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CLG's Special February 15-16, 2003 Global Protest Coverage

San Francisco: Stop the W-ar!

Michael Rectenwald's report from the New York front, as told to Lori Price *updated

Weasel Protest Sign Report! (New York City) --by Mary Titus *including special "Weasel" notes [they are awesome!] "Carrying the weasel, I was interviewed by Holland TV and Japanese TV. All that wear 'n tear and weasel only lost an ear."

NYPD horses attack protesters and children --must-view Indymedia photo "HorseCharge" --Indymedia photo gallery of New York's finest-- NOT! --in action.

Report from the San Francisco front --by Gary "Some were complaining about the cold. I'm sure you have no sympathy since it was around 58 degrees. Hell, I was in a T-shirt that said 'Friends don't let friends vote Republican.'"

Report from the local rally in Butler, PA --by Georgene Gallo "It wasn’t New York, but the rally in Butler had everything in miniature."

*Note: more firsthand accounts, including photo-journals, are being compiled for Monday. (Pls. send me your firsthand reports: clg news at legitgov dot org.)

274 photos of the 15/02/03 manifestation, courtesy John Mitchell:

Anti-War Rally in Austin, Texas, February 15, 2003 Photos by Nonjohn

Sydney rally gallery Photo Gallery from The Sydney Morning Herald

Protests in Piccadilly, Westminster and Hyde Park Photo Gallery by the

NYC Indymedia Center February 15 Photo Gallery

CNN's "Voices of Dissent" photo gallery

Second day of global protests dawns More than 200,000 people, some bearing banners asking "how many lives per litre?", have thronged Sydney streets, beginning a second day of global marches calling on the United States and Britain not to attack Iraq.

Australians Begin Second Day of Global Protests More than 200,000 people, some bearing banners asking "how many lives per litre?," thronged Sydney streets Sunday, beginning a second day of global marches calling on the United States not to attack Iraq.

Tens of thousands attend Sydney peace rally Organisers of a Sydney march today claimed at least 250,000 people had turned out to protest against US threats of military action in Iraq. Police said safety fears had forced them to re-route the march.

New York City: 2nd Ave. is "a sea of humanity" Huge numbers of protesters fill the streets of New York, millions protest impending W-ar throughout the world

New York Says No Rest of the World Protests: Thousands brave cold.. and the cops --by Richard Wallace "On the streets of New York I saw the kind of freedom George Bush has vowed to gift to Iraq - menacing squads of riot police. In an attempt to sabotage this deafening chorus of disapproval, blue helmeted officers backed by horses confined pockets of protesters to Manhattan side streets."

39th Street and 5th Ave Arrests --by Mike Dvorak "A friend and I came upon over-zealous NYPD officers beating puppets [?!?] , arresting the innocent, swinging batons, and arresting the innocent." [a must read]

NYC Anti-War Rally --by Julian Bond "I am here today in my capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the country’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. In mid-October 2002, the NAACP Board voted unanimously to oppose a unilateral attack on Iraq. In doing so, we joined a growing chorus of Americans and others across the globe."

People power takes to the world's streets It started in New Zealand as 10,000 people marched through Auckland and Wellington, then swept over Asia, Africa and Europe. By last night protesters were also on the move in North and South America as a day of protest not seen since the era of the Vietnam War swept the world. Millions marched through more than 300 cities in over 60 countries.

Millions join global protest against war London: Up to 10 million people waving banners and chanting anti-war slogans jammed streets across the world today to oppose US plans to invade Iraq, in one of the biggest global peace protests in history.

One million march against war Britain's largest ever demonstration saw hundreds of thousands Britons from all walks of life intent on delivering a stark message to Tony Blair. Britain witnessed its largest demonstration yesterday when an estimated one million protesters took to the streets of London to oppose the looming war against Iraq.

London: Stop the W-ar!
A sea of banners as marchers set off from Embankment

From New York to Melbourne, Cries for Peace Confronting America's countdown to war, throngs of chanting, placard-waving demonstrators converged on New York and scores of cities across the United States, Europe and Asia today in a global daisy chain of largely peaceful protests against the Bush dictatorship's threatened invasion of Iraq.

Millions Protest Prospect of U.S. War in Iraq Several million demonstrators took to the streets of Europe and the rest of the world today in a vast and unprecedented wave of protest against the prospect of a U.S.-led war against Iraq.

Anti-war protests across the globe Anti-war emotions ran high across the globe today with peace rallies being held in most major cities and millions participating in them.

One million. And still they came Euan Ferguson reports on a historic peace march whose massive turnout surpassed the organisers' wildest expectations and Tony Blair's worst fears --Britain's largest march, surpassing every one of the organisers' wildest expectations and Tony Blair's worst fears, will be remembered for the bleak bitterness of the day and the colourful warmth of feeling in the extraordinary crowds. Organisers claimed that more than 1.5 million had turned out.

Protest diary: London Britain saw its biggest political rally ever on Saturday as around a million people took to the streets of London to protest against war with Iraq. Protesters cheered as they were given updates about turnout at marches elsewhere in the world, including 90,000 in Glasgow and an estimated one million on the streets of Rome. [Photo: northern wing of the London Stop the War demo]

Click here for amazing photo of London anti-W-ar gathering

Video Footage --Interviews of the London March


Berlin: Stop the W-ar!
Peace activists demonstrate against a possible war with Iraq in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Organizers say at least 350,000 demonstrators took part in the antiwar protest in the German capital.

100,000 join anti-war rally in Melbourne More than 100,000 anti-war demonstrators took to Australia's streets last night, kicking off a series of global protests this weekend to denounce a looming United States-led war against Iraq.

Huge march against war in Melbourne Melbourne's CBD was gripped by a massive anti-war demonstration last night, which saw tens of thousands turning up to protest Anglo-American plans to invade Iraq.

Melbourne: Stop the W-ar!
150,000 strong...marchers in Melbourne last night. Photo: Shannon Morriss


Johnnesburg: Stop the W-ar!
Thousands of antiwar activists march through downtown Johannesburg, South Africa.


Netherlands: Stop the W-ar!
Netherlands: Thousands gathered at the centre of Amsterdam's Dam square to participate in anti-war demonstration. -- AFP

Glasglow: Stop the W-ar!
In Glasgow, a protester holds a peace dove during a demonstration. (Reuters)

Huge crowds worldwide protest Iraq war Huge crowds of antiwar protesters jammed into downtown New York on Saturday as demonstrators in dozens of U.S. cities joined hundreds of thousands of people [actually, millions --more CNN "fuzzy math"] worldwide in voicing opposition to war with Iraq.

New York City: Stop the W-ar!
Anti-war protesters demonstrate near the United Nations headquarters, Saturday, Feb 15, 2003 in New York to protest a possible U.S. - led attack on Iraq, part of a day of global protests. (AP Photo/Shawn Baldwin)

311 Arrested, Many Hospitalized as NYPD Attacks Protesters Some 311 people have been reported to have been arrested, and an unknown number hospitalized as large numbers of New York protesters have faced violent attacks from the New York Police Department (NYPD) this afternoon.

Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at Colorado Springs war protest Police fired tear gas at anti-war demonstrators and hit at least one with a rubber bullet after a rally spilled out of a park and blocked a major thoroughfare Saturday.

Aerial protest over Iraq as Cup boats head out A giant banner protesting against a possible United States-led strike on Iraq was flown over Auckland this morning as the city prepared for the opening race of yachting's America's Cup.

Auckland: Stop the W-ar!
Greenpeace flew an 18m x 6m 'No War, Peace Now' banner over Auckland's Waitemata Harbour this morning. Picture / Fotopress

Taking it to the streets It's being dubbed the protest for the apolitical, the anti-war walk for those who usually don't wave banners, write letters to newspapers or lobby governments. Today at least 100,000 people are expected to gather in Hyde Park North to protest against Australia's involvement in a US strike against Iraq - and for some it will be their first protest.

Calgary: Stop the W-ar!

San Francisco: Stop the W-ar!
San Francisco rally, with Blaine Blaine Machan's artwork on a billboard Photo: Mai Kong

Record Crowds Protest Around the World -- 55,000 in Seattle In Seattle, roughly 55,000+ people marched through downtown, following a noon rally at the Seattle Center.

Seattle: Stop the W-ar!

Thousands in Minneapolis take to the street to protest war Several thousand people, many of them waving placards and chanting slogans, marched through Minneapolis' Uptown area Saturday to protest the threatened U.S. war against Iraq. Vanda Smrkovski, 17, a Minneapolis South High School senior who belongs to the Coalition Against War on Iraq at the University of Minnesota, told the crowd: "This war is really about expanding the American empire. . . . What the hell do these [idiots] take us for?"

Minneapolis: Stop the W-ar!
Anti-war marchers made their way down Hennepin Ave. Joey Mcleister Star Tribune

At least one arrest in Seattle As the anti-war demonstration passed by 5th and Stewart, a police officer grabbed a demonstrator, and another helped drag him up toward 4th street into a police car. ...There may be someone in jail, and it is unclear as to why this is, or even who he is. It is rumored that he was arrested for putting up a sticker.

Rural Islanders Protest War (WA) Rural Whidbey Island turned out more than 225 protesters Saturday at locations along a 40-mile route of the main road. The coalition has five scheduled weekly protests, which they began in September of 2002 as a response to U.S. preparations for war against Iraq.

Anti-war rallies sprout in Phoenix, Flagstaff An estimated 2,500 anti-war demonstrators Saturday attended the "No War in Iraq Rally and March" at Patriot's Square Park in Phoenix. About 1,400 protesters in Flagstaff also marched against the war.

Thousands in Austin rally against war Rally is one of the largest political demonstrations in Austin history --Thousands of people gathered Saturday on the south lawn of the Texas Capitol for a 90-minute rally in one of the largest political demonstrations in Austin history.

Anti-War Report from Outside the Bay Area --The anti-war movement goes beyond mainstream

F16: Bay Area Opposes Imperialist War On February 16, the San Francisco Bay Area followed up an historic world-wide anti-war protest with a massive demonstration of its own.

Vt. poets lead protest against war with Iraq They came more for politics than poetry. More than 400 people braved temperatures flirting with zero late Sunday afternoon to hear a group of Vermont poets — with two out-of-state friends — read against war.

Peace Camp begins at USAF Fairford On sunday 16th Feb, under a full moon, a small group of anti-war campaigners established a Peace Camp at USAF Fairford. They are appealing to the wider peace community for support.

Philipines photo gallery, Manilla protest on Valentine's Day

Philipnes: Stop the W-ar!

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