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'The Palin phenomenon is actually the result of a practical joke gone haywire.'

Satire by R J Shulman
PHOENIX -- (PTSD News) -- Now that the election is over, bits and pieces of campaign secrets are starting to see the light of day. The most shocking of these so far: Governor Sarah Palin was not supposed to be Senator John McCain’s choice for running mate.

“The Palin phenomenon is actually the result of a practical joke gone haywire,” admitted Rick Davis, former McCain campaign manager. “John was a guest on the Morning Madness radio show on Phoenix’s KZZP, hosted by Fireball Frantic and Gene the Bean. When Frantic asked McCain which political figure was the least qualified to be his running mate, McCain mentioned an obscure governor from who was an ex-beauty queen. Frantic insisted McCain prove he was still young enough to be ‘with it’ and insisted he make that call to Alaska.”

“It was just a joke,” McCain recalls, “but she was so sincere and so excited, I didn't have the heart to tell her I was just kidding. The hardest thing about it,” admits McCain, “was having to tell my real selection -- Senator Joe Lieberman -- that he was, well, not a chosen person when it came to being the veep.”

“I must say that I was a little put off when John told me I wasn’t one of the chosen people,” Lieberman said. “But it is just as well. The Republicans took a monumental shellacking at the polls and I am going to have to peel my lips off of George W. Bush’s tuchas and start kissing up to the Dems again.”

Governor Palin was unavailable for comment, but a spokesperson said the Governor would address the new allegations that she was part of a practical joke right after she purchases a $150,000 commemorative Remington Rifle and a box of shells that, in Palin’s own words, “has McCain name all over it.”

This new joke revelation comes on the heels of a rather embarrassing prank played on Palin by a couple of Montreal disc jockeys on CKOI radio, when they called pretending to be President Sarkozy of France.

“Wait until Palin learns about that other joke played on her,” said Reverend Pat Hailey of the First Baptist Church of Juneau, “the one were it wasn't really St. Peter who sent her that special invite.”

08 November 2008

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