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Ukraine Losing Decisively

Ukraine Losing Decisively By Paul Craig Roberts | 12 April 2022 | (Opinion) No useful information about Ukraine can be obtained from Western media. The Russian military operates without the need of news releases, so little information is provided... It is necessary to understand that there has been no Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops are operating only in eastern and southern Ukraine. The troops served the purpose of preventing a large Ukrainian army, now encircled and trapped, from conquering the two Donbass Russian republics recently recognized by Russia after an eight-year delay. The other task assigned to the Russian troops is to exterminate the neo-Nazi Azov militia that has committed atrocities against the Donbass Russians. The process has gone slowly, because the fighting is mainly in Donbass, which is populated by Russians, and the Kremlin wants to rescue the people, not kill them.