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Ukraine's Zaporozhye Region bids to join Russia

Ukraine's Zaporozhye Region bids to join Russia --A vote on strategically important province's future is set to start on Friday | 20 Sept 2022 | Zaporozhye Region in northeastern Ukraine will hold a referendum from 23-27 September on whether its people want to secede from the country and join Russia, the local administration’s head has announced. A petition calling on the region's military-civilian administration to hold such a vote was issued on Tuesday by a local group tasked with representing the general public. They asked the region's authorities "to immediately organize a referendum on the issue of joining our region to the Russian Federation." "We want certainty and a stable happy future for our homeland," the civic body's head, Vladimir Rogov, said during a gathering in the city of Melitopol. "We are ready to fulfill our right for self-determination and settle once and for all the issue of the territorial status of our region."