FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Write to President Gore on President's Day

CONTACT: Michael Rectenwald:

In observance of President's Day, Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG), a
nonpartisan, pro-democracy action group, continues its protest of the
appointment of George W. Bush as president against the will of the people by
encouraging American citizens to write letters and cards to their rightfully
elected president: Al Gore.

Since the legal residence of an elected President is the White House, we ask
that people write to President Gore there and that the current residents
forward the letters to the addressee. Participants in this campaign will also
send copies of their letters to their senators and to major national
newspapers, in order to make it more difficult for their message to be
discarded the way many of their votes were on election day.

"Presidentís Day is a time to reflect on the achievements of past presidents
and to wish the current president the best of luck in carrying out the duties
entrusted to him by the American electorate," said Michael Rectenwald of CLG.

"But for the first time in our nationís history, the elected president and the
individual exercising the duties of a president are not one and the same. We
therefore choose to honor today the real choice of the people, our president,
Al Gore."

CLG is confident that the vote counts now being officially undertaken by
major news organizations around the country will confirm what virtually every
independent analysis of the Florida vote has shown so far: that Al Gore, not
George Bush was the true winner of the Florida race, as he was of the popular
vote nationwide.

"This letter-writing campaign is intended to let both the true president and
the one who was appointed by the Supreme Court know that we the people know
the truth and will not accept an illegitimate administration."
Citizens for Legitimate Government is a strategic grassroots group recently
created by concerned, tax-paying citizens, after an activist U.S. Supreme
Court abandoned its Constitutional obligations and upheld the Republican
Partyís efforts to eliminate the democratic process from the 2000
presidential contest. The members of the group refuse to recognize the Bush
administration as legitimate. More information on the groupís activities can
be found on their website at