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The Zelensky-Biden Meeting and the TAPI Pipeline

Exclusive: The Zelensky-Biden Meeting and the TAPI Pipeline By CLG Founder, Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. | 2 Sept 2021 |

The meeting between Joe Biden and the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was mostly a diversionary ploy to deflect attention from the catastrophe in Afghanistan.

The media was not accorded a chance to ask questions, because coming partly from a foreign press, such questions could have been most embarrassing. The American media generally defers to the Democratic president, but the foreign press cannot be counted on for such deferential treatment.

But there may have been more to the meeting than distraction, coming as it did on the heels of the Afghanistan debacle. There is the issue of corruption in Ukraine, a topic that Biden was to address with Zelensky. Irony of ironies. Remember that Biden was put in charge of dealing with Ukraine’s corruption under Obama. Never mind that his family was a beneficiary of it.

The backstory to this meeting should be kept in mind. Zelensky is the Ukrainian president whom Trump famously talked to by phone, a phone call that led to Trump’s impeachment, even though it was Biden's corruption that was at issue. Remember that Biden’s son Hunter was made a well-paid member on Burisma's board. Remember too that Joe Biden made the call that got Viktor Shokin, the Prosecutor General then investigating Burisma, fired.

Could the meeting between Biden and Zelensky have been a sequel to that situation? That is, what if the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline was an issue on the table in the closed-door meeting? After all, one of the topics discussed was "energy."

TAPI Pipeline

That would explain, at least in part, why Biden let Afghanistan fall to the Taliban. It would also explain why Zelensky was the first world leader Biden met with since the Taliban's takeover. Without the Taliban in power, the TAPI pipeline was dead on arrival, sabotaged by terrorism. With the Taliban in control, protection for the pipeline is guaranteed, now that the Taliban will gather Afghanistan's cut of the proceeds.

Biden's corruption knows no bounds. There is nothing he wouldn't do, even in broad daylight. This might include brokering a deal in which Burisma gets a piece of the TAPI pipeline project, a project that the Taliban has a keen interest in pursuing. Biden would be party to that deal without hesitation. After all, despite the clear evidence of corruption with his son's deals in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere, Biden and Son have gotten away with it all. They'd likely get away with Burisma taking a piece of the TAPI pipeline too, which would represent Biden's payback to Burisma and possibly further kickbacks for the Biden criminal clan.

Do not be surprised if Burisma Holdings has a part in the TAPI pipeline deal.

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