Security after the next election.

Senate Cuts Medicare Debate Foes led by Kennedy plan last effort to stall a final vote on the drug plan. Bill Faces Second Vote Before Advancing to Final Passage --The Senate voted to choke off debate Monday on a historic Medicare prescription drug bill, but die-hard opponents vowed one final effort to scuttle the legislation they attacked as a boon to pharmaceutical and insurance industries. "The Senate is on trial," thundered Kennedy, leader of the opposition. "Let us not turn our backs on our senior citizens so insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies can charge senior citizens even higher prices."

Energy Bill Dead for This Year - Congress Aide U.S. congressional leaders and the Bush dictatorship failed to reach an agreement on Monday on a stalled $31 billion energy bill, forcing the measure to be pushed back until at least next year, an aide said.

Lawmakers Bow to Bush on Media Ownership Congressional bargainers bowed to White House pressure Monday and agreed to let networks own larger numbers of television stations as lawmakers put finishing touches on a year-end $390 billion spending package.

Letter to Dictator Bush, November 23, 2003 Your fearmongering is wearing thin, Bush. -- by Karl, Wagoner, OK ( "You can scare a lot of Americans a lot of the time, but we are beginning to realize it's just a bluff intended to keep us under the thumb of the fascist system you and your gang of criminals have attempted to implement. I have news for you. Many of us (soon to be most) have seen your incompetent arrogance and hegemonic delusions for precisely what they are... In short, Bush, you have no ability, no honesty, no integrity, no honor, no compassion and no truthfulness. Our young soldiers die day by day for your ill-conceived pogrom against the Iraqi people. You are an embarrassment to the very concept of America, democracy, freedom, principle and Christianity. So, to reiterate, I and many of my countrymen have gotten past fear and now are just REALLY ANGRY at your failed administration. We are not going to take it lying down. If you think you can continue down the path of fascism, dream on, idiot."

Carlyle Group May Bail Out Conrad Black London's Observer reports that Carlyle Group, a powerful banking group with close links to [Osama bin Laden and the Bush family as well as] the Pentagon, is in talks to bail out beleaguered Daily Telegraph owner Conrad Black.

Pentagon Considers Creating Postwar Peacekeeping Forces The Pentagon has begun to look seriously at creating military forces that would be dedicated to peacekeeping and reconstruction after future conflicts, defense officials said. [What 'future conflicts' does the Idiot Usurper have in mind???]

Iraq war providing a boost to al-Qaida Terror network is using clash as propaganda tool in holy war against West --The American invasion and occupation of Iraq has provided al-Qaida with a powerful propaganda tool in its holy war against the West, injecting new energy into the worldwide network even though many of its key operatives are in jail or dead, its top leadership is on the run and its sources of money are shrinking, according to international security analysts.

Pipeline blaze in northern Iraq An important gas pipeline has been blown up near Iraq’s northern oil centre of Kirkuk, causing a huge fire.

At Least 17 U.S. Troops Have Committed Suicide in Iraq; Army Seeks Answers Since April, the military says, at least 17 Americans - 15 Army soldiers and two Marines - have taken their own lives in Iraq. The true number is almost certainly higher. At least two dozen non-combat deaths, some of them possible suicides, are under investigation according to an AP review of Army casualty reports.

Iraqi mob mutilates bodies of US troops killed by resistance fighters Moments after Iraqi resistance fighters killed two American troops yesterday, a crowd swarmed to the car and began pummelling the soldier's bodies with concrete blocks.

Three U.S. troops killed in Iraq Three American soldiers were killed in separate incidents on Saturday, including two troops whose throats were reportedly slit by attackers as the GIs waited in traffic in the northern city of Mosul.

Three U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Gunmen killed two American soldiers driving through this northern Iraqi city Sunday, and then a crowd swarmed the scene, looting the soldiers' vehicle and pummeling their bodies, witnesses said. Another soldier was killed in a roadside bombing north of Baghdad. Elsewhere, three American civilian contractors were wounded in an explosion in the northern oil center of Kirkuk.

Rights group questions house demolitions in Iraq, Pentagon denies collective punishment Amnesty International said US forces appeared to be destroying houses in Iraq as a form of collective punishment for attacks on US troops and warned that that would violate the Geneva Conventions.

Fugitive Taliban leader urges Afghans to fight US as security threat worsens Mullah Omar, the ousted leader of the Taliban, has urged Afghans to unite against the American military in the country, claiming that promises of democracy and reconstruction have not been fulfilled, the Afghan Islamic Press reported.

U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan, 5 Killed A U.S. military helicopter crashed on Sunday near the American military headquarters in Afghanistan, killing five personnel and injuring seven, the U.S. Central Command said.

Army Reserve battling an exodus W-ar is seen as drain on ranks --The US Army Reserve fell short of its reenlistment goals this fiscal year, underscoring Pentagon fears that the protracted conflict in Iraq could cause a crippling exodus from the armed services.

Ground Farce 1 Queen's fury as Bush goons wreck garden --The Queen is furious with Dictator George W. Bush after his state visit caused thousands of pounds of damage to her gardens at Buckingham Palace. The rotors of the Dictator's Marine Force One helicopter and two support Black Hawks damaged trees and shrubs that had survived since Queen Victoria's reign. And Bush's army of clod-hopping security service men trampled more precious and exotic plants... The historic fabric of the Palace was also damaged as high-tech links were fitted for the US moron and his entourage during his three-day stay with the Queen.

Blair lined up for Simpsons debut UK Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair will make his debut in US animated comedy The Simpsons on Sunday. Mr Blair, who is said to be a big fan of the show, recorded his dialogue in April for an episode in which Homer Simpson meets him in London.

Police want new powers to deal with aftermath of terror attack Britain's most senior policeman yesterday called for increased powers to deal with the aftermath of a terrorist attack. The government's civil contingencies bill allows the police to order evacuations, confiscate property and animals without compensation, ban demonstrations and travel, and impose curfews.

Groups Question FBI Protest Monitoring Civil liberties groups and politicians raised the prospect Sunday that FBI monitoring of anti-war protesters could stifle legitimate dissent and jeopardize people's First Amendment right to speak their mind.

FBI Keeps Eye on Anti-War Protesters ['for Violence'] The FBI has collected information about tactics and training used by anti-war protesters in an effort to stop any and all dissent under the Bush Fascist dictatorship ['blunt potential violence by extremist elements'], a federal law enforcement official said on Sunday.

National Lawyers Guild demands investigation for Jeb's stormtroopers' actions (Letter by National Lawyers Guild President Michael Avery to Mayor Manuel A. Diaz, Chief of Police John F. Timoney, and City Attorney Alejandro Vilarello) "The actions of the Miami Police Department this week have violated the fundamental due process and First Amendment rights of thousands of peaceful protesters gathering to voice their opposition to the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit. We call on you and City Attorney Alejandro Vilarello to respect the Constitutional rights of these defendants. We also demand a full-scale, independent investigation into the police officers’ alarming behavior, with the results to be made public."

Urgent Call to Action! FTAA Protesters Brutalized in Miami! Also: 2) Democracy Now! Producer Jailed in Miami 3) Military PsyOps and Police Harassment against SOA Watch ( Fax Miami Mayor, Manuel A. Diaz - Stop Police Brutality Against Protesters

New York police assault fundraiser for anarchist group New York City police launched a vicious attack on a private fundraising event for the group, Anarchist People of Color, at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 16. The benefit was being held in the Brooklyn offices of Critical Resistance, a California-based group that focuses on police brutality and the prison system.

Sour note With a larger-than-expected first-day crowd at the annual protest of an institute at Fort Benning, tensions amped up Saturday after the Army and protesters engaged in a day of electronic and legal jousting. As protest leaders took to the stage with speeches and music, Fort Benning blared anthems and martial music from loudspeakers positioned just inside its gates, about 50 yards away. SOA Watch, which conducts the annual protest against the 'Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation' [It's the US's Torture School, in actuality], called the move a "psychological operation," and said it planned to file suit against the Army.

Protesters at military school hit with patriotic music Demonstrators gathered outside Fort Benning to protest a military school were hit with a sonic barrage Saturday: patriotic music Army officials had blaring from the main gate. A crowd estimated by Columbus police at 8,000 gathered to protest the school once known as the School of the Americas, which they blame for Latin American human rights abuses.

Global Protests Echo Common Vision Over 100,000 from Miami to Georgia to London confront Empire to Promote Justice and Peace (Press Release from "We, The Stop the War Coalition in London, England, The Mobilization to Stop the FTAA in Miami, Florida (U.S.) and the School of the Americas Watch Movement in Columbus, Georgia (U.S.), are mobilizing tens of thousands of people this week in the United Kingdom and the United States to hold our governments accountable. Our struggles are interconnected and we organize in solidarity with each other."

Terrorism commission caves in to White House over 9/11 documents --by Patrick Martin "The independent commission charged with investigating the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington has backed down in the face of White House intransigence and agreed to let the Bush administration determine what information it will turn over to the panel... In a remark little noted by the media at the time—but extraordinary in its implications—[former Georgia Senator Max] Cleland declared, 'As each day goes by, we learn that this government knew a whole lot more about these terrorists before September 11 than it has ever admitted.'"

Senate Democrats threaten delaying tactics in drive to kill [insane] Medicare bill The Senate Democratic leader promised a vigorous fight Sunday against the Medicare prescription drug bill, one of Dictator Bush's top priorities, which passed the House only after an unprecedented three-hour vote.

Polls Finds Mass. Gay Marriage Ruling OK Two new polls released Sunday show Massachusetts lawmakers could be bucking public opinion if they try to thwart the Supreme Judicial Court's ruling last week that found the state's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional.

Ozone layer 'sacrificed' to lift re-s-election prospects Dictator George Bush has brought the international treaty aimed at repairing the Earth's vital ozone layer close to breakdown, risking millions of cancers, to benefit strawberry and tomato growers in the electorally critical state of Florida, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

Cuba Produces Key Synthetic Vaccine for Children Cuban researchers have developed the first synthetic vaccine against a bacteria that causes pneumonia and meningitis, a breakthrough aimed at lowering the cost of immunizing children in poorer countries.

Iraqis Shut Out of Lucrative Rebuilding Deals U.S. officials have shut Iraqis out of the business of reconstruction contracts, many local businessmen say. U.S. officials have reportedly allowed some companies closely associated with the former regime to win lucrative contracts.

Original source:Contracts Leave Local Business Out U.S. officials have shut Iraqis out of the business of reconstruction contracts, favouring a few high-profile Iraqi companies they trust and setting excessively high contract standards that most local companies cannot meet, say local business leaders.

Dictator Bremer fires 28,000 Iraqi teachers American's top dictator in Baghdad, L. Paul Bremer, last week fired 28,000 Iraqi teachers as political punishment [???!!!] for their former membership in the Saddam Hussein-dominated Baath Party, fueling anti-U.S. resistance on the ground, regime officials have told United Press International.

12 Iraqis Killed in Car Bombings Attackers struck two police stations with back-to-back car bombings Saturday, killing themselves and at least 12 other Iraqis. In Baghdad, a missile slammed into the wing of a DHL cargo jet, forcing it to land in the first such attack on a commercial plane in Iraq.

Iraq suicide bombers kill at least 18; first missile hit on plane At least 18 people were killed in twin suicide attacks on Iraqi police stations, as a civilian cargo aircraft made an emergency landing after the first successful missile strike on a plane in the seven-month-old insurgency.

Japan Defense Chief Vows to Send Troops to Iraq Japanese Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba said on Sunday Tokyo should defy 'threats from terrorists' and stick to its controversial plan to send troops to help Halliburton ['rebuild Iraq'].

Uprising seen against the West The recent spate of bombings in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Morocco suggests that terrorist groups are on a push to wreak havoc against Western interests and Muslim nations friendly to them, security analysts say.

'Rumsfeld just as bad as Hitler was' North Korea issued a blistering attack on Donald Rumsfeld on Saturday, saying that the United States defence secretary was worse than Adolf Hitler.

U.S. warns al Qaeda could attack soon [Yes, in time for the 2004 Diebold s-election, so the Idiot Usurper can explain his need to remain in power to continue 'war on [for] terror'.] The federal government issued a public statement late Friday to warn of potential terrorist attacks as the Muslim religious holiday Ramadan comes to an end early next week.

US warns of worldwide terrorism risk The US government has issued a worldwide warning of the risk of possible new terrorist attacks in the wake of last week's deadly bombings in Turkey. The threat comes not only from al-Qa'ida but from other Islamic groups, of which little is known.

Sweeping new emergency laws to counter UK terror Sweeping measures to deal with terrorist attacks and other emergencies are to be announced this week, giving the Government power to over-ride civil liberties in times of crisis, and evacuate threatened areas, restrict people's movements and confiscate property. The Civil Contingencies Bill, which covers every kind of disaster from terrorism to the weather, will be the biggest shake-up of emergency laws since the early part of the last century, replacing legislation which saw the UK through a world war and the IRA bombing campaign. Some of the proposals in the draft version of the Bill, drawn up in the summer, have alarmed civil rights activists, notably a clause that gives the Government the power to suspend parts or all of the Human Rights Act without a vote by MPs.

F.B.I. Scrutinizes Antiwar Rallies The Federal Bureau of Investigation has collected extensive information on the tactics, training and organization of antiwar demonstrators and has advised local law enforcement officials to report any suspicious activity at protests to its counterterrorism squads [???], according to interviews and a confidential bureau memorandum.

8 Arrested, 4 Beaten at Miami Trade Talks Eight legal observers sent to monitor Miami police during trade protests were arrested, and four were beaten by 'officers', their organization said Saturday as dozens of protesters were issued bond.

Jeb's stormtroopers in action at FTAA protests

Protesters Say Miami Police Overreacted Police were accused Friday of overreacting and using excessive force in clashes with demonstrators at this week's trade talks. [Nah... ya' think?]

Activists say many arrests were unlawful Amid new arrests Friday, dozens of free-trade protesters already in custody appeared before judges as public defenders and activists raised concerns about possible civil rights violations. At issue in many cases: whether police had a reasonable expectation that a crime would occur when they stopped protesters on the street, searched their belongings and arrested them.

Police hold activists but discard property Student Laura Rose, 27, said she saw police throw one protester's glasses in the street as they arrested him. ''He was begging them to give him his glasses,'' she said... John DeLeon, an attorney working with the American Civil Liberties Union in Miami, picked up most of the belongings that were not destroyed and took them, in two large garbage bags, to The Herald on Friday. Among them were the purse and press credentials of a Miami New Times staff writer who was arrested on charges of failing to obey a lawful command and resisting an officer without violence. She said she was trying to interview protesters.

Controversial Actions Trump 9/11 Skyscraper Safety Hearing --by Tom Flocco "Some 9-11 family members privately expressed concern regarding which two individuals would review key presidential [sic] documents. This, as past revelations about conflicts of interest may again become a bone of contention with the families--given close administration links to the only two commission members selected to exclusively review and summarize virtually all Presidential [sic] Daily Brief (PDB) documents."

Kucinich Requests House Judiciary Committee Hearing On Diebold’s Abuses Of Digital Millennium Copyright Act Sends Letter to Chairman Sensenbrenner and Ranking Member Conyers (Press release) "Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), today, sent a letter to the Chairman and the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee requesting that the Committee hold a hearing to investigate abuses of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by Diebold Inc., one of the nation’s largest electronic voting machine manufacturers. Recently, Diebold has waged an intimidation campaign to repress circulation of employee e-mails that raise concerns about the security of its electronic voting machines. ...Diebold invoked the DMCA to pressure many ISPs and universities into removing websites and hyperlinks. These cease-and-desist letters were inappropriate.

Dennis Kucinich has uploaded Diebold memos to his area of the House of Representative web site: Diebold Internal Memos Reveal Knowledge of Software Flaws --These findings of software flaws have been confirmed by internal memos from Diebold employees. Diebold has harassed internet service providers with legal action for posting links to these memos. Congressman Kucinich believes that these memos show why transparency and public oversight are essential in the development of voting machines."

Voting Rights --Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich 10th District of Ohio "Congressman Kucinich is seeking to ensure that voting is a right secured for all Americans. During the 2000 elections [coup d'etat], there were numerous and serious problems at the voting booth in Florida and across the nation... The state of Ohio selected Diebold as one of four possible vendors for computerized voting machines... In August 2003, after returning from President [sic] Bush's Crawford, TX ranch, Diebold’s chief executive wrote a fundraising letter where he stated he was 'committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [sic] next year.'"

Calif. Requires Voting-Machine Receipts In a major victory for voting rights advocates, California's secretary of state announced Friday that all electronic voting machines in California must provide paper receipts by 2006. [So, the 2004 Diebold s-election is a goner. After Bush steals it again, the point will be moot.]

Bush could be absent from ballot here Dictator Bush's spot on next year's Illinois ballot was threatened Friday after the state Senate killed a Democratic bid linking next year's presidential race with a controversial plan to forgive steep election fines against scores of Democrats. [The Idiot Usurper should not be on the ballot *anywhere*.]

Senate Foes of Medicare Bill Vow to Stall The fate of the Medicare prescription drug bill rests with 100 senators after the measure narrowly passed the House, which endured a dusk-to-dawn debate capped by the longest roll call vote in the chamber's history.

AARP Rigs Its Own Poll --by Katherine Yurica "A look at the AARP survey itself (available in a PDF file) reveals that AARP misrepresented the results in its article. Of the 494 members surveyed in what was touted as a 'nationally representative sample, with a margin of error plus or minus 4.4 percentage points,' it becomes clear, contrary to AARP’s claims, that those members surveyed did not conclude and could not have concluded that the new Medicare package would in any way help low-income elderly and those with high prescription drug costs."

Senate Puts Asbestos Bill Off Until Next Year Senate Majority Leader [and Reichwing whackjob] Bill Frist said on Saturday he would not force a vote on asbestos litigation reform this year and instead would continue talks with Democrats and other interested parties to forge a compromise.

Rendell rejects GOP budget plan Governor criticizes Republicans for failing to boost education funding (PA) Terming the latest budget proposal from state Senate Republicans "unacceptable," Gov. Ed Rendell said yesterday that it's time for the state Legislature to "bite the bullet" and approve sweeping tax changes.

Misdiagnosed Green Beret Demoted, Nearly Court-Martialed Before Rare Illness Revealed In the Kuwaiti desert, Special Forces Sgt. James Alford came apart... "It's very sad when the people who are putting their life on the line for this country should be treated like this," Alford's father said. "...We've got enough to deal with on a daily basis, caring after our son and dealing with our pain and weariness and our suffering to have to fight the U.S. Army."

More GOP 'family values': GOP attorney suspected as 'naked photographer' A staff attorney for the Ohio House Republican Caucus was arrested late Wednesday and police suspect he is the flasher known around Columbus as the "naked photographer." Steve Linnen, 33, is paid $42,349 a year as deputy legal counsel for the House Republican Caucus.

Army Is Planning for 100,000 G.I.'s in Iraq Till 2006 Army planning for Iraq currently assumes keeping about 100,000 United States troops there through early 2006, a senior Army officer said Friday. The plans reflect the concerns of some Army officials that 'stabilizing' Iraq could be more difficult than originally planned.

Car bombs hit Iraq police stations-Airliner hit by surface-to-air missile Several car bombs have ripped through two Iraqi police stations Saturday morning near Baquba, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Baghdad, military officials have said. In a separate attack, a DHL airliner landed at Baghdad International Airport with one of its engines on fire after it was hit by a surface-to-air missile, according to U.S. Military Dictatorship 'Coalition Provisional Authority' sources.

Report: Police Station Bombing In Iraq Kills Six A car bomb detonated near an Iraqi police station in Baqouba on Saturday, injuring at least 15 people, the U.S. military said.

Iraq War Will Be Long and Costly, Admits Rumsfeld Defense Secretary [and Reichwing whackjob] Donald Rumsfeld has again acknowledged the war on terrorism will be long and costly. Mr. Rumsfeld spoke to Pentagon employees, military and civilian, on the same day anti-coalition insurgents in Iraq launched new rocket attacks in Baghdad, using donkey carts as launch vehicles.

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack John O. Gen. Tommy Franks says that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government. Already, critics of the U.S. Patriot Act, rushed through Congress in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, have argued that the law aims to curtail civil liberties and sets a dangerous precedent. But Franks’ scenario goes much further. He is the first high-ranking official to openly speculate that the Constitution could be scrapped in favor of a military form of government. [Bush is just salivating at the thought... After Bush steals the 2004 s-election with the help of Diebold CEO Walden W. O'Dell, a Fascist dictatorship will be implemented shortly thereafter as the Bush regime will need to eliminate entitlement programs in order to pay for the occupation of Iraq.]

Gov't Warns of Increased Terror Threat The government warned Friday of an increased risk of [Bush inspired] terrorist attacks on Americans at home and overseas and stressed concerns al-Qaida could try to hijack cargo jets and crash them into targets.

U.S. General Says Bin Laden 'Out of the Picture' A senior U.S. general said on Friday that al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden had "taken himself out of the picture" and that his capture was not essential to winning the "war on terror." [?????!!!!!]

U.S. Detonates 'Mother of All Bombs' in Florida The most powerful conventional bomb in the U.S. arsenal exploded in a huge, fiery cloud on a Florida test range on Friday after being dropped by an Air Force cargo plane in the last developmental step for the nearly 11-ton "mother of all bombs."

Dukakis: "This is the worst national administration I've ever lived under, bar none." Michael Dukakis recalls 'crazy' days on campaign trail --"Whoever the Democratic nominee will, in my judgment, be subjected to a brutal attack campaign by Bush," Dukakis said. "This is the worst national administration I've ever lived under, bar none. I want this guy out of there." [We ALL do!!]

Editor deemed 'national threat' Australian magazine editor Sue Smethurst said she would lodge a formal complaint with US authorities after she was treated as a threat to national security and deported back to Australia after nearly 15 hours of interrogation at Los Angeles airport.

CLG Exclusive: Miami Police Attack Kucinich Supporters - For Immediate Release: November 21, 2003 --by Stephanie Donald, Florida Media Coordinator "Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich will be phoning the Miami Chief of Police to inquire as to the reasons for the attack on supporters of his campaign who were protesting the FTAA conference in Miami yesterday. At 10:30 a.m. yesterday the Miami Police Department attempted to push back a crowd of Dennis Kucinich supporters who were protesting the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) conference. By all accounts the crowd was complying with police requests to move back when the police riot squad attacked with mace and tear gas without warning. Witnesses said that about 1,000 people, most of whom were Kucinich supporters from North Carolina, were attacked without provocation by the riot squad."

Protesters Say Miami Police Overreacted Police were accused Friday of overreacting and using excessive force in clashes with demonstrators at this week's trade talks.

NYC to Challenge 9/11 Commission Subpoena NYC to Challenge 9/11 Commission Subpoena Seeking Documents Detailing City's Response at WTC --Citing 'privacy of Sept. 11 victims' [???!!!], Bush poodle Mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed to fight a federal commission's subpoena seeking documents that detail the city's response at the World Trade Center.

9/11 Commission Orders New York to Hand Over Documents The federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks announced today that it had subpoenaed New York City for a variety of police tapes and other material about the attacks. It said that the city's refusal to hand over the material had "significantly impeded the commission's investigation."

One man's opinion: Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident --by Jim Fetzer "In spite of what you may have heard, the plane was exceptional, the pilots well-qualified and the weather posed no significant problems. Even the National Transportation Safety Board's own simulations of the plane, the pilots and the weather were unable to bring the plane down. This means we have to consider other, less palatable, alternatives, such as small bombs, gas canisters or electromagnetic pulse, radio frequency or High Energy Radio Frequency weapons designed to overwhelm electrical circuitry with an intense electromagnetic field..."

FBI Changing Gun Background System to More Closely Check Terror Watch List The FBI is changing its background check system for gun purchasers to ensure people on 'terrorism watch lists' [Is the Bush junta on that list? They should be] are scrutinized more carefully before firearm purchases are approved.

DeLay Subpoenaed in Texas Redistrict Case Texas Democrats have subpoenaed House Majority Leader Tom DeLay as a witness in a lawsuit to overturn a congressional district map DeLay helped push through the Texas Legislature.

California to require paper receipts on electronic votes In a major victory for voting rights advocates, Secretary of State Kevin Shelley announced today that all electronic voting machines in California must provide paper receipts by 2006. Earlier this month, a state agency began an investigation of uncertified software allegedly used in California's Oct. 7 gubernatorial GOP coup d'etat [recall s-election].

White House Wins Fight on OT Rule Changes Foes of the Bush dictatorship's proposed rules changing which workers would qualify for overtime pay abandoned their fight Friday in the face of unrelenting pressure from the White House and the House.

Filibuster Blocks $31 Billion Energy Bill in Senate Opponents of the energy bill succeeded today in blocking the measure in the Senate, leaving the future of the legislation uncertain and handing Dictator Bush a significant political and policy setback, at least for the time being.

Senate Blocks Energy Bill; Backers Vow to Try Again Senate opponents of the energy bill blocked a final vote on the measure on Friday, at least temporarily derailing one of the primary policy initiatives of the Bush regime. Lawmakers from both parties condemned the proposal, developed mainly by pro-industry Republicans, for its $31 billion price tag, its subsidies for power companies, a plan to provide legal immunity to producers of a gasoline additive blamed for water pollution, and its failure to promote alternative energy savings plans like better fuel efficiency.

Congress Should Show Courage, Kill Drug Plan "...[C]ongressional Democrats quake and quiver. They fear the power of Republican campaign commercials, just as they feared the power of the president [sic] last year. Then, he forced them to vote on war in Iraq. They knew war was unsupported by allies, or evidence of immediate threat. They knew it was unconnected to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Still they went along. This Medicare drug benefit is no triumph. It is wholesale treachery. It deserves to be defeated by those with the courage to stand, for once, with the people who put them in office."

AARP Gone Astray --by Paul Krugman "It [the GOP prescription bill] contains several Trojan horse provisions that are clearly intended to undermine Medicare over time — it will allow private insurers to cherry-pick healthy clients in selected cities, and it will heavily subsidize private plans competing with traditional Medicare. Meanwhile, the bill prohibits Medicare from using its bargaining power to cut drug prices; drug company stocks have soared since the bill's details became public. Yet the bill has a good chance of passing, thanks to an endorsement from AARP, the retiree advocacy organization, which has already begun an expensive advertising campaign on the bill's behalf."

AARP Foundation
601 E. Street NW
Washington, DC 20049
Phone: 202-434-2020 Fax: 202-434-6446

Bill Clinton Backs Indian Drug Makers Former President Clinton appeared at an Indian drug-making plant Friday to back the production of low-cost, lifesaving medicines for HIV and AIDS patients in Africa and the Caribbean.

US hid vital war data from allies Australian officers were denied access to critical US intelligence during the Iraq war, potentially putting their lives at risk, under a policy described by a senior US Air Force intelligence officer as "damn silly".

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal The Guardian International lawyers and anti-war campaigners reacted with astonishment yesterday after the influential Pentagon hawk Richard Perle conceded that the invasion of Iraq had been illegal. In a startling break with the official White House and Downing Street lines, Mr Perle told an audience in London: "I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing."

Bush says US troop levels in Iraq could rise US Dictator George W. Bush held out the possibility that US troop levels in Iraq could rise despite his intention to begin drawing down their numbers next year. [Wow! Those 200,000+ people protesting in London sure had an impact on the Idiot Usurper... NOT!! Join a tactics discussion: CLG_Revolution_Tactics]

Bush surprises Pentagon on Iraq troops Dictator George Bush blindsided the Pentagon in London Thursday, saying if more troops were needed in Iraq, they would be sent. That contradicted earlier Pentagon statements claiming the goal was to reduce troop strength, and reportedly startled both National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of State Colin Powell at the news conference.

Reserve and Guard Ordered to Alert More Troops for Iraq Defense Secretary [and Reichwing whackjob] Donald H. Rumsfeld ordered an additional 15,000 Reserve and National Guard troops on Wednesday to prepare for the possibility of yearlong duty in Iraq or Kuwait, rounding out a plan to rotate American forces in the region by next spring.

US uses guided missiles on resistance fighters In a stepped-up response to Saturday's downing of two American helicopters in northern Iraq, US forces have launched an aggressive attack using satellite-guided missiles to strike suspected resistance targets.

Two Baghdad Hotels, Oil Ministry Hit by Rockets Rockets on Friday slammed into the Iraqi oil ministry and two central Baghdad hotels used by Western contractors and journalists, wounding several people, police and witnesses said. Three rockets had hit the oil ministry, which was ablaze, police said. Guests evacuated the Sheraton and Palestine hotels, located in a fortified compound near the Tigris river, after the buildings were hit by rockets.

Two Explosions Hit Central Baghdad Hotel - Witnesses Two explosions on Friday morning rocked the Sheraton Hotel, used by many Western journalists and contractors, in central Baghdad, Reuters witnesses said.

Explosions Shake Iraq's Oil Ministry Explosions shook Iraq's oil ministry on Friday morning, witnesses said, and thick black smoke poured from the heavily guarded compound. Fire trucks moved about the ministry and U.S. soldiers kept journalists away.

Explosion in Iraq Kills Five, Hurts 40 A bomb apparently hidden in a pickup truck exploded Thursday at the offices of a U.S.-allied Kurdish political party in this northern oil center, killing five people and wounding 40, including children.

Britain Warns of New Terror Attacks in Turkey Britain has warned more terror attacks may target Turkey, after 27 people were killed by truck bombs at its Istanbul consulate and offices of the London-based banking giant HSBC.

At Least 26 Killed, 400 Hurt in Istanbul blasts Two explosions rocked Istanbul today, one at the British consulate and the other at the British international bank HSBC, killing 26 people and wounding more than 400, the Turkish foreign ministry said.

200,000 March Against Bush In London A massive demonstration against George Bush drew up to 200,000 marchers on the streets of London today. Organisers of the march, ending in a rally at Trafalgar Square, said the number was a record for any weekday protest in Britain.

Dictator Bush toppled in Trafalgar Square

Huge march begins in festive mood Tens of thousands of anti-war protesters today set off on a march through central London to protest against this week's state visit by the US dictator, George Bush.

Thousands join anti-Bush protest Thousands of people have taken to the streets in London to protest against George W Bush and the war on Iraq.

MSPs decry US dictator's visit Anti-W-ar MSPs have spoken out against US Dictator George W Bush's visit to the UK and his regime's foreign policies. The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) condemned the visit and called for Mr Bush and Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair to be tried for war crimes.

Bush and Poodle Blair are Terrorists

Bush Opponents Aim for Protest in London Anti-W-ar activists from across Britain traveled to London Thursday for a march aimed at letting Dictator Bush know of their opposition to U.S.-British policies in Iraq.

Reporter Gets Past U.K. Palace Security The new footman at Buckingham Palace boasted he rode on royal carriages, served tea to the queen and had free rein in the royal residence. It turns out he was a tabloid reporter who obtained his royal job using a false reference. With Dictator Bush staying at the palace, the story was a huge embarrassment to the British government and its elaborate efforts to guarantee their guest's security.

NATO Rolls Out New Strike Force NATO on Thursday rolled out its new strike force that, in times of crisis, should be ready to deploy within five days for missions ranging from evacuations and peacekeeping to counterterrorism or high-intensity combat. About 1,000 will participate in a Turkish exercise that involves an amphibious landing, helicopter raids and the intervention of Czech specialist troops who provide defenses against chemical, biological or nuclear attacks [???!!!].

Court to FBI: No spying on in-car computers The FBI and other police agencies may not eavesdrop on conversations inside automobiles equipped with OnStar or similar dashboard computing systems, a federal appeals court ruled.

Court limits in-car FBI spying An appeals court this week put the brakes on an FBI surveillance technique that turns an automobile driver's on-board vehicle navigation system into a covert eavesdropping device, after finding that the spying effectively disables the system's emergency and roadside assistance features.

US cybercrime push 'imperils personal security' of Americans White House plans to ratify a Council of Europe Cybercrime treaty will be a disaster for the privacy and security of Americans, Privacy International (PI), the human rights watchdog, claims.

9-11 Panel Presses NYC for Documents A federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks has voted to subpoena documents New York has failed to hand over related to the city's response to the World Trade Center attack.

7 Trade Demonstrators Arrested in Miami Police in riot gear used batons, plastic shields, concussion grenades [??!!] and stun guns [???!!!] in clashes Thursday with hundreds of demonstrators protesting talks aimed at creating a hemisphere-wide free-trade zone.

Nov.20th pictures ( --by Justin "Because the corporate media sucks, fuck the police state, and power to the people, peace."

Photos: Police Line Marching Forward ( Photos and text --by Tom Garceau "The police chose to push back the non- violent protesters on their own accord, absolutely unprovoked Shortly after this peaceful response, tear gas was used for the first time."

Photos from the march! ( --by somegirl

Protesters Tell a Different Tale of Free Trade Activists gathered in Miami to counter treaty negotiations by 34 nations warn that Latin American workers face growing misery. From Mexican sweatshops and peasant farms in the Amazon to Spanish-speaking neighborhoods of the United States, protesters have come here to warn that plans for hemisphere-wide free trade would lead to greater misery and suffering in Latino communities.

Bush intent on revising Social Security Dictator Bush intends to make partially privatizing the Social Security system a key part of his campaign next year, regime officials say. [Iraq is the Weapon of Mass Distraction while Bush quietly torpedoes all entitlement programs with the help of Faux News, MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable, CensoringNewsNetwork, sycophantic Democrats, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jeb Bush's burgeoning Florida police state.]

Bush Dictatorship Prepares Strategy to Revamp Social Security With the stock market climbing and a re-s-election campaign approaching, the Bush regime is renewing its 'push to overhaul Social Security with personal investment accounts'. [Say it the way it is, Associated Press censors: the word you are looking for, and dare not say at the behest of your GOP paymasters, is *PRIVATIZE*.]

Feinstein may back drug bill for seniors Cowardly Dems could give Bush a major victory California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is among a handful of cowardly Democrats who are poised to vote for the Medicare prescription drug bill, potentially handing Dictator Bush an enormous domestic policy victory heading into next year's Diebold s-elections.

Electronic Voting Debacle Grave concerns over the security of electronic voting machines in the United States means the heart of American democracy is at risk, writes SecurityFocus columnist Scott Granneman. "One of the reasons the [Swarthmore college] students are concerned about Diebold's involvement in the electoral process is the company's cozy relationship with the Republican party. Diebold donated more than $195,000 to the Republican party in 2000 and 2001, and Walden W. O'Dell, the company's CEO, pledged in an invitation to a fund-raiser to deliver Ohio to George W. Bush in the next election." ...[From the Diebold memos:] "I need some answers! Our department is being audited by the County. I have been waiting for someone to give me an explanation as to why Precinct 216 gave Al Gore a minus 16022 when it was uploaded.' (Source: 'Memory card checksum errors (was: 2000 November Election)', support.w3archive/200101/msg00061.html, dated 18 January 2001)"

Abrupt dismissals shake up Sacramento The way 'Gov.' [Nazi] Arnold Schwarzenegger's staff is getting rid of some top officials is rattling nerves at the Capitol. Maurice Johannessen, the Republican Veterans Affairs secretary, said he finally got a call from a "low-level staffer" in the governor's office. Despite offering to stay on for up to 60 days without pay to ease the transition to a new director, Johannessen said he was told to be out of his office the following morning. Johannessen, who was targeted for reprisals by Senate Republicans because he broke ranks and voted for former Gov. Gray Davis' budget when he was in the Senate, was so "ticked off" he drove right to his office, took everything that belonged to him, threw it in his car and went home to sleep.

Actor Martin Sheen endorses SF mayoral candidate Actor Martin Sheen, who stars as U.S. President Jed Bartlet on the TV drama "The West Wing," has announced his endorsement of San Francisco mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez. Political activist Sheen endorsed Gonzalez, citing his record of fighting for working families and responsible government as a supervisor.

AT&T Wireless outsourcing jobs overseas Consultants from two Indian companies sent to Bothell --AT&T Wireless Services has begun plans to outsource some of information technology work to lower-cost operations overseas, according to people familiar with the situation and documents obtained by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Kucinich: Regain 'essential American optimism' U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio says his blue-collar Cleveland background helps him stand out in the crowd of Democratic presidential contenders and allows him to connect with Americans' practical aspirations: jobs, housing, health care and decent educations. (Kucinich discussed his positions and political insights with USA TODAY's editorial board.)

Software failure cited in August blackout investigation A malfunctioning alarm system may have played a big role in the outage --The task force responsible for investigating the cause of the Aug. 14 blackout that crippled most of the Northeast corridor of the U.S. and parts of Canada concluded that a software failure at FirstEnergy Corp. "may have contributed significantly" to the outage.

Stop the War Coalition 020 7053 2153/4/5/6 or 07951 235 915, PO Box 3739, London E5 8EJ

STOP BU$H! UK National Demonstration
Thursday 20th November

Assemble 2pm at Malet Street, Central London (nearest tubes: Goodge Street, Russell Square and Euston/Euston Sq). March to Trafalgar Square where a statue of George Bush will be pulled down. This event will continue until 7pm to allow for people coming from work. Route: Malet St - Russell Square - Southampton Row - Kingsway - Aldwych - Waterloo Bridge - York Road - Westminster Bridge - Parliament Square - Whitehall - Trafalgar Square. [MAP] If there is only one STOP BU$H event that you can make - this is the one.

Touch down: Bush arrives as rolling protests begin As Air Force One touched down at Heathrow Airport last night to open US Dictator George W Bush's three-day visit to England, about 1,400 people rallied in the first of a series of protests at his arrival. The Stop the War Coalition event provided a preview of what could be a public relations disaster for the US dictator, as Britons prepared to vent their anger over the war in Iraq. The first speaker at the meeting, coalition chairman Andrew Murray, told the 1,000 people inside the hall that Bush was "the most unwelcome visitor to these shores since William the Conqueror", who landed from France in 1066.

Pomp, pageantry and protesters greet Bush in state visit Buckingham Palace, the queen's London residence, also was a focal point for demonstrators bitterly opposed to the Iraq war. They shouted "Murderer!" and "You are not welcome!" as Bush's helicopter ferried him to the palace Tuesday night.

Laura, me and 700 friends Bush arrives with huge entourage as protests gather pace --London's mayor, Ken Livingstone, told protesters not to spoil their "moral high ground" on the war issue with violence and warned that police costs would add £2 to Londoners' council tax bills. "I think most Londoners would be happy to give £4 for him not to come," he said.

Protesters surge down The Mall A large body of protesters demonstrating against Dictator Bush's state visit to Britain have surged down The Mall in a confrontation with police.

Iraq protesters descend on Palace Hundreds of protesters have charged down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace in a day of protests against US Dictator George Bush.

Bush Statue to be Toppled in Guildhall Square A statue of the U.S. dictator George Bush will be brought to ground by Derry's anti-war protesters in the Guildhall Square on Thursday afternoon. Speaking yesterday, Colm Bryce from Derry's Anti-War Coalition said: "The Derry Anti- War coalition feels that one reign of tyranny in Iraq has only been replaced by another and that an American withdrawal is essential before President [sic] Bush becomes another Saddam Hussein, and Iraq becomes another Vietnam."

Armchair Protesters Set Up Bush-Chasing Web Site The "Chasing Bush" site at carries updates on Bush's location supplied by mobile phone by spotters on the streets. Volunteer 'moderators' summon protesters to the spot to try to give the dictator an earful and disrupt his photo opportunities.

Mobile users told to 'chase Bush' Protesters angry about the "security bubble" around Dictator George Bush on his UK visit are being asked to use gadgets to be heard and seen. The Chasing Bush campaign is asking people to "disrupt the PR" of the visit by spoiling stage-managed photos.

Mobile phone blackout for Bush visit Mobile phones may be blocked for certain periods during Dictator George W. Bush's four-day visit to London, which started overnight, amid fears they could be used to trigger a bomb.

Mobile operators refuse to bar calls in Bush 'bubble' Phone operators have refused to co-operate with police to block anti-Bush protesters from using mobile telephones in Central London. An emergency plan to create a mobile-free "bubble" for the Dictator was branded "hysteria" by Orange, the second-largest mobile phone provider. It said that the police had no power to compel Orange to switch off its transmitters.

Destruction of Iraqi homes within 'rules of war,' spokesman says The [insane and immoral] decision to destroy at least a dozen homes belonging to family members of resistance fighters in and around Tikrit was "within the rules of war" and was approved by the commander of the 4th Infantry Division and probably by the overall commander for U.S. forces in Iraq, a spokesman for the division said Tuesday.

Emotional U.S. Officer Admits Wrongdoing in Iraq A senior U.S. army officer told a military hearing in Iraq Wednesday he was wrong to fire his pistol near a detained Iraqi's head but vowed he would sacrifice his life to protect his men.

Italian: U.S. Is Fueling Iraqi Anger An Italian official resigned from the U.S.-led dictatorship running Iraq, saying it is mismanaging reconstruction, out of touch with Iraqis and only fueling their anger, the Foreign Ministry and news reports said Monday.

Vaccinations May Have Killed Army Medic Vaccinations may have caused the death of an Army medic by triggering a flare-up in a disease she was unaware she had, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

Panels Find Vaccines May Relate to Reservist's Illness, Death Two independent, DoD-requested medical panels recently concluded it's possible that vaccinations given to an Army reservist caused a severe illness that led to her death, DoD's senior health care official said here Nov. 18.

55% disapprove of U.S. management of the situation A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll shows that 55% of Americans disapprove of the dictatorship's post-combat 'management' in Iraq, which is the highest negative measurement on that question since the invasion.

Future's bright for terror betting A futures market first proposed by the Pentagon that allows speculators to bet on assassinations, coups and acts of terrorism is to be set up without government involvement, it emerged yesterday.

Meanwhile 4,000 miles away in Guantanamo Bay, 660 prisoners have no idea when they will be freed The [concentration] camp has been transformed into a de facto permanent facility where 660 adults and three children are kept in a legal black hole, cut off from the outside world and with no idea whether they will ever be charged with a crime or released. Critics claim the prison, which operates with hardly any independent scrutiny, has become a live experiment in long-term interrogation where experts constantly seek to hone and improve their techniques.

No vendetta, claims US customs US authorities did not have a vendetta against Australian or other non-US journalists entering the US, a high-ranking US customs official said today.

Lawmakers Approve Expansion of F.B.I.’s Antiterrorism Powers Congressional negotiators approved a measure on Wednesday to expand the F.B.I.'s counterterrorism powers, despite concerns from some lawmakers who said that the measure gave the government too much authority and that the public had been shut out of the debate.

Civil Liberties in Miami Under Siege --An open letter from Al Crespo, "The latest and most alarming indication that public officials in Miami-Dade County, and now the State of Florida have either completely lost all references to reality, or that perhaps all of this is being used by individuals intent on seeing how far American civil liberties can be eroded through manipulation and orchestrated fear mongering is the decision to suspend the right to speedy trials and court hearing in Miami-Dade County. This decision does not only suspend these basic constitutional rights for the week of the expected protests, but suspends these rights for the last half of the month of November, since the 26th is the day before Thanksgiving, and the courts will not open again until December 1st."

Democrats Say Energy Bill for 'Hooters, Polluters' Democrats derided the energy bill awaiting a vote in the U.S. Senate as a hand-out for "Hooters and polluters" on Wednesday, claiming its lavish tax breaks would even extend to the Hooters restaurant chain that features busty waitresses in tight shirts.

House Approves Far-Reaching GOP Energy Bill The House approved a far-reaching GOP-crafted energy bill Tuesday that would provide billions of dollars in tax incentives for oil, gas and coal producers [i.e., Bush's installers].

FirstEnergy Blamed for Biggest Blackout U.S. and Canadian investigators on Wednesday largely blamed the August blackout on FirstEnergy Corp, saying the Ohio utility failed to adequately monitor power grid conditions or to trim trees that blocked three of its large transmission lines.

Pelosi: Dems Will Defeat Medicare Bill House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that Democratic opposition to a Republican-backed Medicare prescription drug bill is "a party position," signaling an aggressive effort to unite the rank and file, scuttle the bill and claim credit with voters.

6 Democratic Candidates Attack Medicare Measure Six of the Democratic presidential candidates mounted a heated attack on the new Medicare bill on Tuesday at a forum sponsored by AARP. The contenders denounced the plan to provide drug benefits to the elderly as a Republican-led effort to privatize and undermine the federal insurance program.

Gingrich Rallies Support for House Medicare Vote Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich returned to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to drum up support for a Medicare 'reform' bill and calm the fiscal fears of conservatives in the U.S. House before a vote on the measure.

AARP Decision Followed a Long GOP Courtship AARP's decision this week to endorse Medicare prescription drug legislation, a step that caught Democrats by surprise, was the product of years of cultivation by the Bush dictatorship and 'top' Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Limbaugh Denies Laundering Money Authorities are investigating whether Rush Limbaugh illegally funneled money to buy prescription painkillers, a law enforcement source who spoke on condition of anonymity said Wednesday.

The Only Company Wal-Mart Fears Nobody runs warehouse clubs better than Costco, where shoppers can’t resist luxury products at bargain prices. James D. Sinegal, the president and CEO of Costco, has no palace guard and no profile to speak of, particularly compared to a retail legend like Sam Walton. He caps Costco's markups at 14% (department store markups can reach 40%). He offers the best wages and benefits in retail (full-time hourly workers make $40,000 after four years). He gives customers blanket permission for returns... But some of the practices that made Costco great have lately come under attack by Wall Street [?!?].

Rep. Kucinich Doing Double Duty in 2004 Dennis Kucinich is doing double duty this election, waging a bid for the White House while campaigning for a fifth term in the U.S. House. The Ohio congressman faces long odds in trying to secure the Democratic presidential nomination, but he's favored to hold onto his House seat come November 2004.

U.S.'s 'Iron Hammer' Code Name 1st Used by Nazis The U.S. military's code name for a crackdown on resistance in Iraq was also used by the Nazis for an aborted operation to damage the Soviet power grid during World War II. [How apropos, that the Bush dictatorship would pay homage to its mentors.]

Bush in the UK: the tour from hell no one wants 'No End of Trouble': George W. Bush's trip to Britain is more headache than tonic for British officials, and even US officials are worried about his reception. One 10 Downing Street insider, contemplating the visit, expressed exasperation: "That man seems to cause us no end of trouble, doesn't he?"

Bush Lands in London Amid Anti-W-ar Anger George W. Bush flew into Britain Tuesday for a historic visit during which the U.S. dictator and his top ally Poodle Tony Blair will close ranks against a groundswell of protest over the Iraq war.

Pageantry and Protests Planned as Bush Arrives in Britain The Stop the War Coalition plans to unveil and then topple an 18-foot papier mache statue of Dictator Bush, mocking the action of American soldiers who helped bring down a statue of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad. Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, also sent them a message of support but urged them to remain peaceful. "You have the moral high ground," he told them. "You are protesting against an illegal war and occupation, and the world will be watching you."

Terror threat mobilises British police [What, is Rove hoping for one?] One in nine police officers in England and Wales will be protecting United States Dictator George W. Bush on his state visit to Britain, which begins today. Ten thousand more police officers have been drafted amid rising concerns about the threat from terrorists following the weekend's bombings in Turkey, and the scale of anti-W-ar demonstrations.

High security for Bush arrival The US dictator, George Bush, today boarded Air Force One to fly to London for the most heavily-policed state visit in British history. By the far the largest protest will be a demonstration against the Iraq war on Thursday, which has been organised by the umbrella Stop the War Coalition.

No.10 Ban On Praying Poodle Tony Blair has been banned from praying with George Bush. The US dictator wanted the PM to join him in prayer at Durham Cathedral on Thursday. But the official request from the White House was turned down amid fears that such an event would leave Mr Blair open to ridicule.

Series of Explosions Heard in Baghdad The rumble of heavy explosions was heard after sundown Tuesday in the Iraqi capital as it appeared U.S. forces were launching another operation against Iraqi resistance fighters.

U.S. Jets Pound Iraq Resistance Positions U.S. fighter jets pounded suspected insurgent positions Tuesday in the largest bombardment of freedom fighters in central Iraq since Dictator Bush declared the end of major combat in May, the U.S. military said.

GIs razing homes of suspected Iraqi resistance fighters Families say they were given 5 minutes to get out --In a tactic reminiscent of Israeli crackdowns in the West Bank and Gaza, the U.S. military has begun destroying the homes of suspected freedom fighters in Iraq's Sunni Triangle, evacuating women and children, then leveling their houses with heavy weaponry.

US officer faces legal hearing over Iraq assault A senior U.S. officer went before a preliminary military hearing in Iraq on Tuesday over charges he beat up an Iraqi during interrogation and fired his pistol near the detained man's head.

Rumsfeld protesters call on U.S. to get out of Iraq Hundreds of demonstrators opposed to the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq chanted outside the gates of a U.S. Marine base in Okinawa to protest the arrival Sunday of U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

US media sanctions campaign of atrocities in Iraq --by Patrick Martin "No one should think that the administration’s 'exit strategy' from Iraq will involve a precipitate withdrawal. On the contrary, all indications are that the White House and Pentagon are preparing an onslaught of military violence against the resistance in Iraq that will include the most barbaric methods, including mass killings and the establishment of concentration camps for suspected opponents."

Wife of cameraman missing in Iraq seeks meeting with Powell The wife of a French TV cameraman who dissappeared during the Iraq war expressed disappointment Tuesday after US Secretary of State Colin Powell refused to meet her personally to discuss the issue.

Bush's War Strategy Looks Like a Steal of Nixon's --by James P. Pinkerton "Today, echoing 'Vietnamization,' the Bush administration touts 'Iraqification.' Mysteriously, that process keeps accelerating as the election draws nearer... Like Nixon before him, Bush insists that the war is going well, that our ally is democratizing. And maybe Bush, who is no Nixon, really believes it. But Karl Rove, ex-Nixon man, believes in re-election [sic], and that means getting out of the war before Election Day 2004."

The U.S. pushes 'regime change' at its peril --by John K. Cooley "Much of the neoconservative rhetoric in the United States implies - and sometimes states outright - that the anti-Syrian sanctions road now being taken in Washington (and being explicitly shunned by European allies) leads to 'regime change.' This could mean a U.S.-backed military coup, of the type the CIA tried so awkwardly in the mid-1990's in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, with disastrous results for the Iraqis involved. Or it could involve an invasion of Syria, which Bush administration spokesmen have publicly assured us is not in the cards."

Nuclear option by U.S. in Korea The United States is committed to defending South Korea from an attack by the North and would use nuclear forces if 'needed', Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told the government here yesterday.

Action alert! Fifth public hearing of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States The Commission's fifth public hearing on "Emergency Preparedness" will be held on November 19, 2003 at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. Beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the Baldwin Gymnasium at Drew University, the Commission will hear from New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey; four panels of business officials and federal, state, and local government representatives; and individuals working to enhance emergency preparedness in the private sector. [Click here for action alerts and state-by-state actions listings.]

Judges Question Detention of American Two federal appeals court judges were hostile to the Bush regime's position yesterday as the government argued that the requirements of the antiterror effort meant that the dictator could indefinitely detain an American who was arrested in this country as an "enemy combatant" and deny him contact with his lawyer. "As terrible as 9/11 was, it didn't repeal the Constitution" one judge, Rosemary S. Pooler, said.

Judges Hear U.S. Enemy Combatant Legal Challenge A U.S. appeals judge said on Monday that allowing the dictator unchecked power to jail Americans indefinitely as part of the 'war on terrorism' could have an "unprecedented" impact on Americans' legal rights.

NTSB: Pilot error caused Wellstone crash Pilot error caused the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., and seven others, investigators said Tuesday. Interviews conducted after the crash revealed shortcomings in the proficiency of both pilots [?!?], investigators said. [Insert, 'Yeah, right!!' comment here.]

Quick Action! Reichwing website posts stolen memos from Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Tell them what you think! Coalition for a Fair [Not!] Judiciary, 1155 21st Street, NW Suite 300 Washington, DC 20036. Email Kay R. Daly, President:

Jeb Bush's burgeoning police state: 'Necessary evil' that curbs rights is not needed --by Jim DeFede "'I see this law as a necessary evil,' Miami City Commissioner Joe Sanchez said last week after the commission passed rules curbing the rights of protesters [upcoming FTAA protests]. Necessary evil. Two scary words. Water balloons are now illegal. Another portion of the ordinance states: 'No person may carry or possess with the intent to unlawfully use any hard materials . . . that are capable of being thrown or projected.' The rules are so broad they give police unlimited discretion to decide who to arrest. The keys in a protester's pocket, for instance, are a hard material capable of being thrown." [In response: Click to join the CLG_Revolution_Tactics Yahoo egroup]

Group Fears Threats of E-Voting Company A civil rights group fears legal threats from Diebold Inc., an electronic 'voting' company, are having a "chilling effect" among Internet service providers, students and voting rights advocates.

Quick Action! ( Tell Your Senators to Black Out the Energy Bill! "'H.R.6, 'The Energy Policy Act of 2003,' is a regressive package of subsidies to the energy industry and an affront to consumers and environmental protection. The legislation was born of Vice President [sic] Cheney's National Energy Policy Development Group (the 'energy task force'), essentially a congress of energy industry representatives. The policy initiatives put forth by that exclusive, undemocratic group ultimately became H.R.6, the industry's dream bill... Tell your senators to oppose the Energy Bill! Instead, urge your senators to support the ‘Electric Reliability Security Act of 2003’ (S.1754), a responsible and forward-looking bill offered by Sen. Jeffords of Vermont."

CL&P seeks $10 million for perks Consumer advocates are blasting Connecticut Light & Power Co. for including more than $10 million in perks for executives and directors in its latest request for a rate increase. Berlin-based CL&P has asked the state Department of Public Utility Control to approve a rate increase that would cost customers $135 million in its first year. The DPUC must decide by Dec. 15. According to the state Office of Consumer Counsel, the electric company's seven top executives would gain $2 million more in retirement benefits.

Radioactive Waste Plan Attacked EPA Suggests Storing Low-Level Material in Landfills --The Environmental Protection Agency is considering an important rule change that for the first time would allow the nuclear industry to store low-level radioactive material in ordinary landfills and hazardous waste sites.

Germany's Retreat from Nuclear Energy Begins Germany switched off the first of its 19 nuclear power stations on Friday, launching what it calls the world's fastest withdrawal from atomic energy but a policy that may still be reversed if the opposition takes power.

Bush Regime plan to reduce global warming could devastate sea life URI marine biologist says CO2 injection in deep sea would alter ocean chemistry, affect numerous creatures ( "A Bush Administration proposal to mitigate the effects of global warming by capturing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and injecting it into the deep sea could have disastrous effects on sea life, according to a University of Rhode Island researcher."

High Court in Massachusetts Rules Gays Have Right to Marry The highest court in Massachusetts ruled today that gays have the right to marry under the state constitution, emphatically stating that the Commonwealth had failed to identify any constitutional reasons why same-sex couples could not wed.

Mass. Court Rules Gay Marriage Ban Illegal The highest court in Massachusetts ruled on Tuesday that the state cannot bar gays and lesbians from marrying, but it stopped short of ordering the state to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Woman with $572 tax bill keeps her home after all Helene Shue's land and home in South Hanover Twp. was sold at a tax sale in September because of $572 in unpaid taxes from 2001. She had paid her taxes in full every other year, including this year... The sale of Shue's property drew national attention following a story in The Patriot-News last Friday.

Livingstone says Bush is 'greatest threat to life on planet' Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, launched a stinging attack on Dictator George Bush last night, denouncing him as the "greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen". [Michael Rectenwald made a similar observation in his May 19, 2001 essay/speech, "Election" 2000, in Historical Context]

London Mayor Livingstone: Bush not elected London Mayor Ken Livingstone today denounced US Dictator George Bush – who arrives in the capital tomorrow for the start of his state visit – as a threat to life on Earth. Mr Livingstone is planning an "alternative reception" during Mr Bush’s visit for those who were opposed to the war in Iraq. The mayor told Ecologist magazine: "I actually think that Bush is the greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen. The policies he is initiating will doom us to extinction." Explaining why he was holding a party for opponents of the Dictator, Mr Livingstone said: "I don't formally recognise George Bush because he was not officially elected."

Bush Pulls Out of Speech to Parliament George Bush was last night branded chicken for scrapping his speech to Parliament because he feared being heckled by anti-war MPs.

Police begin to build 'security bubble' for Bush The unprecedented security operation to protect George Bush during this week's state visit starts today after the Home Office said Britain was at a heightened state of terror alert, although there was no specific threat.

Dictator will be protected by 16,000 police officers One in nine police officers in England and Wales will be protecting George Bush on his state visit to Britain, which begins today.

Unprecedented Security in UK for Bush Armed police turned the British capital into "Fortress London" on Monday amid heightened fears of a freedom fighters' attack on the eve of a visit by Dictator Bush.

Security for Idiot Usurper

Anti-war protests to greet Bush US Dictator George Bush is arriving in Britain for a four-day state visit expected to be marked by massive demonstrations against the war in Iraq.

Marchers get their way as Britain prepares for Bush Anti-war protesters claimed victory last night after the Metropolitan police backed down and agreed to allow a march up Whitehall and past Downing Street to demonstrate against George Bush's visit to the UK.

Victory for anti-Bush protesters Organisers of a protest against US Dictator George W Bush's upcoming visit to Britain scored an important victory today when police said their march could pass by the Houses of Parliament and Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair's office.

Talks to head-off Bush protest chaos Last-ditch talks aimed at ending deadlock over a huge protest march are to be held today to prevent 'chaotic scenes' greeting George W Bush when he arrives in Britain tomorrow on his state visit... Faced with fears that 'terrorists' could use the protests as cover for an attack, an official added: "It appears to be a lot of smoke signals at the moment but I wonder if these are the same intelligence people who warned about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."

Lone protester spends three hours on Palace gates A protester managed to breach the security measures in place for Dictator Bush's visit yesterday by climbing the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Bush's visit to London: Is a state provocation being prepared? --Julie Hyland "The furor surrounding the president[sic]’s visit raises the distinct possibility that this legislation could again be used against those protesting, who could find themselves hauled off to police cells on the grounds of national security. This concern is highlighted by the ominous statement from the Home Office that armed US special agents accompanying the president [sic] would not be granted special immunity in the case of an 'accidental shooting' of a protester. Why is such a possibility of immunity being considered?"

Brit Envoy: We Warned U.S. Britain warned the Bush dictatorship before the invasion of Iraq that it was not planning sufficiently for postwar reconstruction and pressed for the invasion to be delayed, a former British ambassador told a London newspaper.

A Texas Chihuahua Visits an English Poodle --by Mary Titus (new UK weasel page)

Bush Says U.S. Forces Won't Leave Iraq American forces won't leave Iraq when a new interim government takes charge from the U.S. military occupation next year, Dictator Bush said Monday. "We're staying," he pledged.

Italian official resigns from Iraq advisory council Italy's representative on Iraq's Coalition Provisional Council [US dictatorship] has resigned in protest at what he said were disagreements over the US-dominated council's policies in the country, press reports said here Monday.

U.S. Pounds Resistance Fighters in Central Iraq U.S. troops hit resistance fighters on Monday night with air, artillery and mortar bombs around the town of Baquba in central Iraq.

Cheney ignored war chaos alert British warnings that America was failing before the war to prepare properly for a crumbling security situation in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was ousted were ignored by Vice pResident Dick Cheney and the Pentagon.

My husband died in vain What one British widow will tell Mr Bush this week --Dictator George Bush will be accused this week of lying about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction in a face-to-face meeting with the families of British soldiers killed in the war, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

GAO report: Some Army troops unpaid for weeks, denied medical care Army National Guard soldiers activated to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan are plagued with pay-and-benefits problems and even denial of medical care to those wounded, auditors reported.

From hero, to whistle-blower, to celebrity Jessica Lynch's story is turning 'into a monster' for the Bush administration --by Lynda Hurst "Pity the poor PR boys at the Pentagon. It may be hard, but try. They thought they had it made... As for the dramatic, Rambo-style hospital raid on April 1, she says there was no resistance, no Iraqi military in the hospital, and staff even offered the rescuers a key... 'The Saving Private Lynch story,' one [regime official] bleakly said, 'is becoming a monster.'"

Terror futures market back in business Web site says trading will open in March 2004, free of U.S. government influence. A U.S. government plan to create a market allowing traders to bet on the likelihood of terror attacks and other events in the Middle East has been revived by the private firm that helped develop it.

Blair's Wife Faults Bush's Opposition to International Court On the eve of Dictator Bush's state visit to Britain, the wife of Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair strongly criticized the administration's campaign against the International Criminal Court, saying its concerns are "not well founded."

Court to Rule on 'Enemy Combatant' Label A federal appeals judge said Monday it would be "a sea change'' in the Constitution to allow the Bush dictatorship to designate a U.S. citizen suspected in an alleged dirty bomb plot as an enemy combatant.

Guantanamo Bay detainee suffers from depression One of the Britons held by the United States in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been diagnosed as suffering from depression since being locked up without charge, the Guardian has learned.

Energy Measure Would Limit Liability of MTBE Producers Lawsuits over water contamination from the fuel additive would be stopped retroactively. A sweeping energy bill coming before Congress this week would not only limit the liability of manufacturers of a gasoline additive blamed for fouling water supplies from California to New Hampshire but would also give the companies up to $2 billion in federal aid, according to details of the Republican-drafted bill released Saturday.

Energy Bill Has $23 Billion in Tax Breaks, Mostly for Energy Companies Democrats failed to force any significant changes in a Republican-drafted energy bill Monday as a House-Senate conference sped toward approving the massive legislation and clear the way for final congressional approval, probably this week.

Why are retirement pensions under attack? --by Jean Shaoul "Under the guise of reform, pensions are under attack in virtually every industrialised country in the world. As a result, millions of workers face appalling poverty and isolation in their last years and pensions are fast becoming one of the most bitterly contested political issues around."

Nature Body Warns of Wildlife Extinction Threat Colombian spider monkeys, Galapagos snails, unique South African rabbits and one of the world's largest freshwater fish are in stark danger of extinction, a nature body warned on Tuesday.

Eric Blumrich's latest flash video

Bush Says U.S. Would Wage War Again to Make World 'Safe' The United States would wage war again, and alone if necessary, to ensure the long-term safety of the world [and continued growth for Halliburton], Dictator Bush said in an interview published Monday.

'Mr Bush checks on his poodle' The US dictator's visit will be met with protest or antipathy, but little joy (press review on the topic of the Bush visit to London).

'Shoot-to-kill' demand by US Home Secretary David Blunkett has refused to grant diplomatic immunity to armed American special agents and snipers travelling to Britain as part of Dictator Bush's entourage this week. In the case of the accidental shooting of a protester [????!!!!], the Americans in Bush's protection squad will face justice in a British court as would any other visitor, the Home Office has confirmed. The issue of immunity is one of a series of extraordinary US demands turned down by Ministers and Downing Street during preparations for the Bush visit. These included the closure of the Tube network, the use of US air force planes and helicopters and the shipping in of battlefield weaponry to use against rioters.

Shoot-to-kill bodyguards protect Bush London protesters fear 'trigger-happy' agents Armed US Secret Service agents will have the right to "shoot to kill" when they provide the bodyguard for Dictator George W Bush on his controversial state visit to the United Kingdom this week. Special agent Ann Roman, an official spokeswoman for the US Secret Service (USSS), told the Sunday Herald that the estimated 200 agents who will be in Britain to guard Bush would open fire if he were in danger or under threat.

Dictator Bush is hated worldwide: 'Enormous security' planned for Bush visit Dictator Bush will be treated to a state visit this week in Britain, where huge protests against his Iraq policy are expected.

Protests Loom In London for Visit by Bush Already, officials say, the trip has been a planning nightmare. Bush and his wife are scheduled to spend the first two nights at Buckingham Palace in the heart of London, and the Secret Service has demanded that a large area be sealed off to protect the dictator from potential 'terrorists' and from the 100,000 or so demonstrators expected to protest in the streets.

US and UK officials dread presidential [sic] trip · Washington fears any re-s-election benefit will be marred by trade row and anti-war protests · Blair faces revival of 'US poodle' image --One Downing Street insider, contemplating the visit, expressed exasperation: "That man seems to cause us no end of trouble, doesn't he?" The list of issues is long - from the Kyoto pollution agreement through to Guantanamo and Iraq - and now added to it is the row over steel tariffs.

Get mad - and get even Bush deserves our rage, but Blair should take the brunt of it. We elected him, now we must get rid of him. --by Gary Younge "America's preparation for them shows just how much they value our special relationship and what kind of democracy they like to export on their travels. Among other things, US armed special agents have asked for diplomatic immunity in case they kill a protester; to patrol the skies with Black Hawk helicopters; and include a tank, equipped with a gun that can kill a dozen people in one go, in their presidential [sic] cavalcade. While these requests have been turned down much of central London will still be closed down to create a 'sterile zone' so that Bush's belief that he has the support of the British people will not be contaminated. If ever there was an example of a guest taking liberties this is it."

Pretzels for George --by Richard Searle Greater Manchester Coalition to Stop the War (Letter to The Guardian editor) "Can we use the letters page to say a big thanks to Michael Moore for the $1,000 donation he made to us at his Manchester show on November 12? His donation has allowed us to lay on even more transport to the Stop Bush demonstration in London on November 20. We are asking everyone to join the march to bring a pretzel to wave."

Blair ally in poll threat to Bush George Bush will be served notice today that the deep hostility towards him in Britain has reached the Blair inner circle, when the former minister Stephen Byers launches a bid to destabilise the dictator's re-s-election campaign next year.

One In Three Britons Think Bush Is Stupid - Poll The full extent of the low regard Britons have for George Bush was tonight revealed in a poll. The US Dictator was branded a threat to world peace by a clear majority, 60%, of those questioned by YouGov. More than one in three, 37%, said Mr Bush was "stupid" while 33% called him "incoherent". Only a minority saw positive characteristics in Mr Bush, with just 7% regarding him as a good world leader, 6% as articulate and 10% as intelligent. [Was there a polling option, 'Do you think Bush is a f**ing moron?' That's the one I would have selected.]

British troops on high alert amid fears of suicide attack British forces and officials in Southern Iraq are in the highest state of alert since the end of the war following intelligence reports that they face the threat of an imminent terrorist attack. [The only terrorist the UK should fear is Bush himself!]

US fires guided missile at Iraqi 'rebel training camp' The American military said yesterday that it had fired a satellite-guided missile at what it called an 'insurgents' training camp' on an island west of Kirkuk in Iraq, the first time that such a weapon has been used since the war was declared over.

US troops launch offensive in Tikrit American troops have fanned out around Saddam Hussein's home town in Iraq as part of a fresh military operation against freedom fighters.

Baghdad suffers broad blackout Wide areas of the Iraqi capital lost electric power early Monday, but the reason for the outage was unclear.

CIA Finds No Evidence Hussein Sought to Arm Terrorists The CIA's search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has found no evidence that former president Saddam Hussein tried to transfer chemical or biological technology or weapons to terrorists, according to a military and intelligence expert.

Hussein, on Tape Sent to Arab TV, Said to Urge War An Arab television station broadcast a new audiotape on Sunday that it said had been made by Saddam Hussein in which the speaker mixed invective against Israel, calls for holy war and curses on American and other foreign occupation troops in Iraq.

Who are the Freedom Fighters? U.S. officials say leaders of the resistance fighters sometimes subcontract work to young, often unemployed, Iraqi males. According to some who have been captured, an attack on U.S. troops can bring as much as $1,000, five times that if G.I.s die.

US agrees to international control of its troops in Iraq The United States accepts that to avoid humiliating failure in Iraq [Too late!] it needs to bring its forces quickly under international control and speed the handover of power, Javier Solana, the European Union foreign policy chief, has said.

Mosul Crash Leaves 17 Dead, Five Injured, One Missing Seventeen soldiers are dead, five others are injured, and one more still is unaccounted for following today's crash of two U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters in West Mosul, Iraq.

Bush Bashed By Hero's Wife Reassure me Ian didn't die in vain, Mr Bush. Come up with the proof of WMD --The widow of a British soldier killed in Iraq called yesterday for George Bush to tell her he did not die in vain - by proving Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

British Guantanamo prisoners set to be tried in US Dictator George Bush has strongly hinted that British prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay are likely to be tried by a military tribunal in the US and not sent back to Britain.

Hiding protestors in 'Free Speech Zones' is cowardly and un-American --by Charles Levendosky "The pattern is clear: the Bush administration wants to suppress civil disobedience and peaceful protest. The federal government has never criminally prosecuted an entire organization for the free speech activities of its supporters. It's an attack on the very core of the First Amendment."

Radical Cheerleaders Rah-Rah in Protest They fight bombs with pompoms and kick high for consciousness. The Radical Cheerleaders, a loose network of young, mostly female activists, have put a new face on protest...

'Paranoid' US security push threatens future of transatlantic flights Airlines have been warned that passengers will boycott their services and that tourism to the United States will effectively stop if new data demands from America are introduced...The US is insisting that it keeps the data on file for 50 years, while the EU says three years is a reasonable maximum.

Jethro Tull banned for blasting U.S. flag waving Radio station takes action after British rock band attacks American patriotism British rock band Jethro Tull has been banned by a classic-rock radio station in the U.S. after comments blasting American patriotism by the group's lead singer.

Democrat Blanco Wins La. Governor's Race Democratic Lt. Gov. Kathleen Blanco became the first woman ever elected governor of Louisiana on Saturday, defeating a conservative Indian-American and scoring a rare gain for Democrats in an election season that has seen a string of Republican victories.

Bush-Cheney training activists for the 2004 Florida 'campaign' Dictator Bush's re-s-election campaign told Republican activists Saturday to assume the 2004 s-election will be as close as it was four years when Dictator Bush was installed in a coup d'etat.

With Energy Bill, Industries to Cash In Energy industries that have invested millions of dollars in lawmakers' campaigns would reap billions in tax breaks and potential new business from compromise Republican legislation.

Medicare Bill Has Private Plans Deliver Drugs The Medicare bill coming before Congress in the next week or so offers seniors government-subsidized drug coverage that they would purchase from private insurers.

Milwaukee Postal Workers Find Live Gator A four-foot alligator chewed its way out of a shipping carton before a postal worker tossed it into a hamper and called animal control officers. Employees were sorting mail Friday when they noticed the alligator chewing its way out of an Express Mail box...

U.S. Soldier Becomes 400th Killed in Iraq A U.S. soldier was killed Saturday when his vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb, the 400th U.S. serviceman to die in Iraq since hostilities began March 20.

U.S. casualties from Iraq war top 9,000 The number of U.S. casualties from Operation Iraqi Freedom -- troops killed, wounded or evacuated due to injury or illness -- has passed 9,000, according to new Pentagon data.

2 U.S. Helicopters Crash in Iraqi City of Mosul Two U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters crashed in this northern Iraqi city on Saturday, the military said. Witnesses said the two aircraft collided in mid-air.

U.S. Black Hawk Crashes in Iraqi City of Mosul A U.S. helicopter crashed in a civilian area in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul Saturday and American soldiers sealed off the area, witnesses said. [Right. Seal it off. Can't have media cover the Bush regime's immoral, imperialistic failed police action in Iraq.]

Blast Heard in Baghdad, Smoke Near U.S. Compound An explosion was heard in central Baghdad on Saturday and smoke could be seen rising from an area close to the headquarters of Iraq's U.S.-led dictatorship, Reuters witnesses reported.

Military train derails A train transporting material for the American military derailed Saturday near Samarra, north of Baghdad, a spokesperson for the US 4th Infantry Division said.

...and the 5,000 are winning The Iraqi resistance numbers no more than 5,000 fighters, yet it has bloodied a US-led occupation 50 times that size, the top American general for Iraq said.

National Guard Prepares for Long Haul (CO) When National Guardsman John Schreiber learned he could be sent to Iraq before Christmas, his 7-year-old son told him, "Dad, you're going to die."

U.S. Occupation to End by June After Selection of Transitional Regime American dictators will hand over sovereignty to a new transitional government by June, the Iraqi Governing Council said Saturday, announcing an accelerated U.S. plan for ending the occupation of Iraq. The plan would mean the end of the U.S.-led occupation dictatorship in Iraq, but not the end of the American troop presence.

Head of CentCom orders hundreds of staff to Qatar The head of U.S. Central Command, Gen. John Abizaid, has ordered hundreds of his staff members to move to CentCom's forward headquarters in Qatar to cope with the increased pace of military operations in Iraq.

Air Raid Sends Iraqis Message, but What Is It? After the start of a well-publicized offensive against Iraqi insurgents, American commanders said Thursday that they were intent on sending the rebels "a message." But here at the site of one of the operation's primary targets, local Iraqis said they were uncertain what that message was supposed to be.

US to allow British firms to bid for Iraq contracts: report Washington is to give British firms the right to bid for multi-million dollar reconstruction contracts in Iraq as a 'reward' [???!!!] for Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair's loyalty over the war, The Times newspaper said.

It's Bagh-SPAN: Bremer Bunch Will Broadcast --by Joe Hagan "Live from Baghdad, fair, balanced and direct, it’s Bush TV. The Coalition Provisional Authority [dictatorship] running Iraq, created by the Bush administration [dictatorship], dissatisfied with the American television news decisions on covering the conflict, is about to create its own broadcast operation, with the capacity to bypass the networks, live from Iraq, 24 hours a day."

The Green Zone Blues --by Sridhar Pappu "...[T]o competitive reporters used to exploiting the chaos of war to get the big story, the rigid control of the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority [Dictatorship] and its press arm, the Office of Strategic Communications, has made winning during the peace more difficult than winning during the war. 'They’ve taken the Bush model and applied it to Baghdad,' one correspondent said.

GMC bars media from speech by Lynch rescue pilot Officials at Georgia Military College turned away reporters and photographers who were invited to hear a speech Wednesday by a helicopter pilot involved in the rescue of Jessica Lynch. Marine Maj. Craig Kopel told them before giving the speech that he would not speak if any members of the media were present. Col. Jim LeBrun, the principal of GMC's high school, said Kopel would "get in trouble" if he spoke to or in front of the media.

You won't believe what happens next --by Michael Ventura "What happens if corporations, in order to achieve their agenda of profit and dominance, take on the cultural agenda of the far right in order to please Republicans? Until now only Rupert Murdoch's Fox empire has openly taken sides in our culture wars. If this becomes standard corporate practice... our atmosphere could resemble Germany's in the early 1930s, when, one by one, the major cultural venues gradually kowtowed to the Nazi Party, allowing no other visions to reach mass circulation."

U.S. Special Operations Soldier Killed, Another Wounded in East Afghanistan An American soldier was killed when his vehicle struck an explosive device in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar province, a U.S. military spokesman said Saturday. A U.S. soldier was also reported wounded.

UK on second highest terror alert Britain's security services have been put on their second highest state of alert amid intelligence of a possible al-Qaeda attack, the BBC has learned. [And, if al-Qaeda attacks, the Bush visit to London would be canceled, sparing Dictator Bush and Poodle Blair more embarrassment.]

Bush toppled by West Yorkshire peace campaigners Anti-war campaigners in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, today created a dramatic representation of the chasm existing between a just peace and George W Bush’s policy of war. An effigy of the US Dictator was symbolically toppled from Stoodley Pike, a famous local hill top landmark and a monument to peace.

Anti-war pupils to face crackdown (UK) Schools are ready to crack down on pupils who miss classes next week to attend anti- war protests during Dictator George Bush's three-day visit. Despite warnings not to skip lessons, pupils are co-ordinating a series of "school strikes" using text messages and internet message boards.

Attorney General Defends Patriot Act With the government's 'anti-terrorism' legal strategy [burgeoning police state] under increasing scrutiny, Attorney General John Ashcroft tried to assure lawyers Saturday that the Bush dictatorship welcomes oversight and is using new powers to make "quiet steady progress" in the terrorism fight.

Families of Sept. 11 Victims Criticize Deal Between White House, Commission Relatives of people who perished in the Sept. 11 attacks say a federal commission accepted too many conditions in striking a deal with the White House over access to secret intelligence documents.

Judge Rules Top Saudis Cannot Be Sued for 9/11 A U.S. judge has dismissed claims against two high-ranking Saudi officials in a lawsuit filed by victims and survivors of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Officials, groups prepare to lend aid With thousands of protesters expected to descend on downtown Miami for next week's free-trade talks, civil liberties groups are mustering their resources -- deploying monitors, enlisting lawyers and setting up an information campaign in anticipation of widespread demonstrations and possible arrests.

Coup 2004 preview: Monterey County poll workers prevented Hispanics from voting Monterey County poll workers prevented some Hispanics from voting in recent elections, county elections chief Tony Anchundo said Wednesday. Voters said they were denied provisional ballots and sent to the wrong polling place. They complained about delays caused by long lines and a shortage of ballot envelopes. Others said they witnessed voter intimidation by men in black suits who said they were members of the county's Republican Party.

Democrats Rip GOP on Judicial Talkathon Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., chided Senate Republicans on Saturday for bickering and sniping at taxpayer expense during a 40-hour talkathon to protest filibusters on judicial nominees.

Industry tax breaks fill GOP energy bill Congressional leaders yesterday forged a national energy bill that contains tens of billions of dollars worth of tax breaks and subsidies to oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries while emphasizing production over conservation.

Bankruptcies at Record High The tight U.S. job market pushed personal bankruptcies to a record high in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, a government report said on Friday.

Municipal Bond Outlook for 2004 Is Anxious and Grim --by Joe Mysak "There's going to be a drumbeat of bad news about credit quality, the amount of bonds to be sold will drop off a cliff and state officials in general and treasurers in particular are going to be cranky. That's the outlook for the municipal bond market in 2004."

Ozone talks fail over US demands UN talks on protecting the ozone layer have ended without a deal, after the US [whackjobs] asked permission to continue using a chemical it had earlier agreed to ban. The US team at the Nairobi conference said its farmers needed methyl bromide, but other delegates disagreed.

Species Protection Act 'Broken' A senior official of the U.S. Interior Department, in a wide-ranging critique of the Endangered Species Act, said Thursday that the needs of an expanding population, agriculture interests and burgeoning development in the West should be given equal consideration with endangered plants and animals.

2 Condemned 'Ghost Fleet' Ships to Dock Two more condemned U.S. Navy ships will be allowed to dock in Britain for the winter despite environmentalists' concerns they contain toxic materials because it is too risky to send them back to America, the government said Saturday.

Davis Declares State of Emergency in LA In one of his last acts before leaving office, Gov. Gray Davis declared a state of emergency in part of Los Angeles County pounded by a freak hailstorm that deluged the community of Watts with 5 inches of rain and hail in two hours.

Poll: Gonzalez, Newsom virtually tied The results of a poll released today has found both the San Francisco mayor's race and the County district attorney's race in a statistical dead heat. According to the poll, Green Party mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez is in the lead with 49 percent of the vote to Democrat Gavin Newsom's 47 percent. [The 'Democrat', in this case, is *not*.]

What did Bush know before 9/11 attacks? Briefing notes may hold key to crucial question Panel member decries limited access to papers --In capital shorthand, they are known as PDBs, and they may hold the key to one of the great unanswered questions of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Did U.S. Dictator George W. Bush receive — and ignore — advance warning of a plan by Al Qaeda to hijack passenger planes and fly them into buildings in the United States?

Iraq deadlier than Vietnam More US troops have been killed during the war on Iraq than were killed during the first three years of the Vietnam war. According to US Defence Department statistics, there have been more US casualties in almost seven months than were killed in Vietnam from 1962-64.

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq As of Friday, Nov. 14, 399 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Department of Defense.

Pentagon Limits Funeral Coverage Arlington to Keep Reporters Away --The Army tightened rules yesterday on press coverage of funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, directing that reporters be kept far enough away from the graveside that they would likely be unable to hear a chaplain's eulogy.

US plans radical shake-up as more Iraqis back rebels A political shake-up in Iraq seemed imminent last night as Paul Bremer, the top US civilian dictator, headed back to Baghdad.

Freedom Fighters Posing More Danger, Says U.S. The senior American commander in the Middle East said Thursday that the Unites States-led occupation in Iraq faces no more than 5,000 freedom fighters, but that they are increasingly well organized and well financed, and are gradually expanding their attacks to the previously calm north and south.

US Struggles to Determine Who Is the Enemy in Iraq The Pentagon is struggling to figure out who the enemy is in Iraq, with officials saying they remain foggy about the leadership and organization of the insurgency and analysts decrying a huge intelligence lapse. [Yes, a MEGA 'intelligence lapse due to the fact that we are forced to endure an Idiot Usurping Lying Dictatorial Weasel as p-Resident.]

Grand Ayatollah Calls for Iraq Elections Iraqis are becoming [*Becoming???*] suspicious of occupation forces because no elections have been held since the fall of Saddam Hussein, a senior Shiite Muslim cleric warned Friday. [Well, there are no elections in the U.S., either. We are living under a dictatorship.]

Cleland Rips Bush Iraq Policy At Forum, Ex-Senator Compares Situation to Vietnam --Hundreds of people turned out at a town hall meeting on Iraq last night where former Democratic senator Max Cleland blasted the Bush dictatorship's war policy, saying that the conflict now resembles the failed Vietnam War effort.

I tried to stop Bush: Italian PM Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said today he had tried to stop US Dictator George W Bush from going to war against Iraq. "I didn't support every action of the United States. I tried to persuade them not to intervene militarily," Berlusconi said. "But when I saw there was no way (to prevent it), I stood by the United States."

Poll: Majority of Americans say Iraq war fought on faulty accusations More than half of Americans say Dictator Bush decided to go to war on Iraq based on faulty assumptions, says a poll released Thursday.

U.S. Worries About $20B Halliburton ['Iraq'] Aid As if preparing Iraq for a transfer of political power hasn't created enough problems, here is another one for the United States: ensuring that $20 billion in reconstruction aid doesn't vanish in the rush.

6-US aircraft strike Iraq targets; 3 soldiers die U.S. warplanes and ground forces pounded targets in Iraq on Friday in the third day of operations to 'root out' freedom fighters and destroy their hideouts, amid rising casualties among occupation forces.

U.S. Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded in Baghdad U.S. troops stepped up their campaign against Iraqi freedom fighters Friday, killing seven people preparing to attack a U.S. base and dropping satellite-guided bombs, the military said. Elsewhere, rebels killed an American contractor and a soldier.

Blast wounds three in northern Iraq American forces in Iraq have suffered more casualties, with an improvised bomb wounding three American soldiers near northern city of Mosul.

Iraq farmers say US army threatens to bomb homes Surveying shrapnel from U.S. mortars on their fields, Iraqi farmers said on Friday American troops threatened to bomb their homes if they failed to provide information on freedom fighters.

US gunship kills seven in Iraq A US helicopter gunship has killed seven people allegedly preparing to launch rocket attacks on an American military base in Iraq.

3 U.S. GIs Face Charges in POW Abuse Case U.S. military prosecutors have decided to prosecute three American soldiers from Pennsylvania on charges of abusing Iraqi prisoners of war, a U.S. Army spokesman said Friday.

After terror attack in Iraq, wounded Italians return home A military plane flew home a first group of wounded troops Friday after a suicide bombing that tore apart an Italian base in Iraq this week and killed 18 Italians -- a strike that horrified Italians, whose military had previously been spared bloodshed there.

Seoul in dilemma over Iraq troops South Korea is facing a dilemma over the troop dispatch to Iraq as a growing number of civic activists have urged the government to withdraw its decision to send additional troops, citing security concerns in the region.

Iraq: the crumbling 'coalition' As Italy mourns and Japan abandons plans to send troops, Bush desperately scrambles for new approach The American-led 'coalition's' failure to secure additional outside help in policing Iraq during a worsening security crisis was exposed yesterday when Japan backed away from sending troops.

Afghan Blast Kills U.S. Special Ops GI A U.S. special operations soldier was killed Friday when his vehicle struck an explosive device in eastern Afghanistan, U.S. Central Command said.

CIA sounds new warning on North Korea missile that could hit US The CIA is sounding a new alarm that North Korea may be ready to flight test a nuclear capable multi-stage missile capable of reaching parts of the United States.

Blair 'dishonest, shallow and cheap' in justifying Bush visit, says Cook Robin Cook has accused Poodle Tony Blair of making dishonest, shallow and cheap arguments to justify next week's controversial state visit to Britain by Dictator George Bush.

Clare Short Backs Bush Protests Former minister Clare Short today backed anti-war protests during Dictator Bush's visit to Britain next week.

By George! --by Robert Cornwell "It is not only Bush the Chicken-hawk warmonger and promoter-in-chief of the great illusion about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction who they will be denouncing. It is also Bush the ignorant, self-righteous Christian warrior, Bush the smirking executioner and Bush the believer in one law for America and another for everyone else. And, of course, Bush the 'Toxic Texan', an image made flesh by the 'ghost ships' bearing down on Hartlepool, whose US-produced contaminants will find a last resting place on Britain's unpolluted isle. No man is ever quite as extreme as his caricature. But Bush comes closer than most, and not only Britons cannot abide him."

Opposition to USA Patriot Act swells in Nevada A broad spectrum including liberals, conservatives, Libertarians, gay and Hispanic activists rallied in three corners of the state this week, calling for Nevada to join Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont and 210 U.S. communities that have passed resolutions urging curbs on the Patriot Act.

City of Miami Commissioners Approve Tougher Rules for FTAA Protests A controversial Ordinance giving the City of Miami Police more authority during protests was unanimously approved by the City of Miami Commissioners today (Thursday), despite pleas by anti-globalization activists who said it would violate their constitutional rights of Free Speech.

Deal on 9/11 Briefings Lets White House Edit Papers The commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks said on Thursday that its deal with the White House for access to highly classified Oval Office intelligence reports would let the White House edit the documents before they were released to the commission's representatives.

CIA denies seeking pact with bin Laden The CIA rejected as fantasy claims it tried to negotiate a non-aggression pact with Osama bin Laden just two months before the September 11 attacks. Richard Labeviere, author of the Corridors of Terror, says the CIA's Dubai chief approached bin Laden while the al Qaeda leader was being treated for a kidney complaint in the United Arab Emirates.

Ex-Halliburton employee: I felt sale of missiles was illegal A former Halliburton Company employee says even though he thought it was illegal—he helped complete the sale of mini-warheads to a Canadian explosives expert.

Exxon Mobil ordered to pay Alabama $11.9 billion A jury ordered Exxon Mobil Corp. to pay $11.9 billion in damages today after finding the oil giant had cheated the state of Alabama out of natural gas royalties.

Enron bankruptcy costs expected to hit $1B Failed energy giant Enron says its legal, accounting and other professional costs since declaring bankruptcy may top $1 billion by the end of 2006.

Personal Bankruptcies Jump 7.8 Percent Bankruptcies have nearly doubled in the past decade, including more than 1.6 million people who filed for personal bankruptcy this fiscal year alone from leftover debt accrued in the 1990s.

Foreclosures up 34 percent in 2003 Fort Worth-Dallas residential foreclosures rose 34 percent in the Metroplex this year, hitting the highest level since the real estate bust of the late 1980s and early 1990s, said George Roddy Sr., president of the Foreclosure Listing Service.

Dems Say Medicare Plan Would Up Premiums A growing chorus of Senate Democrats criticized emerging Medicare drug legislation Thursday.

Senate Stops Bush Nominees, Ends Long Debate Democrats blocked two more of Dictator Bush's federal appeals court nominees on Friday after a nonstop U.S. Senate debate of nearly 40 hours, boosting to six the number of stonewalled judicial candidates.

US negotiator says America wary of Kyoto Protocol follow-up The top US negotiator at world climate change talks ruled out on Friday any chance of Washington backing the next agreement on cutting carbon pollution if the deal resembled the Kyoto Protocol already rejected by Dictator George W. Bush.

Schrodinger's Vote Why Diebold can't be trusted to tally in '04. --by Alan Cabal "Somewhere out there in the wilds of America is a patsy, a Lone Nut if you will... When the Tecumseh Curse kicks in and bullets rip through the head of George W. Bush, this man will be called upon to take the fall, and fall he will. In the absence of an impeachment resolution, the Tecumseh Curse may be our only hope for regime change. Most likely our salvation will emanate from CIA headquarters in McLean, VA, but we can call it Wellstone’s Revenge. Because the way it’s looking, an honest and fair election won’t do the trick."

Dictator Bush Rape Accuser Dead of 'Self-Inflicted' Gunshot Wound Medical examiners have ruled that September, 2003 death of Margie Schoedinger to be a suicide [???!!!]. Schoedinger, the Fort Bend County woman who filed a rape lawsuit in December 2002 against sitting Dictator Bush, died of a 'self-inflicted' gunshot wound to the head.

'We could lose this situation' · CIA says freedom fighters now 50,000 strong · Crisis talks over transfer of power --The White House yesterday drew up emergency plans to accelerate the transfer of power in Iraq after being shown a devastating CIA report warning that the guerrilla war was in danger of escalating out of US control.

CIA warns of defeat A top-secret CIA report warns that growing numbers of Iraqis believe the US-led dictatorship can be defeated and are supporting the resistance.

C.I.A. Report Suggests Iraqis Are Losing Faith in U.S. 'Efforts' A bleak top-secret report by the Central Intelligence Agency suggests that the situation in Iraq is approaching a crucial turning point, with ordinary Iraqis losing faith in American-led occupation forces and in the United States-appointed Iraqi Governing Council. The picture those reports presented was very different from the public view presented by Bush regime officials.

CIA: Iraq security to get 'worse' Bremer meets with White House advisers to discuss situation --A recent CIA assessment of Iraq warns the security situation will worsen across the country, not just in Baghdad but in the north and south as well, a senior dictatorship source told CNN Tuesday.

Freedom fighters gain a deadly edge in intelligence U.S. forces are losing the intelligence battle in Iraq to an increasingly organized resistance force that uses stealth, spies and surprise to inflict punishing casualties.

We will not leave Iraq, vows Straw Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, has vowed that Britain will send more troops to Iraq if they are needed to bolster its reconstruction.

Bush Seeks to Speed Up Handover to Iraqis Under the pressure of increasing U.S. deaths in battle, Dictator Bush said Thursday the United States wants Iraqis to take more responsibility for governing their troubled country and said occupation forces are determined to prevail over freedom fighters ['terrorists']. Meanwhile Thursday, a steady drumbeat of explosions was heard in the Iraqi capital after sundown Thursday but the source of the blasts was unclear.

US attack kills two, wounds three A US Army attack helicopter fired on a van carrying freedom fighters who had been seen firing mortars, killing two, wounding three and capturing five others, the US military said.

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraqi explosions as Japan pulls back from troop deployment following recent attacks A U.S. soldier was killed and two others were injured in an explosion near the Iraqi flashpoint town of Fallujah, witnesses said Thursday. Elsewhere, a U.S. soldier was killed in a roadside bomb attack in the capital Baghdad Wednesday, according to the U.S. military.

Japan set to delay troops to Iraq The attack by resistance fighters on Italian soldiers in Nasiriya is likely to delay Japan's plans to send troops to Iraq this year as the bombing occurred in the kind of 'safe zone' [not!] that had been considered suitable for Japanese armed forces.

U.S. Allies Rethinking Roles in Iraq In a blow to U.S. hopes for more support in rebuilding Iraq, Japan on Thursday delayed sending troops and other American allies altered plans after a surge in anti-occupation violence.

New Baghdad Blasts Part of U.S. Operation A steady drumbeat of explosions was heard in the Iraqi capital after sundown Thursday, part of a U.S. operation to suppress freedom fighters' activity in the city.

U.S. Hits Iraqi Resistance Fighters After Blast A suicide bomber blew up a truck packed with explosives at an Italian paramilitary base Wednesday, killing at least 26 people. The United States struck at the Iraqi insurgency hours later, destroying a warehouse in Baghdad and chasing attackers who were seen firing mortars.

Bomb at Italian Base in Iraq Kills at Least 26 A suicide car bomber devastated an Italian military police base in the Iraqi town of Nassiriya Wednesday, killing at least 17 Italians and nine Iraqis.

Blasts rock Baghdad near occupation headquarters Iraqi politician killed in confrontation with U.S. soldiers U.S. military officials said at least two mortar shells or rockets hit Tuesday night within the Iraqi capital's "Green Zone," the center of most of the U.S.-led Dictatorship's [Coalition Provisional Authority's] activities.

Rockets hit near U.S. base in Baghdad Three rockets have hit the fortified area of Baghdad where the U.S.-led dictatorship is based after the top U.S. military commander vowed to unleash any weapon in his arsenal on freedom fighters attacking his forces.

U.S. appears to be losing battle for hearts, minds of many Iraqis Suddenly, an American armored Bradley Fighting Vehicle roared forward and smashed into the bus. The crowd scattered into a narrow alley full of market stalls. Then the Bradley ran over a truck, crushing one side beneath its tracks, and clattered away. "You see how they behave, and they call us terrorists?" shouted Khassan Naim, a 32-year-old shopkeeper. "You see how they treat us? As long as they are here, and until we have an Iraqi government and are free again, we will continue to fight them."

Iraqi Teenagers Watch as Americans Bleed If Washington doubts there is Iraqi public support for freedom fighters killing its troops, it should consider the teenagers who happily watched American blood spill on Wednesday. After a roadside bomb ripped through a military vehicle and wounded two soldiers, Iraqi boys rushed out of their homes to survey the damage. "This is good. If they ask me, I will join the resistance. The Americans have to die," said Ali Qais, 15. "They are just here to steal our oil."

Why We Fight Iraq From the Other Side --by Ted Rall "Dear Recruit: Thank you for joining the Iraqi resistance forces... You are joining a broad and diverse coalition dedicated to one principle: Iraq for Iraqis... Because we destroyed our weapons of mass destruction, we were unable to defend ourselves against the American invasion. This was their plan all along. Now our only option is guerilla warfare: we must kill as many Americans as possible at a minimum risk to ourselves."

Relations between journalists and U.S. troops in Iraq sour With casualties mounting in Iraq, jumpy U.S. soldiers are becoming more aggressive in their treatment of journalists covering the conflict. Media people have been detained, news equipment has been confiscated and some journalists have suffered verbal and physical abuse while trying to report on events.

Bush foreign policy 'creates risks for US companies' US multinational companies are "acutely worried" about the business consequences of Bush dictatorship foreign policy, according to a new report from Control Risks, a UK-based international security consultancy.

US Iraq spending could hurt dollar over long term The widening U.S. budget gap, already a burden on the dollar, may grow heavier due to the cost of the open-ended U.S. involvement in Iraq that could end up costing $200 billion over the next decade, analysts said.

A study in political cowardice: Congress strips profiteering penalties from $87.5 billion Iraqi occupation bill --by Jamie Chapman "The United States Senate’s 'stealth vote' giving final approval to the $87.5 billion emergency appropriation bill for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan—with only six senators present, and by voice vote rather than roll call—provides an object lesson in the degenerate state of the US political system."

The Names They Still Won't Mention --by Jimmy Breslin "Two Army officers were at his front door. Right away, they told him that his son had died but he had not suffered. They did not tell him that the best thing in his life was put out in front of a bank with all that bravery. And he was shot as if in a common robbery. He was guarding God. The money that is the true religion of Bush and Cheney and the others who hide in offices while young men in the Army die."

A palpable sense of panic --by Jim Lobe "While maintaining a brave face on the accelerating stream of bad news coming out of Baghdad, the administration of President [sic] George W Bush appears increasingly at a loss, not to say panicked, about what to do."

Bolton Discredits Iran Weapons Report A report by U.N. investigators that they have found no evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program "is simply impossible to believe," Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton said Wednesday.

U.S. urges 'appropriate action' on Iran's nukes The Bush dictatorship, citing the latest U.N. report on Iran's nuclear program, said yesterday it would prod other nations to take "appropriate action" against Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons.

Mega Barf Alert! GOP will trumpet preemption doctrine Faced with growing public uneasiness over [Bush's colossal FAILURE in] Iraq, Republican Party officials intend to change the terms of the political debate heading into next year's Diebold s-election by focusing on the "doctrine of preemption," portraying Dictator Bush as a visionary acting to prevent future terrorist attacks on US soil despite the costs and casualties involved overseas. [OMG! Gag me with a chain saw!!]

Anti-Iraq war veterans pulled from parade A group of 30 military veterans critical of the war in Iraq hoped to use Tuesday's Veterans Day parade to call attention to the increasingly deadly conflict but instead found themselves fighting for something much more fundamental. Members of Veterans For Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War were yanked off a downtown Tallahassee street, directly in front of the Old Capitol, while marching in the holiday parade they had legitimately registered in.

US wants ban on protests during Bush visit Anti-war protesters claim that US authorities have demanded a rolling "exclusion zone" around Dictator George Bush during his visit, as well as a ban on marches in parts of central London. [Exclude *this.*]

Bush to face protests in Britain In the capital of the staunchest U.S. ally, in the only country to significantly back the U.S. war in Iraq, thousands of police and security agents are preparing for one of the largest protests to greet George W. Bush since the start of his dictatorship.

"Anti-Bushism" hits U.S. expats in London The British abandoned their stiff upper lips and hugged Americans after 9/11. Now much of that goodwill has evaporated and the blame is being laid firmly at the door of George W. Bush.

So who did invite him? George Bush's visit is a nightmare for Tony Blair - but not for the White House, which badly wanted it --by Jonathan Freedland "So spare a thought for Tony Blair, as he scans the calendar and sighs. There are the dates, circled and unyielding: November 18 to 21 - Bush in Britain. He knows what it will mean. His guest is the most unpopular US president [sic] in living memory. The anti-war movement will be back on the march, gearing up for its biggest outing since it brought up to 2 million Britons onto the streets in February."

Al Qaida commander 'anticipates' 100,000 Americans dead in attack ( Al-Qal'a (The Fortress) an Islamist Internet forum, posted the first of a two-part interview with a person who introduced himself as Abu Salma Al-Hijazi, one of the Al Qaida commanders closest to Osama bin Laden. The interview was conducted in Iraq, south of Faluja. In regard to rumors about a large-scale attack against the U.S. during the month of Ramadan, Al-Hijazi said that "a huge and very courageous strike" will take place and that the number of infidels expected to be killed in this attack, according to primary estimates, exceeds 100,000.

Intelligence Experts Comb Web for Terror Clues Cyber investigators are scouring the World Wide Web for clues on any future suicide bomb attacks, deploying satellites and other high-tech wizardry to hone in on suspicious Web surfing activity. [Comb *this.*]

Post Office Gets Pressured to Pry Under political pressure to increase profitability and security, the United States Postal Service is introducing new technology that can trace the progress of mail from sender to recipient and record the identity of both parties.

Still Watching Private industry moves in to compile personal data --by Dave Lindorff "Coming soon to a law enforcement department near you: The Matrix, Loaded. Not the movie—something far more disturbing: the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange. ...[A] group of 13 states, spearheaded by Florida, have been working with a private company to develop a similar system designed to put everyone’s records at police fingertips."

Terrorist Tactics A State Law Would Pin the T-Word on Animal-Rights and Eco Protesters -- New York is one of several states currently considering legislation that could define certain animal rights and environmental groups as terrorist organizations.

Senate Votes to Arm Cargo Pilots The Senate passed a bill late Monday that would allow cargo pilots to carry guns, according to Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., the bill's sponsor.

Senate debate on judicial nominees has fractious start The 30-hour debate on Dictator Bush's judicial nominees began on a testy note Wednesday night. After Republicans walked into the Senate chamber together to begin the extraordinary session, Democrats argued that their move was not a show of unity but rather a television stunt orchestrated for Faux News. They pointed to a memo from Manuel Miranda, a staffer for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Cat Torturer-Tenn.)...

Dead Woman Who Accused Bush of Rape Margie Schoedinger, the woman who allegedly filed a lawsuit against George W. Bush in December 2002, claiming that she had been raped, has died of a gunshot wound to the head, registered officially as "suicide" [!?!]. The allegations were serious: the law suit apparently filed against George W. Bush in the County Civil Court in Fort Bend County, Texas, on 2nd December 2002, claimed that George W. Bush had committed "individual sex crimes" against her and her husband.

Lewis pledges $12 million to oust Bush for presidential race Peter B. Lewis, the Cleveland-based insurance billionaire and philanthropist, has pledged more than $12 million to try to oust Dictator Bush from the White House.

E-Vote Firm's Bill Comes Due Citing concerns that Diebold Election Systems installed uncertified software on some electronic voting systems in a California county without the state's knowledge, officials are forcing the company to pay for an audit of all the company's voting machines used in the state in order to win certification for a new model.

Ten Commandments Judge Removed From Bench Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was ousted Thursday by a judicial ethics panel for defying a federal judge's order to remove his 2 1/2-ton granite monument of the Ten Commandments from the rotunda of the state courthouse.

Unnecessary Measures (The Washington Post) "What Congress appears to be talking about -- along with a gaggle of interest groups -- is not a measure that would serve as a transition to a more sophisticated health care system but a particularly lucrative tax shelter for the rich; the medical savings accounts, in some versions of the legislation, would allow people to invest as well as withdraw money tax-free. This almost unprecedented double tax break sets a bad model."


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