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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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December 2003 Archives

"If I Had A Rocket Launcher"

Car Bomb Kills Six at Police Station in Iraq At least six people were killed and dozens wounded on Sunday when a car bomb ripped through a police station in western Iraq, witnesses and hospital sources said.

Stryker Vehicle Destroyed A roadside bomb destroyed a Stryker vehicle with the Fort Lewis Stryker Brigade. A scout platoon on a reconnaissance mission south of Tikrit ran over what the military calls an improvised explosive device.

Hundreds of Iraqis 'killed by cluster bombs' Cluster bombs used in Iraq by US and British forces caused "hundreds of preventable civilian deaths", many of them in cities, despite pledges to avoid such indiscriminate weapons in populated areas, a human rights group alleges in a report published today.

Dictator tries to dampen furor from overcharges in Iraq Bush vows to seek repayment --Dictator Bush said Friday that he suspected a subsidiary of oil giant [and Bush-Cheney whore] Halliburton had overcharged the government on fuel sent to Iraq and that his regime would press the politically influential company to repay the money.

A Baghdad Thanksgiving's Lingering Aftertaste Stars and Stripes, the Pentagon-authorized newspaper of the U.S. military, is bucking for a court-martial. Stars and Stripes is blowing the whistle on Dictator Bush's 'Thanksgiving visit' to Baghdad, saying the cheering soldiers who met him were pre-screened and others showing up for a turkey dinner were turned away.

The North Tower's Dust Cloud Analysis of Energy Requirements for the Expansion of the Dust Cloud following the Collapse of 1 World Trade Center --by Jim Hoffman, October 16th, 2003 Abstract: "This paper uses photographic evidence -- primarily a reference photograph taken from FEMA's report -- to estimate the volume of the dust cloud that grew from the collapse of the North Tower at about 30 seconds after the commencement of the collapse. The paper then estimates the thermal energy required to produce the observed expansion in the volume of the dust cloud, based on the assumption that most of the gasses and suspended solids in the cloud originated from within the building."

Students say Mock Drill caused Injuries (ID)At least four teens say they were injured, when police fired paintballs at them during a hostage drill. Police officers and sheriff's deputies used Madison High School for their mock drill.

Democrats in Connecticut Ask Governor to Step Aside The leader of the Connecticut Democratic Party called on GOP maggot Gov. John G. Rowland on Saturday to step aside while federal investigators continue looking into allegations that repairs were done on his private cottage at a discount in return for promises of state work. Democratic leader, George C. Jepsen, was joined at a news conference here by five Democratic lawmakers, all of whom said they were ready to begin impeachment proceedings should the governor refuse to step aside.

Halliburton May Have Overcharged Millions Pentagon auditors found that Vice pResident Dick Cheney's former company may have overcharged the Army by as much as $61 million for gasoline in Iraq, senior defense officials said Thursday.

High Payments to Halliburton for Fuel in Iraq The United States government is paying the Halliburton Company an average of $2.64 a gallon to import gasoline and other fuel to Iraq from Kuwait, more than twice what others are paying to truck in Kuwaiti fuel, government documents show.

Car Bomb at Iraq Base Kills One U.S. Soldier, Wounds 14 A suicide car bomb attack at a U.S. military base in Iraq on Thursday killed one U.S. soldier and wounded 14 as troops uncovered a weapons cache north of Baghdad with enough ammunition to launch a spate of strikes.

Iraq Suicide Attack Kills 1 U.S. Soldier Three suicide bombers in a furniture truck blew themselves up at the gates of a U.S. Army base Thursday, killing one soldier and wounding 14. It was the third suicide attack on American troops in Iraq this week. Meanwhile, three loud explosions boomed early Friday in the "Green Zone," the compound housing the headquarters of the U.S.-led occupation, in central Baghdad.

Loud Explosions Heard in Central Baghdad Loud explosions boomed through central Baghdad early Friday, and sirens wailed in the compound housing the headquarters of the U.S.-led occupation.

US raises hackles over Iraq contracts The US decision to ban opponents of the Iraq war from bidding for reconstruction contracts has sparked outrage in France, Germany and Russia, damaging months of transatlantic bridge-building and provoking threats of retaliation. ["I'm a uniter, not a divider." --The Idiot Usurper, and he is correct: he has UNITED the ENTIRE world against the United Sates.]

Payback for shut-out (The Times, reposted in The Australian) "It was a mistake for the Pentagon to bar some of the world's most influential countries from bidding for $US10.6billion ($14.39 billion) of contracts in Iraq. There are at least three reasons why it will regret it within six months, and many more in the years beyond. It is difficult to overstate how much annoyance the move has caused among countries that may have opposed the war but have still worked hard at maintaining relations with the US."

U.S. Occupation: Nearly half of new Iraqi army has quit Explosions heard at U.S. compound --About 300 of 700 members of the new Iraqi army have resigned, citing unhappiness with terms, conditions and pay and with instructions of commanding officers, a representative of the U.S.-led occupation said Thursday.

U.S. Reports Successful Sea-Based Missile Shield Test A missile from a U.S. Navy Aegis cruiser knocked out a dummy warhead over the Pacific Thursday, the fourth intercept in five such tests of a sea-based anti-missile shield, the Pentagon said.

WHO Says Climate Change Killing 150,000 a Year Global warming killed 150,000 people in 2000 and the death toll could double again in the next 30 years if current trends are not reversed, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

Iraq's Health Ministry Ordered to Stop Counting Civilian Dead Iraq's Health Ministry has ordered a halt to a count of civilians killed during the war and told its statistics department not to release figures compiled so far, the official who oversaw the count told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Report: Major escalation of covert ops in Iraq Media reports allege Israelis training US troops for special 'assassination squads' that would target resistance fighters. The New Yorker reports that the US has authorized a major escalation of the Special Forces covert war in Iraq, in what is being seen as a clear victory for the "manhunts" policy of US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The idea is to create a special force, called Task Force 121, to "neutralize" Baathist insurgents, by capture or assassination. The team has been assembled from Army Delta Force members, Navy seals, and CIA paramilitary operatives. The New Yorker says the US has secretly turned to Israel to train the team.

US, Israel prepare mass killings in Iraq --byy Bill Vann "The Bush administration is about to launch a campaign of wholesale killings in Iraq with the assistance of the Israeli military, according to both US and Israeli sources quoted in several recent news reports.

Iraqi Shia protest US tank killing Hundreds of angry Muslims protested in the Iraqi capital over the death of a Shia cleric crushed under a US tank.

The privatisation of W-ar · $30bn goes to private military · Fears over 'hired guns' policy · British firms get big slice of contracts · Deals in Baghdad, Kabul and Balkans --Private corporations have penetrated western warfare so deeply that they are now the second biggest contributor to coalition forces in Iraq after the Pentagon, a Guardian investigation has established.

Two Soldiers Killed, Four Wounded in Separate Mosul Attacks Two American soldiers were killed by insurgents in separate attacks in the Iraqi city of Mosul today, according to U.S. Central Command.

Pentagon: Many of New Iraq Soldiers Quit Plans to deploy the first battalion of Iraq's new army are in doubt because a third of the soldiers trained by the U.S.-led occupation authority have quit, defense officials said Wednesday.

EU to Study Legality of Iraq Contract Row The European Union said Wednesday it would examine whether the United States violates world trade rules with its decision to bar countries that opposed its war in Iraq from bidding for $18.6 billion worth reconstruction contracts.

Allies Denounce Iraqi Contracts Limit U.S. allies that opposed the war in Iraq were angered and surprised Wednesday by the Pentagon's decision to bar their companies from bidding for $18.6 billion worth of reconstruction contracts, with France questioning its legality and Canada threatening to halt aid.

No Iraq contracts for war foes The Pentagon has decided to bar nations that did not support the war in Iraq from bidding on $18.6 billion in contracts to rebuild the country, according to a directive released Tuesday. [Well, that decision certainly helps Bush-Cheney's Halliburton whores, doesn't it?]

Six children die in fresh US blunder The US military announced today that six children and two adults were killed during a US attack on a weapons compound in south-eastern Afghanistan, the second bungled operation in the country to leave child victims in as many days.

6 more children killed in U.S. assault in Afghanistan Six children were crushed to death by a collapsing wall during an assault by U.S. forces on a compound filled with weapons in eastern Afghanistan, a U.S. military spokesman said Wednesday, the second time in a week that youngsters have died due to the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.

Six children, 2 adults killed in US assault in Afghanistan Six children were killed in a US military assault in Afghanistan. A spokesman disclosed Wednesday that the bodies of six children and two adults were found last Saturday in a compound that had come under attack the day before.

Bush pushes Taiwan to cancel referendum Dictator Bush, emerging from a White House meeting with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, warned Taiwan yesterday in unusually blunt terms to drop its plans for a voter referendum that China views as a step toward the island proclaiming its independence.

'He Had Fire In His Eyes' Lawyer Claims Friedman Fracas New York Times 'columnist' [and Reichwing maggot] Thomas Friedman has been pushing Israel to make peace with the Palestinian Arabs. He may have taken things a bit far at a recent dinner in New York City. A Manhattan lawyer says Mr. Friedman shoved him into a small crowd of people and cursed at him,apparently angry over comments the lawyer had made to him.

More Classified Data Missing at U.S. Weapons Lab The Los Alamos National Laboratory is searching for 10 missing computer disks containing classified information about other nations' nuclear programs, in yet another case of sensitive information going astray at the U.S. nuclear weapons facility, lab officials said on Wednesday.

Defense cries foul at Guantanamo chaplain hearing A hearing for Muslim Army chaplain, Capt. James Yee, once suspected of espionage but now charged with little more than mishandling classified documents at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay ground to a halt on Tuesday amid accusations that the military was withholding evidence, hiding witnesses and jeopardizing the right to a fair trial."This is the most incredible military proceeding that I've ever been involved in," Maj. Scott Sikes, Yee's military-appointed defense counsel, said. "It's been raised to a level it shouldn't be at."

Groups plan to sue city over FTAA actions by police Several groups are preparing federal suits accusing the city of Miami and law enforcement agencies of silencing dissent, by curbing free speech and using excessive force, during the free-trade summit.

FTAA takes stage in Senate race Police conduct during the FTAA protests is a top issue as all three Democratic candidates for Senate appear for the first time together before a large audience. The pepper spray and rubber bullets used against FTAA protesters last month came back to haunt Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas Sunday as thousands of Democrats gathered to get their first look at his bid to become a U.S. senator. U.S. Rep. Peter Deutsch of Pembroke Pines, who has already accused Penelas of illegal fundraising and letting down Democrats during the 2000 coup d'etat, told delegates to the state party's annual convention that ''peaceful union members'' were "rounded up, pepper-sprayed and arrested.''

E-voting: Yes or no? The U.S. presidential s-election is less than a year away, but some tech experts have lingering and deep-rooted concerns about the way electronic voting is being handled.

Diebold e-mail discusses price gouging Maryland An e-mail found in a collection of files stolen from Diebold Elections Systems' internal database recommends charging Maryland "out the yin-yang," if the state requires Diebold to add paper printouts to the $73 million 'voting' system it purchased.

Karl Rove: The King of Dirt The Turd Blossom's Chickens May Come To Roost --by Wayne Madsen "Was it a coincidence that former Vice President Al Gore (the de jure President of the United States) was subjected twice to special baggage searches at airports during a campaign swing to Wisconsin? No, that was again [Karl ] Rove at work. Just like when Rove and ex-Orkin exterminator Tom DeLay misused Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, and FBI personnel in a search for absent members of the Texas House of Representatives..."

Medicare Law's Costs and Benefits Are Elusive Despite Dictator Bush's prediction that most elderly people would benefit from the new law, federal health officials said they faced immense challenges in meeting the high expectations of Medicare beneficiaries...

*Here's* a big surprise (Sarcasm ON) GOP Does Not Extend Jobless Benefits --Republicans decided Monday against extending federal unemployment benefits before Congress leaves for the year. Democrats said it would mean a joyless Christmas for tens of thousands of jobless Americans.

*Here's* another big surprise (Sarcasm ON) Fewer Polluters Punished under Bush Dictatorship, Records Show The Bush regime is catching and punishing far fewer polluters than the two previous administrations, according to a Knight Ridder analysis of 15 years of environmental-enforcement records.

President Gore Urges Democrats to Unite Behind Dean Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean's presidential bid Tuesday, praising the front-runner's fervent opposition to the Iraq war while urging Democrats to unite behind Dean five weeks before the first votes are cast.

Kerry Asks FEC to Block NRA Channel Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry doesn't want to tune in to a National Rifle Association channel anytime soon. The Massachusetts senator sent Federal Election Commission Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub a letter Tuesday asking the commission to block any attempt by the NRA to get a media exemption to campaign finance rules.

Schwarzenegger Retreats on Key Campaign Vows Retreating from two central campaign promises that helped make him governor in the GOP coup d'etat, Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday dropped his personal "guarantee" that cities and counties would be compensated for billions in lost car-tax revenue and reversed his pledge to safeguard spending for public schools.

More GOP family values: Md. Police Chief Quits After Indictment Maryland's police superintendent resigned Wednesday after being indicted on charges of spending charity money on extramarital affairs and personal trips while he was Baltimore's police commissioner.

Md. Police Commander is Indicted, Sources Say U.S. Attorney Thomas M. DiBiagio plans to announce this morning that a federal grand jury has indicted Maryland State Police Superintendent Edward T. Norris for the alleged misuse of funds while he was Baltimore police chief, sources familiar with the investigation said yesterday. Spokesmen for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) and the Maryland State Police declined to comment.

Schwarzenegger sued for libel by stuntwoman The Reichwing governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is being sued for libel by a stuntwoman who alleges that he groped her on a film set.

Nixon on Reagan: Not 'pleasant to be around' President Nixon didn't think much of fellow Californian and Republican icon [and Reichwing Iran-Contra terrorist] Ronald Reagan, calling him "strange" and not "pleasant to be around," newly released White House tapes show.

Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq Israeli advisers are helping train US special forces in aggressive counter-insurgency operations in Iraq, including the use of assassination squads against resistance fighter leaders, US intelligence and military sources said yesterday.

Concrete, razor wire, ID cards Analysts say security tactics in Iraq echo West Bank, as US general forecasts more violence. Many of the tactics employed by US forces in Iraq in recent days to counter a sharp escalation in attacks by insurgents bear striking similarities to those used by the Israelis against Palestinian militants in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip - a greater use of air power, surface-to-surface missiles, round-the-clock surveillance by unmanned aerial vehicles of suspected resistance fighters' centers, large-scale search-and-seize operations, cracking down on a sullen, increasingly hostile civilian population.

U.S. Adopts New Tactics in Iraq Guerrilla War The U.S. military has adopted tough new tactics against resistance fighters in Iraq, arresting relatives of resistance fighters and destroying houses used to 'plan attacks' against American troops, defense officials said on Monday. But the officials denied the move was modeled on hard-nosed tactics used by Israeli forces in Gaza and the West Bank, despite visits by U.S. military officers to Israel this year to discuss urban combat with Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Fresh violence Iraq kills US soldier and local bomb expert A U.S. soldier and a policeman have been killed in separate attacks in Iraq, as the continuing violence prompted dozens of South Korean contractors to pull out. Bangladesh has also closed its embassy in Baghdad.

Resistance Fighters Kill U.S. Soldier and Iraqi Policeman A U.S. soldier and an Iraqi policeman were killed in separate attacks on Monday as a number of South Korean contractors pulled out of Iraq and Bangladesh closed its embassy because of resistance fighters' warfare.

Anti-war parents of American soldiers brave hostility at home to see the real story in Iraq Not long ago, Michael Lopercio decided that he was not happy with the quality of the news he was receiving about the war into which his son had been drawn... So he packed his bags and set off to Baghdad to find out for himself what was happening, and to see if there was anything he could do about it.

US delays tenders for $28 billion Iraq work The Pentagon is delaying the issue of US$18.6 billion ($28.7 billion) in tenders to rebuild Iraq as officials argue over which firms can bid and whether US procurement laws are being followed, defence officials said on Monday.

Shortages Fuel Iraqi Anger Facing miles-long lines for gas, Iraqis blame U.S. for supply problems. Despite its vast underground oil reserves -- estimated to be the world's second-largest -- Iraq is a country starved of petroleum products. The difficulty in obtaining a commodity that Iraqis had long taken for granted has fueled a new wave of anger and frustration with the U.S. occupation.

Major Afghan offensive launched The U.S. military has launched a major ground operation in Afghanistan in an effort to eliminate the remnants of al Qaeda and the Taliban regime 'overthrown' in 2001.

U.S. Raid in Afghanistan May Have Missed Target [D'Oh! Gee, two, no THREE days later, the morons from the United States military concede the obvious.] The United States military admitted Monday that it might not have succeeded [Hello, McFly?] in killing a Taliban suspect in an air assault on a village on Saturday that left nine children and one man dead.

Mistaken U.S. Attack Upsets Afghans Afghan officials warned Monday that an American military attack that mistakenly killed nine children playing in a remote village could make it harder to persuade ordinary people to support Afghanistan's U.S.-backed dictatorship.

UN chief says nations must act to stop Afghanistan failure The United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, says post-war Afghanistan is at risk of falling apart if other nations do not expand their role in the country.

Israel digs vast nuke shelter for govt officials Israel is digging a vast bunker network outside Jerusalem that would allow top government officials to survive a nuclear or chemical attack and see out any war in safety, senior security sources said on Monday.

Holy pot-calling-the-kettle-black, Batman! U.S. Concerned About Fairness of Russian Election The United States raised concerns on Monday about the fairness of Russia's parliamentary election, which handed a victory to allies of President Vladimir Putin and could put new strain on relations with Dictator Bush. [On what moral authority within God's Green earth does the Idiot Usurping Lying Dictatorial Weasel and his Halliburton whores have a *right* to comment on *election fairness*, given the fact that Bush has STOLEN the presidency from Al Gore, in (but another) GOP coup d'etat? This White House has *no grounds* to comment on the *election fairness* in selecting the community *dog-catcher*, let alone the Russian parliamentary election!]

Britain's Home Secretary blocks return of Guantanamo Bay detainees Britain's Home Secretary David Blunkett is blocking moves to repatriate British detainees held by the United States in Guantanamo Bay, fearing he would have to release them soon after their arrival back home.

High court to debate Miranda rights, again Can police work around or even ignore a suspect's Miranda rights to gain an edge during an interrogation? The U.S. Supreme Court will consider the question Tuesday, when it reviews a Missouri Supreme Court decision.

Secret Service checks Eminem's 'dead president' lyric The Secret Service is trying to determine if any action needs to be taken regarding a lyric from rapper Eminem that may be a threat to Dictator Bush.

Gore to Endorse Howard Dean for '04 Presidential Nomination Al Gore, who won the presidency in 2000, has decided to endorse the presidential campaign of Howard Dean, a move that Democrats said would provide a huge boost to Dr. Dean's candidacy.

Gore to Endorse Dean on Tuesday, Sources Say President Al Gore will endorse Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean on Tuesday, sources familiar with the decision said, reinforcing the former Vermont governor's commanding position in the 2004 race.

Voting-Machine Makers To Fight Security Criticism Electronic-voting-machine companies announced yesterday that they are banding together to counter mounting concerns [build for the 2004 Bush coup d'etat] about whether their machines are secure enough to withstand tampering by hackers... Security experts also worry about mischievous insiders at the voting-machine companies. That fear was fanned when Walden W. O'Dell, chief executive of Diebold Inc., told Republicans in an Aug. 14 fundraising letter that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [sic]."

Democrats seek independent body to map political boundaries Like minority parties in several states, Florida Democrats want to change the way political boundaries are drawn by taking the process out lawmakers' hands and giving the responsibility to an independent commission appointed equally by both parties.

Activists scold Penelas for role in policing trade protests Robert Wagner, 73, a Central Florida retiree and self-described "union man," lost his temper Saturday at the state Democratic Party convention when he saw sign-waving supporters of Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas' U.S. Senate campaign. "You can take that sign and shove it because [Penelas] turned Miami into a dictatorship," said Wagner of Ocala, a former Ford Motor Co. engineer. "Every place you looked, you saw a police officer in riot gear."

Rx plan is little help at high cost Americans wary of Medicare bill --Dictator Bush signed a bill adding prescription-drug 'benefits' to Medicare, Monday. But most Americans greeted it with concerns that it doesn't do enough to help seniors, is too complicated to understand and will end up costing the government too much.

Medicare's creators see progress lost They were present at the creation. But for many who helped shape Medicare 38 years ago, the legislation passed by the House of Representatives Saturday and now pending in the Senate threatens to dismantle the social insurance program for 40 million Americans.

Dems lose effort to extend long-term unemployment benefits Unemployed workers held up Christmas stockings filled with coal at a chilly outdoor news conference Monday in a display of disappointment that jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed will run out Dec. 21.

Clark Assails Bush, Offers Economic Plan Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark, criticizing Dictator Bush of running up a leadership deficit, on Monday promised to increase family income, raise college enrollment and lift scores of children out of poverty.

Redford praises Reid, blasts Bush's energy bill in Nevada stop Actor and longtime conservationist Robert Redford criticized the Bush regime's energy legislation, calling it one of the worst bills he's seen in his lifetime. At a news conference before attending a fund-raiser for Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., Redford said the bill was flawed from the start since it was designed behind closed doors by Vice pResident Dick Cheney and oil industry executives.

Nevada keeps on the attack in its nuclear war with feds Outvoted in the political arena, Nevada will ask a federal appeals court next month to block the U.S. government from burying the nation's deadliest nuclear waste in the desert state.

Top Democrat urges Perry to abandon 'death business' The chairman of the Texas Democratic Party on Friday called on Gov. Rick Perry to terminate discussions to have the state purchase life insurance policies on thousands of retired teachers in order to earn the death benefits.

Janklow to Resign Following Conviction GOP Rep. Bill Janklow, a dominating figure in South Dakota politics for nearly 30 years, was convicted of manslaughter Monday for speeding through a stop sign at a rural intersection and colliding with a motorcyclist. Janklow quickly announced that he will resign from Congress.

Jury Convicts U.S. Rep. Janklow of Manslaughter A South Dakota jury convicted GOP U.S. Rep. Bill Janklow of manslaughter and other charges for speeding through a highway stop sign and colliding fatally with a motorcyclist.

Iraq delays hand Cheney firm $1bn · Key contract decisions postponed again · Blair drawn into row over lack of 'level playing fields' --Halliburton, the engineering group formerly run by US vice-pResident Dick Cheney, has been given $1 billion worth of reconstruction work in Iraq by the US government without having to compete for it, thanks to repeated delays in opening up a key contract to competition.

Indonesia Says U.S. Policy in Iraq Becoming Debacle Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, issued some of its harshest criticism of Washington's Iraq policy on Monday, saying the U.S. occupation had not met objectives and was becoming a debacle. [*Becoming* a debacle? It was a debacle when the occupation was a twinkle in Richard Perle's eye!]

Gingrich Speaks Out Against Dictatorship's Policy in Iraq, Saying The U.S. Went 'Off a Cliff' --In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, former House speaker Newt Gingrich, a quiet confidant of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, says the U.S. went "off a cliff in Iraq." In the December 15 issue (on newsstands Monday, Dec. 8), Gingrich talks about the shortcomings of the Bush regime's policy in Iraq, saying that "Americans can't win in Iraq. Only Iraqis can win in Iraq."

How an American war hero is taking his battle over Iraq to Washington The left leg of retired Colonel David Hackworth still carries a bullet that he picked up while fighting in the Vietnam War... While no-one doubts Colonel Hackworth's patriotism or service to his country, there are plenty of people who do not appreciate what he has to say about the United States' occupation of Iraq and the way it was carried out. Donald Rumsfeld is likely to be among his critics: Colonel Hackworth, 72, described the US Defence Secretary as "an arrogant asshole".

Card dismisses questions over prewar intelligence as 'moot' Dictator Bush's chief of staff dismissed as "a moot point" any lingering question about whether Bush relied on faulty intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq. Andy Card also rejected charges from fellow Republican Newt Gingrich that the regime's postwar policies went "off a cliff" after an impressive invasion that deposed Saddam Hussein's government.

Iraq Resistance Fighters Show Off Firepower Resistance Fighters Trying to Drive U.S. Casualties So High That American Public Turns Against the War – 'They Could Succeed,' Pentagon Official Says --Showing Firepower: Inside Attack on Baghdad Airport: At the modest farmhouse of a fellow member of his network of insurgents one recent evening, Abu Ali—the nom de guerre he has chosen—welcomes seven fighters into a room lined with worn sofas... Then a small team walks into a flat field to aim a rack of homemade launching tubes toward the lights of the Baghdad airport, home to U.S. chopper squadrons, supply units and the CIA-led Iraq Survey Group, less than two miles away. The resistance fighters load three air-to-air rockets they have modified to launch from the ground, flash a signal with car headlights and disappear. A second team creeps in to fire the volley, while a security detail armed with assault rifles and machine guns forms a perimeter. Beyond these fighters, according to the cell’s security chief, a ring of men with shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles and rocket-propelled grenades is watching for U.S. helicopters that might try to stop them.

Iraq attacks 'likely to increase' A top US military commander in Iraq has said he expects more attacks as the US prepares to hand over power to Iraqis.

US Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Iraq Bomb Attack One U.S. soldier was killed and two wounded in a bomb attack on their convoy in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Sunday, the U.S. Army said.

Army Will Face Dip in Readiness 4 Divisions Need to Regroup After Iraq --Four Army divisions -- 40 percent of the active-duty force -- will not be fully combat-ready for up to six months next year, leaving the nation with relatively few ready troops in the event of a major conflict in North Korea or elsewhere, a senior Army official said yesterday.

Iraq war will leave only two of Army's 10 divisions available Only two of the U.S. Army's 10 active-duty divisions will be at full strength for any new conflict next year as battle-weary soldiers return from Iraq, military officials say.

Iraqi Fly-Borne Skin Disease Afflicts GIs The Army's 101st Airborne Division has sent 20 soldiers to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington for treatment for a skin disease transmitted by bites from sand flies in Iraq, the military said.

Ex-Iraqi Official's Family Held The arrests of the wife and daughter of a former Saddam Hussein deputy violate international law and raise questions about the United States' ability to highlight human rights abuses by other countries, experts and rights monitors say.

UN critical of US for killing Afghan children The US military faces mounting criticism as it began to investigate the accidental killing of nine children in an air attack on an alleged terrorist in Afghanistan. The United Nations has called for a swift inquiry and its results to be made public.

US child bombing account challenged Local villagers in Afghanistan have contradicted US reports that the target of an air strike on Saturday that killed nine children also died in the raid. US officials said they were acting on extensive intelligence and had killed a former Taleban militant, Mullah Wazir. But local Afghans told the BBC's Crispin Thorold the intended target had left the village 10 days earlier.

Grief for children killed as they played Blood and children’s hats and shoes littered the dusty soil in the village of Hutala, still pockmarked with dozens of small craters from Saturday’s attack.

Afghan Villagers Torn by Grief After U.S. Raid Kills 9 Children Seven boys and two girls died here on Saturday morning in an American airstrike, and their bodies were still lying in the dust when American soldiers arrived by helicopter to assess the results of the attack three hours later, villagers and American soldiers at the scene said Sunday. A 25-year-old Afghan man was also killed, the villagers said, while the intended target, a Taliban suspect who lived here and bragged about attacking foreign aid workers, might have gotten away, contrary to official accounts that he, too, was among the dead.

A new era of nuclear weapons Bush's buildup begins with little debate in Congress --Congress, with only a limited debate, has given the Bush dictatorship a green light for the biggest revitalization of the country's nuclear weapons program since the end of the Cold War, leaving many Democrats and even some hawkish Republicans seething.

Democratic Hopefuls Bash Bush in Florida Anger Over 2000 Fuels State Gathering The Democratic presidential candidates returned to this land of dimpled chads, faulty vote tallies and bitter recounts Saturday to lament Dictator Bush's contested Florida-based coup d'etat in 2000 and lambaste his policies, performance and intellect in office. The candidates and party activists blamed Bush, the Supreme Court and GOP Rep. Kathleen Harris, the state's former secretary of state, for stealing the election from Gore in 2000. "Al Gore won the state of Florida in 2000, and we should never forget it," said Democratic Party Chairman Terence McAuliffe.

US has forfeited its "moral leadership" of the world under Bush: Dean The United States has forfeited its "moral leadership" of the world under Dictator George W. Bush, Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean charged.

'Miserable failure' links to Bush George W Bush has been Google bombed. Web users entering the words "miserable failure" into the popular search engine are directed to the biography of the dictator on the White House website.

Raul Castro says Cuba ready if U.S. attacks Cuban Defense Minister Raul Castro said on Sunday that should the Communist state's arch-enemy the United States invade Cuba its forces would pay a far heavier price than the U.S. troops occupying Iraq.

Huge defence cuts to fund intelligence war on terror (UK) Ministers are planning big cuts in military hardware in order to pour extra money into high technology intelligence operations. The plans are likely to provoke a bitter political war with service chiefs.

Britain's Home Secretary blocks return of Guantanamo Bay detainees: report Britain’s Home Secretary David Blunkett is blocking moves to repatriate British detainees held by the United States in Guantanamo Bay, fearing he would have to release them soon after their arrival back home, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Militant Attack Is Worst Nightmare for U.S. Ports Militants ship a nuclear bomb into a U.S. port and ravage an entire city. More than the plot of a Tom Clancy thriller, it is the ultimate nightmare for many U.S. officials, ports and businesses. [Well, Bush family's Carlyle Group bought CSX transport, so my prediction is the next 'al Qaeda' terror attack will take place via CSX transport.]

Chicago High School To Require All Students Get Drug Tested Beginning next fall, St. Patrick's High School, on the northwest side, will become the first in Illinois to require drug tests of all students.

Glaxo chief: Our drugs do not work on most patients A senior executive with Britain's biggest drugs company has admitted that most prescription medicines do not work on most people who take them.

Stealth Merger: Drug Companies and Government Medical Research Some of the National Institutes of Health's top scientists are also collecting paychecks and stock options from biomedical firms. Increasingly, such deals are kept secret. Increasingly, outside payments to NIH scientists are being hidden from public view. Relying in part on a 1998 legal opinion, NIH officials now allow more than 94% of the agency's top-paid employees to keep their consulting income confidential. As a result, the NIH is one of the most secretive agencies in the federal government when it comes to financial disclosures.

Democrats face fresh votes blow Democrats are now fighting a Green challenge from the left to keep the mayoralty of San Francisco. Recent polls show that on Tuesday city voters may elect as mayor Matt Gonzalez, a 38-year-old city council chairman who left the Democrats for the Green party in 2000 over disgust at its centrism. Opposing him is wealthy businessman [as in Bush Poodle, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg] Gavin Newsom, 36, a city councillor and stalwart Democrat, who in this left-liberal city may look too conservative.

Latinos call for strike over California drive ban Millions of Latinos in California are being asked not to work, shop or attend school next Friday in protest at coupmeister 'governor' Arnold Schwarzenegger's repeal this week of a bill that would have allowed illegal immigrants to obtain driving licenses.

Melting ice 'will swamp capitals' Measures to fight global warming will have to be at least four times stronger than the Kyoto Protocol if they are to avoid the melting of the polar ice caps, inundating central London and many of the world's biggest cities, concludes a new official report.

Nine children killed in US attack Nine children were among 10 people killed in a US air attack on a suspected "terrorist" in south-east Afghanistan, the US military said today.

U.S. Strike in Afghanistan Kills 9 Children United States warplanes attacking a 'suspected member of the Taliban' killed nine children in the southeastern province of Ghazni on Saturday, Afghan and American military officials confirmed Sunday morning. One man was also killed in the attack, they said.

Kucinich to Ask for Investigation of Air Attack in Afghanistan Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich will ask for an investigation of last night's air attack by the United States-led military against a suspected terrorist in Afghanistan, which killed nine children as well as the intended target (Press Release, Dennis Kucinich, December 7, 2003) "I will ask for an investigation to determine the circumstances in which the nine children died. This incident is damaging to world peace. Last year an American flying gunship attacked a wedding party in Afghanistan killing 48 people. In the name of fighting terrorism, the Bush administration has killed thousands of innocent civilians, including many children."

US forces bomb Afghan family home US forces in Afghanistan have admitted bombing a house near the city of Ghazni, in which at least eight people, including three children, were killed.

Rumsfeld's death threat to Taliban The Donald Rumsfeld cavalcade - 35 vehicles, including two Humvees and an armoured Chevvy - swept into this desert town for a two-hour visit yesterday, just enough time for the US Defence Secretary to issue a death threat to the Taliban and announce a strategy to ensure the former Afghanistan rulers never return.

Tough New Tactics by U.S. Tighten Grip on Iraq Towns As the war against Iraqi resistance fighters intensifies, American soldiers have begun wrapping entire villages in barbed wire. In selective cases, American soldiers are demolishing buildings thought to be used by Iraqi 'attackers'. They have begun imprisoning the relatives of suspected resistance fighters, in hopes of pressing the insurgents to turn themselves in. [Is this what Dictator Bush calls bringing Democracy to Iraq??? Not!!!]

Firms 'making money' off Iraq Sheikh Abdul Jalil referred to KBR's (Kellogg Brown Root) involvement in Iraq as "robbery." KBR is the subsidiary of US giant Halliburton Corporation. The fact that Halliburton was run by US Vice-pResident Dick Cheney from 1995 to 2000 escapes no one. "Actually, I think this more or less explains the real reason the US went to war," said a security officer who helps protect the KBR team at one of the hotels. KBR reported revenues of US$900mil (RM 3.42bil) and an operating profit of US$34mil (RM129.2mil) for a three-month period of work in Iraq.

Rumsfeld calls for more Iraqi troops US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the war to oust Saddam Hussein and install a Military-Halliburton dictatorship, paid a flying visit to Iraq yesterday where he defended the Pentagon’s handling of the campaign and called for the deployment of more Iraqi security forces to help in the fight against insurgents.

US soldiers in Iraq infected with skin disease Nearly 150 US soldiers in Iraq have been diagnosed with a parasitic skin disease, and hundreds more could unknowingly be infected, experts said.

Doubts raised over US troops' battle with resistance fighters Nearly a week has elapsed since the American military issued the startling claim - puzzling even some within its own ranks - that its troops killed 54 resistance fighters during running gunfights Iraq's Sunni town of Samarra. Repeated visits to the scene, interviews with Iraqi civilians and US soldiers, and close inspection of the battle damage by scores of correspondents have failed to eliminate several troubling and crucial questions. Where are the bodies? Did they exist? Or was this death toll - as some suspect - a fabrication which was intended to generate positive headlines for the US?

Baath Party re-emerges under new name - UK Members of the Baath party, the former political base of ousted president Saddam Hussain, have started to regroup, according to Britain's special representative to Iraq, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

Falklands nuclear admission British warships during the Falklands War in 1982 carried nuclear depth charges, it has been revealed.

Japanese attack museum over atomic bomber Japanese anti-nuclear protesters have called on the US government to include details of the terrible aftermath of the 1945 attacks on Hiroshima at an exhibition that is to include the Enola Gay.

Venezuela: Thousands Rally in Support of Chavez Thousands of people have rallied in the Venezuelan capital to show support for President Hugo Chavez, who is facing a possible recall referendum [due to interference from the Bush dictatorship].

Ohio Closing Beltway in Shootings Probe Authorities closed nearly half of the beltway around the city for two hours after dusk Saturday as federal agents investigating 14 shootings there used lasers to take ballistic measurements. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms walked in the westbound lane of Interstate 270 as a sedan crept along in the eastbound lane. [This tactic appears to be a test for further restrictions, to see what the public will endure in the name of 'security'...]

Democrats Promise Revenge in Florida The Democratic presidential contenders vowed on Saturday to win the battleground state of Florida in 2004 and avenge the 2000 coup d'etat.

Election Bitterness Lingers for Fla. Dems Bitterness over the Florida-based 2000 coup d'etat that put George W. Bush in the White House is certain to surface this weekend when delegates to the state Democratic Party convention are courted by candidates hoping to challenge the dictator next year.

Coup 2004 alert! Florida won't require printouts of touch-screen votes California will require that its touch-screen voting machines provide paper printouts for each ballot cast [not until 2006, though, long past the 2004 coup], but Florida's top elections official says she does not favor a similar standard here.

Colorado court strikes down Republican gerrymandering The Colorado Supreme Court ruled December 1 that the Republican-controlled state legislature had violated the state’s constitution by redrawing congressional districts for the purpose of maintaining the Republican majority in the state’s delegation in the US House of Representatives. The court threw out the redistricting and ordered the state to hold the 2004 elections using the same district boundaries used for the 2002 vote.

Miserable Failure? Google Trick Says It's Bush A search for the phrase "miserable failure" on the popular search engine Google brings up the biography of George W. Bush on the official White House Web site, in one of the more prominent search-engine manipulations with political overtones.

New Medicare Bill Bars Extra Insurance for Drugs Medicare beneficiaries will not be allowed to buy insurance to cover their share of prescription drug costs under the new Medicare bill to be signed on Monday by Dictator Bush, the legislation says. A little-noticed provision of the legislation [There's lots of those, that's why this insane GOP pharma-terror giveaway kicks in AFTER the 2004 s-election] prohibits the sale of any Medigap policy that would help pay drug costs after Jan. 1, 2006, when the new Medicare drug 'benefit' becomes available.

Conservatives Criticize Bush on Spending Medicare Bill Angers Some Allies --Last month's passage of a Medicare prescription drug 'benefit' that could cost $2 trillion over 20 years, after three years of sharp increases in federal spending, has provoked an unusual barrage of criticism of Dictator Bush from conservative leaders.

Faith-based prison planned A North Florida prison will be converted into the nation's first faith-based lockup. Critics say public money shouldn't be spent on religious programs.Hard time will soon be hallowed time for nearly 800 Florida inmates who will be given the option of doing time in the nation's first prison dedicated to ''faith-based'' rehabilitation.

NRA may buy TV station Would allow group to avoid limits on campaign financing --Hoping to spend as much as it wants on next year’s s-elections, the National Rifle Association is looking to buy a television or radio station and declare that it should be treated as a news organization, exempt from spending limits in the campaign finance law.

California legislature rejects Schwarzenegger's budget plan In a setback for Reichwing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California's legislature rejected his proposed spending cap and $15 billion bond measure late Friday.

NY Activists shut down Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy Stores throughout Manhattan --by Informed Citizen ( "We would like to inform the media and the public that on the 6th of December, between the hours of 3 and 4 A.M., an underground political organization sealed the doors of 18 Gaps, 12 Banana Republics, and 1 Old Navy as an act of resistance against their unjust labor practices."

Penn St. GOP Chief Faces Blackface Furor A black student organization at Penn State called on the chairman of the university's College Republicans, Brian Battaglia, to resign over photos on his personal Web site of a white man in blackface and another photo with a Ku Klux Klan reference. Battaglia removed the photos from his Web site Thursday, but said it wasn't because of the Black Caucus' request. He added that he might post them again. In a written statement, Battaglia decried the reaction as that of the "radical left." [Oh, we'll show you 'radical left'...]

Pictures on College Republican chair's website lead to call for resignations Pictures posted on the personal Web site of College Republicans (Penn State) chair Brian Battaglia spurred a strong response from student groups and university officials yesterday, with some calling for his resignation. The photographs, taken at a private Halloween party at Battaglia's apartment include portrayals of Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Vice President Takkeem Morgan, an "oversodomized frat pledge," "sorostitutes," a "liberal hippie" and a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Quick Action! Email Penn State College Republicans chair [Nazi] Brian Battaglia and tell him what you think of his racist homophobic pictures on his website. Brain Battaglia: Mailbox:

U.S. Dictatorship in Iraq to Create War Crimes Tribunal Iraq's U.S.-appointed dictatorship will establish a tribunal for crimes against humanity in the coming days that could try hundreds of officials, Iraqi and American officials told The Associated Press on Friday.

Bremer sees upsurge in Iraq attacks The top U.S. dictator in Iraq predicted Friday attacks against occupation forces will escalate over the next few months as the country prepares for a transfer from the occupation authority to a new Iraqi government.

Bush Picks Friend Baker as Iraq Debt Envoy Dictator Bush on Friday turned to a family crony who helped install him the 2000 coup d'etat, former Secretary of State, James A. Baker III [of the Baker Botts Hitler Law Firm], to seek an international consensus on restructuring Iraq's estimated $120 billion in debt.

Perle lobbied for Boeing's tanker bid Richard Perle, a prominent Pentagon adviser and international terrorist, lobbied on behalf of Boeing's bid for a controversial $18bn government contract a year after the aerospace company made a $20m investment in the venture capital fund he runs.

Rumsfeld Visits Iraqi Northern Oil Fields Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, without advanced public notice, flew into northern Iraq early Saturday, landing in the heart of country's northern oil fields. [Notice how the Bush junta, including the Idiot Usurper, has to move about in total secrecy, as its representatives are UTTERLY DESPISED, worldwide.]

Air Force Spin: Bush Admits Plane Fib The White House changed its story of a British Airways pilot spotting Air Force One during George Bush's hush-hush 'trip to Iraq'. ...The White House has come under fire for backtracking on its account of other high-profile events.

Denial of Purple Heart medals raises questions about casualty count An influential Mississippi congressman has raised the possibility that the Pentagon has undercounted combat casualties in Iraq after he learned that five members of the Mississippi National Guard who were injured Sept. 12 by a booby trap in Iraq were denied Purple Heart medals.

Baghdad Bomb Attack Kills U.S. Soldier, 4 Iraqis A bomb exploded in the middle of a busy Baghdad road on Friday, killing an American soldier and at least four Iraqis as a military convoy and a packed minibus passed in opposite directions, police and witnesses said.

Dishonoring the Dead Bush—and the nation—should do more for the soldiers killed in Iraq --by Eleanor Clift "The president[sic]’s numbers are up and, oh, by the way, another U.S. soldier died in Iraq last night. ...Never mind that in the days immediately following his visit [alleged visit, to Baghdad], a wave of attacks against U.S. allies in the region resulted in the deaths of seven Spanish intelligence agents, two Japanese diplomats and a couple of South Korean aid workers."

Alarming rise in suicides among US troops in Iraq --by Jeff Riley "One grim indicator of the sinking morale of US occupation forces in Iraq is the alarming number of suicides among American soldiers."

Iraq erodes Bush popularity in Florida In a state that could tip the balance in next year's s-election, Dictator Bush has lost support. Voters are troubled by the mounting deaths in Iraq, according to the poll conducted for The Herald and The St. Petersburg Times. Just more than four in 10 respondents said they would vote for Bush if the s-election were held now.

In Rumsfeld's Shop A senior Air Force officer watches as the neocons consolidate their Pentagon coup. --by Karen Kwiatkowski Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski recently retired from the U.S. Air Force. Her final posting was as an analyst at the Pentagon. "...[T]he pressure of the intelligence community to conform, the rejection of it when it failed to produce intelligence suitable for supporting the 'Iraq is an imminent threat to the United States' agenda, and the amazing things I was hearing in both Bush and Cheney speeches told me that not only do neoconservatives hold a theory based on ideas not embraced by the American mainstream, but they also have a collective contempt for fact."

Military practices a mock tribunal The U.S. military has held a dress rehearsal of planned tribunals for al Qaeda and Taliban combatants, complete with a defendant who acted up and had to be restrained and ejected.

Socks With Explosive Residue Discovered The discovery of a pair of stretched-out socks with traces of explosives in them has prompted a government warning that al-Qaida may still be planning to use personal items to blow up a plane, according to the Homeland Security Department.

Pills Urged for People Near Nuke Plants Making potassium iodide pills available to people who live near nuclear power plants was endorsed Thursday by the National Research Council. The pills can help protect the thyroid gland of people exposed to radiation, if taken promptly after a radioactive release occurs.

Clinton criticizes Bush in Austin U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., on Friday blasted Dictator Bush and his radical regime for attempting to dismantle the "central pillars of progress in our country during the 20th century." Clinton, in an interview with two reporters, said Bush, who campaigned as a "compassionate conservative" in 2000, had taken a "hard-right turn to pursue an extremist agenda" after moving into the White House.

Edwards calls on Bush to return contributions from Diebold CEO Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is calling on Dictator Bush to return more than $100,000 donated to his campaign by a major manufacturer of voting machines, saying the relationship could damage confidence in elections. Edwards, a senator from North Carolina, criticized the contributions by Walden O'Dell, head of Diebold Election Systems in a speech prepared for delivery Saturday to Florida Democrats at their annual meeting in Lake Buena Vista.

Secret Service Probes Eminem 'Bush Threat' The United States presidential bodyguard said today it was examining lyrics by rap star Eminem to see whether he had threatened George Bush. The Secret Service confirmed it was probing lyrics by the controversial artist, who says in a song: "I'd rather see the president [sic] dead." The words to the song, We As Americans, are available on the internet and have not been released by the award-winning rap artist. Eminem says in the song: "F*** money, I don’t rap for dead presidents. I’d rather see the president [sic] dead."

Complaint Alleges DeLay Plan Violates Law Two watchdog groups filed a complaint Thursday against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, asking that the Internal Revenue Service deny a tax exemption to a DeLay-backed charity that will throw parties and offer a luxury suite for major donors to watch Dictator Bush's acceptance speech at the 2004 Republican Convention.

Washington Cancels Presidential Primary Washington on Friday became the seventh state to cancel its 2004 presidential primary.

The power of the police needs watching --by Jim DeFede "Several people, including police officials, kept referring to the protesters as 'out of towners.' They said the police correctly decided to 'prioritize' the rights of local business owners over the rights of out-of-town protesters. I was surprised to hear it articulated so plainly from police officers. I said I didn't realize they could choose who was deserving of rights and who wasn't. Shouldn't the Constitution apply to everyone?"

IRS audits NEA's political spending The IRS has begun auditing the National Education Association, which has allocated millions of dollars to elect pro-education candidates while reporting on tax forms that it does not spend union dues on politics. While promising cooperation, the president of the nation's largest teachers' union is also pledging to "vigorously defend our constitutional right to speak to our members about the role of politics in public education."

Sanford Wants to Let Public Colleges Privatize Move Would Let State Stop Funding Universities Gov. Mark Sanford was in Charleston Friday to discuss a proposal to allow South Carolina's public colleges and universities to privatize and become not-for-profits.

Ellef in plea talks with feds: Sources say negotiations delay indictments of up to 13 in state contracts probe GOP Governor Rowland's former co-chief of staff, Peter N. Ellef, is negotiating a plea bargain with federal prosecutors in their investigation of corruption in state government, authoritative sources have told the Journal Inquirer. Ellef, who also served as chairman of the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, quit Rowland's office last spring amid controversy over the quasi-public agency's $220 million loss in a deal with now-bankrupt Enron Corp.

Mega barf alert! Conservatives Want Reagan on Dimes Conservative Republicans angry over an unflattering [???] television movie about [stupid homophobic nutball and international terrorist] Ronald Reagan want to put his image on the dime in place of Democratic icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Democrats are just as determined to keep FDR's profile in coin purses.

Mega hypocrisy alert! NBC affiliates may not show Sharpton on 'SNL' NBC viewers in a handful of states may not see Al Sharpton's scheduled appearance on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. The candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination has agreed to host the 90-minute comedy show this weekend but his appearance will trigger federal rules regarding equal time for political candidates. [Trigger *this*. We endure Bush's ugly visage morning, noon, and night.]

Mega barf *and* hypocrisy alert! Schwarzenegger OKs Plan for $10.7B Loan Reichwing California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger quietly gave the green light Friday to a plan to borrow $10.7 billion without voter approval - a plan he had previously criticized. The plan was authorized by the Legislature last summer as part of the budget agreement signed by former Gov. Gray Davis.

Wal-Mart Invades, and Mexico Gladly Surrenders The company that ate America is now swallowing Mexico. Wal-Mart, the biggest corporation in the United States, is already the biggest private employer in Mexico, with 100,164 workers on its payroll here as of last week.

School District Refuses To Apologize For Disciplining Lesbian Moms' Son Lafayette (LA) Parish's school superintendent Wednesday said there would be no apology over an incident in which a lesbian mother says he son was disciplined for saying he has a gay mom. [*See: School Disciplines 7-Yr Old Over Gay Moms]

Straight Girls Win Gay Victory A Wyoming school district has backed down on a policy that forbids same-sex dates at school dances, thanks to two straight girls. Amanda Blair and another female student said they were so angry at the rule and the homophobia at Big Piney High School that they decided to challenge it, going to a high school homecoming dance together earlier this month. They were escorted off the property by police. [*See: Police Remove Same-Sex Couple From HS Homecoming Dance]

White House Offers New Pilot Story The White House offered its third version Thursday of a pilot who spotted Air Force One while it flew to Iraq... Asked about the legalities of filing a phony flight plan, White House press secretary Scott McClellan said: "The American people understand the importance of not compromising security, not only for the president [sic] of the United States, but for those on board the plane and those on the ground as well.''

Bush Plane Flew Under False Cover on Iraq Trip Dictator Bush's flight plan was falsified last week to hide his Thanksgiving Day visit to Iraq, the White House said on Thursday, in another example of the extraordinary -- and deceptive -- steps taken in arranging the battle-zone trip. Critics have said admitted deceptions over the trip threaten Bush's [non-existent] credibility, which has also been challenged on larger issues such as his assertions Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction that have not been found.

Turkey's turkey by Halliburton The turkey Dictator Bush served to American soldiers in Baghdad last week was provided by a subsidiary of Halliburton, the Houston oil conglomerate once [still, actually] headed by Dick Cheney and cited by anti-war activists as proof that the war is more about profits than terrorism. The Hill weekly in D.C. reports that Halliburton's Kellogg Brown & Root, which is also rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure, is under contract to feed the U.S. Army there.

Bush's Baghdad Turkey Was Not For Soldiers --Dictator Bush's Baghdad turkey was for looking, not for eating. In the most widely published image from his Thanksgiving day trip to Baghdad, the beaming dictator is wearing an Army workout jacket and surrounded by soldiers as he cradles a huge platter laden with a golden-brown turkey. A contractor had roasted and primped the turkey to adorn the buffet line, while the 600 soldiers were served from cafeteria-style steam trays, the officials said.

Cheering for the turkey and stuffing body bags --by Dick Feagler "On Thanksgiving Day, over a turkey, a relative told me that George W. Bush had gone to Iraq. 'Great!' I said. 'That's marvelous!' But then my spirits sank. It turned out he was coming back. ...This current war makes no sense at all. As bad as Vietnam was and as bad as Korea was, this war is the worst, because we have absolutely no reason to be fighting it. Even the mumbled rhetoric can't justify this. The rhetoric of this war, as uttered by the president [sic] and his cronies, is as crooked as a three-card monte game."

Poll: More people don't believe Iraq war reduced terror threat A growing number of Americans, seven in 10, doesn't think the war in Iraq has reduced the threat of terrorism, according to a poll out Wednesday.

1,700 U.S. soldiers quit Iraq: French magazine One thousand and seven hundred U.S. soldiers have deserted their posts in Iraq, with many of them failing to return to military duty after getting permission to go back to the United States, according to the French weekly magazine Le Canard Enchaine.

Japan Will Dispatch 1,100 Soldiers to Iraq, Yomiuri Reports Japan will send 1,100 soldiers to Iraq to provide humanitarian assistance [???!!!], the Yomiuri newspaper said. The decision follows the death of two Japanese diplomats who were shot near the northern Iraqi town of Tikrit on Saturday. The incident renewed safety concerns among lawmakers and stirred debate on the wisdom of sending troops.

General: Israelis Exaggerated Iraq Threat Israeli intelligence overplayed the threat posed by Iraq and reinforced the U.S. and British assessment that Saddam Hussein had large amounts of weapons of mass destruction, a retired Israeli general said Thursday.

Bali bomber threatens Bush 'God willing, Allah's army will win' In a courtroom outburst, an Indonesian sentenced to death for masterminding last year's Bali nightclub bombings boasted that an army of holy warriors would soon destroy George W. Bush.

Explosion rocks area near U.S. Embassy in Kabul after Rumsfeld visit Suspected Islamic militants fired a rocket into a field next to the U.S. Embassy here Thursday, Afghan authorities said. The blast occurred less than two hours after Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld left the Afghan capital.

Rumsfeld Watch Secretary of Defense Aims to Privatize the U.S. Military --by James Ridgeway "If Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has his way, the vaunted U.S. military of the future will be transformed into what amounts to corporate-owned units. The daffy secretary calls his plan 'outsourcing.' The intention, he claims, is to put the lid on money going into expanding of the army so it can be diverted to new technologies such as Rummy's favorite hobby, fighting wars from space."

Transcript: U.S. OK'd 'dirty war' in Argentina New evidence suggests that [international terrorist and war criminal] Henry Kissinger gave the Argentine military 'a green light' in its 1970s-80s campaign against leftists. At the height of the Argentine military junta's bloody ''dirty war'' against leftists in the 1970s, then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told the Argentine foreign minister that ''we would like you to succeed,'' a newly declassified U.S. document reveals.

The merchants of pain --by Jim Lobe United States companies are exporting millions of dollars worth of equipment known to be used for torture, including selling devices to 12 countries where the US State Department says that the use of torture is 'persistent', according to a new report by Amnesty International.

Kerry labels Bush 'intoxicated' with American power Sen. John F. Kerry, branding Dictator Bush as "intoxicated with the pre-eminence of American power,'' yesterday called for more troops in Iraq. "Simply put, the Bush administration has pursued the most arrogant, inept, reckless and ideological foreign policy in modern history,'' said Kerry (D-Mass.). "We have lost the goodwill of the world, overextended our troops and endangered, not enhanced, our own security.''

Threat forces Khadr lawyer to quit Galati believes U.S. or domestic intelligence agency behind death threat --The Toronto lawyer representing former terror suspect Abdurahman Khadr was close to tears today as he announced he would no longer handle such cases because he had received a death treat he's taking seriously.

Lawyer quits terror cases after death threat Fighting for his composure, lawyer Rocco Galati said Thursday that he will drop all of his terrorism-related cases after a death threat that he said he believes came from an intelligence agency. "I'm not on the verge of tears for my safety. I'm on the verge of tears because it means we now live in Colombia. It means that the rule of law is meaningless. It means that lawyers cannot represent anyone even in what you profess to be a democracy here in Canada," he said. "It comments on where we've arrived as a society."

Silencing Voices Of Dissent While demonstrating during a presidential [sic] visit to South Carolina last year, Brett Bursey was arrested and could now be facing up to six months in prison. A U.S. Secret Service Agent told Bursey neither he nor his anti-war poster belonged on a public corner. He was told he couldn't be anywhere but the 'free speech zone.'

ACLU Says Patriot Act Unconstitutional The USA Patriot Act gives federal agents unlimited and unconstitutional authority to secretly seize library reading lists and other personal records, civil liberties advocates told a judge.

Appeals Court Casts Doubt on Parts of Key Antiterrorism Law A federal appeals court panel ruled on Wednesday that crucial parts of an antiterrorism law were unconstitutional because the law, which the Bush regime relies on heavily, risks ensnaring innocent humanitarians.

Part of anti-terror law overturned Federal appeals court rules part of 1996 law unconstitutional --In a potential blow to the Bush dictatorship's legal strategy in the 'war on terror', a federal appeals court overturned part of a sweeping law the government has increasingly used to arrest or prosecute suspected terrorists.

Mayor Agrees to Allow Panel to Examine Sept. 11 Records In an abrupt reversal, Bush Poodle Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York City announced on Wednesday that he had agreed to release records of emergency 911 calls and other materials sought by the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Mr. Bloomberg's action comes nearly two weeks after the commission announced that it had issued a subpoena to New York City for records related to the attacks.

911 Victim's Wife, Ellen Mariani, Files RICO Act ( (Press Release/Alex Jones interviews Ellen Mariani) "Philip J. Berg, Esquire, announced today that he, attorney for Ellen Mariani, wife of Louis Neil Mariani, who died when United Air Lines flight 175 was flown into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9-11 at a news conference regarding the filing of a detailed Amended Complaint in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on 11/26/03 in the case of Mariani vs. Bush et al that he is alleging President [sic] Bush and officials including, but not limited to Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld and Feinberg that they: 1. had knowledge/warnings of 911 and failed to warn or take steps to prevent; 2. have been covering up the truth of 911; and 3. have therefore violated the laws of the United States; and 4. are being sued under the Civil RICO Act.

Dems Say GOP Exploiting 9 - 11 Attacks Democratic leaders accused Republicans on Thursday of exploiting Sept. 11 by holding their presidential convention in New York less than two weeks before the third anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Probe of alleged GOP bribe plot sought Justice Department may investigate vote on Medicare bill The Justice Department said Thursday that it would review complaints from political watchdog groups that Republican House leaders tried to bribe Rep. Nick Smith, R-Mich., to vote for a Medicare bill.

'Me too, pal,' says Bush, hanging up Well-placed sources said Bush hung up on freshman Rep. Tom Feeney after Feeney said he couldn’t support the Medicare bill. The House passed it by only two votes after House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-GOP Whore-Ill.) kept the roll-call vote open for an unprecedented stretch of nearly three hours in the middle of the night. Feeney, a former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives whom many see as a rising star in the party, reportedly told Bush: "I came here to cut entitlements, not grow them." Sources said Bush shot back, "Me too, pal,"and hung up the phone.

Federal spending soars under Bush's watch Dictator Bush came to office saying he was a fiscal conservative, but federal spending has skyrocketed on his watch. And it's not just the Pentagon that's getting more federal dollars. The $236 billion federal surplus that Bush inherited in January 2001 has turned into a $400 billion-plus deficit.

Racist Hate Mail Reportedly Sent to NFL Players A dozen black NFL players have been sent threatening hate mail telling them African-Americans should not be allowed to play professional football and earn stacks of money, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Dolphins player, other blacks threatened The FBI is analyzing several pieces of threatening hate mail sent to black NFL players over the past year, including a prominent Miami Dolphins player who received a letter in September.

Limbaugh search warrants made public Criminal investigators are searching doctors' offices for evidence that conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was "doctor shopping" for controlled substances, according to search warrants filed in the clerk's office of the Palm Beach County, Florida, State Attorney's office. [He needs to do some 'brain shopping' instead of 'doctor shopping'.]

U.S. to Form Iraqi Paramilitary Force The U.S. civilian and military 'leadership' in Iraq has decided to form a paramilitary unit composed of militiamen from the country's five largest political parties to identify and pursue freedom fighters who have eluded American troops and Iraqi police officers, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Tuesday. [This headline has mysteriously transmuted into "Iraqis to Form Paramilitary Force" in assorted media outlets. It's a riot to watch the Reichwing backpedal when the truth inadvertently 'slips out'.]

U.S. Arrests 34 in Northern Iraq Raid U.S. forces arrested 34 people and 'seized an arsenal of weapons' [Yeah, right!] in a massive raid on a town in northern Iraq today in a continuing crackdown on resistance fighters, U.S. military officials said.

US Army Uses Bulldoze Threat to Get Iraqis to Talk When U.S. soldiers 'found explosives' in the house of Aziz Abdel-Wahhab and his elderly wife during a raid in the Iraqi town of Hawija, they proposed swift and direct punishment -- demolishing the building. A crowd of locals had gathered in the street by the time Abdel-Wahhab emerged on crutches with his wife Bushra. "Tell him we found enough explosives to flatten this neighborhood," a soldier ordered one of the army translators. In a tactic used by Israeli authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip but new to Iraq, a bulldozer was positioned in front of the house ready to destroy it.

US forces accused of Iraq 'massacre' The US army came under renewed pressure on Wednesday over its conduct in a battle at the weekend in the central Iraqi town of Samarra, as Iran's senior religious leader accused the American forces of "a savage massacre" in which 54 locals were reportedly killed.

Bush Lie Pie, Submission #4,738,398: The Inside Skinny Of The Biggest Battle Since The Iraq War Ended --by A Combat Leader (From David Hackworth) "The convoy which was attacked while driving through Samara was not a supply convoy as reported, but was carrying large amounts of new Iraqi currency to stock local Iraqi banks and US greenbacks used to pay for goods and services the US forces need to accomplish their missions in Iraq... The reports of 54 enemy killed will sound great on the home front, but the greater story is much more disturbing and needs to be told to the American Public."

Press scepticism over Samarra body count sparks testy US reaction Persistent scepticism about US battlefield reports of 54 resistance fighters killed in bloody exchanges in the Iraqi town of Samarra earlier this week, drew a testy response from US officials at a Baghdad briefing Wednesday.

The Rise of a New Dictatorship in Iraq --by Firas Al-Atraqchi "The forcible shutting down of the Al-Arabiya news channel in Baghdad is the first act of a new dictatorship shedding its teeth in the increasingly undemocratic Iraq. What is a dictatorship? [Well, we have one right here in the United States] A classic definition clarifies that it is 'a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.).' Let us examine the situation in Iraq. There is a US-appointed government called the Iraqi Governing Council (IGC). It is comprised of foreign-bred, foreign-educated, foreign-financed autocrats. Most do not carry Iraqi citizenship, but US, British and Australian passports."

The Bush Lie Pie Grows Higher: Changing a Story on the Fly The White House has changed one aspect of its account of Dictator George W. Bush's 'surprise Thanksgiving visit to Baghdad': the spotting of Air Force One by a British Airways pilot. Initially, according to accounts by journalists on the trip, White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett said the British pilot had radioed, "'Did I just see Air Force One?'" and that the pilot of Air Force One had replied, "'Gulfstream Five,'" a much smaller aircraft. Yesterday, after British Airways had denied that account, the White House said the radio conversation actually took place between the British pilot and the control tower in London.

White House Changes Story on Bush Plane Incident In another White House 'correction' [Read: Lie], the Bush dictatorship on Wednesday changed its story of a British Airways pilot's spotting of Air Force One during the dictator's stealth trip to Iraq last week.

BA Pilot Silent over Air Force One Sighting A British Airways pilot who spotted Air Force One 'taking Dictator George Bush to Baghdad' last week is maintaining his silence. British Airways spokesman Jeff Angel said the airline had hundreds of planes in the air in and around London and none of their pilots had come forward indicating they made the comments or overheard them.

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq As of Wednesday, Dec. 3, 441 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Department of Defense. Of those, 304 died as a result of hostile action and 137 died of non-hostile causes, the department said.

Two U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan A suspected member of the Taliban threw a grenade at an U.S. military vehicle, wounding two American soldiers in the southern city of Kandahar on Wednesday.

Fort Bragg: Deserters On Increase, But Will Get Caught Base Reports 235 AWOL Soldiers in 2003 --The number of soldiers illegally leaving their Fort Bragg-based companies has increased in the past couple of years, the Army says.

The Crime of Conscription --by Rep. Ron Paul, MD "The plan for 'universal liability to serve' once again is raising its ugly head. The dollar cost of the current war is already staggering, yet plans are being made to drastically expand the human cost by forcing conscription on the young men (and maybe women) who have no ax to grind with the Iraqi people and want no part of this fight. Hundreds of Americans have already been killed, and thousands more wounded and crippled, while thousands of others will experience new and deadly war-related illnesses not yet identified."

Air Force-Navy Combine Forces to Develop Joint Radio System The Air Force and Navy have agreed to merge their two formerly separate programs for the acquisition of improved radio systems. The decision to combine forces in developing the Joint Tactical Radio System -- a single family of radios designed to replace incompatible units in use across the services -- was made in early November.

'War on terrorism' top priority for next decade, says Straw The 'war on terrorism' was confirmed yesterday as Britain's top priority in foreign affairs for the next decade, as the Foreign Office finally excised its commitment to an "ethical dimension" [??? NOT!!] in policy overseas.

U.S. to seize WMD on high seas The United States and its allies are willing to use "robust techniques" to stop 'rogue' nations from getting the materials they need to make weapons of mass destruction -- including interdicting and seizing such "illicit goods" on the high seas or in the air, a top U.S. official bluntly warned Tuesday.

U.S. Exporting 'Tools of Torture,' Charges Amnesty The regime of U.S. Dictator George W. Bush is violating the spirit of its own export policy by approving the sale of tools to countries known to use them to torture detainees, according to new report released here Tuesday by Amnesty International.

US fires Guantanamo defence team A team of military lawyers recruited to defend alleged terrorists held by the US at Guantanamo Bay was dismissed by the Pentagon after some of its members rebelled against the unfair way the trials have been designed, the Guardian has learned.

Fair Trial for Moussaoui Questioned Federal appeals court judges on Wednesday questioned whether Zacarias Moussaoui can get a fair trial if the U.S. government blocks him from questioning three al-Qaida figures he contends can prove his innocence in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Ridge stiffs New York Homeland security boss steers bucks to low-threat burgs --by Richard Schwartz "New York, long treated like an ugly stepchild by Washington, was assured after 9/11 that things would be different. This time, we'd get our fair share. But when it came to homeland security funding, New York State ended up 49th on the list."

Ridge: Tech Cos. Must Help 'Fight Terror' Technology companies must cooperate in the 'battle against cyberterrorism' — or submit to government-imposed security regulations — Homeland Security Dictator Tom Ridge and other senior officials said Wednesday.

FBI moves to bring online calls under scanner Worried that 'terrorists and criminals' [i.e., the entire Bush junta] can communicate without being caught, the FBI wants to tap into online phone calls.

U.S. unions seek federal probe of Miami police The United States' largest trade union federation asked the federal attorney general on Wednesday to investigate alleged police abuses during protests against regional free trade talks in Miami last month. AFL-CIO President John Sweeney wrote to Attorney-General John Ashcroft, saying police turned away busloads of retirees, sprayed peaceful protesters in the face with pepper spray, shot others with rubber bullets and pointed guns at people's heads.

Mean-spirited DeLay wants to exterminate Democrats --by Jim Wright "He [U.S. House majority 'leader', Tom Delay]'s out to get rid of at least five (and, he hopes, seven) Democratic members of Congress (some moderate-to-liberal and some conservative) by deliberately rearranging their districts. If DeLay is not pleased with the congressmen whom Texas voters have been choosing, he'll fix it so they'll have to vote for somebody else. Nothing personal in this. It's just that they're Democrats, and it's his self-assumed mission in life to exterminate Democrats. DeLay started his professional career in Houston exterminating unwanted pests. What Arnold Schwarzenegger does in the movies, DeLay does for real. He's not just out to exterminate Democratic colleagues. DeLay wants to rid Washington of Democratic lobbyists and rid American businesses of all remaining Democratic contributors. [And mean-spirited leftist-liberals want to exterminate Tom (without) Delay. RNC: Think "one fell swoop!"]

Dean: Bush May Have Been Tipped to 9/11 Attacks Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said on Monday that Dictator Bush is withholding documents related to 9/11 because they may show he knew what was coming. "The most interesting theory that I've heard so far - which is nothing more than a theory, it can't be proved - is that he was warned ahead of time by the Saudis," Dean told a caller to Washington, D.C's Diane Rehm Show, according to a transcript obtained by Opinion

Turnout For Hilton Meeting Passes 'Wildest Expectations' Hollywood's New Generation power and money brokers gathered Tuesday night in Beverly Hills to organize and streamline fundraising efforts to unseat Dictator Bush. "We're going to take our country back!" declared a voice in the crowd, which was greeted by cheers at the Hilton. "Bush is the great unifier! We are unified against him and his policies!" Organizers claimed attendance -- and financial pledges resulting from the event -- surpassed their "wildest expectations."

Official: Ohio Won't Make 2004 Deadline for Electronic Voting The state's top elections official said Tuesday that security problems found in new touch-screen 'voting' systems mean they won't be in place statewide in time for the November 2004 presidential s-election.

Stupid is as stupid does: CA nuclear reactor OK'd for transport to SC Federal transportation officials have cleared the way for shipping an old nuclear reactor by barge from California to South Carolina.

White House, EPA Move to Ease Mercury Rules The Bush regime is working to undo regulations that would force power plants to sharply reduce mercury emissions and other toxic pollutants, according to a government document and interviews with officials. The Nov. 26 document makes the case that the Environmental Protection Agency, under President Bill Clinton, misread the Clean Air Act's requirements and that there are less onerous ways to reduce the emissions.

U.S. Proposes Easing Rules on Emissions of Mercury The Bush dictatorship is proposing that mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants should not be regulated in the same way as some of the most toxic air pollutants, reversing a stance on air pollution control taken by the Clinton administration in 2000.

Bush Signs Bill to Destroy Trees ['Curb Wildfire Threat'] Nutball George W. Bush signed legislation Wednesday that he said would help prevent "sudden and needless destruction" from wildfires like the California blazes that destroyed thousands of homes. Critics, however, decried it as a payback to the timber industry, which will get greater access to pristine stands of old-growth trees. Since 1999, the timber industry has contributed $14.1 million to political campaigns, 80 percent of it going to Republicans.

Judge: School Voucher Law Unconstitutional Judge Declares Colorado School Voucher Law Unconstitutional, Says Illegally Strips Board Control --A judge declared Colorado's new school voucher law unconstitutional Wednesday, saying it illegally strips local school boards of control over education.

Coroner: Ohio Man's Death Is a Homicide The coroner said Wednesday that a struggle with police was the primary cause in the death of a 350-pound black man whose scuffle with officers outside a fast-food restaurant has prompted outcry among black leaders.

Army Reserve troops ordered back overseas In another sign of the severe strain overseas deployments are putting on the nation's part-time troops, the Army Reserve is about to send 160 soldiers back to Afghanistan and Iraq 10 months after many returned from a one-year tour of duty overseas.

US soldier killed in Iraq ambush An American soldier has been killed in Iraq, when a roadside bomb exploded near his convoy south of the tense town of Samarra.

Thousand US troops raid Iraqi town Up to 1,000 U.S. troops have swept into an Iraqi town to hunt for masterminds of a relentless freedom fighters' war and caught 27 'suspects'.

Aznar vows Spain will stay in Iraq as agents mourned Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar told parliament his government would stand firm on Iraq despite the weekend deaths of seven intelligence agents killed near Baghdad.

Aznar rejects call to withdraw 1,300 Spanish troops from Iraq Addressing a special session of parliament, Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar rejected opposition calls to withdraw the 1,300 troops Spain has stationed in south-central Iraq. A poll released last week by the Real Instituto Elcano, a think-tank based in Madrid, said 85 per cent of Spaniards believed the war was pointless, although they were evenly divided on the presence of Spanish troops in Iraq.

US Upset Over Latham Remarks [Gee... that's too bad.] The United States has objected to comments made by the newly elected Labor Party leader, Mark Latham. Earlier this year, Mr Latham provoked a diplomatic incident by referring to Dictator Bush as the most incompetent and dangerous president [sic] in living memory, prompting a complaint from the American ambassador, Tom Schieffer. In a paper for the Australia Defence Association, released on Monday, Mr Latham said Mr Bush had squandered international goodwill, and taken Australia on a march of folly into Iraq.

Bush and Blair Are In Trouble --by John Pilger "Shortly before the disastrous Bush visit to Britain, Tony Blair was at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. It was an unusual glimpse of a state killer whose effete respectability has gone... Blair must know his game is over. Bush's reception in Britain demonstrated that; and the CIA has now announced that the Iraqi resistance is 'broad, strong and getting stronger', with numbers estimated at 50,000. 'We could lose this situation,' says a report to the White House. The goal now is to 'plan the endgame'."

Let Them Eat Turkey --by Ivan Eland "Bush’s turkey day trot to Iraq for dinner was a masterful stroke in public relations -- at least in the short-term. In the long-term, it could put the Bush presidency [sic] further in the soup (or the gravy, as the case may be). A closer examination of Bush’s public relations stunt raises questions about its sincerity and wisdom... Bush’s holiday jaunt was shrouded in so much secrecy, even by the standards of this hyper-secretive administration, that he faced very little personal danger -- even in hazardous Baghdad."

Bush signs bill for N-arms research US Dictator George Bush has put his stamp of approval on a bill allocating millions of dollars for research into new types of nuclear weapons - and for bolstering readiness at the Nevada nuclear test site.

Pentagon Delays $20 Billion Contract With Boeing The Pentagon has ordered a pause in the execution of the proposed $20 billion contract between the Boeing Company and the Air Force, and directed its inspector general to determine whether "apparent improprieties" by the company provide "any compelling reason" why the deal should not go forward, Defense Department officials said today.

[The Jerusalem Post:] "Jewish terrorists convicted The Jerusalem District Court Monday convicted Jewish settlers Yitzhak Pass and Matityahu Shvu of a weapons offense and of receiving illegally obtained goods, following a plea bargain with the prosecution... They were arrested on July 17 at the Hizme army roadblock as they were driving towards Jerusalem, when soldiers discovered eight IDF-issued explosive bricks, each weighing 500 grams, in the car."

Fair Trials Impossible, Say Guantanamo Lawyers Lawyers representing prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay are planning a lawsuit against the US government, claiming that fair trials for the detainees are not possible, it was reported today.

Pentagon: Terror Suspect Can Have Lawyer Reversing course, Pentagon officials have decided to allow a U.S.-born terrorism suspect access to a lawyer, the Defense Department announced Tuesday.

Report: U.S. Weak in Sharing Terror Info The federal government has only marginally improved how it shares information on terrorists and threats with key people on the national, state and local levels, technology and national security experts asserted Tuesday.

The November 20, 2003 March Against Bush's Visit to London --by Dale Reynolds "I was with tens of thousands of people, many of them fellow Americans, who were marching against the visit, against the policies, of George W. Bush, a man whom many people realize is the illegitimate President of the United States; and who through his actions subsequent to the 2000 election has done little but confirm his image as something less than the democratic leader of the free world."

Protesters take to street against Bush on trade, civil rights, war United Steelworkers of America president Leo Gerard used a bullhorn to address union workers protesting a possible end to steel tariffs, but was drowned out by the chants of anti-war protesters, civil rights and environmental activists gathered outside the hotel where Dictator Bush appeared at a fund-raiser on Tuesday.

Big Night For Dubya Detesters "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Larry David's wife Laurie created an enviable buzz for tonight's political powwow of liberal Hollywood activists after she dubbed it the "Hate Bush" event. While the strategy session at the Beverly Hilton actually has the considerably less-inflammatory title, "A Mandatory Meeting to Change the Leadership in America in 2004," Laurie, an avid environmentalist, caused a stir when she forwarded invites with the e-mail heading, "Hate Bush 12/2 Event."

Diebold retreats; lawmaker demands inquiry Diebold indicated in a Nov. 24 filing with the U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., that it would retract the Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices and would not sue those who posted the e-mail correspondence or their ISPs. Diebold's retreat in the courtroom comes as U.S. congressional representative Dennis Kucinich, who is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, provided links to the Diebold e-mail correspondence from his House of Representatives Web site.

Hack the Vote --by Paul Krugman "Inviting Bush supporters to a fund-raiser, the host wrote, 'I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [sic] next year.' No surprise there. But Walden O'Dell — who says that he wasn't talking about his business operations — happens to be the chief executive of Diebold Inc., whose touch-screen voting machines are in increasingly widespread use across the United States. For example, Georgia — where Republicans scored spectacular upset victories in the 2002 midterm elections — relies exclusively on Diebold machines. To be clear, though there were many anomalies in that 2002 vote, there is no evidence that the machines miscounted. But there is also no evidence that the machines counted correctly. You see, Diebold machines leave no paper trail."

Shifts in States May Give Bush Electoral Edge Beyond issues like Iraq and the economy is one political reality that both the White House and Democrats say is already shaping next year's presidential race: If Dictator Bush carries the same states in 2004 that he won [mega sic] in 2000, he will win seven more electoral votes.

Nader Raising Money for Possible Campaign Ralph Nader has not yet decided whether to make another run for the White House, but he's authorized a new exploratory committee to raise money for a potential bid.

G.O.P. Drops Plan to Use Luxury Liner for Convention Under intense pressure and mounting criticism, Representative Tom DeLay said today that he will not go forward with his plan to use a luxury cruise ship as a floating entertainment center for members of Congress and their guests during the Republican National Convention next summer.

Republican Cruise Ship Plan Draws Ire from NY Dems New York Democrats and hotel and restaurant groups urged Republicans on Tuesday to scuttle plans to use a luxury cruise ship for accommodation and entertainment during the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Police Allowed to Force Entry After 20 Seconds After knocking, police don't have to wait longer than 20 seconds before breaking into the home of a drug suspect, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a case involving a man who said he needed more time to get from the shower to the door.

Court Gives Police Victory in Waiting Time In a victory for law officers, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that it was constitutional for police to wait 20 seconds before knocking down the door of a drug suspect.

FTAA security review shouldn't be done by cops --by Jim DeFede "As the number of 'isolated incidents' of alleged police misconduct grows, it becomes increasingly clear that an independent commission should be appointed to review what occurred during last month's protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas... Unfortunately, the likelihood of such a commission being established seems remote since politicians -- particularly Miami Mayor Manny Diaz and Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas -- are hoping that if they ignore this issue it will just go away. Perhaps they need a wake-up call."

Rep. Janklow Did Not Stop, Witness Tells Trial U.S. Rep. Bill Janklow failed to even slow down for a stop sign before colliding with a motorcyclist who was killed, a witness at the South Dakota Republican's manslaughter trial testified on Tuesday.

Israel to Install Hi-Tech ID System Israel's military plans to install a sophisticated biometric identification system at a Gaza Strip checkpoint. The system, developed by On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTI), will use two biometric sensors to read the facial dimensions and hand geometry of Palestinian workers crossing through the Erez checkpoint, said Ohad Bashan, director of global marketing at the Israeli company.

Putin Aide Rules Out Russian Approval of Kyoto Protocol A senior Kremlin official said today that Russia would not ratify the international treaty requiring cuts in emissions of gases linked to global warming, delivering what could be the fatal blow to years of diplomatic efforts to address the problem.

Heinous GOP whore, Linda Tripp

Mega-Barf Alert: Heinous GOP whore, Linda Tripp, on CNN.

***Mega-lie and Distortion Day!***

White House version of mid-air exchange disputed British Airways says that none of its pilots made contact with Dictator George W. Bush's plane during its 'secret flight to Baghdad', contradicting White House reports of a mid-air exchange that nearly prompted Bush to call off his trip.

Pilots Didn't Radio Air Force One, Airline Says British Airways said yesterday that none of its pilots made contact with Dictator Bush's plane during its 'secret flight to Baghdad' on Thanksgiving, contradicting White House reports of a midair exchange that nearly prompted Bush to call off his trip. Honor Verrier, a spokeswoman for British Airways in North America, said two British Airways aircraft were in the area at the time and neither radioed the dictator's plane to ask if it was Air Force One.

Afterglow fading on Bush's PR coup in Iraq A triumphant trip to Baghdad doesn't guarantee Dictator Bush soaring poll ratings, the permanent defanging of his opponents or an end to his problems...

Iraqis deny US accounts of fierce fight with 'guerrillas' Iraqis in Samarra told a different story. Some of their accounts were easily disprovable but there was consensus that the American troops fired randomly at times, and that there were no uniformed Iraqi fighters in their midst. Iraqi witnesses were unanimous that Americans were to blame, pointing to a hole in a nearby cemetery wall which looked like the work of a shell fired from an Abrams tank.

US soldier dies as doubts grow over Samarra A US soldier has died of bullet wounds even as doubts were cast over the version of events being put out by the Pentagon over Sunday night's bloodbath in Samarra. The occupation soldier was wounded when he was attacked by resistance fighters west of Baghdad on Monday morning.

Iraq battle toll questioned The centre of the Iraqi town of Samarra has been devastated after ambushes of US troops sparked a massive response in which the military claimed 54 resistance fighters killed, but the only bodies were of eight civilians, according to the local hospital.

US military opens fire on Iraqi civilians following skirmish in Samarra The US media is hailing the American military’s success in repelling an attack on two convoys in Samarra in central Iraq, but other news accounts report indiscriminate firing by US forces following the initial attack, and numerous civilian deaths.

Iraqis Do Not Trust U.S.-Led Forces - Survey Nearly 80 percent of Iraqis have little or no trust in U.S.-led occupying forces and most place their faith in religious leaders instead, according to a major survey published in Britain on Monday.

Thailand may pull out of Iraq Thailand will consider withdrawing its troops in Iraq if the security situation there worsens, Foreign Minister Surakiart Sathirathai said Tuesday.

Putin demands early Iraq elections Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a telephone call with U.S. Dictator George Bush, has called for "the earliest possible elections" in Iraq. [Putin needs to call for 'the earliest possible [Diebold-free] elections' in the United States, as well.]

U.S. Soldier Reprimanded for Marriage An American soldier has been reprimanded and will be discharged for taking a break from a foot patrol in Baghdad to marry an Iraqi woman, his lawyer said Monday.

Body Found Inside U.N. A body was found inside United Nations headquarters on Monday, a U.N. spokesman said. U.N. security and the New York police department are investigating the matter.

'Foot in mouth' prize for Rumsfeld A comment last year by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the hunt for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was awarded the "Foot in Mouth" prize Monday by Britain's Plain English Campaign.

Dean Assails Bush on Defense Rival Cites Combat Pay, Veterans' Health Benefits --Howard Dean launched a full-throated attack on Dictator Bush's foreign policy acumen Sunday, saying Bush has "no understanding of defense," is conducting diplomacy by "petulance" and lacks "the backbone to stand up against the Saudis."

Court to rule if federal agents can arrest suspects abroad The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether people working for the U.S. government can covertly arrest suspects in other countries, a case the Bush dictatorship said is a key test of U.S. terror-fighting powers.

FBI memo encourages local police to spy on protest groups --by Jamie Chapman "A confidential FBI memorandum sent to over 15,000 local law enforcement agencies in October urged them to 'be alert to these possible indicators of protest activity and report any potentially illegal acts to the nearest FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.'"

Kerry says he will end 'era of John Ashcroft' Democrat John Kerry said Monday he will end the "era of John Ashcroft" if elected president, stepping up efforts to protect civil liberties while strengthening the war on terrorism.

High court may hear Cheney appeal The Bush dictatorship's sustained campaign to build up the powers of the presidency [sic] and to extend the confidentiality of White House decision-making is due for a major test in the Supreme Court, possibly as early as today. The justices appear ready to decide whether they will hear an appeal by Vice pResident Dick Cheney, who is defending his refusal to disclose files of the task force that he headed in developing the regime's energy policy, which is now stalled in Congress.

Federal panel quashes subpoenas of DeLay, Barton in Texas redistricting case A three-judge federal panel on Monday rejected attempts to force House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Rep. Joe Barton to testify in a lawsuit over Texas' new congressional districts.

Colorado's Highest Court Rejects Republican Map Colorado's Supreme Court on Monday threw out a congressional redistricting map drawn up by Republicans that sought to enhance their power in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Court Says Redistricting Unconstitutional In a decision with national implications, the Colorado Supreme Court threw out the state's new congressional districts Monday saying the GOP-led Legislature redrew the maps in violation of the state constitution.

California Repeals Illegal Immigrant License Bill In a victory for new RepubliNazi Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Democratic-controlled California legislature on Monday repealed a bill that granted driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

Bush Banks $1.75M for Re - S-Election Effort Dictator Bush banked a fresh $1.75 million for his re-s-election campaign on Monday. The first fund-raiser, in Dearborn, brought in $750,000. A second event, in Whippany, N.J., was worth another $1 million.

Boeing Faces Scrutiny After Condit Quits Boeing Co. is under new leadership following the sudden resignation of Phil Condit, but the company still faces the same tough questions about the methods it used to secure a lucrative tanker contract from the Pentagon.

A-Bomb Survivors to Protest New Exhibit Survivors said Monday they will ask the Smithsonian Institution to include figures and photographs of Japanese casualties in a new exhibit of the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb.

County processed more than 4,000 filings for foreclosures (Pittsburgh) An Allegheny County record will be broken this morning, but it's no cause for celebration. The 9 a.m. sheriff's sale will culminate the busiest year on record for mortgage foreclosures and tax-lien sales. For the first time ever, the sheriff's office has processed more than 4,000 filings from creditors who want to seize real estate from debtors.

Halifax International Airport launches CANPASS – Air The CANPASS - Air program at Halifax International Airport (HIA) was officially launched today. Members of the program can now pass through Vancouver and Halifax airports quickly and without compromising security. CANPASS – Air members clear customs and immigration by looking into a camera lens that recognizes the iris of their eyes as proof of identity.

Billions Face Water Shortages as Glaciers Melt-WWF The world's glaciers could melt within a century if global warming accelerates, leaving billions of people short of water and some islanders without a home, environmentalists said Thursday.

Innocents killed in Samarra bloodbath US troops in the Iraqi town of Samarra have admitted to perpetrating a bloodbath, with one occupation spokesman confirming nearly four dozen people were killed.

U.S. Kills 46 Iraqi Fighters in the North In the deadliest reported firefight since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, U.S. soldiers fought back coordinated attacks Sunday using tanks, cannons and small arms in running battles throughout the northern city of Samarra. The troops killed 46 Iraqi fighters, and five Americans were wounded.

Many dead in Iraqi city firefight The US military has reported killing 46 militants and wounding 18 in clashes in the central Iraqi city of Samarra. Five US soldiers and a civilian were wounded in the fighting which raged as militants made a series of attacks on convoys in the city on Sunday. But witnesses said a US tank had fired indiscriminately during the fighting, killing at least two factory-workers.

US readies for Iraqi Freedom II [mega sic] The United States is to boost the number of infantry soldiers in Iraq and move from a force based on tanks and heavy armoured vehicles to one specialising in urban assault raids, using lighter vehicles and intelligence. The top US military official in Iraq, Lieutenant-General Ricardo Sanchez, today said that a new phase in the Iraq war, known as Iraqi Freedom II [mega sic], would begin as forces were rotated out of Iraq and replaced by new US units.

Black November for Iraq occupation forces In the latest attack on foreign troops in Iraq, two US occupation soldiers have been killed and one wounded when their convoy was ambushed with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms' fire. With the latest deaths, November has been the worst month for casualties among occupation forces, with 106 of its troops killed.

Iraq attacks leave 15 dead Fifteen people have been killed in five weekend attacks on troops, diplomats, agents and contractors from countries participating in the U.S.-led dictatorship in Iraq.

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Western Iraq Resistance fighters killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded a third in an ambush in western Iraq, the U.S. military said Sunday. A day earlier, seven Spanish intelligence agents and two Japanese diplomats died in separate attacks near Baghdad.

Body bag count puts strains on 'coalition' Spanish PM fights off calls to pull out after record death toll --A weekend of bloodshed across Iraq saw November chalk up new and grim records, including the highest number of casualties among occupation troops and the deadliest single month for America's armed forces since the 1991 Gulf war.

As Spain Absorbs Deaths in Iraq, Support for U.S. Is Questioned Public opinion in Spain has been overwhelmingly against the war in Iraq, in sharp contrast to the willingness of the Spanish prime minister, José María Aznar, to come to the assistance of the United States. As Spaniards absorbed the repeated display on 24-hour news channels of Iraq youths kicking the corpses of their countrymen and jubilantly waving bloodied remnants of their clothing, it was evident that Mr. Aznar's policy of support for the United States will come under increased scrutiny and perhaps stronger resistance.

Poll Shows 79 Percent of Japanese Believe Sending Troops to Iraq Will Increase Terror Threat Most Japanese hold deep reservations about plans to send non-combat troops to Iraq, according to an opinion poll released Monday after two of its diplomats were shot to death there.

Resistance Fighters' Fire Eyed in Iraq Chopper Collision The U.S. military said Sunday for the first time that the collision of two Black Hawk helicopters in Mosul -- the single deadliest incident of the war for American forces -- may have been caused by resistance fighters' fire. Until now, the military had not publicly disclosed a possible cause of the Nov. 15 collision, which killed 17 soldiers.

Wag the Turkey Surprise Thanksgiving Dinner at 6 AM? --by Wayne Madsen "Yes folks, we are now all bit players in a real-life version of the movie 'Wag the Dog.' President [sic] Bush and his GOP advisers are ecstatic that the president [sic] made a secret trip to Baghdad to be with U.S. troops for a 'traditional' Thanksgiving dinner. His polling numbers -- which I contend are as fixed as a Florida election -- will undoubtedly receive a huge boost."

How families learn of military deaths in Iraq Catherine Perusse remembers the chilling call she and husband Ted got one recent Tuesday. The military phoned to tell them their son, Robert T. Benson, of Spokane, Washington, had been badly wounded in Iraq and transferred to a hospital in Kuwait. Surgery had gone "as planned." That's the last thing the family heard until 20 hours later when they were told he was dead.

Lieberman Warns of Global Religious War Iraq is the testing ground that will determine whether fanatical Muslims go to war against other religions, including moderate Islam, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman said Sunday.

Call to double troop numbers in Afghanistan Nato's credibility in Afghanistan could be jeopardised if it fails to provide more troops and military capabilities, Lord Robertson, the secretary general, will today tell the alliance's defence ministers. The warning coincides with a rise in violence throughout the country.

Shevardnadze says US betrayed him Ousted Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze has accused the US of helping to remove him from power.

Shevy's big mistake: Crossing Uncle Sam --by Eric Margolis "The latest recipient of Washington's 'regime change' was not some miscreant Muslim state but the mainly Christian mountain nation of Georgia. Eduard Shevardnadze, the 75-year-old strongman who has ruled post-Soviet Georgia's 5.1 million citizens since 1991, was overthrown by a bloodless coup that appears to have been organized and financed by the Bush administration." [Is this Bush's sixth coup d'etat? First: the 2000 stolen presidential election; second, the Wellstone plane crash and the 2002 Diebold s-election in Georgia; third, the CIA's attempts to oust Hugo Chavez in Venezuela; fourth, Carlyle Group-Bush family business man Osama bin Laden's alliance which prompted the bombing of Afghanistan; and fifth, the establishment of the Halliburton-Bechtel dictatorship in Iraq.]

General Clark says that George Bush is Losing the War on Terror (Press Release, General Wesley Clark, November 30, 2003) "We are not winning the war on terror. Today's terrorists are regrouping in Afghanistan, while tomorrow's terrorists are being recruited in Iraq. We should get an international authority to oversee the reconstruction and help recruit international troops, freeing up American forces to go after terrorists. Our current efforts are not only ineffective, but dangerous."

US to release 140 detainees from Guantanamo: report The United States plans to release 140 detainees from its naval base in Cuba, where captured al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters from 42 countries have been kept in secret, a US news magazine reported. The concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay has been a source of international controversy since it was opened on January 11, 2002, with Washington insisting that all the detainees are enemy combatants ineligible for due legal process.

Patriot Act Author Has Concerns Detaining citizens as 'enemy combatants' -- a policy not spelled out in the act -- is flawed, the legal scholar says. A chief architect of the USA Patriot Act and a former top assistant to Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft is voicing concern about aspects of the dictatorship's anti-terrorism policy. At issue is the government's power to designate and detain "enemy combatants," in particular in the case of "dirty bomb" plot suspect Jose Padilla, who was picked up at a Chicago airport 18 months ago by the FBI and locked in a military brig without access to a lawyer.

New surveillance guidelines fuel debate in California Concerns raised on civil liberties --Federal authorities may now have broad powers under the USA Patriot Act to monitor the public in its fight against terrorism, but guidelines distributed last month by the California attorney general's office contradict the surveillance methods used by federal agencies -- and advise local police to observe stricter state limits when it comes to spying on the public.

White House Watch: The mysteries of the Medicare bill On the campaign trail, Bush will tout this reform, as long as it's misunderstood (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) "When President [sic] Bush spoke in exultant terms about the new Medicare prescription drug package in Las Vegas a few days ago, he was gambling that seniors will not really learn about the small print for several years. And most of them may not, which could mean that Bush -- with the help of congressional Republicans and 11 Senate Democrats -- all but assured his re-[s-]election this past week."

'Food Safety' nutball suggests vaccinating people against hepatitis A rather than inspecting food: Produce problems make FDA look weak Critics fault agency's inspections, authority -- The hepatitis A outbreak at a Beaver County [PA] restaurant is just the latest, and perhaps most serious, example of a growing number of produce-related outbreaks that some view as an indictment of government regulators... While some critics say the outbreak numbers argue for better regulation, it's unrealistic to expect a risk-free food supply said Dean Cliver, a food safety [???!!!] professor at University of California-Davis. A better response to outbreaks like the one in Beaver County, he suggested, might be to increase the number of people vaccinated against hepatitis A. [No, that is NOT a 'better' response, Dean. Such a measure only supports Bush's paymasters, the pharmaceutical and agribusiness terrorists.]

CHR fears killer flu is here [A Fujian strain] The Alberta government unveiled plans last week to cope with a new influenza pandemic like the Spanish flu that killed up to 40 million people around the world in 1918-19. Because the pandemic will be caused [???!!!] by a virus that has undergone a major genetic shift, nobody will have immunity to it and there will be no vaccine initially available. [How is this known, in advance?]

CIA admits lack of specifics on Iraqi weapons before invasion The US Central Intelligence Agency has acknowledged it "lacked specific information" about alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction when it compiled an intelligence estimate last year that served to justify the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Iraq's WMD Programs: Culling Hard Facts from Soft Myths (Press Release, Central Intelligence Agency, 28 November 2003) "Myth #1: The Estimate favored going to war: Intelligence judgments, including NIEs, are policy neutral. We do not propose policies and the Estimate in no way sought to sway policymakers toward a particular course of action. We described what we judged were Saddam's WMD programs and capabilities and how and when he might use them and left it to policymakers, as we always do, to determine the appropriate course of action."

More U.S. troops die in November than in any other month since Iraq invasion At least 75 U.S. soldiers have died so far in Iraq in November, making it the deadliest month for American troops since the U.S.-led invasion began on March 20, U.S. military statistics show.

Resistance fighters' war in Iraq spreading The resistance fighters' war in Iraq has moved steadily beyond the so-called Sunni Triangle and into areas of the country once considered peaceful, a potentially ominous development for security forces trying to install Bush's corporate-military dictatorship ['restore order'] in the country.

7 Spanish Intel Officers Killed in Iraq Resistance fighters ambushed a team of Spanish intelligence officers on a highway south of Baghdad on Saturday, killing seven agents and wounding one, Spanish Defense Minister Federico Trillo said.

Iraqi's celebrate over the bodies of killed members of a Spanish military intelligence team on a street, south of Baghdad, Saturday, Nov 29, 2003 (Photo).

Japanese diplomats killed in Iraq Two Japanese diplomats have died when their car was ambushed near the Iraqi city of Tikrit. The country is currently deliberating over whether to send a small contingent of troops to back the US-led occupation.

U.S.-Trained Iraqi Police May Have Coordinated Attacks There is no evidence that al-Qaida terrorists have taken part in the long string of attacks on U.S. or Iraqi targets, but some U.S.-trained Iraqi police appear to have coordinated some of those assaults, the top U.S. military official in Iraq said Saturday.

US troops arrest 41 alleged Iraqi militants US troops have arrested 41 suspected anti-occupation activists, including a man believed to have helped foreign militants infiltrate Iraq.

US troops 'detain dozens in Iraq' US troops in Iraq have arrested 41 suspected resistance fighters during a series of raids, the US military has said.

Bush's Iraq visit a pre-S-election PR stunt: analysis "Electoral raid on Baghdad" read the caustic headline in the left-wing Paris daily Liberation that summed up European newspaper editorial reaction to Dictator George W Bush's Thanksgiving Day visit to US troops in Iraq.

Hitler in Paris, Bush in Baghdad: Comparisons --by Eric Mueller "The contrast between George Bush's two-hour secret trip to occupied Baghdad in November 2003 and Adolf Hitler's visit to occupied Paris in June 1940 invites some interesting comparisons... Hitler could visit occupied Paris and see the sights. Bush had to sneak in and out of US-occupied Baghdad and dared not stay more than two or three hours, or venture outside the armed airport -- not even guarded and accompanied by the most powerfully equipped army on earth."

Fiancée of Fort Carson soldier skips meeting with Bush The widow of a soldier killed in Iraq says she skipped a meeting with Dictator Bush because she is angry with the dictator and "didn't want to go and be disrespectful." Johnna Loia's fiancé, Spc. Brian Penisten of Ft. Wayne, Ind., was killed Nov. 2 in a helicopter crash along with three other Fort Carson soldiers. Loia said she might have asked Bush why he went to war. "I would want to know why he decided to go to Iraq and why he felt that the war was justified," she said. "In my eyes, I don't feel it was justified at all."

US admits failings as Afghan poppy output doubles Poppy cultivation in Afghanistan doubled between 2002 and 2003 to a level 36 times higher than in the last year of rule by the Taliban. The Taliban was cracking down on poppy production in the year before the US military drove the movement out of office in late 2001.

Israel urged to destroy nuclear arms The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, wants Israel to dismantle its nuclear weapons arsenal and believes all Middle East nations would benefit from ridding the region of nuclear weapons.

Perpetual War, Perpetual Terror --by Manuel Valenzuela "The so-called 'War on Terror' is but a charade, a fear-engendering escapade, designed to last into perpetuity, helping guarantee that the Military Industrial Complex will grow exponentially in power."

Kucinich: I Will Close School of Americas (Press Release, presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, November 21, 2003) "I stand against terror and violence and in solidarity with the victims of the School of the Americas [Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation] graduates... As president I will close the School of the Americas."

Expanded Patriot Act Reach Would Hit The Net, Too A bill approved by Congress last week to extend the reach of the Patriot Act would expand the FBI's business document and transaction power to cyberspace stations like eBay, Internet logs, and Internet service providers, and without requiring a judge's approval.

US cybercrime push 'imperils personal security' of Americans White House plans to ratify a Council of Europe Cybercrime treaty will be a disaster for the privacy and security of Americans, Privacy International (PI), the human rights watchdog, claims. PI warns that if the Senate ratifies the Treaty, "dozens of countries will have 'on demand' access to the personal information and communications records of any American they may wish to investigate".

9 - 11 Victims' Relatives: Extend Probe Victims' relatives who pressed for an independent commission to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks say the panel risks being undercut by the government's failure to cooperate with it.

For Bush, time in Michigan is money Monday lunch in Dearborn is $2,000 a plate --The last time Dictator George W. Bush dined in Dearborn, he netted $2.6 million for his re-s-election campaign. Since he's dropping in again Monday for a bite, local GOP heavyweights are combing through their Rolodexes and Christmas card lists to sell $2,000-a-plate tickets for lunch at Dearborn's Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Welfare Turns Into a Suite Deal Under the GOP, corporate titans are lining up for government handouts. --by Rahm Emanuel "The Bush administration and the Republican-led House have taken steps toward providing an unprecedented taxpayer-funded handout to private companies. The energy bill, which passed the House and will be taken up again by the Senate in January, contains nearly $30 billion in such benefits, including $11.3 billion in subsidies for oil and gas companies that just had one of their most profitable years on record... [T]he newly passed Republican Medicare reform bill provides billions in federal welfare assistance for private businesses. HMOs and PPOs will receive almost $80 billion in federal subsidies to administer the program."

Democrats Criticize New Medicare Measure Congressional Democrats ramped up their criticism of newly passed Medicare legislation Saturday, warning that it will not control soaring prescription drug prices.

Florida Elderly Feel Let Down by Drug Benefit In the condominiums and on the palm-shaded beaches here, where Medicare is a frequent topic of conversation, few people expect to get much help from the new drug benefit just approved by Congress. People say they feel they were sold out, by Republicans and AARP, which endorsed a Medicare bill drafted mainly by Republicans. But the Democrats, they say, did not fight hard enough for a better drug benefit.

Mega barf alert! Bush's 'legacy': Bush Now Directing Attention to Eliminating ['Revamping'] Social Security The dictator believes his plan to allow private investment will help the GOP and his legacy. Dictator Bush is completing plans to campaign next year for a restructuring of Social Security, a potentially divisive drive that he believes is "a winning issue" [???!!!] for Republicans — and for his own legacy. [Yes, Bush's legacy of rivaling Adolf Hitler as the most evil ruler in world history.]

US shoppers join counter revolution Benefits battle could be one of most critical strikes in American labour history --Normally, during Thanksgiving week, Vons supermarket in Santa Monica would be packed with shoppers waiting in long lines at the checkout counters. This week, however, the only lines are the picket lines outside the store as one of the largest and what is described as one of the most critical strikes in modern American labour history enters its eighth week.

Schwarzenegger Takes Fla. Prison Firm Donation California Gov. [Nazi] Arnold Schwarzenegger, who boasted during his campaign that he would not be beholden to special interests, has accepted a $53,000 donation from a company operating a private prison in the state slated to be shut down.

Should you get the flu shot? --by Dr Sherri Tenpenny "A serious concern: Alzheimer’s Disease --Hugh Fudenberg, MD, an immunogeneticist and biologist with nearly 850 papers published in peer review journals, has reported that if an individual had five consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 (the years studied), his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is ten times higher than if they had zero, one, or two shots... The final solution [in the vaccine] can contain the following additives in any combination: Triton X-100 (a detergent); polysorbate 80 (a potential carcinogen); gelatin; formaldehyde; and residual egg proteins. In addition, many of the influenza vaccines still contain thimerosal as a preservative. Thimerosal (mercury) is being investigated for its link to brain injury and autoimmune disease."

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Hours After Bush Visit A mortar attack on a U.S. base in Iraq killed an American soldier Friday, hours after Dictator Bush made a secret visit to Baghdad to spend Thanksgiving with U.S. troops fighting to end a resistance fighters' war.

U.S. soldier killed as rebels hit U.S. base in Iraq An American soldier died when guerrillas shelled a military base in the northern city of Mosul on Friday, a day after Dictator Bush's surprise visit to U.S. troops at a heavily fortified military compound at Baghdad's main airport.

The Turkey Has Landed US troops in Iraq were served up a real turkey for Thanksgiving Day yesterday - when Dictator George Bush joined them for a surprise visit.

Aides Prodded Reluctant Bush on Iraq Trip For a dictator fond of a tough-guy image, George W. Bush was uneasy when an aide casually asked him, "You want to go to Baghdad?"

Bush's PR stunt in Baghdad underscores US crisis --by Patrick Martin "President [sic] Bush’s Thanksgiving Day visit to US troops in Baghdad, organized by the White House to shore up crumbling public support for the occupation of Iraq, only confirms the deepening crisis of the administration. Political aides such as Karl Rove engineered the public relations stunt, hoping the televised images of cheering troops and the president [sic] serving out turkey dinners would boost Bush’s standing in the polls. But the circumstances of the trip, with Bush stealing in and out of Baghdad like a thief in the night, only demonstrate the fragility of the US grip on the occupied country."

US soldiers allegedly kill two girls in Iraq US troops have allegedly shot dead two young Iraqi sisters near Baqubah, north of Baghdad.

Two Iraqi sisters found dead Bodies of two young Iraqi sisters have been discovered by US troops near Baquba, some 60km (35 miles) north of Baghdad, according to the occupation force. The brother of the girls had earlier said that US troops at Ibn Firnas airport, 7km (4 miles) from Baquba, shot Fatima and Azra, 15 and 12, on Thursday at midday as they were collecting wood from a field some 30m away.

Former Iraqi general dies during interrogation A former Iraqi general died while under American interrogation, the U.S. military said Thursday.

Hearts and Minds - US style --by Scott Taylor "As American troops exit the former Presidential Palace complex in Tikrit, the last thing they see emblazoned above the arched gateway is the 4th Infantry Division motto: Strike First."

Reservists mobilized for Iraq, Afghanistan Pentagon says more Marines needed in Iraq --The Pentagon has mobilized 17,000 reservists for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition those mobilized Wednesday, nearly 8,000 reservists have been alerted for deployment to Iraq and around 700 for deployment to Afghanistan.

Iraqis attack US date for hand-over Powerful Shi'ite leaders yesterday criticised America's plan to hand power to an interim Iraqi government next summer. They warned of "real problems" unless it was revised. [That is what Americans should have declared when George W. Bush stole the U.S. election in 2000: turn over the presidency to Al Gore, the *elected* president, or face 'real problems.']

Top Shiite Says Iraq Plan Isn't Democratic Enough A U.S.-backed plan to quickly give Iraqis sovereignty over their country again appeared to be unraveling Thursday as a leading politician backed complaints by Shiite Muslim authorities that the process was not democratic enough.

Hillary Clinton Wants Wider International Role in Iraq Senator Hillary Clinton called Friday for a wider international role in running Iraq, but doubted the U.S. dictatorship would cede much control in the country it invaded and occupied.

Blix Says Hopes U.S. Learned a Lesson in Iraq Hans Blix, the former chief U.N. weapons inspector, was quoted on Friday as saying he hoped Washington had learned its lesson in Iraq about the need for multinational cooperation.

Army Reservist Accused of Insubordination An Army reserve officer faces insubordination charges after he questioned the legality of a waiver that his battalion was asked to sign allowing their third deployment to a war zone since January 2002.

Men were let down, says Iraq war widow The MoD is to launch an inquiry into the death of a British tank commander who was not wearing body armour when he was killed in Iraq because of equipment shortages.

Soldier suicides in Iraq increase A U.S. commander warned troops Thursday to watch their friends because suicides were on the rise.

How British charity was silenced on Iraq One of Britain's most high-profile charities was ordered to end criticism of military action in Iraq by its powerful US wing to avoid jeopardising financial support from Washington and corporate donors, a Guardian investigation has discovered. Internal emails reveal how Save the Children UK came under enormous pressure after it accused occupation forces of breaching the Geneva convention by blocking humanitarian aid.

Britain in secret EU army deal Britain has taken a dramatic step towards a fully-fledged European army, signing up to Franco-German proposals for a planning headquarters outside Nato, it emerged yesterday.

Official: Al-Qaeda plans something big A top counterterrorism official says al-Qaeda operatives dropped plans this year for several small attacks in the USA to focus on plotting a "more spectacular" assault comparable to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Pentagon bankers may bail out Black 'Ex-Presidents Club' ready to throw lifeline to embattled Telegraph owner --A powerful banking group with close links to the Pentagon, which has also invested money on behalf of the Bin Laden family, is in talks.

Lawmaker Says Leftists Hold Sway at Colorado Campuses Conservatives are bullied by professors, says state senator who suggests legislation. Worried that 'left-wing professors' [???!!!] are using college classrooms to 'bully' those who don't toe the liberal line, a Colorado politician says it may be time to pass a law protecting students who hold more conservative or religious views.

Lawyers Seek Dismissal of DeLay Subpoenas Lawyers for House Majority 'Leader' Tom DeLay and a second legislator took steps Tuesday to dismiss subpoenas demanding that the Texas congressmen testify in a lawsuit protesting the state's new congressional districts.

Amnesty urges probe of police conduct A human rights group seeks an investigation of Miami police, and protesters describe being hit with Taser guns, shot with rubber bullets and pepper-sprayed last week. Amnesty International on Wednesday called for an independent investigation of police conduct during last week's anti-free-trade protests in Miami, joining several groups who say excessive force was used.

911 Victim's Wife Files RICO Case Against GW Bush 911 Victim’s Wife, Ellen Mariani, files RICO Act [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] Federal Court Complaint against President [sic] Bush and Cabinet Members (Press Release from Philip J. Berg, Esquire) "Philip J. Berg, Esquire, announced today that he, attorney for Ellen Mariani, wife of Louis Neil Mariani, who died when United Air Lines flight 175 was flown into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9-11 at a news conference regarding the filing of a detailed Amended Complaint in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on 11/26/03 in the case of Mariani vs. Bush et al that he is alleging President [sic] Bush and officials including, but not limited to Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld and Feinberg that they: 1. had knowledge/warnings of 911 and failed to warn or take steps to prevent; 2. have been covering up the truth of 911; and 3. have therefore violated the laws of the United States; and 4. are being sued under the Civil RICO Act."

Gore says Bush 'divider, not uniter' President Al Gore told college students Tuesday night that the Bush dictatorship is "using fear as a political tool" unworthy of the presidency.

TV has made nation complacent, Gore says The "quasi-hypnotic influence" of television in America has fostered a complacent nation that is a danger to democracy, President Al Gore said Tuesday.

California Governor Schwarzenegger launches right-wing agenda --by Don Knowland and Andrea Peters "Within the first two weeks of taking office [literally, ***taking*** office in another Reichwing coup d'etat], California’s recently s-elected replacement governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has unveiled a series of reactionary measures. In addition to laying out an initial $3.8 billion worth of cuts in social services, Schwarzenegger is calling for the implementation of a budgetary spending cap and a massive borrowing scheme that will ultimately lead to the gutting of public services of all kinds."

Bush's NYC Poodle Spends $7.5M on Election Issue Mayor Michael Bloomberg [Bush's New York poodle] spent $7.5 million of his own money in an unsuccessful attempt to establish nonpartisan elections in the city, according to documents released Friday. Bloomberg spent about $53 per vote, according to disclosure forms released by his office. The measure received 140,317 supporting votes in last month's election, but lost by a margin of about 70 percent to 30 percent.

Diebold withdraws threats Electronic 'voting' machine maker Diebold Systems says it's withdrawing more than a dozen legal threats against ISPs for hosting users who publish or link to corporate documents suggesting there are flaws in its equipment and irregularities with certifying the systems for elections.

Analysts: Medicare Drug Costs Will Rise Seniors will face annual increases in premiums and deductibles — and a growing gap in coverage — for the prescription drugs they buy under the new Medicare law, budget analysts say.

Some Experts Foresee Revolt by Elderly Over Drug Benefits If many large employers calculate that the corporate welfare [billions of dollars in tax breaks - 'incentives'] are not enough, millions more retirees than Congress expects will watch as their relatively rich private drug benefits are replaced by the government's more meager package.

'Caucasian Club' pupil quits A white Californian girl [Nazi] has been forced to leave her school after being threatened with violence for setting up a "Caucasian Club" that she had intended as a forum for debating racial insensitivity. Lisa McClelland, 15, established the new body in September as a whites version of the Black Student Union, Latinos Unidos, and the Aloha Club for Pacific islanders. She was called a "white racist", a "fat, white neo-Nazi" and "KKK girl".

Pentagon Sending More Marines to Iraq Several thousand additional Marines will go to Iraq next year, the Pentagon said Wednesday in an update that indicated the total U.S. force won't be reduced as much as planned.

US Troops Kill Iraqi Boy, Rebels A 12-year-old Iraqi boy and four resistance fighters have been killed in a clash with US troops in the northern city of Mosul. Police also said four bystanders were wounded, as were two US soldiers in the twin clashes in Mosul city centre.

Attacks on G.I.s in Mosul Rise as Good Will Fades Attacks on Americans, which have killed more than 25 in the Mosul area this month, have highlighted what local Iraqis say is a rapidly deteriorating relationship.

Soldier Dies From Non-Hostile Gunshot Wound (Centcom) A soldier, attached to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), died from a non-combat related gunshot wound [?!?] Nov 26.

Gag order leaves troops, reporters speechless --by Mike Littwin "Before the press was herded into the giant hangar in advance of George W. Bush's pep rally/photo op with the Fort Carson troops, we were given the rules. No talking to the troops before the rally. No talking to the troops during the rally. No talking to the troops after the rally. In other words, if I've done the math right, that means no conversation at all - at least, while on base - with any soldiers. After all, who knows where that kind of thing could lead?"

Protesters: Video captured civil rights abuses during FTAA talks Protesters showed videotape Wednesday of last week's trade talks in which police in riot gear trampled a protester, shot rubber bullets at an attorney who had her back turned and chased away a demonstrator who had silently kneeled before them in prayer. Protesters, journalists and a volunteer medic told how they were arrested or beaten or both.

Idiot Usurper mispronounces Nevada in first presidential [sic] visit Nevada memo to George Bush: When making a first presidential [sic] visit to a state, use the right pronunciation of its name. Bush, in Las Vegas on Tuesday, repeatedly said Ne-vah-da...

Draft Gore Write-In Campaign Ramps Up The Draft Gore organization ( amps up to high gear this week with a major write-in campaign in New Hampshire.

U.S. senators introduce gay marriage ban Three Republican U.S. senators on Tuesday introduced a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Resistance Fires Rockets Into the Heart of Baghdad Resistance fighters fired rockets at the headquarters of the U.S.-led dictatorship in central Baghdad on Tuesday and loudspeakers ordered personnel in the compound to take cover [!!!] as explosions echoed across the Iraqi capital. "Attack. Take cover. This is not a test," warned loudspeakers at the compound in one of Saddam Hussein's former palace complexes.

Explosion rocks central Baghdad A large explosion and sirens were heard tonight near the US administrative headquarters in central Baghdad.

Iraqi donkeys face U.S. wrath Since resistance fighters used donkeys to outwit the high-tech defences of the U.S. military in Iraq, the life of the beast of burden has never been so miserable. Every donkey in Baghdad is suddenly under suspicion as U.S. Dictator George W. Bush wages a global war on terror.

Carter criticizes war in Iraq during book signing in Columbia Former President Jimmy Carter says the United States' invasion of Iraq without broad international support was one of the country's worst foreign policy mistakes.

Livingstone named politician of the year The London mayor, Ken Livingstone, was today named politician of the year for his courage in introducing the capital's traffic congestion charge in the teeth of a concerted media campaign against it. Mr Livingstone, who was declared the most important British politician on public policy by the Guardian earlier this year, is currently waiting to find out if he is to be readmitted to the Labour party in time to stand as their candidate in next June's mayoral elections.

Mission Creep Hits Home American armed forces are assuming major new domestic policing and surveillance roles. --by William M. Arkin, military affairs analyst "Preoccupied with the war in Iraq and still traumatized by Sept. 11, 2001, the American public has paid little attention to some of what is being done inside the United States in the name of anti-terrorism. Under the banner of 'homeland security,' the military and intelligence communities are implementing far-reaching changes that blur the lines between terrorism and other kinds of crises and will break down long-established barriers to military action and surveillance within the U.S."

Judge blasts US for 'monstrous failure of justice' One of Britain's most senior judges today condemned the US for its "monstrous failure of justice" in holding prisoners at the US base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Law Lord Johan Steyn will say in a speech in London, released to Channel 4 news, that the prisoners are being held illegally.

Canada's Martin Blasts U.S. Deportation He's not in office yet, but Canada's next prime minister already is expressing displeasure with the United States, saying Tuesday the U.S. deportation of a Canadian man to Syria was unacceptable.

Probe urged of stormtroopers' actions during FTAA protests The United Steelworkers of America on Monday called for a congressional investigation into the conduct of Miami police and for the firing of Chief John Timoney after last week's demonstrations against the Free Trade Area of the Americas. The letter, signed by the union's international president, Leo Gerard, criticized the use of ''massive force, riot gear and armaments, including combat vehicles'' to quell the crowds of demonstrators. The situation was a ''massive police state,'' the letter said. The letter also condemned the use of federal money for Miami's 'security' costs, calling it money for ''homeland repression.'' The money -- $8.5 million -- was tacked onto an $87 billion spending bill for Iraq.

Miami police state at FTAA

Miami police state at FTAA

Miami police state at FTAA

Miami reporter unclear why she was arrested at FTAA protest A reporter for an alternative weekly newspaper said Monday that she doesn't understand why she was arrested during last week's protests outside the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting.

From Meria Heller: "I just booked the assistant to the President of United Steelworkers of America, Marco Trbovich for tomorrow [Wed., Nov. 25] to talk about the investigation of the Miami police they have begun."

Gore blasts Bush political ads as 'not worthy of the presidency' President Al Gore told college students Tuesday night that the Bush dictatorship is "using fear as a political tool'' unworthy of the presidency. "For the president [sic] of the United States to claim in a television ad that those who disagreed with the decision to go to war with Iraq are against attacking terrorists is a disgrace,'' said Gore, who won the 2000 presidential election.

Bush Raises $3M for Bulging War Chest Dictator Bush raised $3 million for his already flush Diebold re-s-election fund in the Southwest on Tuesday.

Republican Aide Improperly Got Democratic Memos A top U.S. Senate Republican expressed "deep regret" on Tuesday in announcing that an internal investigation of computer records found one of his staffers had "improperly accessed'' Democratic documents. Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch said he placed the staffer on administrative leave with pay [Wow! That's rough punishment, isn't it? Administrative leave WITH pay?!?] pending a separate probe by the Senate sergeant at arms, Bill Pickle. Hatch, who had initially ridiculed the allegations, also said a former staffer "may also have been involved,'' but declined to identify either person by name.

GOP Staffer May Have Leaked Democrats' Memos Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) said yesterday that a preliminary inquiry into how Democratic memos were leaked to the news media has turned up at least one GOP committee staffer who "improperly accessed at least some of the documents."

Smith claims GOP tried to strong-arm him (MI) Pressuring Rep. Nick Smith to vote for a Medicare reform bill, House GOP leaders threatened to support candidates running against Smith's son for Congress, Nick Smith said Monday. "This was the most intense and strongest pressure to change my vote that I've ever experienced," said Smith, R-Addison, the only state Republican to vote against the bill.

U.S. Senate approves sweeping changes to Medicare; brings in private insurers The Senate gave final congressional approval Tuesday to the most sweeping changes to Medicare since its creation in 1965. Democratic opponents, resigned to defeat, complained that the bill was a giveaway to insurers and drug companies. Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), said it will dump seniors "in the cold arms of the HMOs."

Medicare bill marks major step in destruction of government health plan for US seniors A windfall for drug companies, private health insurers --by Shannon Jones and Barry Grey "The US Senate passed President [sic] Bush’s Medicare legislation Tuesday by a vote of 54 to 44. The measure, which provides partial coverage of prescription drugs for seniors, marks a significant step toward the privatization and ultimate destruction of government-sponsored health care for those over age 65."

It's 'exploring', not 'drilling' When polling showed voters worried about the environmental impacts of the GOP's energy plans, "Republican energy language" from focus group guru Frank Luntz helped change the subject. --by Ken Cook, Environmental Working Group "...[W]hile the details of the energy bill have been kept from the public and the rest of Congress until now, what Republicans would say at its unveiling, regardless of its content, could have been predicted with precision two years ago—by anyone who read the detailed, 23-page energy script prepared by the party's preeminent pollster and focus-group guru, Frank Luntz."

Democrats Decry 'Compromise' on FCC Rule Prominent Senate Democrats were angered by the deal struck late Monday between the White House and Republican congressional leaders that would limit how many television stations networks may own and they said they would fight it in Congress next year.

Teamsters Halt Food Deliveries to Markets Giving a boost to striking supermarket clerks, the Teamsters union Monday ordered its drivers and warehouse workers to honor picket lines at grocery distribution centers in Southern California, disrupting food deliveries during one of the busiest shopping weeks of the year.

Clark vows to help working people Presidential candidate Wesley Clark promised Monday night in Milwaukee that, if elected, he will bring in an era in which federal policy favors economic help for working people and cooperative alliances with other nations.

More GOP 'Family Values': Bush Brother Business Deals [and sex romps] Detailed in Divorce Neil Bush, younger brother of Dictator Bush, detailed lucrative business deals and admitted to engaging in sex romps with women in Asia in a deposition taken in March as part of his divorce from now ex-wife Sharon Bush.

Rush: I'm No Hypocrite [Oh, yes you are!] A sneak-attack caller yesterday launched Rush Limbaugh into a defense against charges he was a hypocrite for demanding tough sentences for drug users while he himself was taking black-market pain killers. The caller "Mike from Miami" had made an innocent comment about a congressional vote and then suddenly blurted, "How do you equate hypocrisy and addiction, pillhead?"


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