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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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December 2002 Archives

Keeping Track of John Poindexter The head of the government's Total Information Awareness project, which aims to root out potential terrorists by aggregating credit-card, travel, medical, school and other records of everyone in the United States, has himself become a target of personal data profiling. A prankster has published snoop/felon John Poindexter's personal information on the Internet: John and Linda Poindexter's phone number -- (301) 424-6613 at 10 Barrington Fare, Rockville, Md.

A contrite Lott tells BET he's changed A contrite and apologetic Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott, appearing on a black-oriented cable channel Monday, denounced his recent comments about the 1948 segregationist presidential campaign of Strom Thurmond, calling them "insensitive," "repugnant" and "inexcusable." [LOL! We can juxtapose his remarks today to his daughter's praise of her father at the "Klan" rally on 12/12/02. We at the CLG merely linked to this press release, and understand that Richard Barrett, the author of the press release, was misrepresented Ms. Amrstrong as being present at his rally. --Lori Price --Lott Family member gives a rally cry speech at "KKK" Rally, December 13, 2002 (The Nationalist Organization Press Conference) Jackson City Hall, MS "Richard Barrett: I'd like to thank Trent Lott's daughter for being here, today. And, thanks to Senator Lott, certainly, for his service to Mississippi and our country. Tyler Lott Armstrong: My father is a wonderful man, who has always stood tall. The news-media has twisted his words. He has good character; he's a Christian man and a good man and has been a wonderful family man, with his children and all."

Attention Peace-Loving Citizens of the World! Join us in challenging rogue states run by military fanatics who produce and conceal weapons of mass destruction. Rooting Out Evil is sending a weapons inspection team to the United States to inspect the chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons produced and concealed by the Bush regime.

H&R Block to Pay $4M for Trade Practices Tax return preparer H&R Block will pay $4 million in a settlement for engaging in deceptive trade practices involving more than 61,000 low-income customers, New York City's commissioner for consumer affairs announced Thursday.

School Cracks Down on Parents Tickets Issued When Students Miss Mandatory Program (TX) At Houston's North Shore Middle School, the parents of students who habitually fail to complete their homework and miss a mandatory after-school program are being summoned to court, school officials said today.

Factory workers seize factory, demand wages from U.S. owners Some 250 workers took control of a border-city factory to prevent machinery from being removed by U.S. owners intent on closing the premises without giving the severance pay and Christmas bonuses required by law, La Jornada daily reported Thursday.

Vigilantes stir fear at border Crossers worry that groups will open fire Mexicans hoping to cross the border in search of a livelihood are becoming increasingly alarmed. Word is getting out in this border town about armed vigilante patrols trying to keep them out.

Critics rip plan to test effect of forest thinning Critics of the plan developed by Forest Service scientists are alarmed by the magnitude and intensity of the proposed actions.

ExxonMobil to End PBS Sponsorship Public television's "Masterpiece Theatre" was dealt a blow Friday as ExxonMobil Corp. announced it would no longer fund the signature PBS drama series after 2004.

Britain to allow transsexuals to marry Britain admitted on Friday it had breached the human rights of its 5,000 transsexuals for too long by refusing them the right to marry under their adopted sex.

'Mooning' is political protest, court told An Australian court has been told that "mooning", or baring buttocks, is a legitimate political protest.

USA intelligence agencies revealed in plot to oust Venezuela's President Uruguayan EP-FA congressman Jose Nayardi says he has information that far-reaching plans have been put into operation by the CIA and other North American intelligence agencies to overthrow Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias within the next 72 hours. [This would be Bush's second Coup d'etat, the first was when he *took* office in 2000. --Lori Price]

Bush asks Brazil's Lula for help in Venezuela - report Dictator George W. Bush has asked Brazilian President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for help in "calming" [read: another CIA-style coup d'etat] the deepening political and economic crisis in Venezuela, daily Estado de Sao Paulo reported Thursday.

Iraq Bought Anti-Nerve Gas Drug with U.S. Approval With Washington's approval, Iraq has bought more than 3.5 million vials of atropine since 1996 even though the drug can be used to protect against nerve gas attacks, U.N. officials said on Thursday.

Side-Effects of Smallpox Jabs Alarm Volunteers People can also develop a more serious rash over parts or all of their bodies. "We don't understand why people get that rash," Dr. John Treanor said. "It does look kind of alarming." ..."If you get vaccinia in your eye, you can become blind," Dr. Julie Gerberding said.

Up to 450,000 Ready for Smallpox Jabs - CDC Up to 450,000 doctors, nurses and other health care workers are ready to be vaccinated against smallpox when Dictator Bush gives the go-ahead, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday.

SEC nominee is target of class-action suit Dictator Bush's nominee to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission,William Donaldson, is targeted in a class-action lawsuit by investors accusing him of fraud for failing to disclose financial problems at Aetna when he was its top executive. [Bush the Fraud selects another fraud, no surprises there. --Lori Price]

DynCorp Products list Smallpox Vaccine, Anthrax Vaccine, Next Generation, etc.

Request to council: Give peace a chance A grass-roots group will ask the City Council on Thursday to oppose military action in Iraq, one of the first focused antiwar efforts here since the Vietnam War.

Sean Penn Arrives in Baghdad for Three-Day Visit The actor and director Sean Penn arrived in Baghdad on Friday morning at the start of a three-day visit to Iraq.

Five die in Army helicopter crash Black Hawk was on training mission in Honduras

FBI Conducts New Searches in Anthrax Probe The FBI, which is investigating deadly anthrax attacks last year, said on Thursday it was searching for evidence on public land in Frederick, Maryland.

Information Awareness Office Website Deletes Staff Biographies (available on website)

Democrats Seek Kissinger's Client List for Possible Conflict of Interest The White House has told lawmakers that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Dictator Bush's choice to head a commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks, is not required by law to disclose his business clients. Senate Democrats want the list to determine whether Kissinger's clients pose conflicts of interests.

Whitman expected to resign EPA post Although her office strongly denies it, agency insiders, Capitol Hill staff and environmental groups expect Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christine Whitman to leave her job soon.

Cheney's Top Communication Aide Leaves Mary Matalin, Vice pResident Dick Cheney's top public relations strategist, is leaving the White House.

Democrats' state chief resigns in January Florida Democratic Party Chairman Bob Poe announced Thursday he will resign in early January.

Court deals setback to Bush forest plans Bush mis-ministration efforts to speed logging and fire-prevention projects in national forests was set back by a federal appeals court ruling whose most immediate impact could be to halt road building in some of Idaho's roadless areas and planned timber sales in southeastern Alaska.

Clinton’s roadless forest rule upheld A federal appeals court in San Francisco has overturned a preliminary injunction, effectively reinstating the Clinton-era ban on road construction in nearly 60 million acres of national forests, an environmental group said Thursday.

New York Metro authority asks court to block labor action With the potential for a strike that could affect more than seven million subway and bus riders just days away, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority sought a preliminary injunction Thursday to bar a walkout or other job action.

FEMA grants N.Y. $7.6 million for emergencies The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it would grant $7.6 million to improve New York's procedures for responding to acts of terrorism and other emergencies.

Bush names former Goldman Sachs chair as new economic adviser Dictator Bush on Thursday named Wall Street investment banker Stephen Friedman as his top economic adviser. Bush selected Friedman last week, but his appointment was delayed because of questions about his health and to give White House lawyers time to review Friedman's huge investment portfolio.

Trent Lott's Segregationist College Days At Ole Miss, the Senator helped lead a fight to keep blacks out of his national fraternity Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott helped lead a successful battle to prevent his college fraternity from admitting blacks to any of its chapters, in a little-known incident.

Lott Has Moved Little On Civil Rights Issues An examination of incoming Senate Majority Leader Trent's record shows that over the past 40 years, he has consistently taken positions at odds with those of the traditional civil rights community.

Text: Bush's Comments on Trent Lott [Racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-human Dictator Bush enters the Trent Lott fray, *three days* after the racist pig uttered his disgusting comment. --Lori Price]

The Living Legacy of White Minority Rule: Lott, Thurmond remain, but millions gone from the soil (The Black Commentator) "How strange and utterly illogical are the thought processes of white American racists. They are insane. The oppressed and dispossessed are urged to put the past behind them, when the present holds no promise but a return to past injustice."

CrimQuips 12-12-'02 --by Barry Crimmins "If the Republicans force Chester Trent Lott to resign as Senate Majority Leader, it will be because he betrayed the GOP by publicly endorsing racism when everyone knows that good Republicans only express racism through the use of code words like 'crime' and 'welfare.' In other words, Lout's crime was not endorsing racism, it tipping his hand."

What is Trent Lott? Trent Lott's past -- and how that should affect his future. --by Joe Conason "Having averted their eyes for years, Democrats and Republicans alike are suddenly obliged to take a long, discomforting look at the Senate Republican leader."

Australian High Court libel ruling threatens Internet free speech In a decision that has the potential to seriously curtail freedom of expression on the Internet, the Australian High Court this week effectively extended the scope of the country’s restrictive defamation laws by allowing international web sites to be sued in Australia.

Unemployment Ravages Blacks Official unemployment among Black men hit 12% in November, twice the overall jobless rate. The pattern has been consistent for the last forty years, varying little and never for long.

Bush Mis-ministration Proposes $300M Cut in Heating Aid to Needy Heating Grant Cuts Worry Aid Groups --Charities, utilities and government agencies across the country are reporting a surge in the number of people asking for help paying their heating bills, even as the Bush mis-ministration proposes a $300 million cut in the nation's biggest source of home heating aid.

Netanyahu's Nephew Jailed over Refusal to Join 'Israeli Occupation Army' The Israeli army sentenced Jonathan Ben Artzi to a 35-day prison term Sunday, December 8, for refusing to serve in the army, his sixth sentence since he was first jailed on August 8. He has since spent 126 days in prison, in what his father says is a record in Israel for a conscientious objector.

Cardinal Law Resigns, Vatican Says Cardinal Bernard Law resigned Friday as Boston archbishop, finally bowing to months of public outrage that he failed to protect children from molesters in the clergy.

Police bar man's videotaping of Mass for gays (NY) Rome resident [and Fascist] Cazimer Wikiera wanted to have the Mass on tape, he said, to show the Mass to Syracuse Diocese Bishop James Moynihan and also a church lawyer. Wikiera is concerned that by being pro-gay, Rev. Fred Daley may be going against Catholic rules and regulations. [?!?]

"...we're having a few technical problems" (requires Flash)

Despite Denial, Enron Papers Show Big Profit on Price Bets Even as Enron's top executives were insisting that the company did not engage in speculative trading, Enron was reaping the bulk of its profits during the California energy crisis by betting on the direction of gas and electricity prices, according to company records and interviews with former Enron traders and executives.

CSX Paid No Income Tax in 2 of Last 4 Years CSX Corp., the big railroad company headed by Treasury secretary-designate John W. Snow, paid no federal income taxes during at least two of the last four years despite recording more than $1 billion in pretax profits. Over the same four-year period, the company gave Snow $36 million in salary, bonuses, stock and options, and forgave a $24-million loan so he wouldn't lose money along with other shareholders as the company's stock price declined.

More ballots found in drawn-out election (CO) Jefferson County found [?!?] 535 uncounted ballots during the state-mandated recount for the 7th Congressional District - a huge number in a race with a 122-vote margin. The county had new electronic machines this year, after 32 years of using punch card ballots.

Secret Service Agents Question High School Student Over Anti-Bush T-shirt (OH) Secret Service Agents question a Bellbrook High School student for wearing an anti-Bush T-shirt. The shirt has a picture of Dictator Bush on it and the words, "not my president." The Assistant Principal confiscated the shirt, called the FBI and agents then called the secret service. [ROFL!! They can pry my CLG anti-Bush T-shirt out of my "cold, dead hands." --Lori Price]

Smallpox response might include quarantine State and federal authorities could take extraordinary steps to contain an epidemic If terrorists using smallpox as a weapon started an epidemic in an American city, public health officials might need to consider imposing a quarantine to stop the spread of the fast-moving deadly disease. Indeed, the National Guard could be called in to set up roadblocks.

Bush to make smallpox vaccinations available for all, mandatory for military Dictator Bush said Wednesday he will make the smallpox vaccine available to all Americans on a voluntary basis to guard against a bioterrorist attack. As a first step, the dictator will order military personnel to begin getting smallpox vaccinations and will launch a plan to offer the vaccine to emergency medical workers and response teams within weeks, senior mis-ministration officials said.

Mayo Clinic seeks volunteers for smallpox vaccine test The Mayo Clinic is seeking volunteers for a study to test the safety and effectiveness of two different vaccines for preventing smallpox. [LOL!]

State Plan Calls for Smallpox Shots for Health, Safety Workers (UT) The state's bioterrorism preparedness plan calls for administering smallpox inoculations to 2,000 to 5,000 health-care, public-safety and emergency workers - as soon as new liability protections go into effect. The Homeland Security Act makes doctors, nurses and others qualified to give the vaccine exempt from side-effect-related lawsuits.

Mitchell quits independent commission investigating Sept. 11 Citing a reluctance to quit his law firm, former Sen. George Mitchell on Wednesday withdrew from the new commission that will investigate the Sept. 11 attacks.

Punish FBI, CIA officials who mishandled Sept. 11, panel urges FBI and CIA officials who mishandled intelligence that might have thwarted the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks should be investigated and, if warranted, punished, a congressional panel will recommend today.

Top 11 Lines of Inquiry (to follow to full disclosure) 9/11 Investigation --by Kyle F. Hence "By all evidence, 9/11 has been fully capitalized and exploited by the Administration and the military-industrial-intelligence-police complex as a perfect justification for carrying out an agenda that by all appearances was in place well in advance of the attacks."

Navigation beacon studied in Wellstone crash Nearly seven weeks after Sen. Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash, investigators and lawyers are scrutinizing a faulty navigational aid at Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport.

Cabinet-Level Intelligence Czar Proposed In recommending the creation of a national intelligence director, lawmakers are likely to face opposition from the Pentagon and its supporters in Congress.

Verga Clarifies DoD's Homeland Defense Role The Defense Department recognizes there are differences between the homeland security and homeland defense missions, Peter Verga, director of DoD's Homeland Defense Task Force, reminded a security conference audience here... There are three circumstances where DoD would be involved in homeland security activities within the United States, he noted.

We'll All Be Under Surveillance Computers Will Say What We Are --by Nat Hentoff "Without any official public notice, and without any congressional hearings, the Bush administration—with an initial appropriation of $200 million—is constructing the Total Information Awareness System."

US warns Iraq it will get nuclear response The Bush dictatorship has formally announced a new military strategy calling for pre-emptive action against potential enemies and making clear its readiness to launch a nuclear strike against a foe threatening to use weapons of mass destruction against America or its forces.

U.S. set to use mines in Iraq The Pentagon is preparing to use anti-personnel land mines in a war with Iraq, despite U.S. policy that calls for the military to stop using the mines everywhere in the world except Korea by 2003.

Satellites to challenge Pentagon spin Thanks to satellite imagery now widely available from commercial suppliers, the buildup of U.S. and British armor in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait is clearly visible to them.

Quietly, U.N. agencies plan for war Away from the cameras — and avoiding the spotlight — the global body also has drawn up plans for a possible humanitarian crisis if hostilities break out, according to U.N. officials.

Carter warns against 'catastrophic' war Former US president Jimmy Carter has warned of the potentially "catastrophic consequences" of a pre-emptive US war on Iraq.

Business leaders rally against Iraq war threat A group of business and community leaders rallied on Independence Mall today to question why the Bush mis-ministration seems intent on waging war with Iraq while neglecting pressing problems on the homefront.

Groups stand against possible war Thousands of Americans took part Tuesday in more than 120 anti-war vigils, acts of civil disobedience and marches in 37 states.

Police Arrest 14 In Anti-War Protest (CT) On Tuesday, the marchers in Hartford waved signs and sang classic protest songs such as "We Shall Overcome" as they tried to call attention to the human costs of war while questioning the dictator's motives for a showdown with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Baltimore City Council Says No to War Baltimore City says "no" to war with Iraq.

The case for war --by John Chuckman (satire) "Imagine, torture taking place in a brutal dictatorship? Good Lord, this comes as a shocking revelation. But perhaps the President [sic] was reminded of tens of thousands tortured by America's friends, or by Americans themselves, in Iran or Chile or Nicaragua or El Salvador or Vietnam when he paused, thinking a less-than-perfect case had been made for sending millions of pounds of high explosives and depleted uranium raining down on the people of Iraq."

Venezuela: Is the CIA preparing another coup? With a "strike" organized by Venezuela’s employers now entering its second week, there is every indication that the South American country is being subjected to a classic destabilization campaign organized in collaboration with US intelligence.

Qatar, U.S. Sign Military Implementation Agreement

US sea ambush was warning to North Korea The high seas ambush of a North Korean freighter was intended as a warning shot to the regime in Pyongyang. Last night Washington gave warning that there would be more raids if the North Koreans did not stop exporting such lethal weaponry.

How a show of force in the war on terror turned into an explosive farce --by Rupert Cornwell "What began as a feat of derring-do on the high seas in America's war on terror ended yesterday in a diplomatic dilemma, one that underlines just how complicated, contradictory and perhaps even self-defeating that war will be."

Detainee dies during US interrogation in Afghanistan US authorities last week reported that one of the detainees being held by the military for interrogation at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan had died.

Keeping Dick Cheney's Secrets (The New York Times) "In a ringing victory for special-interest lobbyists, a federal court in Washington has thrown out a lawsuit seeking access to the records of Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney's energy task force. In reaching its conclusion the court dismissed the investigative authority of the General Accounting Office and, by extension, of Congress. The ruling is wrong on the law and a blow to the cause of ethics in government. It should be reversed on appeal."

DiIulio Saga Highlights Primacy Placed on Secrecy --by Dana Milbank "The irony of DiIulio's recantation is he wound up rewarding an information control system he decried in his now-infamous e-mail to an Esquire magazine writer. 'Bush staff, not just senior political adviser Karl Rove, came from Texas tightly knit and hyper-determined to protect the president and prevent the types of internal policy debates that beget bad press,' he wrote in the e-mail."

'Faith-based' plan to allow religious favoritism moves ahead Dictator Bush is enacting by executive fiat key pieces of his divisive "faith-based initiative," including one that lets federal contractors use religious favoritism in their hiring.

Bush moves ahead with forest plan 10 areas to be thinned, excluded from detailed environmental reviews --With Congress stalled on Dictator Bush’s forest fire-prevention plan, his mis-ministration was moving ahead on its own Wednesday to accelerate tree thinning in the nation’s forests, where 7.1 million acres have burned this year.

New York: Governor and mayor threaten transit workers over strike With the contract covering 34,000 New York City transit workers expiring on December 15, both the state’s governor and the city’s mayor have threatened to impose an array repressive and punitive measures if their union dares to strike.

Lott's Praise for Thurmond Echoed His Words of 1980 Trent Lott, the Republican Senate leader who faces mounting criticism for his comment last week that the nation would have been better off had Strom Thurmond been elected president in 1948, expressed a nearly identical sentiment two decades ago.

Helms defends Lott remarks Republican Sen. Jesse Helms defended Senate leader Trent Lott on Wednesday, saying his remarks that have angered blacks were not intended to be harmful.

President Al Gore's "American Morning with Paula Zahn" interview (Transcript, aired December 11, 2002 - 07:44 ET)

Australia court sends shivers through Net publishing world In the evolving realm of Internet law, a ruling by Australia's highest court yesterday sent shudders through the electronic publishing world: A Melbourne businessman can sue Dow Jones & Co. for libel in Australia because its article about him reached his hometown via the Internet, profoundly altering the traditional bounds of publication, the court opined.

Study: Web Filters Block Health Information Software meant to protect young people from the seamier side of the Internet may also be blocking important health information on issues ranging from diabetes and sexually transmitted diseases to depression and suicide.

US policy on aid is 'wicked' - Meacher (UK) Forcing starving countries to accept genetically modified (GM) food in aid is "wicked", Michael Meacher, the environment minister, said late last week. He called for "anger to be harnessed" against the policy, which is being vigorously pushed by the United States government.

Plant's Sanitation May Have Link to Deadly Bacteria A federal meat inspector said a Pennsylvania poultry plant, one of two operations under investigation as a likely source of a listeria outbreak that has killed eight people since July, had persistent sanitation problems that could have fostered the deadly bacteria.

‘Smoking gun’ in church crisis? As pressure continued to build Wednesday for Cardinal Bernard Law to resign as head of the Boston archdiocese, critics said they had uncovered a "smoking gun" that shows Law and other U.S. Catholic leaders accused of covering up sex abuse allegations were acting on the pope’s orders.

U.S. warns potential enemies: Retaliation could include nukes The Bush dictatorship is issuing a reminder of its policy that warns any nation using weapons of mass destruction against the United States or its allies that it will face massive retaliation, perhaps with nuclear weapons.

U.S. mulls nukes, land mines 'Overwhelming force' may be response to bio, chemical attack. In a warning to Iraq and other hostile countries, the United States says it is prepared to use "overwhelming force" — including nuclear weapons — in response to any chemical or biological attack. [Can we "mull" the best way to get a regime change here in the United States? --Lori Price]

U.S. Sees Nuclear Deterrence Against WMD Attack The United States reminded Iraq and other countries on Tuesday that it was prepared to use nuclear weapons if necessary to respond to an attack from weapons of mass destruction.

Taleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline (from December 4, 1997) A senior delegation from the Taleban movement in Afghanistan is in the United States for talks with an international energy company that wants to construct a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan across Afghanistan to Pakistan. A spokesman for the company, Unocal, said the Taleban were expected to spend several days at the company's headquarters in Sugarland, Texas.

U.S. mail privatization mulled Dictator Bush plans to name a commission today to look into privatizing part of the United States Postal Service, warning that the government cannot continue to provide universal mail service at current rates, mis-ministration officials said.

Court Overturns Ruling Vs. Death Penalty A federal appeals court upheld the federal death penalty Tuesday, firmly rejecting a lower court's conclusion that it was unconstitutional and declaring that only the Supreme Court can change "well-settled" law.

Supreme Court weighs whether cross burning is free speech The Supreme Court is debating [?!?] whether cross burning is illegal intimidation or a free-speech right in a First Amendment case could threaten state laws intended to discourage burnings by the Ku Klux Klan.

Pataki Readies National Guard for Transit Strike Gov. Pataki is poised to call out the National Guard and send state troopers to New York City if the transit union strikes next weekend, sources said yesterday. Pataki has quietly [?!?] ordered the state Division of Military and Naval Affairs, which controls the Guard, and the State Police to develop "contingency plans" for a possible transit strike, sources told The New York Post.

Transportation Security Mission Is 'Far From Over,' Agency Head Says The now 50,000-member Transportation Security Administration is soon to be "intertwined" with 22 other agencies with the March 1, 2003, start-up of the Department of Homeland Security.

Pa. to note noncitizen status on drivers' licenses Foreigners living temporarily in Pennsylvania could see their noncitizen status advertised on their drivers' licenses under a new law that critics fear could lead to discrimination of immigrants.

New Law Makes Pledge Mandatory For Students Gov. Mark Schweiker signed into law yesterday a measure requiring all Pennsylvania students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the national anthem.

40,000 Texans could receive smallpox vaccinations About 40,000 Texas health care workers -- 6,000 of them in Harris County -- will be vaccinated against smallpox if Dictator Bush authorizes emergency first-round inoculations, according to a state proposal.

Exec: U.S. Blackmailing Russian Firms in Iraq The director of a state-owned oil company with interests in Iraq on Tuesday accused U.S. companies of attempting to blackmail Russian oil majors into financing Iraqi opposition parties in return for contract guarantees from a post-Saddam Hussein regime.

Iraq dossier: First breakdown Iraq's declaration on its banned arms programme appears to contain the names of foreign suppliers - threatening potentially embarrassing revelations about countries involved.

Row erupts as US experts plough through dossier United States officials were pressing ahead with their analysis of a 12,000-page dossier detailing Baghdad's chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programmes last night as a row erupted over access to the declaration.

National Guard and Reserve Mobilized as of December 10, 2002

Complaint: He doesn't listen to the generals Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's abrasive style sparks conflict with military command.

U.S. Missile Intercept Test Fails A Raytheon Corp.-built "kill vehicle" designed to destroy incoming warheads failed to separate from its booster on Wednesday in a test over the Pacific, setting back a multibillion-dollar system under development to shield against ballistic missiles from countries such as Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

Burden of proof lies with US (The New Zealand Herald) "The agenda is clear: Americans and Britons are being prepared for military action against Iraq to enforce disarmament... The Iraqi declaration must be fully assessed and the inspectors given time to uphold or refute its accuracy."

What if hunt for 'Evildoers' aimed at us? Worldwide WMD programs share a common ancestor -- guess who --by Robert Scheer "The negative response from the Bush administration to the U.N. inspections in Iraq could be dismissed as childish pique -- were it not so telling an evocation of the image of the Ugly American making a grab for oil."

Stars come out against Bush's W-ar More than 100 celebrities, including Kim Basinger, Matt Damon, Ethan Hawke, Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Lange, have urged Dictator George W. Bush to avoid war with Iraq.

Hollywood stars rail against war talk Declaring "there is no need for war," a coalition of celebrities released a letter Tuesday calling on the Bush mis-ministration to stick with diplomacy to end the crisis with Iraq.

Activists Denounce War With Iraq Anti-W-ar activists in Washington this morning targeted U.S. military recruitment centers, forcing two downtown offices to shut their doors as protesters blocked entrances to denounce the armed forces' efforts to enlist young people and minorities for a war with Iraq.

More than 100 arrested in antiwar protest Police arrested more than 100 people Tuesday, including ice cream magnate Ben Cohen and Pentagon Papers source Daniel Ellsberg, during one of several demonstrations around the country against a possible U.S. war with Iraq. [At the White House, spokesman Ari Fleischer said, "The president [sic] welcomes peaceful protests -- it is a time-honored tradition. --THEN WHY are protesters kept in pens --"First Amendment Zones" --and threatened with *felony charges* for legal demonstrations?? See Michael Rectenwald's classic essay, "Neville Island on Labor 2002: First Amendment Behind Bars Report from the Pittsburgh Front," Sept. 2, 2002. Mike was kept in a "First Amendment Pen" and threatened with a felony charge for legally protesting Dictator Bush! --Lori Price]

Anti-war protesters rally across U.S. From Goshen, Ind., grannies collecting relief kits to a "die-in" on an Ivy League campus, Americans took to the streets Tuesday in mostly small, low-key events to protest a possible war on Iraq. More than 100 people were arrested.

Nine arrested in Sacramento anti-war protest (CA) Nine anti-war activists were handcuffed and cited during a demonstration Tuesday morning at the U.S. Courthouse in downtown Sacramento, part of a nationwide protest against potential American involvement in a war against Iraq.

Ninety-nine arrested at U.S. mission to U.N. (NY) Ninety-nine people, including clergy members, were arrested in front of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations Tuesday during a protest against a possible war with Iraq.

Protest In Austin For Human Rights (TX) The protesters went to the mall to shut down the Army recruiters office. It worked. The office was closed when they arrived.

Corporate Freeloader Chief is Bush’s Choice to Head Treasury John W. Snow, Dictator Bush’s choice to replace the fired Paul O’Neill as Secretary of the Treasury, is the CEO of a champion corporate tax dodger.

WorldCom CEO's Pay Plan Called Excessive WorldCom Inc.'s plan to pay its new chief executive as much as $23 million was described as "grossly excessive" [Duh!] by a corporate monitor, raising questions about the bankrupt telephone's commitment to reform, a federal judge said on Tuesday

Bush Economic Adviser Post in Limbo Dictator Bush, a day after selecting a new Treasury secretary, turned to filling other vacancies on his economic team. Officials said former Goldman Sachs Chairman Stephen Friedman was still the leading candidate to head the dictator's National Economic Counsel. [Friedman favors a balanced budget. Likewise, conservative Republicans have been lobbying against him rigorously. This, and not "personal and professional issues that recently cropped up," is the reason his appointment is now in jeopardy. Republicans don't want to lose their tax cuts for the rich. --Michael Rectenwald]

Lott Remarks on Thurmond Echoed 1980 Words Twenty-two years ago, Trent Lott, then a House member from Mississippi, told a home state political gathering that if the country had elected segregationist candidate Strom Thurmond to the presidency "30 years ago, we wouldn't be in the mess we are today."

Sen. Lott Apology Fails to Calm Critics Senate Republican leader Trent Lott, facing fierce criticism for remarks seeming to endorse the segregationist positions once held by Sen. Strom Thurmond, made nearly identical comments at a Mississippi rally with Thurmond more than two decades ago.

Lott in Deepest Doo-Doo Who Will Lead the Senate? Five days after Sen. Majority Leader Trent Lott made his unfortunate [Oh, let's say it as it is: racist] comments regarding the political heritage of the Dixiecrats, Republicans on Capitol Hill and conservatives in Washington and around the country are discussing how best to call for Lott's stepping aside as Senate leader.

Gore's moral victory --by Joe Conason "Only Gore responds to a senator's racist smear, as other Democrats -- led by the morally deaf and politically dumb Tom Daschle -- keep quiet. Al Gore proved his moral courage yesterday..."

Judge taped using slur will fight removal (TX) A Brazoria County judge who was captured on videotape using a racial slur and swearing at prisoners said he is sorry but will fight any effort to remove him from the bench.

Election ghosts haunt Harris Former Secretary of State Katherine Harris has moved on from the 2000 election debacle, but she can't escape its legacy. No matter where she goes, the ghosts of 2000 follow.

FBI Told to Give Papers to Whistleblower A federal judge has ordered the FBI to expedite the release of information sought by a whistleblower who was fired after she raised allegations of security lapses in the FBI's translator program.

A matter of policy Suit hits Wal-Mart role as worker life insurance beneficiary --To Wal-Mart, it was just a tax loophole. To Vicki Rice, it's a heartless revelation in a year of disillusionment over corporate tactics. [a must read.]

250 U.S. Military in Kuwait Sickened Some 250 U.S. military personnel have been treated for food poisoning after eating at a camp south of Kuwait City, and two of them are hospitalized, an American military spokesman said Wednesday.

Transcript of Al Gore's "Inside Politics" interview (part 1) --Aired December 9, 2002 (excerpt:) "I'm going to be presenting an economic plan after the first of the year that will get into a little more detail on all that, but, you know, the top 2 percent are the ones that have benefited primarily from the Bush/Cheney policies, and that's not helping the country."

Clinton call turns tide to Landrieu Last-minute drive nets the support of black voters

Magazine Finds Harmful Poultry Bacteria A consumer magazine says it found harmful bacteria, much of it drug resistant, in almost half the chickens it bought from stores around the country.

WTC Surveillance Tapes Feared Missing Surveillance tapes and maintenance logs are among the missing evidence as investigators try to figure out why the World Trade Center collapsed, federal officials said Monday. Many documents destroyed in the disaster "are pretty key in carrying out the work," lead investigator Shyam Sunder said.

Suit Versus Cheney Is Dismissed A federal judge in Washington ruled yesterday that the investigative arm of Congress has no legal standing to sue the vice president for refusing to turn over energy policy documents, a major victory for the Bush mis-ministration and a blow against congressional oversight of government affairs, scholars and analysts said yesterday.

GAO case against Cheney dismissed No court has ever before granted what the comptroller general seeks,” wrote Bates, an appointee of Dictator Bush. The judge said that the comptroller general, who runs the General Accounting Office, "does not have the personal, concrete and particularized injury required" under the Constitution and that "his complaint must be dismissed." [Is this like the injury that should have been required of Bush in Bush v. Gore when Bush sued for "equal protection" for unknown persons other than himself and not only got a hearing, but "won" the case? This is a stacked deck, folks. The coup is complete and universal; the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches have been seized and one is used to seal the other, back and forth. Once stolen with the help of the judiciary, the executive branch will install more coup-friendly judges like the one that dismissed this case against Cheney. They work hand-in-glove to completely overthrow any semblance of legitimate representation. --Michael Rectenwald]

Statement on the Cheney Energy Task Force December 9, 2002 --by Henry A. Waxman "The decision is another Bush v. Gore. It is a convoluted decision by a Republican judge that gives Bush and Cheney near total immunity from scrutiny. In Bush v. Gore, five Republican justices gave the election to George Bush and Dick Cheney. Today, another Republican judge has decided that, once in office, Bush and Cheney can operate in complete secrecy with no oversight by Congress."

Flaws in the District Court Decision in GAO’s Lawsuit against the Vice President [sic] --by Henry Waxman "The decision makes much of the fact that no Comptroller General has previously sued the executive branch for access to information. What is unprecedented is not GAO’s request for this information, however, but the Administration’s refusal to provide the information. The reason that there has never been a case like this is that every other Administration has released this kind of information. There is ample precedent for GAO’s request, but none for the Administration’s refusal."

Cheney Energy Task Force (background information from the Committee on Government Reform --Minority Office)

Washington State's Legal Aid Program Challenged Conservative Group's Suit Has Broad Import for How States Raise Funds to Defend the Needy --A sharply divided Supreme Court yesterday heard a former solicitor general of the United States describe a mechanism that all 50 states and the District rely on to fund legal aid for the poor as a massive, unconstitutional seizure of private property. [Odd, "massive, unconstitutional seizure of private property" --that's how I view the FERC ruling on the California energy price-fixing lawsuit. --Lori Price]

Mis-ministration Proposes Rules That Can Alter Pension Plans The Bush mis-ministration has proposed sweeping new pension rules that will encourage companies to adopt a type of retirement plan that has been under attack for three years for what critics call a tendency to strip benefits from older employees.

Former CEO Comes With Some Baggage Snow's Record Like O'Neill's, Up to a Point -- As of late 1996, CSX had lent Snow $24.5 million toward the purchase of company stock valued at $32.3 million, according to a report the firm filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. CSX's stock price stock subsequently declined, and in 2000 the company forgave outstanding loans to Snow and other executives.

Iraqi arms declaration is "currently accurate, full and complete" In a letter obtained Monday by CNN that prefaces Iraq's nearly 12,000-page weapons declaration, Foreign Minister Naji Sabri called the statement "currently accurate, full and complete."

U.S. Starts War Games in Qatar Widely Seen as Rehearsal for Iraq War A U.S. war game believed to be a rehearsal for an invasion of Iraq began Monday in Qatar with senior commanders and battle planners conducting a computer-assisted exercise to improve their ability to fight a war in the region.

Bush mis-ministration moves to suppress documents on vaccines The Bush mis-ministration asked a federal claims court on November 26 to seal documents relating to hundreds of cases of autism allegedly caused by a mercury-based preservative, thimerosal, used in childhood vaccines. The government’s legal action comes on the heels of an insertion into the Homeland Security bill that protects Eli Lilly, the drug company that developed thimerosal, from lawsuits involving the additive.

Skilled Technician Behind Anthrax Attacks, New CDC Director Believes Whoever unleashed the anthrax assaults that killed five people last year is most likely a trained biomedical technician. That's the belief of the new chief of the U.S. agency responsible for national medical preparedness for biological, chemical and nuclear terrorist attacks today. [LOL, after over one year of investigation *that* is all the DoD can conclude? --Lori Price]

Corzine to Lead Democrats' Bid to Take Over Senate in 2004 Buoyed by an election victory in Louisiana, Senate Democrats today put Senator Jon Corzine of New Jersey in charge of their effort to recapture the Senate in 2004.

Senate Leader Lott Apologizes for Remark Faced with an uproar over his remark that the nation would have been better off if Strom Thurmond had won the presidency when he ran on a segregationist ticket in 1948, Senate Rethuglican leader Trent Lott apologized Monday night, saying he misspoke.

Lott under fire for Thurmond comment Gore blasts statement as 'racist' --Senate Republican leader Trent Lott said Monday he meant no harm [?!?] by a recent statement that the country would have avoided "all these problems" if voters had, in 1948, elected Strom Thurmond president -- who at that time favored segregation. But some Democrats were angry. Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson called for Lott to resign, and President Al Gore told CNN that the comment was "racist."

Jackson calls for Lott's resignation in wake of remarks on Thurmond Blasting comments attributed to Sen. Trent Lott, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. on Sunday called for the incoming Senate majority leader to quit.

'All These Problems' --by Paul Krugman "At first the 'liberal media,' which went into a frenzy over political statements at Paul Wellstone's funeral, largely ignored this story. To take the most spectacular demonstration of priorities, last week CNN's 'Inside Politics' found time to cover Matt Drudge's unconfirmed (and untrue) allegations about the price of John Kerry's haircuts... But when the program interviewed Mr. Lott the day after the Thurmond event, his apparent nostalgia for segregation never came up."

Why So Late on Lott? --by Howard Kurtz "...until this morning, most major newspapers hadn't done squat on the story... If a Democrat had made this kind of inflammatory comment, it would be the buzz of talk radio and the Wall Street Journal editorial page would be calling for tarring and feathering. But Lott seems to be getting something of a pass."

Job hunt gets harder for African-Americans The nation's economic slowdown is beginning to have a dramatic impact on African-Americans.

Australia makes landmark net ruling Australia's high court has ruled that the financial publishers Dow Jones can be sued in the Australian state of Victoria over an article that appeared on their website.

Embattled Cardinal Law Consults Vatican Cardinal Bernard Law consulted with the Vatican on Monday during an abrupt trip to Rome, stirring speculation that he was stepping down or arranging for the Boston Archdiocese to declare bankruptcy.

O'Neill's Ouster Could Spur Bolder Tax Cuts Following the biggest shake-up of the Bush dictatorship, Republicans are considering a more ambitious economic stimulus package than first planned, including temporary capital gains tax cuts for corporations and individuals, congressional aides and lobbyists said on Sunday.

Gore, Lieberman Fault Bush on Economy Democrats Al Gore and Joe Lieberman, critical of the White House's economic policy, expressed support Sunday for tax cuts aimed at the middle class and a stimulus package to revive the economy.

The new GOP patronage (Palm Beach Post) "President [sic] Bush showed his zest for dark humor when he put out the word on Thanksgiving Friday that federal workers won't get part of their scheduled raise next year because of 'our national situation...' There was no humor in the next announcement -- that 2,000 political appointees in government jobs paying $115,000 to $140,000 are eligible for $15,000 bonuses. What 'national situation?' That gesture shows unwrapped contempt for low-level public servants."

Court Halts Suit Vs. Cheney Task Force The Bush mis-ministration succeeded Friday in temporarily stopping a lawsuit seeking documents about the inner workings of Vice pResident Dick Cheney's energy task force and its meetings with industry executives and lobbyists.

Bush Picks CSX Corp. Chief for Treasury Dictator Bush has chosen CSX Corp. Chairman John W. Snow as the new treasury secretary, mis-ministration sources said yesterday. Snow was a tireless champion of deregulation when he was deputy undersecretary at the Transportation Department under President Gerald R. Ford.

United Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy The parent company of United Airlines, the nation's second-largest carrier, filed for bankruptcy protection in a Chicago court early today.

Loss of Boom's Billions Sinks California With its huge economy stalled and state revenues plunging, California has descended into its worst budget crisis in a decade and is now facing an excruciating round of budget cuts and possible tax increases.

Return of the Iran-Contra brigade The selection of Elliot Abrams last week as Dictator George Bush's director of Middle Eastern affairs triggered a cloud of controversy over the mis-ministration's Middle East policy. Abrams pleaded guilty in 1987 to withholding information from about the Nicaraguan Contra case from Congress, before being pardoned by President Bush in 1992.

U.S. Gets Full Access to Iraq Arms Papers Weapons inspectors began combing through Iraq's massive dossier detailing its chemical, biological and nuclear programs Sunday to determine whether Baghdad is complying with Security Council resolutions. In a surprise decision, the Security Council later agreed to give the United States, Russia, France, China and Britain full access the Iraqi declaration, U.N. officials and diplomats said.

Iraqi Official Challenges U.S. on Claim of Weapons Evidence A senior Iraqi official challenged Washington on Sunday to "come up" with evidence it claims to have that Baghdad still holds weapons of mass destruction. "Why play this game?" asked Lt. Gen. Amer al-Saadi, a top adviser to President Saddam Hussein.

US seeks one excuse for war in 12,000 pages of denial As Iraq insists it has no weapons of mass destruction, Washington is losing patience with anyone who wants to prevent another conflict.

Nobel Winner Carter Says Iraq Moves to Avert War Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter arrived in Oslo Sunday to collect the Nobel Peace Prize and said Iraqi compliance with U.N. weapons inspectors was a "good step" toward averting any U.S.-led war.

Former UN weapons inspector denounces Bush war plans against Iraq Former United Nations chief weapons inspector Scott Ritter denounced the Bush mis-ministration’s war preparations against Iraq at a public appearance in the Detroit area last week.

Selling The Iraq War To The U.S. Politicians have had to sell the public on going to war since Colonial times, but they never had the arsenal of advertising and communications techniques the Bush mis-ministration is using to sell a possible war on Iraq.

Bush's Mideast plan: Conquer and divide --by Eric Margolis "What the U.S. wants is not 'regime change' in Iraq but rather "region change," charged [Iraq's deputy prime minister, Tariq] Aziz... Aziz's undiplomatic language underlines growing fears across the Mideast that U.S. President [sic] George Bush intends to use a manufactured war against Iraq to redraw the political map of the region, put it under permanent U.S. military control, and seize its vast oil resources."

Hundreds opposed to war let their feelings be known at rally (MO) The "Instead of War" rally to display opposition to U.S. military action in Iraq drew an estimated 1,500 people of all ages Sunday afternoon in downtown St. Louis.

Protester's focus now Bush ranch Despite stint in D.C. jail, Texas woman undeterred --Environmental and political activist Diane Wilson's Washington troubles began Sept. 18, when she and other protesters calling themselves "Unreasonable Women" disrupted a congressional hearing on Bush's plans to use military force against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Bush isn't a moron, he's a cunning sociopath --by Bev Conover "If any of us are to have a future worth having, the world's leaders, the members of Congress, the US corporate media and people of all political persuasions who value freedom and democracy had better start seeing George W. Bush for what he is: a sociopath and a passive serial killer."

The Outsider --Interview with Robert Redford by Amanda Griscom Q:"How does the Bush administration get away with it?" A: "They are very, very shrewd in couching it in patriotism. Nearly every statement that comes from this administration includes the phrase 'the American people.' Every time I hear that phrase I just substitute 'industrial interests.' Look at the people who are calling the shots -- you've got Cheney, you've got Rove, you just look at the murderer's row there, and the handwriting is on the wall."

Not such a super power after all A new US poll shows that the world is falling out of love with America --by Peter Preston "Nineteen countries with data available for comparison showed antipathy to the US on the rise, and goodwill draining away."

Venezuelans March in Support of Chavez Thousands of people wearing red berets marched Saturday through the capital of oil-rich Venezuela to support embattled President Hugo Chavez a day after three people were fatally shot at an opposition rally.

Arizona militia set to patrol border for illegal aliens A former kindergarten teacher who has organized a 600-strong militia in Arizona will station 50 armed militia members on public land this weekend to "protect their country" against an invasion of illegal aliens, warning federal authorities — including Dictator Bush — not to interfere.

Stealth Campaign for "Religious Freedom," "Restoration" Laws Continues in State Legislatures While media and public attention is focused on First Amendment issues such as public display of the Ten Commandments, far reaching legislation to alter the balance between government and religious groups is steadily -- and often stealthily -- winding its way through state capitols.

PA High School Pays $60,000 to Student Who Was Punished for Private Internet Message A Pittsburgh school district has agreed to pay $60,000 in partial settlement of lawsuit brought by a former student who was kicked off the volleyball team because he posted an Internet message criticizing an art teacher, the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania announced today.

Learning Disability Precludes Citizenship --by Tom Condon (CT) "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, as long as they don't have a learning disability. That's not quite the way Emma Lazerus wrote it, but it described what happened to a 37-year-old Hartford man..."

Wife Beating Seen as Epidemic in U.S. Military A spate of murders involving military spouses at the Fort Bragg army base has focused new attention on domestic violence in the U.S. armed services, which critics say the Pentagon has failed to adequately address.

Feds slicing aid to rape victims --by Fran Hathaway "The reductions often are being done quietly -- no headlines, please -- so Americans won't know what services are suffering. For example, I didn't know that Congress stiffed the Children's Health Insurance Program until I read economist Paul Krugman's column in The New York Times."

Use of Renewable Energy Took a Big Fall in 2001 Consumption of energy from renewable sources, like the sun, the wind and biological fuels, fell sharply in 2001, the Department of Energy has reported.

Arctic Ice Is Melting at Record Level, Scientists Say The melting of Greenland glaciers and Arctic Ocean sea ice this past summer reached levels not seen in decades, scientists reported today.

Wind Turbines Are Sprouting Off Europe's Shores Across wind-swept Northern Europe, hundreds of high-powered turbines are being planned or are under construction offshore. Power companies are staking out suitable tracts of sandbanks, reefs and shallow open waters from the shores of Ireland to the Baltic Sea.

Landrieu Beats GOP Challenge in Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, staving off a concerted challenge by the ascendant Republican Party and Dictator Bush, won reelection to a second term tonight by a narrow margin in a runoff.

Landrieu holds on in La. Senate race Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana beat back a fierce Republican challenge led by Dictator Bush and won a second term late Saturday, giving her party a midterm consolation prize that limits the Republicans’ Senate majority to 51 seats.

Lack of evidence hinders U.S. aims --Little expectation of actionable ‘smoking gun’ in declaration --During his recent trip to Europe to drum up support from the allies, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz was asked by NATO ambassadors what it would take to prove that Iraq has failed to give up its weapons of mass destruction. His reply illustrated the subjective nature of the evidence against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, which depends on the eye of the beholder.

Iraq Says Report to the U.N. Shows No Banned Arms Iraq today delivered a 12,000-page declaration on banned weapons to the United Nations, meeting a Security Council deadline with more than 24 hours to spare. Officials said flatly that the documents confirmed that Saddam Hussein's government had no current programs to develop weapons of mass destruction, in contradiction of American and British claims.

Washington won't release evidence of Iraqi weapons The Bush mis-ministration says it has solid evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, but feels no obligation to prove its allegations before leading an attack on Baghdad.

Saddam Apologizes for Invasion of Kuwait "We apologize to God for any action that may anger the Almighty, if such an action took place in the past, unbeknownst to us but considered to be our responsibility, and to you (Kuwaitis) we apologize on this basis as well," Saddam Hussein said in a speech read on national television by his information minister.

Boycotts are an act of treason under the new Homeland Security Act (Indymedia) "Boycotts are an act of treason under the new Homeland Security Act. ... It is an act of treason punishable by 40 years to advocate a boycott in America now." --Canadian constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati. Click here for his interview on CKUT radio.

Minnesota prepares mass-vaccination plan for smallpox attack Shopping centers, county fairground buildings or even large arenas such as the Metrodome could be turned into mass-vaccination clinics for the public. The National Guard would protect vaccine supplies and manage crowds at clinics. Health officials also could quarantine smallpox patients, as well as suspected victims or people who came in contact with them. Quarantine holding areas could include hospitals designated as smallpox care centers or hotels or other buildings commandeered by health officials. People suspected of having the disease also could be confined to their homes or placed under travel restrictions. [NONE of this was mentioned on CensoringNewsNetwork -- just J.Lo's pre-nup w. Ben Affleck. --Lori Price]

Palestinians arrest al-Qaeda 'poseurs' Palestinian security forces have arrested a group of Palestinians for collaborating with Israel and posing as operatives of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist network, a senior official said yesterday.

Why Are These Men Laughing? --by Ron Suskind (Esquire) --Ex-Bush Mis-ministration Official Tells Esquire: No Serious Consideration Given to Domestic Policy in White House at All --"It's the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis" Text of letter by John DiIulio to Ron Suskind

Lott's tribute to Thurmond seen as racist Senate Republican leader Trent Lott of Mississippi has provoked criticism by saying the United States would have been better off if then- segregationist candidate Strom Thurmond had won the presidency in 1948.

Lott Decried For Part of Salute to Thurmond GOP Senate Leader Hails Colleague's Run As Segregationist --Senate Republican leader Trent Lott of Mississippi has provoked criticism by saying the United States would have been better off if then-segregationist candidate Strom Thurmond had won the presidency in 1948.

Cheney's Home Sending Bad Vibrations No one in the Massachusetts Avenue Heights neighborhood of Northwest Washington knows what is going on at the house of their neighbor, Dick Cheney. But one thing is certain: They're tired of the daily blasting at the Naval Observatory that has shaken houses, rattled windows and knocked mirrors off the walls.

Straw Liberals and False Prophets --by Eric Alternman When New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof--who has plenty of kind words about the Saudis--takes off after the 'intelligent left' 'slipping into a...cesspool of outraged incoherence,' he is reduced in his target-hunting to picking off a previously unknown group called Citizens for Legitimate Government, a few unnamed 'liberal Web sites' and a conspiratorial (and anonymous) e-mail or two."

2 Governors Chastise Bush at Convention Echoing criticism by the nation's governors last month, two Democratic governors took turns chastising the Bush mis-ministration and Congress for their failure to help states with costly Medicaid and other programs.

Democrats Urge Jobless-Benefit Extension With nearly 1 million people set to lose unemployment benefits Dec. 28, Congress must make extending jobless benefits one of its first acts in the new year, Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington said in the Democrats' weekly radio address Saturday.

U.S. may cut housing aid to poor A bill before the House of Representatives would eliminate nearly 9,000 federal vouchers in New York, and possibly hundreds in the northern suburbs, that help the poor, disabled and elderly pay for housing, a Washington public policy research group said.

No bonuses for jobless, hungry --by Jill Nelson "Imagine a place where in two short years a budget surplus has been magically transformed into a deficit. A place where millions of people are jobless, many of them laid off in the past 24 months. Homelessness is steadily increasing, millions of children go to bed hungry and terrorists have recently attacked, killing thousands. Then imagine that this country's king decides to deny government workers scheduled raises and new government workers civil service protection, but confers upon the appointed members of his court bonuses of up to $25,000. This is the America we all live in."

Deficit May Force Conn. to Tax Wealthy The wealthy in one of the richest states in the nation may soon find themselves a little less comfortable. Republican Gov. John G. Rowland changed course Thursday and joined Democrats who are proposing a tax on millionaires to help close a large state budget deficit.

"Terrorist" link to Mass. firm premature, official It is premature to draw a "terrorist" link in the probe of Ptech, a small Boston-area software firm that was searched by federal agents, the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts said on Friday.

U.S. to Appeal Sanctions Against Norton Interior Secretary Gale Norton asked an appeals court Friday to throw out a judge's ruling that found her in contempt of court for concealing failures in fixing a century of mismanagement of royalties from American Indian lands.

Harvery vs. the USDA In a 20-page lawsuit he wrote himself, Maine blueberry grower Arthur Harvey charges that USDA and Secretary of Agriculture, Ann Veneman, have filled the agency’s new guidelines for labeling of organic products with so many loopholes as to make them virtually meaningless.

Agriculture Department Fines Biotech Co. A biotechnology company will pay the government more than $3 million in penalties for mixing genetically engineered corn containing an animal vaccine with soybeans meant for humans, the Agriculture Department says. [mega barf-alert on that batch of corn, btw. --Lori Price]

Slick response as EU bans tankers The European Union yesterday banned single-hulled tankers carrying heavy fuel oil from entering EU ports in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the oil slick which hit Spain's Atlantic coast last month.

Parents, schools spar over use of 'time-out' rooms (MN) 'Cruelty' vs. control --The hearings allowed a glimpse into the potent feelings on the issue. Mercedes Bernik of Blue Earth County testified that she was "aghast, outraged, shocked," when she saw the rooms where her two boys were being held.

Pennsylvanians for Gore 2004 (Photos) Book Signing by Al and Tipper Gore for their new books: Joined at the Heart : The Transformation of the American Family and The Spirit of Family, December 7th, 2002 Olsson's Bookstore, Arlington, VA

Total Information Awareness --by Mark Fiore (animation)

'Burning Bush' comment draws prison term A man who made a remark about a "burning Bush" during the dictator's March 2001 trip to Sioux Falls was sentenced Friday to 37 months in prison.

Man who talked of 'burning Bush' before pResidential visit sentenced to 37 months A man who made a remark about a "burning Bush" during the dictator's March 2001 trip to Sioux Falls was sentenced Friday to 37 months in prison.

Armey's Farewell Speech: Protect Personal Freedoms (Drudge) Outgoing House Majority Leader Dick Armey addressed a National Press Club luncheon this afternoon in Washington. He warned how the nation must guard against the "awful, dangerous seduction" of sacrificing freedom for safety in the fight against terrorism.

Shutting Down A Truth-Teller --by Joe Conason " 'Baseless and groundless' or 'groundless and baseless'? By the close of business on Monday, Dec. 2, there seemed almost perfect agreement between White House press secretary Ari Fleischer and John DiIulio, the former director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives... The sequence of events during that day gave off an extraordinary Orwellian odor, as if the loquacious Mr. DiIulio had been subjected to a swift but thorough course of Republican thought-reform."

U.S. Readies Case On Iraq Weapons Bush mis-ministration officials yesterday began laying the groundwork to declare Iraq in material breach of the U.N. Security Council resolution passed last month, saying they have evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction despite its insistent denials.

White House demands weapons inspectors abduct Iraqi scientists The Bush mis-ministration is pressuring UN weapons inspectors to kidnap Iraqi scientists, spirit them out of the country and hand them over to US intelligence for interrogation.

Weapons Inspector Asks U.S. to Share Secret Iraq Data Hans Blix, a leader of the United Nations weapon inspections in Iraq, today called on the United States to share secret intelligence to help in the search for Iraqi arms sites.

Study: War with Iraq could cost U.S. nearly $2 trillion over a decade In the worst case, a war with Iraq could cost the United States almost as much as the government spent in the last budget year - nearly $2 trillion, according to new projections.

USAF Jet Program Faces $700M Overrun The Air Force's F/A-22 Raptor fighter jet program is facing cost overruns of $700 million and possibly as high as $1 billion, the Air Force announced Friday.

US firm buys stake in UK defence labs (UK) The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has sold a third of its defence research business, Qinetiq, to the US private equity group Carlyle.

'P2OG' allows Pentagon to fight dirty The Bush mis-ministration is considering implementing the largest expansion into the world of black ops and covert action since the end of the Vietnam War in the 1970s.

Vessel Strikes Navy Ship in Persian Gulf An Iranian oil vessel collided with a U.S. Navy destroyer Friday in the northern Persian Gulf, punching a two-foot gash in the destroyer's side but causing no injuries, U.S. military officials said.

Australian government invokes first-strike doctrine in Asia Despite provoking a storm of protest throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Australian Prime Minister John Howard this week refused to back away from statements that his government would, if necessary, respond to terrorist threats in the region by launching pre-emptive military attacks in neighbouring countries.

Anti-War Activist Philip Berrigan Dies Philip Berrigan, the former priest whose fight against the Vietnam War and nuclear weapons helped ignite a generation of anti-war dissent, has died of cancer.

Henry Kissinger In Hell --Because what we really need now is more murderous criminal masterminds in power --by Mark Morford " Gosh sometimes the colon clench-inducing Bush political cowpies stack up so fast you almost can't keep track. It's getting so it's nearly impossible to follow which war-crimes monster or which convicted lying felon or which mysterious pro-corporate stable boy is heading what major investigative commission or sinister domestic-surveillance database or cramming what vile homeland-security bill with how many tons of conservative pork."

Bush shakes up economic team Dictator Bush revamped his economic team Friday as Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill and economic adviser Larry Lindsey resigned at the request of the White House amid growing concern about the ailing economy. The unemployment rate rose to 6 percent on Friday, the highest in nearly nine years.

Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Surges to 6 Percent The nation's jobless rate unexpectedly rose last month to 6 percent, matching last April's figure as the highest rate since a recession hit the U.S. economy last year, the Labor Department reported today.

Unemployment Rate Soars As Benefits End; Jobless to Face Worst Labor Market in Eight Years Without Federal Aid More than 300,000 workers newly unemployed in November will spend the holidays knowing that they won't have access to federal jobless benefits. They join the millions of unemployed workers slighted last month by the House and the Bush mis-ministration when they failed to renew the extension of federal unemployment insurance benefits.

US home foreclosures hit highest level in 30 years Low wages, rising joblessness and predatory lending practices by banks and mortgage companies are contributing to a record number of home foreclosures in the United States.

Democrats Urge Bush to Reverse Bonuses Decision Favoritism Cited as Issue --Democratic Party leaders called on Dictator Bush yesterday to reverse a decision to award cash bonuses to some political appointees.

Bush administration drives United Airlines into bankruptcy -- Government panel demands all-out attack on airline workers --by Kate Randall "The three-member ATSB... rejected as inadequate United’s plan to impose $5.2 billion in concessions on its workforce. The board reportedly demanded that $9 billion be wrenched from United employees for the loan guarantees even to be considered."

No sacrifice in store for CEO of United --by David Lazarus "The government's decision to deny United Airlines a $1.8 billion loan guarantee all but ensures that the carrier is headed for bankruptcy court. It could also make the company's boss about $2 million richer."

Finding The Answer To Washington's Hottest Whodunit --by Arianna Huffington "Everyone in D.C., it seems, is utterly baffled as to how an ugly little provision shielding pharmaceutical behemoth Eli Lilly from billions in lawsuits filed by the parents of autistic children made its way, in the 12th hour, into, of all things, the 475-page Homeland Security bill."

Harris lands key House role She's been elected to Congress for just more than a month, but already KKKatherine Harris has landed a leadership role in the U.S. House. The chamber's third-ranking Republican on Thursday tapped Harris, R-Sarasota, as an assistant majority whip.

Leahy should have been fired in 2000 because of his role in that election debacle. (letter published in Miami Herald) --by Vilma Fox "The county should have been prepared for the primary election as a result of the 2000 election fiasco, in which some votes were not counted and minority voters were disfranchised."

Feds Raid Boston Area Computer Firm Federal agents have raided a Boston-area computer software firm looking for evidence that the company, which does business with key government agencies including the FBI, might have links to Osama bin Laden's terror network.

Side effects reported from smallpox vaccine Over the past several months, some 15-hundred volunteers have participated in a study to test the controversial vaccine's safety...

More than 100,000 Mexicans in U.S. jails More than 100,000 Mexicans are behind bars in U.S. jails, Reforma newspaper reported Friday in its Internet edition.

EU bans tankers carrying heavy fuel oil The European Union has banned single-hull tankers carrying heavy fuel oil from entering EU ports in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the oil slick which hit Spain's Atlantic coast last month.


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