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We Must Undo the Coup!

I am hereby restoring the CLG News to its original, historical purpose of fighting against election fraud and malfeasance and undoing the coup!

Twenty years ago, in January of 2001, I founded Citizens for Legitimate Government to fight against what I thought then and still believe was the illegitimate installation of George W. Bush in the White House. Today, Citizens for Legitimate Government will revert to its original function of countering a coup--this one by the Democrats.

The deep state was behind that coup and they're behind this one too, and for very much the same reasons. The neocons wanted GW Bush and now they want Biden--to resume their endless wars and regime change plans. Trump stands as an impediment to the deep state that is hell-bent on resuming endless wars, regime change, and the occupation of other nations.

I predicted that if Bush was installed, Iraq would be invaded soon after, and I was right. The neocon, deep-state military and intelligence complex wants Biden. Expect Syria to be next.

You may not believe in the original reason for the founding of Citizens for Legitimate Government, but our opposition to the installation of a Republican and now a Democrat demonstrates a principled stance against election malfeasance and fraud. That non-partisanship only gives CLG legitimacy.

I will be issuing a series of reports and plans to mount a countercoup against this latest case of election theft and will also revive the historical documents in our efforts beginning in 2001, for those interested. In the meanwhile, please sign onto the CLG News newsletter (Send a blank email to: and look forward to announcements, plans, and strategies.

We must undo the coup!

Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

November 4, 2020