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Ukraine planning 'false flag' Donbass incident - militia

Ukraine planning 'false flag' Donbass incident - militia | 19 Jan 2022 | Ukrainian commandos trained by Britain are planning a "series of terrorist attacks" in the Donbass to use as cover for a false flag operation, an official from the unrecognised Donetsk People's Republic has alleged. Local Militia spokesman Eduard Basurin said on Wednesday that Kiev will stage a provocation to accuse Russia of invading the country. He added that he believed neo-Nazi "Right Sector" militants were also operating in the area... Basurin insisted that he had "reliable information" suggesting six groups of saboteurs from the 8th Special Purpose Regiment of Ukrainian Armed Forces (VSU) had been trained by specialists from the UK and deployed near the line of contact. Their targets would allegedly include gas and water supply as well as power stations.