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Today's Left: Unwitting Stalking Horse for the Oligarchy

Today's Left: Unwitting Stalking Horse for the Oligarchy By CLG News Editor, Lori Price 4 May 2021

This morning, I received an unsubscribe request from a long-time reader of the CLG newsletter. They wrote:

I think you turned on the left and Democrats --Somewhere along the line, you switched sides. I once preferred your e-mails because I thought you were against the right wing. I AM AGAINST the right wing. Consider my subscription ended.

I've received numerous such emails and comments of late. So here's my detailed response:

Dear -----,

Surely, you jest. Somewhere along the line, the Democrats switched sides.

Do you know what was trending on woke Twitter last night? #StandWithLiz and #StandWithLizCheney. Yes, you read that right. Liz Cheney. Her father, Dick Cheney, murdered over 100,000 Iraqis at the behest of the uniparty's deep state. No, I haven't forgotten. Perhaps you have. Twitter is dominated by leftists. Today's Left is in bed with Big Pharma; the Big Tech oligarchs; the political establishment; the neocons; corporate America; and the permanent bureaucracy, including the alphabet agencies. This is your contemporary Left:


George W. Bush, also unelected, recently praised Joe Biden. (Recall the dry-run election theft by the deep state in 2000 that worked so well it went national in 2020.) Attempting to curry favor with the D.C. swamp-dwellers, Bush expressed his support for open borders and the influx of migrants. The flood of hundreds of thousands of border-crossers will eventually exert downward pressure on wages across the board, aiding big business -- not to mention, the predictable upside of creating more woke voters supporting woke corporate oligarchs and their Democratic Party enablers.

The Biden administration just announced it will hire private companies to spy on Americans without a warrant, at taxpayer expense. This in addition to the commission the Left wants to create to censor and deplatform an even greater number of free thinkers, including medical experts who dare to question the COVID-19 prevention, treatment, and vaccine orthodoxy. Sound good to you?

This is the new so-called Left. If you actually think about it -- and I’m quite certain that you haven't -- you'd come to see that those promoting free speech, individual liberty, an end to the lockdowns, ending the endless wars, and dismantling the Big Pharma/Big Tech monopolies (with their mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports) are now deemed to be "right-wing."

Today's Left is the unwitting stalking horse for the oligarchy. And the term "right-winger" is an egregious misnomer. Right-wingers are the new liberals.


Lori Price is Editor-in-Chief of CLG News. Subscribe to the CLG newsletter by clicking here.